Cats always find a way \ Разошлись


  1. XxlitpersonhereXx :3

    XxlitpersonhereXx :34 hours ago


  2. Angelic Izzy

    Angelic Izzy4 hours ago

    That last cat came out of nowhere! Lmao like "hey! You're about about to distress my comfort now!"

  3. jennifer williams

    jennifer williams4 hours ago

    Cant get with cats.......

  4. Golden Wolves

    Golden Wolves5 hours ago

    These cats are soooo cute

  5. Julie Pirkle

    Julie Pirkle5 hours ago

    Awww it's so sweet 😺😄

  6. Slav Hole

    Slav Hole6 hours ago

    Спасибо, кошки

  7. Shogun lord poke' burst

    Shogun lord poke' burst6 hours ago

    Oh my god its Jason borne

  8. Stevi Fire26

    Stevi Fire267 hours ago

    Cats...uh...find a way.

  9. The Poke Army

    The Poke Army8 hours ago

    Those are cute cats are they Siamese

  10. Vivian Santiago

    Vivian Santiago13 hours ago

    “we are Siamese if you please. we are Siamese if you don’t please”

  11. Nancy King

    Nancy King18 hours ago

    Lol, they were all lovely.

  12. Sean Anthony

    Sean Anthony18 hours ago

    Trouble always seems to find a Siamese cat.

  13. Green Star Ponies

    Green Star Ponies18 hours ago

    So ccccuuuuuttttteeee

  14. Murtss Z

    Murtss Z19 hours ago

    they kno dae wae

  15. Mariojmorales Morales

    Mariojmorales Morales21 hour ago

    The cats look like quisertmaster cats

  16. michelle thomas

    michelle thomas22 hours ago

    Brilliant kitties

  17. Shawnzilla20

    Shawnzilla20Day ago

    Scientist :Are you saying that two female cats will breed? Jeff Goldblum :No, well, uh, uh, Cats, uh, find a way.

  18. Chris_P_Lettuce

    Chris_P_LettuceDay ago


  19. Kate Nickel

    Kate NickelDay ago

    I know nobody cares, but they look just like my cat!

  20. Rolster KT

    Rolster KTDay ago

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  21. Jhennifer Ramos

    Jhennifer RamosDay ago

    So cute

  22. Snowly2 The silent meme maker / artist

    Snowly2 The silent meme maker / artistDay ago

    Omg haha

  23. The Erotic Movie Review

    The Erotic Movie ReviewDay ago

    Smart cats, the floor was probably filthy

  24. sAN sEE

    sAN sEEDay ago

    She's not a cat lady

  25. Gizmo Goose.

    Gizmo Goose.Day ago

    _I'm in stitches!!! Too Funny!!!!!_

  26. bad time warrior productions

    bad time warrior productionsDay ago

    cats know de wei!

  27. Aelwyn Coulson

    Aelwyn CoulsonDay ago

    🎶We are Siamese, if you please...🎶 ;)

  28. MelBox 'U'

    MelBox 'U'Day ago

    You know how hard it is to make me laugh or even react with videos!? So congratulations.

  29. Ayyee lmao

    Ayyee lmaoDay ago

    we are siamese if you please

  30. Sasha Meow

    Sasha MeowDay ago

    I enjoyed this it's always good to have another cats ass in yo face in them awkward situations but my hooman always checks mine is clean so we good to go.

  31. Modern R6

    Modern R6Day ago

    Slimy, manipulative, selfish creatures.

  32. Amirr Khann

    Amirr KhannDay ago


  33. Rhonda Worley

    Rhonda Worley2 days ago

    I guess we can all say... *De found de wae*

  34. Super Gamer888

    Super Gamer8882 days ago

    The cat knows the way the cat is the queen

  35. Lol King

    Lol King2 days ago

    *Darn it jerry*

  36. Garret Cleare

    Garret Cleare2 days ago

    one of the few good things on the trending tab

  37. Philip at Tube

    Philip at Tube2 days ago

    OldSkoolMReporter. 👍

  38. Space Race

    Space Race2 days ago

    Yuck kill the damn things

  39. zozo9999

    zozo99992 days ago

    Those cats kno de wae

  40. Drone Crashes

    Drone Crashes2 days ago

    Russians have a space station so i guess two cats finding a way around an obstacle is a piece of cake.

  41. Doubtful Guest

    Doubtful Guest2 days ago

    Look at that. An actual youtube video on trending, in amongst all the corporate sponsored bullshit.

  42. cweeper murphy

    cweeper murphy2 days ago


  43. Sophie Filo

    Sophie Filo2 days ago

    Imagine if people did this every time they ran into each other...

  44. S E S H B O Y

    S E S H B O Y2 days ago


  45. ER Bram

    ER Bram2 days ago

    I love cats.

  46. Sarah LTV

    Sarah LTV2 days ago

    Russians love having a lot of cats

  47. Vanessa Amaya

    Vanessa Amaya2 days ago

    Lady and the Tramp

  48. Niyoka Love

    Niyoka Love2 days ago

    Lol awwww

  49. Kynmorii Harris

    Kynmorii Harris3 days ago

    So do dogs 😵😵😵😵😵

  50. Fey Truet

    Fey Truet3 days ago

    If it ain't broke...

