CLEAREST WATER on Planet Earth?


  1. Brave Wilderness

    Brave Wilderness5 months ago

    We're trending!! WOW! Thanks to everyone who watched, means a lot to me that so many enjoyed this video:) - Mark

  2. Zreddx

    Zreddx4 days ago

    +Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir nei ég er heimskingi og hann er asni

  3. Zreddx

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  4. brandy dios lo ama todos

    brandy dios lo ama todos6 days ago

    Ok and thanks

  5. Jay Reed

    Jay Reed20 days ago

    Why did he drink that water in the intro

  6. Sinalco420

    Sinalco42023 days ago

    I'm from Iceland

  7. TheKing OfCringe

    TheKing OfCringe11 hours ago

    Oh hi mark

  8. Sakura Yasuda

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  9. Marshall Odham

    Marshall OdhamDay ago

    Hey Mark, I live in North Florida and am close to one of the highest concentrations of alligators in the world. A spot in massive Payne's Prairie. All wild. I grew up in this area and am 40 and know it Fairly well. Let me know if you want to scout it out.

  10. King Rolle Caracol

    King Rolle CaracolDay ago

    Where is coyote?

  11. Ray Naufal

    Ray Naufal2 days ago

    So, go to indonesia

  12. Love Blomqvist

    Love Blomqvist2 days ago

    More of this!

  13. TSP

    TSP3 days ago

    Mark is more great than coyote

  14. Fazeurmam69 _

    Fazeurmam69 _3 days ago

    6:50 Mark: coyote are you okay? Coyote: my neck hurts so bad

  15. Gummy Pear

    Gummy Pear3 days ago

    Did they use the nope.avi sound effect from tf2?

  16. SJT Taslim

    SJT Taslim3 days ago

    Go to indonesia raja empat you"ll be suprise by the beauty

  17. Jeff Schowalter

    Jeff Schowalter3 days ago

    Gold polar bear hunting in the polar

  18. Spencer Waldbauer

    Spencer Waldbauer3 days ago

    Oh, hi mark

  19. Dhplaz

    Dhplaz3 days ago

    If youtube rewind 2018 was in the water it would not be clear anymore

  20. Alek Olsen

    Alek Olsen4 days ago

    "I did not hit her". "Oh hi Mark"

  21. Casey Melcher

    Casey Melcher4 days ago

    Who's recording if it's a solo mission

  22. Casey Melcher

    Casey Melcher4 days ago

    Nevermind I commented to early

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  24. asha iddi

    asha iddi4 days ago

    He did not just drink that 😱

  25. jake duray

    jake duray4 days ago

    "Mark is freezing" Mark's Sister: Are you ok? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. erik '

    erik '4 days ago

    I really hope this place doesnt get polluted and completely ruined that's what I like about greenland and Iceland they are some of the most beautiful placed on earth

  27. Oz Retard

    Oz Retard5 days ago

    @bravewilderness the water of the river soca in slovenia is much clearer

  28. Bradley Chan

    Bradley Chan5 days ago

    His lips in the thumbnail though lmao

  29. ramen _

    ramen _5 days ago

    6:50 aw u got me

  30. DanDaMan

    DanDaMan5 days ago

    look at his lips *wheezing sounds*

  31. DuckMan

    DuckMan5 days ago

    *sees video in my recommended* *clicks expecting Coyote* *me 5 seconds into the video* Oh hi Mark

  32. Max Nowicki

    Max Nowicki5 days ago

    Anyone else get an ad for this place while watching the video?

  33. potato gaming

    potato gaming5 days ago

    Where is cyote

  34. Daniel Graham

    Daniel Graham5 days ago

    I had an advert for diving in Iceland while watching this video is it a coincidence

  35. Undefeated Phoenix06

    Undefeated Phoenix065 days ago

    I like when Coyote does the narration

  36. Troll motion

    Troll motion5 days ago

    Hi Mr.beast how are you Mr.beast

  37. Bogi Guðjónsson

    Bogi Guðjónsson5 days ago

    i´m from iceland

  38. Shelley Jackson

    Shelley Jackson5 days ago

    Ya know scotland has really good water as well... i should know

  39. XcB XcB_Strikez

    XcB XcB_Strikez6 days ago

    We have those water sources in Norway also!

  40. Jacob Ortiz

    Jacob Ortiz6 days ago

    Is this were figi water comes from

  41. DaCreeperSlayer Silentbutdeadly

    DaCreeperSlayer Silentbutdeadly6 days ago

    Mark you alright?

  42. Francisco Barreto

    Francisco Barreto6 days ago

    Is a add about that place suppose to come up at 5:29

  43. john fog

    john fog6 days ago

    No peeing in the water!

  44. ItzShoPro

    ItzShoPro6 days ago

    Iceland and Greenland should switch names. Anyone agrees?

  45. Jenn Hurley

    Jenn Hurley6 days ago

    7:18 that bird was soaring

  46. Lukhman Haziq

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  47. Xiloz- BO3

    Xiloz- BO37 days ago

    Its the clearest but its still salt water

  48. Sem Rozema

    Sem Rozema7 days ago

    2:20 start

  49. Sssniper Wolf

    Sssniper Wolf7 days ago

    What the hell is that thumbnail tho

  50. James Bond

    James Bond7 days ago

    Cayotie. (Cuts off leg) The guy.(are you ok)

  51. LT. Chinchin

    LT. Chinchin7 days ago

    Mark r u alright

  52. Keonixx

    Keonixx7 days ago

    I Peed in that water 10 months ago...

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  54. Keonixx

    Keonixx7 days ago

    Eirk Ortiz I see u cant take a joke..

