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Charlie Puth - Done For Me (Jazz Version)


  1. Anne Mary volley Molyva

    Anne Mary volley MolyvaHour ago

    Charlie you have a paradise voice And you play piano like a real musician.

  2. Ajeng Hardiyanti

    Ajeng Hardiyanti6 hours ago

    Super sexy i can not

  3. Laura Souza

    Laura Souza15 hours ago

    this is version is so good to listen, i loved this song !

  4. Minnie Minnie

    Minnie Minnie19 hours ago

    I am drowning in this jazz version..

  5. Emma-Clare

    Emma-ClareDay ago

    Anyone else prefer this version?!?!

  6. Haley Conover

    Haley ConoverDay ago

    Baby boy needs to release this version 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. Annel G

    Annel GDay ago


  8. Lynn Berna

    Lynn BernaDay ago

    Excellent! Loving this like a legend.

  9. Chi Hoàng

    Chi Hoàng2 days ago

    Can someone plssss tell me the chords for this song? Its just too good thats why i want to play it on piano


    XANDER SHIINE2 days ago

    i love you :) JUST FRIENDS ! ;)

  11. zainab the yoothoober

    zainab the yoothoober2 days ago

    U know eyes are poped out.....n ma mouth is open.....I mean charlie😱....... Okay too much now😂🔫

  12. Camila Florencia

    Camila Florencia2 days ago

    U r amazing! Hugs from Argentina 🇦🇷♥️!

  13. 탄빵

    탄빵2 days ago

    wow..... so gooooood

  14. Stacy Akin

    Stacy Akin2 days ago

    Here we go

  15. Thoughtful Musician

    Thoughtful Musician2 days ago

    This is awesome!

  16. Hong An Nguyen

    Hong An Nguyen2 days ago

    you should pick your nick name Jazzie Puth

  17. Amir Soltaniye

    Amir Soltaniye2 days ago

    چارلی پوس به تو میگن هنرمند واقعی.

  18. itzz hdz

    itzz hdz2 days ago

    wow charlie i love this, thank u for blessing my ears with such beauty

  19. Amy Ann

    Amy Ann3 days ago

    Why isnt this on spotify😭😭IM IN LOVE WITH THIS VERSION! I listen to it like everyday its so good! Not to mention charlie looks sexy singing

  20. Shubham L

    Shubham L3 days ago

    1:13 my fav

  21. Ariane Voss

    Ariane Voss3 days ago

    might like this version more than the original 👀 i also did a cover of this song tell me what you think about it!

  22. jongcheol hong

    jongcheol hong3 days ago


  23. Pauu hddxs

    Pauu hddxs3 days ago


  24. Ronnie 945

    Ronnie 9453 days ago

    ummm where can I buy the jazz version?!?!!?

  25. I You

    I You4 days ago

    찰리 정말 좋아요 ㅠㅅㅠ

  26. Sabiha Siraj

    Sabiha Siraj4 days ago

    Great love from me charlie sir you are just great I hope you become a legend in future ...... love from Pakistan ........ hope you reply

  27. Iman Ajbar

    Iman Ajbar4 days ago


  28. Khanza Shafira D.

    Khanza Shafira D.4 days ago

    Where can i download this version:((

  29. xve yang

    xve yang4 days ago

    baby i love u!!!!

  30. Stacy Akin

    Stacy Akin2 days ago

    xve yang you have a great problem

  31. Gabriela Erazo

    Gabriela Erazo4 days ago

    Is it bad to say that I’m obsessed with him

  32. Mee Kyattsu

    Mee Kyattsu5 days ago

    You know king bach's wig when he plays the piano?

  33. s cl

    s cl5 days ago


  34. Adriene Duarte

    Adriene Duarte5 days ago


  35. Adriene Duarte

    Adriene Duarte5 days ago

    hi charlie puth

  36. Luisa Ruiz soto

    Luisa Ruiz soto5 days ago


  37. Kent Spence

    Kent Spence5 days ago

    Hes the john mayer of piano

  38. Kaylee Gomez

    Kaylee Gomez5 days ago


  39. NinthSoldierRBLX

    NinthSoldierRBLX5 days ago

    And you thought Marvin Gaye was good? #CharlieLovers

  40. Annel G

    Annel G5 days ago

    WHERE CAN I BUY THIS!!??!? 😍

  41. OU812

    OU8125 days ago

    So elevator music?

  42. Isabella Arteaga

    Isabella Arteaga5 days ago

    His voice is so soothing, ugh I love it.

  43. xgenarater

    xgenarater6 days ago

    Nahhh this is ACC too nice

  44. Pat Van

    Pat Van6 days ago

    Charlie stay who you are you're a perfect boy 😍😍😍✌👊👊👍💕💕💕👑👑👑💍

  45. Mimi Pin

    Mimi Pin6 days ago

    Oh yes he is so perfect 💘💘💘💘

  46. Keila Tamez

    Keila Tamez6 days ago


  47. Ava Cameron

    Ava Cameron6 days ago


  48. Lalalllala U

    Lalalllala U6 days ago

    I'm in love with you.

  49. Joseph Rohan

    Joseph Rohan6 days ago

    Put this on 2x playback speed... You're welcome

  50. Queen B

    Queen B6 days ago

    a notification came on MReporter for this song. I came, too.


