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Charlie Puth - Done For Me (Jazz Version)


  1. M G

    M GHour ago

    I loved Charlie until he didn’t come to Seattle on tour


    D K SRIVASTAV5 hours ago


  3. Otto Kampa

    Otto Kampa5 hours ago

    The gate🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  4. Abi Castillo

    Abi Castillo7 hours ago

    I just NEED the sheets or a tutorial of this god damn masterpiece ughhhhh

  5. 에리이이이이이

    에리이이이이이9 hours ago

    아니 진짜 나도 높아서 잘 못부르겠던데 너떠케 저러게 잘 부르는 거지

  6. Lily H

    Lily H10 hours ago


  7. Tanvia Jerry

    Tanvia JerryDay ago

    Why isn’t this on iTunes?!

  8. Ranjeet Mishra

    Ranjeet Mishra2 days ago

    Smooth chocolate voice

  9. Palestrata 16

    Palestrata 163 days ago


  10. Simón Prêcheur Llarena

    Simón Prêcheur Llarena3 days ago

    This kid is talented

  11. Valeria Oviedo Morales

    Valeria Oviedo Morales4 days ago

    omggggg yaaaaasssssssssss

  12. ferlyn

    ferlyn4 days ago

    i thought it was Mikey Murphy without his glasses when i saw the thumbnail

  13. Nazihhah Haziqah

    Nazihhah Haziqah4 days ago

    love u boiii

  14. Roy Lim

    Roy Lim4 days ago

    Why are there dislikes lol

  15. Mahn'i tmac

    Mahn'i tmac5 days ago

    Yeah!!! Sing it Bro!!

  16. Morgan Overton

    Morgan Overton5 days ago

    OK Where's the jazz album Charlie? WE NEED A JAZZ ALBUM

  17. 기쁨

    기쁨6 days ago

    어떻게 멋있잖아 ㅠㅠ

  18. Julia Galang

    Julia Galang8 days ago

    Why isnt this is spotify whwvsjanz

  19. دردشه يوتيوب

    دردشه يوتيوب9 days ago


  20. Jehan Osama Abdelgawad

    Jehan Osama Abdelgawad10 days ago

    Beyond talented...

  21. Louis Rios

    Louis Rios10 days ago

    His playing is pretty damn good for a pop singer, he’s got licks and all. Respect! you can tell he’s an actual musician not one of these celebrity entertainers.



    Cam there be a tutorial for the solo part? Please? I NEED IT!!

  23. Hey Flo

    Hey Flo11 days ago

    Chaaaarlieee? Can you make more Jazz Music? Love this Version♡

  24. Marlon Behne

    Marlon Behne14 days ago

    He isn't actually playing the piano or singing. In 1:05 he plays one note, but we hear two. In 1:20 we hear two notes but he only plays one. And in 2:05 in the audio there is a "yeah" but his mouth isnt even moving. Plus i dont think the audio would be this good if he sang it while playing.

  25. Patrick Glenn

    Patrick Glenn15 days ago

    Does anyone else think this sounds like elevator music?

  26. Manda T

    Manda T15 days ago

    How the hell have I not heard this?! Lol 💚😍

  27. Mielamer

    Mielamer16 days ago


  28. Burcu Uysal

    Burcu Uysal16 days ago

    Simply loving it 🖤

  29. Dat Nong

    Dat Nong17 days ago

    Give me that vibe on iTunes please !

  30. Aruna Ruth

    Aruna Ruth17 days ago


  31. Trí Nguyễn

    Trí Nguyễn18 days ago

    im a simple man. I see jazz, I click.

  32. Marilyn Rosellen

    Marilyn Rosellen19 days ago

    This song make me relax

  33. Ana Dutra

    Ana Dutra20 days ago


  34. Rebekah Dorr

    Rebekah Dorr20 days ago

    charlie puth is low key the best singr of all time

  35. Jimena Rejon

    Jimena Rejon20 days ago


  36. Shawn Mendes Brasil

    Shawn Mendes Brasil20 days ago

    Vem pro Brasil poxa

  37. Puthinatorz 30196

    Puthinatorz 3019621 day ago

    I can't handle his cuteness 😍😍😍.. my ovarium is going to blow up 💥💥💥

  38. Water Melon

    Water Melon21 day ago

    This gives me eargasm ❤️

  39. Marko Mladenov

    Marko Mladenov22 days ago

    1:45 Heaven😍😍

  40. Bro Mike KH Tech

    Bro Mike KH Tech22 days ago

    he looks like Logan

  41. Varun Ratnani

    Varun Ratnani22 days ago

    which chords is used in this video

  42. Spaceman 01

    Spaceman 0121 day ago

    Piano chords

  43. Sperry Cormanes

    Sperry Cormanes23 days ago

    Well hot damn boy simmer down

  44. Christian Paullette David

    Christian Paullette David23 days ago


  45. Kriti Mandal

    Kriti Mandal23 days ago

    Your voice is awesome....

  46. Sumathi Subramanian

    Sumathi Subramanian23 days ago

    I am addicted to Charlie's songs😘

  47. spoonfulofsmiles

    spoonfulofsmiles24 days ago

    murder me to this song

  48. 金清きよこ

    金清きよこ24 days ago

    HOW long も頼むで!

