Carson Lueders - Have You Always (Official Music Video)


  1. Antônio Marques

    Antônio Marques22 hours ago

    sou brasilleira e adoro o carson

  2. curchlyn Gerber

    curchlyn GerberDay ago

    You are so cute 😘😍 love your part on chicken girls AC

  3. Allicia Smith

    Allicia SmithDay ago

    I'm only 11 I'm like OMG how he grow up sooooooo fast 😱😱😱

  4. Megan Wilson

    Megan Wilson3 days ago

    carson bo you what to date me yes or no

  5. Hazza 0257

    Hazza 02574 days ago

    How fucking old are you

  6. Hazza 0257

    Hazza 02574 days ago

    Fucking cringe

  7. Chris Pavia

    Chris Pavia4 days ago

    Hey Carson It's Chris I Like This New Official Music Video Have You Always It is Such a Wonderful Outstanding Song and I Actually Really Like It The Most Because You Have a Cool Excellent Natural POP Sole to Your Voice and On This Song I Honestly Think That This Song Really Dose Suite Your Voice More Because You are a Brilliant POP Star In Music and also I Think You Are Such a Talented Solo Artist and Their are A Lot Of Great Young Talent Out There Who Can Actually Really Sing So Well and You are Such a Sensational Artist and also You actually Record Your Own Music Which I Adore The Most and Well Done on This New Official Music Video You are Certainly a World Class Quality Singer Chris

  8. Isobel Mcmullen

    Isobel Mcmullen5 days ago

    How many likes will this get 🤔 Probably none

  9. Adrian Lexus Alipio

    Adrian Lexus Alipio5 days ago

    I like your song...i hope you notice,comment me....thank you

  10. Artemis Baxas

    Artemis Baxas5 days ago

    Auto tune joined the chat

  11. Jenniferbialon Bialon

    Jenniferbialon Bialon6 days ago

    I am you boyfriend carsan

  12. Jenniferbialon Bialon

    Jenniferbialon Bialon6 days ago

    I ma big gell💜💜💜💜💜

  13. Jenniferbialon Bialon

    Jenniferbialon Bialon6 days ago

    Don't get the gell corson

  14. Jenniferbialon Bialon

    Jenniferbialon Bialon6 days ago

    I love you carsan💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  15. Jenniferbialon Bialon

    Jenniferbialon Bialon6 days ago

    I am crayons bios you have a gell😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Monique Huerbana

    Monique Huerbana6 days ago

    i love u

  17. Calguy1982

    Calguy19827 days ago

    That is me 🧞‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️

  18. Vivian Winata

    Vivian Winata8 days ago

    his voices like Justin Bieber who felt?

  19. mike sutton

    mike sutton8 days ago

    Carson looks good in that HAT !

  20. Riley Roo

    Riley Roo8 days ago

    wish i was in Meika Woollard's place

  21. Silvester

    Silvester9 days ago

    mooi nummer

  22. Joseph Lopez

    Joseph Lopez11 days ago

    Please subscribe to roly gaming

  23. Gem Jefferson

    Gem Jefferson13 days ago

    William Frankliyn Miller has left the chat

  24. JENNY S

    JENNY S15 days ago

    His voice is just like justin bieber... I havent seen him on youtube but his voice is crazyyyy💘

  25. World famous Comment

    World famous Comment16 days ago

    I thought he looked young but then realised he’s 6 foot 1

  26. Aphiwe Wami

    Aphiwe Wami18 days ago

    Carson is jst sooooooooo cute❤

  27. Destiny Williams

    Destiny Williams18 days ago

    Hey Carson

  28. Karen Mcdo

    Karen Mcdo19 days ago


  29. Karen Mcdo

    Karen Mcdo19 days ago

    🎨 Notice you see in the comments 5 month ago comments and 2 month ago comments and 2 days ago comments and 3 comments!!!!

