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Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Lyric Video) ft. Demi Lovato


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  3. Kira Sykes/Nicholls

    Kira Sykes/Nicholls4 days ago

    Feminism is a need. 🖤 #freethenipple #abortionisnotmurderer #nonodyshaming

  4. Ashly Sasha

    Ashly Sasha5 days ago

    i get the chills every single time i listen to this song. powerful af 👏🏽

  5. natalionet

    natalionet5 days ago

    I like this video more..

  6. Rebekah Cyphus

    Rebekah Cyphus7 days ago

    Christina x Demi and Little Mix(Perrie)

  7. comédia na escola k

    comédia na escola k7 days ago

    i love music,girls cats

  8. Sierra Garcia

    Sierra Garcia8 days ago

    This song makes me cry.

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  10. MusicMAAD

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    Oh my god.

  11. Chelsea Phipps

    Chelsea Phipps15 days ago

    This song should be bigger, more views, likes, recognition ITS SO PERFECT

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  13. danieltothestars

    danieltothestars17 days ago

    If this will not get a grammy then, there is really something wrong with those panel.

  14. Emil M. H.

    Emil M. H.19 days ago

    Feminist; a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of sexes.

  15. AGAMAZING1302

    AGAMAZING130219 days ago

    Someone please make a clean edit of this without the cuss word in it! I really want to play it at my 16th birthday party! ❤

  16. Shirley

    Shirley19 days ago

    “Beyoncé on the line, she’s tryna reach you on your cellular. She wanted ‘Fall in Line’, but we gave it to Aguilera, uhhh...” Jon Bellion’s song: Adult Swim

  17. Maddie Hart

    Maddie Hart20 days ago

    i wanna get some of these lyrics as a tattoo❤️

  18. Cristiane Justino

    Cristiane Justino20 days ago

    Hino ignorado

  19. smiles all around

    smiles all around21 day ago

    This song deserves it’s Grammy nomination

  20. Uriel Torres

    Uriel Torres22 days ago

    This lyrics are everything! 💪🏼❤️

  21. Jeremy Herrera

    Jeremy Herrera23 days ago

    To those monitoring me still not Falling in Line I wasn't made to either and not giving up on Demi while y'all hacked all year on a computer which seems to be your life even when I sleep someone is monitoring me at work monitoring me anywhere to those monitoring me y'all don't have a life do you y'all like to stir shit up and try forcefully hacking phone the same way y'all did me on Instagram even before Demi and I called y'all out many times you know where I live not giving up on Demi Love her and waiting even into 2019 for her.

  22. Perrie's Girl

    Perrie's Girl25 days ago

    Such an empowering song! It'd really deserve the Grammy! Like Little Mix's Woman's World!

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  24. Aino Waldorf

    Aino WaldorfMonth ago

    So, my wig was found in Pluto

  25. CaptainMiss Lovato

    CaptainMiss LovatoMonth ago

    THEY DID IT!! #Grammys

  26. ItzAWeird Cat??

    ItzAWeird Cat??Month ago

    Christina, hi I’m Suzy, and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I was researching famous people who live(d) in Munhall/Pittsburgh. Then you popped up so I *had* to see what you do. I love your music!

  27. Blackpink and Twice Changedmylife

    Blackpink and Twice ChangedmylifeMonth ago

    Does anyone have song suggestions that have the same vibe as this?

  28. Michelle Melanie Strelluf

    Michelle Melanie StrellufMonth ago

    It sounds great, but I am just not into it

  29. Legit Lovato

    Legit LovatoMonth ago

    I really hope they get this grammy. I mean, this is Just prerfection 😍🔥

  30. feeniix6

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    Congrats on the Grammy nod ladies

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  32. Tikki loss

    Tikki lossMonth ago

    Wow Aguilera was very big Queen and will always be one.What anout Demi she is Wonderful and Goddess in this song

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  34. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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    porque yo soy un hombre de calidad para todos ( quizas para ti no , noy soy dios ni quiero ser =

  35. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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    las tres felizes. pero la actual y yo juntos el mundo como de enemigo pero feliz

  36. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

    bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivistMonth ago

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  37. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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  38. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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  40. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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    christina , let me tell you something iff you accord with me . you are recognized like artist , a good one , but personally i dont know you more than senn one day in the second floor from comercialmcenter südpark in klagenfurt austria , before you maybie made a event in vienna tis is what i saw when i was in lugnercity comercial center in vienna

  41. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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    calle 13 el residente y el visitante . el residente compone todas las canciones . unas para el otras que reflejan a mi. ven y criticame por ejemplo , asi soy yo . y con la vida que llevo ya no creo en que llegara el momento todavia en esta vida para que las cosas cambian.

  42. ESC Angel

    ESC AngelMonth ago

    this is nominated for a Grammy award

  43. Sassy Slytherin

    Sassy SlytherinMonth ago

    Love your profile picture!

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  45. pastelito spears

    pastelito spearsMonth ago

    Congrats Christina Aguilera & Demi Lovato on your Grammy nomination, best pop duo collaboration hope you win it. You both deserve it, kisses all the way from Texas. 😘👑

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  47. Dash120z

    Dash120zMonth ago

    and the Grammy for Best Pop/Duo Group goes to.... !!!

