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Charlie Puth - BOY [Official Audio]


  1. nuuranina zulaikha

    nuuranina zulaikha11 hours ago

    anyone w me this december?

  2. nuuranina zulaikha

    nuuranina zulaikha11 hours ago

    huh this is so good! i just remember i went here when this was released and liked it bc it really blessed my ears and i don’t usually like vids and tHis maDe mE tOucheD tHe likE bUTTon huhhH sOrry.. ppl im here baCk after 7 months like srsly i never come back here after i downloaded it

  3. Kaliq Lowe

    Kaliq Lowe14 hours ago

    Brooke Simpson's Song Association brought me here!

  4. Abu Hena Mostofa Zamal

    Abu Hena Mostofa Zamal21 hour ago

    All of his songs are awsome

  5. FX

    FXDay ago

    80s synthwave vibe so muchhhh

  6. sweetyd231

    sweetyd231Day ago

    I've listened to this song on repeat for weeks and I'm not tired yet.

  7. Issues

    Issues2 days ago

    This is Calum Hood's Favourite Charlie Puth Song rn

  8. 박새봄04

    박새봄042 days ago

    I think Charlie Puth doesn't have bad song! Never!!!

  9. O Mundo de Gabi

    O Mundo de Gabi3 days ago

    My favorite song! ❤

  10. Himanshii

    Himanshii5 days ago

    Who's here after nomination for Grammys 😃😃 voicenotes & how long in the list💃💃😍😍😀😀

  11. Ashley Wong

    Ashley Wong5 days ago

    This is one of my all time favorite songs at the moment. It's not like all the other "pop" songs out right now and the production is amazing. It's giving me such throwback vibes; I haven't heard a fade out at the end of a song like this in so long. This is truly an incredible song from an incredible singer/songwriter/producer!

  12. GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarth

    GodPleaseBring HeavenOnEarth6 days ago

    yah i like this he sounds sexy as hell..NO HOMO

  13. ThxForLoggingIn

    ThxForLoggingIn6 days ago

    Fun fact: this song is completely made up, he has never experienced anything like this before lollll 😂

  14. Atul Kumar

    Atul Kumar6 days ago

    Baby dont treat me like a boyy

  15. Blasthood

    Blasthood6 days ago

    Charlie, you're a good singer and a good producer. I know it's hard, but you're doing stuff right, just keep going and have fun doing what you love. In my opinion you're a much better character than someone like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, and less wanna-be than Ed Sheeran, good luck with your career.

  16. ParcheesyBananaphone_OldChannel

    ParcheesyBananaphone_OldChannel7 days ago

    This is still a serious bop half a year later

  17. Hafsa Islam

    Hafsa Islam7 days ago

    Like a boy. You are the best singer ever.

  18. Moana Dharmawansa

    Moana Dharmawansa7 days ago

    hate you for ever

  19. ThxForLoggingIn

    ThxForLoggingIn6 days ago

    Moana Dharmawansa u can’t even spell lmfao

  20. Iftikhar Sajid

    Iftikhar Sajid8 days ago

    CaRliE PuTh ✌

  21. Teny Haryati

    Teny Haryati9 days ago


  22. Agustina fonseca

    Agustina fonseca10 days ago


  23. zhang liao

    zhang liao10 days ago

    Favourite song of the album :D

  24. Thị Thanh Trúc Cao

    Thị Thanh Trúc Cao10 days ago

    Happy Brithday CHARLIE PUTH!!!!!!

  25. Tanishka Khare

    Tanishka Khare10 days ago

    Happy birthday Charlie 😍😘

  26. Karl Somosot

    Karl Somosot10 days ago

    happy birthday charlie

  27. Philip E Morris

    Philip E Morris11 days ago

    Thanx to songs like this in todays musical climate... I am able to find my inspirations again! FUCKING SWAG;) THIS is silky smooth... feel me? Earth Wind & Fire - Get Down On It solo vibes and all!! It's fucking fantastic Charlie!! We grew up with Winnie the Pooh, Talespin & the sweet sounds of heaven. This is the fruits of that! Finally;) Thank you man.

