Change the Animations on iPhone iOS 11.3 - 11.4


  1. iDeviceHelp

    iDeviceHelp3 months ago

    Hey guys 👋 one thing I forgot to mention is if you would like to get your original animation back just power off and power back on your iPhone i.e. reboot. ENJOY ;)

  2. lizz Javier

    lizz Javier2 months ago

    iDeviceHelp I know a way to change the animations

  3. Rafael Engensperger

    Rafael Engensperger3 months ago

    If you pull down spotlight (the search tap) then the animations gone

  4. Sharib Kausar

    Sharib Kausar3 months ago

    But u can’t activate guided access

  5. Bigsimpd H.

    Bigsimpd H.3 months ago

    It you want to go back to original animation just go like you’re doing search again swipe up and swipe back down it takes you back to original animation

  6. Bigsimpd H.

    Bigsimpd H.3 months ago

    iDeviceHelp it’s very fast you don’t have to reboot phone tho just go like you’re doing search again but just close it out and it goes back to the original animation

  7. WindyWolf

    WindyWolfMonth ago

    It’s turning off randomly please help!

  8. WindyWolf

    WindyWolfMonth ago

    I’m using a iPhone SE iOS 11.4 (Beta 6)!

  9. Hardik Zala

    Hardik ZalaMonth ago

    Is is work on iphone 6 ?

  10. Ximena711

    Ximena7112 months ago

    Doesn't seem to work for me, I'm on 11.3.1 and i get the keyboard overlay and do the rest of the steps but I can't get it to do the slide animations

  11. Victor Lourenço

    Victor Lourenço2 months ago

    how can i go back to the old animation?

  12. Addison Ewing

    Addison Ewing2 months ago

    On iPhone 8plus you have to tap the search bar and swipe halfway back to the home screen. The keyboard will do the same overlay thing as it does on the iPhone X and it works just the same

  13. Addison Ewing

    Addison Ewing2 months ago

    It’s worked every time I’ve tried

  14. Gimpy *

    Gimpy *2 months ago

    Anyone else from EverythingApplePro?

  15. Salman Zafar

    Salman Zafar2 months ago


  16. x64 Cpu

    x64 Cpu2 months ago

    On iPhone 6 the phone reboots ?!?!!

  17. Get Shrekt

    Get Shrekt2 months ago

    I would try and answer your question but im on ios 10.3

  18. F2F

    F2F2 months ago

    Boom it working

  19. DanisonicSA

    DanisonicSA2 months ago

    The tutorial is the same for iPhone 8 and below, just replace the home bar with the home button. That’s it.

  20. Breno M.

    Breno M.2 months ago

    I tried so hard, but just doesn't work. iPhone 6 here. ☹️

  21. john rodny

    john rodny2 months ago

    Hi! i think i need some help i can't update my iphone to the latest software because when i always check the software update it show that "Your Software is up to date" what should i do i hope you can help me please?

  22. Michael Pepper

    Michael Pepper3 months ago

    If you swipe down, on the home screen, to bring up the search and then, close out the search, the original animation comes back. Much easier than a reboot.

  23. Chandrahas Reddy

    Chandrahas Reddy3 months ago

    I tried this about 10 times, I’m not getting the keyboard at the home screen. Please help!!

  24. helix17

    helix173 months ago

    i got a notification for this video 5 days after it came out, youtube is so punctual.

  25. HUGO

    HUGO3 months ago

    nice video...

  26. Ahmed Achirou

    Ahmed Achirou3 months ago

    It’s working on 6s too running the 11.2

  27. Zhou Jeffrey

    Zhou Jeffrey3 months ago


  28. sc0mf9

    sc0mf93 months ago

    I have a iPhone 6S with 11.2.6 and it worked first try without swiping up. Just pressing the homebutton at the same time pressing the search bar!

  29. MUNNA BHAi

    MUNNA BHAi3 months ago


  30. Gushen9814

    Gushen98143 months ago

    When i tried it, my iPhone 5s showed the apple logo, then the loading sign for about 3 seconds, then it asked for my passcode. What is that?

