cleaning my room for the first time in 8 months


  1. Pastel Girly

    Pastel Girly2 hours ago

    My rooms like hers but sadly its like 2x the size so its even harder to clean

  2. Evelyn Vega

    Evelyn Vega8 hours ago

    Lauren: it’s been 8 months... I think it’s time to clean my room My mom: it’s been two hours and you still haven’t picked up that sock

  3. Tai Lawrenson

    Tai Lawrenson8 hours ago

    I love you so much it’s not even funny ❤️❤️🙈😂

  4. megan blablabla

    megan blablabla9 hours ago


  5. Sister Love

    Sister Love11 hours ago

    I am 2 min in and i haven't seen a bed Ok i see it now, im slow

  6. Jaras clipshit

    Jaras clipshit11 hours ago

    What a mess😳?!

  7. Angel

    Angel12 hours ago

    Her: In eight months Me: in Eight YEARS

  8. amehnn •

    amehnn •14 hours ago


  9. Destiny Moore

    Destiny Moore17 hours ago

    Lol my room is the size of her closet

  10. Tasha Reid

    Tasha Reid17 hours ago

    Is it bad to say my room is just as bad 🧐 well ... not that bad ! But there is ALOT

  11. MI T

    MI T18 hours ago

    Are you Taylor Lautner's real sister? Oh my gosh you look like him you style of talking is just like him..😘😘

  12. Diamond Girl

    Diamond Girl18 hours ago

    Where did you get that bed I really want it

  13. Riley Hope

    Riley Hope20 hours ago

    My room yesterday😂😂😂😂😂and everyday

  14. Madi Jean

    Madi Jean21 hour ago

    lmao why is this such a mood

  15. Itsann Avocado

    Itsann Avocado21 hour ago

    I try to clean my room twice a week bc i hate it when its messy blahhhhh

  16. Gabriela Pérez

    Gabriela Pérez22 hours ago

    Darn since 1 year

  17. lol123 loviezx

    lol123 loviezx22 hours ago

    My mom always say to me when she come in my room " even your dog would not come to your room " 😂🖕

  18. Lola Sweet

    Lola Sweet23 hours ago

    I wish i had my own room i share one with my older sister

  19. ewits alli

    ewits alli23 hours ago

    This is just nasty. It takes like 30 minutes to clean your room, god some people are just lazy.

  20. Lauren Mooney

    Lauren MooneyDay ago

    This is my room in 3 weeks whoops

  21. Autumn Showers

    Autumn ShowersDay ago

    I have the exact same flower perfume and the exact same Jake Paul poster #jakepauler4life

  22. Siba Khin

    Siba KhinDay ago

    So you're not gonna wash any of those clothes?

  23. Siba Khin

    Siba KhinDay ago

    Nowadays I can't go 2 days without cleaning my room because my parrot literally makes the biggest mess.

  24. Tahlia Grace

    Tahlia GraceDay ago

    I get in trouble for having 3 shirts on the floor and bed not made😂 if my room was that bad I'd have to move out. Btw my room is so clean

  25. Garret Lybolt

    Garret LyboltDay ago

    Your gross. Kill yo self

  26. Cloud IzHere

    Cloud IzHereDay ago

    REMEMBER your room will only be clean if you ACTUALLY do it.

  27. Abby Nabor

    Abby NaborDay ago

    My parents would not let me watch tv or play on my phone till I cleaned my room

  28. Jade Terrylynne

    Jade TerrylynneDay ago

    how do you let it get to the point of not cleaning it for 8 months wtf 💀💀💀

  29. Blondy VS

    Blondy VSDay ago

    Same fam

  30. Suoadrif Jaja

    Suoadrif JajaDay ago

    Literally watched 5 seconds of you and already love you!

  31. AlohaMia

    AlohaMiaDay ago

    Finally someone who has an actual messy room like mine

  32. Shawnee S

    Shawnee SDay ago

    Holy crap....👀

  33. Valeria Miramontes

    Valeria MiramontesDay ago

    *watches instead of cleaning room*

  34. Adina Shoaib

    Adina ShoaibDay ago

    I played this on fast speed

  35. DJLex

    DJLexDay ago

    How long did that take??

