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Charlie Puth - Attention (Acoustic) [Official Audio]


  1. Nathan Benyam

    Nathan Benyam9 days ago

    Feel like listening this music every second

  2. W E

    W E11 days ago

    I feel like listening it everyday

  3. Janam Patel

    Janam Patel11 days ago

    Just like it. ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  4. Paz Morou

    Paz Morou19 days ago

    Una de las mejores cosas en la vida es escuchar esta canción y en esta versión

  5. Afsana Almas

    Afsana Almas22 days ago


  6. Aditya Rawat

    Aditya Rawat28 days ago

    Best version

  7. Benita Tardio

    Benita TardioMonth ago


  8. FK_ Selasi

    FK_ SelasiMonth ago

    Hey Charlie, I love you so much and there's no way i would do covers without your songs in it..... just can't figure out how these dudes get drumless tracks... i love it so much if you could upload drumless for us so we can do covers of your lovely songs.. Thanks bruh and hope to hear from you soon... Be great


    SA20YAM SHARMAMonth ago

    Guys please watch this 🙏🙏🙏🙏👦

  10. BM 316

    BM 316Month ago

    Way better than original??

  11. Samuel Txmph

    Samuel TxmphMonth ago


  12. Nilanjanaa Jayant

    Nilanjanaa JayantMonth ago

    hey guys! I did a collab cover of this song! would love for ya'll to check it out :)

  13. Dila Yiğit

    Dila YiğitMonth ago

    I think, acoustic version better normal version 😍😍

  14. Nga Nguyen

    Nga NguyenMonth ago


  15. abia

    abiaMonth ago

    2019 anyone??

  16. Lizbette Amable

    Lizbette AmableMonth ago

    I love attention just like you

  17. iyaiya oh

    iyaiya ohMonth ago

    2019 :>

  18. Dhanush R Dhanush

    Dhanush R DhanushMonth ago

    incredible super music

  19. Arjun Benjwal

    Arjun BenjwalMonth ago

    Bro I love your voice !!!!! Keep singing and entertaining whole world 😇😇.......

  20. Tunni Kumari

    Tunni KumariMonth ago

    This is my best song😀😀😀

  21. Tunni Kumari

    Tunni KumariMonth ago

    I agree

  22. Lavanya Gurjar

    Lavanya GurjarMonth ago

    I like your song

  23. Lavanya Gurjar

    Lavanya GurjarMonth ago

    I am Charle's fan

  24. Lavanya Gurjar

    Lavanya GurjarMonth ago

    That's nice

  25. it's key

    it's key2 months ago

    Party LA 😍😜

  26. Partha Bose

    Partha Bose2 months ago

    Nice ☺☺☺☺☺

  27. Nita Putri

    Nita Putri2 months ago


  28. Irfan Fahim

    Irfan FahimMonth ago

    No . sorry!

  29. Abhijeet Paul

    Abhijeet Paul2 months ago


  30. Irfan Fahim

    Irfan FahimMonth ago

    Yes bro!

  31. Mana Singh

    Mana Singh2 months ago

    Nice song

  32. XxsundeexX 400

    XxsundeexX 4002 months ago


  33. Sayantan Sengupta

    Sayantan Sengupta2 months ago

    Sitar Instrumental Version Please Comment about how was it?

  34. lyly da silva

    lyly da silva2 months ago


  35. Wolfie pups

    Wolfie pups3 months ago



    PRAKHAR SHUKLA3 months ago

    Who are puthinators here,I am proud to be a puthinator

  37. Pri nce

    Pri nce3 months ago

    ❤❤ heart touching

  38. 도진

    도진3 months ago

    I love

  39. Aritra Mitra

    Aritra Mitra3 months ago

    Charlie Puth : Best of all singers

  40. Shamma Almalki

    Shamma Almalki3 months ago


  41. Shamma Almalki

    Shamma Almalki3 months ago

    اللي من عند عزوز الشمري لايك

  42. Kian Kammermann

    Kian Kammermann3 months ago


  43. DraC O

    DraC O3 months ago

    Can anybody damn here teach this...?

  44. Aritra Mitra

    Aritra Mitra3 months ago


  45. Ronnie Hall

    Ronnie Hall3 months ago

    Aritra Mitra and

  46. zhinath fareed

    zhinath fareed3 months ago

  47. Anjanie Singh

    Anjanie Singh3 months ago

    Ohh Charlie Puth Your voice is sooo sexy baby

  48. Tyler Nguyen

    Tyler Nguyen3 months ago

    :VI *SCREAMS* *THROWS STUFF* : me class he’s just want attention he don’t want our heart :keann/mady you just want attention :teacher yep he want attention you guys are right

  49. Afsana Khatun

    Afsana Khatun4 months ago

    My favorite singer you are

  50. Afsana Khatun

    Afsana Khatun4 months ago

    So nice and so much sweet

  51. Kavin Blooms

    Kavin Blooms4 months ago

    I got an attention

  52. Kabita Das

    Kabita Das4 months ago

    This song remember my love 😊

  53. jakob smed pedersen

    jakob smed pedersen4 months ago

    does anyone have the guitar tabs for this song. im looking for them but cant find them anywere :/

  54. Raw Square Gaming

    Raw Square Gaming4 months ago

    Charlie Charlie are you here?

