Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Draws Their Characters


  1. Adam The llama

    Adam The llama3 hours ago

    Josh’s drawing was the best.


    KAPUSTA TOP20 hours ago

    Я не пролистал 2ка комментариев может меня найдут?

  3. Nirmal Bakhshi

    Nirmal Bakhshi2 days ago


  4. Thanos 345

    Thanos 3452 days ago

    I thought Sebastian Was Miz

  5. azkillerbear411

    azkillerbear4112 days ago

    *If u didn’t like it. Well than you hurt my feelings.* - Jimmy Kimmel

  6. Shakila Hauqe

    Shakila Hauqe4 days ago

    Since when are Chadwick and Sebastian such good artists??😍

  7. Orange Juice

    Orange Juice6 days ago

    Is it just me or at 1:08 does Chris look like the New Zealand cricket player, Lockie Ferguson. Only a little bit

  8. wiktoria kowalska

    wiktoria kowalska7 days ago

    Infinity draws

  9. Impoksur Nokdir's Magic

    Impoksur Nokdir's Magic7 days ago

    When the character draws a ugly one Fans: applause When a normal guys draws a ugly one People:WTF!You don't have the talent to draw go away

  10. skull fire

    skull fire5 days ago

    That's how sad life is. Unfortunately

  11. Charlotte Kramer

    Charlotte Kramer7 days ago


  12. Harmonizer

    Harmonizer8 days ago

    Lol Thanos was amazing. I would have drawn a raisin with a goblet

  13. Jahangir Alam

    Jahangir Alam9 days ago

    Brush I can draw even better and I'm only 10

  14. Ayushkenzal Austen

    Ayushkenzal Austen9 days ago

    Chris after showing his drawing :- Took it very serious, but didn't mean it was going to be a good picture. Me:-it was rather a very terrible attempt. I loved it.

  15. Vroom vroom

    Vroom vroom11 days ago

    This title is incorrect: it would be the cast of infinity war DRAW their characters. Cuz the draw applies to the cast and if you have draws, then you have multiple casts

  16. Xenomorph Hunter

    Xenomorph Hunter12 days ago

    I thought nebula doesn't laugh

  17. Marcus Scales

    Marcus Scales12 days ago


  18. Moonxx

    Moonxx13 days ago

    I actually really like Sebastian’s??? It’s a cute cartoon style

  19. cynthia curpanen

    cynthia curpanen15 days ago

    Black 🐆 and 🔨 ⚡️ GOD OF THE THUNDER

  20. S HTownship

    S HTownship25 days ago

    That Thanos tho😅😅 I'm not judging I can barley draw the Avengers anyway

  21. MelonMiner 237

    MelonMiner 23726 days ago

    good actors good artist

  22. The Z show

    The Z show26 days ago

    It got worse the farther u went

  23. avenge the falken

    avenge the falken26 days ago

    1:36 Karen:no I'm not drawing

  24. Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar EclipseMonth ago

    My fav charter is Thor

  25. Tahmina & Salma

    Tahmina & SalmaMonth ago

    Your are so happy you are the one that I love to you and your channel is COOLER than fgteev

  26. Hyper Trash

    Hyper TrashMonth ago

    1:53 is Bucky's drawing thinking of Steve which represents the star? If so, that's cute.

  27. Alex Or Ally

    Alex Or AllyMonth ago

    One part of me feels bad for Karen because she has to deal with all those boys but the other part of me is jealous because she has to deal with all those boys.

  28. no tea no shade

    no tea no shadeMonth ago

    no one even cares about josh 😂

  29. robby rotten

    robby rottenMonth ago

    O dat big dude is thanos

  30. Salvatore Passariello

    Salvatore PassarielloMonth ago


  31. Bellatrix Willets

    Bellatrix WilletsMonth ago

    Nice one thor

  32. Oscar Carter Official

    Oscar Carter OfficialMonth ago

    Guess the avenger Who has a axe Who almost died in infinity war guardians bit Who used to have long hair And who has 3 stand alone films or 4 You possibly know

  33. Thor Odinson

    Thor OdinsonMonth ago

    That’s what you think I look like? Wow... 🤦🏽‍♀️

  34. Loguini Mosa

    Loguini MosaMonth ago


  35. PaulinaPlays

    PaulinaPlaysMonth ago

    I’d buy thors xD

  36. The Girl Who Lived

    The Girl Who LivedMonth ago

    1:46 Im just imagining this: Black Panther: HEHEHEHEHE Nebula: HAHAHAHAHA

  37. Victor Gabriel

    Victor GabrielMonth ago

    Sou br

  38. Meng Lin

    Meng LinMonth ago

    1:55 That's Captain's shield in the upper-left corner!!! Sebastian's painting is one of the best of all four videos. And Josh tried to draw all infinity stones on the left hand. Good details!


    GAMER KING GTAMonth ago

    Black panther is same

  40. JoeJoking Person

    JoeJoking PersonMonth ago

    No, karen gillans too hot to be that wrinkled blueberry



    Ator do THANOS=🤔 PLATEIA=😄

  42. Joshua YEE

    Joshua YEEMonth ago

    I Can Draw An Scrotum 8-----D =

  43. JC Pacheco Francisco

    JC Pacheco FranciscoMonth ago

    Make more videos with this

  44. Jessica Foldevi

    Jessica FoldeviMonth ago

    1:28 The Thanos actor just be sitting, looking away from the others and clapping at the crowd, hoping to God he can leave the place.

  45. starxzz clipzz

    starxzz clipzzMonth ago

    Josh Brolins “Thanos” drawing looked like the purple lizard from (

  46. Veronica Trevino

    Veronica TrevinoMonth ago

    No, it doesn’t

  47. William Olivié

    William OliviéMonth ago

    It's so hard for Chadwick Boseman...

  48. JJvids

    JJvidsMonth ago

    Chadwick Boseman’s shoes 😍

  49. Luiz caique Souza dos santos

    Luiz caique Souza dos santosMonth ago


  50. Ninja Thrasher

    Ninja ThrasherMonth ago

    That’s best Thanos

  51. Pallavi Khopade

    Pallavi KhopadeMonth ago

    Very funny😝😆😃

  52. Roma Baınazarov

    Roma BaınazarovMonth ago

    He used Thanos to draw Thanos