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  1. MzT Hunt

    MzT HuntHour ago

    This looks so fake I love their original I will not watch this if it do come out I'm about to watch the first original season right now

  2. Joe caponi

    Joe caponi3 hours ago

    Wow I'll give the pilot a watch when it airs.. from the trailers it very much seems like it's already going to be a joke.. they waited way to long to release a spin-off with the kids.. My honest opinion they shouldn't be calling it charmed cause it's not authentic to the original besides using the house.. the book of shadows isn't even correct. They should have went off the ending of the original along with using as much of the original cast as possible..True charmed fans won't be to thrilled...

  3. Erlisch

    Erlisch9 hours ago

    yeah....I dunno....maybe? But probably not...

  4. Virginia Hall

    Virginia Hall10 hours ago

    Why not Charmed the Next Generation? It should be the kids of the original charmed ones. It could still have the same target audience as this ill-conceived show, but would fit into the lore so much better.

  5. Gay Spinny Hug

    Gay Spinny Hug10 hours ago

    I do not approve I love the original actresses and story better but since I love charmed no matter what I'll watch it anyway edit: no no can't do it I won't watch it the more we get into it the worse it gets. you could've atleast made a next generation story line, like their grandchildren having an adventure

  6. Radio jeje

    Radio jeje23 hours ago

    I don't like the actress at all the old ones were much better

  7. Peps Haven

    Peps HavenDay ago

    This is just appalling. They not only go with cheap effects and tacky acting but HAVE to throw in the 'Token Black Female" to appease every African American in the country. Can they do nothing ORIGINAL anymore?

  8. Samuel Worku

    Samuel WorkuDay ago

    i love the part when she just knocks on the door and say am ur sister😂😂😂 Classic

  9. Jonathan Louis

    Jonathan LouisDay ago

    6000 signatures, sign the petition… #stopcharmedreboot #charmedreboot #charmed #charmed20 #charmedcw

  10. PrinceChris93

    PrinceChris93Day ago

    Nope don't make a reboot without the original cast I'd rather watch the old one with piper phoebe and prue

  11. josephmcollins54

    josephmcollins54Day ago

    At 3:02, what is the name of the song they're playing?

  12. Marcella LoOp

    Marcella LoOpDay ago

    This is trash. You've stripped it of everything good. I feel bad for the new cast. They set them up for failure. This is not Charmed, will never be Charmed.. Charmed is Piper, Phoebe & Paige! (RIP Prue) #fail

  13. BoxxyFan

    BoxxyFanDay ago

    Geez, at least get some attractive actors to play the Charmed sisters?

  14. Sal Fishman

    Sal FishmanDay ago

    "Let the object of objection become but a dream, as I cause the seen to be unseen"

  15. LeonArt

    LeonArtDay ago

    Why couldn't they make the show a little bit darker? Would be more impressive than this. This just looks like a cliche supernatural teen drama.

  16. limonenlight

    limonenlightDay ago

    They are not The Charmed Ones and they never will be!!!

  17. tara moline

    tara molineDay ago


  18. Nanu Buria

    Nanu BuriaDay ago

    This is Bullshit, Bad acting, Poorly written script, Plus this is the worst trailer and a poor attempt/imitation if the charmed of old

  19. Yasmean Iqbal

    Yasmean Iqbal2 days ago

    Guyz plz dont post hate comments.. let it be.. let go the new charmed on air.. we want to see this reboot.. hit like if you agree

  20. SimGuy

    SimGuy2 days ago

    Absolutely amazing! I love the diversity with the women of color, the representation of the LGBT community, and the fact that it's the same but a bit different. We all love the old charmed and will forever cherish it and this reboot isn't a replacement or a continuation, its a whole new story that follows the same grounds and laws but with its own twist starting from the beginning. It's like how there's millions of versions of Snow White and Cinderella, they're are not all the same and they don't continue from one another but they all follow the same story just with the writers own twist, and that's how I'm taking this reboot and at least giving them a chance. It's sad how the original sisters are taking it but hey I mean there was a huge uproar when Prue died and was replaced by Paige, however the show still lasted 4 whole seasons when Shannon Doherty left and gave us a satisfying ending, sometimes change can be good!

