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Charlie Puth - Slow It Down [Official Audio]


  1. tysoon363636

    tysoon3636365 hours ago

    Wow true music!

  2. Dario Pendrive

    Dario Pendrive7 hours ago

    This guy really is in another level.

  3. Eeshani Chakraborty

    Eeshani Chakraborty8 hours ago

    Charlie plzzzzz come to India! We love you so much! It'll be a great experience to have you here specially in Calcutta , West bengal

  4. beautiful live

    beautiful live9 hours ago

    just WOW i love charlie

  5. Eliana Romero

    Eliana Romero12 hours ago

    Amo todas tus canciones me encantan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. houchi69

    houchi6914 hours ago

    So...this song is about a 23 year-old slut?

  7. Gioia Pastorello

    Gioia Pastorello18 hours ago

    My fav!

  8. shawn TL

    shawn TLDay ago

    This gives me so much vibe and I really love this song. Sounds like one of my favourite Daryl Hall And John Oates songs called "I Can't Go For That"

  9. Nicholas Yap

    Nicholas YapDay ago

    This song is amazing...

  10. Tayyaba S.

    Tayyaba S.Day ago

    This song needs more ATTENTION!!!!

  11. Da Lin

    Da LinDay ago

    Hey LA boy please slow it down😄😴

  12. Nathaly Amaya

    Nathaly AmayaDay ago


  13. Virginia Espinoza

    Virginia EspinozaDay ago

    Me encanta ❤

  14. khrisEdu official

    khrisEdu officialDay ago

    "VocesNotes" the best music is Relax

  15. Kristin Alexander

    Kristin AlexanderDay ago

    So realistic of dating now!

  16. Stephanie Chase

    Stephanie Chase2 days ago

    All the feels!! I love Charlie's vibe, voice, everything. I love how the rhythm is upbeat, but his lyrics drag a little. All the layers. Omg!

  17. HannahGrey 14

    HannahGrey 142 days ago

    You’re my new favourite artist I swear

  18. Buse Sahin

    Buse Sahin2 days ago

    You are so amazing charliee

  19. Buse Sahin

    Buse Sahin2 days ago

    Pretty good song😘

  20. Sir Yacht

    Sir Yacht3 days ago

    Charlie your new album is an absolute banger. Have been listening to this and Done for Me non stop. Huge inspiration to my musical production with your back story and everything. Keep doing you. Thanks!

  21. Julia paige

    Julia paige3 days ago

    In love w this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Jim Gray

    Jim Gray3 days ago

    I love it, very paul and oates style

  23. Mrs Taehyung

    Mrs Taehyung3 days ago

    I love this song and voiceotes sool dangerously❤❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Mrs Taehyung

    Mrs Taehyung3 days ago

    Respect❤ I wish you was more famous😖 We sing your songs every time in the music lesson❤

  25. Mrs Taehyung

    Mrs Taehyung3 days ago

    Im in love with voice notes🔥Best Album in the world!!❤😍charlie I love u❤💋

  26. Mrs Taehyung

    Mrs Taehyung3 days ago

    All the songs of voice notes are the best songs i've ever heard 🔥

  27. Sai Lella

    Sai Lella4 days ago


  28. Shahab Anwar

    Shahab Anwar4 days ago

    Slow It Down Somebody Told Me Boy Three most addictive songs of Charlie!

  29. 陳品霖

    陳品霖4 days ago

    Best one!

  30. xChima

    xChima4 days ago

    Definition of good music

  31. Kayla Mae

    Kayla Mae4 days ago

    Amazing! Aren’t we lucky to have a singer like him!!!!🤗

  32. Captain Tardigrade

    Captain Tardigrade4 days ago

    I used to not be a fan, but I think i just fell in love for life. VoiceNotes is such a jam session.

  33. Santiago Molnar

    Santiago Molnar4 days ago

    Charlie the best

  34. Hashneet Kaur

    Hashneet Kaur4 days ago

    This is both, life and death, heaven and hell. It has been my favourite song ever since the album came out.

  35. Erica Lesser

    Erica Lesser4 days ago

    I really wanna see a music video for this of just Charlie bopping and sliding around an airport or something haha

  36. renesha debbarma

    renesha debbarma5 days ago

    imma going mad... its lit...!!

