Carson Lueders - Have You Always (Official Music Video)


  1. Jordan Richey

    Jordan Richey6 hours ago

    He sounds great, he also just seems fun. Amazing voice, working on my own songs. Hope I am half this good.

  2. Hannie Textingstory

    Hannie Textingstory21 hour ago

    Wow u reach 1M subscribers congrats Carson so proud of u😘😘💙💙💙

  3. Gamerka Sk Girl

    Gamerka Sk Girl22 hours ago

    You is pretty

  4. Prithvi Ananth

    Prithvi Ananth23 hours ago

    Guys even he feels awkward to kiss cause I saw in a video he was showing this video In a Instagram live and when the kiss part came he removed the camera from the screen...

  5. Annabelle Amber

    Annabelle AmberDay ago


  6. Lianne .C

    Lianne .CDay ago

    Everyone here. Idk what “hannie” is. Carsannie = Carson and Annie cannie= Caleb and Annie 😭 hannie= Haybug and Ann’s

  7. Cleizhel vlogs

    Cleizhel vlogsDay ago

    This video has johnny orlando's song as an ad hahahha lol

  8. Mayuri Dutta

    Mayuri DuttaDay ago

    I love you carson and your voice is so sweet. I am from India

  9. Dana Bchinati

    Dana BchinatiDay ago

    I am Dana bchinati I always love you. No people he is better than Justin Bieber . I am 8 years old . You are my best friends I mean can we be best friend forever 👑💄💋👄😘😍😂😅🍩🍭😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Salsabila Dihandrijayanti

    Salsabila DihandrijayantiDay ago


  11. Andi Arya

    Andi Arya2 days ago


  12. Ashley Folkes

    Ashley Folkes2 days ago

    Its gay why is he sressing like a gay bitch wtf

  13. Kelli Cristina

    Kelli Cristina2 days ago

    Meike is girlfriend of carson??

  14. barnes katie95

    barnes katie952 days ago

    Carson you still look great and young even tho you are 17

  15. Lenkhotinthang Singson

    Lenkhotinthang Singson3 days ago

    Fuck MEIKA 😈😈😈🖕🖕🖕🖕

  16. Skylar Noël

    Skylar Noël3 days ago

    Is it ironic I met my crush on this day lol

  17. Alexis slone

    Alexis slone3 days ago

    me. love the new song CarsonWait. a mint and till they kiss

  18. Emma Duffus

    Emma Duffus3 days ago

    Thought it wouldn't get any better then ' You know your the reason' gues I was wrong

  19. Zami Brown

    Zami Brown3 days ago

    Yo Carson killed it!

  20. Camilly Silva

    Camilly Silva3 days ago

    The future Justin Bieber 😱

  21. Loren B.

    Loren B.4 days ago

    Anybody else feeling jealous or heartbroken here?

  22. Angel Bowers

    Angel Bowers4 days ago

    want to meet him hes amazing

  23. Angel Bowers

    Angel Bowers4 days ago

    an amazing singer

  24. Tatiana Everett

    Tatiana Everett4 days ago


  25. DrPhilFurry

    DrPhilFurry4 days ago

    Nigga you do not look 17

  26. Ashira_thewolfdog

    Ashira_thewolfdog4 days ago

    i have mixed feelings 1) he looks too young for me to think he's hot, even though he's 17! 2) he's a blond justin beiber 3) how is he 17?!

  27. sabuha Jusufi

    sabuha Jusufi4 days ago

    I'm always yours😍and you're always mine👫❤😙

  28. Nuriya Zaki

    Nuriya Zaki4 days ago

    When they were in the shop, he mouthed something at her. He said Meika

  29. Wilasinee Phatkhiam

    Wilasinee Phatkhiam5 days ago

    I love you so much carson 💓💓💓💓

  30. Harvester

    Harvester5 days ago

    I swear, anybody can be a singer these days if you have the following: 1. A car. 2. A girl (or guy) to be all touchy feely with. 3. Autotune. 4. Access to the VEVO logo.

