1. Chris

    Chris4 days ago

    Who else clicked for the thumbnail?

  2. Blake Gardella

    Blake Gardella4 days ago


  3. Lovro Planinšek /. Project 5421

    Lovro Planinšek /. Project 54217 days ago

    *Y O U W O N ' T B E L I E V E*

  4. Shendue

    Shendue21 day ago

    Thomas Dipshit is average intenet users in a nutshell.

  5. José Alejandro Varón Molano

    José Alejandro Varón Molano21 day ago

    Badabun, eres tu?

  6. Punisher Castle

    Punisher Castle23 days ago

    I think I’ve met many relatives of Thomas Dipshit

  7. shirosaki97

    shirosaki9725 days ago

    Hey! I know Thomas Dipshit. He's a nice guy. :)

  8. soundofsanity

    soundofsanity27 days ago

    that doesnt mean anything why would anyon... 80,000 people shared it on facebook.

  9. Lux Ace

    Lux Ace27 days ago

    0:17 I see you, cat :3

  10. ggoH

    ggoH27 days ago

    We all know a thomas dipshit

  11. Eonwoo K.

    Eonwoo K.29 days ago

    the title should be ali-a stuff

  12. classydays43

    classydays4329 days ago

    I didn't believe it actually existed, but actually, the actually actually actually actuallied.

  13. Murilo Ternes

    Murilo TernesMonth ago

    damn, I believed.

  14. Billy TheMaster

    Billy TheMasterMonth ago

    0:04. 0:10

  15. Billy TheMaster

    Billy TheMasterMonth ago


  16. I'mAFilthyCasual

    I'mAFilthyCasualMonth ago

    YOU WON'T BELIEVE it's not butter

  17. RareSox

    RareSoxMonth ago

    Fortnite in a nutshell

  18. Suryansh Patel

    Suryansh PatelMonth ago

    Fuck I got click baited

  19. Tristan Tran

    Tristan TranMonth ago

    With this title could you put anything and it wouldn’t be clickbait or no matter what you put it would be clickbait?🤯

  20. Panda Playz

    Panda PlayzMonth ago


  21. aqua rose

    aqua roseMonth ago

    I just can't believe!!

  22. Overly Paranoid

    Overly ParanoidMonth ago

    This fking fatass is amazing. I can't believe it.

  23. Sprazzic

    SprazzicMonth ago

    This video isn't clickbait, therfore the title was misleading therefore it is clickbait. Therefore the title wasn't misleading therefore it's not clickbait... *_THEREFORE..._*

  24. Aaron leoxy

    Aaron leoxyMonth ago

    *i really cant believe it.*

  25. What Zit Tooya

    What Zit TooyaMonth ago

    30 second ad for a 30 second video, fuck MReporter sometimes.

  26. Silas Benfield

    Silas BenfieldMonth ago

    Those people who believe that “97% of people can’t like this with their tongue”

  27. Irsyad Dipa

    Irsyad DipaMonth ago

    Why am I having an erection?

  28. Gitika Saravanan

    Gitika SaravananMonth ago

    wait a minute this is the anime crimes guy

  29. Alan Walkman

    Alan WalkmanMonth ago

    No wonder Yahoo articles are so damn annoying.

  30. DaBoostedRazor _

    DaBoostedRazor _Month ago

    it's so true it hurts

  31. Archangel964

    Archangel964Month ago

    man i sure didn't believe

  32. csZipy

    csZipyMonth ago

    what's the cat in the background?

  33. Hedgpig

    HedgpigMonth ago

    When you get so excited about -clickbait- tickling balls your mustache falls off

  34. Jason Huang

    Jason HuangMonth ago

    i don't believe

  35. Reaper’s Babe

    Reaper’s BabeMonth ago

    I love how people don’t click clickbaits but they click where the title is literally “Clickbait” me! :D

  36. haydos 213

    haydos 213Month ago

    Ahhahahahqh omg thats hilarious you have good content

  37. Chillwave *6

    Chillwave *6Month ago

    My favorite ProZD original lore character is Thomas Dipshit Facebook User.