  28. your friend pat

    your friend pat11 days ago


  29. Guesware P

    Guesware P11 days ago

    I'm a big fan of u CHARlIE . Loves from India.wish u would sing more songs and make us happie.

  30. Shalem Jeldi

    Shalem Jeldi11 days ago

    I love Charlie puth

  31. Karl Somosot

    Karl Somosot11 days ago

    I listened this song maybe 100+ times on SPOTIFY,APPLE MUSIC & MReporter

  32. Player SP

    Player SP12 days ago

    December 2018!! Anyone up??

  33. Maya Sofia Ojeda Martinez

    Maya Sofia Ojeda Martinez13 days ago

    i love his music

  34. SuperMysteek

    SuperMysteek13 days ago

    just discovered Charlie a couple of days could I have missed such an amazing voice, a perfect pitch and a likeable person...

  35. Paola Rodriguez Kpoper forever

    Paola Rodriguez Kpoper forever13 days ago

    It's not a surprise that your songs make me fall in love more and more when I hear them among those songs this is

  36. Parul Tandon

    Parul Tandon14 days ago

    How many girls love Charlie?

  37. sourabh kumar rajput

    sourabh kumar rajput14 days ago

    Awesome song

  38. Yuna

    Yuna15 days ago


  39. Kayjoe

    Kayjoe15 days ago

    I heard this song at work. Ever since that day it has been my jam

  40. Ronn Edits

    Ronn Edits15 days ago

    I only have 8 songs memorized by Charlie...

  41. Abhishek Bandivadekar

    Abhishek Bandivadekar15 days ago

    Boyyyyaaaaa boyyyyyaaaaaaayaaaaa

  42. Abhishek Bandivadekar

    Abhishek Bandivadekar15 days ago

    You are💯💯💯💯💯😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Yanna De Freitas Jinkings

    Yanna De Freitas Jinkings16 days ago

    Gosto desta música 🦄

  44. Safinia Lyngdoh

    Safinia Lyngdoh17 days ago

    Cute song

  45. Genevieve Shambo

    Genevieve Shambo17 days ago

    Whos subcribe,i am

  46. Rafael Jery

    Rafael Jery17 days ago

    Cambodia love him

  47. Sukla Mondal

    Sukla Mondal18 days ago

    Your songs are awesome BOY

  48. Daniel Frye

    Daniel Frye18 days ago

    The song is so good I love it so much!!! Wow good

  49. Albright corner

    Albright corner18 days ago

    I kinda broke the replay button..... No one reply to this comment underneath mine all the other corrupted minds will understand

  50. Sarvesh Pandey

    Sarvesh Pandey19 days ago

    Anyone Indian here.....?

  51. Nguyen NamAnh

    Nguyen NamAnh20 days ago

    Very good

  52. Liban Abdisalan

    Liban Abdisalan20 days ago

    Simply"The best"

  53. M arivin

    M arivin20 days ago

    Hay charlie .im from indonesia 🇲🇨.. "Saya suka kagum dengan anda‚ kapan anda datang ke indonesia" 😍

  54. kalesh boyz

    kalesh boyz20 days ago

    I love u chalie and im from india

  55. William Hancock

    William Hancock21 day ago

    Im a big Michael Jackson fan and I always compare other artists to him and no one comes close but there's something about Charlie Puth! Sonic sound, Great vocal range, awesome beatboxer, in the moment songwriter "recorder". There's simalarties don't you think?

  56. Gaben Cails

    Gaben Cails21 day ago

    My favourate song

  57. Jared Schroeder

    Jared Schroeder21 day ago

    Heard this for the first time playing at a Woolworths supermarket. “That’s why I shop at Woolies”

  58. Jose Araujo

    Jose Araujo22 days ago

    That's what you get when you go after some Milfs

  59. Ngô Tiến Đạt

    Ngô Tiến Đạt22 days ago


  60. Giovanna Avalosvazquez

    Giovanna Avalosvazquez23 days ago

    The best song in the world for reals

  61. M3nta

    M3nta23 days ago


  62. ruchika soni

    ruchika soni23 days ago

    this song❤️

  63. The FLASH!!!!

    The FLASH!!!!24 days ago


  64. Tania Costa

    Tania Costa24 days ago

    Charlie made this song up... this song didn’t happened in his life 😂

  65. lusungu mwape

    lusungu mwape25 days ago

    Even after you treat me just like like girrrrrrrrrrrl

  66. Num Fon

    Num Fon25 days ago


  67. Strawberrywolf

    Strawberrywolf26 days ago

    He’s got the voice of a frrriicken angel!