  31. lily arndt

    lily arndt5 days ago

    Your so tiny to be 17 😂 ilysm. 💕💕

  32. BlideStriker PT

    BlideStriker PT5 days ago

    nice song Carson :D I follow you since 2014 I like all your songs they inspire me

  33. Thao Linda

    Thao Linda5 days ago

    OMG Carson you grow so fast woah

  34. Relaxing ASMR

    Relaxing ASMR6 days ago

    I love this!

  35. Naomi army

    Naomi army6 days ago

    OMG! Su voz es muy parecida a la de JB😍😍

  36. Mustafa Yahia

    Mustafa Yahia6 days ago

    Another Justin Bieber💝

  37. شوق 9٨

    شوق 9٨6 days ago


  38. kay & zee

    kay & zee6 days ago

    You're supposed to be 20 Carson Larson

  39. kay & zee

    kay & zee6 days ago

    How old are you are you supposed to have a girlfriend Carson

  40. Kaylee Roedig

    Kaylee Roedig6 days ago

    people are saying he sounds like justin beiber and its true he does the next justin beiber

  41. A Gaming Marmot

    A Gaming Marmot6 days ago

    What is this shit this kid is 11

  42. Kaylee Roedig

    Kaylee Roedig6 days ago

    carson is so hot and cute i love his hair and eyes

  43. Joel Colbert

    Joel Colbert6 days ago

    is that your girlfriend or is it is it is it just in your song

  44. graba aymen

    graba aymen6 days ago

    Carson love you 😢😢😢💓💓💞💞💞🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳😍😍😘💙💙🎊🎊🎊💜💕💜💜🎎

  45. Nuriya Zaki

    Nuriya Zaki7 days ago

    He has an amazing voice

  46. Nuriya Zaki

    Nuriya Zaki7 days ago

    I love you Carson

  47. Sara Imzenhofe

    Sara Imzenhofe7 days ago

    I love you

  48. Milanne Martin

    Milanne Martin7 days ago

    I no you as ace in the movie chicken girls😜😝

  49. Joel Colbert

    Joel Colbert7 days ago

    we saw your underwear in the video

  50. Joel Colbert

    Joel Colbert7 days ago

    my name is my name is Aaliyah and I am 6 years old and I have and I think you're cute

  51. Joel Colbert

    Joel Colbert7 days ago

    my friend Aaliyah thinks you're cute send it

  52. Roberto Rubio

    Roberto Rubio7 days ago

    Arlett 🤑 😍🤩 😘 ❣️

  53. Ty Trill

    Ty Trill7 days ago

    Carson lueders is hot and amazing I love it from his baby girl Mataya Arianna Pardue 😚

  54. Hance Matrix

    Hance Matrix7 days ago


  55. Ali_H Plays

    Ali_H Plays8 days ago

    Imagine he's a professional kisser

  56. WolfB Blade

    WolfB Blade8 days ago

    Why does my old celebrity crush now sound like the celebrity I hate most (Justin Bieber) I had a crush on you right after you recorded “Pop” lol 😂