  38. Weebs Nation

    Weebs NationMonth ago

    YOU WONT BELIEVE i got my dong stuck in a sink disposal

  39. Quad_Buck

    Quad_BuckMonth ago

    Thomas Dipshit HAHAHA

  40. Theman Joe

    Theman JoeMonth ago

    Y O U G O T T A T I C K L E T H E I R B A L L S A L I T T L E B I T

  41. liamdude5

    liamdude5Month ago

    Now, whenever I see the phrase "You Won't Believe", I think of this video.

  42. Sickle

    SickleMonth ago

    *A C T O R J O I N S F I L M*

  43. PrestonHalesGaming

    PrestonHalesGamingMonth ago

    I mean he's not wrong

  44. Jody Lee

    Jody LeeMonth ago

    God please stop recommending me this pig

  45. MidnightEkaki

    MidnightEkakiMonth ago

    Get an image thats not in the video and put a red circle with a red arrow pointing to nothing and use it as the thumbnail

  46. Thot Patrol

    Thot PatrolMonth ago

    So its...not clickbait because the video wasnt clickbait but it was cli-- wut¿

  47. Moltenomnivore 5

    Moltenomnivore 52 months ago

    Just add a red arrow and a small circle in your thumbnail. Boom, you got a million views and a thousand or so angry comments.


    NHL 19 FUNNY MOMENTS2 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  49. Orion Walker

    Orion Walker2 months ago

    For once i wanted to be baited. And you did not bait. I am disappoint

  50. vorcazm

    vorcazm2 months ago

    I dont believe this

  51. Andrew Clunn

    Andrew Clunn2 months ago

    [celebrity] ABSOLUTELY OWNS [politician] IN EPIC TAKEDOWN! Why do so many child actors died tragically? [picture of very much still alive child actor] Formerly fat person is hot now! Formerly hot person is fat now! Tired of ads? Click here to download our amazing ad blocking ransomware virus!

  52. KudosK

    KudosK2 months ago


  53. Stop Motion Ian

    Stop Motion Ian2 months ago


  54. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith2 months ago

    Needs more click bait, also oddly enough i was paying more attention to your cat then you in the video put your cat in the thumb nail for 100% clickable click bait.

  55. logan young

    logan young2 months ago

    Love watching Effie/Effie’s shadow in the background

  56. Focal Whistle 783

    Focal Whistle 7832 months ago

    *You wouldn't believe your eyes (earrape mode on)*

  57. The Exotic

    The Exotic2 months ago


  58. Charmy Charmed

    Charmy Charmed2 months ago

    got clickbaited by a fat face

  59. Hol Your Horses

    Hol Your Horses2 months ago

    you're literally my new favorite youtuber

  60. Retsam Razwinkz

    Retsam Razwinkz2 months ago

    how about adding GONE SEXUAL to the title.. Problem Solved!

  61. Hello, I'm normal right?

    Hello, I'm normal right?2 months ago

    *TicKel* *dEm* *bALlS*

  62. ThatRandom Dude

    ThatRandom Dude2 months ago

    YOU WON’T BELIEVE game of thrones actor joins game of thrones movie!!!

  63. Lex Leon

    Lex Leon2 months ago

    Your Gilbert Godfrey is on point.

  64. KazenPlay Thing

    KazenPlay Thing2 months ago

    The cat clickbait me

  65. Training Grounds

    Training Grounds2 months ago

    Christ said "Do not disbelieve but believe" Not believing is a sign of losing your soul.

  66. Jack jack j. Jack jack

    Jack jack j. Jack jack2 months ago

    wtf i got clickbaited!!!!

