CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!


  1. Terry Johnson

    Terry Johnson25 minutes ago

    this made me cringe so hard

  2. Summoner Royale

    Summoner RoyaleHour ago

    oh baby.

  3. Terry Johnson

    Terry JohnsonHour ago

    chris looked so uncomfortable

  4. Edge Lord

    Edge Lord2 hours ago

    When is Anthony coming on the show?

  5. kv_ninja 2718

    kv_ninja 27184 hours ago

    I had this feeling inside of me that blocked me from drinking my coke. Idk what it was, probably cringe

  6. John Rosekrans

    John Rosekrans5 hours ago


  7. Cady Bowen

    Cady Bowen5 hours ago

    I wouldnt pout about dancing with Chris Pratt id bg soooo happy

  8. Đức cfm

    Đức cfm6 hours ago

    Tom holland plz Or tobey maguire (if you can even find him)

  9. Info Account

    Info Account8 hours ago

    U can hear Shane in the back laughing

  10. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe11 hours ago


  11. Infire Gamer VS Galaxy Gamer

    Infire Gamer VS Galaxy Gamer11 hours ago

    Just watching Courtney trying not to fall apart is soo sad because if that were me I would be screaming out OH MY GOD ITS CHRIS PRATT OH MY GOD IM GONNA DIE. Yeah uhhhh

  12. That random GAMER

    That random GAMER14 hours ago

    It’s you posted Chris Pratt! Clap clap your a stalker and you know that! Clap clap what the hell is wrong with you!? But you posted Chris Pratt!

  13. Your Average Otaku

    Your Average Otaku14 hours ago

    Chris looks so confused half the time

  14. Your Average Otaku

    Your Average Otaku14 hours ago

    Chris has good memory damn... instantly remembered

  15. Andres Clavel

    Andres Clavel16 hours ago

    I can only hear Shayne laughing in the back 🤣

  16. Regoil GD

    Regoil GD17 hours ago

    If I had to e0be gay with anyone, it would be chris Pratt

  17. Rylee Mckenna

    Rylee Mckenna18 hours ago

    This whole episode was just about embarrassing Courtney

  18. Anis Djoulah

    Anis Djoulah18 hours ago


  19. William Xu

    William XuDay ago

    Anthony should be a mystery guest lmao

  20. Fake Misery

    Fake MiseryDay ago

    I would have shat my pants

  21. Gamekiller Productions

    Gamekiller ProductionsDay ago

    Kudos on scarface quote tweet

  22. Scqrs

    ScqrsDay ago

    slowly laughs to death on my sofa just realised... this was uploaded on my mum's birthday, then the movie is released on my birthday...

  23. Slimeations and Art

    Slimeations and ArtDay ago

    I ship It

  24. Harmony 320

    Harmony 320Day ago

    Can anyone else hear Shayne in the audience his laugh is so distinct

  25. Lol Je

    Lol JeDay ago

    I honestly wish i was courtney

  26. Lol Je

    Lol JeDay ago

    Shanes laugh xD

  27. Markimoofan123

    Markimoofan123Day ago

    is it possible to have Jacksepticeye on the show as he is in LA for 2 months??? pretty please

  28. Pro Gamer3604890

    Pro Gamer3604890Day ago

    I love how you can here Shane in the backrond

  29. Angad Bhatia

    Angad BhatiaDay ago

    This is the first smosh video I've seen since the second food battle video. Things have really changed a lot

  30. Pro Gamer3604890

    Pro Gamer3604890Day ago

    Poor county

  31. quacksonholls

    quacksonhollsDay ago

    court close to sobbing at the end uwu


    GAME ATTACKDay ago




    If only Matt pat was in this one....what a shame.

