Charlie Day and Ice Cube Trade Children's Insults | Vanity Fair


  1. madi summ

    madi summ7 days ago

    My favorite when I was a kid was "I'd hit you but that'd be animal abuse" and runner up is "you put the man in woman"

  2. Cade Denmark

    Cade Denmark10 days ago

    I have a kid insult poo poo bum butt brain tree but dooo head

  3. Keypenknitreelyo

    Keypenknitreelyo14 days ago

    You're clinically stupid 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Renee Slack

    Renee SlackMonth ago

    Why does Charlie Day look high and not Ice Cube? Lol

  5. SS2 Vegeto

    SS2 VegetoMonth ago

    4:19 Found the future serial killer.

  6. Charl1eSheenWIN

    Charl1eSheenWIN2 months ago

    cube sounds angry even when saying children's insults lmao

  7. Michael Perry

    Michael Perry2 months ago

    i’ve waited my whole life for charlie day to tell me “you’re alright, kid”

  8. White Tiger

    White Tiger2 months ago

    Ice cube is sooooooo liiiiiitttttt!!

  9. Mr. .Fridge

    Mr. .Fridge2 months ago

    I’ll do big poo’s in your bed

  10. Tiernan Wilkinson

    Tiernan Wilkinson3 months ago

    Also "Brain prerelease version" was pretty good.

  11. Tiernan Wilkinson

    Tiernan Wilkinson3 months ago

    Favorites were: "You're clinically stupid." "Your face caught fire and someone put it out with a hammer." "You think like a stop sign."

  12. Jack Maehoffer

    Jack Maehoffer3 months ago


  13. my weave is snatched

    my weave is snatched3 months ago

    These kids are mean ;(

  14. Amandah Owen

    Amandah Owen3 months ago

    yeaaaas..cube alwaus

  15. MakaMaka Vids

    MakaMaka Vids3 months ago

    Wow. Absolutely brutal. Reported this video for explicit content. These men should be sent to jail. This is absolutely unacceptable.

  16. NOBODY

    NOBODY3 months ago

    carlos dia y cubo de hielo

  17. Jaxen Craiz

    Jaxen Craiz3 months ago

    "You are Clinically Stupid" was that kid Sheldon Cooper

  18. SpikeFlea

    SpikeFlea3 months ago

    Cube just got some new rap battle ammo.

  19. Elena Ramirez

    Elena Ramirez3 months ago

    They need 2 do another movie

  20. Serenity Ann

    Serenity Ann3 months ago

    “Interesting clothes, looks like something I wouldn’t wear” That’s cause you couldn’t afford it *hairflip*

  21. Exxtreme Baby

    Exxtreme Baby3 months ago

    I'm eating cereal watching this, and when he said "I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly" I spit it out in my floor 😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. Oliver Hilton

    Oliver Hilton3 months ago

    Charlie should have went full-on “It’s always sunny” mode and start screaming all his insults. Would have fit his character too

  23. Juan Carlos Navarro

    Juan Carlos Navarro3 months ago

    “You know I’m jr high poo-poo head becomes shithead” I’m dead😂😂🤣🤣

  24. Lego Kgoxy

    Lego Kgoxy3 months ago

    Gas tank plumber butt...WHAAATT!!!

  25. Jesus Freak

    Jesus Freak3 months ago

    I never thought I’d see this format or host combo even on MReporter, ummmm thanks vanity fair?? I love both of them but this is just odd.

  26. Callum

    Callum3 months ago

    Charlie Day looks better with a bigger beard. No stubbles please. Grow it out more dude

  27. JkLime

    JkLime3 months ago

    It’s weird seeing Charlie without a beard

  28. 아미 Vee

    아미 Vee3 months ago

    "you're not invited to my birthday party anymore." savage 😂

  29. Renaud Sennon

    Renaud Sennon3 months ago

    "You're clinically stupid" XD XD XD

  30. Dee Snutz

    Dee Snutz4 months ago

    Is everyone just going to ignore "I'm going to put worms in your brain and hair in your stomach"??? Bc honestly i am a little concerned lol

  31. Colin Donovqn

    Colin Donovqn4 months ago

    They both look like they don't want to be there

  32. Shannon Bristol

    Shannon Bristol4 months ago

    "i'll unthink you" that kid has untapped power that we, as mere mortals, can only dream of.

