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Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Lyric Video) ft. Demi Lovato


  1. Serena Reidy

    Serena Reidy2 hours ago

    This deserves so many more views, it's the best song of the year.

  2. XxMyLameUserNamexX

    XxMyLameUserNamexX9 hours ago


  3. Fernando Armoa

    Fernando Armoa17 hours ago


  4. Mr Butera

    Mr ButeraDay ago

    .75 speed

  5. Day Azevedo

    Day AzevedoDay ago


  6. Ricardo Pereira

    Ricardo PereiraDay ago

    Incrivelmente linda, essa música!

  7. Sofia Velaaquez

    Sofia VelaaquezDay ago

    Love it......wish I could have their voices

  8. Augusto Gomes

    Augusto GomesDay ago

    It's a Pig? *0:05* 🐷 this sound?

  9. Melinda Dahwa

    Melinda DahwaDay ago

    Yes 💪

  10. Katrina Doerr

    Katrina Doerr2 days ago

    Hmmm perhaps another artist speaking out about sony?? Suprise suprise.

  11. Kitty Cat

    Kitty Cat2 days ago

    The song is awesome! 😍 But let's be real, the beginning sounds like crying demons...

  12. Marykate Gilligan

    Marykate Gilligan2 days ago

    Two most powerful voices in one song? Im HERE FOR THIS!!

  13. Lashaundra

    Lashaundra2 days ago

    They killed it!!!

  14. נעם גרוס

    נעם גרוס2 days ago

    It's the bast song ever!!!

  15. K Leone

    K Leone2 days ago

    can someone please explain me: '....cause god forbid you. & "know your own way home'

  16. Kiayra Scott

    Kiayra Scott2 days ago

    I love the message in this song and their voices are so beautiful

  17. Sheila Marie

    Sheila Marie2 days ago

    Idk why but it reminds me of gate keeper by jesse

  18. Maria Teresa Osorio

    Maria Teresa Osorio3 days ago

    Maximo super love 👏❤️

  19. Кристина Шиманец

    Кристина Шиманец3 days ago

    Thank you very much for this song!!! I feel better now!

  20. Carlos FR

    Carlos FR4 days ago

    This is the Christina we deserve: serving vocals as always and most important, bringing powerfull messages in her songs. As inspiring as Can’t hold us down. I’m not a hardcore fan but I always admired her being woke about these topics we still need to adress as a society. To you I bow today. More music with meaning, Queen! 👌🏻💛

  21. Memo Blanco

    Memo Blanco4 days ago

    honestly the only thing i like from Demi 's voice it's the high note nothing else , in the other side Xtina it's perfecta and the song is powerful and i am addicted to listen it .

  22. TooGay ForThisLife

    TooGay ForThisLife4 days ago

    Holy shit this is amazing! like fml this is all I'm gonna listen to for the next 3 hours. Thank you so much for this

  23. Mechanicville555

    Mechanicville5554 days ago

    Looooovvvvveeee it❤️🌹❤️🐐

  24. Aninha Salvatore

    Aninha Salvatore4 days ago


  25. Mini Mack

    Mini Mack5 days ago


  26. LiveWithMyGhosts

    LiveWithMyGhosts5 days ago

    I cannot stop listening to this!

  27. Velboywonda

    Velboywonda5 days ago

    Jon Bellion brought me here!

  28. Kodii .i

    Kodii .i5 days ago

    OK so we're ready burlesque 2

  29. obrian campbell

    obrian campbell5 days ago

    I love how Demi went high and Christina went low at 2:14 👌🏾😍

  30. Kawai Rosario

    Kawai Rosario6 days ago

    Ear orgasam.

  31. Bastian Viveros

    Bastian Viveros6 days ago

    (2:58) who hits that high note?

  32. Ari Rountree

    Ari Rountree6 days ago

    "I gotta mind to shoe my strength. I've got a right to speak my mind" Thank you Christina and Demi for being the empowering voice for so many girls and women out there. You are both truly amazing

  33. Eudine Joseph

    Eudine Joseph6 days ago

    Such a powerful song

  34. Lucas Silva

    Lucas Silva6 days ago

    I really appreciate this. It's a bit sad knowing that Christina has never used a correct vocal techinique, anyway I enjoy her voice😏

  35. Lila Benarbia

    Lila Benarbia6 days ago

    This song is so incredible, i'm almost crying... Thanks to the both of them to speak for all the women in this world, including those who can not speak, who are in pain or else... This song means so much to me, i just could listen to it all day... Just thanks (i'm french, so my english might not be good)

