Cats always find a way \ Разошлись


  1. Eli Meyer

    Eli Meyer19 days ago


  2. AlexstrickTen

    AlexstrickTenMonth ago

    They protecc They attacc But most importantly They always find the way

  3. Bandicoot

    BandicootMonth ago

    Super funny!

  4. Miscellaneous Stuff

    Miscellaneous StuffMonth ago

    cats just acted like two politicians

  5. Жатецкий Гусь

    Жатецкий ГусьMonth ago


  6. Alex Sifuentes

    Alex SifuentesMonth ago

    Or do they -_- (-_-)™✓π¢€¢

  7. Sundae Sweets

    Sundae SweetsMonth ago

    long live the king

  8. CowyAnimalz OWO

    CowyAnimalz OWOMonth ago


  9. Melon Man

    Melon ManMonth ago

    actually really funny :D

  10. Fluffy Pie

    Fluffy PieMonth ago


  11. Coopers Anims

    Coopers AnimsMonth ago

    cats find de wae

  12. sportsygirl8

    sportsygirl8Month ago

    That was hilarious!!!

  13. Fionna

    FionnaMonth ago

    LOL! such beautiful kitties!

  14. DinoHunter444

    DinoHunter444Month ago

    Are they Siamese tonkanese or Bermese? They act like my tonkanese but look like Siamese.

  15. Frisco 1522

    Frisco 1522Month ago

    We are Siamese if you please.

  16. Andrew Hollaway

    Andrew Hollaway2 months ago


  17. Kaleigh Salvati

    Kaleigh Salvati2 months ago

    Is that a Siamese cat?

  18. edinburgh leisure

    edinburgh leisure2 months ago

    They must be listening to Paula Abdul

  19. Carson Hall

    Carson Hall2 months ago

    I wonder if this will go right to a new video while I'm typing this comment or if the auto play will pause once this one is done and wait until I'm done with my comment. I guess it pauses.

  20. A Random Flamingo

    A Random Flamingo2 months ago

    Sooo funny!😒😒😒

  21. Liuhuayue

    Liuhuayue2 months ago

    They automatically made me think of Lady and the Tramp's Siamese cats.

  22. Hamza Yahya

    Hamza Yahya2 months ago

    Like in jurassic park

  23. AvocadoInABox

    AvocadoInABox2 months ago

    *We are Siamese if you please*


    DUSTERDUDE2382 months ago

    I truly Love cats, they are so agile and can be Mysterious at times. you sure have some pretty ones! Enjoyed and Liked! Thanx :)

  25. Keyana Equun

    Keyana Equun2 months ago

    Why does this remind me of the cats from lady and the tramp?


    ALT CONTROL DELETE2 months ago

    So adorable

  27. Chet Smith

    Chet Smith2 months ago

    We are amazed and amused but it's no big deal for the cats, it's just what they do. Thanks for the video.

  28. Andrew Wittenberg

    Andrew Wittenberg2 months ago

    Life uh... finds away

  29. xXMidnight SkyXx

    xXMidnight SkyXx2 months ago

    XD oml so cute

  30. ShavetheCat Tomorrow

    ShavetheCat Tomorrow2 months ago

    Catz r so smart

  31. Zom Bee Nature

    Zom Bee Nature2 months ago

    But can they do what happens on my channel?

  32. Lucky Chase

    Lucky Chase2 months ago

    I knew they would do that! So cute

  33. The Pig Kingdom

    The Pig Kingdom2 months ago

    I’m looking for a hypo- allergenic cat which means I’m looking for a cat that doesn’t shed fur. Do your cats shed?

  34. mystery man

    mystery man2 months ago

    That was remarkable Cats are awesome!!

  35. Pat Smith

    Pat Smith2 months ago

    Siamese cats are the smartest. When I was little, we had a siamese cat that learned to use the toilet on her own. My mother's only complaint was that she wished the cat knew how to flush. :-)

  36. Brayden Plemons

    Brayden Plemons2 months ago

    Ummmmm what the world know what I don't wanna know how they got up there better not to ask

  37. Mushpop mushy

    Mushpop mushy2 months ago


  38. Amber Peeters

    Amber Peeters2 months ago

    husband pack basket twist broadcast exhibit fun.

  39. Best Of Vines

    Best Of Vines2 months ago

    Damn those cats are smart

  40. RollTide 334

    RollTide 3342 months ago

    I love my Siamese. He is really talkative and affectionate. Did I mention he is very vocal?

  41. Brin Star

    Brin Star2 months ago

    Silly Goof of Ball of Kitties

  42. Popcorn B

    Popcorn B2 months ago

    Do you know da wae

  43. Amar Original

    Amar Original2 months ago

    Only cats

  44. Sophia Tung

    Sophia Tung2 months ago

    When cats are smarter than me

  45. Aliza Raza (2025)

    Aliza Raza (2025)2 months ago

    The cats know de wae

  46. Saul Uribe

    Saul Uribe2 months ago

    They just need a cocker spaniel. Lady and the tramp.

  47. Harly Quinn

    Harly Quinn2 months ago

    Nobody is going to kill me

  48. Emily Carrillo

    Emily Carrillo2 months ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *Purrs* Hey Im A Cat Too.

