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Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Lyric Video) ft. Demi Lovato


  1. Juliaa Malveira

    Juliaa Malveira4 hours ago


  2. Kayelynn Dorminy

    Kayelynn Dorminy13 hours ago

    The empowerment in this song. Yes. I love it

  3. Karen

    Karen17 hours ago


  4. Yi Fen Tan

    Yi Fen TanDay ago

    Me and my friend did a cover of this song and we would really appreciate if you’d give it a listen, give us some feedback. I hope we did this song justice, thank you 💕

  5. Bianca Menga

    Bianca MengaDay ago

    Desde la miniatuta parecía trigo😂

  6. Elion Lewin

    Elion Lewin2 days ago

    GIRL POWER !!!

  7. Iamnadine

    Iamnadine3 days ago

    After I hear Demis high note I felt like a Goddess just kissed my ears

  8. yyoveltube

    yyoveltube3 days ago

    Listening to this after learning Big Hit deliberately excludes and forbids female trainees.

  9. Ramiro González

    Ramiro González3 days ago

    Just wow... minute 2:57 - that moment, wow.

  10. Sophie 307

    Sophie 3076 days ago

    too much screaming.

  11. michFER rodelulu

    michFER rodelulu7 days ago

    con esta cancion las mujeres podemos ser historia imaginen EL DIA EN QUE LAS MUJERES SUPERARON A LOS HOMBRES DEFINITIVAMENTE sinembargo seria algo raro ahora nosotras trabajar y ellos maltrtarse cosinando y lavando seria genial no lo creen deberiamos hacerles ver todo sus herrores pero com si prefieren el orgullo a una vida


    CALI CALI8 days ago

    Damn this song is what got Demi in trouble with the illuminati so they took her out. 😠

  13. Selam Ablalar Abiler Msp

    Selam Ablalar Abiler Msp11 days ago

    türk yok mu?

  14. Melodee Ziki

    Melodee Ziki11 days ago

    This song speaks to me on such a deep and personal level....well done Christina and Demi

  15. yyoveltube

    yyoveltube11 days ago

    Idk why, but female empowerment songs can irritate me because they can be done the wrong way (I'm a girl). This is FIIIIRRRREEE

  16. Cesar Garcia

    Cesar Garcia11 days ago

    I think WE ALL have a right to speak our minds

  17. Ceso ffical

    Ceso ffical12 days ago

    Azerbaycandan olanlar var?? Lıke atın❤️

  18. Caitlyn Scott

    Caitlyn Scott12 days ago


  19. Brenna Nelson

    Brenna Nelson13 days ago

    Who else thinks thos should be in a musical?

  20. Faith !

    Faith !13 days ago

    Okay so this is probably my favorite song in the whole wide world

  21. Ava Armstrong

    Ava Armstrong13 days ago

    I wasn't made to fall in line

  22. Natalia Gill

    Natalia Gill14 days ago

    Best song ever congratulations Christina 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  23. Soledad Villagran

    Soledad Villagran15 days ago

    Eres la mejor, ai lo yu sou sou mash

  24. Vildan Orhan

    Vildan Orhan16 days ago


  25. der XL

    der XL17 days ago


  26. isabel caro

    isabel caro17 days ago

    This song help me moving forvard for the worse rupture of my life. Thank you chris xoxo1

  27. إيفا E.-

    إيفا E.-18 days ago

    for all the curious, Demi's Bb5 is at 2:57 :D

  28. Javier DC

    Javier DC18 days ago

    Fall in (Heroine) Line?

  29. femke 2

    femke 219 days ago

    hi everyone, I hope you want hate me for this little spam, but I recorded a cover of FALL IN LINE, and I'd be pleasured if you could check it out and tell me with you think about my work💟THANKS SO MUCH IF YOU WILL💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  30. maryam loaiza

    maryam loaiza19 days ago

    13 M !!¡¡ 😍

  31. hsg2012

    hsg201219 days ago

    Women, we are not oppressed, nor are we powerless. This song insinuates that we are. I like the song just cause it’s catchy and I love the melody, but I do not believe the message it’s portraying.

  32. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj2 hours ago

    hsg2012 I'm so sorry if someone else happened to have the same opinion as me. It's completely impossible someone could like it right?? I stand by everything I said and always will. you clearly arent going to change your opinion so let's leave it at that.

  33. hsg2012

    hsg201212 days ago

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj and I just said why women are raped more. More straight men in America. And, I’m just saying. How is it you have a like when your comment was up for less than a minute? ThreeTimes? You would do that take make it seem like you’re winning the argument.any logical person would grasp that....

  34. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj12 days ago

    hsg2012 why would I like my own comment?😂😂

  35. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj12 days ago

    hsg2012 I literally just said that men arent always safe too but women have it worse.

