Carson Lueders - Have You Always (Official Music Video)


  1. Jozilene Matos

    Jozilene Matos13 hours ago

    Carson Lueders it's a very perfect

  2. Rebelempire Rules

    Rebelempire Rules18 hours ago


  3. Tracy

    Tracy22 hours ago

    OMG carson...oof.... LOL me subscribed dude do you like football I am a mascot for christ the king DUDE... get out lol

  4. Matt Clark

    Matt ClarkDay ago

    He's cute and sweet and nice and warm and cozy and cool and funny and cute and sweet and nice you got a girl if you don't I'm 17

  5. Imagine life

    Imagine lifeDay ago

    2:45 I think we figured out who his 1st kiss was😂😱😰

  6. Maria Elena Oancea

    Maria Elena Oancea2 days ago

    You are axaly kiss with him

  7. Isaac trust Inbuon

    Isaac trust Inbuon3 days ago please check it out

  8. Isaac trust Inbuon

    Isaac trust Inbuon3 days ago

  9. Isaac trust Inbuon

    Isaac trust Inbuon3 days ago

  10. Amy Gardner

    Amy Gardner3 days ago

    My celebrity crushhh 😍😍

  11. Amy Gardner

    Amy Gardner3 days ago

    Who liked my comment x

  12. Kristen Cooper

    Kristen Cooper3 days ago

    He is 17 about to be 18. DANG PEOPLE GROW UP SO FAST

  13. Savannah Sanderlin

    Savannah Sanderlin4 days ago

    He sings awesome he is a epic songwriter

  14. Savannah Sanderlin

    Savannah Sanderlin4 days ago

    That’s really rude and mean

  15. Savannah Sanderlin

    Savannah Sanderlin4 days ago

    Isabel he works hard don’t be mean how would you feel if someone said that to you

  16. Oh heyyy

    Oh heyyy4 days ago


  17. Isabel Gerber

    Isabel Gerber5 days ago

    Btw I have reviewed most of his songs and I feel like he’s desperate to have s** and also why does he look so young, like 12/13?, is he old enough to drive a car?


    LAKSHAY ARORA2 days ago


  19. Emily Gonzalez

    Emily Gonzalez5 days ago

    Where's my jealous squad at?😭

  20. Adjaratou Fofana

    Adjaratou Fofana5 days ago

    i love this song !!!!!!

  21. 0469 114 188

    0469 114 1886 days ago

    I def see the jb influence but still unique

  22. Kerri Cobb

    Kerri Cobb6 days ago

    Love you Carson love this song

  23. Kerri Cobb

    Kerri Cobb6 days ago

    Love you Carson love this song

  24. Kimberly Murph

    Kimberly Murph6 days ago

    my celebrity is Johnny and carson

  25. Connar Douglas

    Connar Douglas7 days ago

    Merry Christmas Carson hope you having a great day and have a beautiful Christmas

  26. Azman Orog

    Azman Orog7 days ago

    ok but

  27. Amy Laws

    Amy Laws7 days ago

    What name Christina Mae Pittman boyfriend love your songs

  28. xcainey Amores

    xcainey Amores8 days ago

    Omg Carsannie is better omg i cried for a month cause first of all the song is good second of all im broke as hell Third of all he. Kissed meika bestie wahhhhhhh why not me im so jealous of her wish carson notice me somethimes but never will happen😭😭😭😭 I was so exited to see his new song but im so jealous of meika bestie she kissed. Him

  29. Sirena Rekis

    Sirena Rekis8 days ago

    He's a good singer

  30. it's your girl ester

    it's your girl ester10 days ago

    Your so hottt i want you like my boy friend😍😍😚

  31. Maria Salloum

    Maria Salloum10 days ago

    I'm still nine and I like him💑

  32. Miro Seit

    Miro Seit11 days ago

    My favourite singer is Carson😍💋

  33. vitural.virgo

    vitural.virgo11 days ago

    He has the voice but the lyrics are lacking, feels too scripted or forced imo keep growing!

