Cat Lovers Try Dog Grooming | The Try Guys


  1. Esther Wells

    Esther Wells3 hours ago

    louise for sure

  2. Thomas Stasa

    Thomas Stasa5 hours ago


  3. Xarin3d

    Xarin3d5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that laughed so hard when Phil sneezed on Louise? 😂😂😂

  4. Janet Basilio

    Janet Basilio5 hours ago


  5. Janet Basilio

    Janet Basilio5 hours ago


  6. Stephanie Hernandez

    Stephanie Hernandez5 hours ago

    Team Louis

  7. Isabelle Pitrowski

    Isabelle Pitrowski5 hours ago


  8. Isabelle Pitrowski

    Isabelle Pitrowski5 hours ago



    GABRIEL PEREZ6 hours ago

    #TeamLouise Keith should adopt Louise

  10. Victoria Palmer

    Victoria Palmer6 hours ago


  11. Leah Ginsburg

    Leah Ginsburg7 hours ago


  12. Samira Khan

    Samira Khan8 hours ago


  13. Shania Mignott

    Shania Mignott8 hours ago

    Team Keith

  14. Lisa

    Lisa8 hours ago

    Oh c'mon stop painting the dogs nails. They are no dolls.

  15. Kennedy Kovach

    Kennedy Kovach8 hours ago

    tEAm PhiL!!!!❤️❤️

  16. louchu

    louchu9 hours ago

    My name i Louise and i have no probems with Keith being so protective over little Louise.

  17. Elaina Jones

    Elaina Jones9 hours ago

    team louise babey

  18. ShadowGamer42

    ShadowGamer429 hours ago

    i think louise is a Better dog and i dont like dogs

  19. playing with Alycia

    playing with Alycia9 hours ago


  20. Britney Morris

    Britney Morris9 hours ago

    Phil's lil tie got me 🤷😂

  21. Hi I guess

    Hi I guess9 hours ago

    zAcH iS mY fAvoUriTe tRy gUy aNd yOu cAnT cHaNge mY miNd "im gonna be turning these k9s into k10s"

  22. Jean-Pierre sneek

    Jean-Pierre sneek10 hours ago

    adopt louise

  23. elliott uwu

    elliott uwu10 hours ago


  24. Meme Star

    Meme Star11 hours ago

    Team Louise

  25. Trinity Allen

    Trinity Allen14 hours ago

    Omg Keith needs to adopt Louise!

  26. Ace Master

    Ace Master14 hours ago

    Right when Eugene was about to say "Let's get vanderpuffed" it cut to a Huggies Diaper commercial after he said "Let's get".. And went to the commercial saying "Huggies!" Lol, made it seems like Eugene told everyone to get Diapers.. Anyone else have that happen?

  27. Alieta johnson

    Alieta johnson15 hours ago

    I pick both. Both guys tried hard and both dogs were adorable. Everyone was a winner here ❣️

  28. Eddie Hebiton

    Eddie Hebiton16 hours ago

    Team phill

  29. Darcy The Holo Unicorn

    Darcy The Holo Unicorn16 hours ago

    Team Louise 😍😍😘😍😍

  30. Krysta Brunson

    Krysta Brunson18 hours ago

    Team Louise

  31. Can we get many subscribers without any vedios?

    Can we get many subscribers without any vedios?19 hours ago

    Team Keith!

  32. Mad Rose

    Mad Rose19 hours ago

    Eugene wins. It was so freaking precious the way he was watching.

  33. Kamya Dhiran

    Kamya Dhiran20 hours ago

    These dogs look like socks with the "Happy Hoodies" on😂🤣

  34. Maline ijz

    Maline ijz20 hours ago

    Teem Louise

  35. Thepokmonrose

    ThepokmonroseDay ago

    Team Louis all the way she was calm happy and just looked amazing all around

  36. Møøn Štrångër

    Møøn ŠtrångërDay ago

    Team phil all the way

  37. The Morning Dew

    The Morning DewDay ago

    Keith won

  38. Angel May

    Angel MayDay ago

    Team Louise. They deserve each other

  39. sadder daze

    sadder dazeDay ago

    *Team Louise* because she’s just such a calm, sweet well behaved girl. I really hope she gets adopted and is loved and cared for for the rest of her life. She is too good for this world. 😭❤️

  40. sadder daze

    sadder dazeDay ago

    “It’s the battle of the losers? Who is the least worst?” sounds like my kind of competition.

  41. Patricia Star

    Patricia StarDay ago

    Aww I wanna adopt another dog so my doggo right now can have a friend

  42. Mariel 'Rg

    Mariel 'RgDay ago

    Team Phil 💖

  43. Jacked up Yellow truck

    Jacked up Yellow truckDay ago

    Team Louise

  44. Mariel 'Rg

    Mariel 'RgDay ago

    Did you heard the "cochino" on 7:43 it's like "nasty" in Spanish 😂

  45. Alina M

    Alina MDay ago


  46. Fabiola Valencia

    Fabiola ValenciaDay ago

    Team Louise ❤️

  47. Batman1z

    Batman1zDay ago

    Team Louise

  48. Alan Blossom

    Alan BlossomDay ago

    Team both

  49. Electrified_ Avacado88

    Electrified_ Avacado88Day ago

    *earrape* IM GONNA TURN THESE K-9’S INTO K-10’S!!!!!