  30. Marina Samwaeil

    Marina Samwaeil20 days ago

    Carson you are my celebrity crush and I love you

  31. AnnIsTheBest

    AnnIsTheBest22 days ago

    Justin Bieber vibe..🤨😀

  32. Wai Leong Woo

    Wai Leong Woo25 days ago

    She has the brightest smile I ever seen

  33. Karen Mcdo

    Karen Mcdo25 days ago

    🎨 Notice you see in the comment section all 6 month ago comments and 5 month ago comments and a few 2 weeks ago comments And 2 days ago comments Lol!!!!

  34. Karen Mcdo

    Karen Mcdo25 days ago


  35. Karen Mcdo

    Karen Mcdo25 days ago

    🎨 Rainbow very Awesome mix up 2019 video!!!!

  36. BBJ

    BBJ27 days ago

    Im*e*il , what you have done ? , show a little respect

  37. Z3RØ xXMODZxx

    Z3RØ xXMODZxxMonth ago

    Why yall think his handsome lmao his ugly


    ROSY CHICKSMonth ago

    You are my celebrity crush but you kiss a girl😭😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Aria Lane

    Aria LaneMonth ago

    his songs are amazing

  40. Luna Anderson

    Luna AndersonMonth ago

    my celeb crush just came out with a new song love you Carson

  41. Co Modz

    Co ModzMonth ago

    Justin Bieber left the chat

  42. C S

    C SMonth ago

    Omg i actually laughed

  43. Andany plays

    Andany playsMonth ago

    You sound like justin beber!!

  44. Denisa Șandru

    Denisa ȘandruMonth ago

    So cute

  45. Aishah Mahmood

    Aishah MahmoodMonth ago

    That kiss that everyone was talking about thinking it was annie at 2:43

  46. Y.K. - Vlogs -

    Y.K. - Vlogs -Month ago

    Tbh the girl tho. . .At first I was shooked because her nose was like. . .You know upppppp No offense Ehehe



    Wtf this is soo cringe 😂🤣

  48. Luna Anderson

    Luna AndersonMonth ago

    such a good song keep up the good work

  49. Sherly Lim

    Sherly LimMonth ago


  50. מיכל עמרוסי

    מיכל עמרוסיMonth ago

    I LOV

  51. Chloe Abellard

    Chloe AbellardMonth ago

    carson is older than loren grey. he's growing up so fast

  52. Chloe Abellard

    Chloe AbellardMonth ago

    +himeka himeka I know righ

  53. himeka himeka

    himeka himekaMonth ago

    But loren looks mature when carson looks like about 13-15 yo

  54. Chloe Abellard

    Chloe AbellardMonth ago

    she is so pretty

  55. Pro Gamer 2019

    Pro Gamer 2019Month ago It is so cool👆

  56. Josh King

    Josh KingMonth ago

    I love the girl looks like my sister

  57. rüya

    rüyaMonth ago


  58. Ellie Richard

    Ellie RichardMonth ago

    It's like this Me: Oh my gosh he's so cute! Wait, HE KISSED HER!?!?!

  59. Wareesha Imran

    Wareesha ImranMonth ago

    how old is carson?

  60. Hailey Payne

    Hailey PayneMonth ago

    If you guys are dating I ship it

  61. MYA SALAZAR plays

    MYA SALAZAR playsMonth ago

    new song have you always that song congratulations so cute coming soon crush youtuber annie leblanc

  62. Mary Joy Tullao

    Mary Joy TullaoMonth ago

    I wish this is annie hahah

  63. Isabelsg0jes cgasrcie

    Isabelsg0jes cgasrcieMonth ago

    Amzaing Song Carson James Lueders i like such an sweet song!!

  64. Marcos Insaurralde

    Marcos InsaurraldeMonth ago


  65. Jade Holmes

    Jade HolmesMonth ago

    can you actually drive a car

  66. حً ـمِـوُدُيّ آلَفُخٌـ مِـ

    حً ـمِـوُدُيّ آلَفُخٌـ مِـMonth ago

    Carson seems young like 14 years old since he is 17😞

  67. BladeLancer

    BladeLancerMonth ago

    How old is this kid?

