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Charlie Puth - Slow It Down [Official Audio]


  1. Janet Arevalo

    Janet ArevaloDay ago

    been singin it the whole dayy

  2. Yogendra Singh

    Yogendra Singh2 days ago

    Just love this song and Charlie 😍😍😘😘 tomorrow is my social exam but then also I'm listening to this song for making my mood fresh Love you Charlie....................... 😁😁😘😘😘😘😓💃

  3. Bros Squad

    Bros Squad2 days ago

    I wish I can sing this on a talent show and everybody would like scream

  4. Aaleyah Hagley

    Aaleyah Hagley3 days ago

    UUUGGGGHHHHH THESE SONGS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ The voicenotes album is bae👌👍❤

  5. Ishaan Basu

    Ishaan Basu3 days ago

    He has to sing this at the concert I'm going next month

  6. thorlover8

    thorlover83 days ago

    God bless this BEAUTIFUL HUMAN & his vocal cords !!! 😍🤤❤️

  7. Backstreet Tigers

    Backstreet Tigers3 days ago

    This guy is hot as hell. Saw him here in ABQ 2 months ago and it was the best! He even took his shirt off and I fangirled so hard. But his voice, that's an entirely different story 😍😍😍😍

  8. Maya Felix

    Maya Felix3 days ago

    If there’s such thing as a song from heaven,I might not be Christian but this made me believe heaven is real. 😝

  9. Jungkook Love

    Jungkook Love3 days ago

    Charlie Puth songs are life 👌🏽♥️

  10. MrMoo

    MrMoo4 days ago

    omg i cant top listening to this song

  11. _ sulime

    _ sulime4 days ago


  12. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique6 days ago

    Charlie... Vem cantar no Brasil please please..... Patient🎶❤

  13. Diandra Lobo

    Diandra Lobo6 days ago


  14. soorya Vinod

    soorya Vinod7 days ago

    Sounds like maroon 5

  15. Mohd Ahmad

    Mohd Ahmad8 days ago

    Oohh love from india charlie😍😍😍

  16. Shams Hossam

    Shams Hossam9 days ago

    Love you🔥

  17. Shams Hossam

    Shams Hossam9 days ago

    My favorite song ever after “ we don’t talk anymore & attention “ 😭😭♥️♥️love you songs keep going !!!

  18. Shams Hossam

    Shams Hossam9 days ago


  19. Esther Belmont

    Esther Belmont10 days ago

    I love Charlie and your song done for me😍

  20. Dhiha Afiyanti

    Dhiha Afiyanti11 days ago

    Great song. I love this so much💕💕

  21. Mamina Mena

    Mamina Mena12 days ago


  22. Mamina Mena

    Mamina Mena12 days ago

    My favoutite song

  23. Mamina Mena

    Mamina Mena12 days ago

    I love much

  24. Karol Sevilla Fans

    Karol Sevilla Fans12 days ago

    ♡ I love you Charlie ♡

  25. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez13 days ago

    Amazing voice


    BOLOYOO13 days ago

    All are awesome, but I think it's my favourite :)

  27. Hoopy

    Hoopy14 days ago

    OMG this is such a great song who is part of my #MaleCharliePuthFan squad?

  28. Zak Dwyer

    Zak Dwyer14 days ago

    almost every single song on this album has become my favorite. so many good funk and dance tracks. excellent music

  29. manav kunte

    manav kunte15 days ago

    Charlie ur a great singer. ur voice heals me from the bottom of my heart just wow for u. YOUR VOICE ROCKS

  30. Josh Mccahan

    Josh Mccahan15 days ago

    I'm Charlie's biggest fan 😎

  31. rajni naik

    rajni naik16 days ago

    oh i just can't slow down after listening to it this song is so amazing why isn't it getting the popularity it deserves

  32. md nishat

    md nishat17 days ago


  33. Cristiane Miranda Oliveira

    Cristiane Miranda Oliveira19 days ago

    Daryl hall and Joan Oates melody mixed with soul of Charlie Puth amazing 😍😍

  34. Cube Sapien . Com

    Cube Sapien . Com19 days ago

    My voice is 95 similar to his voice , my friends gets confused between both of us voice.

