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Charlie Puth - BOY [Official Audio]



    SHIXAN SALVATORE44 minutes ago

    I Guess It's Gonna Be Voicenotes , Sweetener & Shawn Mendes : The Album Fighting For The Album Of The Year !! 🔥🔥

  2. RZ show Gaming

    RZ show Gaming2 hours ago


  3. Sally Bollywood

    Sally Bollywood5 hours ago

    Boi 👏🏾

  4. Charchita Shakalya G

    Charchita Shakalya G7 hours ago

    If u wanna learn music be a Puthinator and listen to HIM...........blissful moments will rush towards u

  5. Ngan Thao

    Ngan Thao7 hours ago


  6. 제논Xenon

    제논Xenon8 hours ago

    This Available is crazy!!

  7. Joshua Morris

    Joshua Morris16 hours ago

    LIKE A GOD :D this is the best song i think this will get a 1.8B Views :D good job GO CHARLIE


    NOELIA CANO22 hours ago


  9. arkin

    arkinDay ago

    this is just soooo beautiful

  10. Mark Ryan

    Mark RyanDay ago

    This is the song for me coz my ex always think I'm too young and treat me like a boy

  11. SlicDaddyB

    SlicDaddyBDay ago


  12. mi Lou

    mi LouDay ago

    Listening to you since Benin (country in Africa), love your music

  13. AcidAcexx // Graphic Design

    AcidAcexx // Graphic DesignDay ago


  14. lyxx36

    lyxx36Day ago

    Whoa great song Charlie Puth!!!!! You never fail to amaze really

  15. Ethan Hergert

    Ethan HergertDay ago

    Not gonna lie the story this song tells is sad but he manages to make it all bubbly and almost happy and I love how he can manage to do that in his songs. Like he sings so well that it changes the emotion it conveys.😂😂

  16. Cinthia Celedón

    Cinthia CeledónDay ago

    In case that Charlie dated with Lea Michele, I wonder if this song is for her lol. Maybe I'm wrong, but who cares? I love Charlie Puth and this all album is amazing. I can't get enough.

  17. Autumn Rosy

    Autumn RosyDay ago

    Im going to his concert on july 19 im so happy 😃 And also to my titis house And too a hotel with my mom that has a indoor pool !

  18. Sandile Msomi

    Sandile Msomi2 days ago

    one my favorites on the album

  19. Phạm nguyen Khoi

    Phạm nguyen Khoi2 days ago

    B O I I

  20. Anita Bhowal

    Anita Bhowal2 days ago

    This is the song which will never get old.i ve listened to it like a hundred times still feels like new.. Specially the last part..BOY u r genius man... I would really be happy if u upload the this masterpiece's instrumental version..

  21. Hamdi Jamac

    Hamdi Jamac2 days ago

    Why all your songs so good

  22. Suz Eee

    Suz Eee2 days ago

    Favorite song off the album! 🔥❤

  23. kaustav dattaray

    kaustav dattaray2 days ago

    mood to dance...

  24. Lps Boncuk tv

    Lps Boncuk tv2 days ago


  25. Dariye' Day-Randle

    Dariye' Day-Randle3 days ago

    His whole album is pure artistry 😌🙏

  26. Lef Germenlis

    Lef Germenlis3 days ago

    Check my transcription of the keys solo:

  27. Sikha Sarkar

    Sikha Sarkar3 days ago

    Can't stop listening the song more then 30 times i listened in 1 day and still listening. Big fan of Charlie puth😍😍😍 from india.

  28. R Ar

    R Ar3 days ago

    This song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of my life, and I couldn't be happier about it ❤😍🙌

  29. Lari Bufaino

    Lari Bufaino3 days ago

    I love this song!!😻❤❤

  30. Caleb Anderson

    Caleb Anderson3 days ago

    i still forget that he is already man, he's in late 20's

  31. Charchita Shakalya G

    Charchita Shakalya G4 days ago

    He released so many adorable #voicenotes this time my #ninetrackmind has been #ottotuned............. let me tell you all that @charliePuth never killed me with his voice his voice let me live more....anyone feeling the same?

