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Charlie Puth - If You Leave Me Now (feat. Boyz II Men) [Official Audio]


  1. Georgia HULME-MOIR

    Georgia HULME-MOIR5 hours ago

    Wots up gril biy

  2. Feniks 452

    Feniks 4522 days ago


  3. Nathaneal Alamu

    Nathaneal Alamu12 days ago

    2019 ANYONE???

  4. Fernanda Bardales

    Fernanda Bardales13 days ago


  5. Alex Sampson

    Alex Sampson15 days ago

    One year ❤️

  6. the indian kid

    the indian kid18 days ago


  7. Linh Bui

    Linh Bui19 days ago


  8. بطاطس مقليه

    بطاطس مقليه20 days ago

    C Ch Cha Char Charl Charli Charlie Charlie p Charlie pu Charlie put Charlie puth Charlie put Charlie pu Charlie p Charlie Charli Charl Char Cha Ch C I love you a lot I swear 😭😭💜💜

  9. Afsana Almas

    Afsana Almas21 day ago


  10. Lishan Marie Cervantes

    Lishan Marie Cervantes27 days ago


  11. MSpring Ry

    MSpring RyMonth ago

    He should collab with Shawn Mendes

  12. meme dump

    meme dumpMonth ago

    I thought she knew *NSYNC

  13. Mellisa Z

    Mellisa ZMonth ago

    This is beautiful

  14. Trisha Dey

    Trisha DeyMonth ago

    I'll never leave you Charlie 💕💕

  15. OREO Scott

    OREO ScottMonth ago

    This is one of the best collabs I've ever heard.

  16. น้อง โฟกัส

    น้อง โฟกัสMonth ago


  17. Karena Her

    Karena HerMonth ago

    Dante...I want to be with you. 🥺 I can’t be without you, I made you my life. You were my only, you are my last. You showed me things and I’ve learned and grown so much being with you. I still wanna be with you and I know what you want: no arguing. I’m sorry, if you just stay..please give this a chance to grow and fly🧚🏻‍♂️ I want us to grow together ❤️ I miss you love you ☹️💕🙏🏻 I hope we end together 😞😊

  18. Avnish awasthi

    Avnish awasthiMonth ago

    Under fucking Rated

  19. Alyssa Barnes

    Alyssa BarnesMonth ago

    i love your music soon much all of your songs or stuck in my head

  20. Mohmed Mehdi

    Mohmed MehdiMonth ago

    Charlie, you are wonderfull,👌 but we want somthing new🎶 . not like usual songs🤗🎼📆🔄

  21. Werner Koekemoer

    Werner KoekemoerMonth ago

    i would love to hear You and Hailee Steinfeld together...... just love the album voicenotes.....its different from the previous songs I've heard but i just love your music Charlie Puth

  22. Adrián Parra Rivera

    Adrián Parra RiveraMonth ago

    Espero que haya mas

  23. 하닌

    하닌Month ago

    When i first heard the song few months ago i wes amazed, The lyrics are super great ,The word terrified is so deep and strong Thank for this great song Charlie 감사합니다 😘😘😘😘

  24. Games for days 619316

    Games for days 6193162 months ago

    No one gonna leave u Charlie

  25. Yésica Pretzlaff

    Yésica Pretzlaff2 months ago

    With the BSB!!!! PLS!!!

  26. Nana Nazim

    Nana Nazim2 months ago

    so, for the first time i heard this song and automatically cried, you did well charlie:'(

  27. Adrian Lindsley

    Adrian Lindsley2 months ago

    I forgot the name of this song for the longest

  28. Marzja Borg

    Marzja Borg2 months ago

    wow amazing vocals!!!!!! they literally gave me chills and goosebumps

  29. Melanie Bryant

    Melanie Bryant2 months ago

    definitely giving credit 2 Boyz 2 Men

  30. Melanie Bryant

    Melanie Bryant2 months ago

    Definitely agree next tour an collaboration should be with Shawn Mendes

  31. Asteria

    Asteria2 months ago

    He's Damn Voice is killing me 😭💚💚💚

  32. ines watou

    ines watou2 months ago

    Les voix splendides et profondes des boysIImen manquent à la musique.

