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Charlie Puth - If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men) [Official Audio]


  1. Wita Resinta

    Wita ResintaDay ago

    The amazing😘

  2. ivan Chiew

    ivan Chiew4 days ago

    Like= Charlie Comment= Boyz II Men :)

  3. Ann Sculimbrene

    Ann Sculimbrene4 days ago

    I’m on a Charlie Puth marathon, which makes me cry. 😭 For real guys, I’m in tears though. Love from a small MReporterr\singer. 😊🎤💜

  4. Solstråle Blessed

    Solstråle Blessed5 days ago

    When Bae stays 💚🎤😍

  5. nada ad

    nada ad5 days ago

    Just amazing❤

  6. Biby Joseph

    Biby Joseph7 days ago


  7. 아 배고퍼ᄒᄒ

    아 배고퍼ᄒᄒ12 days ago

    올해도 들으러 왔서요

  8. Leona Bingham

    Leona Bingham13 days ago

    One of my favorite songs he’s great Charlie pith is

  9. cash dream

    cash dream14 days ago

    you Callab with legends👍🔥🔥🔥

  10. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg15 days ago

    Si love yoi charlie puth

  11. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg16 days ago

    Cancion rntikona

  12. Luis Bano

    Luis Bano18 days ago

    Keep it up My boy you the best 😏

  13. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg20 days ago

    Baby if you leave now buena rola me gusta todos los temas de charlie puth

  14. Shivi

    Shivi21 day ago

    Man.. Boyz II men .who wud ve thought. The 90s came rushing all over again.

  15. Ernesto Pimentel

    Ernesto Pimentel22 days ago


  16. DaSmolPotato :D

    DaSmolPotato :D25 days ago

    *1M ?* *Edit: Thanks for the likes! Also make sure to subscribe to my MReporter channel!*

  17. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg25 days ago

    Cancion romantikona me enkqnta demqsiado

  18. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg25 days ago

    Kuando no keremos dejar ir alas prrsonas amamos

  19. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg25 days ago

    Cancion romantikona buenissima para dedikar ala persona k amas o dejastes

  20. Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg

    Karla Orellaname gustqnvmucg26 days ago

    Me enkanta esta cancion buenisima cancion romantka se la dediko a una perzona k la llevo en mi corazon y justamente se siente un sentimiento inespikable bella cancion ama muy en el fondo d mi cotazon a esa persona siempre la llevare muy dentro d mi

  21. Ansar Ahmadi

    Ansar Ahmadi27 days ago

    I you leave me CHARLIE PUTH i will take first position in school🙄

  22. Gracee Elmore

    Gracee ElmoreMonth ago

    Wow im in love with this song!😭💕💕😊

  23. DJ Clawz

    DJ ClawzMonth ago

    That monster sounding bass voice is terrifying me😶👻

  24. The french Timelord

    The french TimelordMonth ago

    I kept hearing this song on the radio each time I went to the supermarket. I had "and all the things that I believe baby if you leave me now" constantly playing in my head without knowing the name of the song and it was driving me insane.

  25. monsteremark

    monsteremarkMonth ago

    more of this kinds please

  26. No Name

    No NameMonth ago

    I feel I’m in the church, and god is taking me after our breakup of my boyfriend. :))

  27. Irena Rocio

    Irena Rocio2 months ago

    You so fine wish I honestly had me a big like that who cud sing to me 🙃😢

  28. Miley Nguyen

    Miley Nguyen2 months ago


  29. Barbara Botdorf

    Barbara Botdorf2 months ago

    Love you Charlie

  30. Singerly López

    Singerly López2 months ago

    mi grupo favorito con Charlie Puth, esto es increíble

  31. tay tay Sel

    tay tay Sel2 months ago

    This song is the best from his new album and deserves more attention!💘

  32. Aman Fernandes

    Aman Fernandes2 months ago

    This is perfect.

