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Charlie Puth - Change (feat. James Taylor) [Official Audio]


  1. Аминат Абдурагимова

    Аминат Абдурагимова11 hours ago

    I love you❤️❤️💗💗💗

  2. jarwanto janoko

    jarwanto janokoDay ago

    looks like disney's song...


    SAW HUI LENG -4 days ago

    Beautiful Song

  4. Gopal Meharwade

    Gopal Meharwade6 days ago

    It's a very simple song!!!

  5. Sai Lella

    Sai Lella7 days ago


  6. Mr. BeatsMachine

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  7. Jameson Cablay

    Jameson Cablay8 days ago

    they better use this song in the next christmas movie or thanksgiving movie

  8. Husna Shaikh

    Husna Shaikh9 days ago

    Charlie is so lucky to collaborate with his idol-James Taylor

  9. CloudTimeView

    CloudTimeView10 days ago

    This song is the reason I try to be the best person I can be.

  10. john kulonja

    john kulonja12 days ago


  11. Yaisi Casey

    Yaisi Casey13 days ago

    I ❤️ U a thousand times

  12. charlies#1fan

    charlies#1fan14 days ago

    This is incredible ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Racheal O'Brien

    Racheal O'Brien14 days ago

    Can you do a tour in New Zealand

  14. Fin AR

    Fin AR14 days ago

    You inspire me a lot charlie♥

  15. adım yook

    adım yook15 days ago

    Why patient 2x

  16. Rifat Bin Sayed

    Rifat Bin Sayed16 days ago


  17. Jason Plac

    Jason Plac17 days ago

    James Taylor still sounds AMAZING!! Age hasn’t touched his voice yet

  18. Jeeva B

    Jeeva B18 days ago

    Each and every word is heart and respect 💓

  19. Bad Hombre

    Bad Hombre19 days ago

    Great song but full communist my comrades


    FARHAN MOBA19 days ago

    This song make me remember my last day of Primary School although the song is no mean to what i'm remember

  21. justice boo

    justice boo20 days ago

    I hope everyone have a good life with their family🙏

  22. Martin Martinelpro

    Martin Martinelpro20 days ago

    una gran cancion

  23. Charlie Puth Channel

    Charlie Puth Channel21 day ago

    LYRICS One, two, three, four Why are we looking down On our sisters and brothers? Isn't love, all that we got? Don't we know everyone's Got a father and mother? The day we know we're all the same Together we can make that change Look around there are too many of us crying And not enough love to go around What a waste, another day Another good one dying But I know that the world will change The day we know we're all the same Why can't we just get along? If loving one another's wrong Then how are we supposed to Get close to each other? We gotta make that change, yeah Why can't we just get along? What a waste it would be to deny somebody Of a chance to be theirselves What a waste it would be if we hurt for nothing? But I know that the world can change The day we know we're all the same Why can't we just get along? (Why can't we just get along?) If loving one another's wrong (Why can't we just get along?) Then how are we supposed to Get close to each other? We gotta make that change, yeah I know we could break apart We don't have to go that way Not today Why can't we just get along? If loving one another's wrong Then how are we supposed to Get close to yeah (Why can't we just get along?) Why can't we just get along? (Why can't we just get along?) If loving one another's wrong (Why can't we just get along?) Then how are we supposed to Get close to each other? We gotta make that change, yeah The change, yeah

  24. Phương Phan Nguyễn Nhật

    Phương Phan Nguyễn Nhật21 day ago

    I love this song best!!!!!

  25. Carolina Martucci

    Carolina Martucci21 day ago

    now...this is a SONG!!

  26. sagar saggu

    sagar saggu23 days ago

    Totally nailed it charlie

  27. Pawl

    Pawl23 days ago

    My favorite song, been playing this on repeat.

  28. Sunita Singh

    Sunita Singh24 days ago

    James Taylor is Charlie's inspiration and he always wanted to collaborate with him and finally he fit it 👍👍👍

  29. Nandini MJ

    Nandini MJ27 days ago

    I broke my replay button!!!!

