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Charlie Puth - Somebody Told Me [Official Audio]


  1. Abstra Gamer

    Abstra GamerHour ago

    This album is Perfect💞💞Just like Author💖💖

  2. Mahesh Babu

    Mahesh Babu2 hours ago

    These lyrics are the words that i kept inside my heart for a long time ❤️💔

  3. tysoon363636

    tysoon3636365 hours ago

    5 Thumbsup!

  4. Maha Manjur

    Maha Manjur7 hours ago

    {.1306.} > God is Love

  5. Santiago Molnar

    Santiago Molnar12 hours ago

    The best album of the world! I love your voice charlie

  6. Suchaya chainet

    Suchaya chainet13 hours ago

    5555555555555555555555555 you were my boy

  7. Suchaya chainet

    Suchaya chainet14 hours ago

    I believe 55555+ good man. Very good55555

  8. Pablo Vasquez

    Pablo Vasquez14 hours ago

    I love this song

  9. Everyday Activities

    Everyday Activities15 hours ago

    I thought this song is sad and then I heard the chorus😂😍Love you Charles, Im a fan till the end....

  10. Rana Abdulahi

    Rana Abdulahi18 hours ago

    I'm obsessed with this song. now I can't stop playing it lmao great song tho❤❤

  11. feriha blanco

    feriha blancoDay ago

    esta cancion parece de los 80´s

  12. Ayesha Alam

    Ayesha AlamDay ago

    Ahhhhxhwjzbs *IT'S HARD TO CHOOSE A FAV*

  13. Bella Pierce

    Bella PierceDay ago

    This song deserves more likes! It is an amazing song!

  14. Vicente Portillo

    Vicente PortilloDay ago

    Por favor hagan de 1 hora,

  15. Ashley 112233

    Ashley 1122332 days ago

    Wait so does anyone know what the red key stands for in the old album art?🧐🤨🤔

  16. Axaan!

    Axaan!3 days ago


  17. Burhan Dar

    Burhan Dar3 days ago

    Some body told me that this song is amazing 👌👌

  18. Someone o_O

    Someone o_O3 days ago

    This is definitely your best by far.

  19. Mrs Taehyung

    Mrs Taehyung3 days ago

    Oh my god😍😍😍😍 So good😍😍 Fantastic😍 Wonderful😍 In love with voice notes!!❤

  20. KL FaTtY

    KL FaTtY3 days ago

    Please come to HK!! We all love u and looking forward to watch your concert in HK

  21. 이씨비와

    이씨비와4 days ago

    으허하헝ㅇ 너무 좋아 ㅠㅠㅠ 얼른 친구들한테 알려야겠어 이 띵곡을 ㅠㅠ😍

  22. Ridzz Kook

    Ridzz Kook4 days ago

    Who else’s crazy for that 2:24 you were half in love..😍

  23. Ashley Beasley

    Ashley Beasley4 days ago

    This is my favorite out of the album💓💓I love all the songs❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

  24. Carolina S

    Carolina S4 days ago

    Enamorada de tu musica.

  25. SayQais

    SayQais4 days ago

    The voice is so magical 😍

  26. aja cheathem

    aja cheathem4 days ago

    So amazing

  27. Monika Sargsyan

    Monika Sargsyan4 days ago

    Very good song😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. ihminen

    ihminen4 days ago

    I love this song more than anything


    FITNESS FREAK4 days ago

    Best voice#best song#best lyrics 🙂

  30. Paola Santillano

    Paola Santillano4 days ago


  31. Thành Nguyễn

    Thành Nguyễn5 days ago

    I'm a Puthinator. Awesome song !

  32. Ayush Sharma

    Ayush Sharma5 days ago

    Awesome for broken people

  33. Reyna Islas

    Reyna Islas5 days ago

    This a gorgouse album I don't think I'll be able to stop listening!

  34. Matthew gaming Paris

    Matthew gaming Paris5 days ago

    Who would leave Charlie puth he has a bunch of money

  35. K&S reviews, shenanigans, and sarcasm

    K&S reviews, shenanigans, and sarcasm5 days ago

    yyyaasssss!!!!! i love Charlie's songs and voice and smile and..... ugh......... everything.... -Kaitlin

  36. Lizardo Yael Nuñez Iñiguez

    Lizardo Yael Nuñez Iñiguez5 days ago

    I'll never be tired to say it: Charlie you're the best.

