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Charlie Puth - If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men) [Studio Session]


  1. Rupert Aranas

    Rupert Aranas11 hours ago

    Charlie Puth: Baby if you leave me now Khalid:Can we just talk🗣️😣💔

  2. Shahd Ahmed

    Shahd Ahmed2 days ago

    Your voice so amazing love you Charlie puth for ever From Egypt ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. joshua steven

    joshua steven2 days ago


  4. Bryant Whittaker

    Bryant Whittaker3 days ago

    Every one of them can sing.

  5. Bryant Whittaker

    Bryant Whittaker3 days ago

    They all can sing

  6. Charmaine Arongay

    Charmaine Arongay5 days ago

    This song is the reason we need a "love" button.

  7. cheryl lopez

    cheryl lopez5 days ago

    Such a sexy voice!!!! Im in love

  8. Nyjai Nuby

    Nyjai Nuby6 days ago

    The HARMONIES!!! I got chills

  9. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg10 days ago

    If you leave noee

  10. Tyler Fejeran

    Tyler Fejeran10 days ago


  11. Moises Chica

    Moises Chica12 days ago

    i was just about to cry😢

  12. Ojies tube

    Ojies tube13 days ago

    Very sad song :(

  13. hi Gy

    hi Gy13 days ago

    it's a beautiful song

  14. hi Gy

    hi Gy13 days ago

    Hi Mr Charlie Puth and how are you doing always??

  15. might black king

    might black king16 days ago

    This is trash the original is better

  16. zane amedee

    zane amedee16 days ago


  17. Jen Rulon

    Jen Rulon18 days ago

    Why am I just discovering this? Freaking AHHHMAZING!! I can't stop listening.

  18. Aldana

    Aldana18 days ago

    The intro reminds me a lot of "I Thought She Knew" by NSYNC.

  19. Wristbreak

    Wristbreak16 days ago

    Its an interpolation. Its meant to sound extacly like it

  20. Jareth Rullan

    Jareth Rullan19 days ago

    This is a nice on the ears song and i love it

  21. Solstråle Blessed

    Solstråle Blessed19 days ago

    Miss you Charlie Puth💚😍

  22. Krishn Agarwal

    Krishn Agarwal21 day ago

    There's so many ups and downs in this song that I can't decide wether to be happy or sad! ❤️🎶

  23. Krishn Agarwal

    Krishn Agarwal21 day ago

    One year it has been, and still I love this song! ❤️ Charlie's voice and that smooth flow by Boyz II Men (and their singing too) ,just keeps me listening to it again and again.

  24. tweety pie

    tweety pie22 days ago

    Y'all got my mom fangirling

  25. pirori matreks

    pirori matreks22 days ago


  26. Ricardo Gonzales

    Ricardo Gonzales24 days ago

    Such smooth Soul like this reminds me of the music that I grew up loving!Collaboration of Voices that speak loud as life* B2M forever Yo!

  27. Marie Raymundo

    Marie Raymundo25 days ago

    I could listen to this beautiful song all day ❤️🙈

  28. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd Christmas25 days ago

    Boyz II Men... among the greatest vocals.

  29. D L

    D L26 days ago

    You will take the biggest part of me and all the things that I believe.....

  30. Pradeepta R. Khaling

    Pradeepta R. Khaling26 days ago

    Imagine Boyz II Men humming in the gates of heaven.

  31. keren tiferet

    keren tiferet26 days ago

    Charlie I hope you will come to israell I love you so muchhh 😍😍 You're the reason I live♥ I want to kill myself and then I though about you and I stop thank you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ You are the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  32. keren tiferet

    keren tiferet26 days ago

    Was want*

  33. Mamah Mamahmario32

    Mamah Mamahmario3227 days ago

    Kerenzzz 😘

  34. Cecilia Humphrey

    Cecilia Humphrey28 days ago

    I never knew who this dude was till now i love this song well i love boys 2 men especially the way they harmonize

  35. Derek Webb

    Derek WebbMonth ago

    Boyz II Men harmony throughout the years has literally been the gold standard of R&B.

