CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!


  1. Brie !

    Brie !2 hours ago

    I dont know what this is, but Im loving it.

  2. Fytz *

    Fytz *2 hours ago

    I could just hear shayne laughing in the backround

  3. Dimension Destroyer

    Dimension Destroyer5 hours ago

    the starlord has arrived!

  4. Andrew Bonafilia

    Andrew Bonafilia6 hours ago

    Dont even know who she is but Im really happy for her

  5. Olivia Cole

    Olivia Cole6 hours ago

    love this for Courtney, I'm jealous

  6. Rose Rain

    Rose Rain7 hours ago

    Omg Chris Pratt!!

  7. Random Ambipom

    Random Ambipom9 hours ago

    I MUST KNOW WHAT SONG PLayed during the slow damxe!! Anyone D:

  8. TheCrow Scavenger

    TheCrow Scavenger10 hours ago

    Looked like Chris was going to cringe

  9. L.Ash. RbunnyWolf

    L.Ash. RbunnyWolf13 hours ago



    KEEGAN CURRYPOWERS14 hours ago

    Shane's laugh in the backround

  11. Abigail Martin

    Abigail Martin14 hours ago

    This is how I would be except I would pass out after the dance

  12. burdened with glorious purpose

    burdened with glorious purpose15 hours ago

    I love smosh so much it is the best show and I really want the other guy to come back

  13. Mikey_Suze Four

    Mikey_Suze Four14 hours ago

    Anthony NEEDS to swallow his pride (or Ian does) and get him back here! We're @burdened with glorious purpose.

  14. Matt Lewis

    Matt Lewis15 hours ago

    1:29-1:32 NSFW lmao

  15. A random YouTube channel Loll

    A random YouTube channel Loll19 hours ago

    When the tweet said: could someone write a fanfiction where starlord and I get super spicy and groot watches it made me cringe so hard I think I broke some of my teeth 😂 poor Courtney

  16. fredbear adventures the coolest

    fredbear adventures the coolest19 hours ago

    Not inspired by gaurdians of the galaxy?

  17. Hades

    Hades22 hours ago

    I like how i can here shayne laugh in the bg.

  18. Patient Ache

    Patient Ache23 hours ago

    Why didn't they have james gunn instead of Chris Pratt?

  19. BlondeThr4iam

    BlondeThr4iamDay ago

    That was absolutely sweet!

  20. jahrta

    jahrtaDay ago

    They need to play this with James gunn

  21. Duxx

    DuxxDay ago

    Better get james gunn on next!

  22. Shift

    ShiftDay ago

    OMG Macklemore and Courtney has the same birthdate

  23. Silver Other

    Silver OtherDay ago

    Idk.. Chris seems wanted that dance with Ian..



    I love the passengers

  25. Al Spider-Man Horford

    Al Spider-Man HorfordDay ago

    This is so awkward

  26. JTD472

    JTD472Day ago

    Boyyyyy the editing is tough but shes funny. Glad I finally clicked on this garbage!!!

  27. A Fangirl

    A FangirlDay ago


  28. Teeso Lane

    Teeso LaneDay ago

    Can i met chris Pratt

  29. anoja31

    anoja31Day ago

    *Lmaoo this was everything!*

  30. Kaylee & Marissa

    Kaylee & MarissaDay ago

    Aww she was so happy

  31. Kian Mcritchie

    Kian McritchieDay ago

    At 9:31 who else only heard Shane laugh in the background

  32. Bryan Bokser

    Bryan BokserDay ago

    Courtney's a cutie!

  33. Abigail Martin

    Abigail MartinDay ago

    She’ll never be happier!

  34. James Tsindos

    James TsindosDay ago

    at 6:59 Chris checked up on Courtney and checked if she was alright. such a sweetheart!!!

  35. gamingboy1590

    gamingboy1590Day ago


  36. Maso Oma

    Maso OmaDay ago

    courtney is so me when she sees chris 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

  37. Rya N

    Rya NDay ago

    This was really funny

  38. Chris Katsigiannis

    Chris Katsigiannis2 days ago


  39. Tae Tarik

    Tae Tarik2 days ago

    9:33 is that shane?? AHAHAH what a laugh that stood out so much xD

  40. allan das

    allan das2 days ago

    WHERE IS GAMORA! ( I know this is Jurassic world promo but u know......)

  41. Amelia Cairnes

    Amelia Cairnes2 days ago

    Tell chris that I love his show I all ready got the new show jurssic world fallend kingdom

  42. Amelia Cairnes

    Amelia Cairnes2 days ago


  43. jinki jin

    jinki jin2 days ago

    Can i....have an Ian please??

  44. jinki jin

    jinki jin2 days ago

    This video wasn't long enough, I could have watched 30 more minutes of it lmao

  45. jinki jin

    jinki jin2 days ago

    I honestly feel like Chris was just as uncomfortable with this embarrassment, but they're all getting through it together 😂

  46. Lia 666

    Lia 6662 days ago

    The jealous look Courtney got when Chris said "good job Olivia" was pricless

  47. Yuiop Yams

    Yuiop Yams2 days ago

    My felt jacket caught on fire I don't have a felt jacket

  48. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin2 days ago

    Who ever watches smosh get a life

  49. Justin Casar

    Justin Casar2 days ago

    This is the kinda show u gotta watch high to get real enjoyment out of it.

  50. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth2 days ago

    Some times when I’m sad I watch this video and cry bc I will never hug chris pratt

  51. DrGN Fade

    DrGN Fade2 days ago

    Is Chris married ?

  52. o my gawd its a 13 year old

    o my gawd its a 13 year old2 days ago

    Why does he look so much like the guy who played starlord?