  33. Muskan Vaswani

    Muskan Vaswani2 months ago


  34. Руслан Сагадеев

    Руслан Сагадеев2 months ago

    O JA JA ! DAS IST КАРАШО ! SER GUT ! Нормально так то поют

  35. Lexi _king

    Lexi _king2 months ago

    With someone

  36. Lexi _king

    Lexi _king2 months ago

    This is so romantic and good for an date

  37. Yoklyr

    Yoklyr2 months ago

    Turnê com nome de carro

  38. Mohammad Salah

    Mohammad Salah2 months ago

    If you think Charlie is legend like 😍😍

  39. لؤى رشاد

    لؤى رشاد2 months ago

    You are best singer that i like

  40. Tam Truong

    Tam Truong2 months ago

    Love From Vietnam!!!

  41. เจริญ พึ่งกล่อม

    เจริญ พึ่งกล่อม2 months ago


  42. Afiza Aulia

    Afiza Aulia2 months ago

    I dunno why..i feel like his voice reminds me of shane's voice...

  43. butterfly girl

    butterfly girl2 months ago

    Awesome song and your voices are Incredible. Love it❤✌

  44. Neil Cartwright

    Neil Cartwright2 months ago

    Ok thanks regards smidnightcaller youtube please mail me with regards Neil

  45. Margie Baez

    Margie Baez2 months ago

    Wow what amazing Harmony so beautiful ❤️

  46. 아리사

    아리사2 months ago

    SO BEAUTIFUL❤🌹 I love this song so much🙆💜

  47. Alvin Horan

    Alvin Horan2 months ago

    Charlie should have used this as the cover of Voicenotes,this one looks more connected to the album title (I mean the picture)

  48. v.v Wu

    v.v Wu2 months ago


  49. Mara M.

    Mara M.2 months ago

    Gosh...his so talented

  50. Lost In Darkness

    Lost In Darkness2 months ago

    THis song reminds me of my boyfrienddddddddddddddddddd

  51. Moe Moe

    Moe Moe2 months ago


  52. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel2 months ago

  53. Fabiian Jiimenez

    Fabiian Jiimenez2 months ago

    Great!! Wanya Morris.

  54. Petr Caballero

    Petr Caballero3 months ago

    And the fact that this is pure acapella is LIT!!

  55. Liz Mapp

    Liz Mapp3 months ago

    They sound amazing together...

  56. Christle Green

    Christle Green3 months ago

    Stop the hurt. Stop the hurt.

  57. Rahul Paul

    Rahul Paul3 months ago


  58. Martin Stanley

    Martin Stanley3 months ago

    Typo ,Charlie

  59. Martin Stanley

    Martin Stanley3 months ago

    Zachariah is the best thing that's happened this decade.what a pure talent.i love when he collaborates with other classic artists

  60. Br1an Dav1d

    Br1an Dav1d3 months ago

    Never a disappointment, Charlie.

  61. Mobashera Mohima

    Mobashera Mohima3 months ago

    love your every song Charlie

  62. Olivia Chase

    Olivia Chase3 months ago

    He is also very calming.....

  63. Olivia Chase

    Olivia Chase3 months ago

    Charlie has SUCH good high notes! Seriously people! GET A GRIP! He's good and that's it.

  64. wilona cabañero

    wilona cabañero3 months ago


  65. Jenny Marson

    Jenny Marson3 months ago

    Plssssssss do a colab with Sabrina Carpenter!!!Plssssssssssssssssssss!!!Love you❤️❤️❤️

  66. Sarah Marques

    Sarah Marques3 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️. You can’t get better then that with Boyz || Men collab! Hottttttt.