  37. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez5 days ago

    Wizard o singer🤔

  38. bosoxno9

    bosoxno95 days ago

    Charlie absolutely bodied another one!!! This kid is NASTY......Haven't heard or seen talent like this in a while

  39. Mustafa Resul Dönmez

    Mustafa Resul Dönmez6 days ago

    Charlie puth hit 2018

  40. Mustafa Resul Dönmez

    Mustafa Resul Dönmez6 days ago

    Güzel hitimiz

  41. Mustafa Resul Dönmez

    Mustafa Resul Dönmez6 days ago

    Charlie puth yayınlama tarihi 16 6 2018

  42. Mustafa Resul Dönmez

    Mustafa Resul Dönmez6 days ago

    Güzel müzik

  43. Mustafa Resul Dönmez

    Mustafa Resul Dönmez6 days ago

    Hit parçası charlie puth

  44. Kristopher Vegeta

    Kristopher Vegeta6 days ago

    It's been a month still the best one on my Playlist...... Repeated like millions time..... So addictive ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  45. queeen haanyaa

    queeen haanyaa6 days ago

    All his songs are litt !!!😍😘

  46. An Cheryl

    An Cheryl7 days ago

    I luv your music

  47. deathstrikers

    deathstrikers7 days ago

    cannot stop listening

  48. Vy Trần

    Vy Trần7 days ago

    omg I love every song of this album, keep moving on Charlie, hope to see you in Australia one day!!!

  49. Isis Martínez

    Isis Martínez7 days ago

    OMG! I'm obssesed ♡

  50. Lalalllala U

    Lalalllala U7 days ago

    You are my favorite! ❤ What a great album omg, just perfect 😍

  51. Sara Fatima

    Sara Fatima7 days ago

    This song is amazing! Thanks Charlie for all the great music :)

  52. Veronika Kuchařová

    Veronika Kuchařová7 days ago

    I love your songs! :)

  53. An Trần

    An Trần7 days ago

    Wonderfull !!!!

  54. mgc.cristina

    mgc.cristina8 days ago

    I'm currently writing a short response for a history of film class at 12:19 am and I can't stop jamming out to the music

  55. MeanQueen

    MeanQueen8 days ago


  56. Linez

    Linez8 days ago

    Girl you've gotta slow it down 🎶❤

  57. Charan Salhan

    Charan Salhan8 days ago

    Osm song I am your die heart fan sir

  58. Bluebyrne

    Bluebyrne8 days ago

    2:54 did he just "BOY" you gotta...?

  59. Selena Davis

    Selena Davis9 days ago

    I like the 80s beat this is giving out and I have to say that Voicenotes has a lot of really good and beautiful songs. I love them and continue making music the way you do because it's a really special talent that deserves to be heard. ☺

  60. Rawan Yasser

    Rawan Yasser9 days ago

    Lol i swear when i heard this song for the first time my body started to get hotter bc of the lyrics 😂 😂 ❤️🔥 "rapping her legs so tight around my waist" 😂😂

  61. Kitty WolfKInz

    Kitty WolfKInz9 days ago

    its my dream to become a popstar and collab with you

  62. Plamena Simidchieva

    Plamena Simidchieva10 days ago

    Omg!!! I love that song!!! 💚 💚 💚 Charle please like that comment!

  63. - FOXY-

    - FOXY-10 days ago

    ow ow ow ....this song..owwwffffffff u charlie 😍😍😍

  64. Andrei Murdock

    Andrei Murdock10 days ago

    One of the best album I've ever heard 🤘

  65. sira nespolo

    sira nespolo10 days ago

    How can you be so mazing? U make me cry 😭❤

  66. Abc 123

    Abc 12310 days ago

    Love d entire album !!! So beautiful !!! Love you charlie !!!

  67. dizchann

    dizchann11 days ago

    love this song

  68. charlies#1fan

    charlies#1fan11 days ago

    I'm in love with this album. I'm gonna marry it. It's mine, you can't have it 😂😂

  69. Ramulu B

    Ramulu B11 days ago

    Looovve u sooooo much😍😙😚😘

  70. bgperm67

    bgperm6711 days ago

    1:07 is my favorite part of this song, its so good..

