Celebrity Nano-Impressions with Jay Pharoah | Vanity Fair


  1. Keith Smith

    Keith Smith20 hours ago

    A Master in our time, by no exaggeration.

  2. Audrey Garcia

    Audrey Garcia4 days ago

    Best video on MReporter!

  3. Drea The Alien

    Drea The Alien4 days ago

    I love his impression of Pryor

  4. Josh Howatd

    Josh Howatd5 days ago


  5. julius burton

    julius burton6 days ago

    The 🐐 of impressions!

  6. Jayy Gøtthesauce

    Jayy Gøtthesauce8 days ago

    Edddie Murphy had me weak 🤣🤣and denzel officer 1 word 2 words training day

  7. Natural all natural White pistachio nut

    Natural all natural White pistachio nut11 days ago

    Is it strange that all them have to be black

  8. SuperGezmo

    SuperGezmo12 days ago

    Black people all sound the same

  9. Vincent Musolino

    Vincent Musolino12 days ago

    All of them really good except Chappelle

  10. abcumm25

    abcumm2512 days ago

    More Idris please 😭

  11. lildancinbaby527

    lildancinbaby52713 days ago

    LMAO why are y'all so disrespectful to Shaq?! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #RUDE

  12. Ella M

    Ella M13 days ago


  13. SoloTd63

    SoloTd6316 days ago

    Ice cube on point point

  14. Jordan Aquino

    Jordan Aquino18 days ago

    DMX was on point.

  15. Dylan Wills

    Dylan Wills18 days ago

    I lost it at Tracy Morgan. Brilliant

  16. sauds88

    sauds8819 days ago

    Love it all. Especially Love the Shaq impression 😂👍🏾

  17. Sliiim Cridder

    Sliiim Cridder19 days ago

    I like how short they are but on point 😂😂

  18. José Ignacio De Vries

    José Ignacio De Vries22 days ago

    Spot on.

  19. matthew dipilato

    matthew dipilato23 days ago

    His Eddie Murphy is the best!!

  20. David Ngo

    David Ngo24 days ago

    Love that the one white guy was John Mulaney

  21. the tao

    the tao26 days ago


  22. Mitesh Kumar

    Mitesh Kumar27 days ago

    The "John Mulaney" was surprising and good.

  23. David Rios

    David Rios28 days ago

    SNL probably let him go because his impressions are stale and more used than a meth heads tampon.

  24. Revanth kannan

    Revanth kannanMonth ago

    everything was great.....will smith was fantastic....😎😎😎

  25. Athena GM

    Athena GMMonth ago

    How is it that 1 person can have that ability? I mean, I would really like to have it.

  26. Hubba Bubba

    Hubba BubbaMonth ago

    That will smith and Kevin Hart and Chris rock and Chris tucker and Eddie Murphy and Obama and Denzel doe

  27. SuperAdamska64

    SuperAdamska64Month ago

    He should try stormzie

  28. Hateem Ahmad

    Hateem AhmadMonth ago

    That Jay Z tho....epic!

  29. Javi del Val

    Javi del ValMonth ago

    This dude is a genius

  30. maestrodrst

    maestrodrstMonth ago

    Wonderful. Even more wonderful if he did more non-black people. He can do it. I’d like to see his Walken or his Nicholson. He’s so talented. SNL made a mistake in letting him go.

  31. H.N. I.C.

    H.N. I.C.Month ago

    Nobody does SNL forever whether u good or bad everybody eventually leaves

  32. Juan Cantu

    Juan CantuMonth ago

    Richard Pryor! Haven’t heard him do that one .... incredible talent!

  33. The Cliffton

    The ClifftonMonth ago

    This is the most perfect thing ever

  34. Seumas Kaerr

    Seumas KaerrMonth ago


  35. Viewer

    ViewerMonth ago

    He nailed everyone

  36. Larry Smith

    Larry SmithMonth ago


  37. Kholo Mokolo

    Kholo MokoloMonth ago

    Will, Tracy, Bernie, DMX, Bernie

  38. Erik Dreiling

    Erik DreilingMonth ago

    That Eddie Murphy impression was on point!

  39. willem dafaq

    willem dafaqMonth ago


  40. 3

    3Month ago

    Aries Spears does every one of them better

  41. gxame

    gxameMonth ago

    Y'all forgetting that Will Smith one sounded exactly like him

  42. Ben Bates

    Ben BatesMonth ago

    Anyone know the headphones Jay is wearing @ 1:16?

  43. Jevin Levy

    Jevin LevyMonth ago

    charlie Murphy impression next

  44. Red Dae

    Red DaeMonth ago

    So good... exceptional talent 👏🏻

  45. Frog Legs

    Frog LegsMonth ago

    His Kanye is good

  46. Art Pereira

    Art PereiraMonth ago

    paused for 10 minutes because I was laughing so hard at the Richard Prior one

  47. Justin Wallace

    Justin WallaceMonth ago

    This made my day

  48. Real Human

    Real Human2 months ago

    The Bernie Mac one hurt my soul a little bit...🙇

  49. Alex Koch

    Alex Koch2 months ago

    DMX hahahahaha

  50. slimey 1 HainDread

    slimey 1 HainDread2 months ago

    Kanye get on my nerves😂😂😂😂

  51. oldschoolsinger

    oldschoolsinger2 months ago

    When is he gonna do some White people?