  34. Nicky Beatz

    Nicky Beatz13 days ago

    Yo! You've got JB's voice in this song more than anything! Sounds great!! 👌👍

  35. Nicholas Klumpp

    Nicholas Klumpp14 days ago


  36. Nicholas Klumpp

    Nicholas Klumpp14 days ago

    My goal is to find you and search everywhere and WAIT WAIT before you find some one to get in live with and Carson this is for you I’m only nine couple more years and we might be together

  37. Kim G

    Kim G14 days ago

    All Carson video have a girl in it 😂

  38. ana clara

    ana clara14 days ago

    carson luders you derseve someone more spelcil like me! i am hotter and cuter do not date this ugly sqavge grirl i am a better kisser do not date her date me my senpi!!!!!

  39. Putu Bhadra

    Putu Bhadra15 days ago

    I love this song

  40. Zara Siddique

    Zara Siddique15 days ago

    Holy shit man

  41. Μαρία Σιαμπάνη

    Μαρία Σιαμπάνη16 days ago

    Cool carson 😂😂😂😂

  42. Micel Mieses

    Micel Mieses16 days ago

    Hola Micel

  43. Gláucia Santos de Loreto

    Gláucia Santos de Loreto16 days ago


  44. Janessa Vermilion

    Janessa Vermilion17 days ago

    My favorite part 2:07

  45. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson17 days ago


  46. Laureen Pedrosa

    Laureen Pedrosa18 days ago

    I like that girl she so pretty

  47. shadik Islam

    shadik Islam18 days ago

    wtf man

  48. agus priwiyatno

    agus priwiyatno19 days ago

    I love carson lueders ❤️❤️😍😘

  49. clare corbett

    clare corbett19 days ago

    His voice is so amazing 😍❤️

  50. Maddie Jansen

    Maddie Jansen19 days ago

    He is really good at singing

  51. Maria Lobo

    Maria Lobo20 days ago

    Meika wollard y carson luerdes

  52. TextingStories Hannie

    TextingStories Hannie20 days ago

    at 1:05 im like NOOOOOOOOOOO

  53. Michelle Perron

    Michelle Perron20 days ago

    Carson sure is an angel because his songs are better than mine by the way my name is Jaelianna

  54. Emma Scott

    Emma Scott20 days ago

    My name is Avielle

  55. Emma Scott

    Emma Scott20 days ago

    Can you be my boyfriend

  56. Magali Bianca

    Magali Bianca21 day ago

    I love you carson lueders

  57. lydie wato

    lydie wato22 days ago

    love you, your mu5ik, and damm love that gals white outfit!!

  58. thegamemaster tv

    thegamemaster tv22 days ago

    Wait how old is he how could he drive a car!😱😱

  59. BLINKing ARMY

    BLINKing ARMY23 days ago

    I love you Carson and Meika/ Shania. A god and a goddess.

  60. Juliet Oronan

    Juliet Oronan23 days ago

    He kised the girl 😭😭

  61. Ava Cherry

    Ava Cherry23 days ago

    That was actually the cutest thing I have ever seen

  62. movies 4 free

    movies 4 free23 days ago

    Hey guys pls subscribe got no subbs

  63. Maraia's Life

    Maraia's Life23 days ago

    Who else realized that nobody was in the front seat of the truck that picked them up?? #exposed 🤣😍😍

  64. Kaylee Roedig

    Kaylee Roedig24 days ago

    and it weired johnny carson Austin all done a music video and song about a girl and the girls are not Annie and kenzie but what i cared more about was jenzie becuase im a big jenzie fan so no hate but what i was saying is that fans are really mad and got mad when they seen that Annie was not in this music video or in Aistins and kenzie was not in last summer and im one of them fans that got mad when i found out kenzie was not in the last summer music video


    JASMIN SARTORIUS24 days ago

    They kissed 3 or 4 times ....fuck? .....that should be me ....the heck ..carson are you cheating on me? 😂😂😂😂✌️✌️🤣

  66. ChallengeBros

    ChallengeBros25 days ago

    Thought he was bald lowkey... his hair hella white tf wrong wit him?

