Champions Final 2006 I Highlights FC Barcelona - Arsenal (2-1)


  1. Caio Silva

    Caio SilvaDay ago

    Melhor final chorei muito kkkk o melhor Barça

  2. Pablo Antelo

    Pablo Antelo15 days ago

    Vaya un piscinazo en el gol del arsenal

  3. Cesar Cultura

    Cesar Cultura15 days ago

    Rafa Marquez ♥

  4. Rodrigues Cunha

    Rodrigues Cunha19 days ago


  5. Wagner luiz Luiz

    Wagner luiz Luiz24 days ago

    Essa época deixou saudades só Cracks, agora hj é só geração PS antes tinha uns 5 no mínimo pra brigar pela bola de ouro hj só tem 2 e olha lá ,tudo pé de pau só mídia

  6. Marcos Pereira Mariano

    Marcos Pereira Mariano25 days ago

    Um time muito bom e 2005 e Ronaldinho Gaúcho e o cara no Milan Dida e o time da Itália e Adriano Ronaldo e kkkk que bom time do Portugal Luisão Deco o time da Alemanha e o time da Ucrânia do Luiz Adriano e Beto jardins e bom de bommmmmmmmm de kkkkkkk vagner Love da Rússia 2010 PARABÉNS VATÁ NA MINHA VIDA

  7. hitek9000

    hitek900025 days ago

    Manuel Almunia sucks.

  8. Diário da Mc Marcelly

    Diário da Mc MarcellyMonth ago

    SEGURAAAA! 12/08/201818:04:36

  9. Jessikinha Jessy

    Jessikinha JessyMonth ago

    Vc aqui 😂😂😂😂 sou fã

  10. Kamanguile Mamadou

    Kamanguile MamadouMonth ago

    C'est jour-là j'avais 10 ans je pleure c'est jour-là j'aime trop hary Barça à rapporte

  11. jajajaja Vidal

    jajajaja VidalMonth ago

    I remember this match, but F.C. Barcelona needs admire Arsenal played with one less more or less all the match and they can win.

  12. Luis Fajardo

    Luis FajardoMonth ago

    Ojalá hubiesemos disfrutado más de Larsson genial futbolista......

  13. Gildoalcantara 123

    Gildoalcantara 123Month ago

    Saudades de ronaldinho

  14. Marcos Chaves

    Marcos ChavesMonth ago

    2018?Br alguém?

  15. Kabelo Maragelo

    Kabelo MarageloMonth ago

    Fucking Almunia

  16. Samir Abdul

    Samir AbdulMonth ago

    Gracias .Valdés .larson

  17. GunnerSol

    GunnerSol2 months ago

    Pointers: 1. Even with 10 men we were more of a threat in that game than Barca but Valdez came up big that day. 2. Almunia has always sucked. 3. Wenger is a moron, take Hleb off and keep Pires cuz he was like a magician with his loops and other goals.

  18. 123456

    1234562 months ago

    I will never fucking forgive almunia

  19. Luis Flores

    Luis Flores2 months ago

    Deco y Etoo

  20. อย่าจิ๊จ๊ะให้มากนัก ซิลลี่ฟูลส์ฝากมาบอก

    อย่าจิ๊จ๊ะให้มากนัก ซิลลี่ฟูลส์ฝากมาบอก2 months ago

    Game changer in the match Henrik larsson

  21. Só Demar

    Só Demar2 months ago

    Essa época foi a melhor na história do futebol !! Quem viu esses grandes jogadores dando espetáculo nunca iram esquecer o quão bonito era.


    LOORD GAMING2 months ago

    Vamos a barcelona,nunca desistamos de lograr su sueno de ser campeon del. Espiritu!!!!


    LOORD GAMING2 months ago

    Gracias barcelona

  24. messi lionel

    messi lionel3 months ago

    A lot of swedish people sucking larsson dick

  25. LORD

    LORDMonth ago

    messi lionel where was messi in this match then you bitch???you syck messi's dick so much you have a profile dedicated to him

  26. messi lionel

    messi lionel3 months ago

    That dive at 1:28

  27. Luan Araújo

    Luan Araújo3 months ago

    Barcelona Campeão tenho orgulho de ser brasileiro e mesma nação que Ronaldinho !!! melhor da história ! ❤️🇧🇷⚽

  28. Muhammad Razib

    Muhammad Razib3 months ago


  29. Elvis Boulala

    Elvis Boulala3 months ago

    Larsson's win!

  30. Juan Juan

    Juan Juan3 months ago

    Una pregunta, por qué no pasan la jugada cuando expulsan al portero? Vaya sorpresa jajajaja no la pasan porque saben que eto'o estaba en fuera de lugar. Uefalona desde tiempos inmemorables. esa copa debió ser del Arsenal. Uefalona y Uefadrid, los mayores ladrones de la historia.