  36. dark enough

    dark enoughMonth ago

    This song made me realise that how lonely I am.😅

  37. Saagithya Suresh

    Saagithya SureshMonth ago

    Wtffff this is tooo goodddd

  38. Castro RD

    Castro RDMonth ago

    I'm at paradise of music.

  39. Tested Xylophone

    Tested XylophoneMonth ago

    Yo I actually love how pure this song sounds, and like fuckin Charlie sounds so GOOD like WHOA. Such a pretty voice/song

  40. Emi Hurevich

    Emi HurevichMonth ago

    Mic brand???

  41. Jayson Yubili

    Jayson YubiliMonth ago

    Is this the Chicago song?

  42. StormNike YT

    StormNike YTMonth ago

    Charlie voice is like a angel

  43. rbaileyrb

    rbaileyrbMonth ago

    I wish i could hit the like button more than once.

  44. Syifa Ratna

    Syifa RatnaMonth ago

    bless my ears💕

  45. Alexa CejaJaimes

    Alexa CejaJaimesMonth ago

    this song needs more views it's so beautiful

  46. CardoMaximvs

    CardoMaximvsMonth ago

    only 7.842.338?????

  47. Garudasatu TV

    Garudasatu TVMonth ago

    May 2019?

  48. Bruno Porto

    Bruno PortoMonth ago

    Begining like 'I Tought She Knew' By NSYNC

  49. I_am_boosted

    I_am_boostedMonth ago

    This is an emotional experience

  50. 전윤아

    전윤아Month ago


  51. Andrew Younan

    Andrew YounanMonth ago

    This music heals my soul I am forever grateful for this

  52. •ˏˋ Ꭺცʂɬγųʂɛ ू.x

    •ˏˋ Ꭺცʂɬγųʂɛ ू.xMonth ago

    Most under rated song. Guys please appreciate this song!

  53. apit karki

    apit karkiMonth ago


  54. Isha Limaye

    Isha LimayeMonth ago

    This song of his is so underrated. It hurts.

  55. carlos nodal

    carlos nodalMonth ago

    Real music to everyone

  56. Mark Jefferson

    Mark JeffersonMonth ago


  57. Isis2012 E

    Isis2012 EMonth ago

    Boyz ll Men showing Charlie Puth what real soul is. Let's bring back the real soul singers and not this fake soul junk!

  58. Day Leo

    Day LeoMonth ago

    Such a beautiful and touching song! Definitely obsessed with it 😍💯

  59. niluh putu110

    niluh putu110Month ago

  60. Moipone Tsoka

    Moipone TsokaMonth ago

    You can see that Boys II Men influenced his music while growing up.Just Amazing

  61. yashira acosta

    yashira acostaMonth ago

    This is Charlie ft Wanye. It would've been great to hear Shawn and Nate though.🙄

  62. Abelha Pedras

    Abelha PedrasMonth ago

    Reminds me of "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago

  63. Isis2012 E

    Isis2012 EMonth ago

    It's remake of Chicago's song, hence the title.😆

  64. Maricalo87

    Maricalo87Month ago

    I luv man sing manly voice like boys 2 men.

  65. Fortnite daBest

    Fortnite daBestMonth ago

    2019 ? CHARLIE PUTH ♥️

  66. Claire Choe

    Claire ChoeMonth ago

    Ha.. Charlie is nothing~ Boys II Men is just legend!! This music is most like colour of Boys II Men as 1990's !! I miss 80~90's so much!! There are bunch of beautiful songs like this one~~ T_T

  67. WhateverItTakesMotivation

    WhateverItTakesMotivationMonth ago

    I fucking LOVE Charlie Puth for this. This was a GOAT move

  68. natsu m

    natsu mMonth ago

    Ohhh....I can't say anything other than AWSOME...!!

