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Charlie Puth - Slow It Down [Official Audio]


  1. Atkia Rahman

    Atkia Rahman2 hours ago

    I just love the way charlie says She's FUCKING with my head .

  2. Pinky Grace Dela Cruz

    Pinky Grace Dela Cruz6 hours ago


  3. RinkyTahmina Morshed

    RinkyTahmina Morshed10 hours ago

    Voicenotes are love😍

  4. Yogendra Singh

    Yogendra Singh11 hours ago

    Best song in voicenotes

  5. Ana Belen Ruiz Zambrana

    Ana Belen Ruiz Zambrana23 hours ago

    SLOW IT DOWN 🎶💕👑🔥

  6. Rainie Lucian

    Rainie LucianDay ago

    I discovered this song on the album... I think I'm addict. Thank you so much for this perfect song !

  7. Yashasvi Prasad

    Yashasvi PrasadDay ago

    Ain’t he pitch perfect ♥️ Charlie your voice takes me to an another world of imagination 😎 Love the beats 🙌🏼

  8. Sophia McCarthy

    Sophia McCarthyDay ago

    This is such a sexy song Charlie Puth is so under appreciated 🙌🙌

  9. Ranjeet Mishra

    Ranjeet MishraDay ago

    this song is my favorite

  10. Unicorn slime

    Unicorn slimeDay ago

    HI Charlie u the best!!!!

  11. S Music 18

    S Music 182 days ago

    I have listened Voicenotes songs step by step and I thought that any other can not surprise me more but this one I need listen again and again & makes my day fresh :-)

  12. Giulia Bonafonte

    Giulia Bonafonte2 days ago

    omg that's sooo good

  13. Sovanjan Sarkar

    Sovanjan Sarkar3 days ago

    Your songs r just amazing, specially this one.

  14. Meheh 39

    Meheh 393 days ago

    His songs are so good and addicting. Love you:)

  15. Holly styne

    Holly styne3 days ago

    Love it!

  16. Siti Rahma

    Siti Rahma3 days ago

    OMG!!! All of song from "VOICENOTES" it's amazing! Amazing like could stole my heart😆

  17. vinay gaikwad

    vinay gaikwad4 days ago

    You are so talented man !! Voicenotes is lit !! Its deserves to be the best album of the year 😘😍

  18. Connie Ohm

    Connie Ohm4 days ago

    love evey new song...

  19. Yash Devlikar

    Yash Devlikar4 days ago

    Loved it.. ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Naina Porwal

    Naina Porwal5 days ago

    Superb voice, luv u

  21. Betzy Saenz

    Betzy Saenz5 days ago

    I'm over here doing the deep fryer 😬😁❤

  22. Banana Club

    Banana Club6 days ago

    What VST or AXX did he used at 0:32 in the background

  23. Marwan Al korde

    Marwan Al korde6 days ago

    my husband yaaaaaas

  24. Adriana Rodriguez

    Adriana Rodriguez6 days ago

    Seeing him here in Albuquerque was AMAAAZING I'm in love lmao.

  25. rinaz mobhani

    rinaz mobhani6 days ago

    Your voice has magic, it brings my soul into the tune of dance😍 awesome Charlie...

  26. Maha Chaudhary

    Maha Chaudhary6 days ago

    I was having a conversation with my aunt about good artists in the singing industry and we had a favorite male artist and that was Charlie his songs are original and they just wanna make you dance and I can tell you this with confidence that my whole family agrees with us!

  27. Maha Chaudhary

    Maha Chaudhary6 days ago

    God I love his music so much. He’s so original

  28. Daniela Ramirez

    Daniela Ramirez7 days ago

    Charlie, you are the best man I love you so much💛🌼

  29. Madi Martin

    Madi Martin8 days ago

    Mann this song makes me fail school, I can’t do homework and dance at the same time :’(

  30. Srishti

    Srishti8 days ago

    I would love to be that Girl❤️

  31. Safa'a A

    Safa'a A8 days ago


  32. Christopher Rieben

    Christopher Rieben8 days ago

    omg this song fwihfirg irg i cant get over it 10 out of 10 sisters

  33. dreåming dølån

    dreåming dølån9 days ago

    anyone getting lowkey Big Time Rush vibes?! LOL

  34. Danielle Souza

    Danielle Souza9 days ago

    I listen to this everyday! It's a masterpiece. Thanks Charlie for showing it to the world

  35. janice Johnson

    janice Johnson9 days ago

    This is one of my favorite songs. I hope this makes it to radio.