  34. Peridot TheClod

    Peridot TheClodDay ago

    If I meet Chris Pratt I would Go Fangirl All the way

  35. Ziyab Usman

    Ziyab UsmanDay ago

    ooh that was embarrassing to watch

  36. Doki-Doki Pixie

    Doki-Doki PixieDay ago

    _This lowkey reminds me of Miraculous lmao (don't judge me) Courtney is like Marinette (all awkward) and Chris Pratt is Adrien just going with it_ 😂😂

  37. Kattish

    KattishDay ago

    i’m cringing at olivia’s weird ass comments and tweets while CHRIS PRATT is there

  38. Cecelia Norman

    Cecelia NormanDay ago

    Hearing Shane just laugh in the background gives me life 🤣

  39. Талантбек Мырзатов

    Талантбек МырзатовDay ago

    Return Antoni Padilla

  40. Талантбек Мырзатов

    Талантбек МырзатовDay ago

    Antoni padilla return

  41. Amandah Owen

    Amandah OwenDay ago

    pratt..yeas hott..I won't see u again till r Reynolds..byeeee

  42. Gaming Zombie 152

    Gaming Zombie 152Day ago

    Oh Dang they got andy dwyer from the office?!?!?!

  43. TaxemicWeevil 54

    TaxemicWeevil 542 days ago

    Please do Thomas sanders

  44. Jaanus Kuppel

    Jaanus Kuppel2 days ago

    I literally cannot handle the cringe

  45. Jaanus Kuppel

    Jaanus Kuppel2 days ago

    NAH 2:04 was way too much for me I dont know if I can keep watching

  46. FabledPhil

    FabledPhil2 days ago

    I almost died of a cringe overlaod when courtney saw chris pratt for the first time

  47. Cat

    Cat2 days ago

    So all I need to do to meet Brendon Urie is become a youtuber and then tweet about him 24/7 :)

  48. RoMaRo

    RoMaRo2 days ago

    they didn't even seem to have any fun because of the fact that such a big celebrity was on the show. Honestly, it's way better if people like youtubers and instagramers are on the show

  49. Harley Parsons

    Harley Parsons2 days ago

    If this were me I would also be like I'm blacking out so much and I would also be very embarrassed 😳

  50. Егор Цыба

    Егор Цыба2 days ago

    11:41 Anthony again (at center)

  51. Егор Цыба

    Егор Цыба2 days ago

    9:35 Anthony Padilla fall, when laugh

  52. Егор Цыба

    Егор Цыба2 days ago

    I remember, when Anthony rule this show. And Ian was poster. Now Ryan Todd is ruler...

  53. Descendable

    Descendable2 days ago


  54. Yassin Ahmed

    Yassin Ahmed2 days ago

    Courtney was freaking out

  55. TheWolfrider

    TheWolfrider2 days ago

    i saw that hair flip chris

  56. Alex Vasquez

    Alex Vasquez2 days ago

    So good laughed pretty hard and cried

  57. Victoria Harper

    Victoria Harper2 days ago

    U just hear Shayne in the background

  58. The Raptor

    The Raptor2 days ago

    Honestly wish we got to see the slow dance with Chris and Ian as well😂

  59. ggol meep

    ggol meep2 days ago

    This is hilarious

  60. Quark Screw

    Quark Screw2 days ago

    This is hard to watch

  61. got any grapes

    got any grapes2 days ago

    I feel so bad for Courtney

  62. The Wacky Woodchuck

    The Wacky Woodchuck2 days ago

    I got second hand embarrassment watching this

  63. Keira Johnson

    Keira Johnson2 days ago

    i. call. shipp!!!!!!!!!!!💙💘💕💗💞❤️💝💘💝💙💝💗💞💝💕💝😓

  64. Ninja StrongHeart

    Ninja StrongHeart2 days ago

    I stopped watching Smosh but this was funny. I feel so bad for Courtney being picked on for her major crush on Chris. Ianh is such a troll

