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cleaning my room for the first time in 8 months


  1. Angela Albarran

    Angela Albarran11 minutes ago

    how does anyone live like this

  2. Angela Albarran

    Angela Albarran11 minutes ago

    wow your parents must dislike you

  3. Anelle Tavares

    Anelle TavaresHour ago


  4. Jaycee Cochran

    Jaycee CochranHour ago

    I want to clean that

  5. Karla Quintanilla

    Karla Quintanilla2 hours ago

    Que devergue

  6. Quinn Fowlstone

    Quinn Fowlstone4 hours ago

    Who else just skipped thro the hole vid lol

  7. lauren ramos

    lauren ramos4 hours ago

    Quinn Fowlstone no one bc i made some good ass money off of this video

  8. Aleah Gamble

    Aleah Gamble5 hours ago

    My mom get really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really mad😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  9. peyton berman

    peyton berman5 hours ago

    yo this is so disgusting but so satisfying so thank you

  10. jerika forever

    jerika forever7 hours ago

    Wow girl you must have been lazy my room will never look like that

  11. Mya McMahon

    Mya McMahon7 hours ago

    Sorry honey but ain’t no body gonna wanna buy any of your close👎🏻 when it’s been sitting on that Floor for a year like cmon now 🤭

  12. Serena Morales

    Serena Morales9 hours ago

    i thought the thumbnail was over exaggerated

  13. Tracy Bazzie

    Tracy Bazzie10 hours ago

    Any clothes that are on the floor and stepped on should go in the dirty laundry.


    PETER PAUL DUPONT10 hours ago

    Ma vai a cagare 😜😜😜😜

  15. Charlotte’s World

    Charlotte’s World11 hours ago

    My baby cousins have to sleep in my room for thx giving so I have to clean my room or else :(

  16. Megan C

    Megan C11 hours ago

    BAHAHA THIS IS WHAT MY ROOM LOOKS LIKE (im super organized but my two sisters arent and so i get stuck cleaning it up)

  17. studio lily and janice

    studio lily and janice12 hours ago

    If my mom saw my room like this she would enberes the crap out of me by telling my friends

  18. LeopardLover LeopardLover

    LeopardLover LeopardLover16 hours ago

    U know your room is trash when you clean the furniture and it’s still looks dirty af Also donate some clothes u have way too much

  19. Aaron A.

    Aaron A.22 hours ago

    I’m trying to learn some cleaning tips? Does she actually work in hospitality or have any experience? I’ll just try something else

  20. Abbey Jarvis

    Abbey Jarvis23 hours ago

    I have the same bed but it’s all black and my friend had the same dresser (lol, not rlly tho)

  21. LoGicAlRaIn Lol-_-

    LoGicAlRaIn Lol-_-Day ago

    Bruh Jake Paul-_-

  22. Vanessa Grant

    Vanessa GrantDay ago

    Bruh my mom would beat me if my room was like this wtf

  23. Carrie Ann Badger

    Carrie Ann BadgerDay ago

    Does anyone else feel like the clothes on the ground are clothes that she has wore and need to be washed

  24. AtypicalWeirdo

    AtypicalWeirdoDay ago

    Gurl what is you doin’ tho. XD But how do you not clean your room for 8 months? Like, my parents woulda kick me out of this universe if I even had a bottle or two on the floor. 😂😂😂

  25. Caroline Mc Cormack

    Caroline Mc CormackDay ago

    Im not been bad but there's no reason to let the room get to that state that's worse than bad

  26. ByAriNicole

    ByAriNicoleDay ago

    My room is really messy too! I just recorded a video about cleaning my room to motivate myself to do it 😂

  27. Jaelyn Jones

    Jaelyn JonesDay ago

    my mom would be so mad at me she will kick me out my room or tell me to clean up know or I'm in trouble

  28. jerkiya Simmons

    jerkiya SimmonsDay ago


  29. Crystal Magical life

    Crystal Magical lifeDay ago

    It still looks dirty lmao

  30. Debbie Schobs

    Debbie SchobsDay ago

    Ist Not clean after clean...

  31. Makiah YouTube!

    Makiah YouTube!Day ago

    I clean my room everyday....

  32. Emily Virga Pittman

    Emily Virga PittmanDay ago

    The rug though haha

  33. Isebella Good

    Isebella GoodDay ago

    OMG she’s a Gryfindor ? I’m a ravenclaw (btw Harry Potter)

  34. Isebella Good

    Isebella GoodDay ago

    I think she just made that mess for the vid bc at some point she HAS to clean her room and the cupboard they are like out.

