Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11


  1. Chadwick Watters

    Chadwick Watters6 hours ago

    Dunno that I’d pick on Wonder Woman. She’s sweet as pie but I’ve seen the damage she can bring if she wants to.

  2. Darko 6-6-6

    Darko 6-6-66 hours ago

    KUMAIL NANJIANI YOUR A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Howtocomplicated

    Howtocomplicated14 hours ago

    Yey, Jim Parsons.

  4. Daya Dionicio

    Daya Dionicio17 hours ago

    The last one🤣💀😭

  5. Sagar Mehta

    Sagar Mehta18 hours ago

    0.06 to 0.14 her accent makes it even more endearing

  6. Emat1971

    Emat1971Day ago

    GOTTA get Stallone, Liotta, Travolta to do one. Do these even get made anymore? Waking Dead edition!

  7. Mystery Guy

    Mystery GuyDay ago

    2:45 HOT DAMN!🔥🔥🔥

  8. xXFAHIMXx

    xXFAHIMXxDay ago

    is that an indian ? the last dude ? He is kinda Cool !

  9. Hey! It's me Aaron

    Hey! It's me AaronDay ago

    I think kristeen bell is charming

  10. Fırat KARA

    Fırat KARADay ago

    Kırgın çiçeklerdendemi bişey anlamadın?

  11. Earl dave Ylarde

    Earl dave Ylarde2 days ago


  12. Janry Bautista

    Janry Bautista2 days ago

    "id put a gun in your mouth." :D

  13. MrsBungle78

    MrsBungle782 days ago

    Kumail for the win!


    UNKNOWN3 days ago

    Emma Watson 😘😘😍😍

  15. B a n n e r

    B a n n e r4 days ago

    Mysterio Is that You?

  16. MVP_ FuZe

    MVP_ FuZe4 days ago

    How can you hate on Michael Keaton?

  17. aleaallee

    aleaallee4 days ago

    I'm surprised about Emma Watson's accent, she doesn't sound british at all.

  18. Lilly Martin

    Lilly Martin5 days ago

    Aww Jake...

  19. MAX N.O.V.A KING

    MAX N.O.V.A KING5 days ago

    I like Emma Watson ,don't say bad things about her

  20. April Flores

    April Flores5 days ago

    1.okay this all u need to know is u shouldn't be bad mouthing celebs because they are just as important as us so we should all just get along

  21. Magda R

    Magda R5 days ago

    I would be friends with Emma forever and love her so much that she’d probably get sick of me after a while 😂😂

  22. Lita Johnston

    Lita Johnston5 days ago

    Leave Jim Parsons alone!! >:(

  23. FBI

    FBI5 days ago

    Lol the most comments are about that the most comments are about the last one

  24. Jan Andrei Cuaton

    Jan Andrei Cuaton5 days ago

    Savage and XD on the last part

  25. Malik Sharjeel Khan

    Malik Sharjeel Khan6 days ago

    indians got no chill


    PIYUSH BHAGTANI6 days ago

    Kumail killed it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Prasee Prasee

    Prasee Prasee6 days ago

    Indian is an Indian alwzz

  28. Rainbow Gangsta

    Rainbow Gangsta6 days ago

    The thing about Jack Gyllenhaal is true

  29. Pedro Vieira

    Pedro Vieira6 days ago

    Best: #3 Kristen Bell #2 Michael Keaton #1 Kumail Naniliani Savage!! 😂

  30. Yotew btw

    Yotew btw6 days ago

    I’m Russian lul

  31. Siyonna Scivetti

    Siyonna Scivetti6 days ago

    why was gal gadot trying to be funny at the start? ps. It didn't work.

  32. Kim Neumann

    Kim Neumann7 days ago

    some Hacker should find out where they live and visit him with a star Like dave bautista or someone with his size!!^^

  33. JTD472

    JTD4727 days ago

    Chappelle had to appreciate that was actually funny and sounded like that could’ve even been something he said

  34. Omkar Singh

    Omkar Singh8 days ago

    Kumails comeback was over 9000😱😱😂😂😂

  35. dedarul islam

    dedarul islam8 days ago

    How dare you talk to Rachel like that

  36. M4 Beasleys

    M4 Beasleys8 days ago

    The end thooooooo

  37. Dab on the haters Rowzey

    Dab on the haters Rowzey8 days ago


  38. i n f i n i t e T y l e r

    i n f i n i t e T y l e r8 days ago

    1:52 Isn’t that Anna’s voice in Frozen

  39. Ailyn Vinluan

    Ailyn Vinluan8 days ago

    Is Kumali Nanjiani's d**ck multiple colors? KN: Yes, Every shade of your mom's lipstick S A V A G E 🤣🔥💦

  40. 1 million subs without vids

    1 million subs without vids9 days ago

    I didnt know half of them

  41. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man9 days ago

    @brandenp must be triggered

  42. Ailuro Philia

    Ailuro Philia9 days ago


  43. Tim Grok

    Tim Grok9 days ago

    The last one just had me dying...damn that was straight savage...

  44. Ugly Pigeon

    Ugly Pigeon9 days ago

    The last guy threw shots

  45. jeo Sotomayor

    jeo Sotomayor9 days ago

    the last one is savage hahaha 2019 anyone?

  46. Kalani M

    Kalani M10 days ago

    I think the first person meant to miss pronounce "imma" just to bust thier own ego lol

  47. Soph Dem

    Soph Dem10 days ago

    Can someone explain the Jennifer Aniston one to me I don’t get it

  48. Zaddy

    Zaddy10 days ago

    Last one ...... nailed it ....man

  49. Ajay Pathak

    Ajay Pathak11 days ago

    0:06 she is confuse

  50. Taylor Nguyen

    Taylor Nguyen11 days ago

    2:44 THIS ONE GOT ME

  51. Jack Napier

    Jack Napier11 days ago

    kumail ftw!

