Clash Royale: Meet the Rascals! (New Card!)


  1. Ghost McGhost.

    Ghost McGhost.23 hours ago

    Mega Knight and Bandits before they went emo - 2018, colourized and animated.

  2. kafur abrar

    kafur abrarDay ago

    Look at 0:34 He looks enjoy it

  3. JJ_116

    JJ_11612 days ago

    Yo i don’t think I ever saw this before wth

  4. Tahmina Ahsan

    Tahmina Ahsan16 days ago

    At : 0:44 anyone saw bandit?

  5. PokemonAssociate

    PokemonAssociate16 days ago

    *Kim Jung Un in a Nutshell*

  6. RedBull Gamer

    RedBull Gamer16 days ago

    Unas De Las Mejores Cartas

  7. ricardo fuentes

    ricardo fuentes18 days ago

    Jajajajaja saber que el pillo no para el tronco y las pillas mueren

  8. Cihan Yaşlı

    Cihan Yaşlı19 days ago

    Meee and my sister

  9. Mano Loko

    Mano Loko19 days ago


  10. Marvin De la Rosa

    Marvin De la Rosa20 days ago

    He can’t protect them with log

  11. robo warrioir

    robo warrioir20 days ago

    Dum dummer and dummest

  12. masked proo9

    masked proo920 days ago


  13. DEMON-GAMERS_ Ninja

    DEMON-GAMERS_ Ninja21 day ago

    Dragon in clash royle

  14. j b

    j b22 days ago

    o jogo ta horrível. sempre caindo. nem da pra jogar no ladder mais. e jogar pra perder troféus. lixo.

  15. Harsh Chaudhary

    Harsh Chaudhary22 days ago

    Kim jong un with two female guard

  16. I LightenStar I

    I LightenStar I22 days ago

    This card was released 7 months ago?!

  17. Deezinfinity Nutz

    Deezinfinity Nutz22 days ago

    The rascal girls are bandits without hood and mask

  18. محترف المعلومات يونس

    محترف المعلومات يونس22 days ago

    this is very cool !! xD

  19. Biggest Boss

    Biggest Boss23 days ago

    What animation program did they use here?

  20. Biggest Boss

    Biggest Boss17 days ago

    +Mr RandomPerson lol. I would believe it because it looks paint-y.

  21. Mr RandomPerson

    Mr RandomPerson18 days ago

    No lol

  22. Biggest Boss

    Biggest Boss18 days ago

    +Mr RandomPerson what in the actual heck, really?

  23. Mr RandomPerson

    Mr RandomPerson19 days ago

    Biggest Boss microsoft paint

  24. Smart Brains

    Smart Brains23 days ago


  25. Derp MPCE-Lover

    Derp MPCE-Lover25 days ago

    0:43 кто видел бандитку?

  26. Noel Villarroel Cruz

    Noel Villarroel Cruz25 days ago

    So Kim Jong un and the Bandit have to baby girls and now they go hunting with their father 🤔🤔🤔😂

  27. Nilanjan Naskar

    Nilanjan Naskar26 days ago

    That big guy gets some nice threesome at night

  28. 1,000 subscribers with 3 videos?

    1,000 subscribers with 3 videos?27 days ago


  29. Zee Pee

    Zee Pee27 days ago

    So are we just going to not talk about how the rascal girls choked a baby dragon (and presumably the P.E.K.K.A) to death?

  30. Oof_Ster Bob_Ross

    Oof_Ster Bob_Ross27 days ago

    Lol what's the bandit doing there?

  31. PeaceMaker StanLee Excelsior

    PeaceMaker StanLee Excelsior28 days ago

    Can u make a card that protect the building and hero But cant protect princess tower Called the shield



    Are they his friends or sisters that arent related by blood? Asking for a friend

  33. Hui/Хьюи

    Hui/ХьюиMonth ago


  34. 2broken4u

    2broken4uMonth ago

    why do i think this will br in rule 34

  35. Matija Mitrovic

    Matija MitrovicMonth ago

    Ja ix iman

  36. Dead MEME

    Dead MEMEMonth ago

    Meet.... THE GOD OF SUFFERING (me)

  37. Luca Pena

    Luca PenaMonth ago

    0:42 did anyone see the bandit in the tent?