  31. Acey The Fox

    Acey The Fox3 months ago

    This big will be fixed by either restarting your iPhone or swiping to SPOTLIGHT again

  32. Talha Zaheer

    Talha Zaheer3 months ago

    Worked on my iPhone 6! Dude thanks for this! :)

  33. Landon Ziegler

    Landon Ziegler3 months ago

    Worked on my iPhone 7 Plus and my iPad Pro 9.7

  34. Gaming Galil

    Gaming Galil3 months ago

    I have an iPhone 7 on iOS 11.2.1 and it works

  35. CarvA T

    CarvA T3 months ago

    Nice trick I had duplicate it on iPhone 6s Plus 11.2.6 Version. Steps: Search > Home button Hope to see new tricks. ✌️ peace!

  36. Kenji Ishimaru

    Kenji Ishimaru3 months ago

    iPhone X 11.2.6 able to work as well

  37. Nakul Patel

    Nakul Patel3 months ago

    It works on non iPhone X phones by just pressing the search icon and pressing home button. Worked on first try for me. Also it works on all iOS 11 versions. I’m on 11.2.1 and it worked

  38. SillaShooter

    SillaShooter3 months ago

    Works on 11.2.5 too

  39. Hamdan Ali

    Hamdan Ali3 months ago

    does it effect battery life

  40. 賈經緯

    賈經緯3 months ago

    Omg it just worked!

  41. Platonic Brother

    Platonic Brother3 months ago

    It dose work in iPhone 5s

  42. R3B0RN_FR0ST

    R3B0RN_FR0ST3 months ago

    It works on 11.2.6

  43. tama tija

    tama tija3 months ago

    Mine just pops up

  44. Yoni Sherer

    Yoni Sherer3 months ago

    Device Rebel did this first

  45. Twistedzeus

    Twistedzeus3 months ago

    sweet 😎

  46. Adinath Swami

    Adinath Swami3 months ago

    It’s not works iPhone 7-7+

  47. RunningMan4ver

    RunningMan4ver3 months ago

    It works but after a while, it’s back to original state.

  48. Gaurav Jaink

    Gaurav Jaink3 months ago

    Work on my i phone 7 , now how to redo????

  49. Axel d'haussy

    Axel d'haussy3 months ago

    How do you disable it ??

  50. WindiestApe 1

    WindiestApe 13 months ago

    anyone got it to work on i8Plus? i cant get it to work

  51. Jennifer Schnur

    Jennifer Schnur3 months ago

    It works but then it goes back to normal about 30 minuets later.

  52. Justincase8

    Justincase83 months ago

    Not working on iPhone 8 or iPhone 6

  53. John Bratley

    John Bratley3 months ago

    I tried several of this unlock videos, services & hackers all fake. Apple certified Mr. Gooderham got my iphone8plus unlocked. You can reach him on WHATSAPP: +16617729781

  54. Carlos Rodríguez

    Carlos Rodríguez3 months ago

    iPhone 6s withs iOS 11.2.6 works perfectly

  55. Adventist

    Adventist3 months ago

    LOL I just tried on my 6s and it’s actually pretty cool. At first I thought I messed up because i hit home to make the keyboard disappear but it actually worked.

  56. Jennifer Schnur

    Jennifer Schnur3 months ago

    Yay, got it to work!

  57. Itz_GerardoBoii

    Itz_GerardoBoii3 months ago

    For iPhone 8 plus users that kept getting resprings on ios 11.3 Try taping on the mic button while swiping left to right and you should be able to get a glitch and activates the animation.

  58. super84man80

    super84man803 months ago

    Works great

  59. Isaiah Animates

    Isaiah Animates3 months ago

    It works on my iphone 6!!

  60. Izan Habib

    Izan Habib3 months ago

    It works on my iPhone 5S

  61. Michelle Bruno

    Michelle Bruno3 months ago

    I ❤️ it!

  62. Colacola Taylor

    Colacola Taylor3 months ago

    Your the best men. I will always be a subscriber

  63. dylan thomas

    dylan thomas3 months ago

    Is this only for the X?

  64. Rodrigues Miguel

    Rodrigues Miguel3 months ago

    Worked Here on my IPhone X . You don’t need to restart your iPhone to go back to normal . Just go to the last page again and tap the search bar and search for anything . After that cancel and the phone gets back to normal lol

  65. WhyCreepers102 Gameplay

    WhyCreepers102 Gameplay3 months ago

    On my iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.2.5 I pressed the search icon at the side widgets and then at the same time I hit my home button and it worked!