  35. Jung jamlessmonsterinfires

    Jung jamlessmonsterinfiresDay ago

    I have chargers all of my room and she sees my room as what your room started off as

  36. Mireya Cortez

    Mireya Cortez2 days ago

    Not to be rude but your room is still a mess

  37. Alexandria Benoist

    Alexandria Benoist2 days ago

    great music though

  38. Alexandria Benoist

    Alexandria Benoist2 days ago


  39. Riley Dinger

    Riley Dinger2 days ago


  40. Helena stevanovic

    Helena stevanovic2 days ago

    Appelle vite

  41. Grayson’s Blonde streak

    Grayson’s Blonde streak2 days ago

    I’m suppose to be cleaning my room but nah😂😂

  42. Ariana Boo

    Ariana Boo2 days ago

    So let’s get into this

  43. Laura Antonelli

    Laura Antonelli2 days ago

    Dat stranger things shirt is dank

  44. The cupofjoe

    The cupofjoe2 days ago

    I'm on poshmark too! @Cupofjoe have to say hi! I love the chair! Where did you get it? You and I save the same stuff and I find it very difficult to toss out useful stuff even if I'm not using it. So posh is awesome. Need to list so much... I'm using this as motivation to clean. I love your dresser/ vanity set too! Super Chic and elegant perfect storage. I want that chair ❤ thanks for sharing! Much love 💋jo

  45. Kayla Wilson

    Kayla Wilson2 days ago

    Your crazy if you haven't cleaned it in 8 months

  46. Ella Hytönen

    Ella Hytönen2 days ago

    Em i the only one who actually loves cleaning and has everything always organized

  47. olivia lj

    olivia lj2 days ago

    And I thought my room to was bad

  48. HopeVibeś

    HopeVibeś2 days ago

    Who else saw the X poster?

  49. Karina •

    Karina •2 days ago

    my mom will say clean this shit and hit me to death and say is this a farm or a zoo clean this thing up right now when i come back it better be CLEAN

  50. the-niqqa-mhd

    the-niqqa-mhd2 days ago

    Go, get some sleep now!

  51. Angela Perez

    Angela Perez2 days ago

    My room gets messy real quick and I would clean it as a form of procrastination on my homework. Also for some odd reason, idky, I would reorganize my entire room like ever other month. I would be up like at 12 or 1 in the morning just cleaning, getting distracted by things I find, and moving my bed drawers n table🤠

  52. Mikayla Cox

    Mikayla Cox2 days ago

    How lazy or busy is she wow I have to clean my room every day p.s how does ur mom live with this no offence

  53. Nadiann Bertram

    Nadiann Bertram2 days ago

    Did you wash anything on the floor in your room ??

  54. Elalia Garcia

    Elalia Garcia3 days ago

    Her bear is way bigger the her no offense

  55. Elysa Noy

    Elysa Noy3 days ago

    If I was you I will just put all those clothes in laundry before put them back in the place

  56. Kawaii Sxuish

    Kawaii Sxuish3 days ago

    Girl you have not cleaned your room in 8 month while im over here not cleaning my room in over 1 or 2 years xD (jk)

  57. Sophia Francavilla

    Sophia Francavilla3 days ago

    I have a loft bed and it make things easier to put things away

  58. Kelsy Ibarra

    Kelsy Ibarra3 days ago

    Why r u so rud to the people that you were talking to

  59. Aubery Ibarra

    Aubery Ibarra3 days ago

    Don’t kinda throw the clothes fix it

  60. kat hallett

    kat hallett3 days ago

    My mum tells me off for like a dust

  61. Angelica Vlogs

    Angelica Vlogs3 days ago

    Ya acabaste pues q amontonadero😂😂😂

  62. rhea.

    rhea.3 days ago

    Anxiety this is a hoarders room

  63. Gabby Demarco

    Gabby Demarco3 days ago

    I clean my room every weekend😂

  64. lagordabudusca100

    lagordabudusca1003 days ago

    8 months no cleaning instead of pledge should of used some antibacterial spray for germs.then pledged

  65. Kween Bee

    Kween Bee3 days ago

    What’s the song in the beginning

  66. Allie Carroll

    Allie Carroll3 days ago

    Am I the only one who jammed out during this video? Yes, no one? No one even cares? Ok, bye.

