Cat Lovers Try Dog Grooming | The Try Guys


  1. Familien Lorensen

    Familien Lorensen31 minute ago

    team phil

  2. Christina Puc

    Christina Puc2 hours ago

    Team Louise and Team Eugene ❤️😍😂😅

  3. EvaMarie Robinson

    EvaMarie Robinson4 hours ago

    Louise, she makes me think of my pup as a baby.

  4. 진남

    진남5 hours ago

    I love dogs so i was squealing the whole vid lmao

  5. Irene Destiny

    Irene Destiny5 hours ago

    Did... did Zach make a MCR reference

  6. Scarlett DeLise

    Scarlett DeLise6 hours ago

    Team Phil

  7. charløtte

    charløtte7 hours ago

    team louise for the win!

  8. Cream

    Cream7 hours ago

    9:00 AWWWWWWW

  9. Cream

    Cream7 hours ago

    *iM goNNA tURn tHesE K-9s iNto*

  10. Mimi Suki

    Mimi Suki7 hours ago


  11. Anime Is maw life

    Anime Is maw life7 hours ago

    Team L 😂❤️

  12. Mrbuddy4

    Mrbuddy48 hours ago


  13. Megan Keller

    Megan Keller11 hours ago

    Lol me so late but I choose Phil!

  14. Nat 2.0

    Nat 2.012 hours ago

    Team Phil

  15. cute girly

    cute girly14 hours ago

    TEAM L bc omg keith was so gentle and forgiving and he tried to make little Louise so happy

  16. Chaoswarden

    Chaoswarden14 hours ago


  17. Corrie E

    Corrie E14 hours ago

    I team phil cause he’s a lil emo punk rocker

  18. Kiki Lopez

    Kiki Lopez15 hours ago


  19. alexa cervantes

    alexa cervantes15 hours ago

    team louise all the way

  20. DiamondCat121105

    DiamondCat12110517 hours ago

    Team Louise for the win!

  21. Furfectionist

    Furfectionist18 hours ago

    I was born ready to join The Black Parade. Killjoys make some noise, this 2019.

  22. Liam Feil

    Liam Feil20 hours ago

    They should’ve called the shop “vanderpup”

  23. Draw With Donuts

    Draw With DonutsDay ago


  24. Tajy Boy7

    Tajy Boy7Day ago

    team phil

  25. Sophie Richardson

    Sophie RichardsonDay ago

    TEAM LOUISE all the way! Keith did a way better job.

  26. Malak Edris

    Malak EdrisDay ago


  27. Tate Redden

    Tate ReddenDay ago

    Team Phil! He looks like a pup that I would want >w

  28. local flamboyancy

    local flamboyancyDay ago

    keith wins but all in all eugene wins

  29. Oddball Kitten

    Oddball KittenDay ago

    ... Team Phil IDK....

  30. kill me

    kill meDay ago

    I think I fell in love with Phil

  31. Sarita Levinthal

    Sarita LevinthalDay ago

    i'm a cat person but team louise here

  32. Risa Raihan

    Risa RaihanDay ago

    Team Louise

  33. Jodi Pallagi

    Jodi PallagiDay ago

    Louise wins

  34. jolie rose

    jolie roseDay ago

    Cute thumbnail more views😎

  35. Heiden's place

    Heiden's placeDay ago

    team phil

  36. zara dibor

    zara diborDay ago

    Team Louise

  37. Arya Amin

    Arya AminDay ago

    Team Phil

  38. Aya Morales

    Aya MoralesDay ago

    How Zach and Keith felt about dogs in the beginning of the video is how I feel eternally about cats

  39. Hey_Its_Eva

    Hey_Its_Eva2 days ago

    Team lousie

  40. Josh_ NJ-BTFC

    Josh_ NJ-BTFC2 days ago

    Team phil all day😂👍

  41. Tyrah Othman

    Tyrah Othman2 days ago

    I don't have the heart to choose between two super adorable dogs so im #teamphilouise

  42. Paige Davis

    Paige Davis2 days ago

    I am team Louise but Phil is the dog I would adopt but Keith took much better care of Louise

  43. 203_lovely Fabulous

    203_lovely Fabulous2 days ago

    Team Louise ❤️

  44. Brooke Elaine

    Brooke Elaine2 days ago

    Team Phil

  45. Hannah Adams

    Hannah Adams2 days ago

    Team Phil!

  46. gaming greg and more

    gaming greg and more2 days ago

    Team phill 4 life

  47. Janine Allan

    Janine Allan2 days ago

    Team lllllllll

  48. Gabriella Martel

    Gabriella Martel2 days ago

    team phil

  49. Tina Martin

    Tina Martin2 days ago


  50. DirtyDirty JamJam

    DirtyDirty JamJam2 days ago

    Team both

  51. Lovely Izzy

    Lovely Izzy2 days ago

    Team Phil. He is soooo cute

  52. Anniemarie P

    Anniemarie P2 days ago

    Team Louise

  53. Julia

    Julia2 days ago

    Loved it ❤❤❤❤❤

  54. Vienne Animates

    Vienne Animates2 days ago

    Zach always try to make him or something else look cool

  55. _axtonix_ 08642

    _axtonix_ 086422 days ago

    Louise!! 😱😱😍

  56. Sugar Glider55

    Sugar Glider552 days ago

    Team Phil!! He's adorable!