  68. Javier javaloyes sanchis

    Javier javaloyes sanchis26 days ago

    The New Christopher Cross

  69. Lorena Terry ロリナー テリー

    Lorena Terry ロリナー テリー26 days ago

    I'm not even a boy, but this song is good! 😶

  70. Lorena Terry ロリナー テリー

    Lorena Terry ロリナー テリー26 days ago

    This sounds like 80s/90s music meets older-Beiber! 😆👏🏻

  71. Cleopathra Carter

    Cleopathra Carter27 days ago


  72. David Zas

    David Zas27 days ago


  73. lovely lillym

    lovely lillym27 days ago

    Oh man.....😍😍😍😍

  74. lovely lillym

    lovely lillym27 days ago


  75. Amy Barnes

    Amy Barnes27 days ago

    How have I only just hear this 😮😍

  76. Biswajit Neog

    Biswajit Neog27 days ago

    wht a awsm song ! unlimited lover

  77. hli818

    hli81827 days ago

    Charlie I love this song!

  78. Célia Chuppa

    Célia Chuppa28 days ago

    You have real talent for singing, I love your perfect voice.

  79. Bhajan Mitra

    Bhajan Mitra28 days ago

    Such a musical genius for everyone👍

  80. puther

    puther29 days ago

    Charlie puth를 안 순간이 나에겐 가장 의미있는 날이었다.

  81. AJ Rouse

    AJ RouseMonth ago

    'Cause you talking different talk! ☹😞

  82. Striker Soccer

    Striker SoccerMonth ago

    From boyyyy... To Mennnnn...

  83. Sr.Francisco

    Sr.FranciscoMonth ago

    oh this is the style perfect

  84. Just Peachy Msp

    Just Peachy MspMonth ago

    This song is my life!!!

  85. briseldi hernandez

    briseldi hernandezMonth ago


  86. - ROCK ‹𖤍› .

    - ROCK ‹𖤍› .Month ago

    I love it

  87. Afsana Almas

    Afsana AlmasMonth ago

    Amazing song

  88. Kimmie

    KimmieMonth ago

    There's something so sexy about this song. Ive been obsessing.

  89. Oh gosh im shy shy shy cause black is in my area

    Oh gosh im shy shy shy cause black is in my areaMonth ago



    DAMBALL TVMonth ago

    I love this music !

  91. Silvana Ivone

    Silvana IvoneMonth ago

    My daughter loves him he's so a cool artist

  92. supacupa 2007

    supacupa 2007Month ago

    Reasons to admire charlie puth: #1 he can beatbox #2 he is an amazing pianist #3 he has a perfect pitch #4 his smile is amazing #5 his voice is different

  93. naveen N

    naveen N4 days ago

    Good analysis👉👉👉

  94. 1961asim shaikh

    1961asim shaikh7 days ago

    supacupa 2007 saying after watching a video by ITS PAULA

  95. Arctic96

    Arctic96Month ago

    when you try to hit the notes but instead you deafen everyone around you!

  96. Joaquin Tapia Carrasco

    Joaquin Tapia CarrascoMonth ago


  97. tasnim arina

    tasnim arinaMonth ago

    My favourite boy is Charlie. Who else also agree with me? ❤❤

  98. Cindy Karim

    Cindy KarimMonth ago

    love you charlie

  99. Akshat Basu Mallik

    Akshat Basu MallikMonth ago

    best song ever!!!

  100. Emma Black

    Emma BlackMonth ago

    Always so happy when a new Charlie song comes out 😁

  101. Legion

    LegionMonth ago

    This is so fun to attempt to sing!!

  102. Lyds P'

    Lyds P'Month ago

    I'll wait for the video clip for ever if I have to

  103. Sukla Mondal

    Sukla MondalMonth ago

    This is my one of the most favourite song MY FAVOURITE SONG IS ATTENTION