Celebrity Nano-Impressions with Jay Pharoah | Vanity Fair


  1. Alex Koch

    Alex Koch6 hours ago

    DMX hahahahaha

  2. slimey 1 HainDread

    slimey 1 HainDread18 hours ago

    Kanye get on my nerves😂😂😂😂

  3. oldschoolsinger

    oldschoolsinger4 days ago

    When is he gonna do some White people?

  4. Derek Gleeson

    Derek Gleeson5 days ago

    why not do some white people? RACIST

  5. TheKatherineWheel -

    TheKatherineWheel -6 days ago

    omg the John mulaney 😂

  6. Bruna Bordoni

    Bruna Bordoni6 days ago

    I’ve never seen hi Mulaney before. Awesome. Jay is awesome!

  7. mazzak

    mazzak8 days ago

    That idris Elba one was awesome

  8. Ty Lee

    Ty Lee9 days ago

    Which was the funniest impression to you guys

  9. JessieSevenfold

    JessieSevenfold9 days ago

    This and Ross Marquand are the BEST

  10. Samad Muhammad

    Samad Muhammad10 days ago

    Dmx 😂

  11. Travis Clement

    Travis Clement10 days ago

    I shoulda got a gold fish *AAAAAA-*

  12. Richy Rich

    Richy Rich11 days ago


  13. Vasu Dobhal

    Vasu Dobhal12 days ago

    "KANYE" one was Incredible.

  14. YoTurnUpTheVolume100

    YoTurnUpTheVolume10012 days ago

    I like pharoah but that Dave Chapelle impression was horrible

  15. Jason Statham

    Jason Statham13 days ago

    I love him

  16. BOOM! idc Tv

    BOOM! idc Tv13 days ago

    He's so good

  17. Duna Lokies

    Duna Lokies13 days ago

    Lol none were bad. How are there any dislikes?

  18. Eric Bell

    Eric Bell14 days ago

    Omg That's not funny... my homie, not me just said Jay should impersonate a funny stand up... your wrong fake homie, we cant get enough of this 2005 schtick. My homeboy is mean... me? Nah I love Jay Pharoah...

  19. elite4x

    elite4x14 days ago

    He even looks kinda like a young Eddie Murphy

  20. Priyanko X

    Priyanko X14 days ago

    His Kanye has really improved woah

  21. Frame by Frame

    Frame by Frame16 days ago

    this is perfect

  22. anus

    anus16 days ago


  23. Mr. Sholay

    Mr. Sholay17 days ago

    Amazing. All of them were well done

  24. Nakul Maletira

    Nakul Maletira21 day ago

    I love how he nails the expressions, that's not something people focus on with impressions.

  25. Franz Haas

    Franz Haas23 days ago


  26. HowManyTimes234

    HowManyTimes23424 days ago

    close your eyes and you’ll believe you’re listening to the real guys.

  27. Becca Antoine

    Becca Antoine25 days ago


  28. Red Crow

    Red Crow26 days ago


  29. thesteezefactor99

    thesteezefactor99Month ago

    The John Mulaney one was extremely tight

  30. Atwongeire Hellen

    Atwongeire HellenMonth ago

    The last one😂😂

  31. M Hernandez

    M HernandezMonth ago

    Tracy Morgan had me dead 😂😂

  32. Sadie Luellen

    Sadie LuellenMonth ago

    I want Jay Pharaoh, Phil Lamarr and Arie Spears to do a show together!! w/ Wayne Brady.

  33. JulianChee

    JulianCheeMonth ago

    No better impersonated than him !!!

  34. Amber Rose Miller

    Amber Rose MillerMonth ago

    perfectly amazing. I love that he also does John Mulaney

  35. rap walker

    rap walkerMonth ago

    The king of impressions

  36. Adam DeLong

    Adam DeLongMonth ago

    The best!

  37. Keith Honkonen

    Keith HonkonenMonth ago

    Just amazing, i love the John Mulaney impression, nobody does Denzel better.

  38. Matt Schumacher

    Matt Schumacher2 months ago

    I like how John Mulaney is his token white guy impression

  39. John Clerveau

    John Clerveau2 months ago

    Lmaoooo, yall sleep on the DMX one

  40. Derrick

    Derrick2 months ago

    Wow that Dave Chappelle voice tho

  41. jidmoore10

    jidmoore102 months ago

    The Kanye and Chappelle impressions were on point

  42. willian portter

    willian portter2 months ago

    I swear the Bernie Mac was pure gold

  43. Usman Zubair

    Usman Zubair2 months ago

    Chappelle and Kanye ended me

  44. Blake Adam

    Blake Adam2 months ago

    The Denzel Washington was perfect

  45. Emilio Miranda

    Emilio Miranda2 months ago


  46. GingerZombie29

    GingerZombie292 months ago

    Sound like they fuckin'! Okay, I lost it there.

  47. Weslo Bardo

    Weslo Bardo2 months ago

    Very well executed!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  48. College Uber Dropout driver

    College Uber Dropout driver2 months ago


  49. CusWeAre

    CusWeAre2 months ago

    Only some of these were good. I blame the editor. Why are they 5 secs long? Except for ones like the Katt one, there’s no story around some of these.

  50. Andrew Finley

    Andrew Finley2 months ago


  51. Talucci34

    Talucci342 months ago

    The Dave Chappelle was spot on omg

  52. Bryan Johnson

    Bryan Johnson2 months ago

    The dmx one got me. Lol.

