Carla Makes Blueberry-Ginger Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  1. Carla Music

    Carla Music2 months ago

    Anyone can make a pieI For real! And if you think you might have HotHands™, blast the AC, make sure the butter is really, really cold before you start, and put on some chill music. Get it, "chill"?

  2. Hack Saw

    Hack Saw12 days ago

    I was thinking you could use a pastry blender for the initial part, and butter paddles for the forming stages. A bit harder, but maybe a solution?

  3. Joe Gardner

    Joe Gardner29 days ago

    I’m not here for food I’m here for Carla’s life advice!

  4. Rachel C

    Rachel CMonth ago

    I put my hands in ice water and dry them off before and during as I feel the heat returning to my hands. I have very hot hands. Had a hypothermic puppy and just holding it it was back to normal in less than a minute.

  5. Gin Tonic

    Gin TonicMonth ago

    YOu gave me Ratatouille flashbacks when you said that.

  6. Tyler Wang

    Tyler WangMonth ago

    madalin b ϵ( 'Θ' )϶

  7. Brand1n N

    Brand1n N2 hours ago

    Clara is like everyone’s cool aunt

  8. mylonelyweekend

    mylonelyweekend4 days ago

    Has anyone seen Claire's Blueberry Pie in her recent Instagram post? It looks so much better than this.

  9. alex -

    alex -5 days ago

    Carla is like your friend’s really funny mom who always has great stories

  10. tatiana 🌸

    tatiana 🌸5 days ago

    But does anyone know what's on her nails? Love the pie and love you nail color 😏💜

  11. phalla khann

    phalla khann8 days ago

    Carla is the type of person everyone needs in their life.

  12. Ana Gutierrez

    Ana Gutierrez8 days ago

    I made the crust following Carla’s instructions- best pie crust ever. Than you ma’am

  13. WillMarcC

    WillMarcC8 days ago

    Hydrated, liquidity, liquified, or spongy.

  14. C Y

    C Y9 days ago

    jesus !!!

  15. Morgan Norris

    Morgan Norris10 days ago

    Carla you are frickin awesome and funny

  16. koner king

    koner king11 days ago

    "Put the thing into the thing"

  17. J

    J11 days ago

    nail polish? food safety?

  18. deartotheheart

    deartotheheart12 days ago

    Love your approach to not only pies but cooking, it takes the pressure away and makes me want to try instead of being afraid of messing up

  19. Mike Glanfield

    Mike Glanfield12 days ago

    I baked my blueberry pie for one and a half hours at 350F and it came out way overcooked and was very disappointed! My mother said 45 minutes maximum should easily be enough with uncooked shortcrust pastry. Do you follow your own cooking instructions please because it doesn't seem like it?

  20. Anita Thomas

    Anita Thomas13 days ago

    Ohoooo Don't Bleep Carla....she absolutely right Moist is a lovely

  21. Donagh Marnane

    Donagh Marnane13 days ago

    Is it important to use a glass dish or is metal ok?

  22. J G

    J G15 days ago


  23. Mike Ingram

    Mike Ingram17 days ago

    Your humour is great Carla :D

  24. itsMelissa

    itsMelissa18 days ago

    love this, Carla you so funny!

  25. Carlos Zárraga

    Carlos Zárraga19 days ago

    Carla and Claire are love made human

  26. Giordano Straniero

    Giordano Straniero19 days ago

    to get HYDRATE (?)

  27. solidus91

    solidus9122 days ago

    Did she add the ginger??

  28. ClericMage

    ClericMage23 days ago

    It made me laugh really hard and smile when she unexpectedly broke out into her indelicate rant of "bad words."😂😂 Always a smile to be had at the BA kitchen

  29. Kylie Brooke

    Kylie Brooke23 days ago

    carla is literally my favorite

  30. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-Evans23 days ago

    I'm in 8th grade and last year I made the most delicious pie/pie dough by hand. It was a school assignment

  31. Maria Frausto

    Maria Frausto24 days ago

    Carla is my spirit animal. Cussing and pie making. God bless.

  32. Abi Martinez

    Abi Martinez24 days ago

    This seriously reminds me of the pie from Snow White! Also Mary freaking Berry!

  33. rory lanway

    rory lanway25 days ago

    Carla gets Tourettes in the middle of this and it's wonderful.

  34. beeble2003

    beeble200325 days ago

    That looks like the good s***. I'm, like, f***. F***ing s***, your pie looks delicious. You're gonna bleep that out, right?

  35. Sarah Beth

    Sarah Beth25 days ago

    I adore Carla. Like I’d have a beer with that gal.

  36. 2 Tone

    2 Tone26 days ago

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  37. Ashley Lau

    Ashley Lau27 days ago

    I'm allergic to blueberries, cinnamon and if i eat too much giner, i get a bloody nose

  38. Tweedlebean

    Tweedlebean26 days ago

    I'm so sorry

  39. Nathan Johnson

    Nathan Johnson28 days ago

    so moist

  40. Tina Marie Farmer

    Tina Marie Farmer28 days ago

    i make pancakes with choc chips.. choc syrup.. topped with cherry pie filling and coolwhip.