  52. Jason Saroufim

    Jason Saroufim11 days ago

    "yes, every shade of your mum's lipstick............. AND BUTTHOLE." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Daneeka Zlatovich

    Daneeka Zlatovich11 days ago

    Kumail’s clap back from that tweet *TEA*

  54. Mfkingdxddy

    Mfkingdxddy11 days ago

    I don’t see how Jennifer Aniston has haters lmao like that’s my celeb crush your talking about right their, let’s square up 🤨😂

  55. Little Wolf

    Little Wolf11 days ago


  56. Muhd Fahmi

    Muhd Fahmi11 days ago


  57. Weight Overload

    Weight Overload12 days ago

    "yes every shade of your mom's lipstick" **Accounts gets deleted days later**

  58. Blinkeu Luvies

    Blinkeu Luvies12 days ago

    The last one tho 😂😂😂😂

  59. Alexis Mendoza

    Alexis Mendoza12 days ago

    That last one is so iconic

  60. Taylor Nguyen

    Taylor Nguyen12 days ago

    Non of these celebs deserve these comments😂😂😂

  61. Lonystal

    Lonystal12 days ago

    That Last Guy roasted the f**k out of that guy lmfaoo

  62. X Chronic X

    X Chronic X12 days ago

    Anyone saw gal gaddots nipple in the thumnail

  63. InfiniteBuLLet6

    InfiniteBuLLet612 days ago


  64. 9th level gaming

    9th level gaming12 days ago

    I clicked for that beautiful thumbnail.

  65. Feierabend Legende

    Feierabend Legende12 days ago

    alec baldwin was kinda badass...

  66. sam93931

    sam9393112 days ago

    why Americans always have fake laugh in their show? always drives me nuts.

  67. Shourya Gupta

    Shourya Gupta12 days ago

    Gal gadot ; Emma Watson ; Kristen Bell are millions of times hotter than hot and great actresses and Jim Parsons is an epic and awesome actor

  68. Hanoch Bieber

    Hanoch Bieber12 days ago

    The last one waz epic😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. Amine Gobran

    Amine Gobran12 days ago

    Kumail is savage!!

  70. Shahzad Ali

    Shahzad Ali12 days ago

    Kumail using Pakistani Backfire at the right spot😂

  71. Shahzad Ali

    Shahzad Ali12 days ago

    Well i guess Kumail learned a lot from Pakistan to use it on the right spot😂

  72. Michael Dove

    Michael Dove12 days ago

    The Jim Parsons one was funny as hell!!!

  73. shorya kumar

    shorya kumar13 days ago

    2:50... When this was the greatest diss before Killshot!

  74. Brock Lesnar

    Brock Lesnar13 days ago

    Thats how indians are👌

  75. AHM

    AHM8 days ago

    Brock Lesnar he’s not Indian.

  76. Steven Frost

    Steven Frost13 days ago

    Kumail is just ruthless. Damn!

  77. J D Entertainment

    J D Entertainment13 days ago

    last one is legendary

  78. Dark Prophecy101

    Dark Prophecy10113 days ago

    Did u guys know the ppl laughing in the background of these videos are actually fake

  79. the real robert e lee missouri confederate

    the real robert e lee missouri confederate13 days ago

    Hey look our next victims of tresspass law

  80. Moe .Z

    Moe .Z13 days ago


  81. itsBoltz

    itsBoltz13 days ago

    2:51 this dude knows how to roast

  82. Jasmine Zhao

    Jasmine Zhao13 days ago

    I looovvvveee Emma Watson

  83. Klystron

    Klystron13 days ago


  84. Average Troller

    Average Troller13 days ago

    2:46 the best comeback

  85. DragonTamer67

    DragonTamer6713 days ago

    This whole video is OOF

  86. Kast

    Kast13 days ago


  87. Zee Enfuego

    Zee Enfuego13 days ago

    How Daee U!?!?Nevah Insult Myoi Jennifer!!!

  88. cvarce gaming

    cvarce gaming13 days ago


  89. Amadeus190890

    Amadeus19089014 days ago

    Kumail was brilliant.

  90. Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke14 days ago

    Hard to believe these celebes really just responded to getting flamed on twittered

  91. pinkdaddyhoehoe

    pinkdaddyhoehoe14 days ago

    2:45 you're welcome

  92. Cash Lannister

    Cash Lannister14 days ago

    Gal Gadot: Don't worry, they're here. Yeah, them titties are there. 😍

  93. Carlos Ferrari

    Carlos Ferrari14 days ago

    2:17 - Perfect! :D 2:45 - Genius! hahaha

  94. beni

    beni14 days ago

    I honestly don't know how some one could hate emma watson

  95. Davian Keeno

    Davian Keeno14 days ago

    Did somebody really diss Jennifer Aniston because Jen Aniston is one of the best actors ever and my grandma loves Jen Aniston

  96. Dadada Diggz

    Dadada Diggz14 days ago


  97. aperngo met

    aperngo met14 days ago

    the last one was allsome

  98. Mister King

    Mister King14 days ago

    Guys may we take a round of applause to how she made Wonder Woman great in the dceu

  99. TopFilms

    TopFilms14 days ago

    0:14 MMMM!

  100. Catherine Johnson

    Catherine Johnson14 days ago

    The ex-husband of Oscar winner Kim Basinger should be kissing the presidents ass for giving him a regular job after 30 Rock was *finally* canceled.

  101. Charlotte Roland

    Charlotte Roland14 days ago

    Emma Watson seems like the kind of girl that I would love to be best friends with