CAPTAIN MARVEL Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!


  1. David Smith

    David Smith33 minutes ago

    Apparently when Thanos did the snap some of Captain Marvel's arse turned to dust.

  2. Robbie Williams

    Robbie Williams2 hours ago

    Dead pool

  3. SeanFilmProduction

    SeanFilmProduction2 hours ago

    the post credit to captain marvel get me so hype for end game!

  4. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda3 hours ago

    So cool Talos is also can be found in Sykrim as a god :D He brought the peace in the third era in the elder Scroll universe as an emperor and dragonborn :P

  5. kynar1

    kynar14 hours ago

    Thanks for explaining. I fell asleep after goose ate the tezzeret.

  6. Antonio Eriksson Official

    Antonio Eriksson Official6 hours ago

    u can see that fury writes the avengers in the post credit scene

  7. Alejandro Martinez

    Alejandro Martinez6 hours ago

    You're funny

  8. Kati Bowen

    Kati Bowen8 hours ago

    Lol! I loved that. Thanks you... Ex-miltary, missing those bestfriends through war crap friends. Which is why the movie, I thought was good. 🙂

  9. Deadl7250

    Deadl72509 hours ago

    I'm ercvs is what I heard

  10. whatryouthinking

    whatryouthinking9 hours ago

    how does lil Rambo get powers?

  11. Team IronMan

    Team IronMan9 hours ago

    Every Easter egg is rotten in this movie only 💩

  12. Dallas Frazier

    Dallas Frazier10 hours ago

    Why are some cree blue and some human looking

  13. mike thomas

    mike thomas10 hours ago

    25:11 this whole state mentioned is in correct because the skrolls can copy one they see down to the DNA and they can't see your DNA but they will still be come it so if they can't see your left eye most likely they will still have it ....duh

  14. mike thomas

    mike thomas10 hours ago

    At first you wanted to watch this video but then you remembered this is what u came for 24:20

  15. Kilo-Lima

    Kilo-Lima11 hours ago


  16. Zave258 Tan

    Zave258 Tan12 hours ago

    I want to see Thor and Carol join the guardians of the galaxy against Adam aka Him

  17. dumbassirl

    dumbassirl12 hours ago

    Why stretch really hard to make captain marvel a starlord notch on the headboard? kinda lame imo

  18. Teanna Byerts

    Teanna Byerts13 hours ago

    Fury lifts his eyepatch to prove who he is....OMG WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT...

  19. TheGuyNextDoor

    TheGuyNextDoor13 hours ago

    5:07 looks like thanos. I can’t be the only one that sees that

  20. Michael Bacon

    Michael Bacon13 hours ago

    Mother Fluerkin awesome.

  21. Eden Chan

    Eden Chan13 hours ago

    Who else almost cried when they honored Stan Lee in the beginning of Captain Marvel

  22. Evangelista Jefra Castro

    Evangelista Jefra Castro15 hours ago

    Definitely with the Guardians!

  23. Connor David

    Connor David15 hours ago

    we should get an avengers movie where they fight the super skrull so its the avengers basically vs themselves

  24. Brett koscielniak

    Brett koscielniak15 hours ago

    “Hi I’m Eric Voss”

  25. Dark Ghost

    Dark Ghost16 hours ago

    I'm still waiting on a Moon Knight standalone movie

  26. The AmazingFortnitePlayer

    The AmazingFortnitePlayer16 hours ago

    Which captain marvel suit do you like better Like:OG Reply:Kree

  27. Call Me Ninj

    Call Me Ninj16 hours ago

    21:19 - who else sees that Commodore 64 keyboard?

  28. Harrison Robinson

    Harrison Robinson16 hours ago

    Captain marvel was ok, it was just really bland. Like, extremely bland. More bland the black panther. Not as bad as justice league though. Nothing can be as bad as that.