  36. hsg2012

    hsg201212 days ago

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj you don’t think men are raped or sexually molested? Given, there are probably more straight men in America, so the majority of rapes would be women. Still, the same things happen to men, and I have heard a story from someone (a man) who was touched by an older wealthy man who had connections in the opera world. Kind of got blackballed at that opera company because he turned him down. The same shit happens to men, but do you think a lot of men would openly talk about these things? It would make them feel emasculated and less than a man. Women aren’t just victims all the time, and that’s what you keep viewing us as. Victims. We are only a victim of our own minds. And yes, I am a woman. And, stop liking your own comment. I literally click on this thread and there’s a like. Ain’t no one liking your comment that fast unless it’s yourself...

  37. Teddy

    Teddy20 days ago

    Here after news?

  38. Mando N.

    Mando N.21 day ago


  39. SadKay

    SadKay21 day ago

    They play this song in my store all the time✅

  40. natalie christian

    natalie christian21 day ago

    “I’m gonna pay for this they’re gonna burn me at stake”

  41. Júlia Nuzzi

    Júlia Nuzzi22 days ago

    H I N O O O O O!

  42. Eduarda Motta

    Eduarda Motta22 days ago


  43. Priscilla Castaneda

    Priscilla Castaneda23 days ago

    Don't dig Demi at all. Christina should have sang this solo.

  44. Priscilla Castaneda

    Priscilla Castaneda20 days ago


  45. E. Ariel

    E. Ariel20 days ago

    Priscilla Castaneda i don't hear any problems with her voice (:

  46. Priscilla Castaneda

    Priscilla Castaneda20 days ago

    E. Ariel I'm saying Demi's voice sucks, they shouldn't of sang it together

  47. E. Ariel

    E. Ariel20 days ago

    Priscilla Castaneda wdym? Demi and Christina sang it together

  48. Dash120z

    Dash120z23 days ago

    This song deserves a Grammy.

  49. Zeta

    Zeta23 days ago

    Christina + Sia could be an hit, too.

  50. GrazsPlace

    GrazsPlace23 days ago

    I'm guessing this track is Christina's take on the #metoo movement???

  51. Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj

    Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj15 days ago

    Christina has been writing songs about female empowerment for years now. This isn't something new for her

  52. Dash120z

    Dash120z23 days ago

    It really fits the #MeToo movement however Xtina stated she wrote this song many years ago

  53. Moon Violet

    Moon Violet24 days ago

    Its sad how demi never able to sing hight notes live ..

  54. Dash120z

    Dash120z23 days ago

    Huh? Demi sings this perfectly live, the Bb5 note is no easy task but she's getting closer to hit it live

  55. Madhu Teunissen

    Madhu Teunissen24 days ago

    Damn this song gives me goosebumps

  56. Swag Neji

    Swag Neji24 days ago

    I love how a singer with such technique like demi and christina are still able to make it on top while we're in the middle of EDM era. Every track is like about rap and electronic music now. We still need some singer that can actually belt those high notes tho

  57. Richard Morales

    Richard Morales24 days ago

    I think it’s tool late to say this but I really love this song, it’s very empowering and it has a strong message for those beautiful woman out there, my name is Richard morales and pretty soon I’ll be performing this song “ fall in line” August 11th I’m super excited but nervous lol however I will be posting the video August 11th so the whole world can see it and of course Christina Aguilera and my idol Demi lovato, she’s such an inspiration for me, the way she talked about her personal struggles and that’s soemthing that I really admire as a person, so stay tuned because this is only the beginning of my journey. This is my Snapchat moral2019

  58. Fran Luna González

    Fran Luna González25 days ago

    I love u two so much 😭💗

  59. bed not bad

    bed not bad26 days ago


  60. Sal Becirovic

    Sal Becirovic26 days ago

    Yas gurlsss

  61. StrangerxMaze

    StrangerxMaze27 days ago

    Two Queens singing a badass song. I love MReporter

  62. Maruko Song

    Maruko Song28 days ago

    Song of empowerment :3 I fell in love with it the moment I heard of the lyrics. Women are still very helpless even though time has changed.

  63. Sfkkl Danoik

    Sfkkl Danoik29 days ago

    i love that song

  64. Island Ree

    Island Ree29 days ago

    This song means so much to me that I knew I had to do a cover of it. It's a song I wish I grew up listening to because it speaks volumes about being a girl/ woman/ lady in a male dominated world. It touches on false ideas about how girls are taught to think. It's never too late to change these ideas and empower girls. Empower women!! Such a powerful beautiful message. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY COVER, thank u loves!

  65. 7 Opinions

    7 OpinionsMonth ago

    First raindrop, I will continue

  66. 7 Opinions

    7 OpinionsMonth ago

    Burn at stake reminded me about Jeanne d’arc

  67. Mylena

    MylenaMonth ago

    td vez q eu escuto essa música eu me arrepio

  68. Andromeda of Spectrum

    Andromeda of SpectrumMonth ago

    Powerful voices + power song = Powerful art

  69. Celsi Brownie

    Celsi BrownieMonth ago


  70. Yesika Narvaez

    Yesika NarvaezMonth ago

    Future Queens HERE raise your hands up!!