  33. E nessa

    E nessa2 months ago

    Is it just me or does this part sound like his other song “I won’t tell a soul” 2:31

  34. sweety dev

    sweety dev3 months ago

    That's really cool 😘😘😘

  35. 멍청혜은

    멍청혜은3 months ago

    아씨 존나 조아

  36. John O'Connor

    John O'Connor3 months ago

    Why is going from D Major to E Major a common key change?

  37. Ashi Nauhwar

    Ashi Nauhwar3 months ago

    This comment section is full of lyrics 🤔 lets appreciate the amazing song

  38. Isabel Vasquez

    Isabel Vasquez3 months ago

    He's so cute

  39. Sarah Bates

    Sarah Bates3 months ago

    Wow beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  40. beautiful ngente

    beautiful ngente3 months ago

    King of my heart👄👄👄💋💋

  41. Rocio Cartes

    Rocio Cartes3 months ago

    the beginning sounds just like Nsync's "I thought she knew" LOVE THIS

  42. Norwall Music

    Norwall Music3 months ago

    Super Cool!

  43. angel emilio mr

    angel emilio mr3 months ago

    2019 alguien??????????????'

  44. marco gonzalez

    marco gonzalez4 months ago

    [Verse 1: Charlie Puth] No, this is not goodbye I swear that I'm gonna change No, baby please don't cry

  45. 혜림

    혜림4 months ago

    Like a Disney ost... so good 😂

  46. games Fofinha Games

    games Fofinha Games4 months ago

    Alguém BR?? Em 2019??

  47. Pilar Rodarte

    Pilar Rodarte4 months ago

    This song is absolutely beautiful just like Charlie 😊

  48. Kerem Kaya

    Kerem Kaya4 months ago

    I loved r&b music

  49. Akhnaf hoolic

    Akhnaf hoolic4 months ago


  50. sanjay singh

    sanjay singh4 months ago

    this is the one song i dont like of charlie puth

  51. putri_cinta.L.R 2010

    putri_cinta.L.R 20104 months ago

    I love Charlie putus😣😣😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  52. Arti Verma

    Arti Verma4 months ago

    im your biggest fan. i love your all songs.

  53. lattapon ฮวบประยูร

    lattapon ฮวบประยูร4 months ago

    i dol 😙😪❤

  54. Georgia HULME-MOIR

    Georgia HULME-MOIR4 months ago

    Wots up gril biy

  55. Lubie Placki

    Lubie Placki5 months ago


  56. Nathaneal Alamu

    Nathaneal Alamu5 months ago

    2019 ANYONE???

  57. Fernanda Bardales

    Fernanda Bardales5 months ago


  58. Alex Sampson

    Alex Sampson5 months ago

    One year ❤️

  59. the indian kid

    the indian kid5 months ago


  60. Linh Bui

    Linh Bui5 months ago


  61. بطاطس مقليه

    بطاطس مقليه5 months ago

    C Ch Cha Char Charl Charli Charlie Charlie p Charlie pu Charlie put Charlie puth Charlie put Charlie pu Charlie p Charlie Charli Charl Char Cha Ch C I love you a lot I swear 😭😭💜💜

  62. Adiba Almas

    Adiba Almas5 months ago


  63. Lishan Marie Cervantes

    Lishan Marie Cervantes5 months ago


  64. Spring Ry

    Spring Ry6 months ago

    He should collab with Shawn Mendes

  65. egg

    egg6 months ago

    I thought she knew *NSYNC

  66. Mellisa Z

    Mellisa Z6 months ago

    This is beautiful

  67. Trisha Dey

    Trisha Dey6 months ago

    I'll never leave you Charlie 💕💕

  68. OREO

    OREO6 months ago

    This is one of the best collabs I've ever heard.

