CLEAREST WATER on Planet Earth?


  1. Brave Wilderness

    Brave Wilderness8 months ago

    We're trending!! WOW! Thanks to everyone who watched, means a lot to me that so many enjoyed this video:) - Mark

  2. Shady Desire

    Shady Desire2 months ago

    The stuff you washed your face with was horse sperm

  3. Camila Reinoso

    Camila Reinoso2 months ago

    Genial! Tienen que venir a argentina, el Sur es realmente asombroso

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  5. Zreddx

    Zreddx3 months ago

    +Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir nei ég er heimskingi og hann er asni

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    DLO’S HEREDay ago

    Have you guys ever wondered that places like Long Beach probably looked like that, now it just looks like a big sewer

  8. Brian Cain

    Brian CainDay ago

    I want to go!

  9. RezT OG

    RezT OG4 days ago

    Coyote: *dies* Mark: You ok?


    OWEN_HYBRID Boi4 days ago

    Hi mark

  11. Maya Gibson

    Maya Gibson6 days ago

    Mark: *slurp* “MmM icELaNd Coyote: *catches lizard in a tree* “that’s a little scrape on the manberries” My favorite quotes so far...

  12. Chalesna Abella

    Chalesna Abella6 days ago

    I just hope than in the near future the water won't be damaged by human activities because the next generations will come and they might not see this beauty if we don't pollute or do anything that can cause the crystal clear water and the beauty to fade away like thin air it is truelly magnificent and a perfect place to be yourself and i hope in the near future the next generations won't do anything harmful to this and different places

  13. Chalesna Abella

    Chalesna Abella6 days ago

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    6:51 Got Em

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    justone morelight8 days ago

    Why is coyote not with on this video?

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    Halavunga Vea8 days ago

    i realy wan't to visit ICELAND

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    I C E L A N D

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    I’m watching at 144p.

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    Did anybody pee there?

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    If you can drink the water, who needs a snorcal?

  23. Addi Art

    Addi Art16 days ago

    mjög gott

  24. Skjolddalen

    Skjolddalen16 days ago

    No the water from my sink is clearer

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    What is this well it s’ cool

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    Oh hi mark

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    Go there in winter.

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  29. Old Turtle

    Old Turtle25 days ago

    The water on my planet is clearer

  30. Lil drippy999

    Lil drippy99925 days ago

    In nature I would say it is

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    Wow this cool I wish I can do it

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    oh hi mark (only some will get the reference)

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    I loved hearing from you Mark!!!

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    Its like dinosaur land

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    I lub this channel.

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    When I watched this a ad of this came up

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    6:50 did he really just...

  38. Dj Hatchet The Eckodile

    Dj Hatchet The EckodileMonth ago

    i drink mountain water straight from the spring

  39. Ólafur Bæringsson

    Ólafur BæringssonMonth ago

    Im from iceland/ísland

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    I got an ad about this when I first put this on😂😂😂

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    0:34 is that "nope" from the engineer in Team Fortress 2 lol?

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    Hope symfuhny don’t get in that water it won’t be clear when he gets out😂😂

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    Every like i add a Coyote Peterson 🤠

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    Who recorded this video if you’re the camera man?

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    anyone else get an add to go diving inn the Silfra fissure, i no joke did.

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    Did they ever end up doing a video as a team? I can't find it.

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    I want water now

  48. Yo Mama

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    I want water now

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    What about Figi water that’s so pure

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    Ayeeee mark episode

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    Go to marshall Island and see the crystal clear water over there

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    Your my favorite mark

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    4:37 hey mart u ok 😆

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    Is it also in hd

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    I like potatoes

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    i got a advert for the place befor the video

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    Is 36 cold?

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    i been subscribed since the beginning

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    You know that even though the water is clear visible its still contains bacteria....right?

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    u ok

  61. Moor3Mon3y

    Moor3Mon3yMonth ago

    I think that this guy needs to let Cayote stay in front of the cam and he should do what he is good at and stay behind the cam. Wink Wink, cough cough.

  62. Toys in the Attic 101

    Toys in the Attic 101Month ago

    coyote gets eaten by a shark mark:r u ok?

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    Mark: Dies Coyote: ARe YoU oKAy??

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    Was it cold

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    english boi I Just Saw An Add For This P.S. No Hate

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    Lets piss there

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    The clearest water is in New Zealand PogChamp

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    It’s all clean n’ lean ‘till somebody takes a sheit

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    I mean it could get a lot colder than that lmao

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    In future that is now polluted

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    Where do you live

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    it comes up with a silfra ad hile im watching this lol

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    Clearer than my...

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    i got an ad about this exact spoy while watching this vid

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    Im from iceland🇮🇸 its really fun living in iceland did you know you can drink the water from the sink in iceland🇮🇸

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    i’ve been to iceland

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    Ive been to the blue lagoon

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    6:51 wow 😲

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    Like me if that is the most cleanest water.

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    From what animal is that head behind you ?

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    *r u ok?*

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    I love how he is aware about the "you alright?" jokes.

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    You mean natural water. Pools are the clearest

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    You should check out Lord Howe Island, its a very nice place, great for adventures!

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    OH HI MARK i can’t believe no one wrote a comment about this before

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    Diving into the local beach with 4K 1080p HD Graphics

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    7:13 I heard *"aNd yOuRE AsIAn"*

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    Well this clear water will not be clear for long. Tourists will come here and throw their trash. Moms with infants will come here and throw their diaper here. A poor man will see that this place will be very profitable to start a hotdog stand business. Some horny couple will come at night and use a condom and then throw it away

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    Big D MoNiA

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    Just standart croatian water. Haha.

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    This is actually amazing !??

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    There should be a water bottle company for this