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Charlie Puth - Slow It Down [Official Audio]


  1. رجال الانهار/Men of rivers

    رجال الانهار/Men of rivers29 minutes ago

    I got a situation, this girl been stressin' me Sayin' she better be the only one My life is complicated, she's only 23 I'm not the guy that she's supposed to love [Pre-Chorus] Oh, the more that I tell her I'm not stayin' over The harder she makes it to go Oh, the more that I try to convince her this won't work The faster she takes off her clothes [Chorus] Girl, you gotta slow it down (girl, you gotta slow it down) I'm not tryna fall for you Girl, you gotta slow it down (girl, you gotta slow it down) I can't give it all to you Even though I want to [Verse 2] She knows just what she doin', she fuckin' with my head Wrappin' her legs so tight around my waist Two in the afternoon, but, we still ain't out of bed No matter what, she always gets her way [Pre-Chorus] Oh, the more that I tell her I'm not stayin' over (whoa) The harder she makes it to go (you make it so hard) Oh, the more that I try to convince her this won't work (oh) The faster she takes off her clothes [Chorus] Girl, you gotta slow it down (girl, you gotta slow it down) I'm not tryna fall for you Girl, you gotta slow it down (girl, you gotta slow it down) I can't give it all to you Even though I want to Even though I want to, oh, yeah [Bridge] You've got to slow it, slow it down, baby You've got to slow it down You don't know what you're doin' to me now You've got to slow it, slow it down, baby Oh You've got to slow it down Oh [Chorus] Girl, you gotta slow it down (girl, you gotta slow it down) I'm not tryna fall for you (I'm not tryna fall, baby) Girl, you gotta slow it down (girl, you gotta slow it down) I can't give it all to you Even though I want to Oh, you gotta slow it down, yeah, yeah

  2. Mahendra Sharma

    Mahendra Sharma4 hours ago

    Each and every day I hear charli puth songs, #Classicvoicenotes

  3. Danielle Souza

    Danielle Souza13 hours ago

    I cry every time I listen to this song. I'm desperate to see his performance in Rock in Rio

  4. Amin Co

    Amin CoDay ago

    70's meets sexy ass 2019

  5. Angel Edison

    Angel EdisonDay ago

    Charlie 😘😘

  6. Leo Messi

    Leo Messi2 days ago

    One call away ☎☎📞📞

  7. Israt Jahan

    Israt Jahan3 days ago

    I love this song and Charlie puth is my favourite singer 💖💖💖

  8. Sofya Chanyeol💞 Exo💕

    Sofya Chanyeol💞 Exo💕4 days ago

    I think its my best song in 2019 💔💓😭

  9. Agustina Dumullard

    Agustina Dumullard5 days ago

    The best song from Voicenotes!!!! ❤😎

  10. Subheya Ahmed

    Subheya Ahmed6 days ago

    This is so amazing, I’ve been listening to this for hours, and I’m still not tired of it

  11. Annie Flowers

    Annie Flowers6 days ago

    He has the best songs we need more 4 2019 like if u feel the same😎

  12. Leticia Garcia

    Leticia Garcia6 days ago

    Idk why people dont like charlie puth he is the bestttttt of all for me idk for u guys my cousin hates him i was mad at her i saw LIKE BROOO HE THE BESTTTT😚😚

  13. Christi Cobban

    Christi Cobban7 days ago

    I really wanted RoadTrip TV to cover this song, although they nailed Attention and How Long I would have been so happy if they had covered this one aswell

  14. Meriem Bakria

    Meriem Bakria7 days ago

    Can't get enough of this beat 🤩 great song 😍

  15. David Mccoy

    David Mccoy7 days ago

    "the more try and convince her this wont work the faster she takes off her cloths":)

  16. Paui Nejo

    Paui Nejo7 days ago

    Is this dude like??? Even Human??

  17. Yasmin Then

    Yasmin Then8 days ago


  18. Emily Keith

    Emily Keith9 days ago

    This is my favorite song off this album! Great album!

  19. Meet Dadhich

    Meet Dadhich9 days ago

    Well i learned English only for Charlie puth's songs sir please hit a like i'll happy love from INDIA 🇮🇳

  20. sweet rose

    sweet rose10 days ago

    when I listening your music I dream. And while song I hear this happiness ❤ You are not alone !!

  21. The Gymnastes du 51

    The Gymnastes du 5110 days ago

    you are the best charlie love you so much !!! cp familly !

  22. No Name

    No Name10 days ago

    Lagunya enak banget😊👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  23. P Kranz

    P Kranz10 days ago

    No Can Do meets Ride Like the Wind ??? ;)

  24. Dr. Ayad

    Dr. Ayad11 days ago

    no day can pass without your wonderful songs

  25. Justine A

    Justine A12 days ago

    I love this song!