  55. Eirk Ortiz

    Eirk Ortiz7 days ago

    You disgust me

  56. LOST!

    LOST!8 days ago

    yes it is clear but my connection doesn't let me see it clearly

  57. Logan Winslow

    Logan Winslow8 days ago

    3:32 I wonder what that is

  58. Norhan Awista

    Norhan Awista8 days ago

    Saw a detailed ad for the same exact thing in the video before the video started so I don’t really need to watch the vid bye

  59. Outsideboy 14

    Outsideboy 148 days ago

    I’m watching ‘‘tis and I got a ad to go there and dive

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    connor richardson8 days ago

    9:26 Gotchya

  61. Gabriela Douglas

    Gabriela Douglas8 days ago

    7:07 dab!

  62. s̸u̸w̸o̸o̸p̸b̸a̸b̸y̸ f̸a̸c̸e̸b̸o̸l̸o̸

    s̸u̸w̸o̸o̸p̸b̸a̸b̸y̸ f̸a̸c̸e̸b̸o̸l̸o̸7 days ago

    your lame

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    Holloaway8 days ago

    6:50 gotcha.

  64. Epic Mackenz1e

    Epic Mackenz1e9 days ago

    I got an ad for the place where you dive wtf

  65. Denis Ngara

    Denis Ngara9 days ago

    Hi Mark ur such a cool guy 😎 , l wish l was out there playing with you guys

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  67. NovaVegas_official Fan page

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    Remember to sub 2 pewdiepie to beat T series

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    I want to go now lol😄🤣🏞

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    steven da man9 days ago

    How did it taste 👅

  71. Perfect Potato

    Perfect Potato9 days ago

    Beautiful 👌

  72. ay

    ay9 days ago

    He's acting like 38 is really that cold I've been too springs that were 20🤦🏻‍♂️

  73. Mae Borowski

    Mae Borowski9 days ago

    Oh, hi Mark

  74. c l u e l e s s P otAtO

    c l u e l e s s P otAtO9 days ago

    *God has answered my prayers*

  75. Step One

    Step One9 days ago

    is no one going to mention the engineer from tf2's nope voice line use in the beginning of the video?

  76. Vicky Galleta

    Vicky Galleta9 days ago

    Where is coyote

  77. Yanely Torres

    Yanely Torres9 days ago

    Oh hi mark

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    TheHappy19 days ago

    omg wohoooooooooooo my fave!!!!!!! Hi😊

  79. Light Weight

    Light Weight10 days ago

    Aint a Brave Wilderness vid without "Coyote, u alright?? "

  80. Princess emy Vlogs

    Princess emy Vlogs10 days ago

    I’m not trying to be a hater but in several countries there are very very very clear seas like one in Cyprus the one is Cyprus is a beach and it’s the clearest sea at all time in Cyprus

  81. Awsome Corn

    Awsome Corn10 days ago

    Hmmm i wonder whats under that mysterious cap/hat

  82. Andrew Elliott

    Andrew Elliott10 days ago

    is it just me or does mark look and sound exactly like an older version of Mr. Beast.

  83. sverre emil

    sverre emil10 days ago

    They always asked who is Mark but never how is mark

  84. Recorder Man

    Recorder Man10 days ago

    My pool is like 35

  85. Wacky Moonstone

    Wacky Moonstone10 days ago

    Can you please visit Philippines thares a lot of creatures in Philippines too

  86. Chazz Chicago

    Chazz Chicago10 days ago

    That water looks delicious! 😋


    ALLAN HOFILENA10 days ago

    Go to Philippines and go to Cebu and hire a tour guide See the incredible clear water..

  88. Jaydiel Jaela Ranoe

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  89. Just Jam

    Just Jam10 days ago

    :Doctor: you have Delicious cancer :Guy: nooooooo i dont want to say rotton cheese is good :Doctor: spare any for me :Mark: mmmm sounds good :Guy: .............

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  91. Y2 Tokyo

    Y2 Tokyo10 days ago

    Y’all should make phone cases

  92. ItsAmeh

    ItsAmeh10 days ago

    Next video: *”doing the orange justice in crystal clear water”*

  93. Penelope Cronk

    Penelope Cronk10 days ago

    What happened to Coyote?Why isn’t he the host anymore?

  94. Almar Máni Pálsson

    Almar Máni Pálsson10 days ago

    Halló allir

  95. Enchanted Life

    Enchanted Life10 days ago

    Im from iceland

  96. Sinisterfeighn YT

    Sinisterfeighn YT10 days ago

    I would have died from fear due to the current carrying me further and the fissure would scare the f out if me

  97. blue knight

    blue knight11 days ago

    its awesome but u pee in ur pants 😂😂 and drink water


    GOATS CLUB11 days ago

    0:09 how does the water taste

  99. cool craft

    cool craft11 days ago

    And coyote comes and says oh hi mark

  100. David Amora

    David Amora11 days ago

    Why is there no fish?

  101. David Amora

    David Amora11 days ago

    Super clear

  102. Ganertic YT

    Ganertic YT11 days ago

    Me: wait a second why i cant see it clearly? MReporter: set to *144p*

  103. Rads

    Rads11 days ago

    An ad about this came while I was watching this :0

  104. Kenzo Sabater

    Kenzo Sabater11 days ago

    Coyote:DIES* Mark:Are You Okay?

  105. sigurdur eggertsson

    sigurdur eggertsson11 days ago

    I am from ICELAND

  106. Areeb Aman

    Areeb Aman11 days ago

    Damn i use to watch these guys when they had 900k subs only, now they have 13mil

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    Got an ad for this

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    Hᴀᴋᴋᴇᴋᴋʏᴜ11 days ago

    *R U ALRIGHT????*

  109. JQcuber

    JQcuber12 days ago

    Your teeth is clearer than the water.

  110. Lisa Lewis

    Lisa Lewis12 days ago

    Love the video