  67. Animu Zero

    Animu Zero2 months ago

    For all people named thomas. I am offended for you

  68. Logan White

    Logan White2 months ago

    Thomas dipshit

  69. Natasha UMU

    Natasha UMU2 months ago


  70. Bees Beesbees

    Bees Beesbees2 months ago

    0:16 I saw your cat

  71. Cameron Wethly

    Cameron Wethly2 months ago

    You titled your video “clickbait” and have 2.9M views by the moment of this comment. Less is more, apparently.

  72. Aaron Duan

    Aaron Duan3 months ago

    "I mean it said I wouldn't believe it" has me dead

  73. Qwerty Bear.

    Qwerty Bear.3 months ago

    "I mean it said I wouldn't believe it- Thomas Dipshit 2018

  74. Midori

    Midori3 months ago

    thanks! lol uh, actually, i just might click that 'you won't believe' title, even more so if it has a suitably clickbait-ish tell me what i won't believe?!

  75. Pedro Vieira

    Pedro Vieira3 months ago

    Clickbaiting 101: *make the title completely vague with a few words!* 🤣

  76. Cheeseboss Finch

    Cheeseboss Finch3 months ago

    Missed opportunity to call this video "YOU WON'T BELIEVE!"

  77. Kae Fgrade

    Kae Fgrade3 months ago

    Thomas Dipshit - Facebook User lol Nice surname you got there.

  78. Liam McColgan

    Liam McColgan3 months ago

    My balls have been tickled

  79. byoonable

    byoonable3 months ago

    I'm just here for the ball tickling

  80. J Squad Vlogs

    J Squad Vlogs3 months ago

    Meanwhile I’m just watching the cat in the background

  81. JenoPaciano

    JenoPaciano3 months ago

    You won't BELIEVE the film this actress just signed up for! (thumbnail is her cleavage)

  82. Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer3 months ago

    What so funny about Thomas Dipshit? I have a great friend on facebook name Thomas Dipshit

  83. Manusia KagakRusuh

    Manusia KagakRusuh3 months ago

    "I mean it said I won't believe it" ... XD XD XD But still ... the best clickbait title is "clickbait" ...

  84. wanderlustwarrior

    wanderlustwarrior3 months ago

    My BAWLS are so tickled right now. But I'm on a plane next to a child. This is wrong.

  85. arushofinsanity

    arushofinsanity3 months ago

    Me: 0:30 I’ll gladly drag myself

  86. Chris Wahl

    Chris Wahl3 months ago

    I absolutely love his "I mean, it said I wouldn't believe it" voice.

  87. My beautiful and amazing Princess

    My beautiful and amazing Princess3 months ago

    Don't forget the surprised emoji

  88. nem tudom

    nem tudom3 months ago


  89. Waseem Saada

    Waseem Saada3 months ago

    Let me guess you're going to be eating candy in this video

  90. DamageIncM

    DamageIncM3 months ago


  91. Danny Sullivan

    Danny Sullivan3 months ago


  92. TheMegaVanny

    TheMegaVanny3 months ago

    0:16 the attack

  93. Oscar Russell

    Oscar Russell3 months ago


  94. Anonymous Beholder

    Anonymous Beholder3 months ago


  95. Seoyoung Choi

    Seoyoung Choi3 months ago

    *i mEaN tHEy sAiD i wOuLdNT bELiEvE iT*

  96. Kizminator Awesome

    Kizminator Awesome3 months ago

    0:21 what is happening outside the door?

  97. samuraizerro

    samuraizerro3 months ago

    Last 2 seconds is making me laugh and cry so hard right now and I wish I knew why.

  98. David Shirvanyan

    David Shirvanyan3 months ago

    Actor Joins Film.

  99. Bhazor

    Bhazor3 months ago

    0:13 Special appearence by Gilbert Gottfried

  100. Samy’s Animations

    Samy’s Animations3 months ago

    I was drinking my moca and when he said that crap at the end I laughed my ass off until it made me choke on it. My brother helped and am fine

  101. Megan Higginbotham

    Megan Higginbotham3 months ago

    He has two cats now? Saw them behind computer guy.