  49. Mary Spain

    Mary Spain2 months ago

    Beautiful & clever too!!

  50. Dane Moore

    Dane Moore2 months ago


  51. kaitlyn scott

    kaitlyn scott2 months ago

    Loose lock escape tribal particular totally relation loose.

  52. Robert Caraher

    Robert Caraher2 months ago

    That cat that went under so quickly very smart Kitty.

  53. 50ksavage Good Savage

    50ksavage Good Savage2 months ago

    It's dem cats from Lady and the Tramp

  54. Sára Life CZ

    Sára Life CZ2 months ago


  55. Mystical GamerCorn

    Mystical GamerCorn2 months ago

    What beautiful cats you have!!!

  56. The kids version Of Albert stuff

    The kids version Of Albert stuff2 months ago


  57. Tobal Pepe

    Tobal Pepe2 months ago

    They kno the wae

  58. xXKaxyXx

    xXKaxyXx2 months ago

    *we are Siamese if you please*

  59. BLACK CAT 555

    BLACK CAT 5552 months ago

    "думали"... О, да, думать - это вообще основное занятие кошек )))

  60. 90s babies raise your hands

    90s babies raise your hands2 months ago

    Pretty smart 👍🏼 you go high I go low

  61. Noel Cervantes

    Noel Cervantes2 months ago

    Are they simese.i love those cats

  62. Один Человек

    Один Человек2 months ago

    Не бараны :))

  63. ra001g

    ra001g2 months ago

    When there is a will there is a cat.

  64. WHAT IT Dooooh

    WHAT IT Dooooh2 months ago

    When that cat jumped to thee other side. Thee other cat strike at him 4 showing off

  65. FrenchmansFlats51

    FrenchmansFlats512 months ago

    now that was funny!

  66. Nicholas Harner

    Nicholas Harner2 months ago

    I hate playful CATS

  67. Wolf children Lover

    Wolf children Lover2 months ago

    Awww so cute

  68. Clayton O

    Clayton O2 months ago


  69. مشاهير السعودية

    مشاهير السعودية2 months ago

    *Saudi Princess Ameerah al-Taweel in her home and a private dialogue* 👩💕

  70. Scribble Animo

    Scribble Animo2 months ago

    "We are Siamese if you please." "We are Siamese if you don't please."

  71. kim laird

    kim laird2 months ago

    Cute 😊

  72. Todd Hubbard

    Todd Hubbard2 months ago


  73. J Bleu Givz0Fukz

    J Bleu Givz0Fukz2 months ago

    Smart Cats

  74. Flopping Fajita

    Flopping Fajita2 months ago

    So this is the power of ultra instinct?

  75. Bobby Big Balls

    Bobby Big Balls2 months ago


  76. Jahna Roth

    Jahna Roth2 months ago

    Thank you so much from Indiana

  77. Khaleefah. Jay.

    Khaleefah. Jay.2 months ago

    Patience and intelligence if you have both skies is your limit

  78. SilentStorm1172

    SilentStorm11722 months ago

    This is what Jack and the Scotsman should have done on the bridge.

  79. Sabina England

    Sabina England2 months ago

    I love cats so much

  80. Joel Almemdarez

    Joel Almemdarez2 months ago

    Cat It's Me

  81. Lara Hook

    Lara Hook2 months ago


  82. Ever & irelynn bffs forever

    Ever & irelynn bffs forever2 months ago

    Da cats are our new queen they have found da way XD

  83. Nadeshda Gr

    Nadeshda Gr2 months ago

    Коты оказались умнее людей.....

  84. Felix Amador

    Felix Amador2 months ago

    Wow that's a smart car!

  85. Felix Amador

    Felix Amador2 months ago


  86. purple pies

    purple pies2 months ago

    ah this is so cute and awesome your cats look really similar to mine this is so cute ^^

  87. Frisky Fritz

    Frisky Fritz2 months ago

    Life finds a way.

  88. Ben Hoffman

    Ben Hoffman2 months ago

    I came here from a video of a star named Icarus that is 14 billion lightyears away from us

  89. S Ø M E Y

    S Ø M E Y2 months ago

    Do ye know da kats wey?

  90. MayaLizaUSA

    MayaLizaUSA2 months ago

    Ой посмеялась от души!

  91. Mykyl Roamez

    Mykyl Roamez2 months ago

    Love the kids...

  92. ki stephen

    ki stephen2 months ago

    Just like with the goat story

  93. joe p

    joe p2 months ago


  94. Go Away Please

    Go Away Please2 months ago


  95. Angelic Izzy

    Angelic Izzy2 months ago

    That last cat came out of nowhere! Lmao like "hey! You're about about to distress my comfort now!"

  96. jennifer williams

    jennifer williams2 months ago

    Cant get with cats.......

  97. Golden Wolves

    Golden Wolves2 months ago

    These cats are soooo cute

  98. Julie Pirkle

    Julie Pirkle2 months ago

    Awww it's so sweet 😺😄

  99. Slav Hole

    Slav Hole2 months ago

    Спасибо, кошки

  100. Shogun lord poke' burst

    Shogun lord poke' burst2 months ago

    Oh my god its Jason borne

  101. Stevi Fire26

    Stevi Fire262 months ago

    Cats...uh...find a way.