  68. blaze boi

    blaze boiMonth ago


  69. Zahide

    ZahideMonth ago

    blaze boi watch his acoustic covers

  70. Maria Bela

    Maria BelaMonth ago

    Oh damn... He is too young for she !

  71. Jade Holmes

    Jade HolmesMonth ago

    you have a really good voice Carson

  72. Kathia Morhe

    Kathia MorheMonth ago

    yo solo vine a ver a Meika ❤️

  73. Eric Marr

    Eric MarrMonth ago

    Love it

  74. Caro Pachuau

    Caro PachuauMonth ago

    OMG!!!!! 😲😲😲😲😲😲

  75. Dikina Poludore

    Dikina PoludoreMonth ago

    In my opinion, his voice sounds a little like Justin Bieber's voice

  76. Cheyanne LeCamp

    Cheyanne LeCampMonth ago

    so proud of you!!💕

  77. Zuheilee Alvarez

    Zuheilee AlvarezMonth ago

    Last I checked I likened him

  78. Charles Funderburk

    Charles FunderburkMonth ago

    0:19 carson has ring on his ring finger

  79. Aaliyah Wilson

    Aaliyah WilsonMonth ago

    I ❤the song @carsonlueders ❤🖤💙❤🖤💙

  80. Yasmin Alshareef

    Yasmin Alshareef2 months ago

    I❤️your song

  81. MissDy Yana

    MissDy Yana2 months ago

    Gosshhh he kiss Meika Wollard🙊

  82. sourav azad

    sourav azad2 months ago

    Is it JB. As like as jb.

  83. Ann Luong

    Ann Luong2 months ago


  84. Ann Luong

    Ann Luong2 months ago

    That is not fair why carson have a girlfriend not me I want to be kiss I don't have any boyfriend at all 😭😭😭😭😭😭😿

  85. Maria Popovici

    Maria Popovici2 months ago

    Your like 13 and driving....naughty naughty

  86. Laith Aljibory

    Laith Aljibory2 months ago

    William frankie miller ....R.I.P

  87. Rosabella Rodriguez

    Rosabella Rodriguez2 months ago

    R s that er er ad

  88. نوره كيوت نوره كيوت

    نوره كيوت نوره كيوت2 months ago

    هاي شنو الكاميرا نفس مالتي

  89. Yudhi Hermanto

    Yudhi Hermanto2 months ago

    Im jealous 😟

  90. Kentrel Harris

    Kentrel Harris2 months ago

    And it's a girl just using her brother phone

  91. Kentrel Harris

    Kentrel Harris2 months ago

    I love you and I love your voice and your music

  92. Ashley Arguello

    Ashley Arguello2 months ago

    I love your music's so i am a big fan

  93. BLACK _bone

    BLACK _bone2 months ago

    he is SO cute!😍

  94. Breanna Bonds

    Breanna Bonds2 months ago

    Can I does Kevin whenever you break up with this

  95. Lula carba

    Lula carba2 months ago

    😺 Like si seguía escuchando en 2019

  96. fahd el-tarras

    fahd el-tarras2 months ago

    I thought you were Ave’s boyfriend

  97. Royalty MSP

    Royalty MSP2 months ago

    Are you17 years old ?

  98. krishnai kawa

    krishnai kawa2 months ago

    This song is sooo good i think i broke the replay button🤣😍

  99. Joana Prado Prado

    Joana Prado Prado2 months ago

    You're dating Meika?

  100. Immajo G

    Immajo G2 months ago

    He have 17 and she 13/14 wtf the kisss 🤬

  101. Salao Hidanovic

    Salao Hidanovic2 months ago

    I feel like Carson could make a good song with Chris Brown 🙌

  102. Vinzz Shawn

    Vinzz Shawn2 months ago


  103. Jamia Booth

    Jamia Booth2 months ago

    How. Was. School. Carson

  104. Kristy K

    Kristy K2 months ago

    She looks like Jenny Morrison so much 😂