  21. Kaysie Steele

    Kaysie Steele2 days ago

    I would like to see it with the original cast but if the cast didnt want to do ot tpu could have done it with pipers children and maybe the original cast could make some appearance

  22. alberta monroe

    alberta monroe2 days ago

    I'm willing to give it a try. But please don't have the women wearing such low cut blouses/dresses like the first Charmed sisters were too often wearing. Thank you kindly, in advance. :)

  23. Emily Ashley

    Emily Ashley2 days ago

    No one wanted this. We wanted a next generation.

  24. Heidi Andersen

    Heidi Andersen2 days ago

    Leo was, well Discrete... HEYO LETS TIE 'EM UP AND TELL THEM ABOUT THEIR DESTINY. Really wish they would've called it something else. no way in *ladeela* this could even compare to the old one.

  25. Lenice Schultz

    Lenice Schultz2 days ago

    why is it that every show on tv today, has to have someone play the part of being gay, transgender or cross racial, what is wrong with a single parents or traditonal family values? I guess its all about being political today not about people just sitting down and enjoying a show. Not sure if i will watch it as i am a fan of the original series, if your gonna do a reboot how about doing the next generation or maybe have the show related to the original series such as their cousins?

  26. Dimo Lovatiee

    Dimo Lovatiee3 days ago

    This won’t last a second season 😩😩😩

  27. Dro !

    Dro !3 days ago

    One season and that's it. Sorry but this is pretty bad

  28. Clair Gibson

    Clair Gibson3 days ago

    Wtf is this?!? Doesn’t hold a candle to the original!

  29. Angelique Canty

    Angelique Canty3 days ago

    What should of happen is focus on Wyatt and Chris and the others on their path of becoming the powerful witches not a reboot that going to fail not making to the final dumb.

  30. Rowen Starchild

    Rowen Starchild3 days ago

    LMAO, look at all those down votes ! CW, you f..ked up, how dare you try to shove this crap down our throats and call it Charmed. They don't even have P names for f..sakes. Boycott this garbage,cheap looking low budget knock off Charmed !

  31. Athanasios Tsotoulidis

    Athanasios Tsotoulidis3 days ago

    I am a huge fan of the old series, still watching it non stop. However I am very happy to see my favorite series reborn. I agree, Charmed won't be the same without the same perfect cast, but I am willing to suppose that this Charmed cast will be in a parallel universe of some sort, embrace and love it as such. That' s amazing. We get to live Charmed all over, specifically me, as an adult, since I lived the original series only to its final seasons as a child. It will be an interesting experience, which will have resemblances, yet will be so new and fresh, and why not even expand the lore of the old one? Good luck!

  32. Life As We Know It

    Life As We Know It3 days ago

    HELLO! what about showing the future of charmed and where the kids are now. I thought the idea was to revive the original storyline by continuing it. LAMMEEEEE!! No one want's to re-watch the same story

  33. Vasiola Kolldani

    Vasiola Kolldani3 days ago

    Nooooo ! Just no!!! Dont ruin one of my favourite series ..

  34. Neil S

    Neil S4 days ago


  35. briaroja

    briaroja4 days ago

    The like : dislike ratio says it all lmao

  36. Sian P

    Sian P4 days ago

    Why ruin a completely amazing show to ..... this.......

  37. Dijana Zaric

    Dijana Zaric4 days ago

    Why you want to revive something based on the old fame, in this way? Sorry for the production, sorry girls, but there are, and it'll always be only ones (Piper, Prue, Phoebe - the Charmed ones!! Sorry, but NO

  38. NGiustizia

    NGiustizia4 days ago

    "We're gonna nurture it so hard" "...not even slutty ones" Is this your idea of comic relief? Why does it have to be a reboot? Why not a new tv show about witches? It's obvious that it's just all about $$$. Sad and unoriginal.

