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Club Classic: Four of the best for Barcelona


  1. Ody Manos

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  2. Ody Manos

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  4. krishnadath kc

    krishnadath kc2 months ago

    Ronald o's

  5. krishnadath kc

    krishnadath kc2 months ago

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  6. CarlosChip Morales

    CarlosChip Morales2 months ago

    Ochoa sucks loser! Hire me I show how to stop shots

  7. Sambu Rai

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  8. Tapio Susi

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  9. Guigão Portugues

    Guigão Portugues2 months ago

    I love Ronaldinho

  10. David CM

    David CM2 months ago

    epic ronaldinho

  11. ultimatesimpsonsfan

    ultimatesimpsonsfan2 months ago

    Wait a minute, this video looks old. how old is OCHOA???

  12. marcio luiz arruda

    marcio luiz arruda2 months ago

    Palmeiras não tem mundial

  13. Xman ibraahin

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  14. حامل همـوم المسلميــن

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  15. PappinAce

    PappinAce3 months ago

    Ronaldinho magic, Iniesta assists, Marquez scoring headers off of corners, Gudjohnsen with awkward and functional finishes. This is as Barca as it gets!

  16. PappinAce

    PappinAce2 months ago

    damn right!

  17. Amburaju R

    Amburaju R2 months ago

    PappinAce show v Off klrfgtg .,sttf gvrht

  18. Erionaldo Passos

    Erionaldo Passos3 months ago

    Ronaldinho o melhor de te dos os tempos.

  19. Hanh Nguyen thi

    Hanh Nguyen thi3 months ago

    M ZZQq xemthoisubiendong /xeu

  20. Manuel Figuera

    Manuel Figuera3 months ago

    La Concacaf debería ser eliminada de la fifa y ser juntada con la Conmebol ya que sus equipos y selecciones van a pasar vergüenza en los torneos internacionales

  21. Maria LuciA

    Maria LuciA3 months ago

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  22. Maria LuciA

    Maria LuciA3 months ago

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  23. kirstie wallace

    kirstie wallace3 months ago

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  24. Vision X

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  25. Moises Venites

    Moises Venites3 months ago

    show e a final do mundial de clubes contra o internacional de porto alegre tem esse video.

  26. Josemar Santos

    Josemar Santos3 months ago

    Jogou muito este gaúcho!

  27. Josemar Santos

    Josemar Santos3 months ago

    Ronaldinho só foi parado pelo Internacional depois deste 4x0...


    NEILDO SANTOS3 months ago

    Ronaldinho mais que um Craque no fultibol mundial

  29. leven cleff flobert

    leven cleff flobert3 months ago

    Cameroun argentine

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  31. Sadam Vamper

    Sadam Vamper3 months ago

    he is a great weekend with the family

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  35. Đồng Lâm

    Đồng Lâm3 months ago

    huyền thoại :-*

  36. Lal Singh

    Lal Singh3 months ago

    Nena kakkar

  37. Gilmar Passos

    Gilmar Passos3 months ago

    Jogo da argentina

  38. Fabricio Santos Fernandes

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  39. Gesley Evening Silva Viana

    Gesley Evening Silva Viana3 months ago

    Ronaldinho é o cara

  40. محمد عيد عمار

    محمد عيد عمار3 months ago

    انا بحبك

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  46. Tùng Nguyễn

    Tùng Nguyễn3 months ago

    حلو حلو

  47. Deadpool

    Deadpool4 months ago

    Ochoa never had a chance

  48. Sisi Love you

    Sisi Love you4 months ago

    Hughes. ألعاب and using my friend u

  49. Sisi Love you

    Sisi Love you4 months ago


  50. samir bešlija samke

    samir bešlija samke4 months ago

    I like ronaldo messi and neymar

  51. Angel Estrada

    Angel Estrada4 months ago

    Everyone who was destroyed by ronaldinho in that era. Are the superstars now lmfao.