  69. น้อง โฟกัส

    น้อง โฟกัส6 months ago


  70. Karena Her

    Karena Her6 months ago

    Dante...I want to be with you. 🥺 I can’t be without you, I made you my life. You were my only, you are my last. You showed me things and I’ve learned and grown so much being with you. I still wanna be with you and I know what you want: no arguing. I’m sorry, if you just stay..please give this a chance to grow and fly🧚🏻‍♂️ I want us to grow together ❤️ I miss you love you ☹️💕🙏🏻 I hope we end together 😞😊

  71. Avi Awasthi

    Avi Awasthi6 months ago

    Under fucking Rated

  72. Alyssa Barnes

    Alyssa Barnes6 months ago

    i love your music soon much all of your songs or stuck in my head

  73. Mohmed Mehdi

    Mohmed Mehdi6 months ago

    Charlie, you are wonderfull,👌 but we want somthing new🎶 . not like usual songs🤗🎼📆🔄

  74. Werner Koekemoer

    Werner Koekemoer6 months ago

    i would love to hear You and Hailee Steinfeld together...... just love the album voicenotes.....its different from the previous songs I've heard but i just love your music Charlie Puth

  75. Adrián Parra Rivera

    Adrián Parra Rivera6 months ago

    Espero que haya mas

  76. 하닌

    하닌6 months ago

    When i first heard the song few months ago i wes amazed, The lyrics are super great ,The word terrified is so deep and strong Thank for this great song Charlie 감사합니다 😘😘😘😘

  77. AXED 121

    AXED 1216 months ago

    No one gonna leave u Charlie

  78. Yésica Pretzlaff

    Yésica Pretzlaff7 months ago

    With the BSB!!!! PLS!!!

  79. Nana Nazim

    Nana Nazim7 months ago

    so, for the first time i heard this song and automatically cried, you did well charlie:'(

  80. Adrian Lindsley

    Adrian Lindsley7 months ago

    I forgot the name of this song for the longest

  81. Marzja Borg

    Marzja Borg7 months ago

    wow amazing vocals!!!!!! they literally gave me chills and goosebumps

  82. Melanie Bryant

    Melanie Bryant7 months ago

    definitely giving credit 2 Boyz 2 Men

  83. Melanie Bryant

    Melanie Bryant7 months ago

    Definitely agree next tour an collaboration should be with Shawn Mendes

  84. 서Meli

    서Meli7 months ago

    He's Damn Voice is killing me 😭💚💚💚

  85. ines watou

    ines watou7 months ago

    Les voix splendides et profondes des boysIImen manquent à la musique.

  86. Muskan Vaswani

    Muskan Vaswani7 months ago


  87. Руслан Сагадеев

    Руслан Сагадеев7 months ago

    O JA JA ! DAS IST КАРАШО ! SER GUT ! Нормально так то поют

  88. Chulanatha

    Chulanatha7 months ago

  89. Lexi _king

    Lexi _king7 months ago

    With someone

  90. Lexi _king

    Lexi _king7 months ago

    This is so romantic and good for an date

  91. Jack

    Jack7 months ago

    Turnê com nome de carro

  92. Mohammad Salah

    Mohammad Salah7 months ago

    If you think Charlie is legend like 😍😍

  93. لؤى رشاد

    لؤى رشاد7 months ago

    You are best singer that i like

  94. Tam Truong

    Tam Truong7 months ago

    Love From Vietnam!!!

  95. เจริญ พึ่งกล่อม

    เจริญ พึ่งกล่อม7 months ago


  96. Afiza Aulia

    Afiza Aulia7 months ago

    I dunno why..i feel like his voice reminds me of shane's voice...

  97. butterfly girl

    butterfly girl7 months ago

    Awesome song and your voices are Incredible. Love it❤✌

  98. Neil Cartwright

    Neil Cartwright7 months ago

    Ok thanks regards smidnightcaller youtube please mail me with regards Neil

  99. Margie Baez

    Margie Baez7 months ago

    Wow what amazing Harmony so beautiful ❤️

  100. 아리사

    아리사7 months ago

    SO BEAUTIFUL❤🌹 I love this song so much🙆💜

  101. Alvin Horan

    Alvin Horan7 months ago

    Charlie should have used this as the cover of Voicenotes,this one looks more connected to the album title (I mean the picture)