cleaning my room for the first time in 8 months


  1. magical pencil

    magical pencil20 minutes ago

    Damn I could never sleep in a room like that I would die of allergies

  2. God Is a woman

    God Is a woman2 hours ago

    9 out of 10 moms just started screaming at their child

  3. MyCuteGirlyLife As Lucy

    MyCuteGirlyLife As Lucy7 hours ago

    My room's just as worse. If not, then even more worse.. I haven't cleaned my room in a yeah hahaha

  4. DanceMomGossipYT

    DanceMomGossipYT9 hours ago

    The moment i clean my room it gets messy

  5. whydoikeepgettingattachedtosongs

    whydoikeepgettingattachedtosongs12 hours ago


  6. Lyn Wyvern

    Lyn Wyvern17 hours ago

    My room looks like that after 1 month

  7. Elise Michelle

    Elise MichelleDay ago

    I haven’t cleaned my room all year because school has gotten so stressful & in Australia we start school early February and end mid December so yeah I haven’t exactly had a break my room basically looks like yours. I need motivation ugh

  8. angel yoth

    angel yothDay ago

    MY room never get messy I clean it every single day not like you how you even live in it OMG this so over

  9. Iara Milazzo

    Iara MilazzoDay ago

    If this isn't me

  10. Vivian Marie

    Vivian MarieDay ago

    6 ads for an 11 minute video???

  11. Kayla C.

    Kayla C.Day ago

    I wonder how long this really took... 🧐

  12. shainaxoxo

    shainaxoxoDay ago

    I watch these videos to get motivation then i get distracted and sit in my bed and watch all these videos all day and proceed to have nothing done

  13. Leona Barišić

    Leona BarišićDay ago

    I have to show this to my mom. I leave one book on the floor, "you never clean why do i buy you furniture you keep everything on the floor, lets throw away the bed just sleep on your clothes"

  14. g l b

    g l bDay ago

    Hi, where did you get the bed from? I am looking for a bed similiar to this one.

  15. Lumen Lights

    Lumen LightsDay ago


  16. TheBlackWiidow

    TheBlackWiidow2 days ago

    I really think I'm adicct to this type video

  17. Emily Hall

    Emily Hall2 days ago

    What did you do😱

  18. Electro music

    Electro music2 days ago

    Lol don’t worry my room is usually pretty bad one time it was so bad that I couldn’t see my floor at all or bed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom2 days ago

    Wow. Finally someone who has A BIT of a messier room than me.. and that’s sad because it’s only been like a month since I’ve cleaned it and for you it’s been 7.

  20. Izzy B

    Izzy B2 days ago

    My friend's mom threatens her daughter by saying she will post a photo of her room on Instagram if it isn't clean.

  21. my little pony girls

    my little pony girls2 days ago

    I have not cleaned my room good in about 2 Months so this gives me motivation😁😁❤️❤️😇

  22. angelina carraggi

    angelina carraggi2 days ago

    your room gives me ocd

  23. mhsketcher

    mhsketcher3 days ago

    If I didn’t clean my room for this long I would find spiders everywhere 😹

  24. It’s Just zuli

    It’s Just zuli3 days ago

    And I thought my room was messy.....

  25. 李れい

    李れい3 days ago


  26. Katie Raison

    Katie Raison3 days ago

    My room looks like hers except instead of clothes it’s trash for me...😂😫🤦🏻‍♀️

  27. Susy Gatita

    Susy Gatita3 days ago

    Ima ve hinest my room is wirser than rhat and i cleaned it a week ago

  28. shaq attack clarke

    shaq attack clarke3 days ago

    who watching in 2018

  29. madi chilly

    madi chilly4 days ago

    ik this is clean for her, but i have OCD and my room has NEVER been that messy. the after is giving me anxiety.

  30. Yulissa R.

    Yulissa R.4 days ago

    4:47 🤣😂😅

  31. Jordyn Levasseur

    Jordyn Levasseur4 days ago

    Her:Look at my freaking floor Me: what floor

  32. Tiara Storm

    Tiara Storm4 days ago

    bruh is saw that hefner hoodie lol

  33. Shawty Xoxo

    Shawty Xoxo5 days ago

    I think I just saw a tik tok ad of u

  34. eW pEasent

    eW pEasent5 days ago

    Captain Levi is triggered and satisfied at the same time.