  57. Zia The Cookie Gamer

    Zia The Cookie Gamer8 days ago

    My crush just kissed a girl😢😥😥😭😭😭

  58. Raynee Attson

    Raynee Attson9 days ago

    hey carson love song and wish you luck on everything you do

  59. romi811000

    romi8110009 days ago

    Hi I'm the first person to love you tomorrow is my birthday

  60. Quando Voce Ler Um Comentario Eu Estarei La

    Quando Voce Ler Um Comentario Eu Estarei La9 days ago

    ai mds vcs se beijaram

  61. Aiden Rusu

    Aiden Rusu9 days ago

    I met carson around a year ago at a met and greet event

  62. Ana Luiza Marinho

    Ana Luiza Marinho9 days ago


  63. unicorn fly

    unicorn fly9 days ago

    Great good doing and editing this song we love it

  64. Abi Patterson

    Abi Patterson9 days ago

    I love you carsen

  65. Demonik Butter

    Demonik Butter10 days ago

    Why can't I be that kid Good job man

  66. May be Thanks

    May be Thanks10 days ago

    she got's a good smile

  67. May be Thanks

    May be Thanks10 days ago

    she got's a good smile

  68. Frances Ubili

    Frances Ubili10 days ago


  69. zack man

    zack man10 days ago

    Haha... Your girl is taller than you

  70. 邢嘉倩

    邢嘉倩10 days ago

    Your voice is getting low😍

  71. Siwanator Forever

    Siwanator Forever10 days ago

    I miss the old Carson but I still like him

  72. Kyle Madill

    Kyle Madill10 days ago

    Listen to all your songs

  73. Julio Hernandez

    Julio Hernandez11 days ago

    Are you guys dateing

  74. Jojo Siwa

    Jojo Siwa11 days ago

    Ya saben que carson lueders hiso esa musica en malibu california y yo vivo en california

  75. Lyllah Mendez

    Lyllah Mendez11 days ago

    make a rap about Christmas

  76. Vanni funny

    Vanni funny11 days ago

    How old is he?

  77. Melodie Vue

    Melodie Vue11 days ago

    Soulds a little fake

  78. Jocelyn Chavez

    Jocelyn Chavez12 days ago

    Thats for girlfriend

  79. Isabel Confesor

    Isabel Confesor12 days ago

    bieber here

  80. Denisse Gutierrez

    Denisse Gutierrez13 days ago

    Omg that kiss thought like Carson I love you 💕 but when you kissed that girl I was 😮 shocked but I’m still shocked but I still love you 😍,😂 lol(this is wired putting this here because people read it but I don’t care)

  81. Dronze flyer

    Dronze flyer13 days ago

    Can you say Eating Disorder.....

  82. Taii M Kaiaruna

    Taii M Kaiaruna13 days ago

    he looks lip syncing man

  83. dejiah cato

    dejiah cato13 days ago

    inspiration from jb? but wayy better. this makes me soft

  84. Joel Colbert

    Joel Colbert13 days ago

    So cute

  85. Wold Diva

    Wold Diva13 days ago

    Justin Bieber…


    DRAKE REDUBLA13 days ago

    His voice is my fave

  87. GAMER 101

    GAMER 10114 days ago


  88. Elizabeth Deatherage

    Elizabeth Deatherage14 days ago

    This is my mom's daughter and I'm seventeen years old but where do you live cause I like you can you kiss me you know like work things out with you love you

  89. 남ᄃᄒ

    남ᄃᄒ15 days ago

    왜 멜론에없냐 이노랜

  90. gaming news

    gaming news15 days ago

    R.I.P leafyishere

  91. Dorothy Dixon

    Dorothy Dixon15 days ago

    U keep on kissing her alot... U should love her

  92. kobayashi hana

    kobayashi hana15 days ago


  93. Bani-Sabir Tribe

    Bani-Sabir Tribe15 days ago

    I SHIP

  94. Sergio Vece

    Sergio Vece15 days ago

    Alguém do Brasil???

  95. Ben Diarra

    Ben Diarra15 days ago


  96. AAA Nissy

    AAA Nissy16 days ago

    How old aye you?

  97. unspeakable minecrafter

    unspeakable minecrafter16 days ago

    Can u kiss me? 😅😏😢😭

  98. Ivanni Flakkalobi

    Ivanni Flakkalobi16 days ago

    Carson ...... ?????????😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😚😗👌

  99. Ivanni Flakkalobi

    Ivanni Flakkalobi16 days ago

    He is not justin bieber carson leuders 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

  100. Mercedes Walker

    Mercedes Walker16 days ago

    i like him