  39. NGiustizia

    NGiustizia4 days ago

    I wish Piper would blow up this joke of a reboot. Shame on you CBS & TheCW. #OriginalCast ❤

  40. Uchiha Hendrix

    Uchiha Hendrix4 days ago

    The CW has Completely disrespected charmed

  41. Mary Walker

    Mary Walker4 days ago


  42. Alex

    Alex5 days ago

    This show isnt for the old fans. Its to bring in new fans. To bring the essence of charmed to the youth of today. Even if the it was a revival the naysayers would just be complaing about it not being EXACTLY what you wanted. Be open to new ideas and new experiences. This a new show that you can either enjoy or not bit to discount it before even watching is petty and closed-minded. Also, remember when youre wishing for this show to be cancelled after one season or even episode, you're wishing for hundreds of people to lose their jobs. Share compassion and embrace new exeriences instead of spreading negativity and hate.

  43. Andrew Casarez

    Andrew Casarez6 days ago

    I like how everybody wants the old characters, but everyone has to understand that there already old.

  44. NGiustizia

    NGiustizia4 days ago

    Andrew Morgan Ageist much?!

  45. Andrew Casarez

    Andrew Casarez6 days ago

    Cant wait

  46. Raquel Anderton

    Raquel Anderton6 days ago

    id prefer the wayward sisters tbh. as much as I loved charmed growing up im not down for something that has nothing to do with the original series. sorry its a flop for me personaly.

  47. Ged Camilleri

    Ged Camilleri6 days ago

    If I were @TheCW I would have handled the #CharmedReboot much differently. Here's what I think they *should* have done to both honor the original series & introduce it to a new generation of viewers: I would have made it a "next generation" style, and I would have called it something like "Forever Charmed" or "Charmed Again" or "Haunted Halliwell" idk but something along those lines. #Charmed #CharmedReboot I would have asked #DrewFuller and @wesramsey to return as Wyatt and Chris & would have asked @marisolnichols to return as Bianca. The actresses cast in the #CharmedReboot could have 100% played Chris & Bianca's daughters so it wouldn't even have been a hard task & I like the idea of Chris & Bianca being "meant to be" regardless of whether Wyatt was evil or not, PLUS Marisol is already on #Riverdale so it wouldn't be difficult to schedule her shooting schedule seeing as how it's all in the family so to speak. idea of Chris & Bianca being "meant to be" regardless of whether Wyatt was evil or not, PLUS Marisol is already on #Riverdale so it wouldn't be difficult to schedule her shooting schedule seeing as how it's all in the family so to speak I would focus my hypothetical #Charmed next generation series on Piper's granddaughters from Chris...why? Well (1) b/c I liked Chris better , but also b/c I always felt like he was the under appreciated brother until everything went to hell in a hand basket & he showed his true strength...kinda like Piper! Piper wasn't really noticed at 1st & didn't realize her true strength & power until Prue died. I feel like the same was true for Wyatt. He didn't find his true strength until Wyatt went really off the rails & he needed to save the future. #Charmed I would have worked something out, some time warp thing like in 8x22 where we could have appearances from @finolahughes @H_Combs @Alyssa_Milano & @rosemcgowan, but the focus would be on the next generation w/ all due honor & deference to the original cast. I would write stories about familial relationships (like the original), and the bonds between sisters, and mothers, and grandmothers. I would write stories about men who were raised by strong women (Chris & Wyatt) & who were raising strong women. #Charmed is about family. The #CharmedReboot *could* have been amazing, but looking at the trailer, I just don't see that happening. It feels childish and cheap and it doesn't honor the original series or the original cast. We all deserved better, and I'm sad that we're not getting it. What about naming it "1329 Prescott Street!?" Or The Nexus. I think that would have been good. #Charmed

  48. ad11

    ad116 days ago

    Woah the amount of hate is unbelievable... I loved Charmed, and this pilot was not that bad... Geez, people, chill

  49. Le triangle

    Le triangle6 days ago

    Alyssa, i miss you :'(

  50. James Kearney

    James Kearney7 days ago

    Wow... This is such awful! I just don't understand what is going on. The first time I thought this original would has to be generation after season 8. It is supposed to make season 9 for new generation. Although this one has rebooted. Seriously?! What happened?! What is wrong with CW!?