    CHOCOMINT7 days ago


  52. Glinka sgar

    Glinka sgar7 days ago

    please do a jazz/funk albummmmmmmmmm

  53. yopi yuswandi

    yopi yuswandi7 days ago

    Whatever Charlie did, He got me singing like uuuu uuu uuu havana oh na na

  54. Karuna Upadhayay

    Karuna Upadhayay7 days ago

    Hey Charlie don't underestimate yourself you can really sing, very well actually.

  55. Jean Rendon

    Jean Rendon7 days ago

    Charlie Sit On My Face pls

  56. Rene Echeverria

    Rene Echeverria7 days ago

    This song version should be on spotify

  57. isyss Martinez

    isyss Martinez7 days ago

    I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!! U have the voice of an ANGEL!!!!

  58. Aiko Mennt

    Aiko Mennt8 days ago

    Love this Charlie 😘

  59. Оксана Попович

    Оксана Попович8 days ago

    Класс👌сподобалось набагато більше ніж оригінальна версія.


    THE UNBOXING GUY8 days ago

    In Every Version I will like this song!!❤️😍😍

  61. Pixa Rani

    Pixa Rani8 days ago

    Wow. Just wow

  62. Emily Konishi

    Emily Konishi8 days ago

    Ohhhh yesssss could something be sexier than jazz?

  63. Ezekiel Matthew Relucio

    Ezekiel Matthew Relucio8 days ago

    ᜋᜐ᜔ ᜋᜄᜈ᜔ᜇ ᜆᜓ ᜃᜌ᜔ᜐ ᜐ ᜂᜇᜒᜑᜒᜈᜎ᜔ better than the original

  64. HmzIrq Hazard

    HmzIrq Hazard8 days ago

    That's some heartwarming kick-ass Jazz version.

  65. TheSalsita18

    TheSalsita188 days ago


  66. SushiCover

    SushiCover8 days ago

    We can actually sing with him on the female part!!!!

  67. yaren robyn

    yaren robyn8 days ago

    just perfect.

  68. Charan Salhan

    Charan Salhan9 days ago

    Osm song sir Heart touching Love from India

  69. Larbi Mohamed

    Larbi Mohamed9 days ago

    wht about the dislikes 😐 i can't get enough of this he takes me to an other World💗

  70. Ng Nicholas

    Ng Nicholas9 days ago

    Sheet please

  71. Cristine Muca

    Cristine Muca9 days ago

    this is so freaking relaxing ugh 😍❤❤❤

  72. bubu chen

    bubu chen9 days ago

    Horror movie

  73. SABARI Chattopadhay

    SABARI Chattopadhay9 days ago

    Just amazing

  74. Minerva Fernández

    Minerva Fernández9 days ago

    OH. MY. GOD.

  75. Katti Vale

    Katti Vale9 days ago

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is FABULOUS... sounds fucking PERFECT!!! I prefer this version! What a talented boy you are... I'm in love with your music!!! 😱😱😍🎶🔥💖

  76. Angie Quinones

    Angie Quinones10 days ago

    I wonder how much jungkook has watched this 😂💞 this is seriously amazing!

  77. Nice Cruz

    Nice Cruz10 days ago

    This is why i love you charlie😍😍

  78. Womxl 12

    Womxl 1210 days ago

    Please come to germany

  79. Womxl 12

    Womxl 1210 days ago

    We need this on spotify

  80. Womxl 12

    Womxl 1210 days ago

    Love it

  81. Helia Lee

    Helia Lee10 days ago

    Could you upload on the iTunes, please?

  82. Ekaputri Agustina

    Ekaputri Agustina10 days ago

    OH charlie 😍😍😍

  83. Mimi Pin

    Mimi Pin10 days ago

    Charlie 😘

  84. Diomer

    Diomer10 days ago


  85. Mariana Noriega

    Mariana Noriega10 days ago


  86. Londonredlove

    Londonredlove10 days ago

    Yes, Charlie killer with the pianos ♥️♥️

  87. Maria Sousa

    Maria Sousa10 days ago


  88. Cp Family

    Cp Family10 days ago

    0:15 0:16 his eyesss ahhhh 💚🤞🏼💚

  89. Giovanna Diomeda

    Giovanna Diomeda10 days ago


  90. charlies#1fan

    charlies#1fan11 days ago

    This version is amazing! I'm speechless 😶

  91. Belnard Cadet

    Belnard Cadet11 days ago

    That is the best song I ever heard keep going

  92. R Karson

    R Karson11 days ago

    I love this version of the song. I so want this version on my iTunes​ playlist.

  93. Alvin Jay Abregonde

    Alvin Jay Abregonde11 days ago

    Charlie is best

  94. Jiya Bhan

    Jiya Bhan11 days ago

    I have been searching for this song on Spotify for soooo long! I just downloaded this video instead just to see his face! Would u guys do that?

  95. Ahmad Wael

    Ahmad Wael11 days ago

    1:43 a part from heaven

  96. Pamela Molina

    Pamela Molina11 days ago

    hi has a beautiful voice

  97. Seylaboth Sok

    Seylaboth Sok12 days ago

    Now THIS is music

  98. Awesome Technology

    Awesome Technology12 days ago

    As a jazz musician myself, I say u r the boss!!! Great vocals and sexy solo.

  99. Đức Tuân

    Đức Tuân12 days ago

    It is completely catchy

  100. Adrian Noel

    Adrian Noel12 days ago

    Why isn’t this on iTunes????

  101. Vaxel Band

    Vaxel Band12 days ago

    Awesome arrangement

  102. Elliott Martinez Marquez

    Elliott Martinez Marquez12 days ago

    You should upload this song to spotify because is beautiful. I love Charlie puth ❤