  26. Abhinav Sharma

    Abhinav Sharma13 days ago

    Awesome song

  27. Abhinav Sharma

    Abhinav Sharma13 days ago

    This song shoot out my mind

  28. Mahendra Sharma

    Mahendra Sharma14 days ago

    Love from India, voicenotez already break several records .

  29. Natasha Ovalle

    Natasha Ovalle14 days ago

    I love all of the voicenotes songs ❤



    I spend 3 or 4 hours a day listining to ur music AND ITS WONDERFUL IT NEVER GETS OLD I LOVE IT

  31. lovely lillym

    lovely lillym16 days ago

    Oh my Charlie,u r talented🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  32. Colecionando Alegria

    Colecionando Alegria18 days ago


  33. Jimmy Shibli

    Jimmy Shibli19 days ago


  34. S K

    S K19 days ago

    This is one of ur good songs, no matter if it gets that much attention or not.

  35. Soni Kumari

    Soni Kumari20 days ago

    What's your favourite line from this song .......?

  36. Soni Kumari

    Soni Kumari6 days ago

    And mine ... She's f ckin with my head ..wrapping her legs so tight around my waist

  37. Jennifer Castillo

    Jennifer Castillo8 days ago

    She f ing with my head because of the way he says it 💚😅👌

  38. sweet n spicy

    sweet n spicy20 days ago

    Your songs are addictive ❤

  39. Adele Oliviero

    Adele Oliviero21 day ago


  40. usha khublall

    usha khublall21 day ago

    The chorus is similar to Hall and Oates 'Can't go for that'

  41. Maya Nomad

    Maya Nomad22 days ago

    This album sounds like the new classic

  42. B sal Aryal

    B sal Aryal22 days ago

    Make a music video of this Song and LA Girls

  43. B sal Aryal

    B sal Aryal22 days ago

    Wow Voice Notes is full of Best Songs!!!! Love you Charlie

  44. momin saber

    momin saber23 days ago

    why all his songs sound the same

  45. Joseph Abboud

    Joseph Abboud23 days ago

    I think this Voice note should be a song. I memorized it already after listening to it 7 times. Like if you agree

  46. me it

    me it23 days ago

    I'm so in love sith this song!

  47. celeste rosales

    celeste rosales23 days ago

    oh charlie, what beautiful music, it's perfect, the divine melody your music is perfect, I love you and you really admire, you thrive a lot in your vocation as a singer, which by the way seems to dominate you because you sing very well

  48. helleboid paul

    helleboid paul23 days ago


  49. Sophia Jen Petalcorin

    Sophia Jen Petalcorin23 days ago

    Charlie!!! You never fail to amaze me as always.❤❤❤

  50. I am Spek

    I am Spek24 days ago

    I come from Thailand 😍😍😍

  51. Lizzi

    Lizzi24 days ago

    :") you are so perfect. I love you! ❤

  52. Lizzi

    Lizzi24 days ago

    :c te amo. Muero de ganas por verte :c te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :")

  53. Kristopher Vegeta

    Kristopher Vegeta25 days ago

    My Christmas jam❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Andre

    Andre25 days ago

    LOVE this song♥️

  55. Lishan Marie Cervantes

    Lishan Marie Cervantes26 days ago

    OMG FAVE SONG!!!❤️❤️❤️

  56. Jaya Sharma

    Jaya Sharma27 days ago

    Love ❤ ❤

  57. Travel Nerd

    Travel Nerd28 days ago

    Such a talented singer,song writer, record producer but only 2.2 million views till now. Such a shame.People don't deserve gem really.your songs make me cry.your songs😘😘

  58. Isabel Erlank

    Isabel Erlank28 days ago

    So in love with this song!!!

  59. Ashoor Nasser

    Ashoor Nasser29 days ago

    Charlie knows what he is doing. All the songs are neat. Tis ACE

  60. Angelina Garcia

    Angelina Garcia29 days ago

    Just keeps getting better and BETTER!!!

  61. Claudia Silva

    Claudia Silva29 days ago

    super gatoooooo



    I LOVE YOU 💕

  63. George Bone-Knell

    George Bone-KnellMonth ago

    Just a brilliant album

  64. Soni Kumari

    Soni KumariMonth ago

    Amazing song hats off to you charlie

  65. Anup Banerjee

    Anup BanerjeeMonth ago

    All ur voicenotes are fabulous...........and this one OMG!!!!! proud puthinator ........LOVE CHARLIE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  66. Pal _

    Pal _Month ago

    Daryl Hall & John Oates + Charlie Puth = this master piece.