  66. Hater

    Hater3 months ago

    Works on 11.2.2

  67. Eslam ElGohary

    Eslam ElGohary3 months ago

    Working on iPhone 6 👍

  68. mravka terorist

    mravka terorist3 months ago

    I have iPhone 7 plus and i somehow respring my iphone i somehow open the search abr without keyboard and den swipe down and i respring it !!! ios 11.3

  69. AppleTechRush

    AppleTechRush3 months ago

    For home button users just ta search then quickly press the home button and if the keyboard pops up it should work 😃

  70. Hammad Baloch

    Hammad Baloch3 months ago

    Does it work on I phone 7

  71. Uroš Sunić

    Uroš Sunić3 months ago

    I cannot do it

  72. Tim Mortier

    Tim Mortier3 months ago

    It work on my iPhone 5s

  73. TheFrozenGamer YT

    TheFrozenGamer YT3 months ago

    It works!

  74. i Bisho

    i Bisho3 months ago

    Hello I have iphone 8plus and its new i use only 3 month and its battery health beta is 97% can u plzz tell me its good or i chang battery?

  75. Geoff Mason

    Geoff Mason3 months ago

    Doesn’t work on the 8+

  76. Everything 4Life

    Everything 4Life3 months ago

    My iPhone 6S it work

  77. Sebastien Seb

    Sebastien Seb3 months ago

    Thanks, Nice trick and it works on iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.1 👍

  78. Rainier Tataro

    Rainier Tataro3 months ago

    How do you do this on iphone 8+ 11.4 beta 2? Tried a million times and it sometimes respring my phone or get the opposite (widgets over homescreen)

  79. suleiman rawass

    suleiman rawass3 months ago

    Worked on iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.2.2

  80. Mirko Colak

    Mirko Colak3 months ago

    The new animation disappears by itself.8 Plus

  81. SudaFly

    SudaFly3 months ago

    Its werking on my ipad

  82. Student Rodrigo Morales Vila

    Student Rodrigo Morales Vila3 months ago

    Lol it works i did it thanks it looks cool


    HENTAI/KAMI3 months ago


  84. αιεη ρ jøşερh

    αιεη ρ jøşερh3 months ago

    It woks on my iPhone 7 (iOS 11.2.6) 😜

  85. Trinh Khoa

    Trinh Khoa3 months ago

    I tries on my iphone 6 and it’s works on my second try

  86. Raf Ref

    Raf Ref3 months ago

    Thanks man. It worked

  87. Andrew Popdžek

    Andrew Popdžek3 months ago

    iphone X working

  88. Francis Yan

    Francis Yan3 months ago

    Buggy iOS

  89. S vlogs

    S vlogs3 months ago

    Workss for me iphonex

  90. 렌지오

    렌지오3 months ago

    it is bug even though it makes cool and faster, apple should remove it

  91. 렌지오

    렌지오3 months ago

    it works on ios 11 devices

  92. Ethan

    Ethan3 months ago

    I have the 8 plus, and it resprung my phone.

  93. Hackers Nation

    Hackers Nation3 months ago

    It worked on my iPhone 7

  94. Tim Bertens

    Tim Bertens3 months ago

    On the older devices you need to press the home button first and than press te search bar

  95. Apple products IOS

    Apple products IOS3 months ago

    Can I do this on iPad ???


    ACEGAMER3 months ago

    How do you get rid of it?

  97. - umtrillest -

    - umtrillest -3 months ago

    ACEGAMER reboot

  98. Shubham Mandal

    Shubham Mandal3 months ago

    Yes it works on my SE ... but how to get back to the default ?

  99. somiyo brid

    somiyo brid3 months ago

    It works on my Iphone7

  100. Abdullah Alzahrani

    Abdullah Alzahrani3 months ago

    I bit apple themselves did know about that 😀

  101. Gayan Madu

    Gayan Madu3 months ago

    How to undo it?🤔

  102. kieran cherrington

    kieran cherrington3 months ago

    My springboard restarts when I try it on my 8+ 11.3

  103. Yaser Khater

    Yaser Khater3 months ago

    I hate ios 11.3

  104. pakalapati saikumarchowdary

    pakalapati saikumarchowdary3 months ago

    i got in my iphone 6 11.3 thanku

  105. Ashton Hardy

    Ashton Hardy3 months ago

    Finally got it to work on my SE

  106. CP Films

    CP Films3 months ago

    It works, thank god I have an iPhone X

  107. Pew pew Gaming!

    Pew pew Gaming!3 months ago

    ty so much dude for this dope trick🤙🏻😁😁

  108. HippieMcDude

    HippieMcDude3 months ago

    It worked in iOS 11.2.1