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Charlie Puth - If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men) [Studio Session]


  1. Ayush Asylum

    Ayush Asylum13 hours ago


  2. Zoé Clos

    Zoé Clos14 hours ago

    I came here after hearing this song while buying toilet paper at the convenience store. Great discoveries can happen anywhere 😂

  3. guitarsword1

    guitarsword1Day ago

    Love Charlie , but not this track. Too soapy.

  4. Olivia Chase

    Olivia Chase2 days ago

    Charlie! If you read this please understand that your hair is handsome when it's messy! You have talent getting those high notes! I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT! I love by the way!

  5. it's just Erin

    it's just Erin3 days ago

    This is such a great song, collab, I love both Charlie Puth and Boyz II Men so I was just like "Hell Yes!" when I first heard this song.

  6. djdor

    djdor3 days ago

    why boyz ii men only 3?

  7. rowliv

    rowliv3 days ago

    I can't stop listening to this song!

  8. Xavi Pineda

    Xavi Pineda4 days ago


  9. ProudJuventina

    ProudJuventina4 days ago

    It reminds me of Nsync I thought she knew

  10. Naing Win

    Naing Win5 days ago


  11. vandana nishad

    vandana nishad5 days ago

    Who the hell can dislike this

  12. Avantika Mirchandani

    Avantika Mirchandani6 days ago

    when the song came on i thought it was i thought she knew by nsync

  13. 陳修

    陳修6 days ago

    😭😭😭😭terrific I love this badly 😭

  14. Harsh Karki

    Harsh Karki6 days ago

    Om namah shivay::::. ) if u got it

  15. Karan Choubey

    Karan Choubey6 days ago

    my stress gets released whenever I hear this song.

  16. Puth 1991

    Puth 19916 days ago

    am i the only one that loves his hair when its long

  17. vicareede

    vicareede6 days ago

    this song touches my heart.

  18. neelloc2006

    neelloc20067 days ago

    How nice of Boyz II Men to do a song with Charlie. They are legends!

  19. Isabelle Winberg

    Isabelle Winberg10 days ago

    This is the best collaboration in the world like I can’t come up with another song that’s this good, want this song on my wedding💗💗💗💗

  20. Dita Okta

    Dita Okta12 days ago

    love Charlie 😍


    VISHALI S12 days ago

    This is slow poison... 😍 I just love it...

  22. Alexis Gathanga

    Alexis Gathanga12 days ago

    Sending looooovvve all the way from kenya🇰🇪.I love me some Charlie Puth😘

  23. badlymiss na

    badlymiss na13 days ago

    Why you always make me feel loved, Charlie? ❤️

  24. XIS

    XIS13 days ago

    Misericórdia, emocionante

  25. Lily H

    Lily H14 days ago

    Love this song !❤️❤️like if you agree😊👍

  26. Lily H

    Lily H19 hours ago


  27. yolo v :3

    yolo v :315 days ago


  28. Chris McCall

    Chris McCall15 days ago

    A DREAM COLLAB Never thought I would see Charlie Puth & Boys II Men making magic together.

  29. B sal Aryal

    B sal Aryal15 days ago

    Lop u charlie

  30. Clementine Chex

    Clementine Chex15 days ago


  31. yoyoyoholla1

    yoyoyoholla116 days ago

    Vocals are so perfect

  32. Stacey Bowen

    Stacey Bowen16 days ago

    OMG. this song. these artists...those VOICES! just beautiful...

  33. Mielamer

    Mielamer16 days ago


  34. Melody Le

    Melody Le16 days ago

    my ears are blessed

  35. Pankaj Gupta

    Pankaj Gupta16 days ago

    Playing in 2x

  36. It's RUMALI

    It's RUMALI16 days ago

    It makes me CRY 😢😭😭😭😭😢😭😢

  37. Andrys Pimentel

    Andrys Pimentel17 days ago

    Sing that funky music white boy!!!!! And love you Boyz ii men always!!!! We need more music like this

  38. ライトニング

    ライトニング20 days ago

    That’s good

  39. Eva Abeto

    Eva Abeto20 days ago

    I love this song because of we the low range of harmony. I put the bass much higher I think it really sounds amazing with the high range voices. I like this version more than the official one where it is too high and the B2M are far away in the back. This is a beautiful song and I love the fact that young artist like you sing with legends like Boyz 2 Men from the 90s. Thank you:))