  33. Ibro Chundusu

    Ibro Chundusu4 months ago

    No u

  34. Rocksolid

    Rocksolid4 months ago

    Did you see my middle finger? It's for you.

  35. mnchil

    mnchil4 months ago

    “I’ll unthink you” I’m dying😂😂

  36. LittleDrummerBoy

    LittleDrummerBoy4 months ago

    I was reading Ambulance at the same time as Ice Cube and I say it that way too😂😂

  37. Allison Mariah

    Allison Mariah4 months ago

    4:14 just by how he said it had me dead😆😆😂😂💀

  38. Olivia McCartney

    Olivia McCartney4 months ago

    These are too much 😂

  39. a. petros

    a. petros4 months ago

    Why does Charlie look so old in this?

  40. Fun Factor H.O.T

    Fun Factor H.O.T4 months ago

    Here's one that got me in trouble ........... Fat chicken of the sea, eat my poppy drink my pee

  41. MiSti

    MiSti4 months ago

    what's terrible.. charlie day lacking facial hair.. WHO WAS THAT GUY?! the voice was hilariously familiar.. but it didnt match the face..

  42. bu d

    bu d4 months ago

    I cringe so hard I died

  43. Aulani Plumeria

    Aulani Plumeria5 months ago


  44. T Skit

    T Skit5 months ago

    See that door I want you on the other side

  45. FelisDestructicus

    FelisDestructicus5 months ago

    What would happen if Charlie Day tried to drift with Ice Cube's brain, or vice versa?

  46. Jenna Pittman

    Jenna Pittman5 months ago

    “You wanna hear a joke? Your life.”



    You're so fat, If I ran around you I'd get lost.

  48. Haley

    Haley5 months ago

    2:38 Okay... This has confused me for YEARS... When I was maybe 6 I said the word “Caca” for some reason at school and I got in trouble. the teach said. “I don’t ever want to hear you say that again!” I got a time out.... crazy teacher? maybe she thought I said something else... I’m 20 now...

  49. lil cig

    lil cig5 months ago

    Charlie kelly the king of rats

  50. Lord Satan

    Lord Satan5 months ago


  51. ya like JAZZ?

    ya like JAZZ?5 months ago

    This is amazing😂😂

  52. Alicia Maksymowicz

    Alicia Maksymowicz5 months ago

    ice cube must not be very tall...

  53. brianna banana

    brianna banana5 months ago

    i didnt recognize him without the beard

  54. SkatEarthProductions

    SkatEarthProductions5 months ago

    Time capsule 1:22

  55. Mr.Gloomy

    Mr.Gloomy5 months ago

    Wahoo black Betty 1:50

  56. Mikey Spikey

    Mikey Spikey5 months ago

    Cube has collaborated with nearly everyone

  57. Candice Micele

    Candice Micele6 months ago


  58. Terrance Kayton

    Terrance Kayton6 months ago

    3 minutes longer than need be

  59. Rushelle Bernard

    Rushelle Bernard6 months ago

    Love you Charlie!!

  60. javarison53

    javarison536 months ago

    Imagine being a kid that made Ice Cube laugh

  61. Robert H

    Robert H6 months ago


  62. Mischa Clerin-Hakim

    Mischa Clerin-Hakim6 months ago

    Well, that was boring ...

  63. Derek Shirreffs

    Derek Shirreffs6 months ago

    Butt butt butt time capsule time capsule butt butt butt time capsule

  64. Jonah The Jedai

    Jonah The Jedai6 months ago

    You are a toy... Toy story reference?