  67. Nit roX

    Nit roX25 days ago

    Brawo carson

  68. rain bow

    rain bow26 days ago

    Congrats on 2 million Carson 😘


    APPLE REVIEWS27 days ago

    He’s an under appreciated artist, he’s so good!

  70. Zaynab Azizi CHe

    Zaynab Azizi CHe27 days ago


  71. Surnam Keïsya

    Surnam Keïsya27 days ago

    Me: Omg Carson Lueders a song again he is my celebrity crush Also Me : Omg they kissed Again Me: Waaaaaa 😭😭😭😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😡😡😡😢😢😢😢

  72. Micaela duque

    Micaela duque28 days ago

    02:02 ERROR LOOK AT THE CARR!!!!😬oupsii

  73. Akosua Afram

    Akosua Afram28 days ago

    Can't tell how much I love your songs

  74. ルリの部屋Ruri room

    ルリの部屋Ruri room28 days ago


  75. Escarleth hernandez

    Escarleth hernandez28 days ago

    I love songs

  76. rüya

    rüya28 days ago


  77. Michael Lawler

    Michael Lawler28 days ago

    Amazing voice

  78. Pantiwa Takodom

    Pantiwa Takodom29 days ago

    Is someone jealouse im not just wondering XD

  79. adela codog

    adela codog29 days ago

    They..... KISSED!!!!!

  80. Ingrid and Iulia

    Ingrid and Iulia29 days ago

  81. cheyenne hodgson

    cheyenne hodgson29 days ago

    She looks to old for u

  82. tu vieja

    tu vieja29 days ago


  83. Shiba Inu

    Shiba Inu29 days ago


  84. Jessica Amorim De Oliveira

    Jessica Amorim De Oliveira29 days ago

    Carson Love for my life❤

  85. heba os

    heba osMonth ago

    Copy paste for Justin wow

  86. Zakariyya Abdilahi

    Zakariyya AbdilahiMonth ago

    I love you Carson

  87. Brittany Bajoka

    Brittany BajokaMonth ago

    Wtf why is this song so fucking good like I love LOVE ur voice man keep it up ur an amazing singer

  88. RAICA Xarão

    RAICA XarãoMonth ago

    Is she your girlfriend??? 😢I love you ❤I'm from Brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 ❤❤❤😢😭

  89. haylee dyer

    haylee dyerMonth ago

    i love you carson❤︎

  90. Mercedez Torres

    Mercedez TorresMonth ago

    Do you still use your PO Box ??

  91. No Yeet

    No YeetMonth ago

    I thought this was Justin Bieber 7 years ago

  92. Cyb3rkor3 Add me on Xbox if you have a mic

    Cyb3rkor3 Add me on Xbox if you have a micMonth ago

    If I had a chance to kick his ass if he said baby one more fucking time I would take the chance.

  93. TDQ Kana Chavenique Raisa Kana

    TDQ Kana Chavenique Raisa KanaMonth ago

    My favorite song for always ❤❤❤

  94. Kea BrownDoggskin

    Kea BrownDoggskinMonth ago

    who else's dreams were crushed when they kissed🤧💔

  95. luna Madewa

    luna MadewaMonth ago

    To me you are a good man

  96. luna Madewa

    luna MadewaMonth ago

    I am your big fan

  97. Alizeh Khan

    Alizeh KhanMonth ago

    Who else loves this song♡m?

  98. Sad Sit

    Sad SitMonth ago


  99. Nannymcpheesgrandson

    NannymcpheesgrandsonMonth ago

    I like potatoes.

  100. Татьяна Генрахс

    Татьяна ГенрахсMonth ago


  101. Donia Hutchinson

    Donia HutchinsonMonth ago

    Some one drop a like if they know that they cant stop playing this song:)

  102. sanoussi mahamat

    sanoussi mahamatMonth ago

    Best one