  32. Itz Namrata

    Itz Namrata4 days ago

    Rightly expressed bae

  33. Jordan Ay'Che

    Jordan Ay'Che4 days ago

    Whew this SLAPS 🔥🔥🔥

  34. karin meza

    karin meza4 days ago

    I LOVE U Charlie ♥

  35. Demonhunter 123

    Demonhunter 1234 days ago

    i luv the part he sing "JUST LIKE~~LIKE A BOY~~" so good this song is super good

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    VOLKAN ALKILIÇ4 days ago

    Why can not I give up listening to this song?

  38. Damie Salau

    Damie Salau4 days ago

    Charlie puth is hot and is a gem .his voice is amazing.

  39. Seoyun Kang

    Seoyun Kang5 days ago

    love this!!!!!!!

  40. Luci Alegre

    Luci Alegre5 days ago

    I like it Charlie ❤

  41. Jade Stela

    Jade Stela5 days ago

    So hot, omg, he is so incredible, is Voice....

  42. Michaela Jandlová

    Michaela Jandlová5 days ago

    Piano solo oooohhh!!!

  43. Aaron Shepherd

    Aaron Shepherd5 days ago

    I'm also born in the 90s

  44. dorii mendoza

    dorii mendoza6 days ago

    Me encanta sus músicas😍😍

  45. Vishwajeet Nigam

    Vishwajeet Nigam6 days ago

    Marvelous 😚😎🎁🎁🎗

  46. Yam Nepali

    Yam Nepali6 days ago

    Shout out to all the MILFS out there 🙌

  47. Yazmin Alba Galindo

    Yazmin Alba Galindo6 days ago

    Hermosa voz!!!!!

  48. Adriana Rodriguez

    Adriana Rodriguez6 days ago

    This album officially made me a fan and now I'm in love lmao

  49. rach williams

    rach williams6 days ago

    god you’re amazing

  50. Maruti Naikare

    Maruti Naikare6 days ago

    boy, Charlie Puth keeps getting amazing.

  51. dankargo

    dankargo6 days ago

    This needs to be a single!

  52. RIMSHA

    RIMSHA6 days ago

    Any girl here?😂

  53. Shianty Perez

    Shianty Perez6 days ago

    You are amazing Charlie

  54. Isabella Rodea

    Isabella Rodea6 days ago

    I want to go on tour but that day I go back to school

  55. Esther Campbell

    Esther Campbell6 days ago

    Fav song on the album

  56. Irfan Fikri

    Irfan Fikri6 days ago

    This is actually a sad song

  57. Anjum Sultana

    Anjum Sultana7 days ago

    Plzz make video of this song Charlie puth...😘😘😘😘

  58. Dartore Hp

    Dartore Hp7 days ago

    i like this music

  59. ar 2d2

    ar 2d27 days ago

    Way better than the way i am

  60. ar 2d2

    ar 2d26 days ago


  61. Demi Lo. Fan

    Demi Lo. Fan6 days ago

    two r great

  62. Isaac Daryl

    Isaac Daryl7 days ago

    That fade-out in the end!!! OMG VIBIN' WITH THE 00's

  63. chiara scavone

    chiara scavone7 days ago


  64. amina birkemose

    amina birkemose7 days ago

    this is a bop. should be a single

  65. Janelle Ellington

    Janelle Ellington7 days ago

    How did i just fine this song and im so late im so dumb 😖

  66. Alyssa Harsh

    Alyssa Harsh7 days ago

    I wish he would do a concert in maryland soon.... please that would be amazing! Luv u chay chay 😜😙

  67. Esra Engin'in Dünyası

    Esra Engin'in Dünyası8 days ago


  68. Esra Engin'in Dünyası

    Esra Engin'in Dünyası8 days ago

    Harika bir şarkı mk

  69. Zyad Alaouiismaili

    Zyad Alaouiismaili8 days ago

    I love it !!!

