Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Draws Their Characters


  1. Ajmal Kazmi

    Ajmal Kazmi8 hours ago

    Your show is best

  2. Ross Gladden

    Ross Gladden2 days ago

    **thor show his picture** me: wow i mean his signature

  3. Emma Watterson

    Emma Watterson4 days ago

    I'd buy all of these lol

  4. Emma Watterson

    Emma Watterson4 days ago

    Sebastians gonna rock this!!!! Edit: Ehhhh good enough! Ill buy it!

  5. Ryan Lucas Rangel Firmino Da Silva

    Ryan Lucas Rangel Firmino Da Silva6 days ago

    Karen dos nebula super cjebfhyksb

  6. King Majora Grimborn

    King Majora Grimborn6 days ago

    Nice video

  7. ThePumnkin Gamer

    ThePumnkin Gamer7 days ago

    Chris hemsworth artist

  8. fortrap

    fortrap7 days ago

    But didnt black panther gone

  9. I am Z

    I am Z9 days ago

    It's just me? Or is Josh Brolin HOT?

  10. Jesica Budiasa

    Jesica Budiasa9 days ago

    T"chall black panther is my favorite

  11. Reeve Bagadiong

    Reeve Bagadiong9 days ago

    I think Nebula's Character is in Jumanji

  12. Saini Saab

    Saini Saab10 days ago

    Where is Chris Evans??

  13. Helen Luo

    Helen Luo11 days ago

    I think Thor is handsome

  14. Austin Taylor

    Austin Taylor11 days ago

    Thanos LOL

  15. Fortn!te HYP3

    Fortn!te HYP312 days ago

    Where is Tony? :(

  16. Yesha Ann Cranel

    Yesha Ann Cranel12 days ago

    Amazing. 😂😂

  17. ProtoGamma

    ProtoGamma12 days ago

    They’re like ‘Thanos, you don’t get to sit with us on the cool couch. Sit there!’

  18. zuni syed

    zuni syed13 days ago

    Chadwick drawing skills are very gud ha

  19. Fernanda Perez

    Fernanda Perez13 days ago

    Nop shjs

  20. Fernanda Perez

    Fernanda Perez13 days ago


  21. Lets Make It Sexy.

    Lets Make It Sexy.14 days ago

    So they asked Thanos to sit on separate couch.


    CHIU YEK TAN16 days ago

    Chadwick Boseman is black panther

  23. Amiel Ace

    Amiel Ace16 days ago

    Wakanada forever

  24. Blossomness Studios

    Blossomness Studios16 days ago

    TBH, I was only here for Karen Gillan, she is the BEST!

  25. Aysha Ryer

    Aysha Ryer18 days ago

    Ahh I love Chadwick

  26. Beatrice

    Beatrice20 days ago


  27. cupcake games

    cupcake games20 days ago

    josh brolin thanos

  28. YosThaBoss

    YosThaBoss21 day ago

    Chadwick’s drawing is the best

  29. Dinar Rahayu

    Dinar Rahayu21 day ago

    😂😂😂.... Ahahaha... Ahem, Brolin nails it as Thanos and Cable, luv him..but with arrangement of sitting like this, he really looks.. I will say mature... Luv him, luv him a lot, luv all of thrm 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍👍👍👍

  30. angelica dayawa

    angelica dayawa24 days ago

    Can't believe of their drawings😂😂😂

  31. matua haluu

    matua haluu24 days ago

    infinity war Thor with Mjolnir not true

  32. repo Pemmasanj

    repo Pemmasanj25 days ago

    I likes thorns drawing

  33. repo Pemmasanj

    repo Pemmasanj25 days ago


  34. Joey Zoota-Lucero

    Joey Zoota-Lucero26 days ago

    How cool is it to know that you literally killed half the avengers

  35. Doge King

    Doge King26 days ago

    You should see iron man draw his character he did it in under 1 min I recommend you watch it.

  36. ArtistSerenity

    ArtistSerenity27 days ago

    I need ChadWicks art skills

  37. Joseph Marks

    Joseph Marks27 days ago

    Thanos looks like a raisin

  38. CtGuy

    CtGuy28 days ago

    OMGGG nabula is sooo sexy

  39. CtGuy

    CtGuy28 days ago

    THor is best of the best

  40. Sheepinator

    Sheepinator28 days ago

    Chadwicks was fukin dope

  41. Mega Giveaway Channels

    Mega Giveaway Channels28 days ago

    I like chadwicks

  42. Mega Giveaway Channels

    Mega Giveaway Channels28 days ago

    Is it actually them

  43. unicorn fun

    unicorn fun29 days ago

    Omg all the actors in avengers infinity war Has an amazing drawings

  44. Dildar Jafri

    Dildar Jafri29 days ago

    Am I the only one screaming about nebula being Dr Tracy brand from the flash season 3 finale

  45. Dylan Pham

    Dylan Pham29 days ago

    WAKANDA for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Piggyboss1000 Roblox & More Fun Games

    Piggyboss1000 Roblox & More Fun Games29 days ago

    Chirst looks like PEWDIEPIE or Jack

  47. David singsasong

    David singsasongMonth ago

    Chris' smiles are the best

  48. David Davi

    David DaviMonth ago


  49. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    Can someone tell me their names cos I keep calling them by their superhero name 😂

  50. turbo toy time

    turbo toy timeMonth ago

    Do Chris Pratt

  51. Mike King

    Mike KingMonth ago

    i was thinking who the hell was the guy on the left lol

  52. sweet dreams

    sweet dreamsMonth ago

    LMAOOOOOO thanos

  53. bobsicle bob

    bobsicle bobMonth ago

    2:41 Josh Brolin thinks "omdz thank God!!!"