  67. Anita Thompson

    Anita Thompson3 days ago

    You are absolutely beautiful and adorable you have a very nice room maybe donate clothes to Charities they would be so blessed to have them thanks for sharing have a awesome blessed day today in Jesus Christ our Lord GOD and savor JESUS CHRIST BY

  68. Sofia Silva

    Sofia Silva3 days ago

    all these people are saying how bad this room is yet i relate so much

  69. Ally Rose

    Ally Rose3 days ago

    what the hell is going on in your room 😅😂💥

  70. sirin kuccuk

    sirin kuccuk3 days ago

    that’s acc disgusting wtf, ‘average teenage room’ shut up

  71. lauren ramos

    lauren ramos3 days ago

    sirin kuccuk LMAO IT WAS A JOKE BAHAHAHA

  72. kirilee

    kirilee3 days ago

    some people have been grossed out by not cleaning rooms for a while but mental health GETS IN THE WAY! period. I haven’t cleaned mine in years, and this video helps to motivate me. it’s almost clean now 💗



    Because there is 38 days left until Christmas I will to subscribe to anyone that subscribes to me ❤️

  74. pinksugarr.slimes

    pinksugarr.slimes3 days ago

    How do you live like that???😰

  75. Sammygirl12001

    Sammygirl120013 days ago

    1:20 If my room looked like that my mom would through everything on the ground in a garbage bag and through it in the garage and make me clean everything else so it looks less to encurage me to actually clean it😂

  76. azileinra Oh

    azileinra Oh3 days ago

    My mom would be so angry if this was my room. I always clean my room,two times in a day to be clear

  77. Officially Chrissie

    Officially Chrissie3 days ago

    1:25 That’s my room everyday

  78. B Obeth

    B Obeth3 days ago

    I have to clean every time for my siblings T+T (Halp meh) So I don't get a messy room.

  79. Morgan Boonstra

    Morgan Boonstra4 days ago

    i think i’m the only one watching this with a clean room lmao

  80. Nurul Faezah

    Nurul Faezah4 days ago

    How you walk inside your room ? Too many clothes on the floor but good job bc finally you decide to clean your room

  81. Holy Trash//Belle

    Holy Trash//Belle4 days ago

    My room is like that rn 💀 I need to clean it

  82. Maribeliz Cruz

    Maribeliz Cruz4 days ago

    My mom would hit me if she see' s my room like that

  83. Brooklynn Decker

    Brooklynn Decker4 days ago

    *proud parents have entered the comments

  84. Naye li

    Naye li4 days ago

    Is it ppl just nasty from birth or just to get likes and views..?

  85. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol4 days ago

    I'm so happy I'm not the only one my room is the exact same hahahahhaha

  86. Taylor Russell

    Taylor Russell4 days ago

    Oh hell no my mom would kill me before I have a single shirt on the floor. My mom will see me drop a single shirt on the floor and walk in and hit me with a hanger

  87. Daniel Ben

    Daniel Ben4 days ago

    Looks like my room lmao

  88. Fatimah Albdairi

    Fatimah Albdairi4 days ago

    who uses deodorant spray for cleaning

  89. Marianette Ayala

    Marianette Ayala4 days ago

    10:51 NOPE IM THE ONLY FAMOUS ONE HERE LMAO but 11:04 I want a bed like that with a little office thing under it

  90. Sarah Schumacher

    Sarah Schumacher4 days ago

    she's the most basic and uncreative fangirl eveerrr, the indications are the 300 thousand EOS lip balms, clout goggles, a giant unnecessary bear and fucking tana mongeau merch

  91. Sarah Schumacher

    Sarah Schumacher4 days ago

    why tf does this shit have so many views

  92. Angelique Bardatsos

    Angelique Bardatsos4 days ago

    I don’t want to be rude but it seems like you want to and think that your really cool. Not that you aren’t but it seems like you just think like that

  93. Joselyn Mendez

    Joselyn Mendez5 days ago

    The next day it’s all messy again 😂

  94. fck fracking

    fck fracking5 days ago

    2.9million views!!! Wtf is the world coming to.... bye!! Gonna go watch someone tie their shoes....

  95. Kendall 123

    Kendall 1235 days ago

    You should see my room🤣🤣it’s not as messy as that but pretty messy

  96. The'life As'Calise

    The'life As'Calise5 days ago

    If i have a piece of lint on the floor my mom gets mad

  97. ArielleXo YT

    ArielleXo YT5 days ago

    this is honestly so inspirational

  98. candy cane

    candy cane5 days ago

    ur disgusting

  99. lps exotic bean

    lps exotic bean5 days ago

    My room is 100000 times worst lol

  100. Lauren Says Hey

    Lauren Says Hey5 days ago

    So I clicked this video, not realizing the youtubers name. I love watching these videos and when I realized your name was the same as mine I freaked out

  101. Sydney Colling

    Sydney Colling5 days ago

    I clean my room everyday how does she live like this

  102. Fábricia Vieira

    Fábricia Vieira5 days ago

    se eu vejo uma coisa no chão eu ja vou correndo pegar pra nn firar um bagunça