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Charlie Puth - Somebody Told Me [Official Audio]


  1. 하은 남

    하은 남Day ago

    Hi! Im your korean fan i have repeated your song , my favorite song is we don talk anymore!! I love u so much

  2. Abhijeet Darode

    Abhijeet Darode2 days ago

    From see you again it's been 4 years how romantic songs thanks man you are my favourite ...❣️❣️❣️ Tho mine favourite is dangerously 😍😍😍😍 Sending love from INDIA 🇮🇳 INDIA LOVES YOU SO MUCH 🤗😍😍

  3. Cindy Lee

    Cindy Lee2 days ago

    Every song keeps getting better! Totally love the vibe it gives off. Kinda makes you just want to dance even if you can't (like me) but hey life's too short gotta be a little weird! Haha.

  4. Maria Villanueva

    Maria Villanueva4 days ago


  5. Upender Thakur

    Upender Thakur6 days ago

    Charlie what a marvellous person you are..

  6. Diandra Lobo

    Diandra Lobo7 days ago


  7. Involution

    Involution7 days ago

    I think that he is such a genius when it comes to writing music. This song is so good :D

  8. sofia monteroo

    sofia monteroo7 days ago

    I love this song

  9. Tanmay Kumar

    Tanmay Kumar8 days ago

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this song you are the best charlie

  10. Hồng Anh Võ Thị

    Hồng Anh Võ Thị8 days ago

    The best song ever !!!!!

  11. Adara

    Adara8 days ago

    You never fail to amaze me with your music Charlie! I love you and your music

  12. Stella Iman

    Stella Iman10 days ago

    You did a great job making this. The listener can feel the emotions. I mean I've never suffered from heartbreak (or the feeling of betrayal) but after listening to this song, I could feel the writer's emotions and I could feel them from a 1st person point of view. Sorry if you didn't understand what I was trying to say, I'm sure it doesn't make alot of sense (I tried my best at explaining). Thanks for reading all this. 💟💟💟 lots of love and good luck for the concert in Atlanta 💟💟💟

  13. Serena Daccache

    Serena Daccache11 days ago

    This and boy are the best songs on the album!! Thank you Charlie for these amazing songs👑 we love you so much! #cpf 💚💋

  14. JEUXolim

    JEUXolim12 days ago

    Track of the year

  15. Chris Saravia

    Chris Saravia12 days ago

    Somebody Told Me this is the Greatest song EVERRR!!!!!

  16. Siel Yopro

    Siel Yopro14 days ago


  17. Richmond Jubilo

    Richmond Jubilo15 days ago

    This song is for heartbroken.. :) :(

  18. Comedy Universe

    Comedy Universe15 days ago

    Charlie is the best singer. He voice is too sweet.

  19. Clementine Chex

    Clementine Chex17 days ago


  20. Jacky Robles

    Jacky Robles17 days ago

    i love charlie puth

  21. Anurup Dutta

    Anurup Dutta17 days ago

    Meeting with charlie and attend his live concert became my dream. Greetings from India😊😊😊

  22. ian__andre

    ian__andre17 days ago

    ...the world was gonna roll me

  23. Its me Meli

    Its me Meli17 days ago

    He hit 13million omg

  24. Amiya Kumar Ray

    Amiya Kumar Ray22 days ago

    Love this song.i m also face this same situation...😥

  25. Jasline Sijo

    Jasline Sijo22 days ago

    Everyday i am listening this song while on my way to work.... i love this song and charlie’s voice

  26. Maya Gonzalez

    Maya Gonzalez22 days ago

    If i was playing spill your guts/fill your guts and the person said pick one of your least favorite song i would fill mah guts BC I LOVE ALL HIS SONGS


    FUCK TYLER22 days ago

    *somebody once told me*

  28. Sky sharma

    Sky sharma23 days ago

    Sooo goooddd😍😍

  29. Percy Salazar Torre

    Percy Salazar Torre23 days ago

    amo esa musica

  30. Rebekah Dorr

    Rebekah Dorr23 days ago

    i wish i could have his voice like a angle (T^T)