  30. Abby Pøtter

    Abby PøtterMonth ago

    My dad would sing James Taylor songs to me when I was a little kid and he died when I was 9, so James Taylor is really close to my heart. Makes me happy hearing him here ♥️

  31. Jade C

    Jade CMonth ago

    Wow James Taylor has such a calming voice

  32. Graci Sims

    Graci SimsMonth ago

    Charlie’s voice to so beautiful

  33. ramya ramya

    ramya ramyaMonth ago

    All songs of Charlie are simple and gives s straight meaning with no complicated lyrics

  34. United Kingdom

    United KingdomMonth ago

    Love this song, congratulation Charlie, it's beautiful !

  35. Nadia Azkaf

    Nadia AzkafMonth ago

    i love your voice so much

  36. theWicked Nishka

    theWicked NishkaMonth ago

    I love this song. It is so heartwarming and metaphoric, yet direct to the point. Its relevant and yet doesn't point fingers. I love this song so much I can't stop hearing it. Thank you Charlie!!!!

  37. Himanshi Karn

    Himanshi KarnMonth ago

    Charlie ❤😘🔥😙😙

  38. violeta maiola

    violeta maiolaMonth ago

    que bella y verdadera canciónTuT

  39. Aishwarya Jain

    Aishwarya JainMonth ago

    Such A Refreshing song The Real Artistic Work Good job Fabulous Song 👌👌❤️❤️❤️

  40. Shuvadeep Chakraborty

    Shuvadeep ChakrabortyMonth ago

    we will be change

  41. Just for Sharing videos!!

    Just for Sharing videos!!Month ago

    Go Charlie...I love you...Another beautiful and sensible song from your album....You are my favourite after Michael Jackson....and I see his message in this song....Thank u so much for spreading the message of love😊

  42. Ella R.

    Ella R.Month ago

    Two of my favorite artists

  43. Joaquín Franco Vita Vereau

    Joaquín Franco Vita VereauMonth ago

    You are the best!

  44. Le Jo

    Le JoMonth ago

    The beginning kinda gives me RHCP vibes. Specifically "Californiacation" and I adore it.

  45. Amanda Miller

    Amanda MillerMonth ago

    charlie puth is even more the man now that i know he did this with james taylor. james is a legend

  46. Rachida Elamiri

    Rachida ElamiriMonth ago

    What a masterpiece ..❤!!!

  47. Jessica

    JessicaMonth ago


  48. Diaz Diaz

    Diaz DiazMonth ago

    This song always warms my heart every time i listen to it

  49. BEA G. Gressivé

    BEA G. GressivéMonth ago

    #CharliePuth #VoiceNotes #GoldCertification

  50. Hannah_Hamilton 12

    Hannah_Hamilton 12Month ago

    Why am i getting Michael Jackson vibes from this??? Anyone else??

  51. David Asher

    David AsherMonth ago

    Oh this is seriously good. The harmonies are spot-on.

  52. maria lucia gonzalez

    maria lucia gonzalezMonth ago

    this a beautiful song 😘😘💓

  53. Ronnie Puth

    Ronnie PuthMonth ago

    Sorry, but I'm cry damn.. Why can’t we just get along?

  54. Émilie Risdon

    Émilie RisdonMonth ago

    I never knew I needed this... meaningful lyrics and a great message enveloped in two amazing voices and a soothing melody. Absolutely love this song!

  55. Kai Lu

    Kai LuMonth ago

    That piano bit in the chorus really sounds familiar.. but I can’t put my finger on it. Hmmm

  56. Ns Rafe

    Ns RafeMonth ago

    Beautiful message 💕💕💕

  57. Elena Knežević

    Elena KneževićMonth ago

    Taylor swift likes this song for sure

  58. ยู'หาน ูชอบฟังเพลง

    ยู'หาน ูชอบฟังเพลงMonth ago

    Like like like like ❤❤

  59. Nori'natrawee สาหร่ายใต้ทะเล

    Nori'natrawee สาหร่ายใต้ทะเลMonth ago

    เพราะมากมายยยย ชอบบบบบบน้องชอบบบบบบบ

  60. Sofía

    SofíaMonth ago

    This is just, perfect, we need more songs like this one, we dont see lyrics like this every day

  61. kelly the vietnamese

    kelly the vietnameseMonth ago

    the way their voices intertwinedddđ

  62. kundai homodza

    kundai homodzaMonth ago

    This song warms my heart❤️

  63. N HS

    N HSMonth ago

    This song is awesome!