  36. Sandra Walczak

    Sandra Walczak9 days ago

    Maybe this song has the least number of views on voicenotes, but in my opinion it sounds best I do not pay attention to the text, but to its melody. I always thought that Charlie's songs are different than all of them, that they have sense and that their melodies are beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful singer like you in this world ♥CHARLIE PUTH♥

  37. Rishi Raj

    Rishi Raj10 days ago

    He is so different no one can compare

  38. mahdi Al-iraqi

    mahdi Al-iraqi11 days ago

    الاغنيه الي خلتني اخيل على صوتك

  39. Joaking FR

    Joaking FR11 days ago

    good songs charlie

  40. Aisya Jlo

    Aisya Jlo11 days ago

    Love it ! ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Atkia Rahman

    Atkia Rahman11 days ago

    the lyrics are soo cool !

  42. RZ show Gaming

    RZ show Gaming11 days ago


  43. Mudassir Idrees

    Mudassir Idrees11 days ago




    The faster she takes off her clothes

  45. Lacey Wallace

    Lacey Wallace12 days ago

    You’ve released so many good songs keep up the good work charlie!! 💚💚

  46. Yasmeen Simra

    Yasmeen Simra12 days ago

    This song is making me dance right now😚😂❤

  47. Lubomira Pandezova

    Lubomira Pandezova12 days ago

    Great singer great songs 💕

  48. Monica Phelps

    Monica Phelps12 days ago

    Idk why the intro reminds me of Jump by Van

  49. Sugarifywords

    Sugarifywords12 days ago

    Aww! I was 23 too that time, had a pleasant affair with someone. This song brings me back to that naughty moments we had.. Hmmm 😉

  50. Piero Tamb

    Piero Tamb13 days ago

    Top voice!! Really!

  51. Dolon Saiful2014

    Dolon Saiful201413 days ago

    Hey charlie Love from Bangladesh 💘💘💜💜

  52. Indrayani Dey

    Indrayani Dey13 days ago

    Wow this songs are ❤

  53. 鋼然

    鋼然13 days ago

    Damn, this song is so freaking good. I just can't...

  54. _glacon_

    _glacon_13 days ago

    I think I just found an anti depressant song 💃😍😘 thanks babe 😚😚😚😚

  55. Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentarios Eu Estarei Lá

    Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentarios Eu Estarei Lá13 days ago

    A voz que ele faz do 0:44 até 0:49 é a melhor parte !!!

  56. Yasmeen Simra

    Yasmeen Simra14 days ago


  57. Markat merrr

    Markat merrr14 days ago

    So much more amazing when heard live. Honda Civic Tour 2018 Woohoo! Awesome hits from an awesome artist

  58. Uttam Das

    Uttam Das15 days ago

    Lovely.... We love your songs....from #India....

  59. Mattu Williams

    Mattu Williams15 days ago

    Come to Chile please :( i love you and i love your new songs...💛

  60. Seal Girl

    Seal Girl15 days ago

    Jazzy 😀like it

  61. Benjamin Jae TV.

    Benjamin Jae TV.16 days ago

    This song is so good

  62. Ricardo Miguel Luna

    Ricardo Miguel Luna16 days ago

    Video oficcial!! 😍😍

  63. tamanna das

    tamanna das16 days ago

    this song is just making me dance.....luv u charlie puth😇😍😘😘😙

  64. Josue Perez

    Josue Perez16 days ago

    She know what she doing wrapping her legs around my waist

  65. Kris Xela

    Kris Xela17 days ago

    God.... I love those absolute good compliments becoz this my most fav song in the album...... 😃😃😃this is what I deserve to be a Charlie puth fan.... ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I wish he would make an amazing video song for slow it down soon as possible ❤❤❤

  66. Ritik Dhasmana

    Ritik Dhasmana17 days ago

    No reason for dislike.

  67. Shahriar Kabir

    Shahriar Kabir17 days ago

    Awesome song

  68. arnesh kamboj

    arnesh kamboj17 days ago

    in voicenotes, the best song is between empty cups, boy and slow it down

  69. abby kasz

    abby kasz17 days ago

    sooo talented ! just got back from your concert in chicago, you're so insanely talented. love you sm. keep being amazing.

  70. isabella kern

    isabella kern17 days ago

    This song is so underrated

  71. GP7 619 tú crack !!!

    GP7 619 tú crack !!!17 days ago

    Sudamérica Presente?