  51. Anita Posa

    Anita Posa7 days ago

    After this cruel memory is seen and said,erase these thoughts from my heart and my head.

  52. Stacey Kessack

    Stacey Kessack7 days ago

    So wanted the original cast, as a huge fan of the original show i fell ript off and have no interest in this reboot

  53. Bianca Palacios

    Bianca Palacios7 days ago

    They should have made the bases off of the kids of the charmed ones like pipers kids or something like that and the person that’s supposed to be phoebe has a different power which doesn’t make sense. Also I don’t like that the straight up told them that they are the charmed ones. They should have a least found out on their own. Idk but I just don’t like this version it really sucks

  54. Liyah Covington

    Liyah Covington7 days ago

    Charmed was better with the original actors at least make one of them the mother of the three girls!

  55. Isshak Goodman

    Isshak Goodman7 days ago

    Julie plec should hv written this show

  56. TJ Harris

    TJ Harris7 days ago

    yeeeaah this wont last long if it makes it pass the pilot i'll be shocked

  57. AlexColladoMusic

    AlexColladoMusic7 days ago

    It's PERFECT!!!!!!! Stop saying is bad just because you compare with the original. This is not a copy it is a new version, a continuation of the Charmed Universe and maybe some characters can appear on this show. Give it a chance and let magic continue! If you see this way you will enjoy and you will let others fans or new generations to enjoy it and love the Charmed Universe. Once it is done, just support it if you are REAL Charmed fans as the cast now has done! Let the magic continue :)

  58. David the viking

    David the viking8 days ago


  59. Kimberley Wellock

    Kimberley Wellock8 days ago

    No. no. No. nope. NO! I grew up with charmed and THIS is the reboot it's getting? This is ridiculous! Completely taking away many points that made it as awesome as it was. 💩 this is so disrespectful against the original.

  60. Cornelia Haugabook

    Cornelia Haugabook8 days ago

    What is this, this is nothing like the original charmed. So much excitement for nothing.😔

  61. Jamesonite

    Jamesonite8 days ago

    why them??? is there no other actresses out there...just like the magic circle?

  62. Mike Nava

    Mike Nava8 days ago

    They should have left this classic show alone!!!!

  63. Caleb Ellis

    Caleb Ellis8 days ago

    I wouldn't want to cash grab this and I'm not from the CW lol

  64. Caleb Ellis

    Caleb Ellis8 days ago

    It has a life time movie quality about it. Just cringe 😆 Disliked 👎

  65. Alee Garcia

    Alee Garcia8 days ago

    I'm so for this

  66. kylepop

    kylepop8 days ago

    Probably the worst part is how they’ve treated “Piper” - turning her from this caring, worrisome, relatable character to a stereotypical Lesbian Feminist who seems to be perpetually angry.

  67. kylepop

    kylepop8 days ago

    If I was doing a reboot, I’d have changed it up more. Have 3 siblings (two female one male, perhaps a gay male). Still keeping the family dynamic, but making it much different than Charmed. Have it more ‘procedural’ so that there’s an overarching Big Bad each season but each episode the girls have to do more ‘figuring out’ of what or who’s causing the problem.

  68. BGC Sims94

    BGC Sims948 days ago

    Anyone else giggle when it showed the mom fell from the window and the next scene is “this fall” 💀

  69. Dany Moons

    Dany Moons8 days ago


  70. Georgio Ibarra

    Georgio Ibarra15 hours ago

    Dany Moons or a least Holly Marie Combs & Alyssa Milano. For sure

  71. freecitystyle

    freecitystyle9 days ago

    Please, don’t.