  51. Nicholas Galvan

    Nicholas Galvan3 days ago

    Hmm 😕😕

  52. Gerard López López

    Gerard López López3 days ago

    Just put Spanish subtitles! Hahaha

  53. TwinFunCam

    TwinFunCam3 days ago

    Love this!!! No gimmicks!!!

  54. CozmicK G

    CozmicK G3 days ago

    0:11 she's recording on an iPad. F

  55. Blue Appa

    Blue Appa3 days ago

    Combo moves

  56. Plastiksurgeon

    Plastiksurgeon3 days ago

    Too funny! 😄😄 My cat is so big and fat, he couldn’t have made it up that high to begin with! 😁

  57. Bryan White

    Bryan White3 days ago

    First life finds a way now cat find a way

  58. Thomas Crouson

    Thomas Crouson3 days ago


  59. Gordon Armstrong

    Gordon Armstrong3 days ago


  60. APIEngineering

    APIEngineering3 days ago

    "... and as they became fatter, it only became funnier."

  61. Maxell deNomie

    Maxell deNomie3 days ago

    they cooperate to an extent that humans just don't know how to...

  62. Koolan Hernaandeez

    Koolan Hernaandeez3 days ago

    I can't be the only one who thought of the SU theme song when I read "Always find a way"

  63. Lacey and Stacey

    Lacey and Stacey3 days ago

    This reminds me of that one Dr. Seuss book, but it has a happy ending now

  64. J R

    J R3 days ago

    I love it!!

  65. quiet Konlack

    quiet Konlack3 days ago

    English please

  66. Abbi Lockard

    Abbi Lockard3 days ago

    Awww cute Siamese cats you've got there

  67. glowworm2

    glowworm23 days ago

    That was adorable!

  68. Amanda Kelsa

    Amanda Kelsa3 days ago

    Hey anyone wanna take my account?

  69. Patrician Cloud

    Patrician Cloud3 days ago


  70. Cat Don't Care

    Cat Don't Care3 days ago

    Haha! Clever cats 🐱🐱👍 xx

  71. FortisFaith

    FortisFaith3 days ago


  72. TheMaskedEmolga 587

    TheMaskedEmolga 5873 days ago

    This reminds me of that Dr. Seuss animation with the north walking and the south walking Zax

  73. Noel Ray Bailey

    Noel Ray Bailey4 days ago


  74. Crystal Collins

    Crystal Collins4 days ago

    Cats always find de wae

  75. Crystal Collins

    Crystal Collins4 days ago

    They know de wae!

  76. Jacqueline Hernandez

    Jacqueline Hernandez4 days ago

    Yup best wau to pass by!

  77. Create Logic

    Create Logic4 days ago

    That is great!

  78. Branch Fan

    Branch Fan4 days ago

    Cute kitties

  79. danita powell

    danita powell4 days ago

    Smart and determine. Cute!!

  80. 二宮章子

    二宮章子4 days ago


  81. TheJTheorem

    TheJTheorem4 days ago

    *500 IQ PLAYS*

  82. DC Dante

    DC Dante4 days ago



    SFRJ IS MY CITYDay ago

    Stale meme m8.

  84. i z a

    i z a2 days ago

    DC Dante no

  85. Pete J

    Pete J4 days ago

    Come someone please tell me the name of this cats species? They’re so beautiful

  86. Block Menthor

    Block Menthor4 days ago

    How cute 😘😘😘

  87. dana winsor

    dana winsor4 days ago

    Amazing! What smart kitties.

  88. Andrew Daddy

    Andrew Daddy4 days ago

    Nice to see the simple thing's matter An this is trending that is really great...

  89. AngelJay Jimenez

    AngelJay Jimenez4 days ago

    Thats the fuckin prove! Cats are smarter then a dogs!!! They are always a step ahead !! Prove me I'm wrong!😒

  90. Tech's Science

    Tech's Science4 days ago

    How clever!!! We had read the story of goat crossing the narrow bridge here it's a live example

  91. Usain Bolt

    Usain Bolt4 days ago

    i thought only humans are close minded

  92. Lela Reagan

    Lela Reagan4 days ago

    Waht am I watching 😕 I'm confused 😕

  93. Erik Lehnsherr

    Erik Lehnsherr4 days ago

    Lela Reagan Watching two cats confuses you? Do you eat soap pellets & have a hell of a time picking a bathroom?

  94. daniel morgan

    daniel morgan4 days ago

    Well 🐈 allways find a way to get up stiff brcais they do know how to climb what 🐈 can't clime if a 🐈 can't climb that would be really insane.

  95. wolfy wlf

    wolfy wlf4 days ago

    They find DE WAE

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    NTDTV4 days ago

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  98. UGin

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  99. Mario 8A

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  100. Usain Bolt

    Usain Bolt4 days ago

    Me and my lil either literally everyday 🙁😂

  101. asia lee

    asia lee4 days ago

    ..such smartys😼😼

  102. Crafty Shawn

    Crafty Shawn4 days ago


  103. justso uknow

    justso uknow4 days ago

    That was so cute thanks for sharing :)