  65. John Smith

    John Smith6 months ago

    am-ba-lance wtf

  66. Jonathan James

    Jonathan James6 months ago

    I feel like Charlie’s IASIP character wrote these

  67. Alessandro

    Alessandro6 months ago

    See that door? The one marked pirate ???

  68. Hei Rod

    Hei Rod6 months ago

    Ice cubes real name is O,heal jackson

  69. Sebastian Uchiha

    Sebastian Uchiha6 months ago

    If they had this your so fat when you fell they thought the atomic bomb came

  70. 213laking

    213laking6 months ago

    Lol, Ice Cube's comment at the end "Homework"

  71. Trashrat Den

    Trashrat Den6 months ago

    Charlie is just great in general


    FAITHFAIL6 months ago

    Charlie Day looks like Christian Slater’s little brother without the beard.

  73. F.Y.E AMVs

    F.Y.E AMVs6 months ago

    I thought the gummy bears one was funny xD

  74. VHDT10

    VHDT106 months ago

    Classy_J's was the best...

  75. 1337Se7eN7

    1337Se7eN76 months ago

    It looks like your 😑 caught on 🔥 and someone tried to put it out with a 🔨

  76. Grippy Hippy

    Grippy Hippy6 months ago

    This looks like two people awkwardly forced to childishly insult each other.. It's kinda hard to watch

  77. Mervin Rebwar

    Mervin Rebwar6 months ago

    I thought ice cube is crazy as F***

  78. Jose Posada

    Jose Posada7 months ago

    they left out the famous "talk to the hand" qoute

  79. cryptic

    cryptic7 months ago

    I know you are but what I’m i

  80. alltimelojain

    alltimelojain7 months ago


  81. funnydavid2007

    funnydavid20077 months ago

    I remember when ice cube rapped and made dope songs.

  82. Yousra Slays

    Yousra Slays7 months ago

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  83. Isabella Jackson

    Isabella Jackson7 months ago

    Wow so I just heard myself laugh out loud alone for the first time in a long time.(it's sounded bad) but thank you Charlie and Ice Cube.


    DAMIEN MILLS7 months ago

    We'll never see a good Charlie Day or Ice Cube movie ever again.

  85. Kendra Atkins

    Kendra Atkins7 months ago

    I ❤️ the ur clinicaly stupid one 😂🤣😂

  86. RosLynn Bowman

    RosLynn Bowman7 months ago

    It would funny if it didn’t hurt

  87. Julian Resseguie

    Julian Resseguie7 months ago

    Ice Cubes career is going down the Al Pacino route and Charlie Day looks like a caffeine attic that smokes crack in the side.

  88. TheNinjaWaffle

    TheNinjaWaffle7 months ago

    This slowly gets more awkward cringe than funny as it prolongs

  89. Sara Kudrna

    Sara Kudrna7 months ago

    I had to pause because I was laughing too much.

  90. Avi •

    Avi •7 months ago

    Charlie day, Ice cube, And Reddit. Am i dreaming

  91. Jerk Of Spades

    Jerk Of Spades7 months ago

    This was kind of awkward

  92. Seth Rasmussen

    Seth Rasmussen7 months ago

    They should do one with Steven Ogg

  93. KarleCrak

    KarleCrak7 months ago

    Poo? Really? Kids with no brains nowadays lol

  94. VaevVae

    VaevVae7 months ago

    *ice cube slams a small white card threw a table with the power of ten mighty gods*

  95. clairebear7601

    clairebear76017 months ago

    why can i imagine charlie kelly saying literally all of these

  96. Lexi Rosalios

    Lexi Rosalios7 months ago

    2:49 ok but these kids quoting Toy Story

  97. Jesse P

    Jesse P7 months ago

    Still better insults than Trump ever said. Yaay yaay

  98. Yesenia Salinas

    Yesenia Salinas7 months ago

    I thought some were really inventive haha go f@#$ yourself 😂

  99. Senslender

    Senslender7 months ago

    I like that ice cube slams it down when he finishes reading it. Like he's serious about it. XD

  100. Vincent Judakov

    Vincent Judakov7 months ago

    Go f*** yourself.