  72. Sang Hendrix

    Sang Hendrix9 days ago

    The actresses have like zero chemistry, this is just sad. And 2 of them looks like they were sisters with Jane the Virgin.

  73. NoPunInTenDid

    NoPunInTenDid10 days ago

    So all their names start with an M? That's actually pretty cool, reminds me how all the Haliwells' names started with a P. I might give this show a chance. It doesn't look bad

  74. Christina G

    Christina G10 days ago

    I'm excited to see how this turns out and hope for the best, but if you're going to bring stuff back about witches... The Secret Circle?

  75. Thiago Channel's Mix Oficial

    Thiago Channel's Mix Oficial10 days ago

    Names of musics????

  76. Justin Tran

    Justin Tran10 days ago

    Really scared to write this but does it bother anyone else that these girls are hispanic. A big part of the charmed ones is their family lineage dating back to the Salem witch trials so I'm pretty sure they were all white back then and didn't have hispanic witches

  77. Christopher Waddell

    Christopher Waddell10 days ago

    The power of three will cancel thee

  78. Romeo Reyes

    Romeo Reyes10 days ago

    I feel like they should have all been very ethnically different. I wouldn't mind seeing an Asian on t.v for once, a dark skin black girl and an obvious Latin girl and They can be sisters in magic not blood. Also they should of cast for talent not looks because these girls can't act. It's too vanilla , every single show have the same look/personality which is the volley California girl. It's boring now. I need more culture and a background of substance. It's so bad because this show can easily be mistaken for 'pretty little liars' or any other plastic stupid show

  79. Topsy Turvy Cakes Accessories

    Topsy Turvy Cakes Accessories10 days ago

    The original cast should at least been included in the making of this reboot. It’s garbage...

  80. Israel Joesph

    Israel Joesph10 days ago

    Look okay I get that when people make Reboots everyone just goes to throw hate and shade towards the shows and I know the original Charmed was a great show filled with an awesome cast but please for the love of God or whoever religious deity you believe in please understand that the actresses and the cast or doing everything in thier power to make sure it is just as great as it's predecessor and I mean guys this is the CW okay look at many great shows have come from that network like : The Vampire Diaries , The Originals,Jane The Virgin,Riverdale and Supernatural and evryone loves those shows so please stop throwing shade towards the show that hasn't even come out as yet please save all of your negative comments for when they are finshied for thier first season the comment but until then everyone can gladly shut up and zip thier mouths

  81. Heziquio Luviano

    Heziquio Luviano10 days ago

    Name of the song ? Please

  82. Tihomir Gavrić

    Tihomir Gavrić10 days ago

    All we wanted is Prue back. What the fu#k is this.

  83. Al Hct

    Al Hct10 days ago

    OK, just to say it, it would have been impossible to recast the old...well cast. They are way to old and busy and it would require the same director and blablabla. The story itself is not bad, the problem is the credibility. The problem is that on this trailer, every thing feels fake. But let's wait and see. May be in the long therm, things will make sense in a different way that the original charmed but in some way. And may be the cast won't fell actors from 2018 in the long therm.

  84. Tv Lover149

    Tv Lover14911 days ago

    Whether you all like it or not tv shows and movies will be rebooted/remade it doesn’t take away anything from the original. Sabrina the teenage witch, Spider-Man, Halloween, a nightmare on elm street, Friday the the 13th etc can have tons of reboots and it’s not a problem. So what’s the problem with them rebooting ended on a high note with everyone living their best life so I don’t see the problem. there is nothing wrong with them rebooting Charmed. I’m ready for it. If you’re not interested fine go watch the 8 season of the original and go read the comic books and let the people who actually want to watch it be.

  85. d1opera

    d1opera12 days ago

    This isnt funny of fearce ir femenist and the story is wack, not a fan. I preffer the original.