  52. selim maral

    selim maral4 months ago

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  53. R K Agarwal

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  54. Sulyman Olamilekan

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  55. Abdul Latif

    Abdul Latif4 months ago

    Abdul sattar stadium football match

  56. Coelho Faminto

    Coelho Faminto4 months ago

    vim do futuro dizer que o brasil perdeu de 7x1 pra alemanha em 2014

  57. Leonardo Jr

    Leonardo Jr4 months ago

    CR7 and Messi = Ronaldinho

  58. Alan Ve

    Alan Ve5 months ago

    messi king

  59. Haymaker KAPLAN

    Haymaker KAPLAN6 months ago

    But suddenly they lost against internacional in the final 😯

  60. sarunpron luxlain

    sarunpron luxlain6 months ago

    Ronaldo is perfect

  61. พันทิพย์ ใจปัญญา

    พันทิพย์ ใจปัญญา7 months ago

    Perfect play

  62. Rafa YouTube

    Rafa YouTube9 months ago

    Rafa Marquez CB for Barcelona!

  63. Rafly Zalya

    Rafly Zalya10 months ago

    Nice assists and goal deco respect living Legend

  64. Bruno Souza

    Bruno Souza10 months ago

    O R10 era foda!👍😃🇧🇷

  65. Boris Tonev

    Boris Tonev10 months ago

    💗👍💵😵🌹 Ариана Гранд Секс видео

  66. Ali Fakhreddin

    Ali Fakhreddin10 months ago

    Barcelona a

  67. Ali Fakhreddin

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  68. Ali Fakhreddin

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  69. Rolê Pela Bahia Oficial

    Rolê Pela Bahia Oficial10 months ago

    Palmeiras não tem mundial e Bolsonaro 2018 fui chupa galinhada

  70. Antonio Soares

    Antonio Soares3 months ago


  71. Om Topics

    Om Topics11 months ago

    the only trophy that ronaldinho couldnt win...

  72. XLX350R HONDA

    XLX350R HONDAYear ago

    São Paulo e Internacional ganharam deles!

  73. Azm Production

    Azm ProductionYear ago

    Top 10 Goals for Brazil-HD

  74. munashe dekeya

    munashe dekeyaYear ago

    truly a ''magician''

  75. John Son

    John SonYear ago

    The camera coverage was really cinematic those days though we have hd 4k coverage now

  76. hubert salek

    hubert salekYear ago

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  77. hubert salek

    hubert salekYear ago

    I play FIFA 16 and Ronaldinho is back!!!!! Awesome right 😅

  78. Romilda Bandeira

    Romilda Bandeira4 months ago

    Natsu Dragneel c

  79. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel11 months ago


  80. hubert salek

    hubert salekYear ago

    Ronaldinho is 96 rated cause he is a legend and if your a legend your rating goes up one more rate his normal card is 95 rated so yeah that's why Ronaldinho is 96 Rated

  81. Bablu Jadhav

    Bablu Jadhav3 months ago

    hubert salek vi by


    DOWLOAD FREEYear ago

    ochoa vendiendola desde esos tiempos

  83. Dialectic Pimp

    Dialectic PimpYear ago

    i'm not a barcelona fan but waow it's just pure art like vermeer, mozart, kraftwerk, tarantino, booba

  84. Pedro Strom

    Pedro StromYear ago

    Deco was an absolute delight to watch

  85. Agusfirdaus Agus

    Agusfirdaus Agus3 months ago

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  86. Julian Solo

    Julian SoloYear ago

    Hay algunos pendejos que se atreven a decir que el sobrevalorado de Zidane es mejor que Ronaldinho

  87. livia steiger

    livia steiger2 months ago

    Julian Solo vhhjhjggtjg

  88. Slackerphilosopher

    SlackerphilosopherYear ago

    Ronnie is great, but why does no one give Deco credit for this game?

  89. David Coperfil

    David CoperfilYear ago

    pobres wuilas

  90. Balázs Malik

    Balázs MalikYear ago

    Xavi, Puyol, Messi, Ronaldinho are the best

  91. Daniel Akawa

    Daniel Akawa6 days ago

    Daniel Akawa

  92. paul dunn

    paul dunn3 months ago


  93. stefany rodrigues

    stefany rodrigues4 months ago

    cr7 b11 b9

  94. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel11 months ago

    i liked barca to when ronaldinho was playing or to atleast 2012/2013

  95. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel11 months ago

    and don't forget iniesta

  96. hicham boucherit

    hicham boucheritYear ago


  97. hicham boucherit

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  98. Shadow

    ShadowYear ago

    tbh what could Ochoa do with those amazing shots lel

  99. Pablito Comunica

    Pablito ComunicaYear ago

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  100. valdenilson lessa

    valdenilson lessaYear ago

    Ronaldinho colocar o cristiano Ronaldo messi e o doidon do neymar no bolso sobra até pro maradona rsrs, RONALDINHO E PELE OS MELHORES DO MUNDO.