  38. MegaVore Fuentes

    MegaVore FuentesMonth ago

    No entiendo por que la bandida esta hay aparece en el minuto 0:43

  39. Simão Costa

    Simão CostaMonth ago

    I think the rascals are the Bros of bandit

  40. Simão Costa

    Simão CostaMonth ago

    I wanted u guys do a Clash a rama with the bats and inferno dragon or best with the cards of Clash Royale

  41. \The J Bird/TM

    \The J Bird/TMMonth ago

    0:43 bandit

  42. bottom L3ss

    bottom L3ssMonth ago

    The bandits kids

  43. Luis Mateo Palagot Yepez

    Luis Mateo Palagot YepezMonth ago


  44. Lamyai0887 Lamyai0887

    Lamyai0887 Lamyai0887Month ago


  45. marcos romano

    marcos romanoMonth ago

    Like si lo tienes en tu mazo

  46. BeyondBroken SIns

    BeyondBroken SInsMonth ago

    Was that Bandit at the end?!

  47. Yu AS

    Yu ASMonth ago

    Anyone else saw the bandit inside the tent at 0:43?

  48. DatDonut

    DatDonutMonth ago

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the boy actually blocked the log???

  49. fortnite BG

    fortnite BGMonth ago

    can i get an oof for dat fai boi

  50. Destansi Adam Keras

    Destansi Adam KerasMonth ago

    0:42 omg bandit :D

  51. Will Manousos

    Will ManousosMonth ago

    The poor baby dragon

  52. Light Fighter

    Light FighterMonth ago

    0:43 LOL Bandit

  53. NancyDoes Minecraft

    NancyDoes Minecraft2 months ago

    Yikes The Whole Video Is Me And My Sister Always Fighting 😂

  54. Linda Toet

    Linda Toet2 months ago

    0:43 do you see the bandit too?

  55. Lajdanek CZ

    Lajdanek CZ2 months ago

    RASKALOVÉ JSOU SRAČKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Khaled mostafa2009

    Khaled mostafa20092 months ago

    الي عربي ويلعب كلاش رويال لايك

  57. Millenium

    Millenium2 months ago

    finnish people sure know to create a franchise

  58. Yuni Yuni

    Yuni Yuni2 months ago


  59. Pavel Play

    Pavel Play2 months ago


  60. JustCakist

    JustCakist2 months ago

    How it feels to shoot 5 gum

  61. Nathan Ranirez

    Nathan Ranirez2 months ago

    Thats meets up that the big guy takes all the sacrifice and there just fighting

  62. Cozmic PDS

    Cozmic PDS2 months ago

    Pause at 0:44 And look around you'll see the bandit

  63. Hero Come challenger gamers

    Hero Come challenger gamers2 months ago

    Son debiles xD las pillas tienen energia parecida a las arqueras

  64. Face Fish

    Face Fish2 months ago

    Rip Rascals girl fast first shoot 😭

  65. hirji maulidy

    hirji maulidy2 months ago

    Do peka even have lungs?

  66. Soo Hee Ling

    Soo Hee Ling2 months ago

    Those rascal girls usually fight together izzit?

  67. Evan Abramczyk

    Evan Abramczyk2 months ago

    I just got them

  68. jakub wal

    jakub wal2 months ago

    prosze seby na arenie z legendami był jeden czest legendary

  69. Queen Torcik

    Queen Torcik2 months ago

    Czemu piszesz po polsku clash royale jest z polski

  70. ResistivePikolo

    ResistivePikolo2 months ago

    Ahora todo tiene sentido, la Bandida, el arquero magico y ahora los pillos en teoria son como una Pandilla, pues en el trailer del arquero la bandida esta ahi, en el mismo bosque y ahora los pillos jaja, me encantan estas cartas


    JUST FARE2 months ago

    You can see his eyes 0:42

  72. The Kfc Ranger

    The Kfc Ranger2 months ago

    If only the big boy could stop the log

  73. Pablo GM

    Pablo GM2 months ago

    Expectatives :v

  74. Greek Ball

    Greek Ball3 months ago

    When a bubble gum does more damage than arrows,a knife,a spear and a sword. Clash Royale's Logic..