  54. Geilin Morales

    Geilin MoralesMonth ago

    Wakanda forever


    MARIONVOYAGER 24/7Month ago

    They all did pretty good but I reckon Thanos’ was 50/50

  56. games tutu

    games tutuMonth ago

    Gostei de todos sao artistas

  57. Super H Thor

    Super H ThorMonth ago

    Sorry thor

  58. Super H Thor

    Super H ThorMonth ago

    Thir best

  59. Boss Craft X

    Boss Craft XMonth ago

    I thought Brolin was going to draw Cable

  60. The SASSinator

    The SASSinatorMonth ago

    Why is Chris Hemsworth so hot I’m dying here😍😍😂❤️

  61. a day in the life of lena

    a day in the life of lenaMonth ago


  62. Cute Watermelon

    Cute WatermelonMonth ago

    I love Chris hemsworth socks xD did anybody else catch that xD

  63. The Raphael Dude God scorpion

    The Raphael Dude God scorpionMonth ago

    Chris Hemsworth/ Thor is my FAVORITE Avenger!!!

  64. CarlosAragon Fortnite

    CarlosAragon FortniteMonth ago

    You can tell who’s the black one by looking at there shoes

  65. Ant man

    Ant manMonth ago

    Where is Tom Holland


    TWISTED RAVEMonth ago

    If u can't draw do the next good thing acting I'm joking

  67. Vanessa LuvsYou

    Vanessa LuvsYouMonth ago

    Black Panther is the best out of all of them!

  68. Hannah Gentry

    Hannah GentryMonth ago

    Hemsworth's is actually really good

  69. Snorlax eats grapes

    Snorlax eats grapesMonth ago

    I'm faded.....

  70. Sin2x

    Sin2xMonth ago

    Come on Josh, all u needed to do was draw cable...

  71. YummyYorkie 123

    YummyYorkie 123Month ago

    Lol Karen Gillan

  72. Infinity war lego sets

    Infinity war lego setsMonth ago

    Thor rocks 😂😂😂😉 get it get it? Hulk:SHUT UP WHAT A. BAD JOKE

  73. Dyna Dhaniyah

    Dyna DhaniyahMonth ago

    Josh Brolin Drawing Skills Level: God Im not even kidding, my drawing sucks and he can draw better than me

  74. Alicia  Rodriquez

    Alicia RodriquezMonth ago


  75. Holly Armstrong

    Holly ArmstrongMonth ago

    Chadwick's drawing had me shook that was so good

  76. • mochiidrop •

    • mochiidrop •Month ago

    ok but honestly sebs drawing was p cute

  77. MyNameisRollins

    MyNameisRollinsMonth ago

    Josh on his on couch rip

  78. Pegasus Pusheen

    Pegasus PusheenMonth ago

    Them Nikes tho

  79. Cat Studios

    Cat StudiosMonth ago

    Black panther was cool

  80. B Bellamy

    B BellamyMonth ago

    Heeeeelll noooooopooooooo

  81. Alejo Rostata

    Alejo RostataMonth ago

    nebula is so sexy.

  82. Dudeolightning 11

    Dudeolightning 11Month ago

    Josh infinity gauntlet had all the stones spoilers

  83. Suhan Cumbo

    Suhan CumboMonth ago

    Sebastian Stan's looks amazing!

  84. Shahd pym

    Shahd pymMonth ago

    Chris Hemsworth ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ is cut I love it

  85. ozner francis

    ozner francisMonth ago

    Thanos needs a drawing stone after seeing his drawing

  86. cynthia

    cynthiaMonth ago

    Chris hemsworth with mustache might be my new kink

  87. cynthia

    cynthiaMonth ago

    Rdj and Tom hiddleston HAVE to do this

  88. Axell Ardi

    Axell ArdiMonth ago

    God chris is a sexy man

  89. Sherlock

    SherlockMonth ago

    Karen is so damn cute

  90. Garvit zone

    Garvit zoneMonth ago

    Thor is best

  91. Lakenya Resonno

    Lakenya ResonnoMonth ago

    Black panther rules

  92. Danielle Jepson

    Danielle JepsonMonth ago

    My fave was Chris's

  93. Danielle Jepson

    Danielle JepsonMonth ago


  94. master kaizensev and mooncat Valde

    master kaizensev and mooncat ValdeMonth ago

    When I start watch thus video and a pokediger1 ad come out

  95. jack rivett

    jack rivettMonth ago

    Nebula is also ruby roundhouse

  96. Cholo Takamatzu

    Cholo TakamatzuMonth ago

    Ugly drawings 😂😂😂

  97. fortnite ninja

    fortnite ninjaMonth ago


  98. Diana Thewolf

    Diana ThewolfMonth ago

    I love Chadwick he’s my favorite He’s an artist

  99. Super Hoek Kids

    Super Hoek KidsMonth ago


  100. Graceamarisa wibowo

    Graceamarisa wibowoMonth ago

    Josh Brolin's (Thanos) you really can draw lel

  101. Awesome Anbar

    Awesome AnbarMonth ago

    Damn!! Josh really draws Thanos, well, let's say thumbs up for Josh Brolin