  37. Gabriel Orejel

    Gabriel Orejel6 days ago

    I love this song so cool I just can't stop listening to it I subscribed to your Channel Charlie puth shout Me Out show me I'm one of your videos I know I just told you that but just want to tell you again

  38. arpon fahad

    arpon fahad6 days ago

    I have to repair my speakers This Song is dope

  39. Lizardo Yael Nuñez Iñiguez

    Lizardo Yael Nuñez Iñiguez6 days ago

    Charlie, you're the best! You are really good making good music.

  40. El vira

    El vira6 days ago

    When will there be a video!!?

  41. snaider chaves

    snaider chaves6 days ago

    hallucinated with your music

  42. Graci Sims

    Graci Sims6 days ago


  43. Kezra Bristol

    Kezra Bristol6 days ago

    I love charlie so much his voice is like a Angel and he's not to bad looking either

  44. Week Week

    Week Week6 days ago

    Kool kool😚

  45. Camilo Ospina

    Camilo Ospina7 days ago

    Man, I need a car just for listen all his music while I´m going to...wherever!

  46. tais

    tais7 days ago


  47. Lisa Zulic

    Lisa Zulic8 days ago

    I'm in love with your music

  48. Mustafa Resul Dönmez

    Mustafa Resul Dönmez8 days ago

    Charlie puth hit 2018

  49. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un8 days ago

    Charlie im not homosexual but...ill treat you right bro😂😂😂 that's y keep the notifications on 😂😂😂

  50. Jolo7t

    Jolo7t8 days ago

    Perfection every song

  51. dumbzombie24

    dumbzombie248 days ago

    Sending my obsession comment from Rumson, NJ! I love your music!

  52. zinegizz

    zinegizz8 days ago

    Wow the lyrics... How can someone put some situation into the song along with a melody... Wow...

  53. Landon Nguyen

    Landon Nguyen8 days ago

    Summer play list


    RAJIV KUMAR8 days ago

    Need a music video for this please !!!

  55. conanluver93

    conanluver938 days ago

    his songs from this album are all good

  56. Vivian Perfect

    Vivian Perfect9 days ago

    nice vibe

  57. Florence Smith

    Florence Smith9 days ago

    panic at the disco vibes

  58. Shashvat Patel

    Shashvat Patel9 days ago

    SOMEBODY TOLD ME that you have been THROUGH IT ALL and you have broken that sets of EMPTY CUPS. So , LA GIRLS you gotta SLOW IT DOWN and Please be PATIENT with me . I Know HOW LONG you have DONE FOR ME so don't worry I will be your BOY . I 'll give you that ATTENTION as THE WAY I AM.......

  59. YellowRyce

    YellowRyce10 days ago

    The feels 😭

  60. Shahd OO

    Shahd OO10 days ago

    your the best Charlie I love u so much and ur songs that's incredibl album Thx for your effort for pleasing us and u deserve all what u have now..❤

  61. Vannah Bootz

    Vannah Bootz10 days ago

    Is it just me or does every single song he makes relatable to my own life?

  62. Abc 123

    Abc 12310 days ago

    Charlie you're simply d best singer alive !!!

  63. Abc 123

    Abc 12310 days ago

    Love d entire album !!! So beautiful !!! Love you charlie !!!

  64. Maria Puth

    Maria Puth11 days ago

    When yur broken hearted but yu want a cool vibe of music, this song is so cool for yu dude!

  65. - FOXY-

    - FOXY-11 days ago

    Love u charlie 😍😍😘

  66. nasia nave

    nasia nave11 days ago

    this is everyhting i would want in a good song pop,jazz

  67. Melda M.

    Melda M.11 days ago

    Shit. It's too good. And sounds like, he written it out of my brain.

  68. Xivono Chabalala

    Xivono Chabalala11 days ago

    i cant stop listening to this song, definitely the best song of the album

  69. Nisha Niha

    Nisha Niha12 days ago

    This song is amazing !