  36. Annabelle Wicentowich

    Annabelle Wicentowich2 days ago

    I am watching this to inspire me to clean my room which is a task I have avoided.

  37. Emma Emma

    Emma Emma2 days ago

    I have the same bear

  38. Ellouise xox

    Ellouise xox2 days ago

    This is motivating me to tidy my room

  39. Tisma Rezza

    Tisma Rezza2 days ago


  40. DayToDay

    DayToDay2 days ago

    Good job

  41. OhMyJoshDunWithYou

    OhMyJoshDunWithYou2 days ago

    I have about half of the same perfumes that you have 😂

  42. OhMyJoshDunWithYou

    OhMyJoshDunWithYou2 days ago

    I wouldn’t be alive rn if that was my room because my mom would kill me 😂

  43. Kitcat

    Kitcat2 days ago

    It's a pain in the ass to clean when you are an artist and have OCD. So much paper and you can't throw anything away without getting anxious.

  44. Kitcat

    Kitcat2 days ago

    This looks exactly like my room. Look mom I'm not the only one lol.

  45. Marasaurus

    Marasaurus2 days ago

    Hey pro tip when you’re cleaning surfaces with makeup on them use a makeup wipe

  46. بنت مسلمة

    بنت مسلمة2 days ago

    هو مفيش عرب ولا إيه😂

  47. بنت مسلمة

    بنت مسلمة2 days ago

    نهاااار اسويد ايه القرف دة

  48. The story of our life

    The story of our life2 days ago

    What kind of music did u use

  49. kamyia and Demiah show

    kamyia and Demiah show2 days ago

    I clean my room everyday

  50. TrashBagOfFluff

    TrashBagOfFluff2 days ago

    Omg your room looks like mine, and if you can clean it up, I can too!

  51. Morgan Wilson

    Morgan Wilson2 days ago

    Dude my mom would beat my ass if my room got this dirty😂💀 #GrowingUpWithStrictParents

  52. Melinda M

    Melinda M3 days ago

    I’m a mom and seeing all those clothes on the floor makes me think 2 things. Bugs hiding in there and stink. Yuck. Told my kids this one time and they don’t let mess pile up.

  53. NøùsSã Lã Pøûpèé

    NøùsSã Lã Pøûpèé3 days ago


  54. Koko Purp

    Koko Purp3 days ago

    This is basically my room I’m currently cleaning my room lol

  55. Melike yıldırım

    Melike yıldırım3 days ago

    You're so messy! Uh, not good :(

  56. It’s.ysaura Torres

    It’s.ysaura Torres3 days ago

    Dang my mom would of freaked out your mom taught to be like this😳 but nice clean

  57. Dilara Güneş

    Dilara Güneş3 days ago

    Bu yabancilar hep pisligin boklarin icinde yasiyor ya

  58. Brooke Drolet

    Brooke Drolet3 days ago

    That's wut my closet is like

  59. Shira Baxley

    Shira Baxley3 days ago

    It's honestly a good feeling when you completely clean your room and get it all clean and nice looking like damn I love it.

  60. Aubry JM

    Aubry JM3 days ago


  61. Marissa Brightbill

    Marissa Brightbill3 days ago

    Omg 😮 good job cleaning your room :-) ... if I ever leave my room that messy my parents would kick me out of the house lol for good.

  62. BT BT BTS You should stan

    BT BT BTS You should stan3 days ago

    I thought the tittle said cleaning my room for 8 months.

  63. Petunia Vlogs06

    Petunia Vlogs063 days ago

    I have the same bed but mine just now got clean

  64. Kendal Hoard

    Kendal Hoard3 days ago

    I clean my room every day

  65. Haley Syp

    Haley Syp3 days ago

    really, jake Paul..... *sigh*

  66. Simply ProHereInRoblox

    Simply ProHereInRoblox3 days ago

    If an asin person saw this or Turkish they will faint

  67. Anamika Dutta

    Anamika Dutta4 days ago

    I needed inspiration to clean my apartment; this is good enough 👌🏽

  68. AltheaTV

    AltheaTV4 days ago

    I have only 1 jacket on my floor and my mom will turn off the internet

  69. Miss Weirdo

    Miss Weirdo4 days ago

    If I were you, I'd purge your closet My rule of thumb: -If you haven't worn it for more than a year -If you don't like it (design, fit, print, whatever else you don't like it for) -If you don't plan on ever wearing it -If you can't realistically wear it to events or places THROW IT OUT