  40. Dana Fields

    Dana Fields21 day ago

    2:56 - 3:00 gave me chills

  41. Susan Valery Duet Musica/Espectaculo

    Susan Valery Duet Musica/Espectaculo23 days ago


  42. Cailin Wallace

    Cailin Wallace23 days ago

    OMG Charlie Puth is awesome

  43. Trollies

    Trollies23 days ago

    Only here for Boys ll Men

  44. Angel Galang

    Angel Galang23 days ago Listen to this>

  45. Gaby Sosa

    Gaby Sosa25 days ago


  46. mirrorsmask 15

    mirrorsmask 1525 days ago

    I swear to you all that charlie puth should definitely make more songs like this and collab more with Boyz II Men because both make amazing music together

  47. BTS fanfiction

    BTS fanfiction25 days ago

    I love them. Damn 😍

  48. tadmouri

    tadmouri26 days ago

    Wow they were singing from the heart!!!!!

  49. AntixFlanks

    AntixFlanks26 days ago

    Christmas song*cough* and it’s amazing

  50. circle rous

    circle rous27 days ago

    Charlie i want married with you,i want have a child with a perfect nose like u😭😭😭😭

  51. circle rous

    circle rous27 days ago

    This songgggg soooo😭❤

  52. Imelda Hernandez

    Imelda Hernandez29 days ago

    His the best on the world👌

  53. Dina Eckols

    Dina Eckols29 days ago

    I do to

  54. Moderate FAN

    Moderate FAN29 days ago

    Remember they was talking stuff to each other on drop the mic show but they ended up singing with each other

  55. Jamie Strickland

    Jamie StricklandMonth ago

    This is a absolutely history and it’s beautiful like his voice is something else

  56. Jamie Strickland

    Jamie StricklandMonth ago

    And boys 2 men collab is out of this world

  57. Tessa Tomayko

    Tessa TomaykoMonth ago

    Who needs background music when you have Boyz ii men !!

  58. Tessa Tomayko

    Tessa TomaykoMonth ago

    You know shit is about to get real when wanya takes off the glasses!!!!

  59. Studio Avenue86

    Studio Avenue86Month ago

    Amazing talaga Boyz II Men and this collab 😊 --- listening from Manila

  60. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresMonth ago

    I love you :3 ♡♡♡♡

  61. Anushka Sarkar

    Anushka SarkarMonth ago

    His VOICE! Hands down!🙇🏻‍♀️♥️ The best in business in the music industry rn. 💥🥂

  62. donny huang

    donny huangMonth ago

    B II M 3/4 only......

  63. Komal Khan

    Komal KhanMonth ago

    1:41 Charlie's adorable face ❤

  64. Karla Camil

    Karla CamilMonth ago

    does anyone know what mic they were all using?

  65. Mohammad Salah

    Mohammad SalahMonth ago


  66. Dont Read My Name

    Dont Read My NameMonth ago

    This song is underrated . They deserve 1 billion views .

  67. Daniel People

    Daniel PeopleMonth ago

    There’s a lot of clumsy ppl that watched this video 😂😂😂 bc they “ACCIDENTALLY”pressed the dislike button but I know they didn’t do it on purpose 😁...🤨

  68. Reuben Crawford

    Reuben CrawfordMonth ago

    tbh I think boysIImen could've been involved in it A bit more...... just saying.........

  69. Mary Beth Parks

    Mary Beth ParksMonth ago

    GOD is ever Present in the World! Love love this song! Boys to Men and Charlie Praise God for your inspiring voices! May Our Lord Jesus Christ Bless ya always! Thank you for singing like Angels In Sweet Harmony! AMEN!

  70. skeletøn clique

    skeletøn cliqueMonth ago

  71. Rikana Putri

    Rikana PutriMonth ago


  72. Dary Kana

    Dary KanaMonth ago

    Amazing!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Shanika McKoy

    Shanika McKoyMonth ago

    😍😍😍😍 my soul has blissfully melted

  74. Sahar Mohsini

    Sahar MohsiniMonth ago

    melting heart 😍

  75. Nadia Nikolova

    Nadia NikolovaMonth ago

    He is one of a kind.