  72. W J

    W J18 days ago


  73. Sabrina Jack

    Sabrina Jack18 days ago

    Hehehe😆😆 it's a dirty song 😆😆 but I love it 😂😂

  74. Kendall Anne

    Kendall Anne19 days ago

    this has been stuck in my head for the past three days. every since the Charlie concert in nc, I’ve been all over this song. and boy.

  75. Tom De La Cruz

    Tom De La Cruz19 days ago

    I love this song.

  76. Peyton Foster

    Peyton Foster19 days ago

    Literally all the songs on this album are amazing, I can’t stop listening to them😍🧡

  77. Paolo Sobretodo

    Paolo Sobretodo19 days ago


  78. Olea Unicorn

    Olea Unicorn19 days ago

    I love this song!

  79. Yati Mateo

    Yati Mateo20 days ago

    I love you charlie❤🙊

  80. Creative dolan

    Creative dolan20 days ago

    Nice ass album man. Listen to your album and Shawn everyday

  81. aaliyah dell

    aaliyah dell20 days ago

    I wish I could go to one of his concerts. Singers nowadays are doing it for fans yes, but I feel like Charlie connects with his fans on a level few artists can. He tells a story through his music, so when I listen to it, I listen very carefully and it makes me laugh at how focused I am sometimes. Charlie is very considerate of not only his fans, but also of himself. I admire the fact that he takes the time to make good quality music. There's not a song on his albums that I don't like, because I can relate to them in some way, shape or form. If I can, I hope to go to his concert one day. Thank you Charlie for being alive around this time. I can't wait to tell my kids and grandchildren about your wonderful music. Even though you feel like your music will never be good enough to you, it is definitely an amazing gift from God to me and to everyone. Even though it's not my gift to sing, I'm glad God gave it to you, because this is amazing. Love the perfect pitch by the way. Thank you, Charlie. I know it's kind of cliché to say, but I love you and your music. Keep being you Charlie. Your music has inspired me to find myself again. I got lost in life and I still am, but your music is helping me find myself again. I'll tell you all about it when I see you someday. ;)

  82. Ana Vojnović

    Ana Vojnović21 day ago

    Just to make it simple.... This whole album is Masterpiece!!!!!💃💃💃💃

  83. Bubbel Star

    Bubbel Star21 day ago

    Can't stop dancing and singing. Such a good beat😍🤩🎉

  84. Fabricio Alvarado

    Fabricio Alvarado21 day ago

    I Like it this music

  85. Luca Favero

    Luca Favero21 day ago

    This song is going to be a hit!

  86. Diana Santos

    Diana Santos22 days ago

    This song is a lit 😍 everyone in the house love it 😍😍😍 Congratulations boyyy 💚

  87. Verrücktt Mendes

    Verrücktt Mendes22 days ago

    This Audio deserves more views !!!

  88. Bidisha Das

    Bidisha Das22 days ago

    Omgggg😍😍😍😍😍😍 cant stop to listening frm it

  89. zohara yns

    zohara yns22 days ago

    This song should be getting more attention than the other voicenotes uploads. Te amo ❤

  90. Edineusa Conceição

    Edineusa Conceição22 days ago

    Só musica boa ♡ I LOVE YOU ♡ amo vc

  91. Charlie cute

    Charlie cute23 days ago

    Charlie heat yolu love me ***:)))))) darlinggg

  92. Arlena Lopez

    Arlena Lopez23 days ago

    My insta: charlieputhforev

  93. Arlena Lopez

    Arlena Lopez23 days ago

    Everytime my sister turns on the radio I put bluetooth and play this song about...100 times. Never get tired of it.

  94. Carol Laia

    Carol Laia23 days ago

    Muito amor por essa música 😍

  95. lilyhawkins10- check out my instagram!

    lilyhawkins10- check out my instagram!23 days ago

    Nice song Charlie!

  96. Kristine

    Kristine23 days ago

    Charlie this amazing !!! ♥️♥️♥️

  97. Elpzie _

    Elpzie _24 days ago

    Did he sneak a "boy you got to slow it down" at the end? 😉

  98. Stephanie Lewis

    Stephanie Lewis24 days ago

    I love all the songs on this album, also know all the lyrics 😍

  99. Kenzy Bassem

    Kenzy Bassem24 days ago

    I love you so much and I love this amazing song really I am from Egypt and I hope to see this comment and like on it hope to come Egypt lovee youuu kinggg Charlie 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  100. Percy Salazar Torre

    Percy Salazar Torre25 days ago

    the best song i love!