Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Draws Their Characters


  1. Wilfredo Diaz

    Wilfredo Diaz7 hours ago

    At 0:14 Sebastian to Chadwick is me to my bestfriend when I know there is an activity in school which involves art and I know that she will excel on that activity HAHAHAH


    MARIPOSOL4 days ago

    They all draw so cool... and then is Josh. HAHA

  3. Wafi Danish

    Wafi Danish8 days ago

    Me and my brother love black panthe and

  4. Claire Salvatera

    Claire Salvatera9 days ago

    Chadwick’s drawing was on fire 🤯💞

  5. Rakesh Kumar Singh

    Rakesh Kumar Singh12 days ago


  6. Brianna Bush

    Brianna Bush13 days ago

    I would really love to see how intense Seb looked while drawing.

  7. Venkat Rathnam Bonumaddi

    Venkat Rathnam Bonumaddi24 days ago

    Store I like to order some I like so much Thor

  8. Dimitrios Kanlis

    Dimitrios Kanlis24 days ago

    I could never imagine king T'Challa wearing sneakers.

  9. Beyblader 100

    Beyblader 10026 days ago


  10. Pac-Man Plays games 101

    Pac-Man Plays games 10129 days ago

    Where is Tom Holland?

  11. You are wrong because

    You are wrong becauseMonth ago

    0:12 look josh face when the guy ask they to ask their faces

  12. Reaz Ahmed

    Reaz AhmedMonth ago

    This is boring

  13. anagh BG db

    anagh BG dbMonth ago

    damn Boseman can draw

  14. John Taopa

    John TaopaMonth ago

    Poor josh


    VK_ BRODUDEMonth ago

    1 thor 2 black panther 3 nebula 4 Bucky 5 thanos Your welcome

  16. Chadplayz_Roblox - Roblox adventures

    Chadplayz_Roblox - Roblox adventuresMonth ago


  17. gunlover 1940/1945

    gunlover 1940/1945Month ago

    Hi there

  18. Bayyinah Manjoo

    Bayyinah ManjooMonth ago

    When ever there is a group with josh brolin they always Make him sit alone 🙌

  19. Emily Bruh

    Emily BruhMonth ago

    young agent k!

  20. Priya Kumar

    Priya KumarMonth ago

    is it just me or does thor look like my teacher

  21. reyna lockheart

    reyna lockheartMonth ago

    our king is so swag!

  22. Harry Cullen

    Harry CullenMonth ago

    ok, whos screaming that loud ??!!!


    GAMING PEDIAMonth ago

    O my god this thanos is worst of all

  24. Mackenzie

    MackenzieMonth ago

    Josh brolen is cable and thanos

  25. Callme Eyeball

    Callme EyeballMonth ago

    Great job

  26. pelo en la pantalla :v

    pelo en la pantalla :vMonth ago

    No mames Yo no tenia ni puta idea que ese era thanos xddd

  27. Tagataro Lian

    Tagataro LianMonth ago

    When these people aplause to those bad ass drawings i cringe , but i still respect the actors , i just wish i got more recognition when i draw better than anyone iv'e see till naw and its not a joke ... they never aplause me ...

  28. Phoebe Mcadie

    Phoebe McadieMonth ago

    Will there be another movie after avengers infinite war

  29. This is what I look like when I eat Tacos

    This is what I look like when I eat TacosMonth ago

    Daynm and I thought I couldn’t draw then I saw this....but then I saw Chadwick’s

  30. Nash Ryan Catatista

    Nash Ryan CatatistaMonth ago

    Chadwick drawing is cool

  31. Amiel Ace

    Amiel AceMonth ago

    Wakanda forever 🐆🐆

  32. Asra Mehveen

    Asra MehveenMonth ago


  33. Emile Noble4

    Emile Noble4Month ago


  34. Melissa Slade

    Melissa SladeMonth ago

    Hi thor hi panther hi ambula hi someone hi thanos

  35. Satarre' Brown

    Satarre' BrownMonth ago


  36. Ashita Prakash

    Ashita Prakash2 months ago

    Sebastian’s looks like Jesus

  37. The guy who plays Fortnite

    The guy who plays Fortnite2 months ago

    THANOS??!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Edwin Castro

    Edwin Castro2 months ago

    Black par has the best drawing

  39. Фа́й -3-

    Фа́й -3-2 months ago


  40. Rebekah Hernandez

    Rebekah Hernandez2 months ago

    El que le puso no me gusta que se le rompan la tele

  41. Ajmal Kazmi

    Ajmal Kazmi2 months ago

    Your show is best

  42. Ross Gladden

    Ross Gladden2 months ago

    **thor show his picture** me: wow i mean his signature

  43. Emma Watterson

    Emma Watterson2 months ago

    I'd buy all of these lol

  44. Emma Watterson

    Emma Watterson2 months ago

    Sebastians gonna rock this!!!! Edit: Ehhhh good enough! Ill buy it!

  45. Ryan Lucas Rangel Firmino Da Silva

    Ryan Lucas Rangel Firmino Da Silva2 months ago

    Karen dos nebula super cjebfhyksb

  46. King Majora Grimborn

    King Majora Grimborn2 months ago

    Nice video

  47. ThePumnkin Gamer

    ThePumnkin Gamer2 months ago

    Chris hemsworth artist

  48. fortrap

    fortrap2 months ago

    But didnt black panther gone

  49. I am Z

    I am Z2 months ago

    It's just me? Or is Josh Brolin HOT?