  52. Derek Gleeson

    Derek Gleeson2 months ago

    why not do some white people? RACIST

  53. TheKatherineWheel -

    TheKatherineWheel -2 months ago

    omg the John mulaney 😂

  54. Bruna Bordoni

    Bruna Bordoni2 months ago

    I’ve never seen hi Mulaney before. Awesome. Jay is awesome!

  55. mazzak

    mazzak2 months ago

    That idris Elba one was awesome

  56. Ty Lee

    Ty Lee2 months ago

    Which was the funniest impression to you guys

  57. JessieSevenfold

    JessieSevenfold2 months ago

    This and Ross Marquand are the BEST

  58. Samad Muhammad

    Samad Muhammad2 months ago

    Dmx 😂

  59. Trevor

    Trevor2 months ago

    I shoulda got a gold fish *AAAAAA-*

  60. Richy Rich

    Richy Rich2 months ago


  61. Dob Vasu

    Dob Vasu2 months ago

    "KANYE" one was Incredible.

  62. YoTurnUpTheVolume100

    YoTurnUpTheVolume1002 months ago

    I like pharoah but that Dave Chapelle impression was horrible

  63. Jason Statham

    Jason Statham2 months ago

    I love him

  64. BOOM! idc Tv

    BOOM! idc Tv2 months ago

    He's so good

  65. Duna Lokies

    Duna Lokies2 months ago

    Lol none were bad. How are there any dislikes?

  66. Eric Bell

    Eric Bell2 months ago

    Omg That's not funny... my homie, not me just said Jay should impersonate a funny stand up... your wrong fake homie, we cant get enough of this 2005 schtick. My homeboy is mean... me? Nah I love Jay Pharoah...

  67. elite4x

    elite4x2 months ago

    He even looks kinda like a young Eddie Murphy

  68. Osterwoman

    Osterwoman2 months ago

    His Kanye has really improved woah

  69. Frame by Frame

    Frame by Frame2 months ago

    this is perfect

  70. anus

    anus2 months ago


  71. Mr. Sholay

    Mr. Sholay2 months ago

    Amazing. All of them were well done

  72. Nakul Maletira

    Nakul Maletira2 months ago

    I love how he nails the expressions, that's not something people focus on with impressions.

  73. Franz Haas

    Franz Haas2 months ago


  74. HowManyTimes234

    HowManyTimes2342 months ago

    close your eyes and you’ll believe you’re listening to the real guys.

  75. Becca Antoine

    Becca Antoine2 months ago


  76. Red Crow

    Red Crow2 months ago


  77. thesteezefactor99

    thesteezefactor993 months ago

    The John Mulaney one was extremely tight

  78. Atwongeire Hellen

    Atwongeire Hellen3 months ago

    The last one😂😂

  79. M Hernandez

    M Hernandez3 months ago

    Tracy Morgan had me dead 😂😂

  80. Sadie Luellen

    Sadie Luellen3 months ago

    I want Jay Pharaoh, Phil Lamarr and Arie Spears to do a show together!! w/ Wayne Brady.

  81. Amber Rose Miller

    Amber Rose Miller3 months ago

    perfectly amazing. I love that he also does John Mulaney

  82. MESTER B

    MESTER B3 months ago

    The king of impressions

  83. Adam DeLong

    Adam DeLong3 months ago

    The best!

  84. Keith Honkonen

    Keith Honkonen3 months ago

    Just amazing, i love the John Mulaney impression, nobody does Denzel better.

  85. Matt Schumacher

    Matt Schumacher4 months ago

    I like how John Mulaney is his token white guy impression

  86. John Clerveau

    John Clerveau4 months ago

    Lmaoooo, yall sleep on the DMX one

  87. Derrick

    Derrick4 months ago

    Wow that Dave Chappelle voice tho

  88. jidmoore10

    jidmoore104 months ago

    The Kanye and Chappelle impressions were on point

  89. One Dyslexic MF

    One Dyslexic MF4 months ago

    I swear the Bernie Mac was pure gold

  90. Usman Zubair

    Usman Zubair4 months ago

    Chappelle and Kanye ended me

  91. Blake Adam

    Blake Adam4 months ago

    The Denzel Washington was perfect

  92. Emilio Miranda

    Emilio Miranda4 months ago


  93. GingerZombie29

    GingerZombie294 months ago

    Sound like they fuckin'! Okay, I lost it there.

  94. Weslo Bardo

    Weslo Bardo4 months ago

    Very well executed!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  95. College Uber Dropout driver

    College Uber Dropout driver4 months ago


  96. CusWeAre

    CusWeAre4 months ago

    Only some of these were good. I blame the editor. Why are they 5 secs long? Except for ones like the Katt one, there’s no story around some of these.

  97. Andrew Finley

    Andrew Finley4 months ago


  98. Talucci34

    Talucci344 months ago

    The Dave Chappelle was spot on omg

  99. Bryan Johnson

    Bryan Johnson4 months ago

    The dmx one got me. Lol.

  100. Will Probably Never Use

    Will Probably Never Use4 months ago

    The random John Mulaney was amazing