  69. daniel Rivera

    daniel RiveraMonth ago


  70. Stepho

    StephoMonth ago

    This should have a billion views!!!! ✨

  71. Aryan Baruah

    Aryan BaruahMonth ago


  72. Putri Ns

    Putri NsMonth ago

    April 2019 still loving this song❣❣

  73. Prancis Agusti

    Prancis AgustiMonth ago

    Boyz II Men are Legend!!!

  74. Marami Sutradhar

    Marami Sutradhar2 months ago

    Wish he had sung this song for me today.. Lots of love to the one who loves not me.. Good night.

  75. Pacific Diary

    Pacific Diary2 months ago

    I got chills from boyz 2 men

  76. iqmal jbwkz

    iqmal jbwkz2 months ago

    i miss my girlfriend 😢

  77. Tiffany Martin

    Tiffany Martin2 months ago

    This. This is amazingly good!!!! ♥️

  78. Carlos Dyer

    Carlos Dyer2 months ago

    Just pure bliss!!✊✊✊

  79. shakeyabooty369

    shakeyabooty3692 months ago

    Wtf how am I just finding this!

  80. Mind YourOwn

    Mind YourOwn2 months ago

    Still love this

  81. Molly Gallantree

    Molly Gallantree2 months ago

    How long has this song been on the charts for now and does everyone that we all like this song so much and thank you Charlie pooth

  82. Molly Gallantree

    Molly Gallantree2 months ago

    I love this song and so does my dad

  83. -;; Lou

    -;; Lou2 months ago


  84. Krrish Kumar

    Krrish Kumar2 months ago

    The harmonies are just melting and seeping in from the ears into the brain and to the body. What a collaboration!!!

  85. Shaurya Kavya

    Shaurya Kavya2 months ago

    I am his indian huge fan.

  86. Викуся Полякова

    Викуся Полякова2 months ago


  87. kidcombo

    kidcombo2 months ago

    It's crazy to think that people in this day and age may not know who Boyz 2 Men are. Growing up they were so huge. the top 3 longest running singles of all time are done by them. We need them in music today, they are amazing!!

  88. Go Moo seong

    Go Moo seong2 months ago

    Why isn't this song popular despite this song had released almost 2 years ago????

  89. Tom Jerry

    Tom Jerry2 months ago

    u suppossed to do ?

  90. Issa Baluch

    Issa Baluch2 months ago

    Best combo 😭😭😘😘

  91. irene awan

    irene awan2 months ago

    Nope I'm okay, I just got something in my eye🙁...this was great!

  92. Mojo Holmes

    Mojo Holmes2 months ago

    The harmony is so damn smooth, and easy to listen to.

  93. Jessie Barnes

    Jessie Barnes2 months ago

    2:56 OMG!!! CHILLS!!!!!!!

  94. Blair Calaway

    Blair Calaway2 months ago

    Boyz II Men is perpetuating the voices with that bass note...

  95. شام فتح الله

    شام فتح الله2 months ago


  96. Shubhita gill

    Shubhita gill2 months ago

    Perfect collaboration... Each notes are in tune and smooth.... 👍

  97. rathu capricon

    rathu capricon2 months ago

    Felt like their voices shredded me into pieces..... True Legends. Respect. 🙏

  98. blink kill

    blink kill2 months ago

    Best collaboration than that kpop group Just saying😂

  99. Emily Schindelbeck

    Emily Schindelbeck2 months ago

    Am I the only one who just starts crying when Charlie starts singing? No just me...ok


    AAVILEN BERGLING2 months ago

    If you leave me now of MONICA NARANJO

  101. Glenn Weeks

    Glenn Weeks2 months ago

    I thought this was a cover of Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now"...nice song but it got my hopes up.

  102. Adithya Fajar Negara

    Adithya Fajar Negara2 months ago

    Now this is what i call music

  103. Norah Elizabeth

    Norah Elizabeth2 months ago

    I love Charlie puth I literally did a social studies fair project on him and already knew everything