CLEAREST WATER on Planet Earth?


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    We're trending!! WOW! Thanks to everyone who watched, means a lot to me that so many enjoyed this video:) - Mark

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    Brave Wilderness ]

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    Brave Wilderness Yea thanks

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    I admire every single one of your videos, Mark mamanchino's are your fruit, Mario you just made me laugh every episode you were in ,Coyte I just think you are so brave and I admire that sososo much

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    I dare you to jump into a mound of fire ants

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    This is so beautiful! Thank you for that video 😻🏞

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    Mark are you alright?

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    Jeeez mark you sound and talk like cayote ... i mean cmon!!! Have ur own style ... just sayin

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    Would love to dive there

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    I might just move to iceland

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    Nah where’s coyote this wack

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    Starts at 5:31

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    He’s always asking if coyotes okay, but nobody ever asks if he’s okay. :((

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    Pause at 6:50 gotcha

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    7:22 why did I see something black fly across the screen?!

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    If anything ever happened to coyote u would be a amazing replacement

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    Smack DAB

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    I live in iceland

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    *Coyote gets brutally eating by a chicken* Mark coyote u just gor killed by a chicken by the way u ok?

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    I live in Iceland

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    great vid mark

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    Atleast mark is a meme boi

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    I live in iceland

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    you should come to Lewistown Montana and do a video

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    *YOU OK?*

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    At 7:00 these rocks look like the landscape of greece

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    If a black person jumped in there the water would turn dark and he would come out white

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    continue these videos they're really cool!

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    Next video Idea: get infected with ligma

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    Go to Newfoundland plzz

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    you really should get down there with the team! will wait for whatever sea creatures down there.

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    Oh hi mark

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    5:43 found my new wallpaper

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    :o so beautiful ❤️,Not you. The watter

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    And when you pee in it everyone sees

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    I just got the weirdest fcking ad about earth

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    were is the fish

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    i want these vids to be on Discovery or Animal Planet or something

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    I’m from iceland

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    Do more of vids like this

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    The continent is called Europe not euroasia

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    u mean the last 3 years watching brave wildenerns

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    I'm so exited for your new channel blue wilderness!!!!!!

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    Hi mark I have cameras like you toi

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    Lol I went to Iceland last week we went swimming and the water was cool

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    I live in Iceland

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    Blue wilderness... Perfect location

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    Mark wat was your favrouit advanced

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    Coyote Peterson version 2 in the making!

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    I'm from Iceland


    BROKOOLI6 days ago Do u put Milk after...or before the cereal ?

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    BROKOOLI before

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    Looking forward to your Iceland trip!

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    I was so interested that I watched till the very end for the first time! Please do more like this. Mark do more of just you!!

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    *Coyote. R U OK?*

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    its not camra man its camra girl or camra woman

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    Mark is not only the best meme but he's also an amazing Director! Hats off to ya Mark! You're the G.O.A.T!

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    Anyone who speaks Icelandic like: þetta er besta land í heimi

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    I enjoyed this video very much ur really awesome mark... great job on this video mark!!!

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    Mark has finally accepted his fate. The are you ok guy...

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    so can you just snorkle there without any license ?

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    Pretty cool adventure!! Did you end up finding any creatures at all?

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    its cayotev2

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    Nice TF2 reference.

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    in Mexico I went to a Cenote (dunno if the spell is right) it is not the clearest water on earth but is reminds me of this

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    Why dont you have a tv show yet???

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    Shoot I’m from Flint I wanna drink that water😔😂

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    Who’s recording for the camera man?(mark) \_(0.o)_/

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    Wtf he drank water is that good?

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    i was on island too at the same time i think ind i maybe saw you at the blue lagon its so awsome but i dit not go too that lake

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    I think thats not the clearest water,its in Siargao,Philippines ok I'm not showing off ok because I live in Philippine,I'm just saying,I just want to let you all know,and its called the enchanted river with real faries,every 6:00 pm its closed because its time for the faries to play and there's a cave deep down divers tried to discover it but they died because they were out of oxygen,you can even see all the fishes😀😀😀

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    Are you the one that was like Did he get you

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