  50. Nika West

    Nika WestDay ago


  51. weird inventor

    weird inventorDay ago

    team Louise

  52. Ana Spiridonov

    Ana SpiridonovDay ago

    Team Louise

  53. Chrysa Georgakopoulou

    Chrysa GeorgakopoulouDay ago


  54. Panther2698

    Panther2698Day ago


  55. Gamer Girl

    Gamer GirlDay ago

    Team Phill

  56. Shya Minkow

    Shya MinkowDay ago

    I am team Eugene

  57. mac igwagu

    mac igwaguDay ago


  58. Just Derek

    Just DerekDay ago

    Sorry I can't, I think dogs are cute either way

  59. PenguinFOR Life

    PenguinFOR LifeDay ago

    Keith and Louise

  60. Leonie Müller

    Leonie MüllerDay ago

    Team Louise!!

  61. Emily Hynes

    Emily HynesDay ago

    I would vote team Louise for varied puns but instead I vote team Phil, purely because Phil and I have the same aesthetic, same energy (provided it isn't a Monday) and constant use of the same horrible pun on Zach's half is just too good to loose

  62. niy

    niyDay ago

    I'm team Phil because he's so adorable and hyper and tbh I want him.

  63. bubbles

    bubblesDay ago


  64. Walking Souls

    Walking SoulsDay ago

    Team Phil

  65. HamsterQueen

    HamsterQueenDay ago

    team louise

  66. Animal Life

    Animal LifeDay ago


  67. Satori Marston

    Satori MarstonDay ago


  68. char north

    char northDay ago

    It looks like the most adorable baboshka woman.😂

  69. Kyley Leclair

    Kyley LeclairDay ago

    I'm team louise

  70. JD CK

    JD CKDay ago

    team louise

  71. emma perez

    emma perezDay ago

    team louise

  72. alexa

    alexaDay ago

    *i like him because he's sad*

  73. Jasmin Tiara

    Jasmin TiaraDay ago

    Team Louise

  74. Ricardo Ramirez

    Ricardo RamirezDay ago

    Team louise

  75. Deo Aurel

    Deo AurelDay ago

    team louise

  76. jesus andres ortiz

    jesus andres ortizDay ago

    Team Louise

  77. Emily Sanders

    Emily SandersDay ago

    I think they were really reaching when they called themselves “cat lovers”

  78. Daki Daki

    Daki DakiDay ago

    Team Phil

  79. Skyllar Abendroth

    Skyllar AbendrothDay ago


  80. Mack

    Mack2 days ago

    Wait but Zach has a dog?

  81. Mo Martin

    Mo Martin2 days ago

    Phil won. Phil was so cute.I would die for Phil!

  82. Kyle

    Kyle2 days ago

    Louise and Phil? Now we just need Dan 😁

  83. Diana To

    Diana To2 days ago

    Team Louise!!

  84. Celeste Alcorn

    Celeste Alcorn2 days ago

    8:24 Zach stop, zach stop you're goinna get us in trouble zach! *loud sirens*

  85. mya barlow

    mya barlow2 days ago

    Phil and his cute tiee

  86. iamasquid 5

    iamasquid 52 days ago

    “Let’s get- Jackie Rosen will...” LOL

  87. Fun Jessica

    Fun Jessica2 days ago

    Team phil

  88. Elly

    Elly2 days ago

    Team Louise ❤️

  89. Logan Pagel

    Logan Pagel2 days ago


  90. adebola tugbobo

    adebola tugbobo2 days ago

    team louise

  91. Mika Ishimaru

    Mika Ishimaru2 days ago

    I love how Phil keeps trying to escape

  92. Lexi Black

    Lexi Black2 days ago


  93. Avalanche Anthony

    Avalanche Anthony2 days ago

    “Letz. Get. VANDERpuffed!! GO!”

  94. Avalanche Anthony

    Avalanche Anthony2 days ago

    Im team Louise all day borokfbbkeisos

  95. Tiffany Keepers

    Tiffany Keepers2 days ago

    Hey Zach let's have a music sesh

  96. BTS Little Mochi Jimin

    BTS Little Mochi Jimin2 days ago

    TEAM LOUISE 😘😘😘😘

  97. Grace Johnson

    Grace Johnson2 days ago

    What is the breed of the dog that was licking Zach's face ?? He's so cute I gotta adopt one !!

  98. Zilik Khan

    Zilik Khan2 days ago

    Team Phil is the winner because I am voting it 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣 haha

  99. Kaitlin Mahoney

    Kaitlin Mahoney2 days ago


  100. Sara Macleod

    Sara Macleod2 days ago

    I’m team Louise