  48. Eleni Stergiou

    Eleni StergiouMonth ago

    I just wish they said "person" instead of "girl" it would be much better (don't come at me for an opinion)

  49. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj12 days ago

    Eleni Stergiou little person??

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    grammy nomination

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    Deserve GRAMMY!!

  56. Carol Martins

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    #ProudOfXtinaAndDemi #FallinLineGrammy

  57. Christian Javier VB

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    Una obra de arte!

  58. Spoonful of Suga

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    Just listening to the grammy nomimated song

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    I really pray they win the grammy for this !!!

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    Grammy nominated!!!

  62. Angelo Jesús Becerra Contreras

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    Grammy nominee ♥

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    Grammy 2019

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    This deserved a nom. They got a nom. And I can sleep peacefully tonight.

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  68. Rooster Chains

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    who is here after grammy nomination?

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  71. Lilly Adamms

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    WOW! This is Amazing! 😇😍

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    holy fuck.

  73. bernd markus leitgeb/shadyactivist

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    i like you really a lot lot lot

  74. monica batista batista

    monica batista batistaMonth ago

    This is amazing. The're both amazing. And what powerfull words! 👏👏👏👏

  75. Nijia Johnson

    Nijia JohnsonMonth ago

    I like the song but I feel like Demi Lovato voice gets a little lost because Christina Aguilera voice is a little more powerful

  76. Braian Maciel

    Braian MacielMonth ago

    I hope the #grammys consider this on 5th. December!!!

  77. feeniix6

    feeniix6Month ago

    They did

  78. Braian Maciel

    Braian MacielMonth ago

    I hope the #grammys consider this on 5th. December!!!

  79. Jeremy

    JeremyMonth ago

    Song was written by Jon Bellion

  80. La 23

    La 23Month ago

    Simplesmente incrível

  81. Alesandra Ambrojza

    Alesandra AmbrojzaMonth ago

    Great song 😍🔝👍💣👏

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    This song as a powerful message for woman

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    This song gave me chillllss ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

  84. malik mohamed

    malik mohamedMonth ago

    This songs gave me the coldest chills...damn 2 of my all time favourite vocals sings together it's like a dream came true

  85. A Gacha Geek Called Lena

    A Gacha Geek Called LenaMonth ago

    Amazing job on everything!! It looks so good.

  86. Mariiiaaa Ramireszz

    Mariiiaaa Ramireszz2 months ago

    i just think of beautiful hobi singing along to this song at the BBMA'S

  87. Rosie Nora

    Rosie Nora2 months ago

    This song is so emotionally magnificent. Their vocals and those words are truly extraordinary💛 How this song doesn't have more recognition is beyond me.

  88. Sha C

    Sha C2 months ago

    goose bumps. every. time!

  89. Music IsLife

    Music IsLife2 months ago

    Jon Bellion

  90. Amber Skye Mickelson

    Amber Skye Mickelson2 months ago

    "Fall In Line" is one of THE most critically acclaimed songs in 2018 with over 35+ positive reviews, has charted in over 60+ countries, 27 #1's on iTunes, and a combined total of 74.87M streams within almost 6 months.

  91. royaldramaandbsbrock

    royaldramaandbsbrock2 months ago

    This song came right on time into my life. Always being pushed around, taken advantage of, never appreciated, and listening to it makes me realize that I'm worth more than they think and deserve more than what they deign to give me. I don't know, for me it's somewhat encouraging to go find something better for myself.

  92. Amber Skye Mickelson

    Amber Skye Mickelson2 months ago

    “Fall In Line” MV: - 31,032,984 views “Fall In Line” LV: - 14,375,259 views “Fall In Line” Spotify: - 29,467,662 streams Total: - 74,875,905 views/streams in 5 months and 25 days

  93. Amber Skye Mickelson

    Amber Skye Mickelson2 months ago

    May 16th, 2018- “Fall In Line” was released. June 15th, 2018- “Liberation” was released. June 19th, 2018- “Fall In Line” was sent to Mainstream Top 40 chart. RCA Records didn’t send it to pop radio UNTIL 1 MONTH AND 4 DAYS AFTER IT WAS FIRST RELEASED. 4 DAYS AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE ALBUM. It was said that RCA Records never supported “Liberation” and I feel as if they purposely waited until the hype of “Fall In Line” died down to actually somewhat do something about it. Xtina deserves MUCH better and so did “Fall In Line”!

  94. Brea Nicoll

    Brea Nicoll2 months ago

    I love you both xxx

  95. CC EP

    CC EP2 months ago

    Omg this might be my favorite collaboration in a song for a long time I have waiting for so long and it really surprised me the vocals they have just absolutely blew me away they were phenomenal. 😊

  96. Ariane Vitória

    Ariane Vitória2 months ago

    is a music wonderful 💖

  97. mdotschrody

    mdotschrody2 months ago

    Incredible song

  98. Luiza Lisboa

    Luiza Lisboa2 months ago

    the future is female.

  99. Gabija Vyčaitė

    Gabija Vyčaitė2 months ago

    Is one fall iline

  100. Gabija Vyčaitė

    Gabija Vyčaitė2 months ago

    Hi you sing a song fall in line chistina aguliera demi lovato

  101. Hattie White

    Hattie White2 months ago

    the lyrics are so meaningful omg

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  103. Xxbax Kennedy

    Xxbax Kennedy2 months ago

    This song is beautiful