  31. Amina DaBest

    Amina DaBest23 days ago

    0:24 😍👏🏽 ~Maybe I should have noticed~

  32. Manoj Panja

    Manoj Panja24 days ago


  33. qazi ainat

    qazi ainat24 days ago

    Somebody tell me plz y I'm crazy Foo u baby

  34. Jayden Grant

    Jayden Grant24 days ago

    Story Time: My sister went to a Charlie Puth Voicenotes concert and almost met Charlie puth. The thing is, my sister's friend's dad knew the manager. So they almost met him. But of course the manager's family had to meet him. I got so annoyed. So did my sister and her friends. Good luck next time

  35. Abigale Bass

    Abigale Bass24 days ago

    september 2018 anyone

  36. Emily Goetschius

    Emily Goetschius25 days ago

    Charlie’s new album is soo good ❤️❤️

  37. Jiju Lal

    Jiju Lal25 days ago

    One more song to my heart

  38. honey bunchiee

    honey bunchiee27 days ago

    I can relate 😭 love this song Charlie 💜💜💜

  39. Subrata Das

    Subrata Das27 days ago

    Somebody told me that charlie is the best singer 😀

  40. Gabriel Izard

    Gabriel Izard27 days ago

    charlie puth all day long

  41. Girish Jp

    Girish Jp28 days ago

    Great guy with great song and with huge personality. 😍who else love Charlie 🙋

  42. only about cricket

    only about cricket28 days ago

    Some body told me to Press the like button 👇👇👇👇

  43. Savannah Fisher

    Savannah FisherMonth ago


  44. Vera R

    Vera RMonth ago

    Hands down, my favorite male artist. His songs never get old.

  45. Jenny Marson

    Jenny MarsonMonth ago

    The reason why I beacame his fan it's because of his voice!!! I went crazy when I listen to his voice



    thats why i love songs

  47. Lily alcazar

    Lily alcazarMonth ago

    voicenotes is the best album love all the songs maybe this is the best one😜😊🎶

  48. Ash `

    Ash `Month ago

    I just love the Album so much I keep coming back to it from time to time.

  49. Yolanda Okeefe

    Yolanda OkeefeMonth ago

    Of him

  50. Yolanda Okeefe

    Yolanda OkeefeMonth ago

    I have seen the conter

  51. FoxDead Br

    FoxDead BrMonth ago

    This song is beautiful Charlie ♡

  52. 王倒帶盜帶

    王倒帶盜帶Month ago

    599 deafs

  53. Jeremy Lilly

    Jeremy LillyMonth ago

    Hmm I'm a country guy usually, but someone just recommended this song to me and I gotta admit it's pretty darn good

  54. Someone

    SomeoneMonth ago

    I love this album sooo much like I can’t stop listening to it

  55. Mohammad Salah

    Mohammad SalahMonth ago

    I love you and I love your voice 😍😍😝

  56. QuatreZ準

    QuatreZ準Month ago

    Maybe I should have noticed...... that I am stuck with this song

  57. who needs aloyah

    who needs aloyahMonth ago

    I went to his concert in Aug. and i like screamed this song..

  58. o Probst

    o ProbstMonth ago

    Puth ist der himmelsmoerder

  59. The S Channel

    The S ChannelMonth ago

    What kind of breaking my back just to know your name is this?

  60. medini amal

    medini amalMonth ago

    he's so talented

  61. Bendijester

    BendijesterMonth ago

    I LOVE this album and how different all of Charlie's songs are! His music NEVER disappoints! 👍🏻

  62. Reigns 021

    Reigns 021Month ago

    Make a videoclip for this song! It's amazing! :D

  63. Katia Orozco

    Katia OrozcoMonth ago

    I like so much this song. Peru present

  64. Angela vega

    Angela vegaMonth ago


  65. Emma Stokes

    Emma StokesMonth ago


  66. HannahGraceSosa

    HannahGraceSosaMonth ago

    best song on the album. still in love with it + seeing u perform it live, was A DREAM COME TRUE! love u!!! 💚💚

  67. HannahGraceSosa

    HannahGraceSosaMonth ago


  68. Mohammad Salah

    Mohammad SalahMonth ago

    Hi baby 😭😭

  69. Faith! Noronha

    Faith! NoronhaMonth ago

    This is the song that made me a SUPERFAN of Charlie!!!!!

  70. Faith! Noronha

    Faith! NoronhaMonth ago

    These are the type of AMAZING songs that you can sing and dance too!!

