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  1. Gracie R

    Gracie R4 hours ago

    When Zach said I'm gonna turn these canines into catens for like the 3rd or 4th time and it said stop on the screen, all I thought about was that vine that says,"Zach Stop, you're on a get in trouble!"

  2. Nature_ Defender

    Nature_ Defender10 hours ago


  3. Clarissa Elizabeth

    Clarissa Elizabeth21 hour ago

    Lulu won

  4. stars

    starsDay ago


  5. Dark knight Msp

    Dark knight Msp2 days ago

    Team louise

  6. Alyssa MacKenzie

    Alyssa MacKenzie2 days ago

    Team louise

  7. Hannah Hannant

    Hannah Hannant2 days ago

    Team Louise

  8. Isabella Grace

    Isabella Grace2 days ago

    #team Louise

  9. Jannat Bouelaala

    Jannat Bouelaala3 days ago

    TEAM LOUISE👌👌👌👌👌👌

  10. Melissa Fuerst

    Melissa Fuerst3 days ago

    I love it 😂

  11. Visit Bits

    Visit Bits3 days ago


  12. Gabriel Arroyo

    Gabriel Arroyo3 days ago

    Keith and Louise were e connected and Louise was sooo cute

  13. Opal The bird

    Opal The bird4 days ago


  14. Slavior Ninja

    Slavior Ninja4 days ago


  15. peoniesandbrunch

    peoniesandbrunch4 days ago

    At 7:43 when she call him "cochino" lol!

  16. Wolf storm plays {vampire neko{wields a scythe}

    Wolf storm plays {vampire neko{wields a scythe}4 days ago

    The black parade.........MCR........uyhhunxtrzfv

  17. Charlotte Foti

    Charlotte Foti4 days ago


  18. tommi leavitt

    tommi leavitt5 days ago


  19. Frederique_F

    Frederique_F5 days ago

    team louise

  20. Mr Afro Mwai

    Mr Afro Mwai5 days ago

    Team louise

  21. Diandra Putri Narawidias

    Diandra Putri Narawidias5 days ago

    "He looks like the lead singer of Yellowcard. He looks like he's ready to join the black parade. How much does he cost? The sum is 41" WE LOVE A MAN OF CULTURE

  22. Wen Qi

    Wen Qi5 days ago

    Team Louise

  23. Jimin’s Jams

    Jimin’s Jams6 days ago

    im team louise mostly cause of zach’s joke

  24. Robyn Wall

    Robyn Wall6 days ago


  25. Violet Davis

    Violet Davis6 days ago


  26. ಶೇಷಾದ್ರಿ-ಶ್ರಿಪದ್ಮಿನಿ ಕುಟುಂಬ

    ಶೇಷಾದ್ರಿ-ಶ್ರಿಪದ್ಮಿನಿ ಕುಟುಂಬ6 days ago


  27. David Calendrillo

    David Calendrillo6 days ago


  28. ellie hartgrove

    ellie hartgrove7 days ago


  29. Madii Sky Blue

    Madii Sky Blue7 days ago

    team phil

  30. Jazzy J

    Jazzy J7 days ago

    I hope Keith adopts Louise

  31. Holly Saylorhgghtu5yrrw6k8io9

    Holly Saylorhgghtu5yrrw6k8io97 days ago

    Team Phil

  32. Hope Equality

    Hope Equality7 days ago

    Team Louis!!! Keith and her had a sweet connection and I high key wanted Keith to just go ‘I’m taking my sweet Mexican lady home’

  33. Blueyso :D

    Blueyso :D7 days ago

    Team Phil

  34. potatoroll

    potatoroll7 days ago

    Love both but I'm team phil

  35. Demon Link

    Demon Link7 days ago

    Team Louise

  36. Kirsty Christie

    Kirsty Christie9 days ago

    I am team Louise because she is so cute but Phil is also cute so it was a hard disingen

  37. Trendamo

    Trendamo9 days ago

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  38. CHicken Soup

    CHicken Soup9 days ago

    When Keith realizes he actually loves dogs

  39. Milktea 4 life

    Milktea 4 life10 days ago

    I love lisa vanderpup she.cute (the dog)

  40. Yass Queen

    Yass Queen10 days ago

    Team Louise all the way

  41. Louis Fahrenkamp

    Louis Fahrenkamp11 days ago

    Team Louise my dudes yaaaaaaassss

  42. Anonymous SS

    Anonymous SS11 days ago

    Zack said “I’m gonna turn these caNINES into K-10s” 4 and a half times.

  43. Silenceh _

    Silenceh _12 days ago


  44. Farah Helal

    Farah Helal12 days ago

    Team loise

  45. Elle Teh

    Elle Teh12 days ago

    I'm team Louise!

  46. Natalia Nowak

    Natalia Nowak12 days ago


  47. Jazzy Irizarry

    Jazzy Irizarry12 days ago

    “Oh I like him, I like him because he’s sad”

  48. Erin Rae

    Erin Rae12 days ago


  49. Kara Smith

    Kara Smith12 days ago

    I preferred Louise's personality however I think Phil is a better looking dog.