  31. Rusen

    Rusen3 months ago

    Henrik Larsson! Was an amazing player

  32. Yolanda  Orozco

    Yolanda Orozco3 months ago

    No sé quién es el último que entra al campo con el barsa , , pero toca la copa? ??

  33. Iwan Egerström

    Iwan Egerström3 months ago

    Before Barca became the annoying tica taca team with players that collapsed as soon as you touched them….

  34. wassim Mohamed

    wassim Mohamed3 months ago

    Arsenal deserved to win

  35. Twd em HQ

    Twd em HQ3 months ago

    Não foi bom o bastante pra vencer o inter no mundial

  36. BRADISSON tup

    BRADISSON tup3 months ago

    un jugador del barca la toco . no que era maldicion

  37. usaamah hussain

    usaamah hussain3 months ago

    Whatever eto said to his teammates at half time it really made the difference

  38. Hervey Abotsi

    Hervey Abotsi3 months ago

    Larsson was so clutch in that game...

  39. ozkaritto Dumaz

    ozkaritto Dumaz3 months ago


  40. referral madness

    referral madness3 months ago

    This was the first champions league final I ever remember watching when I was 8. Good memories :)

  41. hao nan sun

    hao nan sun3 months ago

    Henry really felt exhausted in this match.

  42. box Gonzalez

    box Gonzalez4 months ago

    Rafa marquez wow

  43. Badulaques

    Badulaques4 months ago


  44. Kain Bradley

    Kain Bradley4 months ago

    Henry was a King

  45. J.I Mendaro

    J.I Mendaro4 months ago

    Game pace was so different back then, way more frenetic and vertical. It´s not even 15 years ago, but football changed a lot

  46. Bernard Chava

    Bernard Chava4 months ago

    I will forever hate Larson.

  47. Bobby Harisandi

    Bobby Harisandi4 months ago

    Gara gara plessbol gue jadi kesini. Siapa yang sama dengan gue?

  48. Jovanni Peña

    Jovanni Peña4 months ago

    Mexico presente! MARQUEZ

  49. Andrew Shum

    Andrew Shum4 months ago

    Is Fucking Referees changed the game. Sad moment.... If Arsenal had 11 men, we should win the Champions at this year...

  50. DubsBrown

    DubsBrown4 months ago

    2:44 “Henry bottled it” Troopz 2018

  51. Any Nao Serena Tomory

    Any Nao Serena Tomory4 months ago

    rafa marquez ^^

  52. Овик Алиханян

    Овик Алиханян4 months ago

    Arsenal very well play, Barca win only 2-1 11 vs 10. Arsenal great team.


    ENRIQUE BARRIENTOS4 months ago

    Arsenal tramposos

  54. 성정환

    성정환4 months ago


  55. wassim Mohamed

    wassim Mohamed4 months ago

    Arsenal deserved to win

  56. Lucas Jose

    Lucas Jose4 months ago

    henrik larsson... the man who came in to give both assistances that made barça champions at that edition. This man deserves eternal respect from the fans.

  57. greatofray

    greatofray4 months ago

    another fucking disgrace

  58. Nlqp F

    Nlqp F4 months ago

    Mi infancia lloré con este partido junto a mi madre y hubo una esperanza i remonto.❤️

  59. Dorsaint Emileson

    Dorsaint Emileson4 months ago

    vive le barca

  60. Exauce Mayunga

    Exauce Mayunga4 months ago

    Back when Arsenal played a CL final

  61. Pucci World

    Pucci World4 months ago

    Arsenal fans are crying

  62. منو عات

    منو عات4 months ago

    مشاهدة عربية عراقية 2018

  63. -

    -4 months ago

    13 minutes Away 🤧

  64. FortNight

    FortNight4 months ago

    Fucking dive gave them a goal. This is why I hate players who dive.

  65. J. Carlos

    J. Carlos4 months ago

    Eboue pendejo se tiro...

  66. Nleme Ella

    Nleme Ella4 months ago

    Eto'o crying on Beletti's goal

  67. Javier Rodriguez

    Javier Rodriguez4 months ago

    Rafa Márquez

  68. Kwadwo Asamoah

    Kwadwo Asamoah4 months ago

    Ebues dive😂😂😂

  69. Enrico Rossi

    Enrico Rossi4 months ago

    i may be wrong, but what it seems to me is that dinho was already starting his decline in form. still awesome player though, of course :)

  70. EM1L1O X10

    EM1L1O X104 months ago

    Like si vienes por él papá de xbuyer

  71. Chuck Manjoume

    Chuck Manjoume5 months ago

    Look at this eboue, cimpare to bellering bullshit

  72. carcjmn

    carcjmn5 months ago

    I think this is the best atmosphere in a champions leauge final great stadium.

