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Charlie Puth - The Way I Am [Official Video]


  1. shakemoves

    shakemoves3 hours ago

    Lavazza Coffee :P


    AWESOMENESS GAMER3 hours ago

    yo people if you love charlie puth than go to Charlie puth vietnam and listen to his old songs btw you will laugh realllllyyy hard

  3. Siv Ling

    Siv Ling4 hours ago

    I love your song

  4. NDP zero

    NDP zero5 hours ago

    Who loves Charlie? Ans: we all.😊

  5. Brett Gordon

    Brett Gordon6 hours ago

    Love this song I don't even care it's so damn catchy I can't help it

  6. Jackie Tocci

    Jackie Tocci6 hours ago

    I have an insiders view!

  7. Kamrun Nahar

    Kamrun Nahar7 hours ago

    Who is the girl in 0:03

  8. Kael Richmond

    Kael Richmond8 hours ago

    Coming from a boy He looks HOT (I'm not gay though no offense to gay people I just mean that the chicks gonna dig him)

  9. Nine Tails

    Nine Tails8 hours ago

    Yup that the way I am

  10. Irving Alberto

    Irving Alberto8 hours ago

    jeje putos

  11. Kael Richmond

    Kael Richmond8 hours ago


  12. Crypti_cal

    Crypti_cal8 hours ago

    the girl at 0:03 looks like taylor from sunny cult family

  13. Kael Richmond

    Kael Richmond8 hours ago

    Free replay button 0:00

  14. MariaClara Barboza

    MariaClara Barboza8 hours ago

    I love you Charlie Puth♥️

  15. Jonathan Oplas

    Jonathan Oplas8 hours ago

    I love Charlie ever💓💓😘😘


    FLORCITA MUSIC :D8 hours ago

    Charlie papasito Puth ❤

  17. Maria Choy

    Maria Choy8 hours ago

    This song is boom means amaaaaazzzing

  18. Kael Richmond

    Kael Richmond8 hours ago

    Whoever dislikes this is a h*e and has no soul

  19. PIper Frock

    PIper Frock9 hours ago

    I got a question WHAT IS THIS CHARLIE The Pickle Song By Charlie Puth

  20. finolia nice17

    finolia nice179 hours ago

    I love puth😘

  21. Reminton aj

    Reminton aj9 hours ago

    You know why I like him cause his voice and his hair

  22. Rosiene Henriques

    Rosiene Henriques9 hours ago


  23. Rosiene Henriques

    Rosiene Henriques9 hours ago

    Coisa lindaa

  24. GuitarSinger

    GuitarSinger11 hours ago

    He´s already a music LEGEND!!

  25. Jessica Schneider

    Jessica Schneider12 hours ago

    that really didn't look like him

  26. Ria Masria

    Ria Masria12 hours ago

    Charlie puth😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  27. Brooke Colon

    Brooke Colon13 hours ago

    Loved the song! Ur one of my favs! :D

  28. Dr. Bright

    Dr. Bright13 hours ago

    Hmm sounds a Michael Jackson beat to me.

  29. Nicole Zihler

    Nicole Zihler14 hours ago

    I love you!

  30. aPerson

    aPerson14 hours ago

    Bathtub In The Middle Of The Living Room.. I should try that

  31. favored rex

    favored rex16 hours ago


  32. Potato Amaze

    Potato Amaze16 hours ago

    Shawn Mendez or Charlie puth hmmmm I’m going for the best person I know Charlie puth :D

  33. pinki chan

    pinki chan16 hours ago

    Bts arhreeee

  34. LpsMysticMermaid

    LpsMysticMermaid17 hours ago

    I replayed this like 20 times already

  35. Mari Jose Duarte

    Mari Jose Duarte17 hours ago

    Charlie te amo

  36. Izzy Unicorns

    Izzy Unicorns17 hours ago

    BTW u are so hot in this video like if u love Charlie Puth😗😗💕💕💕💗💗💗

  37. Suzanne suzanne

    Suzanne suzanne17 hours ago

    I love him :)

  38. manuel gonzalez

    manuel gonzalez17 hours ago


  39. Alan Dixon

    Alan Dixon18 hours ago


  40. saurav chaudhary

    saurav chaudhary18 hours ago

    Charlie puth india!

  41. Candy Wolf 12384

    Candy Wolf 1238418 hours ago


  42. Candy Wolf 12384

    Candy Wolf 1238418 hours ago

    Charlie puth Charlie puth how to get married with all those

  43. Candy Wolf 12384

    Candy Wolf 1238418 hours ago


  44. Andrijana Zivkovic

    Andrijana Zivkovic18 hours ago

    It's okay to love JB and Charlie🤔😍

  45. Halley

    Halley19 hours ago

    J’adore cette chanson ! Enfin, comme toutes celles de Charlie Puth !!! 😍

  46. Its different

    Its different19 hours ago

    hit like if the lyrics exactly suits you

  47. Николай Кохнюк

    Николай Кохнюк19 hours ago

    We dont tolk anymore are better

  48. Kashif Aman

    Kashif Aman20 hours ago

    Who is before one billion views

  49. Nikki Lodean

    Nikki Lodean20 hours ago

    I love this song!