  76. Lily J

    Lily JMonth ago

    aaw this was such a lovely song!!! i was totally going hyper when i saw the feat, boyz II men coz i just know their voices are just ANGELS and PERFECT. i couldn't imagine their voices and charlie's together but this song.. it's just BEAUUUUTIFUL. the very best

  77. sa su

    sa suMonth ago

    O M G Charliputh😁😁😀😊☺😄

  78. li ean wong

    li ean wongMonth ago

    Listening to this song gives me goosebumps every time! A perfect harmony of current and elite music generation

  79. Vanessa Lois Marquez

    Vanessa Lois MarquezMonth ago

    So underrated. Love this song so much. ❤️

  80. Adiel S Musumhi

    Adiel S MusumhiMonth ago

    imagine Sam Smith in this fix!!!!!!!

  81. Lina Guerra

    Lina GuerraMonth ago

    the harmonies are so incredible! I LIVE for amazing harmonies

  82. Laura Leiva

    Laura LeivaMonth ago

    Is the person behind the camera starting to film videos?

  83. Jasmapili Djulu

    Jasmapili DjuluMonth ago

    0:46-1:04 😍😍😍🤤🤤😭😭😭

  84. Amaris Sih Kinanthi

    Amaris Sih KinanthiMonth ago


  85. RK AND TH

    RK AND THMonth ago

    This song getting me years in my eyes

  86. Novita Putrie

    Novita PutrieMonth ago


  87. Asridha S Dina

    Asridha S DinaMonth ago

    oh my heart ....

  88. ayu adrianti azhari

    ayu adrianti azhariMonth ago

    😍😍 WOW...

  89. Ka Ka

    Ka KaMonth ago

    Charlie Puth just Hummm also sweet ❤🎵🎼

  90. Beija Flor

    Beija FlorMonth ago


  91. Lena Daniels

    Lena DanielsMonth ago

    Let’s be real who would breakup with Charlie Puth ?

  92. Cean Rezzlier

    Cean RezzlierMonth ago

    Does anyone else thinks he looks like tom cruise?

  93. Mimi Mary

    Mimi MaryMonth ago

    OMG...Boyz 2 Men....still soulful as beautiful! Kudos to Charlie Puth!! Great voice and awesome song...... I HEART THIS SO MUCH!

  94. Prince Custodio

    Prince CustodioMonth ago


  95. Sondang 2017

    Sondang 2017Month ago

    wow. amazing🎵🎵

  96. •ZoeCraft•

    •ZoeCraft•Month ago


  97. Yoke Lee

    Yoke LeeMonth ago

    BOYZ II MEN!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

  98. Queen Thomas

    Queen ThomasMonth ago

    LAWWWWWD!!! Boyz 2 Men and Charlie Puth. #RIP2ThePanties

  99. celline elin

    celline elinMonth ago

    No, this is not goodbye I swear that I'm gonna change No, baby, please don't cry It doesn't have to end this way 'Cause when I think of all the nights I'll be alone I get terrified Please don't say goodbye 'Cause girl, if you leave me now If you give it up and just walk right out You will take the biggest part of me And all the things that I believe Baby, if you leave me now (yeah) When did we lose our way? My whole world was unraveling And girls driving me insane There's no road worth traveling When I think about all of the nights you're gone (nights you're gone, oh) I get terrified (I get terrified) Please don't say goodbye (bye) 'Cause girl, if you leave me now If you're givin' up and just walk right out (oh) You will take the biggest part of me And all the things that I believe Baby, if you leave me now Oh, baby, if you leave me now Oh, I can promise if we parted (parted) And if you left me brokenhearted Every single night, I'll think about you with someone else Baby, if you leave me Baby, if you leave me now If you give it up and just walk right out (oh) You will take the biggest part of me And all the things that I believe Baby if you leave me now Oh girl, if you leave me now If you give it up and just walk right out Baby, you will take the biggest part of me And all the things that I believe Baby, if you leave me now Oh, baby, if you leave me now

  100. mirza yya

    mirza yyaMonth ago

    Omg bless my ears

  101. Pascale CW

    Pascale CWMonth ago

    Just unbelievable

  102. Mr Grape

    Mr GrapeMonth ago

    Charlie's voice is so touching since see you again, salute!!!!