  70. Butters And Coco

    Butters And Coco4 days ago

    When I'm stressed *I clean*

  71. Lori Lampley

    Lori Lampley4 days ago

    Y'all I haft to clean my room everyday. Like if you haft so the same. If I don't my step dad will get peed at me 😒😂

  72. Vanessa Carrera

    Vanessa Carrera4 days ago

    Fuck u jp is best

  73. Stephanie Dillard

    Stephanie Dillard4 days ago

    At least it's a madness to your mess

  74. Cassidy Lastname

    Cassidy Lastname4 days ago

    Hshahaha the Hefner sweatshirt

  75. Bubsta

    Bubsta4 days ago

    ’first time’ lmao

  76. Tool Against the machine

    Tool Against the machine4 days ago

    I'm forced to clean my room every week=(

  77. nova kalon

    nova kalon4 days ago

    I could tell ya went to u universal 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m a slytherin btw gryffindor suckssss😂♥️

  78. for the aesthetic

    for the aesthetic4 days ago

    who else just watches these kinds of videos while cleaning their room lol

  79. Madison Gremore

    Madison Gremore4 days ago

    You are lazy

  80. Meyra Hasan

    Meyra Hasan5 days ago

    Oha oha oha. Geberecen gızım onların içinde

  81. jgugsu

    jgugsu5 days ago

    I like to think I don't have an abnormal amount of shit in my room, but then when people consider this insanely messy....I know I have a problem :(

  82. Alexa Smith

    Alexa Smith5 days ago

    my room gets that messy in a week

  83. shania ramos

    shania ramos5 days ago

    Same last name😁

  84. zozo Queen

    zozo Queen5 days ago

    Im from of Iraq

  85. Mashenkaaa K

    Mashenkaaa K5 days ago

    How can you not clean your room in 8 months?? Ughhhh

  86. Sea Green

    Sea Green5 days ago

    Count the amount of the word "like" she said

  87. Shannon Davison

    Shannon Davison5 days ago

    "Stressed about the schoolwork that I don't do" lmao SAME

  88. Kágila Jorge

    Kágila Jorge5 days ago

    a litlle werd so many stuff

  89. Mira Safwan

    Mira Safwan5 days ago

    oh my god you're so messy

  90. Lorelei Exendine

    Lorelei Exendine5 days ago

    It look like u threw a bomb in there

  91. Ella König

    Ella König5 days ago

    I never have to clean my room 😏

  92. Maria Gomez

    Maria Gomez5 days ago

    I just cleaned my room by just 11 months because I don't know why

  93. Nassima Khnati

    Nassima Khnati6 days ago

    Istg some worms probably growed there

  94. Alex talen

    Alex talen6 days ago

    8 months 😱😱😱

  95. Emma louise Dunn

    Emma louise Dunn6 days ago

    You know I can’t even go with out a day cleaning my room I cleaning my windows polish my floors and draws dust things was my bed sheets and e.c.t

  96. Tiffany Hirsh

    Tiffany Hirsh6 days ago

    same girl and I have not clean my room after watching this is helped me clean It up and now its a lot up

  97. m e l

    m e l6 days ago

    I came for inspiration to clean my room but I'm in bed rn not going to get up any time soon soooo I need inspiration

  98. Kimberly Cross

    Kimberly Cross6 days ago


  99. kylie kathleen

    kylie kathleen6 days ago

    i mean... people are saying "you let your room get h that messy!? my mom would kill me if i had a shirt on the floor" At least now, 1. Her room is spotless, 2. She cleaned it even though it was that messy, and 3 she cleaned the WHOLE thing , not like me lol. I do one section then take a"break" for like 4 days

  100. sealdoggo

    sealdoggo7 days ago

    lol I clean my room every week