  49. Evelyn van Bakel

    Evelyn van Bakel24 days ago

    God this is way better than the original! And I already LOVED that one

  50. memin leodu

    memin leodu24 days ago

    I love u guy we'll get married someday ♡

  51. nurrahma wahyu fitriyani

    nurrahma wahyu fitriyani24 days ago

    Like this version better 👍🏼

  52. Despoina Pappa

    Despoina Pappa25 days ago

    This is so unfair.

  53. Savanna Reichhoff

    Savanna Reichhoff25 days ago

    god i wish I could play the piano like him

  54. Spaceman 01

    Spaceman 0121 day ago

    Everyone does xD

  55. Efie Kamonachou

    Efie Kamonachou25 days ago


  56. J K

    J K25 days ago


  57. 우수경

    우수경25 days ago

    OMG I love it

  58. schonkable

    schonkable25 days ago

    Charlie Puth is insanely talented!!!

  59. 아트

    아트26 days ago


  60. Rohit

    Rohit26 days ago

    Nice one Charlie

  61. Fabulourry -

    Fabulourry -26 days ago

    ¿Cómo es posible enamorarse más de una persona? Charlie Puth + acustico + piano + jazz = Muerte súbita.

  62. Desire1007

    Desire100726 days ago

    Even sexier than any porn...!

  63. Chelsey Yang

    Chelsey Yang26 days ago

    CHILLS. Never really like jazz but this is AMAZING

  64. off stop

    off stop27 days ago


  65. Isaac Brown

    Isaac Brown27 days ago

    Oh crud, Charlies got some jazz licks!

  66. Anna Ashlyn

    Anna Ashlyn27 days ago


  67. Bere Alarcon

    Bere Alarcon27 days ago

    its heaven ♡

  68. usha haldar

    usha haldar27 days ago

    Voicenotes is full of high notes.

  69. Jaya Sinha

    Jaya Sinha27 days ago

    This couldn't be better. Nobody's a better pianist than Charlie Puth

  70. Misz Natalia

    Misz Natalia27 days ago

    charlie, ur hair look messy,can you comb your hair neatly??

  71. Angela Lintang

    Angela Lintang27 days ago

    this just gave me eargasm

  72. Sy D

    Sy D27 days ago

    He is true a genius

  73. The Slender

    The Slender27 days ago


  74. The Slender

    The Slender27 days ago

    ay lob yu mama

  75. Moises Martinez

    Moises Martinez27 days ago

    Simplemente te amoooo!!

  76. Yulia mustika koswara

    Yulia mustika koswara27 days ago

    Falling for him.. he voice so melted and addicted

  77. 보라텐

    보라텐27 days ago

    섹시하고 허스키한데 귀여운 이 남자

  78. K Rocks

    K Rocks27 days ago

    So talented!!!!♡♡♡

  79. Melissa De Amorim

    Melissa De Amorim28 days ago

    Sei sexy. ....!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Hey Anni

    Hey Anni28 days ago

    I tried to play on the piano! Works really great !!!

  81. Аида Исакулова

    Аида Исакулова28 days ago


  82. Mariana Grande

    Mariana Grande28 days ago

    I love looking at those sexy hands playing piano😍

  83. irene odelia

    irene odelia28 days ago

    OMG😍 i'm so in love with this jazz version too, so relaxed to hear that😣. For sure i can't stop this version hahahaha. Love You Charlie😏

  84. 김주호

    김주호28 days ago

    크 뭘해도 좋다

  85. SONGS by ABD

    SONGS by ABD28 days ago

    he's awesome out there

  86. Zhi Li

    Zhi Li28 days ago

    Anyone knows if there exists a karaoke of this jazz version?

  87. sún bé

    sún bé28 days ago

    I love youuuuuuu charlie

  88. Алина Романова

    Алина Романова29 days ago

    Guys, maybe someone has notes of this vercion? please share it with me

  89. Mary sindhu

    Mary sindhu29 days ago

    Done for me..... Charlie 😍 😙

  90. Ian McNinch

    Ian McNinch29 days ago

    It’s basically turning all the chords into jazz chords and the improvised part was ok but it was pretty basic, just my thoughts

  91. Sona Asatryan

    Sona AsatryanMonth ago

    Beautiful song👍🏻

  92. 미 미

    미 미Month ago

    어쩜 재즈도 좋아

  93. Smiggles Miggles

    Smiggles MigglesMonth ago

    Does anyone have the chords for this version?

  94. Nuri M.

    Nuri M.Month ago


  95. Carole Bodart

    Carole BodartMonth ago

    Depuis que je t'écoute je me sens tellement mieux 😀 merci à toi, tu me fais sentir un peu heureuse, grâce à toi et ta musique 😘

  96. Muhammad Afiq

    Muhammad AfiqMonth ago

    anwari can't sing for shit!

  97. Gracie Rose

    Gracie RoseMonth ago

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music??

  98. Riley Lend

    Riley LendMonth ago

    he needs a whole album like this.

  99. Will Hass

    Will HassMonth ago

    Chanchullo vibes 👌🏽

  100. Galano Faith

    Galano FaithMonth ago


  101. Charlee Mcneil

    Charlee McneilMonth ago

    Wow. I have so much appreciate for this arrangement. I'm loving that Charlie is posting and talking about his songs and how they started in a more classical style cuz that's how he's trained. What a pro

  102. Apasova 01

    Apasova 01Month ago