Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]


  1. Sierra Herrera

    Sierra Herrera9 minutes ago

    2019 still listening to this and it was posted on my birthday I’m pretty happy haha

  2. Tania Sultana

    Tania Sultana39 minutes ago

    In pubg these song are good

  3. Dzyoshua Smith

    Dzyoshua Smith58 minutes ago

    This brings back Memories.

  4. Ajaypal Meena

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  5. William Oliver

    William Oliver2 hours ago

    So much nostalgia! ;) I miss the days

  6. Adela Govea

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  7. aditi shrestha

    aditi shrestha3 hours ago

    Hold me close 'til I get up Time is barely on our side I don't wanna waste what's left The storms we chase are leadin' us And love is all we'll ever trust, yeah No, I don't wanna waste what's left And on and on we'll go Through the wastelands, through the highways 'Til my shadow turns to sunrays And on and on we'll go Through the wastelands, through the highways And on and on we'll go On we'll go Finding life along the way Melodies we haven't played No, I don't want no rest Echoin' around these walls Fighting to create a song (yeah) I don't wanna miss a beat And on and on we'll go Through the wastelands, through the highways 'Til my shadow turns to sunrays And on and on we'll go Through the wastelands, through the highways And on and on we'll go And we'll grow in number Fueled by thunder, see the horizon Turn us to thousands And we'll grow in number Fueled by thunder, see the horizon Turn us to thousands And on and on we'll go Through the wastelands, through the highways 'Til my shadow turns to sunrays And on and on we'll go Through the wastelands, through the highways And on and on we'll go

  8. aditi shrestha

    aditi shrestha3 hours ago


  9. Trineer Bhattacharya

    Trineer Bhattacharya3 hours ago

    Please give me dislikes

  10. Emilly Älmeïida

    Emilly Älmeïida5 hours ago

    2019 Beautiful Brazil❤

  11. Jayant Kulkarni

    Jayant Kulkarni5 hours ago

    No 1 background song of MReporter🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  12. 굴뚝굴뚝굴뚝

    굴뚝굴뚝굴뚝5 hours ago

    God damm

  13. X Visions

    X Visions6 hours ago

    0:54 is what you came for

  14. pepsii pop

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  15. Hazhar Kocher

    Hazhar Kocher7 hours ago

    So I can use this music in my videos??

  16. Jeffery Bos

    Jeffery Bos7 hours ago

    I love this song

  17. Vandens Lašas

    Vandens Lašas7 hours ago

    Reminds me good growtopia days

  18. Aleksandar Bilanovic

    Aleksandar Bilanovic7 hours ago


  19. jacoyt12 - 12

    jacoyt12 - 128 hours ago

    Like si te gusta esta cancion por monster legends:v Like si no sabias el nombre Like si te gusta la musica electronica Like si te pido like Like si respiras Te reto a llegar mas de 1k de likes O es usted un cobarde D: no puedes se enojo la niña

  20. Pireva RonaldoFan

    Pireva RonaldoFan8 hours ago

    Wow :D

  21. Sadanand Waykar

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  22. Fuzzy Nuts

    Fuzzy Nuts8 hours ago

    Soooo im not allowed to make a music video with this song

  23. Ana Lilia Diaz

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  24. Ana Lilia Diaz

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  25. Anton Kryuchkov

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  26. MUSTAFA Gamer YT

    MUSTAFA Gamer YT10 hours ago

    00:52 😌😌😌😌😌😌

  27. lauti_game 2.0

    lauti_game 2.010 hours ago

    No mms le copiaron la cancion al wey del tutorial jajajajajajjja XD

  28. FreerunmeisjeMC

    FreerunmeisjeMC10 hours ago

    Who is still listening to this awesome and most beautiful song ever in 2019?

  29. Jesús Javier Morales Hernández

    Jesús Javier Morales Hernández10 hours ago



    MICHAEL MILL10 hours ago


  31. Daniel Apaza

    Daniel Apaza10 hours ago

    Esta si me gusta bastante me hace recordar mi tiempo en la universidad :)

  32. Bulto SL

    Bulto SL11 hours ago

    Anyone from 1650 😎

  33. 佐藤まさお

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  34. Krishna Kar

    Krishna Kar11 hours ago

    Just awesome

  35. Diguinho

    Diguinho12 hours ago

    Gado de +

  36. 10000 Subscribers No Videos

    10000 Subscribers No Videos12 hours ago

    In case nobody has told you this today! Have a great day!

  37. Niko Jojua

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  38. Karthik Jiji

    Karthik Jiji12 hours ago

    This song never gets old

  39. Victor Pantoja Adarmes

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  40. Bence Juhász

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  41. Angelika Farkasova

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  42. Mango Mehh

    Mango Mehh13 hours ago

    Are those 3 people T-posing 😂

  43. salatagu manyyetik

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  44. YT BRO KH

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  45. Sintrah Kov

    Sintrah Kov13 hours ago

    Love dis song 💕💕💕💕

  46. Pablo

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  47. Krishna  pd Prasad

    Krishna pd Prasad14 hours ago

    So happy to see that this beautiful song is getting some view

  48. Technical Bhaishab

    Technical Bhaishab14 hours ago

    February 2019?