  35. Abigale Bass

    Abigale Bass21 day ago

    all of his songs are amazing

  36. OsBoss 16

    OsBoss 1621 day ago

    Am I the only person who spent two hours learning the lyrics to the whole cd?

  37. Shantanu Singh dhiman

    Shantanu Singh dhiman22 days ago

    It's a 1B view song😍😍🤩!!! They just need to release a creative video, and Charlie's voice will handle ever6 else😎😋😋

  38. Daniele Abiatti

    Daniele Abiatti23 days ago

    All charlie songs are amazing and charlie is amazing too

  39. Raven- Chan

    Raven- Chan23 days ago

    I agree! Please make a music video!❤️❤️ I love this song!!!!

  40. Its Magicc

    Its Magicc23 days ago

    Charlie give some goosebumps in every song ..

  41. Adam Joe

    Adam Joe23 days ago

    This is my new jam love you to death charlie bliss you 💗👍👼

  42. Kayla Wayla

    Kayla Wayla23 days ago

    Love it love it love it 😍



    agora alguém

  44. Alex Libby

    Alex Libby24 days ago

    Love this song! You are awesome

  45. BrandonPatrick11

    BrandonPatrick1124 days ago

    This Song Are So Beautiful And Amazing

  46. YO MOM

    YO MOM24 days ago


  47. Jacquelyn Taylor

    Jacquelyn Taylor24 days ago

    I loveeeeeeee yiuuuuu sooooooooo much ur songs are sooooooooo AMAZING

  48. Inbal

    Inbal25 days ago

    Perfect song!!😍

  49. Hazel Magnaye

    Hazel Magnaye25 days ago

    Wow, I like the tone of this song. It makes me relax. Perfect! 😍👏

  50. Melanie Bowman

    Melanie Bowman25 days ago

    Every part of this song😍.... Every piece put together and layered. I love all of his songs but this one gets me every time!

  51. Riyad Ahmed

    Riyad Ahmed25 days ago

    Wow song ❤️❤️😍

  52. Arman Torus

    Arman Torus26 days ago

    this guy is a real artist man. this song is how he can't get an erection with a girl.. i love it.

  53. Spicy N

    Spicy N26 days ago

    Voicenotes is great 👍🏻 I’m waiting for his next album and I think I’ll listen to it all the time like Voicenotes.

  54. Subrata Das

    Subrata Das27 days ago

    Love to listen these songs again n again😍

  55. Alvina Melnik

    Alvina Melnik27 days ago


  56. Deepak D

    Deepak D28 days ago

    Really only 1.6 million views..This one deserves 1.6 zillion..

  57. 鋼然

    鋼然28 days ago

    How do girls think of this song?

  58. vehpor

    vehpor28 days ago

    daft punk vibes anyone?

  59. Isabella Vargas

    Isabella Vargas28 days ago

    Charlie I'm so sorry Puthinators be leaving the fandom because your dating Halston Sage

  60. PhotoCop

    PhotoCopMonth ago

    This song is awesome. Love you Charlie

  61. strawberrybanana28

    strawberrybanana28Month ago

    I'm trying to listen for the Hall and Oates interpolation. Someone help!!!

  62. Hugh Mulhern

    Hugh MulhernMonth ago

    Keep doing' what you're Doing. Love you're music!

  63. Aziz Lens

    Aziz LensMonth ago

    80’s vibes!!😩😍😍😍😍🔥

  64. 修造田中

    修造田中Month ago

    日本人いる?笑 これ今めっちゃハマってますわ

  65. Jenny Marson

    Jenny MarsonMonth ago

    This song is AMZING I will listen to his song like non stop cause it's so good and every time I listen to his voice I was jumping around my house and screaming ❤️❤️❤️LOVE YOU AND YOUR ALBUM CHARLIE P/s:I like hear you sing live more than auto tune,when you sing live it's make your voice more special!!!

  66. Smart girl

    Smart girlMonth ago

    Charlie always sings alots of song and its so wonderful songs. All songs are wonderful for me. I don't know who hate or love him but for me is LOVE him so much ❤❤💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤❤❤💟

  67. Ardian Dervisi

    Ardian DervisiMonth ago

    Charlie your the man i can’t stop listening to this song it’s awesome I sing this to my girlfriend she loves it your awesome Charlie

  68. Aubrey Greathouse

    Aubrey GreathouseMonth ago

    All of my favorite songs are your songs! you are the BEST!!!!!