  36. scover

    scover6 days ago

    Hi guys i am WZ. I did a cover of demi lovato fall in line part. Please help me to grow

  37. Lillypop Animations

    Lillypop Animations6 days ago


  38. Gus Tavo Lazo

    Gus Tavo Lazo7 days ago

    Hola aqui mi version español espero les guste

  39. Countrygirl Rose

    Countrygirl Rose7 days ago

    OMG. You should do more songs together. Its sounds like heaven. Its as beautiful as a rose in diamond glass and glitter. 😍💖

  40. Nerd Princess

    Nerd Princess7 days ago


  41. Alba Galera

    Alba Galera8 days ago

    This powerful voices together are something insane. Right now I am in shock. Amazing.

  42. Sudipta Saha

    Sudipta Saha8 days ago

    6000 dislike...who doesn't love christina and demi...people what's wrong with you!!!!!

  43. Cassy Films

    Cassy Films8 days ago

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  44. 21crybabaiesWithsirenRomancePanickingatThehorizon

    21crybabaiesWithsirenRomancePanickingatThehorizon9 days ago


  45. Maryjun Aquino

    Maryjun Aquino9 days ago

    21crybabaiesWithsirenRomancePanickingatThehorizon ohh god

  46. 21crybabaiesWithsirenRomancePanickingatThehorizon

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  47. Jasmine T

    Jasmine T9 days ago

    Makes me actually feel strong enough to leave my abusive boyfriend

  48. juan Gonzalez

    juan Gonzalez8 days ago

    Jasmine T I hope u do, you have the right to be happy

  49. Jota C

    Jota C9 days ago

    I like most this vid

  50. Traductor Top

    Traductor Top9 days ago

    Me encanta!

  51. kalopsia

    kalopsia9 days ago

    I'm in love with Christina and this song is the best feat. of Demi.

  52. Jas G

    Jas G10 days ago

    love it at x1.25 speed

  53. You Like Krabby Patties, Dont You Squidward?

    You Like Krabby Patties, Dont You Squidward?10 days ago

    Whoever disliked this video is actually heartless😭😮

  54. Eszter Pálvölgyi

    Eszter Pálvölgyi10 days ago

    I'm just about to finish my last exam on uni and listening to this masterpiece just to get enough confident in the exam👏🏻👍🏻🙀

  55. DaliPlay

    DaliPlay10 days ago

    This song remember the girls the voice within, like sounds the fall in line answer the girl the voice within, but it sounds like one echo for all the womens voices within.

  56. Irene Arán Fadle

    Irene Arán Fadle10 days ago

    So obsessed with this song.

  57. Butcher & The Florist

    Butcher & The Florist10 days ago

    This song is so powerful and their voices are amazing together. I would love to hear your guys' thoughts on our cover!

  58. Teodor Nikolov

    Teodor Nikolov10 days ago

    4 minutes of screaming = masterpiece

  59. Dorothé Ruys

    Dorothé Ruys10 days ago

    I wasn't made to fall in line

  60. Maria Eduarda Moraes

    Maria Eduarda Moraes10 days ago

    "They're gonna burn me at the stake But I got a fire in my veins 'Cause I wasn't made to fall in line (I got a fire in my veins) (I am never gonna fall in line, oh)"

  61. DivaGirl10

    DivaGirl1011 days ago

    Love this song

  62. Metal Head

    Metal Head11 days ago

    You could have taken a better featuring like Mariah Carey, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift. It is not their genre but let me think of a better one. Than Ms. Lovato

  63. Miroslava Balážová

    Miroslava Balážová11 days ago

    I wonder how it would sound if Demi ‘s part was sung by Jessie J.......

  64. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj9 days ago

    Miroslava Balážová jessie Has an incredible range but not much power to her voice.

  65. Tulio Saraiva

    Tulio Saraiva11 days ago


  66. Laila Anne

    Laila Anne11 days ago

    If you don't know what this song is about: You know how everybody believes that men are the dominant sex? Well if a man does something that makes you uncomfortable then you stand up to the jerk. Yell at him, scream in his ear, call for help, slap him, punch him, and even kick him in the balls. Self defense people! Cause when a man does that to a girl it is very serious. My mom fave me all this info so shout out to my mom!!! Ladies stand up to man. Just don't be that bishh that hates all men no matter what. There are very nice and polite men out there. ☺ There is a lot more to it but it's literally a LOT!!