  65. Kallypaso

    Kallypaso3 days ago

    Omg if I was next to my hero I think I would actually kill Ian xP

  66. Kallypaso

    Kallypaso3 days ago

    This is the best omg lol

  67. Guðrún Árnadóttir

    Guðrún Árnadóttir3 days ago

    7:21 courtney is probably wishing the water was tequila

  68. Jillian Gambardella

    Jillian Gambardella3 days ago

    I would be shitting myself

  69. Andrianna SparkyWolf

    Andrianna SparkyWolf3 days ago

    I would probably have passed out 😂😂😂 I’m so proud of Courtney for NOT passing out 😂😂😂

  70. Rose

    Rose3 days ago

    Y'all need to have the Grumps on man

  71. DJPoPo116 / DJCool116

    DJPoPo116 / DJCool1163 days ago


  72. jung shook

    jung shook3 days ago

    They went full at Courtney LMAOOOOO and exposed/playfully embarrassed her LMAO.

  73. Malgosia Wardak

    Malgosia Wardak3 days ago

    I love Shane's laugh in the background after Courtney's second " is it funny?"

  74. Matthew Newmark

    Matthew Newmark3 days ago

    I think Shane looks like a knock off Chris Pratt

  75. TheOfficialEagerTube

    TheOfficialEagerTube3 days ago

    9:33 you can hear Shayne laughing really hard

  76. kagewar

    kagewar3 days ago

    This was amazing, literally smiling the whole time! My cheeks hurt a little.

  77. s_picy

    s_picy3 days ago

    I love that you can hear Shayne going fucking nUtS In the audience the entire time

  78. sand is weird

    sand is weird3 days ago

    If I were Courtney I’d say FUUUCK YOU

  79. y o u r m u m

    y o u r m u m3 days ago

    Have dan and phil on next time pleaseee 🤔😂

  80. Giggles 110622

    Giggles 1106223 days ago

    I’m literally crying rn😭Courtney is sooo lucky!!!!!!

  81. YouCube26 The OK Cuber

    YouCube26 The OK Cuber3 days ago

    s h i p i t !

  82. Margot Henson

    Margot Henson3 days ago


  83. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider3 days ago

    I bet Anthony is jealous he don’t get to meet Chris Pratt

  84. Beatrice G.C.

    Beatrice G.C.3 days ago


  85. Becca L

    Becca L3 days ago

    I could hear shanye laughing 😂

  86. Trevor Brennan

    Trevor Brennan3 days ago

    Courtney was as sweaty as a 12 year old playing fortnite

  87. KiD_ _Hon

    KiD_ _Hon3 days ago

    courtney looks so high

  88. Vannie

    Vannie3 days ago

    I love this omg xD I laughed way too much!

  89. Prabhleen Bhatti

    Prabhleen Bhatti4 days ago

    awww that was too cute I'm trying :D

  90. Angelgamer YT

    Angelgamer YT4 days ago

    And groot watches LOL LOL

  91. Favremysabre Fan

    Favremysabre Fan4 days ago

    That was a shame I wanted the host to be criss Pratt so Kriss Pratt could dance with him

  92. Retard Jesus

    Retard Jesus4 days ago

    They would be perfect for the media

  93. Larry The Dinosaur

    Larry The Dinosaur4 days ago

    Were fine! *Ar u sur about that?*

  94. Kafeterian

    Kafeterian4 days ago

    Courtney is my spirit animal

  95. Kafeterian

    Kafeterian4 days ago

    Fucking loved it hahaha

  96. Alfredo De Pablo

    Alfredo De Pablo4 days ago

    Chris Pratt has now gained so much of my respect

  97. H2 Kewl Solo

    H2 Kewl Solo4 days ago

    Hey. Get Daithi De Nogla on here

  98. Andy Abrego-ramos

    Andy Abrego-ramos4 days ago

    Cris Pratt is a good actor but star lord made everyone die by hitting thanos in the face in avengers infinitey war

  99. Andy Abrego-ramos

    Andy Abrego-ramos4 days ago

    I feel like this is stage.

  100. Jon Josef Raymund Reyes

    Jon Josef Raymund Reyes4 days ago

    I love how you reacted all throughout. Cant stop smiling. Good job holding it all together..hahaha..