  73. VicenzoV

    VicenzoV5 months ago

    With any normal goalkeeper, Arsenal would have been up 3-0 after 60 minutes. Henry was on fire in this match.

  74. johannsebastienbach

    johannsebastienbach5 months ago

    I still don get why the ref sent the arsenal keeper off. It should be clear in fifa now that this is not allowed. Havibg apenalty awarded is ebough if foul is not deliberate. The decision killed a wondefulbgame and 10 is 11 from early is shit for fans to watch as the extra space doesnt make trvgame look competitive

  75. Jeansie

    Jeansie5 months ago

    This match was definitely the start of Arsenal’s decline. Match obviously mentally scarred them. So close yet so far.

  76. Rodo HuBAr

    Rodo HuBAr5 months ago


  77. folladordeprostis

    folladordeprostis13 days ago

    Rodo HuBAr no estuvo ni en la banca , taba lesionado

  78. Dhez ._

    Dhez ._5 months ago

    ALUMNIS Is a the reason why

  79. peloquin

    peloquin5 months ago

    Not an Arsenal fan, but it seems such a shame Wenger's leaving without a major European trophy to his name. Arsenal were extremely unlucky on both occasions against Barcelona and Galatasaray. It would be great to see him leave with the Europa League cup at least.

  80. 409LP

    409LP5 months ago

    Im Barca fan but i feel at the moment where Arsenal lost sad for them.

  81. Haikal Rob

    Haikal Rob5 months ago


  82. Spider Man

    Spider Man5 months ago

    Primera Champions de la era Messi

  83. afdhaliand hengky

    afdhaliand hengky5 months ago

    Thats why i like valdes... Good job idol


    DANNY THE AMORPHOUS5 months ago

    Visca Por Vida.

  85. Letícia Camargo

    Letícia Camargo5 months ago

    Akela epoa ronaldinho jogava pra todos

  86. Aurelia Dragomir

    Aurelia Dragomir5 months ago


  87. Leonardo Siqueira

    Leonardo Siqueira5 months ago

    Thierry Henry the best in game !!!!

  88. Killness616

    Killness6166 months ago

    que basura de goles los del barcelona

  89. 3lDb

    3lDb4 months ago

    qui bisuri lis gilis dil bircilona

  90. AdmiralOddSock

    AdmiralOddSock6 months ago

    One man won Barcelona this final.. Hendrick Larson.. what an absolutely stunning footballer! Incredibly underrated! What a man! Barcelona were lucky to have him!

  91. Рон Ронни

    Рон Ронни6 months ago

    Анри был бревном в том финале

  92. jonathan sotelo

    jonathan sotelo6 months ago

    Till this day, arsenal still can't win any titles smh

  93. Kevin Corrales

    Kevin Corrales6 months ago

    Que partidazo hizo Valdes, le tapó todo a Henry

  94. Just Dance

    Just Dance6 months ago

    Almunia is so useless, 2 goals are from tight angle

  95. Sam Heaven

    Sam Heaven6 months ago

    No Messi? 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

  96. Triple Hhh

    Triple Hhh6 months ago

    Ronaldinho the best

  97. Razvan Popa

    Razvan Popa6 months ago

    Lehmann nu lua nici un gol din ambele

  98. Omar Velázquez

    Omar Velázquez6 months ago

    this still hurts in 2018...

  99. John G

    John G6 months ago

    My god, Almunia was a fucking useless cunt.

  100. Sebastián Vásquez

    Sebastián Vásquez6 months ago

    Estoy convencido que ese partido los 11 contra 11 el Arsenal lo ganaba 2 o 3-0

  101. Razvan Popa

    Razvan Popa6 months ago

    Liverpool milan 2005 mai frumos

  102. Trippy Jimbob

    Trippy Jimbob6 months ago

    Eboue playing like Cafu and Henry playing like a 3 legged donkey hahaha

  103. Eamonn Hynes

    Eamonn Hynes6 months ago

    Fucking almuniq

  104. Light 106 year

    Light 106 year6 months ago

    Overhyped crap as per usual in these finals , football has gotten worse throughout the years yet the sport was become richer by all the shameless coverage by sky etc , not only is it long been corrupted by uefa and FIFA it’s also lost its masculinity and bottle , the players these days like Neymar and Ronaldo make you sick , so overhyped overpayed and into them selves , ponses have definitely taken the game over now