  35. Lucas Takano

    Lucas Takano5 days ago

    Hey, have you ever heard about the KonMari Method?! It may be useful! 😁

  36. Betzaida Cardona

    Betzaida Cardona5 days ago

    She has a mental disorder. Hoarder0

  37. Perth Home Cleaners

    Perth Home Cleaners6 days ago

    WOW, what a difference! How long did it take you to clean everything?

  38. Fenacans Builds

    Fenacans Builds6 days ago

    Gurll u have so many clothes lucky I have like clothes but like I’m going shopping soon

  39. Fergi Naomi Dominguez Alamilla

    Fergi Naomi Dominguez Alamilla6 days ago

    No hablo ingles xdxd😂

  40. AKmations

    AKmations6 days ago

    i only disliked cuz your room is more awesome than mine!

  41. Olivia Grace

    Olivia Grace6 days ago

    I watched this so it feels like my room is perfect

  42. Alana Eedy

    Alana Eedy6 days ago

    I disliked because your a fan of jake paul

  43. I am A fish Do not question it

    I am A fish Do not question it7 days ago

    My room is literally toxic like if you step on ANYTHING your foot will dissolve

  44. IT'SME Deara

    IT'SME Deara7 days ago

    You dirty tbh

  45. Laura Flaquer

    Laura Flaquer7 days ago

    My mom yells at me if she sees a pant in the floor.

  46. Kat Meow

    Kat Meow7 days ago

    I bet your parents are proud... I am awesome job! 🌟

  47. Karlie Tongue

    Karlie Tongue7 days ago


  48. K24 Gaming

    K24 Gaming7 days ago

    I clean my room everyday, but I still watch these though.

  49. MiaMeetsCorn

    MiaMeetsCorn7 days ago

    Good lord child 😆 It’s happens from time to time but I hope u kept it clean .

  50. Felicia Fågelkvist

    Felicia Fågelkvist7 days ago

    What is The music in The begin i dont NO The name

  51. Louise Kohl

    Louise Kohl7 days ago

    You have a nice room why would you keep it like this! X

  52. Louise Kohl

    Louise Kohl7 days ago

    How could you live in such a mess this is giving me ocd sorry

  53. valerija

    valerija7 days ago


  54. Clara Gomes

    Clara Gomes8 days ago

    holy shit 1 how did your mom not crucify you and 2 - how do you have so much god damn clothes

  55. Emma Carlson

    Emma Carlson8 days ago

    i have a bear the same size as yours and mine was 40 hahah

  56. Emma Carlson

    Emma Carlson8 days ago

    i seriously deep cleaned my whole room yesterday and it took five hours

  57. Daisy Lozano

    Daisy Lozano9 days ago

    I clean my room every sunday why idk lmao deep clean every couple months 😂

  58. soda pop

    soda pop9 days ago

    Me: cleaning my room...after 5 years

  59. princu gal

    princu gal9 days ago

    Yyyyy its still not clean

  60. the Kids channel

    the Kids channel9 days ago

    You're dirty and stupid

  61. Rubi Kun

    Rubi Kun9 days ago

    5:48 Musiiiic????

  62. Isabella Rose

    Isabella Rose9 days ago

    This gave me motivation to clean:)

  63. Hayley Grimes

    Hayley Grimes10 days ago

    This is what my room looks like when I have to pack up all my stuff in boxes again, and move. I move every nine months. Ugh.

  64. Hailee Friedrichsmyer

    Hailee Friedrichsmyer10 days ago

    my mom would MURDER ME

  65. hooda beauty

    hooda beauty10 days ago

    ياحيوانة نضفي غرفتك القرف من 8 اشهر منضفتها قرف شو معفنين

  66. Loretta Prentiss

    Loretta Prentiss10 days ago

    Boy at 4:46 is like hella only im weird

  67. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel Winchester10 days ago

    I said I was gonna clean my room 3 weeks ago and I'm still laying on the floor just pushing things around help

  68. E Joiner

    E Joiner10 days ago

    How old are you

  69. Miranda Taylor

    Miranda Taylor10 days ago

    When that OCD kicks in...

  70. TheCheese Twinz

    TheCheese Twinz10 days ago

    its still MESSY !!!!