  49. byCentaurix

    byCentaurix13 hours ago


  50. shivangi singh sisodiya

    shivangi singh sisodiya15 hours ago

    its really a motivational song and its beat and tune is really good, i started listening this song from 2017 -2019 and still going to listen to this song on and on.

  51. Anh Thai

    Anh Thai15 hours ago


  52. Landon Keighin

    Landon Keighin15 hours ago

    Reminds me of a father's love

  53. md.sajjad hossain

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  54. 雞蛋仔Little Chick

    雞蛋仔Little Chick15 hours ago

    Who listening this music in 2019? ???????????????????

  55. Kyanite Aura

    Kyanite Aura16 hours ago

    loveee thnx

  56. Mamamia Lezatos

    Mamamia Lezatos16 hours ago

    2019?? i amm febuarii 😁😁

  57. Ratna Dewi

    Ratna Dewi16 hours ago

    GG Lagunya mantap

  58. Knut Kjesbu

    Knut Kjesbu17 hours ago

    2019? 500 like🙏😁

  59. Golden Chicken

    Golden Chicken17 hours ago

    GOD SONG!!!

  60. zack anderson

    zack anderson17 hours ago

    2019 on 2019 😁😁😁

  61. Adnan Ashraf

    Adnan Ashraf18 hours ago

    {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂 cost=1 like

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  63. Tripix Steve

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    2019? :) Help me reach to 1K please =D

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  66. herry susanto

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  67. Masha Star [MiniLife]

    Masha Star [MiniLife]21 hour ago

    2 0 1 9 ?

  68. Rahul Kumarkaniya

    Rahul Kumarkaniya21 hour ago

    non s non gud song 🕺🕺🕺💃💃💃👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💟💟💟💟

  69. Beastlolman Lol

    Beastlolman Lol21 hour ago

    2019 🔥🔥

  70. Simon Nordin Persson

    Simon Nordin Persson21 hour ago

    19th February 2019 and it's still dope as hell.

  71. Gideon M. Campos

    Gideon M. Campos21 hour ago

    Melhor música do NCS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  72. anita Sharma

    anita Sharma22 hours ago

    Nice song.

  73. elchicoguzman deguadalajara

    elchicoguzman deguadalajara22 hours ago

    Sto es hermoso :''v

  74. UNkN0wn B0y jutt

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  75. Abid Hassan

    Abid Hassan22 hours ago

    Anyone in 2019?

  76. ぷるこぎ

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  77. Azhar Billal

    Azhar Billal22 hours ago

    Who is still listening in February 2k19

  78. Vivek Pandey

    Vivek Pandey22 hours ago

    Land chutiya song hai

  79. Asian Power

    Asian Power23 hours ago

    Overdosing on nostalgia rn... feels good :)


    PPAP FUCK23 hours ago

    Who in 2019??

  81. hello.imZara

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  82. Nayrubi Peralta

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  83. daebak - ssi

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  84. Phượng Hồ

    Phượng HồDay ago

    Việt nam vô địch

  85. CrookedPlayz

    CrookedPlayzDay ago

    The people who say 2019? Probably main piranha plant tbh

  86. Fluffy Play

    Fluffy PlayDay ago

    2019 ?

  87. ภัคจิรา เพ็งกลั่น

    ภัคจิรา เพ็งกลั่นDay ago

    2019ฟังอยู่นะ ชอบมากๆๆๆๆๆ

  88. chinmoy barman

    chinmoy barmanDay ago

    nice bro 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  89. Tik-Tok Series

    Tik-Tok SeriesDay ago

    Who are watching on 19 February Hit like👇

  90. Soey Mari Cargamento

    Soey Mari CargamentoDay ago

    Who is watching this in feb/19/2019

  91. haider imran

    haider imranDay ago

    🔊 🎤📻😗😍😚

  92. Brian Matias

    Brian MatiasDay ago

    Good song keep doing what you doing :D




  94. FBI Breaker

    FBI BreakerDay ago

    *I'm listening in 2019, I will to the infinity and beyond!!* 👩‍💻👏 👇👇👇 Hit a like, and post your comment about it 👐

  95. Franciely Daza Suyo

    Franciely Daza SuyoDay ago

    2 0 1 9 ?

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  97. JonyGames 64

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  98. Yogesh Jatawa

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  99. D tech lk

    D tech lkDay ago

    Anyone 2019

  100. Mr. ,

    Mr. ,Day ago

    This video makes me sad, because of a sad things that happened a week ago My cat died.... (X ω X)

  101. Hussain Shareef

    Hussain ShareefDay ago

    wow awesome ncs