  70. asella kim

    asella kim8 days ago


  71. Tahmina Aziz

    Tahmina Aziz8 days ago

    Baby how dare you treat like a boi?? *;)*

  72. Tahmina Aziz

    Tahmina Aziz8 days ago

    I think I'm in _love_ 😍

  73. Tahmina Aziz

    Tahmina Aziz8 days ago

    Why is he so damn *_amazing_*

  74. SugarCat Productions

    SugarCat Productions8 days ago

    I love this new album! All the songs are so good from what I've heard so far.

  75. XxOmgItzNessaxX

    XxOmgItzNessaxX8 days ago

    I never heard a better song!

  76. Oof it's me Monique

    Oof it's me Monique8 days ago


  77. kailan gds

    kailan gds8 days ago

    Hino demais ❤️

  78. Kënza

    Kënza8 days ago

    Love this trackkkk


    LEE YIH LIANG ALAN LEE9 days ago


  80. srishti jain

    srishti jain9 days ago

    The best album Soo far 😍😍

  81. BendermanGaming

    BendermanGaming9 days ago

    Those damn polyrhythms got me shook

  82. Downnie Trixie

    Downnie Trixie9 days ago


  83. Zyn kowshik

    Zyn kowshik9 days ago

    Love this song.....

  84. Phúc Nguyễn

    Phúc Nguyễn9 days ago


  85. Lesley White

    Lesley White9 days ago

    Love his music his a legend

  86. Sohel Akon

    Sohel Akon9 days ago

    just awesome , next one, I love it😍😍😍

  87. Jashan Multani

    Jashan Multani9 days ago

    dat offbeat open hat is so unsatisfying..

  88. destinee brown

    destinee brown9 days ago

    This song is dope! I keep hitting that reply song. I can't wait for a music video. Keep doing you Charlie!!!

  89. Glingy Venom

    Glingy Venom9 days ago

    Boy How long has this been going on? What have you done for me? We don't talk anymore because all you want is attention. That is just the way I am.

  90. javi veloso

    javi veloso9 days ago

    Su voz es perfectaaa y unicaaa😻😻😻

  91. javi veloso

    javi veloso9 days ago

    Lo amooooooo❤❤❤❤😻😻😻

  92. Israa Nas

    Israa Nas9 days ago

    Homie is hella hung up lmao

  93. Ton Annop

    Ton Annop9 days ago

    I need the music video for this song Charlie.

  94. Euge Lasnier

    Euge Lasnier9 days ago

    tbh i didn't like charlie until he came out with this album.

  95. Who is Brian?

    Who is Brian?9 days ago

    I wrote a small songfic about this song... IDK is very inspirational ❤

  96. Jack Kariuki

    Jack Kariuki10 days ago

    napenda hu wimbo sana .wimbo nzuri

  97. Francesca Giudice

    Francesca Giudice10 days ago

    this song will forever be one of my favourite songs ever 💖

  98. Sebastian Chittattukara

    Sebastian Chittattukara10 days ago

    Boi u have the best songs . You are the god of singers .

  99. Sede Natso

    Sede Natso10 days ago

    "After you love me so good" "How are you gonna tell me, you don't wanna stay"👌

  100. Dinh Thien bao

    Dinh Thien bao10 days ago

    I'm a BOY and i very like this song

  101. Binh Nguyên Hoang

    Binh Nguyên Hoang10 days ago


  102. Karan S

    Karan S10 days ago

    *L I K E A B O Y*

  103. Esra Engin'in Dünyası

    Esra Engin'in Dünyası10 days ago


  104. Esra Engin'in Dünyası

    Esra Engin'in Dünyası10 days ago

    Yerim ben senin sesini

  105. Esra Engin'in Dünyası

    Esra Engin'in Dünyası10 days ago

    Ne güzel oh oh oh demektir o Yavaş gel içim gitti