  55. Irfan Fahim

    Irfan Fahim4 months ago



    TIKAN DEHURY4 months ago

    the best song I have ever heard

  57. Om Sheta

    Om Sheta4 months ago


  58. Dare me Bro's

    Dare me Bro's4 months ago


  59. future singers

    future singers4 months ago

    i can sing like that


    J.J.JUDITH BLESSY4 months ago

  61. Somnath Golui

    Somnath Golui4 months ago


  62. Rajesh Chauhan

    Rajesh Chauhan4 months ago

    this song dedicated to my best friend madhur kanakhara


    CRAZY GAMER AHAN4 months ago


  64. sunita solanki

    sunita solanki4 months ago

    i love this song and I feel relax

  65. Meyssem Hammami

    Meyssem Hammami4 months ago

    Here I’am a year later listening and enjoying this masterpiece ❤️ who else?

  66. Victoria Hatch

    Victoria Hatch4 months ago

    love it

  67. Sankari Hafiz

    Sankari Hafiz5 months ago

    I can sing better than this Shit

  68. palak Sharma

    palak Sharma5 months ago

    ba year ba

  69. The Bonde

    The Bonde5 months ago

    NÃO acredito que vocês estão fazendo isso. Eu quero quem sabe um dia ser um Rapper, estou estudando e me aprofundando mais por agora. Já querem que ganho um Emmy, assim fica difícil.

  70. spurgeon raj

    spurgeon raj5 months ago


  71. techy vedang

    techy vedang5 months ago

    All fans of Charlie puth like me

  72. Stakshi Aggarwal

    Stakshi Aggarwal5 months ago

    2018 anyone? ?

  73. Irfan Fahim

    Irfan Fahim3 months ago


  74. 😍😍😍😎MALAYALIES 4 EVER😎😍😍😍

    😍😍😍😎MALAYALIES 4 EVER😎😍😍😍5 months ago


  75. Shebaaz Shaikh

    Shebaaz Shaikh5 months ago


  76. Mirka Golubovic

    Mirka Golubovic5 months ago

    Love acoustic...❤❤❤ September 2018

  77. praveen thapliyal

    praveen thapliyal5 months ago


  78. praveen thapliyal

    praveen thapliyal5 months ago

    Acoustic is better than first one

  79. praveen thapliyal

    praveen thapliyal5 months ago

    English songs ka sabse achha singer charlie puth

  80. Siddharth Menon

    Siddharth Menon11 days ago


  81. ujjwal ratna

    ujjwal ratnaMonth ago


  82. Fire_Dragon4740

    Fire_Dragon47403 months ago


  83. chahak s entertainment paradise

    chahak s entertainment paradise4 months ago

    Sahi kaha😊😀

  84. Anas Dubai

    Anas Dubai5 months ago


  85. Kranthi Kumar

    Kranthi Kumar5 months ago

    Love this song

  86. sam sam

    sam sam5 months ago

    Charlie Puth sound amazing, great

  87. MaDMonkeY #41

    MaDMonkeY #415 months ago

    love this acoustic version❤

  88. Bhulan Dip

    Bhulan Dip5 months ago

    it is my favorite song thanks to sing this song Charlie puth

  89. atharva Moghe

    atharva Moghe5 months ago

    It will be taken the world famous

  90. Baba Babayev

    Baba Babayev5 months ago


  91. star maker

    star maker6 months ago

    The best ever Charlie

  92. Allan Gonzales FWS

    Allan Gonzales FWS6 months ago

    Charlie Puth Is Cool

  93. camila '04

    camila '046 months ago

    😍😍😍😍 i love this

  94. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn6 months ago

    Very good 😍😍

  95. Sparshakali bhattacharya

    Sparshakali bhattacharya6 months ago

    Just awsmmmmmmm

  96. Alberto Aquiles Fernandez Villegas

    Alberto Aquiles Fernandez Villegas6 months ago


  97. 빱빠쁄루

    빱빠쁄루6 months ago

    I really love this thanx Charlie. :-):-)

  98. Daniel Santiago

    Daniel Santiago2 months ago


  99. Dipankar Das

    Dipankar Das6 months ago

    cool and nice songs

  100. Inderprl Anand

    Inderprl Anand6 months ago

    lots of love from India

  101. Renu Rana

    Renu Rana6 months ago

    Wow I love this song very much 😉😉

  102. bookmarkthis

    bookmarkthis6 months ago

    LOL. Too much Autotune. *Not acoustic*

  103. Kranthi Kumar

    Kranthi Kumar6 months ago

    Love this song

  104. Prashant Vaidya

    Prashant Vaidya6 months ago

    Attention is world best song I love this song chilre putn his song very best beautiful in wold song


    MUSIC GALAXY6 months ago

    2018 - 08

  106. Sara Tesanovic

    Sara Tesanovic6 months ago

    The best song ever

  107. Sean Miller

    Sean Miller6 months ago


  108. Sean Miller

    Sean Miller6 months ago

    His voices so cute

  109. Shawn Thomas

    Shawn Thomas6 months ago All Charlie Puth fans... Click this link!!

  110. mel Alvarado León

    mel Alvarado León6 months ago

    no tocar mi perfil XD

  111. Isuru Wickramasinghe

    Isuru Wickramasinghe6 months ago

    wow...Its a superb one Charlie...I love it but with a kajon or something like acoustic drum or something it will be great but I love it...nice one bro keep it up ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