  53. Will Probably Never Use

    Will Probably Never Use2 months ago

    The random John Mulaney was amazing

  54. josepharte

    josepharte2 months ago

    That Eddie Murphy look is on point!

  55. BestintheWorld1001

    BestintheWorld10012 months ago

    The shaq one killed me hahaha

  56. DonkeyDong

    DonkeyDong2 months ago

    All of those were pretty spot on except for John Mulaney

  57. perfy Marco

    perfy Marco2 months ago

    nailed denz w.

  58. Scott Shiff

    Scott Shiff2 months ago

    They're all so good, but the fact he does John Mulaney is awesome!

  59. Jayson Orcales

    Jayson Orcales2 months ago

    “Sounded like they fuckin’!” I died!😂

  60. MAandS

    MAandS2 months ago

    i swore John Mulaney was gonna be "OH OOOKAYY" *folded arms, hand on chin, nod

  61. Jerico J Says

    Jerico J Says2 months ago

    His DMX was wayyyyy tooo goooood hahaha

  62. Shannon Ceasar

    Shannon Ceasar2 months ago

    But can he do someone whose not black?

  63. Danielle Hall

    Danielle Hall2 months ago


  64. Rob 2x

    Rob 2x2 months ago

    bruh even the laugh he did sound exactly like bernie macs

  65. Rob 2x

    Rob 2x2 months ago

    he sound just like chris tucker and eddy murphy

  66. John Doe

    John Doe2 months ago

    I shoulda got a gold fish ohhh!

  67. Katina Jarrett

    Katina Jarrett2 months ago

    The. King!

  68. Tigerlillielibra

    Tigerlillielibra3 months ago

    I love him! Pure genius!

  69. Zackery Williams

    Zackery Williams3 months ago

    Richard. Pryor. 😂

  70. GrabMyBoomstick

    GrabMyBoomstick3 months ago

    This guy is phenomenal 😮😆

  71. Otis Thelonius

    Otis Thelonius3 months ago

    0:53 That Dave Chappelle. Lmao

  72. Szymon Harbuz

    Szymon Harbuz3 months ago

    He's impossibly good.

  73. oskar hegge

    oskar hegge3 months ago

    Sooo goood

  74. TrueNovemberXXXVI

    TrueNovemberXXXVI3 months ago

    John Mulaney out of nowhere! :)

  75. Weedious

    Weedious3 months ago

    Jp probably the most on point Impressionist ever

  76. 鿄iParabellum鿄

    鿄iParabellum鿄3 months ago

    His Eddie Murphy is the best!

  77. Don Giovanni

    Don Giovanni3 months ago

    Shaq killed me

  78. Joey Porth

    Joey Porth3 months ago

    the john mulaney one

  79. amal zuhair

    amal zuhair3 months ago

    Did MReporter put a gun down your throat saying the video can’t be more than 2 minutes 33 seconds that you had to cut him off each and every time. God let the man finish!

  80. Luis Diaz

    Luis Diaz3 months ago

    Chappelle was awful.

  81. Aayush pathak

    Aayush pathak3 months ago

    This guy is hilarious 😂

  82. Beverly Ezebunwo

    Beverly Ezebunwo3 months ago

    Thank. You. Vanity!! 😍😍

  83. Axel Caceres

    Axel Caceres3 months ago

    So talented!

  84. moka lee

    moka lee3 months ago

    never ceases to amaze me

  85. LutenantsTv

    LutenantsTv3 months ago


  86. Steve Davis

    Steve Davis3 months ago

    Maybe not ok....lmaooo

  87. Joshua Batchelor

    Joshua Batchelor3 months ago

    He doesn't really do anything besides impressions, and in reality only does voices. His caricatures' mannerisms may have been well designed, but this seems as though he has grown tired of doing the same impressions for everything he's on. Perhaps it is his one niche talent. Name a good acting role he's performed versus a played-out impression.

  88. Musica

    Musica3 months ago

    I’m going to start using Katt William’s and Eddy Murphy’s lines though 😂

  89. monsterbrandman

    monsterbrandman3 months ago

    The way he holds his hands as Chris Rock lol

  90. wwbenee

    wwbenee3 months ago

    Solely imitating black people? Omg, that is sooo racist! Where’s the diversity?

  91. wwbenee

    wwbenee3 months ago

    Why doesn't he imitate white people? This is soooo racist, omg!

  92. TheRealBenStiller

    TheRealBenStiller3 months ago

    wwbenee how is that racist? Just enjoy the video

  93. Doctrine Ridge

    Doctrine Ridge3 months ago

    Chapelle lol!

  94. Dink mtz

    Dink mtz3 months ago

    As someone currently binging SVU, his Ice T impression was disappointing.

  95. Chetwynd Brown

    Chetwynd Brown3 months ago

    you're very talented

  96. KGrooveBlanka

    KGrooveBlanka3 months ago

    That Mulaney though!!!

  97. alex jungeee

    alex jungeee3 months ago

    He sounds more like Jay Z than Jay Z

  98. Avancer Art Group

    Avancer Art Group3 months ago

    The DMX “maybe not”....lmmfao

  99. Jackson Martin

    Jackson Martin3 months ago

    how accurate the impressions are is scary

  100. Kadeem The Dream

    Kadeem The Dream3 months ago

    Jay is easily the best impressionest I've ever seen

  101. Jeremy Chatman

    Jeremy Chatman3 months ago

    Bro he nailed that Idris!

  102. Lu babz

    Lu babz3 months ago

    Nah, too short to tell