  50. Jesica Budiasa

    Jesica Budiasa2 months ago

    T"chall black panther is my favorite

  51. Reeve Bagadiong

    Reeve Bagadiong2 months ago

    I think Nebula's Character is in Jumanji

  52. Saini Saab

    Saini Saab2 months ago

    Where is Chris Evans??

  53. YouSIKE Boii

    YouSIKE Boii2 months ago

    I think Thor is handsome

  54. dumb ass

    dumb ass2 months ago

    Thanos LOL

  55. Fortn!te HYP3

    Fortn!te HYP32 months ago

    Where is Tony? :(

  56. Yesha Ann Cranel

    Yesha Ann Cranel2 months ago

    Amazing. 😂😂

  57. ProtoGamma

    ProtoGamma2 months ago

    They’re like ‘Thanos, you don’t get to sit with us on the cool couch. Sit there!’

  58. zuni syed

    zuni syed2 months ago

    Chadwick drawing skills are very gud ha

  59. Fernanda Perez

    Fernanda Perez2 months ago

    Nop shjs

  60. Fernanda Perez

    Fernanda Perez2 months ago



    KNOWLEDGE FACTORY2 months ago

    So they asked Thanos to sit on separate couch.


    CHIU YEK TAN2 months ago

    Chadwick Boseman is black panther

  63. Amiel Ace

    Amiel Ace2 months ago

    Wakanada forever

  64. Blossomness Studios

    Blossomness Studios2 months ago

    TBH, I was only here for Karen Gillan, she is the BEST!

  65. Aysha Ryer

    Aysha Ryer2 months ago

    Ahh I love Chadwick

  66. Beatrice

    Beatrice2 months ago


  67. cupcake games

    cupcake games2 months ago

    josh brolin thanos

  68. YosThaBoss

    YosThaBoss2 months ago

    Chadwick’s drawing is the best

  69. Dinar Rahayu

    Dinar Rahayu2 months ago

    😂😂😂.... Ahahaha... Ahem, Brolin nails it as Thanos and Cable, luv him..but with arrangement of sitting like this, he really looks.. I will say mature... Luv him, luv him a lot, luv all of thrm 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍👍👍👍

  70. angelica dayawa

    angelica dayawa2 months ago

    Can't believe of their drawings😂😂😂

  71. matua haluu

    matua haluu2 months ago

    infinity war Thor with Mjolnir not true

  72. repo Pemmasanj

    repo Pemmasanj2 months ago

    I likes thorns drawing

  73. repo Pemmasanj

    repo Pemmasanj2 months ago


  74. Joey Zoota-Lucero

    Joey Zoota-Lucero2 months ago

    How cool is it to know that you literally killed half the avengers

  75. LegendHasIt

    LegendHasIt2 months ago

    You should see iron man draw his character he did it in under 1 min I recommend you watch it.

  76. KimKat Buntyn

    KimKat Buntyn3 months ago

    Chadwick Boseman is my man.

  77. ArtistSerenity

    ArtistSerenity3 months ago

    I need ChadWicks art skills

  78. Joseph Marks

    Joseph Marks3 months ago

    Thanos looks like a raisin

  79. CtGuy

    CtGuy3 months ago

    OMGGG nabula is sooo sexy

  80. CtGuy

    CtGuy3 months ago

    THor is best of the best

  81. Sheepinator

    Sheepinator3 months ago

    Chadwicks was fukin dope

  82. Mega Giveaway Channels

    Mega Giveaway Channels3 months ago

    I like chadwicks

  83. Mega Giveaway Channels

    Mega Giveaway Channels3 months ago

    Is it actually them

  84. unicorn fun

    unicorn fun3 months ago

    Omg all the actors in avengers infinity war Has an amazing drawings

  85. Dildar Jafri

    Dildar Jafri3 months ago

    Am I the only one screaming about nebula being Dr Tracy brand from the flash season 3 finale

  86. Dylan Pham

    Dylan Pham3 months ago

    WAKANDA for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Piggyboss1000 Roblox & More Fun Games

    Piggyboss1000 Roblox & More Fun Games3 months ago

    Chirst looks like PEWDIEPIE or Jack

  88. David singsasong

    David singsasong3 months ago

    Chris' smiles are the best

  89. David Davi

    David Davi3 months ago


  90. Daniel

    Daniel3 months ago

    Can someone tell me their names cos I keep calling them by their superhero name 😂

  91. turbo toy time

    turbo toy time3 months ago

    Do Chris Pratt

  92. Mike King

    Mike King3 months ago

    i was thinking who the hell was the guy on the left lol

  93. sweet dreams

    sweet dreams3 months ago

    LMAOOOOOO thanos

  94. bobsicle bob

    bobsicle bob3 months ago

    2:41 Josh Brolin thinks "omdz thank God!!!"

  95. Geilin Morales

    Geilin Morales3 months ago

    Wakanda forever


    MARIONVOYAGER 24/73 months ago

    They all did pretty good but I reckon Thanos’ was 50/50

  97. games tutu

    games tutu3 months ago

    Gostei de todos sao artistas

  98. Super H Thor

    Super H Thor3 months ago

    Sorry thor

  99. Super H Thor

    Super H Thor3 months ago

    Thir best

  100. Boss Craft X

    Boss Craft X3 months ago

    I thought Brolin was going to draw Cable

  101. The SASSinator

    The SASSinator3 months ago

    Why is Chris Hemsworth so hot I’m dying here😍😍😂❤️