  53. Tobin Carlino

    Tobin Carlino2 days ago

    If you listen during the baby pocket round, you can clearly hear Shane laughing loudest in the background

  54. Bryan P

    Bryan P2 days ago

    This keeps popping up in my feed and it's one of my favorite

  55. xbox4430

    xbox44302 days ago

    9:35 You could hear Shanyne Laugh

  56. Highao

    Highao2 days ago

    2:48 Are you ready? Nope.

  57. Highao

    Highao2 days ago

    2:08 Yaaahhhh

  58. Superorion 42909

    Superorion 429092 days ago

    Ian : match that caption I did it with my Instagramers so we will be using Courtney’s Courtney : craaaaaaaaaaap!!!!!!!

  59. Iwo Ropa

    Iwo Ropa2 days ago

    My friends facebook account is named Peter Quill

  60. RORAMVS3

    RORAMVS33 days ago

    people feeling sorry for Chris Pratt? Damn you guys are all brainwashed plebs? It was all fun.

  61. Isaac Perry

    Isaac Perry3 days ago

    Cris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Screamo Nemo

    Screamo Nemo3 days ago


  63. TT_Pigeonforge

    TT_Pigeonforge3 days ago

    *Courtney.exe has stopped working*

  64. MerptasticYO

    MerptasticYO3 days ago

    Chris Pratt, or crisp rat? You can never unhear it

  65. Toh Xian Zong

    Toh Xian Zong3 days ago

    Chris is so friendly

  66. Quinn Lim

    Quinn Lim3 days ago

    Man, that was such a funny, yet nice video! I'm sure it was a little uncomfortable for all of the people involved, and I gotta hand it to Chris for taking the time to do that. I love seeing MReporter videos where a movie star or famous celebrity takes the time to hang out, or do something with a MReporterr. It's super cool. And super nice.

  67. mrmcfarty 1

    mrmcfarty 13 days ago

    I love this video by far

  68. Evan And Pax

    Evan And Pax3 days ago

    That doesn’t sound like Chris Pratt Or Andy Dwyer

  69. itz leahs Galaxy

    itz leahs Galaxy3 days ago

    NANI?!?! CHRIS PRATT!?!?!?

  70. Golden Carrot

    Golden Carrot3 days ago

    bro Chris was so uncomfortable

  71. Golden Carrot

    Golden Carrot3 days ago

    my favorite thing about this is Shane’s laughter

  72. Ada Melby

    Ada Melby3 days ago

    I think chris started to like courtney, becouse og the way he acted when they were slowdancing.😊😌

  73. Jasmine loves why don't we

    Jasmine loves why don't we3 days ago

    Why is shayne's laughter all I hear in the background 😂😂😂😂

  74. Wistom Lin

    Wistom Lin3 days ago

    9:37 shayne laughing so hard you can hear him

  75. Amarjeet Kaur

    Amarjeet Kaur3 days ago

    The funny part is that someone actually made that fan fiction And yes i googled that shit

  76. GLynn Quint

    GLynn Quint3 days ago

    14:44 That look on courtney`s face is the same look I get when I meet my tinder dates

  77. LiveLoveLearnGirl

    LiveLoveLearnGirl3 days ago

    I’m just cringing so bad at myself because I keep imaging this happening to myself but with Tom Holland 😂

  78. Kelsey Vanvalkenburg

    Kelsey Vanvalkenburg3 days ago

    I could hear all the other smosh characters laughing in the backround

  79. Dark Warrior44

    Dark Warrior443 days ago

    Lol d urgent

  80. Cleve Green

    Cleve Green3 days ago

    I miss Anthony

  81. Emma's Rose Bush

    Emma's Rose Bush3 days ago


  82. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey4 days ago

    I actually didn't know Ian's name until he said it in the beginning of this video lol

  83. Faith Teets

    Faith Teets4 days ago


  84. Phoebe Axford

    Phoebe Axford4 days ago

    I think Courtney and Chris go together

  85. TheatreGamer

    TheatreGamer4 days ago


  86. gypsey danger8

    gypsey danger84 days ago

    Just listen to Shayne in the background


    NATHAN ANDTHE BRO'S4 days ago

    can you make more

  88. Batman Khan

    Batman Khan4 days ago


  89. Philip Cariño

    Philip Cariño4 days ago

    Olivia is so hot

  90. The Fallen Angels

    The Fallen Angels4 days ago

    This is so cute!

  91. Geyb Pelias

    Geyb Pelias4 days ago

    I’m a manly man but Olivia is just so fuckinlucky to hug CP

  92. Sofia Cohn

    Sofia Cohn4 days ago

    Courtney's face is the face of pure joy (and pure fear)


    NADIA HIDALGO4 days ago

    Courtney was so embarrassed

  94. skull moon

    skull moon4 days ago


  95. Harvath W

    Harvath W4 days ago

    Make a video a 1009000000097667***6 +9+536&&54&$456=

  96. Thea Sundqvist Ahlqvist

    Thea Sundqvist Ahlqvist4 days ago

    You can like hear Shane's laugh in the background all the time

  97. JOKEY

    JOKEY4 days ago

    I came here for the Pratt

  98. Pauline Fletcher

    Pauline Fletcher4 days ago

    I took like 12 pictures of Them cute!!!

  99. Evelin Baquedano

    Evelin Baquedano4 days ago

    😭eramejor en español

  100. Josh Shields

    Josh Shields4 days ago

    I loved every time she said an uncomfortable "I'm sorry".

  101. campbellenious korsakoff

    campbellenious korsakoff5 days ago

    My god such fake acting in an attempt to be funny...the realest person there is the professional actor Chris Pratt