  67. Shira Dekel

    Shira Dekel3 months ago

    Yeah... my boyfriend just cheated on me... and I'm literally crying to this perfect song... because thats what he told me...

  68. Edna Suellem

    Edna Suellem3 months ago

    charlie punt eu sou da Paraíba e sou sua fã charile punt ♥♥♥♥ charlie punt & Edna suellen♥♥♥

  69. Edna Suellem

    Edna Suellem3 months ago

    charlie punt♥♥♥♥

  70. sku suki

    sku suki3 months ago

    he is mine😍🌈💪🏽☄️🇲🇳🇲🇳

  71. Neera Thakran

    Neera Thakran3 months ago


  72. Gurpreet Kaur

    Gurpreet Kaur4 months ago

    Dame........ Touched my soul. I Love U XoXo

  73. Sean McMagic

    Sean McMagic4 months ago

    Anyone else hear that sample in the beginning of NSYNC's I thought she knew?

  74. bruno kraus

    bruno kraus4 months ago

    Resist classic prior kfedhg faint handle land together approach at input son

  75. mohmmad ali gaming pro gaming

    mohmmad ali gaming pro gaming4 months ago

    عزيزي چارلي ... ليش ما تنزل أغاني هواي تحياتي...

  76. Merciless Mystic Mac

    Merciless Mystic Mac4 months ago


  77. Ross mathias

    Ross mathias4 months ago

    very good voice

  78. zane amedee

    zane amedee4 months ago


  79. jeriel rabi

    jeriel rabi4 months ago

    ionna stephanie yasmine katelyn

  80. guy walter

    guy walter4 months ago

    nice collab .😂

  81. katriel gave

    katriel gave4 months ago

    Ahhh why is this so forgotten ppl should notice this it's so amazing and it's so beautiful voices of angels!!👏👏👍😄

  82. Mr Pov

    Mr Pov4 months ago


  83. Ashley 112233

    Ashley 1122334 months ago

    This might be my favorite song on the album

  84. Miranda Brzozowski

    Miranda Brzozowski5 months ago

    The singing chords in the background sound very similar to the ones in *NSYNC's song "I thought she knew"

  85. icrazykupcake

    icrazykupcake5 months ago

    💛💛 Voice of an angel

  86. মি পারফেক্ট

    মি পারফেক্ট5 months ago


  87. Harrison Harrison

    Harrison Harrison5 months ago

  88. Harrison Harrison

    Harrison Harrison5 months ago

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  89. Amna Ameir

    Amna Ameir5 months ago

    Very perfect 😍🙌🏽

  90. natalie is bored

    natalie is bored5 months ago

    *Added to playlist*

  91. NothingMore CPF

    NothingMore CPF5 months ago

    😭😭😥😖😞 what should I say ? This song is amazing because it broke me into tears ?? Charlie I love you so much !! You are insanely talented !! Hats of !!

  92. 90's again

    90's again5 months ago

    CHILLS this gives me chills

  93. David Mendonça

    David Mendonça5 months ago

  94. Sukkaew Taboi

    Sukkaew Taboi5 months ago

    FC พี่นะ

  95. Wezie Mahowe

    Wezie Mahowe5 months ago


  96. Luigia Rutigliano

    Luigia Rutigliano5 months ago

    His Voice ❤😍

  97. Rebone Sesoko

    Rebone Sesoko5 months ago

    The voices blend so well together 👌👌

  98. Di Ja

    Di Ja5 months ago


  99. Sra. Lámen Frio

    Sra. Lámen Frio5 months ago


  100. Gabriel Gamarano

    Gabriel Gamarano5 months ago

    Ou com Ed Sherran, aaaaa

  101. Only love

    Only love5 months ago

    My favorite song

  102. Janine Rodovan

    Janine Rodovan5 months ago

    I’m so in love with this song .. 💘. Nice job Charlie puth 👍. God bless you .. 💘😊