  67. SugarySandra

    SugarySandra11 days ago

    Hey, could you guys please do my market research music survey much appreciated

  68. Yoana Castro

    Yoana Castro11 days ago

    I just to say : thanks ❤

  69. Crazy Taco Unicorn

    Crazy Taco Unicorn12 days ago

    Feminism power We are all Equal And we all deserve the same treatment

  70. james rodgers

    james rodgers12 days ago

    christina's voice is amazing. one of the best singers of all time!

  71. Jerson Gaspar

    Jerson Gaspar12 days ago

    The two disney singer was collab in one song wtf this is so cool

  72. Jose Manuel Cerron Rodriguez

    Jose Manuel Cerron Rodriguez12 days ago

    Little Girls Listen Closely! 😘

  73. Issa Ravlive

    Issa Ravlive12 days ago

    Obsessed!!! 😍😍😍 love their vocals together!!

  74. Dark Gamer

    Dark Gamer12 days ago

    WOW! Demi hit amazing Bb5!!!

  75. Azamina Becovic

    Azamina Becovic12 days ago


  76. Azamina Becovic

    Azamina Becovic12 days ago

    Ahhh so amazing . 😊😊😊😭😭😭👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🙌🙌🙌 powerful as fuck.

  77. Rose

    Rose12 days ago


  78. Jo MaSa

    Jo MaSa12 days ago

    So excited for this new album.... Check out my reaction video Fighters

  79. Ilirjan Kolagji

    Ilirjan Kolagji13 days ago

    i hav seen a lots of song that say that girls arent perfect and being myself one i know what it is like to be put in a category but boys have insecurities too and like it or not they are put in categories too but no one cares because they dont show they care and they dont make a big deal out of it.

  80. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj9 days ago

    Ilirjan Kolagji boys are free to share their feelings if they want to. If they choose not to then that's their problem. Noone is saying boys don't Have these problems.

  81. Emma -

    Emma -13 days ago

    I feel like this song would be great for the handmaids tale 🤔

  82. Pablo Luna

    Pablo Luna13 days ago


  83. Liz H

    Liz H13 days ago

    Love the meaning behind the lyrics

  84. Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

    Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy13 days ago

    Demi Lovato And Christina Aguilera Two Great Singing Voices Come Together For One Great Song.

  85. Kelly Mylenna

    Kelly Mylenna13 days ago

    Essa música é maravilhosa!! ❤😍

  86. Scarlet Conrad

    Scarlet Conrad13 days ago


  87. angie prieto

    angie prieto13 days ago

    voz inigualableeee.... hermosa

  88. deputyseal409

    deputyseal40913 days ago

    Two strong, beautiful ladies coming together!

  89. Luna En

    Luna En13 days ago

    Were those Harry's shoes?

  90. parallel side

    parallel side13 days ago

    The album is a set of jam

  91. Heber Oliveira

    Heber Oliveira14 days ago

    3:04 eu gosto fico repetindo com os labios a paradinha n-eve-r goo-naa-c---a--n--g-e-- =) eu gosto mais desse video do que original

  92. Faith !

    Faith !14 days ago

    This is my new favorite song omg

  93. Debora Santana

    Debora Santana14 days ago

    Bem legal as duas nessa musica,so achei que ao vivo elas gritam muito.

  94. wegotonelove

    wegotonelove14 days ago

    This song is about how media and society are corrupting young girls. In other words, the abuse inflicted on young girls and women from *the voice* of the media and our society. It's so powerful! "I WASN'T MADE TO FALL IN LINE"

  95. José Marquez

    José Marquez14 days ago

    Need more of xtiiina

  96. Hyuna Yong

    Hyuna Yong14 days ago


  97. Patterson Fields

    Patterson Fields14 days ago


  98. Cali Castillo

    Cali Castillo14 days ago

    I literally listened to it for a minute and criedd 😭😭 so strong feeling ❤

  99. RB Bisc

    RB Bisc14 days ago

    the male voice saying stick your ass is creepy

  100. Jordon Ritchie

    Jordon Ritchie14 days ago

    just what this generation needed

  101. Miranda L.

    Miranda L.15 days ago

    I wish I could sing so I could do a bomb ass cover of this. This song gives me chills

  102. beth greally

    beth greally15 days ago

    what a fucking tune

  103. Gavi&Roni vlogs

    Gavi&Roni vlogs15 days ago

    you both are amazing

  104. POP TEEN

    POP TEEN15 days ago

    Brasileirooos!!!! tradução completa aqui