  69. Someone

    SomeoneMonth ago

    I love this album so much I can’t choose which one I like the best because they’re all so good 😂

  70. ayra delosantos

    ayra delosantosMonth ago

    still cant get over with this song ❤️

  71. LujuDime S

    LujuDime SMonth ago

    best singer ever been sing this all day

  72. Andrea Dimabuyu

    Andrea DimabuyuMonth ago

    I need a video 😛 Notice his bootiful voice ,💚

  73. Maria Nuñez

    Maria NuñezMonth ago

    My favorite song,I love ❤😻✨

  74. Science for life

    Science for lifeMonth ago

    Love voicenotes

  75. Krishnakshi Roy

    Krishnakshi RoyMonth ago

    Can't stop listening this song..loved it❤️

  76. Jenna Sherman

    Jenna ShermanMonth ago


  77. iqra imtiaz

    iqra imtiazMonth ago

    still listening 8sep 2018

  78. Елизавета Волкова

    Елизавета ВолковаMonth ago


  79. Abigale Bass

    Abigale BassMonth ago

    all of his songs are sooo amazing

  80. Wiktoria Wiki

    Wiktoria WikiMonth ago

    Charlie is very VERY very nice songs😊❤

  81. Inbal

    InbalMonth ago

    That a fan page for Charlie ??

  82. Your Solar Girl

    Your Solar GirlMonth ago

    How does this song only have 1.5 million views?!!! 💛💛💛💛

  83. Raven- Chan

    Raven- ChanMonth ago


  84. Vanshika Gupta

    Vanshika GuptaMonth ago

    Okay so Charlie wants his girl to be 23

  85. S.M. Humayun kabir

    S.M. Humayun kabirMonth ago

    Charlie puth i love u

  86. Astrid Elisabeth Christensen

    Astrid Elisabeth ChristensenMonth ago

    Loving each and every song from this album- he's truly one of the greatest artists!

  87. Cecília Santos

    Cecília SantosMonth ago


  88. jiyangthye sangma

    jiyangthye sangmaMonth ago

    Dammm all of the songs 4m this album are awesome and addictive just loved it

  89. Pijush Ray

    Pijush RayMonth ago

    Love this song ❤❤ Have this all over my head all day long 🐳🐳

  90. كيسوكي تانيموتو

    كيسوكي تانيموتوMonth ago

    0:30 筒合?

  91. Abhishek ,Abits 302

    Abhishek ,Abits 302Month ago

    Why this song isn't famous

  92. Sakshi Mittal

    Sakshi MittalMonth ago

    0:01-- 3:10 ,,,💞💞💞💞

  93. Serena De Luca

    Serena De LucaMonth ago

    Io credo che questa sia la canzone piu bella del disco Voicenotes

  94. Sondang 2017

    Sondang 2017Month ago

    👍I like song👏👏

  95. Samyak Kar Maant Singh

    Samyak Kar Maant SinghMonth ago


  96. Sherin Hafez

    Sherin HafezMonth ago

    the lyric is kind of funny

  97. Samantha Pelcastre

    Samantha PelcastreMonth ago

    I love all of his voice notes!!! I can’t stop listening to them!! Charlie PUTH is my favorite singer! ❤️

  98. Anderson Andre Ferreira

    Anderson Andre FerreiraMonth ago


  99. Arushi Raza

    Arushi RazaMonth ago

    cant get enough of your music! went to your concert yesterday...ABSOLUTELY incredible! wouldnt want to have my first concert with someone else's music!!! if ur reading this plz give the bass drums and the guitar players my grattitude they rocked!

  100. Boonyavee Chollada

    Boonyavee CholladaMonth ago

    At the beginning, this song makes me think of Halls and Oats, I Can't Go For That. There is no song from Charlie Puth which I do not like. Whatever songs Charlie releases, they all stuck in my brain wave!

  101. haris gamer

    haris gamerMonth ago

    I don't know why this one has so much less views