  41. seoltang'93

    seoltang'9329 days ago

    i want to cook with carla :c

  42. AlexMeow bleufeline

    AlexMeow bleufeline29 days ago

    Carla swearing a bunch then immediately asking "You're gonna bleep that out right?" is my mood

  43. James Gardner

    James Gardner28 days ago

    I think that's the most cursing I didn't hear in a pie video!

  44. Delaney Winton

    Delaney WintonMonth ago

    My grandmothers maiden name is Moist, and ironically, she is from the humidity cloud that is Florida🙂🙃

  45. Jessica M

    Jessica MMonth ago

    everyone that works there is hilarious

  46. J

    JMonth ago

    I made an apple pie for the first time in high school a few years ago, and just got back into baking and cooking so I'll definitely give this one a try!! Looks so good!

  47. hempwhatnot

    hempwhatnotMonth ago

    Carla is so flippin cute

  48. Bram Linkowski

    Bram LinkowskiMonth ago

    i feel carla is just aubrey plaza from 20 years ahead

  49. Laura Wilson

    Laura WilsonMonth ago

    How easy is it to use frozen fruit over fresh (any extra steps needed)?

  50. Sam Es

    Sam EsMonth ago

    I weirdly hate making pie dough but love braiding, folding and crisscrossing pie dough.

  51. Jennifer Dellerba

    Jennifer DellerbaMonth ago

    That's my exact reaction when my pie dough sticks to the counter, and rolling pin. Real life!! Thanks for the tips and tricks Carla!

  52. majerwolf

    majerwolfMonth ago

    My pie dough turned out too dry and it wouldnt hold when i rolled it.....maybe im cursed.....its in the oven now, maybe itll at least taste somethin decent. Next time ill for dure get it right

  53. Tiny Sarah

    Tiny SarahMonth ago

    You’re gonna bleep that out right Vinny?

  54. Last

    LastMonth ago

    Carla seems like such a sweet lady.

  55. Roxy Modesto

    Roxy ModestoMonth ago

    “The colour of my dreams.” 💖 Thank you Ms Music

  56. Lucas Vidal

    Lucas VidalMonth ago

    I don't mean to be that guy... But nail polish during cooking grosses me out.

  57. YouCanBeTheBass

    YouCanBeTheBassMonth ago

    Snakes on a deck the sequel

  58. Julia S

    Julia SMonth ago

    Carla is a such a love. I adore her. I hope she's a mom cuz she would be the best, coolest, most fun mom in the world.

  59. A KA

    A KAMonth ago

    This woman needs a laryngectomy. Her voice is HEINOUS.

  60. Claudia Trammell

    Claudia TrammellMonth ago

    I love that. “Plan ahead people “

  61. Aleksandra Kozłowska

    Aleksandra KozłowskaMonth ago

    I love her.

  62. Jennifer Garcia

    Jennifer GarciaMonth ago

    Loosey goosey? Lol we all know her and she's not pie crust

  63. Age Eighteen

    Age EighteenMonth ago

    Carla is honestly like the mom I never had

  64. Jaime Fe

    Jaime FeMonth ago

    Mary Berry would also say you have a soggy bottom. I don't discriminate, but I'm sorry, it is not perfect.

  65. Claire Scott

    Claire ScottMonth ago

    I'm sorry, damp is the worst.

  66. Aisha Townes

    Aisha TownesMonth ago

    I like her personality! Can you do a live show in Massachusetts? And can you have a longer show?

  67. Jeffery Rockey

    Jeffery RockeyMonth ago

    The second Friday of every month we celebrate as "Pie Friday" at work. I like to bake my own pies (as opposed to buying a pie) but I've always bought pre-made crusts. You have inspired me! And I think that this month I'm going to make my crust from scratch! I will definitely tag you on Instagram!

  68. Jama Chavers

    Jama ChaversMonth ago

    It's so nice seeing how delighted she is after taking a bite of pie. ^^

  69. Silo21

    Silo21Month ago

    A tip for those who are afraid to roll the dough and move it around too much: right after you prepare it, transfer it to the tin (since the butter isn't frozen it's a bit easier to mold it to the shape of the container) and once it has the shape you like pop everything in the freezer for a good 30 mins and then it's ready to go.

  70. Matthew Ugh

    Matthew UghMonth ago

    Carla is the icon we didn’t know we needed

  71. Sarah Slichter

    Sarah SlichterMonth ago

    Carla serves Julia Child realness. So accessible, motivating and hilarious. Inspired me to make this pie today!! Came out perfectly imperfect and delicious, and I enjoyed it immensely with a friend. THANK YOU CARLA!

  72. Lillian Haaser

    Lillian HaaserMonth ago

    I LOVE 3.14

  73. Demi Aguayo

    Demi AguayoMonth ago

    “You made pie? That’s rad!!” Carla, you truly are a gift.