  71. Alinas Pony life

    Alinas Pony life11 days ago


  72. Elisa K

    Elisa K11 days ago

    my mother kill me when i be you HAHAH

  73. Marcella Moret

    Marcella Moret11 days ago

    Disgusting and pure laziness

  74. Brooke Knowlton

    Brooke Knowlton11 days ago

    Jesus fucking christ u have so much shit, im living off of 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants like damnn

  75. Its Mini

    Its Mini11 days ago

    I would be scared to pick up all the clothes on the ground because I was like...what’s under all those clothes?!

  76. lovelybri slay

    lovelybri slay11 days ago

    Thats a mess u nasty

  77. sophie guest

    sophie guest11 days ago

    “ look at my friking floor” Me: you can’t see the floor I’m sorry how do yh concentrate or feel comfortable in that mess I’m just so glad you tidied it

  78. Addie Torres

    Addie Torres11 days ago

    Who can relate to having a mental break down from making a bunkbed.

  79. Galaxy Sparkle

    Galaxy Sparkle11 days ago

    *Im lazy to clean my room af so i watch these videos to get inspired and start cleaning*

  80. Perhe Rissanen

    Perhe Rissanen11 days ago

    The dislikes are the clean people XD

  81. Jonas

    Jonas11 days ago

    I wouldnt have anything to wear

  82. Shiloh Djeans

    Shiloh Djeans11 days ago

    I love this

  83. Janila Foster

    Janila Foster12 days ago

    I know its roaches and spiders

  84. Alanah Luke

    Alanah Luke12 days ago

    My mum says if there’s no room left in my closet for clothes, I don’t need them 😂

  85. Lea Mico

    Lea Mico12 days ago

    Woww😱. Great job

  86. • chasey •

    • chasey •13 days ago

    why do i find this entertaining

  87. the small leaf

    the small leaf13 days ago

    I thought this was clickbait for a sec

  88. Sofie Hart

    Sofie Hart13 days ago

    Me; Starts cleaning a corner of room 2 minutes later Me; Finds something that I don't know where to put Me; Gives up and goes to MReporter

  89. Leioma Hogth

    Leioma Hogth13 days ago

    I leave a rapper on my floor and my mum is like “Go and clean that mess how could u like like that “ ...

  90. Jeff Lawhun

    Jeff Lawhun14 days ago

    I cant stand my room dirty 😷

  91. Maci_lynn Show

    Maci_lynn Show14 days ago

    At 2:31 I could see the floor

  92. Assassin Cat

    Assassin Cat14 days ago

    If I get 5-10 likes on this comment I'll make a video of me cleaning my room

  93. Assassin Cat

    Assassin Cat14 days ago

    Not sure why. But I just feel like it

  94. Aidan Desper

    Aidan Desper14 days ago

    Clean your 🎠🎡🎢🎪

  95. Skylar Bowen

    Skylar Bowen14 days ago

    "starts singing a song by rice gum* clicks off

  96. Melody Nemneihoi

    Melody Nemneihoi14 days ago

    This gives me inspiration to clean my room lol 🤣😂😂

  97. car shreve

    car shreve14 days ago

    You might say it in the end, but I haven’t made it that far yet. I’m dying to know how long this took you lol

  98. Sophia Gordon

    Sophia Gordon15 days ago

    Bruh I have OCD I clean my room everyday

  99. Alanah Luke

    Alanah Luke12 days ago

    Sophia Gordon that’s literally me😂

  100. Gumdrops16 AJ!

    Gumdrops16 AJ!15 days ago

    Bro my room is not just mess of clothes I have a mess of jim-jicks or whatever what ur parents say when they walk into ur room.

  101. Roblox Esmeralda

    Roblox Esmeralda15 days ago

    4:26 I SEE BAT MAN GUYSSSS YUPPP ꉓꋪꍏꁴꌩ 😂😂

  102. IIDestinyIII Roni

    IIDestinyIII Roni15 days ago

    Clearly her mom probably never walked in .No offence but if MY ROOM WAS LIKE DAT omdsssss it would never cause I have this phobia that if I don’t vacuum the whole house or clean it for a day ITS DIRTY AF.So yeah my house if raaa clean .But seriously if I even had dirty pants that I putted in my room to put it in the wash the NEXT godamm day I would get my mom mad and she be givin me a lecture how’s my room is the dirtiest and HOW IM LAZYYY LIKE BISHHH WHAT THA FUCK