  86. Wolfie Ban

    Wolfie Ban12 days ago

    I loved the original charmed...I remember waiting each week for the next show. I was so excited hearing it was coming back and now I'm like really WTF!!! They could have started with the kids taking over and I would have been thrilled. This ain't going to go far...I'll watch it unfortunately...

  87. BeautyByTimtim

    BeautyByTimtim12 days ago

    Why!? But why!? RIP... nos bons vieux souvenirs de la Trilogie du samedi soir 😣

  88. Leonard Adams

    Leonard Adams12 days ago

    im not gonna hate on this at least its something but nothing beats the original CHARMED! y'all can't tell me you've never tried using Piper's freezing/exploding hand gestures to see if it would work?....just me? lol

  89. Madama Onyx

    Madama Onyx12 days ago

    Why the hell does everything now a days have to be a reboot? Why couldn't they make a continuation of Charmed following the life of say, Wyatt and Chris?

  90. O K

    O K12 days ago

    Thanks for ruining yet another show we grew up with CW

  91. vivid.ocean okurr

    vivid.ocean okurr12 days ago

    Peaches love ua brought me here

  92. Reegan Bradshaw

    Reegan Bradshaw13 days ago

    Why reboot such a crap old show when you could have kept going with lucifer makes me so angry!! 😡😡

  93. Sandra Ortiz

    Sandra Ortiz13 days ago

    No way...Holly, Alyssa, Shannen and Rose are the real CHARMED. Why are you doing this??? I'm NOT going to watch this... I'm so sad

  94. Amberly Nicole

    Amberly Nicole14 days ago

    Ummm... No thanks. I have all 8 seasons on DVD of the original series I'd rather rewatch it than this knock off version 😠

  95. Emily Manton

    Emily Manton14 days ago

    💕 Personally I am excited for this reboot. I didn’t see the whole original series but I still love the idea and topic of this series, I love how they are adding a funny twist to it. For all the people saying they hope it gets cancelled, please stop, this is a fun show and if your not even going to watch it then don’t ask for it to be cancelled, I mean what does it matter to you if I dose or doesn’t get cancelled. 💕

  96. lahalhalha

    lahalhalha14 days ago

    This is Jem and the Holograms movie all over again

  97. Katerwaulie

    Katerwaulie14 days ago

    This looks bad and you should feel bad.

  98. Zozk Menemii

    Zozk Menemii14 days ago

    I guess I am more open for this reboot now, definitely I will give it a chance and watch it :)

  99. roxy viera

    roxy viera14 days ago

    This show is horrible. No good special effect or acting. Common CW you can do better than this. If you were gone do a reboot you could have do it with original children of piper. Because they were actually on the show as adults. Not wasting my time with it. Know I'm going to go binge watch the original charmed to get this trash out of my mind.

  100. erzan

    erzan14 days ago

    It's happening, my childhood bucket of memories are being emptied. What next, a Harry Potter remake? Nooooooooooooooooo!

  101. James Turner

    James Turner14 days ago

    I feel like this needs to be said. I love Charmed and I am always going to love it, but that doesn’t mean the reboot will be bad. Actually I’m super excited about the reboot because as a Cuban American, I always imagined how much more relatable the show would be if it had more people like me. I love that they’re making this and having a new show won’t take anything away from the old one. Everyone will always have the old charmed there, my dvd box sets aren’t going anywhere, and I’m sure other fans of the show aren’t going to stop watching it because now there’s a new show. I think people’s fears are that this charmed is going to replace the old Charmed but that’s not something that can ever realistically happen. There’s no reason this reboot and the original can’t be equally enjoyed by everyone, and having a new show won’t take anything away from the old one.

  102. liam0115

    liam011515 days ago

    "we're gonna nurture it so hard" - LIKE WHO THE F says that? Urgh, acting is NOT their forte!. Also the photo that Macy shows the other two is so fake like were there no budget to PROPERLY photoshop it? I 'copy n paste' better than that photo *I hate this*