Cat Lovers Try Dog Grooming | The Try Guys


  1. Helen Anastasiadis

    Helen Anastasiadis4 minutes ago


  2. Felicity Myra

    Felicity Myra7 minutes ago

    Team filll

  3. jade chivers

    jade chivers15 minutes ago

    team louise

  4. Akame Kohaku

    Akame Kohaku18 minutes ago

    Team Louise because Keith was so nice to her and protected the Old Mexican Lady from the dryer

  5. Katherin Espinoza

    Katherin Espinoza23 minutes ago


  6. katiethesimmer

    katiethesimmer25 minutes ago

    Team Phil!!!

  7. rainbowdew

    rainbowdew31 minute ago


  8. Emmy ArtStick

    Emmy ArtStick45 minutes ago

    I'm sorry Keith, I'm team Phil

  9. Aubrey !

    Aubrey !48 minutes ago

    Team Phil

  10. Fun In Our World

    Fun In Our World50 minutes ago


  11. Kelsey Smith

    Kelsey Smith54 minutes ago


  12. Carolina Jusem-Laporte

    Carolina Jusem-Laporte57 minutes ago

    I think phil won , but keith won at grooming. Just cause phil tried to jump out of the sink

  13. Yamile Van der Zalm

    Yamile Van der ZalmHour ago

    Louise team

  14. Alecia Winchester

    Alecia WinchesterHour ago


  15. Lorena Schwerzmann

    Lorena SchwerzmannHour ago

    Team Phil!!!!!!

  16. mickeystar1777

    mickeystar1777Hour ago

    Keith is the clear winner. Louise is adorable.

  17. ForThePeople :D

    ForThePeople :DHour ago


  18. olivia sotos

    olivia sotosHour ago


  19. Abby Aitken

    Abby AitkenHour ago

    Team Louise 10000%

  20. Delishia Hollingsworth

    Delishia HollingsworthHour ago

    team Louise, but still love phil

  21. Kirsy Cedeño

    Kirsy CedeñoHour ago

    Team Louis

  22. Karla Gundaya

    Karla Gundaya2 hours ago


  23. Khadiya S

    Khadiya S2 hours ago

    Team Phil

  24. Sarah Stoffolano

    Sarah Stoffolano2 hours ago

    Team Phil for that emo feel (though both are adorbs)

  25. raeanna boiles

    raeanna boiles2 hours ago


  26. Elizabeth Varney

    Elizabeth Varney2 hours ago

    Team Louise!!!

  27. Amy Tandberg

    Amy Tandberg2 hours ago

    Team Phil!!

  28. toscata

    toscata3 hours ago

    Team Louise!! What an elegant lady! (also zack your pup was freaking out the entire time! sorry!)

  29. Michelle Santoso

    Michelle Santoso3 hours ago

    Taem Louise!

  30. Cecile Desprez

    Cecile Desprez3 hours ago

    Team phil!!!

  31. Lex Luther

    Lex Luther3 hours ago


  32. Andrew Hahn

    Andrew Hahn4 hours ago

    Team Luis

  33. please don't say army under my comments

    please don't say army under my comments4 hours ago

    are you ready? LETS. GET. VA-" *HeY! wAnT tO pLaY sOmE ViDeO GaMeS?! I kNoW I dO!!!!* " sighhhh

  34. Hannah Marie

    Hannah Marie4 hours ago

    Team Louise! Puppy cuddles are so cute

  35. Lily may Grainge

    Lily may Grainge4 hours ago

    Team phil

  36. Charlotte The UnicornYT

    Charlotte The UnicornYT4 hours ago


  37. Julia Jandl

    Julia Jandl5 hours ago

    Team Phil 😂

  38. PandaChi

    PandaChi6 hours ago

    So divided because they both looked clean and cute but I will go with Louise and Keith.

  39. Tina Potet

    Tina Potet6 hours ago

    *Kelly's being a real bitch right now*

  40. valeriA einhorn

    valeriA einhorn6 hours ago


  41. Soph Harris

    Soph Harris6 hours ago

    Team PHILLLL

  42. derpoverload

    derpoverload7 hours ago

    Louise is such a good dog

  43. iirxene ;D

    iirxene ;D7 hours ago

    Sorry Keith but Team Phil😔✊

  44. Leonie Witte

    Leonie Witte8 hours ago

    Team louise

  45. Rachel

    Rachel8 hours ago

    Team Louise 100%

  46. It’s Butter

    It’s Butter8 hours ago

    9:25 Do you see the look, the pain, the anger in louse’s face? That’s the sign of the “You fucked up”.

  47. Audrey Sullivan

    Audrey Sullivan8 hours ago

    team Louise!

  48. bethany hunt

    bethany hunt9 hours ago

    I really wanted Keith to adopt Louise

  49. Eva Beaver

    Eva Beaver9 hours ago

    Team Louise

  50. Lexi Albor

    Lexi Albor9 hours ago


  51. TheSnazziestLlama

    TheSnazziestLlama9 hours ago

    11:53 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MCR

  52. Asher Dee Wood

    Asher Dee Wood9 hours ago

    I can't pick!