  71. G scorpion

    G scorpionMonth ago


  72. Franchesca carrion rodriguez

    Franchesca carrion rodriguezMonth ago

    Watching this on 2018?

  73. Marcos Martinez

    Marcos MartinezMonth ago

    This is such a cool song with a good vibe, you could play this at night with the windows down

  74. Wiktoria Wiki

    Wiktoria WikiMonth ago

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love C I love Ch I love Cha I love Char I love Charl I love Charli I love Charlie I love Charli I love Charl I love Char I love Cha I love Ch I love C I lov I lo I l I

  75. Nowlan Haseley

    Nowlan HaseleyMonth ago

    Are you going on tour with these song (PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DO) because I will 9001% be there!

  76. Nowlan Haseley

    Nowlan HaseleyMonth ago

    Maybe did you notice there are no haters in the comment se-e-ction!

  77. Inbal

    InbalMonth ago

    That a fan page for Charlie Puth??

  78. Nowlan Haseley

    Nowlan HaseleyMonth ago

    Sorry "The Way I Am" *Somebody Told Me* is my new *Favorite song*!

  79. Nowlan Haseley

    Nowlan HaseleyMonth ago


  80. Rümeysa Dönmez

    Rümeysa DönmezMonth ago

    Charlie puth voiconates hit 2018.

  81. Rümeysa Dönmez

    Rümeysa DönmezMonth ago

    Teşekkür ederim.

  82. Rümeysa Dönmez

    Rümeysa DönmezMonth ago

    Semobody to me çok güzel şarkı yüklemiş.

  83. Rümeysa Dönmez

    Rümeysa DönmezMonth ago

    10 mayis ta yüklenen video charlie puth

  84. Charlie puth Fan girl

    Charlie puth Fan girlMonth ago

    Love this music it like my child jk❤️

  85. Kavitamil RK

    Kavitamil RKMonth ago

    Iam a died hard fan of u

  86. Onyxguard825

    Onyxguard825Month ago

    Idk I feel like theres a connection between this and Empty Cups.

  87. Kiya Whitworth

    Kiya WhitworthMonth ago

    This is all time favorite song from him and 'the way i am' there both amazing!

  88. The BlackStar

    The BlackStarMonth ago

    i loved it too much and made its cover XD.. A BIG BIG FAN OF CHARLIE PUTH SINCE 2015 somebody told me cover by me : .........~~ love u charlie broda

  89. • Evi •

    • Evi •Month ago

    Its rhythm reminds me of "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" by Taylor Swift! 😂😀😍 I would love it if they two made a song together!!! 😍

  90. Adriana Castro

    Adriana CastroMonth ago

    I usually listen rock music but I'm in love with this album, he's amazing singer.

  91. A world according to kori Young

    A world according to kori YoungMonth ago

    I listen to your music every single day hour time this is just amazing that you has such a nice voice

  92. mehika mainali

    mehika mainaliMonth ago

    i love this song so much! its so chill and has a really cool vibe to it. one of my favorites from the album :)

  93. NeuLawrence

    NeuLawrenceMonth ago

    This song shouldve been called "mine"

  94. melda ünal

    melda ünalMonth ago

    Her zamanki gibi mükemmelsin bebeyim❤️

  95. melda ünal

    melda ünalMonth ago

    Senden mükemmellik akıyor bebeyim❤️

  96. syd baby

    syd babyMonth ago


  97. Oleczka 91

    Oleczka 91Month ago

    I love you so much and your music 💕❤💋

  98. JaMm

    JaMmMonth ago

    Listen to it at 1.25x

  99. youknowmeGP

    youknowmeGPMonth ago

    make the video ffs

  100. Nyah Andrews

    Nyah AndrewsMonth ago

    went to his concert today OMGGG i love u charlie im in love with u keep up the good work!!

  101. Samyak Kar Maant Singh

    Samyak Kar Maant SinghMonth ago


  102. Pooja Nagamohan

    Pooja NagamohanMonth ago

    love you so much charlie! you are my inspiration and my role model. thank you so much for what you do!

  103. Anderson Andre Ferreira

    Anderson Andre FerreiraMonth ago

    Brasil 💚💚💚

  104. Carol Laia

    Carol LaiaMonth ago

    Love 💚