  70. Paola Montes

    Paola Montes12 days ago

    que talento tienes charlie puth i love you ❤

  71. Pooja Yadav

    Pooja Yadav12 days ago

    Best song ever

  72. Adriana Rodriguez

    Adriana Rodriguez12 days ago


  73. Susana Lopez Juarez

    Susana Lopez Juarez12 days ago

    Charlie Puth is my King and this song is my favorite in the album.

  74. Jenni

    Jenni12 days ago

    ThiS nEeDs MoRe atTentiOn

  75. Saulo Saulo

    Saulo Saulo12 days ago


  76. Justin Zaspa

    Justin Zaspa12 days ago

    f this is a bopppppppppppppppppp😍

  77. Seemant Dua

    Seemant Dua12 days ago


  78. / dodo

    / dodo12 days ago

    your songs are very good. and i like hearing them CHARLIE PUTH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  79. Alex Xtreme

    Alex Xtreme13 days ago


  80. Ashweena Amir

    Ashweena Amir13 days ago

    His voice is just amazing❤

  81. Chandan Dey

    Chandan Dey13 days ago

    Such a beautiful music but the word are accusing not suggesting love. Come on charlie. Love

  82. Alexiz

    Alexiz13 days ago


  83. Ernest Cho

    Ernest Cho13 days ago

    Charlie, I didn't know who you were until I realized in April that you were the singer of Marvin Gaye and One Call Away. And then you had to surprise me with this album in May right after an unbelievably stressful semester at school. I can't say how much you've made me feel alive again! Your music is so fresh and amazing

  84. migs990

    migs99013 days ago

    Awesome *yeets*

  85. Esmanur Puth

    Esmanur Puth14 days ago

    I love your words, Charles. Your words saved my life

  86. garciahinojosa17

    garciahinojosa1714 days ago

    90's sounds are so cool. All the songs in this CD have something similar, but all are diferents. Amazing job with this cd charlie

  87. cons baby

    cons baby14 days ago

    Makes me dance like crazy!

  88. Fernando Jacobi

    Fernando Jacobi14 days ago

    n e x t s i n g l e !

  89. Raouane and ahemad

    Raouane and ahemad14 days ago

    i like veryy mush this amaizing albume

  90. Dewshi Fernando

    Dewshi Fernando14 days ago

    So great 😭❤,best song😍

  91. Vilco Xanax

    Vilco Xanax14 days ago

    The best album of 2018, not even just in the Pop category.

  92. Vilco Xanax

    Vilco Xanax14 days ago

    Puth is that dude. Whoa, what a great album!

  93. Bishu Memon

    Bishu Memon14 days ago

    You got something in yourself which others didn't get in themselves and that something is your soulful voice. Love your album and you deserve more love.

  94. Omymah Fadl

    Omymah Fadl14 days ago

    This song is absolutely mind blowing 🤯😍

  95. Rodrigo Souza

    Rodrigo Souza14 days ago

    I don´t use to make comments on youtube cause I don´t know to whom I´m talking to or if I´m actually talking to someone, but after hearing the entire Voicenotes album, I need to say that it´s a masterpiece. He´s the man! Dude you´ve touched the bottom of my soul. When you are in Brazil, I´ll be at your concert for sure. Meanwhile, I'll keep playing your songs on my iPhone.

  96. Diyana Hasha

    Diyana Hasha15 days ago

    THE BEST!!!!!! Im addicted to this

  97. reonapier

    reonapier15 days ago

    This man gives me life 🍃💚🤤

  98. Patreek Sterfetish

    Patreek Sterfetish15 days ago

    i thought this was an all star song for a second

  99. Ofe Marie

    Ofe Marie15 days ago

    Ok then

  100. Jahra I.

    Jahra I.15 days ago

    Me: *Sees the title of the song* Friend: No, don't do it hoe. Me: Hmm... Friend: DON'T DO IT. Me: sOmEbODY oNCE tOLD mE tHE wORLD is GONNA ROLL ME-- Friend: GODDAMNIT