  53. Populasongs AG

    Populasongs AG10 hours ago

    team loues

  54. ImLukeaBoi

    ImLukeaBoi10 hours ago

    team louise

  55. Amani Benjamin

    Amani Benjamin10 hours ago

    Team phil

  56. Angel Resngit

    Angel Resngit11 hours ago


  57. claire ella

    claire ella11 hours ago

    What kind of dog is blizzard???

  58. Liitle__pj

    Liitle__pj11 hours ago


  59. Kawaii Gacha

    Kawaii Gacha11 hours ago

    Both of u are the worse for not liking dogs but HATING them cats are lazy

  60. We are all weird Here

    We are all weird Here11 hours ago


  61. Max Castellanos

    Max Castellanos12 hours ago

    louis is so pretty

  62. Charwulzz

    Charwulzz12 hours ago

    Team Phil ftw

  63. Joanne Cowell

    Joanne Cowell12 hours ago


  64. Bultaco stuff

    Bultaco stuff12 hours ago

    Team phil

  65. Quika Sochimilco

    Quika Sochimilco12 hours ago

    Team louise

  66. Marisa Hickey

    Marisa Hickey12 hours ago

    Team Louise

  67. Jazmine Ellington

    Jazmine Ellington12 hours ago

    So, we’re really not going to talk about the fact Zach put the used dog toothbrush in his mouth? 🤨😱🤢😷

  68. princessryan89

    princessryan8912 hours ago

    Team Phil he was so cute!!!

  69. Jimins_ Kookies

    Jimins_ Kookies12 hours ago

    vanderpump dogs and bed intruder I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

  70. Peach miyu

    Peach miyu12 hours ago

    The two of them

  71. Sarah

    Sarah12 hours ago

    Team Louise all the way!

  72. Linda Stamberger

    Linda Stamberger13 hours ago

    Lisa Vanderpump is wonderful for doing this for these dogs, you can see they've been through a lot.I hope they all get adopted into loving homes~!

  73. Julie Medina

    Julie Medina13 hours ago


  74. Nicholas Mattison

    Nicholas Mattison13 hours ago


  75. Katrina Parker

    Katrina Parker14 hours ago

    Team phillll!!!

  76. Chcodiva78 R

    Chcodiva78 R14 hours ago

    Team Louise ftw

  77. Evil Queen

    Evil Queen14 hours ago

    Team Louise ( But actually TeamEugene because my dogs are from shelters and I think that more people should adopt because it can really affect a dog being in a shelter that might be overcrowded and yeah)

  78. payten samuelson

    payten samuelson14 hours ago

    i want kieth to adapt louis

  79. Grayson Preston

    Grayson Preston14 hours ago

    Team louise

  80. Joy Voramon

    Joy Voramon15 hours ago

    Zach's indie bands reference = 10/10

  81. Serenity Olivares

    Serenity Olivares15 hours ago

    # teamLouise

  82. Sophie Limbourg

    Sophie Limbourg15 hours ago

    Phil allllll the wayyyyyy

  83. khandi jolly

    khandi jolly15 hours ago


  84. serenity and calamity

    serenity and calamity16 hours ago

    *little Mexican ladies*

  85. Bire 57

    Bire 5716 hours ago

    Team Louise

  86. Rachael McNicol

    Rachael McNicol16 hours ago

    Team louise

  87. Slime protection agent Professor Geraghty

    Slime protection agent Professor Geraghty16 hours ago


  88. Merryn Clarke

    Merryn Clarke16 hours ago

    Team Louise!!!

  89. Sammy Weston

    Sammy Weston16 hours ago

    Team phil

  90. uniquely Iris

    uniquely Iris16 hours ago

    Team louise for life

  91. Laura Powell

    Laura Powell16 hours ago

    Team Phil

  92. TheIdeliin

    TheIdeliin16 hours ago

    Me and my girlfriend are totally Team Louise ❤🐶

  93. Felipe Ramirez

    Felipe Ramirez16 hours ago

    Team Louise

  94. kerry cornelius

    kerry cornelius17 hours ago

    Team Louis

  95. RockBeauty :3

    RockBeauty :317 hours ago

    Zach was so worried about Phil. Awww

  96. davidyz426f

    davidyz426f17 hours ago


  97. I draw my sword for YOU

    I draw my sword for YOU17 hours ago


  98. Jenna Davis 56 (STUDENT)

    Jenna Davis 56 (STUDENT)17 hours ago

    Team Phil 4 the win

  99. CookiePlayz

    CookiePlayz17 hours ago

    Is it just me..? Or does Keith remind me of Joey from Liv and Maddie?

  100. Emily Zuercher

    Emily Zuercher17 hours ago