  75. Ken The Amalgamate

    Ken The Amalgamate3 months ago

    So,the rascal boy have blue eye?

  76. Adela Aracena

    Adela Aracena3 months ago

    Pobre niño pillo se sacrifica a cada rato

  77. Greencheese

    Greencheese3 months ago

    Im an old school player. anyone else too?

  78. Dust Sans

    Dust Sans3 months ago

    Wait is the bandit the mom ?

  79. Lord Broly God Of Destruction

    Lord Broly God Of Destruction3 months ago

    If Paused In 0:44 U Can See The Rascals And The Bandit In A Camp

  80. TheLiam27

    TheLiam273 months ago

    If only the big one blocked the log :(

  81. NutLeast

    NutLeast3 months ago

    0:20 Sooo the P.E.K.K.A isnt a robot?

  82. _robberdollar_

    _robberdollar_3 months ago

    how much you wanna bet there is going to be porn of it

  83. Speedy BS

    Speedy BS3 months ago

    0:44 bandit?

  84. hertch face

    hertch face3 months ago


  85. Guest3DGamingTV Gaming

    Guest3DGamingTV Gaming3 months ago

    This rascal boy it a baby giant

  86. stiven29737360 083728

    stiven29737360 0837283 months ago

    Poor giant protecting the grils

  87. Вы абсолютно правы, мой Господин!

    Вы абсолютно правы, мой Господин!3 months ago

    Emo boy

  88. MöseKaplan

    MöseKaplan3 months ago

    I liked this

  89. Toxiczy

    Toxiczy3 months ago

    0:44 Look right down corner there is bandit...

  90. DatDonut

    DatDonutMonth ago

    Let me sleep

  91. Toxiczy

    Toxiczy2 months ago

    Yea, Thats possible ;)

  92. Desrokter Gaming

    Desrokter Gaming2 months ago

    I mean, both of them are wanted so it would make sense for the bandit to live with them

  93. Ab3x

    Ab3x3 months ago


  94. Rebecca Jones

    Rebecca Jones3 months ago

    I feel bad for the big bio now

  95. Nuclear Winter

    Nuclear Winter4 months ago

    I don't think I like these guys...

  96. j g

    j g4 months ago

    I know these guys!!! They're my classmates True rascals

  97. Keitoawesome 21

    Keitoawesome 214 months ago

    ahh so cute!!!

  98. Erik Barboza

    Erik Barboza4 months ago

    This animation just makes me want to use this card!

  99. عبد الله

    عبد الله4 months ago


  100. Mai Moua

    Mai Moua4 months ago

    The pekka isn’t that weak Is the big boy their dad?

  101. Crossing Lines

    Crossing Lines4 months ago

    One of the best cards

  102. Ngo 901

    Ngo 9014 months ago

    Wait, they live with the bandit?

  103. I comment at comment sections

    I comment at comment sections4 months ago

    0:10 - 0:11 i wish it also worked in the games

  104. Buttsagonton

    Buttsagonton13 days ago

    That big cards freeze the log momentarily?

  105. meowkittymeow69

    meowkittymeow694 months ago

    Don't let shadman see this..

  106. kiasanhati nareen

    kiasanhati nareen4 months ago

    wait,there is a bandit in this video.

  107. sky delos santos

    sky delos santos4 months ago

    SHADMAN we need u

  108. DestructionPatP

    DestructionPatP4 months ago

    2017 - Bandit 2018 - Rascals 2019 - Terrorist no offence tho

  109. Ruler

    Ruler7 days ago

    2024 - Rockets are now 3 elixir.

  110. GamingCreeper

    GamingCreeper29 days ago

    2020 - Nuclear bomb

  111. Hostile Cornball0007

    Hostile Cornball0007Month ago

    2021 911 *laden returns*

  112. Mrs. Crest

    Mrs. CrestMonth ago

    2020 - Counter terrorist

  113. G&F Playz

    G&F Playz2 months ago

    You forgot about magic archer