Champions Final 2006 I Highlights FC Barcelona - Arsenal (2-1)


  1. Haidar Aidid

    Haidar Aidid3 days ago

    Fabregas useless in this match

  2. Kadek Dwipayana

    Kadek Dwipayana5 days ago

    Fuck Eboue, he's diving. So arsenal get Karma.

  3. irmáos elizeu

    irmáos elizeu9 days ago

    Y y

  4. Jesus Garcia

    Jesus Garcia13 days ago


  5. David Gill

    David Gill22 days ago

    Was Lionel Messi in the Barca squad? He definately was a first team player at 18 yr.

  6. Diego Alberto

    Diego Alberto23 days ago

    Mesmo hj a champions league nunca mais será a mesma desta época só jogadores épicos

  7. Olivier Lanappe

    Olivier LanappeMonth ago

    FC arbitre

  8. Gary Margarita

    Gary MargaritaMonth ago

    Touche Larsson/Larrson.

  9. へい翼

    へい翼Month ago

    05/06シーズンよCLめちゃ好きだった ミランめちゃ強かったなあ

  10. Mauricio Barbosa

    Mauricio BarbosaMonth ago

    Um pena o Arsenal não ter levado essa.


    LUCAS LIMAMonth ago

    henry foi o melor dessa partida.

  12. 20temeter madruga

    20temeter madrugaMonth ago

    Belleti entrou pra historia da champions e do barça

  13. dazza944

    dazza944Month ago

    How the fuck we lost that match I’ll never know. That was our best squad and our best chance to lift that fucking trophy that still haunts us to this day

  14. Esaho Ilendo

    Esaho IlendoMonth ago

    *It's hard to know who was the man of match*

  15. Hamza Messgiud

    Hamza MessgiudMonth ago

    زمان جميل

  16. Jorge Y.Jimenez

    Jorge Y.JimenezMonth ago


  17. khaleid : Merjan

    khaleid : MerjanMonth ago

    R 😴❤💙💛

  18. Yordi -

    Yordi -Month ago

    Stretched res

  19. Kevin Ponce

    Kevin PonceMonth ago

    That was so nice

  20. Ivan arial Bonillas cardona

    Ivan arial Bonillas cardonaMonth ago

    Valdes le salvo mucho goles mano a mano que porteraso

  21. EKS Tech Creation

    EKS Tech CreationMonth ago


  22. fermin cuaquetzale

    fermin cuaquetzaleMonth ago

    fue de lo mejor

  23. Sr. Walkeer

    Sr. WalkeerMonth ago

    Demite o valverde

  24. Atok Grunge

    Atok GrungeMonth ago


  25. Vjjkk Fjkk

    Vjjkk FjkkMonth ago

    Ronaldinho and Hendry are the best

  26. timtimichtimka

    timtimichtimkaMonth ago

    2018 - Roma 3:0 Barça. 2019 - Liver 4:0 Barça. That is modern Barça.


    THE GAMERMonth ago


  28. Danielwuzhere 1

    Danielwuzhere 1Month ago

    Arsenal should have won this game

  29. Xxx Zzz

    Xxx ZzzMonth ago

    I still remember this day like it was yesterday,

  30. Rachikal Messi

    Rachikal MessiMonth ago

    *On this day!🔥*

  31. Almighty King Turtle

    Almighty King TurtleMonth ago

    Lmao where’s the 2019 finals highlights, oh wait lemme ask Liverpool

  32. Pich David

    Pich DavidMonth ago

    Almighty King Turtle lol 😂😂

  33. Hans Beckert

    Hans Beckert2 months ago

    It's a shame Larsson wasted most of his career playing in the scottish league. He was truly outstanding.

  34. NewLeftFun

    NewLeftFun2 months ago

    It wasn't wasted- he is a true legend at Celtic and he was a squad player at Barcelona- there's a trade-off there. He played in the champions league many times with Celtic and reached the UEFA cup final as well. Also, Scottish football was far better in the 90s/early 2000s when there was still some financial normalcy- we had lots of good players we can't get now.

  35. Hans Beckert

    Hans Beckert2 months ago

    Holy shit. Look at those two assists!!!

  36. Equinoccial - Cañari

    Equinoccial - Cañari2 months ago

    Its all your fault tierry!!!😔

  37. João Filho

    João Filho2 months ago


  38. pol o

    pol o2 months ago

    R10 não jogou nada nessa final muito nervoso e T. henry não está na prateleira de cima dos maiores da historia por isso, não aparecer Não ser decisivo no momento que se espera de um grande creque.

  39. O Alaba

    O Alaba2 months ago

    ludovic giuly ❤️💙🇪🇸🏆

  40. Saifudheen Kannanari

    Saifudheen Kannanari2 months ago

    Balletti's celebration was pure from the heart

  41. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Cleiton Santos Costa2 months ago

    FC Barcelona 2 x 1 Arsenal,great Champions League final 2006, Barça Valdés, Belletti,Puyol,Xavi,Iniesta, Larsson,Eto and crack Ronaldinho, Gunners Lehmann,Eboue, Campbell,Pires,Colle attack Henry game epic

  42. Luis Montes

    Luis Montes2 months ago

    Rafa Márquez 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  43. Jinha Kim

    Jinha Kim2 months ago


  44. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez3 months ago

    Rafa Márquez ❤

  45. Chuck Lopez

    Chuck Lopez3 months ago

    Henrik Larsson.

  46. alle20vt

    alle20vt3 months ago

    You best

  47. Antônio Francisco crispim de Oliveira Oliveira

    Antônio Francisco crispim de Oliveira Oliveira3 months ago

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho ele é o kara

  48. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez3 months ago

    La falta del gol de arsenal ni era y en la otra final del united fuera juego de rooney. NI ROBANDO NOS GANAN

  49. Homa de nagosis

    Homa de nagosis3 months ago

    Juro que lloro cuando veo las celebracion de Belleti

  50. Gotam City

    Gotam City3 months ago

    Só lendas

  51. eric costa

    eric costa3 months ago

    Eu era feliz e nao sabia

  52. Gibran Harahap

    Gibran Harahap4 months ago

    that celebrations from belletti omg