  71. Camilando Por Aí

    Camilando Por AíMonth ago

    We are more than flash and bones

  72. Anpanman x.x.x

    Anpanman x.x.xMonth ago

    Sad that demi can't hit the note live but she can sing very well and she atleast tries to hit the note but anyway good song

  73. Dash120z

    Dash120z23 days ago

    The Bb5 note is no easy task however she's getting close to hit it

  74. Yuvashree s

    Yuvashree sMonth ago

    Well it's not just little girls, it's for all undergoing abuse, hardship. You got the right to speak your mind, you got the right to oppose 💪. It's your freedom 💪💪

  75. • erin •

    • erin •Month ago

    2:30 to the end 💚


    DOLLS RECORDSMonth ago

    On my channel there is a cover of this video in dolls version, go see it

  77. lkuukiks

    lkuukiksMonth ago


  78. christina Raphael

    christina RaphaelMonth ago

    Ik heet christina

  79. 12345

    12345Month ago


  80. kadir başaran

    kadir başaranMonth ago

    this song is killing me

  81. Константин Георгиев

    Константин ГеоргиевMonth ago

    So fucking powerful and touching

  82. Kitty’s Musicboxx

    Kitty’s MusicboxxMonth ago


  83. Malak Sheikh

    Malak SheikhMonth ago

    12M ❤️


    JAILED CATMonth ago

    And the subliminal message is: Yeah... Right... Shut your mouth Stick your ass out for me March... Who told you You're allowed to think.

  85. Riverdale Gurl

    Riverdale GurlMonth ago

    I now realize how important my virginity is and how we women should be independent it is true

  86. Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly SmithMonth ago please check out my cover of this song! :D

  87. Alinson Rivas Briceño

    Alinson Rivas BriceñoMonth ago


  88. Universo Flexible

    Universo FlexibleMonth ago

    This song should be used in the season finale of the handmaid's tale

  89. Mine Darıcı

    Mine DarıcıMonth ago

    Girl power 💖

  90. Desiree Richardson

    Desiree RichardsonMonth ago

    This should be Offred/June's from the handmaid tale's anthem. Be lit

  91. Karen Lone Elk

    Karen Lone ElkMonth ago


  92. Marion Williams

    Marion WilliamsMonth ago

    I don't think I've heard a song that's empowering to men and if I have then it was probably 'put to shame' or something by some women....

  93. Shirley Kawafuchi

    Shirley KawafuchiMonth ago



    GINGERGREEN 'Month ago

    Magnificent 😭😭😭

  95. kayleesumpterVEVO

    kayleesumpterVEVOMonth ago


  96. charliex8x

    charliex8xMonth ago

    I believe it can change!

  97. osɯᴉuǝp

    osɯᴉuǝpMonth ago

    Mariah Ariana next

  98. Arya Devi

    Arya DeviMonth ago

    2:58 im getting mj vibes #weird

  99. catalina lozano

    catalina lozanoMonth ago

    Amo sus voces no me canso de escuchar esta cancion😍🎶🎶

  100. Kiayra Scott

    Kiayra ScottMonth ago


  101. abigail sims

    abigail simsMonth ago

    Best duet in the history of music

  102. XxMyLameUserNamexX

    XxMyLameUserNamexXMonth ago


  103. Gody Gody

    Gody GodyMonth ago

    I really love Aguilera voice. Her best album is STRIPPED

  104. Wilma Torres

    Wilma TorresMonth ago

    My fav line: Show some skin, make him want you.👏🏻💕

  105. Musi MATTA

    Musi MATTAMonth ago


  106. Sunny Mallaya

    Sunny MallayaMonth ago

    Finally a song that teenager girls can learn something from besides celebrities love life

  107. Naomi Wilmshurst

    Naomi WilmshurstMonth ago New violin cover of fall in line! I put lots of effort into this so would love if you watched it

  108. Gabriel Gandini

    Gabriel GandiniMonth ago

    2:58 Demi's Bb5

  109. Julien Maillard

    Julien MaillardMonth ago

    such a strong voice, amazing as always Christina.

  110. Bence Harangi

    Bence HarangiMonth ago


  111. Angel Dana Umali

    Angel Dana UmaliMonth ago

    my ghaaaaad! love this songgggg!

  112. Jennifer Spears

    Jennifer SpearsMonth ago

    You rock Christina and Demi!!!🎉 The lyrics are SO empowering! Amazing song! WELL DONE!

  113. Emarie Perkinson

    Emarie PerkinsonMonth ago

    this is the content we signed up for