  57. Ramir Alcasabas

    Ramir Alcasabas3 days ago

    team louise

  58. Clearlake Outdoors

    Clearlake Outdoors3 days ago

    Team Louise

  59. Cele Mele

    Cele Mele3 days ago

    #teamlouise she enjoyed the ride 😂

  60. Megan Smith

    Megan Smith3 days ago

    I just love how regal Louise was the whole time.

  61. M Button

    M Button3 days ago

    Louise was the goodest girl

  62. Lee Roberts

    Lee Roberts3 days ago

    In team both, because all dogs are cute.

  63. Panelope! V

    Panelope! V3 days ago

    Team Louise!!!!

  64. Jordan Polhill

    Jordan Polhill3 days ago

    Team Phil

  65. trevion terrell

    trevion terrell3 days ago

    Team louise

  66. Alexa Swimmers

    Alexa Swimmers3 days ago

    Team Phil duh

  67. lance the meme queen

    lance the meme queen3 days ago

    team Louise

  68. ARandomName YT

    ARandomName YT3 days ago

    5:34 F*ck this shit I’m out

  69. Krunchy Kitty Productions

    Krunchy Kitty Productions3 days ago

    The least worst both have glasses. LOL 😂

  70. teogrosd21

    teogrosd213 days ago

    Team louise

  71. Chang Song

    Chang Song3 days ago

    Keith won

  72. janice jtj

    janice jtj3 days ago

    Poor phil and louise.. it's like out of the frying pan into the fire 😂

  73. Mia Dadadottir 5B Provstegårdskolen

    Mia Dadadottir 5B Provstegårdskolen3 days ago

    Team louise only because she is Mexicaner

  74. Its Lanamation

    Its Lanamation3 days ago

    Team louise cause i feel like she's cursing everyone in Spanish this whole time

  75. Jacque Melman

    Jacque Melman3 days ago


  76. Allison groux

    Allison groux3 days ago

    Team Louise

  77. Tia Tupuola

    Tia Tupuola3 days ago

    I go team Louise cause she looks HOT.

  78. Kathryn Dunn

    Kathryn Dunn3 days ago

    Team Louise

  79. Ogjj Kll

    Ogjj Kll3 days ago


  80. Sandra Tupheld

    Sandra Tupheld3 days ago

    louis because Phil looks better but even if Keith doesn't like dogs, he made a better effort

  81. I am a Potato

    I am a Potato3 days ago

    Team Phil!

  82. gamer clasher vloger

    gamer clasher vloger3 days ago

    Team luise

  83. Pirie’spinkargylesweater

    Pirie’spinkargylesweater3 days ago

    Yellowcard & Ryan Key? Sum41? And some other punk rock groups ? Zach thank you.

  84. Aubrey Eads

    Aubrey Eads3 days ago

    Louise won #teamLouise

  85. Neimwud Smirnov

    Neimwud Smirnov4 days ago

    Team luise

  86. Erin Taylor-Boltonx

    Erin Taylor-Boltonx4 days ago

    "can you please get Phil's dirty snout off my sweet sweet angel?"

  87. Jessica Miles

    Jessica Miles4 days ago


  88. Grace Avila

    Grace Avila4 days ago

    I’m team Phil, he was just so fun!

  89. John Google

    John Google4 days ago

    10:45 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  90. ShadowWing66

    ShadowWing664 days ago


  91. LP Designs Leandra Pispieiro

    LP Designs Leandra Pispieiro4 days ago

    team Louise ❤️❤️❤️ so sweet


    MADELIN MADELIN4 days ago


  93. The Flash

    The Flash4 days ago

    I think louise won.

  94. Aurora Animations

    Aurora Animations4 days ago

    Team Phil

  95. FuZe_Cakes Is my name

    FuZe_Cakes Is my name4 days ago

    Keith won easily

  96. unicorn's love me

    unicorn's love me4 days ago

    Im fu*king team louise because even though he doesn't really love dogs he still showed care in louise

  97. Mackenzie Brubacher

    Mackenzie Brubacher4 days ago


  98. Dominick Gamboa

    Dominick Gamboa5 days ago

    TeamEugene because he is the best of all the try guys

  99. caroline budney

    caroline budney5 days ago

    Lmao the only actual cat lover is Keith because Zach has a dog 😂

  100. Cat Food

    Cat Food3 days ago

    You can be a cat lover even if you have a dog, you gatekeeper

  101. KittyKat Lover808

    KittyKat Lover8085 days ago

    team louise