  67. Pal _

    Pal _Month ago

    Voicenotes is the best album of 2018, every song is sf amazing. This isn't getting enough love just because he's not Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber.

  68. Yann Soares

    Yann SoaresMonth ago

    Oh my God❤

  69. Snapshot200636

    Snapshot200636Month ago

    I'm not tryin to fall for u...r music

  70. Samarjeet Dighe

    Samarjeet DigheMonth ago

    What a song!!loved it😍😍😍

  71. Adele Oliviero

    Adele OlivieroMonth ago


  72. They Call Me Ricardo

    They Call Me RicardoMonth ago

    I swear in the end he says "Boy, you gotta slow it down"!

  73. Norma Yepez

    Norma YepezMonth ago

    A pesar que hablen inglés voy a decir que ame mucho esta canción igual que todo el disco, es realmente increíble, gracias, bai.🤩

  74. Ana Lucía Tenorio

    Ana Lucía TenorioMonth ago

    te amo tus canciones son increíbles

  75. খোলা চিঠি

    খোলা চিঠিMonth ago

    Love Charlie's songs... they're so melodious

  76. Ridwan Hussain

    Ridwan HussainMonth ago

    this my favourite. I really liked it when he did the "ah" part. it sounds like Michael Jackson

  77. Chanyanuch reviews

    Chanyanuch reviewsMonth ago

    Concert is comeback again in years.....? I favorite your song so much it a great song❤❤ From Thailand

  78. Indi Indi

    Indi IndiMonth ago

    Hall and Oates inspired, I hear it!!!🎶 "I can't go for that, nooooo! "🎶

  79. ;sad boy;

    ;sad boy;Month ago

    I still love this song every day!

  80. Ma Nu

    Ma NuMonth ago


  81. Rajagopal Hari

    Rajagopal HariMonth ago

    Reminding me of late 80s pop I luv it

  82. Bachrul ulum

    Bachrul ulumMonth ago

    Enjoy the song and it so nice !! 😊😃🤓 Im from indonesia 🇮🇩

  83. Sarthak Ahir

    Sarthak AhirMonth ago

    He makes stress-bursting songs

  84. Arijit sarkar

    Arijit sarkarMonth ago

    Why this awesome songs are so underrated , it deserves better , love Charlie's megestic voice ❤️😊

  85. Abhi Sarkar

    Abhi SarkarMonth ago

    After Enrique now I'm addicted of Charlie

  86. md Ibrahim60394

    md Ibrahim60394Month ago

    I will come form bangladesh to usa to meet with you only

  87. Mystery Willows

    Mystery WillowsMonth ago

    I think this is the best song of all

  88. Foyej Mahmud Rocky

    Foyej Mahmud RockyMonth ago

    Superb song 🇧🇩

  89. Andres Caceres-Soto

    Andres Caceres-SotoMonth ago

    happy birthday charlieeee :)

  90. Brie Fran

    Brie FranMonth ago

    Love this song and you Charlie happy birthday

  91. Anais Rallion

    Anais RallionMonth ago

    Happy 27th birthday!!! I love you Charlie!! Keep making the best music ever! ❤️

  92. Joseline Godinez

    Joseline GodinezMonth ago

    Happy Birthday!!😁😀

  93. Arlena Lopez

    Arlena LopezMonth ago

    Best song on voice notes in my opinion

  94. Gabriel Duarte de Queiroz Jr. Duarte

    Gabriel Duarte de Queiroz Jr. DuarteMonth ago

    Sou vidrado em flasch backs, mas confesso que abri uma exceção para este artista dos tempos modernos! É um show a parte! Mr. Charlei Puth, este cara é um show!!

  95. Timaria Arora

    Timaria AroraMonth ago

    dis shit bangin'

  96. vishesh dwivedi

    vishesh dwivediMonth ago

    Voicenotes.. the best album I ever heard.

  97. Monica Araujo

    Monica AraujoMonth ago

    Te quiero, Charlie! 😍😍😍😍 Vem para o Brasil, please!

  98. Rishi

    RishiMonth ago

    One of the best song from Charlie puth love you bro ❤️❤️❤️ Please give me a like if you like my comment

  99. june jones

    june jonesMonth ago

    Favorite track on the album and it stays on repeat.

  100. Genaro Guerrero

    Genaro GuerreroMonth ago

    Charlie puth is the greatest band ever. Shes all i wanna be. So good in the interpretation. Emotional experience. Theyre a great band with a powerful sound like an american people do.

  101. Connor Holan

    Connor HolanMonth ago

    Voicenotes needs more love!

  102. MariahsarusRex

    MariahsarusRexMonth ago

    Okay but this whole album is perfection?