  71. Beth Lyda

    Beth Lyda11 days ago

    This could be a maroon 5 song for sure 😜

  72. Emiliano Miranda

    Emiliano Miranda11 days ago


  73. NINA

    NINA12 days ago

    I would give my kidney to sing with chalie.I just love him so much.Like if you think he has most beautiful voice in the world

  74. Carmela Valenzuela

    Carmela Valenzuela12 days ago

    Gosh everybody need this kind of vibe music rn! Who missed the old style??

  75. Pop Andreea

    Pop Andreea12 days ago


  76. Rohit Chauhan

    Rohit Chauhan12 days ago

    This turned out to be the most catchy song of his to me. Keeps growing on me the more that I hear it! Lyrics aren't anything great but that tune! Omg! 😍

  77. Sandra Walczak

    Sandra Walczak12 days ago

    •SLOW IT DOWN• 😍

  78. Best

    Best12 days ago

    I want to ❤ from Charlie Puth

  79. Nicole Garcia

    Nicole Garcia13 days ago

    Te amooo

  80. Ashweena Amir

    Ashweena Amir13 days ago

    He's my favourite❤

  81. emiliza Sanchez Cruz

    emiliza Sanchez Cruz13 days ago

    Omg Todas tus canciones son perfectas! Eres el mejor en verdad!!! Te amooo

  82. Karisma Ransom

    Karisma Ransom13 days ago

    If I had only one album to listen to for the rest of my life it would be Voicenotes❤❤❤❤

  83. Charlie Puth USA

    Charlie Puth USA13 days ago

    I love this song

  84. Sumeet Yadav

    Sumeet Yadav13 days ago

    Why this beautiful song is soo underrated.. ??

  85. Mahardiko Kiki

    Mahardiko Kiki14 days ago

    OMG ! Fav Song me +1 😍

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    Freezic best albums for free14 days ago

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  87. Rumaizah Sumat

    Rumaizah Sumat14 days ago

    Good song

  88. river delima

    river delima14 days ago

    Why Is This Not Getting Any More ATTENT!ON... lol jk, but yeah this song really needs more views and listeners because it gives me vibes from back then when I was a kid and it might let people feel like they are kids again. anyways, THX CHARLIE!

  89. Zeghloul réda

    Zeghloul réda14 days ago

    nice song :)

  90. Teny Haryati

    Teny Haryati14 days ago

    Being my jam since day one!

  91. Naveenen Ganesan

    Naveenen Ganesan15 days ago

    Wow I love all the songs in this album❤️🤯

  92. Mallika pawar

    Mallika pawar15 days ago

    Dancing 💕💕💕 Voicenotes is ❤️ Thanks for this awwwwwwwesome album Charlie😍

  93. Titli Ahmed

    Titli Ahmed15 days ago

    Charlie has songs for every kind of situation!!!

  94. Arya Ardiansyah

    Arya Ardiansyah15 days ago


  95. Riya Sinha

    Riya Sinha15 days ago

    Can I get a 💗 please!!!

  96. Pollyana Marta

    Pollyana Marta15 days ago

    This song is art, it should be in a gallery

  97. Justin Dechambeau

    Justin Dechambeau15 days ago

    I keep this on repeat throughout my entire day

  98. XoXo Courtney

    XoXo Courtney15 days ago

    me and my brother and my and my friend from The UK are going to the concert in oklahoma and im so pumped its a great america experience for my friend

  99. XoXo Courtney

    XoXo Courtney15 days ago

    SO GOOD i love this whole album it should be the top song

  100. J C

    J C15 days ago

    tbh deserves more views keep up the work Charlie

  101. Hana Mahmoud

    Hana Mahmoud15 days ago

    I'm in love with those voice notes .. I swear I can't stop listening to them ❤😌

  102. Unicornz AlltheWay

    Unicornz AlltheWay15 days ago

    Love the chorus :) girl ya gotta slow it dowwwnn Go Charlie !!

  103. MyHahaha2305

    MyHahaha230516 days ago

    Charlie Puth, now it's official: you are a musical genius!! 😍❤😍❤🎉 Voicenotes= masterpiece ❤🎉

  104. Blake Larson

    Blake Larson16 days ago

    literally this whole album is amazing