  50. pandalover lovepandas

    pandalover lovepandas13 days ago

    Team Louise

  51. εmmα ɴɢυyeɴ

    εmmα ɴɢυyeɴ13 days ago

    Team Louise

  52. Lila Tibbits

    Lila Tibbits13 days ago

    team louise

  53. Lainey Corley

    Lainey Corley13 days ago


  54. Eszter Bányai

    Eszter Bányai13 days ago

    What breed is phil?

  55. Trisha Reminicha

    Trisha Reminicha13 days ago

    #phil . I do like louise but that is not fair keith take the calm dog but zach take the challenging dog

  56. Olivia Kight

    Olivia Kight14 days ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Zach: I'm gonna turn these K9's into K10's

  57. I need a life

    I need a life14 days ago

    #TeamPhil ❤️

  58. mercedes woodward

    mercedes woodward14 days ago

    Kieth should adopt the dog he groomed

  59. Isaiah Welch

    Isaiah Welch14 days ago


  60. 郑娜

    郑娜14 days ago

    Phil 😘😍😄😄

  61. Beth Bqbbing

    Beth Bqbbing14 days ago


  62. Finn Coburn

    Finn Coburn14 days ago

    Team Phil

  63. Sarah Sperr

    Sarah Sperr15 days ago

    Is it just me or does Phil remind anyone else of Odie from the live action Garfield movie?

  64. Suicidal Butterfly

    Suicidal Butterfly15 days ago

    Team phil

  65. ColeCollector

    ColeCollector15 days ago

    Team Louise

  66. Tae’s Forever

    Tae’s Forever15 days ago


  67. Jasmine Abigail

    Jasmine Abigail15 days ago


  68. Ash Talo

    Ash Talo15 days ago

    This made me laugh SOOOOOOOOOO HARD LMAO

  69. Serafina Rhind-Tutt

    Serafina Rhind-Tutt15 days ago

    Team louise for life

  70. Clare Fraser

    Clare Fraser16 days ago

    #team louisa

  71. EVAN and friends

    EVAN and friends16 days ago

    Team phill

  72. Kim Gray

    Kim Gray16 days ago

    Phil baby all the way

  73. 25ahmedn

    25ahmedn16 days ago

    2:43 awwwww

  74. Jinghong Zhao

    Jinghong Zhao17 days ago


  75. Chapolee

    Chapolee17 days ago

    Dogs are cute.. But one time in class..some kittens went into the hole in the floor in the classroom..before they got out..they sealed it...THEY..THEY DIED A MONTH LATEE

  76. Lily Chen

    Lily Chen17 days ago

    #team Louis

  77. sydney merryman

    sydney merryman17 days ago

    *keith* : claims to hate/dislike dogs and not want pets until becky convinces him *also* *keith* : becomes friends and the softest person with louise & every animal he's every met (besides his friend's dogs.... excluding emma)

  78. Louise Murphy

    Louise Murphy17 days ago

    *puff puff puff*

  79. GRÉY

    GRÉY18 days ago

    All dogs are adorableee. 😍

  80. unicorn's love me

    unicorn's love me18 days ago

    I'm on #teamlouise for sure they are soooo cute

  81. Shapipi Willson

    Shapipi Willson18 days ago


  82. Maleeas Friend

    Maleeas Friend18 days ago

    Keith won

  83. lindsmande

    lindsmande18 days ago

    Team Phill all the way

  84. bitter

    bitter18 days ago


  85. Silverstar101

    Silverstar10119 days ago

    No one: Zach: turning these k9s into k10s!

  86. Adline Prempin

    Adline Prempin19 days ago

    Team Louise

  87. Bethany Healy

    Bethany Healy19 days ago


  88. Beanie Boy

    Beanie Boy19 days ago

    Team luise

  89. Watermelon For life

    Watermelon For life19 days ago

    Team Louise

  90. Ava Delaney

    Ava Delaney19 days ago

    Team louise

  91. Liz Robinson

    Liz Robinson19 days ago

    Team Phil because of his sneeze at the end.

  92. Izzy Stokes

    Izzy Stokes20 days ago

    Team Louise

  93. Aello Collias

    Aello Collias20 days ago

    Eugene: Let’s get- *Sudden Colgate Commercial* _fat_

  94. ashley cruz torres

    ashley cruz torres20 days ago


  95. Derpotron

    Derpotron20 days ago

    Team louis

  96. Rose Tuante

    Rose Tuante20 days ago

    Zach looks cute in the thumbnail

  97. Brittney Alexis` Kaye

    Brittney Alexis` Kaye20 days ago


  98. Xparcher

    Xparcher20 days ago

    Team Louise

  99. Hwan Yi

    Hwan Yi20 days ago

    Team louise

  100. Ossi Ossi

    Ossi Ossi20 days ago

    Team Louise