  74. Breanna Gough

    Breanna GoughMonth ago

    When the jehovah witness show up 😂 happens every time I try to make something 😂😂

  75. Geovano Ibrahim

    Geovano IbrahimMonth ago

    4:38 My favorite part of this video

  76. KatieWoah24!

    KatieWoah24!Month ago

    there is nothing I love more than Carla doing ANYTHING.... she is my queen

  77. Autistic bookworm

    Autistic bookwormMonth ago

    Carla reminds me of the fun aunt in the family

  78. Mike Lewis

    Mike LewisMonth ago

    A $5 pastry blender solves the hot hands problem and works great

  79. I'm a Bookfreak

    I'm a BookfreakMonth ago

    Who has that much room in their freezer?

  80. La Tui

    La TuiMonth ago

    The written recipe on the Bon Appetit website is just for the crust...

  81. anime weeb

    anime weebMonth ago

    Notice me sen(pie)


    FUNNY SMSMonth ago

    I too have accidentally sent an email to the entire company instead of my team. Wish it were only a pic of Blueberry-Ginger Pie. 😬

  83. Fany Puspita

    Fany PuspitaMonth ago

    uugghh I wish I have a decent kitchen so that I can make that pie! Thanks Carla for the giggling and smiling and of course your recipe! Love this channel!

  84. Naomi Moran

    Naomi MoranMonth ago

    “The Jehovah witnesses show up at the front door” I’m from NYC and I’m not gonna lie I peed a little from laughing from that.

  85. Desiree Camacho

    Desiree CamachoMonth ago

    I feel like Carla can go on and on and on talking while just making a whole pie and it would be like magic, just keep talking to me Carla, talk about anything, it doesn't matter, just do it while cooking, can we have a channel of nothing but that? i don't even care if I'm alone on this, i just wanted to put it out there.

  86. Grace Sophia

    Grace SophiaMonth ago

    I have four plums that were perfectly ripe a few days ago and that are now languishing in my fridge because I got sick and couldn't make plum cake. I also have five pounds of frozen blueberries, two pounds of fruity local honey, and an insatiable desire to make a pie. These things are going to combine today, and I'll tell you how it goes.

  87. Darin Bicknell

    Darin BicknellMonth ago

    I love you Carla. Maybe it's the pie... maybe.

  88. inezsera

    inezseraMonth ago

    i would die for this pie???? i dont even like pie

  89. wizskullifa

    wizskullifaMonth ago

    claire and those cakes man

  90. Addy Davidoff

    Addy DavidoffMonth ago

    i love you CARLAAAA!!!

  91. ribbon dancer

    ribbon dancerMonth ago

    could you do the same with apple if you replaced the ginger and lime with cinnamon or something? or maybe strawberry and replace it with mint or lavender?

  92. Victor Popov

    Victor PopovMonth ago

    If you want to learn how NOT to make pie dough, watch this video. If you want to learn how to do it properly, watch chefsteps!

  93. Pixel Perfect

    Pixel PerfectMonth ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Carla, I click.

  94. NatTheNewt

    NatTheNewtMonth ago

    All my love to claire but carla def makes the best tutorials

  95. cmaandmistic

    cmaandmisticMonth ago

    carla I love you wow

  96. Bree Bridger

    Bree BridgerMonth ago

    Carla! I made this yesterday. I let it reat on the counter for hours and qhen I moved to cover it and put it in the fridge, blueberry flavored liquid splashes all kver my floor! I definitely added the cornstarch/followed the recipe on the BA website... what could have gone wrong? (Oh I think I just got it... the recipe online said “bake until golden” and I tried to shoot for the color in the video. Missed the 1.5 hour bake time so mine was only in maybe 50 minutes. Eeeeeee woops.)

  97. Paloma Link

    Paloma LinkMonth ago

    The one time my icy cold hands are a good thing 🙏

  98. Kevin Forestell

    Kevin ForestellMonth ago

    @carla Hydrated! That's the word!

  99. Gaby Romero

    Gaby RomeroMonth ago

    Please bring back bin it to win it

  100. Jessica Nurack

    Jessica NurackMonth ago

    You can ask the pecan soup that I've made on several occasions, pumpkin pie is my only pie forte. However, this video makes me want to try my hand at making a blueberry ginger soup one day soon.

  101. Clint Cheng

    Clint ChengMonth ago

    god damned jehovas

  102. Coltan1989

    Coltan1989Month ago

    Why do we use corn starch instead of arrowroot?

  103. Jeff Mojica

    Jeff MojicaMonth ago

    I lol'd at the awkward "hot hands" story. That made me super Uncomfortable.

  104. Marcus Aseth

    Marcus AsethMonth ago

    If I can say what I am thinking tough, sticking ones finger in food while wearing nail polish doesn't seems hygienic nor professional to me. Quoting a source online: "Nail polish can easily chip off and flake into the food", and I don't think anyone would like to eat a little bit of nail polish.

  105. The Jason

    The JasonMonth ago

    I have never baked a pie... That will be my first...

  106. Kat Matsuda

    Kat MatsudaMonth ago

    Carla, please be my life coach. Or adopt me. Please and thank you.

  107. Kevin Hagler

    Kevin HaglerMonth ago

    Ugh Carla. She was on Good Morning America which I was forced to watch in the auto shop waiting room. Awful..