  101. Rolê Pela Bahia Oficial

    Rolê Pela Bahia Oficial10 months ago

    Bolsonaro 2018

  102. wlddj o

    wlddj o2 years ago

    연습하는거 같네 몸이 왤케 가벼워 ㄷㄷ

  103. leo v

    leo v2 years ago

    No pos.... Que chingue a su madre el america no? :v

  104. Maria Piundo Moreno

    Maria Piundo Moreno3 months ago

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  105. Yonathan Perozo

    Yonathan Perozo3 months ago

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  106. Mehmet Gazi Krc

    Mehmet Gazi Krc3 months ago

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  107. bon Prz Ll

    bon Prz LlYear ago

    cuanta clase del americanismo

  108. que pena

    que pena2 years ago


  109. Karine Mezhlumyan

    Karine Mezhlumyan2 years ago

    barsa vs real

  110. Ed gAr

    Ed gAr2 years ago

    Young Ochoa

  111. CaptainCupcakes

    CaptainCupcakes2 years ago

    And yes, i know ranaldinho doesnt play anymore, but whatevs

  112. Usha Arbabi

    Usha Arbabi2 years ago

    he still does he just isn't in fifa

  113. CaptainCupcakes

    CaptainCupcakes2 years ago

    My top 4 players of 2016 are: Messi, Ranaldinho, Neymar, and Suarez. Dont forget to check out my youtube account and maybe subscribe or like my vids! :D ty

  114. THE FUZZ 15

    THE FUZZ 152 years ago

    No wonder OCHOA IS IN NE. btw HE IS CRAP

  115. THE FUZZ 15

    THE FUZZ 152 years ago

    +TheRoblox Player Ha everyone has an opinion right i say hes crap u say hes good lets end this argument and say Ochoa is shit deal LOL

  116. Clorox Bleach Free To Drink

    Clorox Bleach Free To Drink2 years ago

    +THE FUZZ 15 well If you think hes bad youve only watched him once!! And Ochoa was a BEAAAASSTT in liuge 1

  117. THE FUZZ 15

    THE FUZZ 152 years ago

    +Fahad Mahad He is a rookie Take a look at Buffon he moved like a god. Ochoa not that good in my Opinion

  118. KM Noyan

    KM Noyan2 years ago

    rony is the best player of when times

  119. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel11 months ago

    ronaldinho makes magic lol

  120. ramon 19

    ramon 19Year ago

    *Dinho , Rony is equal to fenomeno

  121. A YouTube comment

    A YouTube comment2 years ago


  122. odinese nwad

    odinese nwad2 years ago


  123. Unknown Source

    Unknown Source2 years ago

    How come some Mexican clubs, in the Fifa club world cup go far in the tournament, but lose by a lot? '?

  124. leonel salinas

    leonel salinas2 years ago

    theirs no point of making clubs world cup is obvious that an european team is gonna win it the best players from all the continets go to europe btw the second goal scored by barcelon was made by a mexican thats rafael marquez

  125. Isaac Perez

    Isaac Perez2 years ago

    Because all the teams in the club FIFA World Cup aren't competitive

  126. Shahpal Khan

    Shahpal Khan2 years ago

    Was that ochoa

  127. banoimay.cuimia

    banoimay.cuimia3 months ago

    Shahpal Khan o

  128. Clorox Bleach Free To Drink

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  129. dragon0ro

    dragon0ro2 years ago

    Good Johnson lol

  130. MJT

    MJT2 years ago

    What is ted mosby doing in goal?

  131. J Lemus

    J Lemus3 years ago

    Why is a team like Barcelona playing against America

  132. Irsyam ian

    Irsyam ian2 years ago

    +J Lemus its fifa club world cup dude

  133. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman3 years ago

    ronnie :)