  64. Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan ReynoldsMonth ago

    This song, some reason makes me miss Obama even more.

  65. Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan ReynoldsMonth ago

    This and see you again always makes me teary eyed, and cry. This song always gives me shivers (ldk why).

  66. #Strangers# teamup!

    #Strangers# teamup!Month ago

    Actually in this album there are only 3 collaboration with Charlie and I like that.....but we all want a collaboration with Shawn!!! Like if you agree

  67. Sara Cruze

    Sara CruzeMonth ago

    We need a change 😓💓💓💓💓

  68. Braden Miller

    Braden MillerMonth ago

    This is like a modern "man in the mirror"

  69. confused3257

    confused3257Month ago

    Intro has a stairways to heaven vibe

  70. 若梦浮生

    若梦浮生Month ago

    What a pure and moving song😭

  71. debby Bee04

    debby Bee04Month ago

    So soft 😍😍

  72. Zahrah Vahanvaty

    Zahrah VahanvatyMonth ago

    Doesn't the "Look around" at 0:35 sound just like the "Look around, Look around" from Schuyler Sisters in Hamilton?!

  73. Ramo The Revolutionary

    Ramo The RevolutionaryMonth ago

    Charlie Puth brought the 90s back, I feel so safe here.

  74. alilasekar puteri

    alilasekar puteriMonth ago

    wooooo yyyeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy charlie

  75. alilasekar puteri

    alilasekar puteriMonth ago

    i like your song

  76. alilasekar puteri

    alilasekar puteriMonth ago

    i like this

  77. alilasekar puteri

    alilasekar puteriMonth ago

    good song charlie

  78. Scott Plakitka

    Scott PlakitkaMonth ago

    Charlie And Anitta 😢😍✌

  79. Mithun B

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  80. Suraj SarmahVEVO Official

    Suraj SarmahVEVO OfficialMonth ago

    Wow just #audio i love it..✌🏿👌❤ Lots of love from #India ❤🇮🇳

  81. mica saez

    mica saezMonth ago

    Dios me re tocó con esta canción 😍 me lo sé

  82. hun

    hunMonth ago

    That's so beautiful

  83. Sunita Singh

    Sunita SinghMonth ago

    Another masterpiece by Charlie👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤👨‍🎤

  84. Carlyle Fedelis

    Carlyle FedelisMonth ago

    This song is never cease to amaze me. Tell me im not the only one had a goosebumps.

  85. Alexa Marais

    Alexa MaraisMonth ago

    I love this song very much xoxo charlie♥️🔥

  86. Rawan Mohamed

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  87. Sudha Chaudhary

    Sudha ChaudharyMonth ago

    I had the 4th view

  88. Misha Khan

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  89. gitesh rana

    gitesh ranaMonth ago

    Change...b'ful melody ..I luv'n..

  90. Josiah G.

    Josiah G.Month ago

    Who else thought the piano sounded like Changes from Tupac

  91. Myles Callow

    Myles CallowMonth ago

    Anyone else find it through liking James Taylor?

  92. Art With Layla

    Art With LaylaMonth ago

    "Im really weird with using acoustic guitar in my songs" *releases song with acoustic guitar* i love this song

  93. clau oliveira

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  94. clau oliveira

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  95. Nadia Haliza

    Nadia HalizaMonth ago

    Oh my God it's song soooo nice soooo good perfect!!! I'm falling in love!!!

  96. tobin tony

    tobin tonyMonth ago

    Nice song😍

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  99. Minty Honey

    Minty HoneyMonth ago

    This song is so moving.. :)

  100. Fiorella Calderon Cardenas

    Fiorella Calderon CardenasMonth ago

    ive been following hi for years, and wow he sang with his idol!! that's awesome