  50. PokemonAssociate

    PokemonAssociate20 hours ago

    I’m sorry

  51. PokemonAssociate

    PokemonAssociate20 hours ago

    Why do you Look like that

  52. DivaOnMsp

    DivaOnMsp20 hours ago

    *He glew up*

  53. Jorge Sanchez

    Jorge Sanchez20 hours ago

    Me encantan las canciones de charlie

  54. Aarushee Gupta

    Aarushee Gupta20 hours ago

    *first time*: this sucks *second time*: well....not that bad *third time*: you could either hate me or love me, but THATS JUST THE WAY I AMMMMM!

  55. Hoang Thien Thu Nguyen

    Hoang Thien Thu Nguyen21 hour ago

    i love all of his songs

  56. forever young

    forever young22 hours ago

    This video deserves more than 24 MN *_*

  57. 강현아

    강현아22 hours ago

    한국에 빨리왔으면 좋겠어요 그날까지 기다리겠습니다!!

  58. Naby

    Naby22 hours ago

    if u dont love him il'll find ur house and steal ur cookies

  59. Aatiff Bhatt

    Aatiff Bhatt22 hours ago

    ANGEL BUSHRA❤❤❤❤❤☺☺☺☺☺☺

  60. Vivien Szikora

    Vivien Szikora23 hours ago


  61. Joseph Svennson

    Joseph Svennson23 hours ago

    This was ripped off from The Way I Is: Oh my god, even the setting of the music video is such a rip. The SWIMMING POOL!

  62. Dragana Ćudić

    Dragana ĆudićDay ago

    The most beautiful person😍

  63. GeoAndroGamer GAMER

    GeoAndroGamer GAMERDay ago

    Your voice is best bro😍❤


    NKMUSICDay ago

    Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal But Charlie is my favourite artist!


    VICKY VICKYDay ago

    Who's the girl ???

  66. MizzLeniex3

    MizzLeniex3Day ago

    Loving the new hair! God damn! *Faints at **2:41*

  67. 맘콤

    맘콤Day ago

    good! 👍

  68. Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02

    Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nur R34 '02Day ago

    Me at school during lunch

  69. Rangelico Reyes

    Rangelico ReyesDay ago


  70. RainbowUnicorn Gaming

    RainbowUnicorn GamingDay ago

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  71. Michael Myers

    Michael MyersDay ago

    That's the way I am. I love you Charlie puth

  72. Lening Grade

    Lening GradeDay ago

    well done

  73. muhamad gunari

    muhamad gunariDay ago

    kalo di kamping anak nakal berisi televisi tempat memutar cd dan siaran lokal

  74. muhamad gunari

    muhamad gunariDay ago

    emang percobaan ruangan rahasia dimana di kamping anak anak nakal

  75. muhamad gunari

    muhamad gunariDay ago

    di gedung putih tempat rahasianya penuh makanan kaleng saat di buka masih segar

  76. muhamad gunari

    muhamad gunariDay ago

    di gedung putih dan tempat kemping anak nakal yg gak tau kamarnya ada ruangan rahasia ato lemari rahasia kuncinya kata kata "sambung menyambung jadi satu" terus di katakan

  77. Hello Kitty

    Hello KittyDay ago

    How many people love Charlie Puth like me✋🏻

  78. Khxng VG

    Khxng VGDay ago

    I’m not love only his voice but I love the way he is😍

  79. Mai Nguyen

    Mai NguyenDay ago

    Your video is very good

  80. Olivia Plays

    Olivia PlaysDay ago

    His Scar Makes Everything Better

  81. Putri Kirana

    Putri KiranaDay ago

    Sukses terus charlie. Sip sip sippp

  82. M Rizki Agustian

    M Rizki AgustianDay ago

    nying ngenah kana ceuli lah

  83. •smøl child•

    •smøl child•Day ago

    I heard this song in gym today and me and aurora were dying laughing calling this “the door knocking song”🤣

  84. WyomingMan 332

    WyomingMan 332Day ago

    vintage style

  85. hailey Baiden

    hailey BaidenDay ago


  86. Carol Madrid

    Carol MadridDay ago

    Thanks for putting that out there. I got my answer.

  87. Carol Madrid

    Carol MadridDay ago

    Me. Blank, yes I love you but not for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. I don’t know what else I can say. The next time for me is going to be special and if you don’t want that I guess when you tell me you’re going to leave, then that’s your decision.




  89. Elisangela Suene

    Elisangela SueneDay ago


  90. Dani Domi

    Dani DomiDay ago


  91. JBX

    JBXDay ago

    stop dying your hair :)

  92. panda ELF

    panda ELFDay ago

    I'm tell em all ... but no one want understand me

  93. Claire Williamson

    Claire WilliamsonDay ago

    love this song

  94. Brianna Zhong

    Brianna ZhongDay ago

    Love this song

  95. Keturah Blaser

    Keturah BlaserDay ago

    speed up to 1.5 hahahaha

  96. 柯舒依

    柯舒依Day ago

    nice rhyme!

  97. Mr. Fungi

    Mr. FungiDay ago

    these are my sexy shades

  98. Eloy Rodríguez

    Eloy RodríguezDay ago

    His hair is AWESOME down

  99. Cassie Vlcek

    Cassie VlcekDay ago

    Love this song! Its awesome song! The video is amazing

  100. Minh Thu Nguyen

    Minh Thu NguyenDay ago

    Why does it have just 24M views ?????