Charlie Day and Ice Cube Trade Children's Insults | Vanity Fair


  1. Danny Boyo

    Danny Boyo11 days ago

    Ice Cube...the paper mache gangster.

  2. TD Riehm

    TD Riehm14 days ago

    "Your Not Invited To My Birthday Party Anymore." ...lmao And "You Are A Toy." rolmao

  3. Noodles and Pasta

    Noodles and Pasta14 days ago

    2:16 Who Pooped The Bed Part 2

  4. Leslie Knope

    Leslie Knope23 days ago

    Love how the "your not invited to my birthday party anymore" was by a deleted account

  5. D C D

    D C DMonth ago


  6. Derek Cox

    Derek Cox2 months ago

    I don't know if it counts as an insult but I know a little ( 5 years old) kid, who's really savage. Once, she got annoyed at her mom because she didn't want to go to bed. So, she told her mum that she will murder her and get a new mom. Also she says that stuff really casually. It's hilarious.

  7. Jbbzze

    Jbbzze2 months ago


  8. Umer Naeem

    Umer Naeem2 months ago

    So my video paused at 0:00 and I see staring directly into Charlie’s soul through his ear

  9. redbone fabrication

    redbone fabrication3 months ago

    Charlie day is a great value ryan Reynolds mixed with the guy who gave wade the card in deadpool

  10. Marcus productions 01

    Marcus productions 013 months ago

    When I watched this I thought the playground insults we’re going to be like I’m gonna get my dad to come beat you up or I’m gonna get my mom to come beat you up when I’m gonna get my 17-year-old brother who is in high school to come beat you up

  11. Fjxdfn Thnffik

    Fjxdfn Thnffik3 months ago

    I’m telling

  12. Sweet T

    Sweet T4 months ago

    “Go f*ck yourself” at least he keeps it classic

  13. Devlin Ash

    Devlin Ash4 months ago

    Charlie looks weird without is beard

  14. O Shit

    O Shit4 months ago

    2:16 - that one was sent in by Frank Reynolds

  15. Savion Coley

    Savion Coley4 months ago

    I lkie it when they change there names

  16. Ish Casey

    Ish Casey5 months ago

    The butt-related ones were written by Mac 😅😂

  17. Tatiana Tupou

    Tatiana Tupou5 months ago


  18. Tragic games

    Tragic games5 months ago

    Ok,ok, I got one..... It looks like Thanos snapped you in the wrong dimension...

  19. Silvia Moreno

    Silvia Moreno5 months ago


  20. FrankoPopular -

    FrankoPopular -5 months ago

    My boi Charlie dizzy.

  21. Bobmarley420

    Bobmarley4205 months ago

    How does Ice Cube still make these sound cool

  22. Kenny Phillips

    Kenny Phillips5 months ago

    I'd like to see this with Ice-T.

  23. Conrado Ev

    Conrado Ev5 months ago

    ice cube speaks as if he was challenging u to fight or threatening u. rapper jam baby

  24. Stephi Smith

    Stephi Smith5 months ago

    “i’ll unthink you” bars

  25. Mr. Yellowstrat

    Mr. Yellowstrat5 months ago

    "I'll unthink you"... "Uhh.. alright, dark"..

  26. Mr. Yellowstrat

    Mr. Yellowstrat5 months ago

    "The Ambalance"

  27. Mitch 'N' Mav Studios

    Mitch 'N' Mav Studios5 months ago

    What is Ice Cube doing here? We all know what happened, he’s done, he never needs to make another insult again

  28. John deneau

    John deneau5 months ago

    Charlie looks weird without a beard...

  29. ludvik 3

    ludvik 36 months ago


  30. Leopard-King

    Leopard-King6 months ago

    The Fox News editorial division is scouting this video very seriously.

  31. Legendary Zelda

    Legendary Zelda6 months ago

    i am rubber and you are glue

  32. Incubis

    Incubis6 months ago

    *playground insults

  33. Papa Joe

    Papa Joe6 months ago

    I love Cube I’m getting him tattooed to my arm

  34. brittle voice

    brittle voice7 months ago

    Sounds like me tryina be smart in an argue

  35. Richard Glendenning

    Richard Glendenning7 months ago

    Kinda disappointing as far as the reactions I between jokes.

  36. MickeyGreenEyes213

    MickeyGreenEyes2137 months ago

    Ice cube's delivery was so much better!! It wasn't that he was getting better cards, he just knew what to do with them

  37. Jack The Singing Wolf

    Jack The Singing Wolf7 months ago

    Why does cube sound so normal saying these things? Lol

  38. Kate Miller

    Kate Miller7 months ago

    “You’re not invited to my birthday party anymore.”

  39. Not Politically Correct

    Not Politically Correct7 months ago

    Fuckin filthy redditors

  40. Rock Balancer

    Rock Balancer7 months ago


  41. BigPapaDave

    BigPapaDave7 months ago

    "Youre a stupid poopyhead"

  42. Malachi Wilcox

    Malachi Wilcox7 months ago

    2:16 was frank

  43. madi summ

    madi summ8 months ago

    My favorite when I was a kid was "I'd hit you but that'd be animal abuse" and runner up is "you put the man in woman"

  44. Keypenknitreelyo

    Keypenknitreelyo8 months ago

    You're clinically stupid 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Renee Slack

    Renee Slack9 months ago

    Why does Charlie Day look high and not Ice Cube? Lol

  46. SS2 Vegeto

    SS2 Vegeto9 months ago

    4:19 Found the future serial killer.

  47. Charl1eSheenWIN

    Charl1eSheenWIN10 months ago

    cube sounds angry even when saying children's insults lmao

  48. That Guy

    That Guy10 months ago

    i’ve waited my whole life for charlie day to tell me “you’re alright, kid”

  49. White Tiger

    White Tiger10 months ago

    Ice cube is sooooooo liiiiiitttttt!!

  50. Mr. .Fridge

    Mr. .Fridge10 months ago

    I’ll do big poo’s in your bed