  29. ShoutRai

    ShoutRai17 hours ago

    Captain Marvel Meets & Greets with Howard the Duck

  30. Nicolas :P니콜라스

    Nicolas :P니콜라스17 hours ago

    25:54 Phase 1 could be an Easter egg to Marvel’s actual Phase 1 in the MCU

  31. Tyler Messer

    Tyler Messer17 hours ago

    You know a video is going to break a million views when it starts with, "Hi, I'm Erik Voss..." 🤟🏻🤣

  32. PoutyOlive46014

    PoutyOlive4601417 hours ago

    This is a FLURKEN good video 👍👍👍👍

  33. Maverick Walker

    Maverick Walker17 hours ago

    I got my name from top gun

  34. Thomas Nobis

    Thomas Nobis17 hours ago

    Viele Grüße aus Germany you speak too fast .... sorry too much blablabla

  35. Jesse Weaver

    Jesse Weaver17 hours ago

    I want a ten minute short all about Goose

  36. grendlsma

    grendlsma18 hours ago


  37. John Faust

    John Faust18 hours ago

    Is that sky lab S.W.O.R.D? It makes sense

  38. Iron Spider

    Iron Spider18 hours ago

    I think maybe there are multiple tesaracks (my idea)

  39. döniz hargitai

    döniz hargitai19 hours ago

    I'm really curious what happened in my hometown with the three of them (Budapest)...

  40. Leo Heikkila

    Leo Heikkila19 hours ago

    Goose Is a GOD

  41. StormCloud- Clashes

    StormCloud- Clashes20 hours ago

    Let’s hope he still rolls the “Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye” in future clips

  42. Ethan Rogers

    Ethan Rogers20 hours ago

    a VERY popular series....get real...

  43. Aiden Pangelina

    Aiden Pangelina21 hour ago

    WTF 4:01 who says that?

  44. Kaiden Yost

    Kaiden Yost21 hour ago

    cap marvel has 2 identities the white canary who is supposed to be with the legends right now stopping bad events

  45. Josanice Soares

    Josanice Soares22 hours ago

    do you think if captain marvel didn't save the day that infinity war wouldve happened like 15-20 years early and loki would be alive?

  46. Goatyx

    Goatyx22 hours ago

    Girls @ at 2:30 please.

  47. Wade Mealing

    Wade Mealing22 hours ago

    I'd like to see yondu's prequel.

  48. Nine Twin

    Nine Twin23 hours ago

    I have a question, does capt. Marvel has the full power of the Tesseract or what?

  49. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith23 hours ago

    Surprisingly everyone clapped when Goose ate some people but I was the only one that clapped when they showed Stan Lee in the beginning

  50. John Ellmaker

    John Ellmaker23 hours ago

    Maybe this already exists, but it would be nice if someone compiled the order of the movies by release date as well as chronologically in MCU alongside with the TV/series releases in one huge timeline. I'm sure a lot of people will be rewatching before next month and this would have a good deal of interest for many.

  51. Roc

    Roc23 hours ago

    “What’s a cat?”

  52. Satisfied

    Satisfied23 hours ago

    Now I don't have to watch Captain Marvel before the next Avengers movie.

  53. Ella Michael

    Ella MichaelDay ago

    Did anyone notice that scroll can shapeshift and Loki can shapeshift 🧐




  55. preston davis

    preston davisDay ago

    So nick fury in this movie was totally off....the fury I know isn't obsessed with petting cats...they are lucky he doesn't punt them

  56. Kaylee Atienza

    Kaylee AtienzaDay ago

    I want a Goose spin-off movie

  57. Amol Mantri

    Amol MantriDay ago

    Kree roman will tell thanos so that he send his army and kill the rest people

  58. ToxicBeaver

    ToxicBeaverDay ago

    My dogs name is Chewie

  59. Pyan The Sickman

    Pyan The SickmanDay ago

    Can someone explain to me how this channel got those clips from the movie, those scenes which were not in the trailers? Movie is still playing & not out in the itunes yet 🤔

  60. Theresa Behan

    Theresa BehanDay ago

    R I p Stan lee

  61. Dora The Explora

    Dora The ExploraDay ago

    18:31 the grandmaster had a sex jet

  62. Dora The Explora

    Dora The ExploraDay ago

    13:17 I thought he was gonna say they were performed by an actual old lady

  63. Benicio Duenas

    Benicio DuenasDay ago

    I want a rocket raccoon and goose buddy cop movie

  64. iJinKs

    iJinKsDay ago

    Hmmm how the skrull respond to nick fury scratch eye I don't think I it is a regular scratch

  65. pulse red

    pulse redDay ago

    im a kid and that sex thing srars me i have that dream and it all ways makes me think why i had it and its about a teatcher

  66. Matt Ahrens

    Matt AhrensDay ago

    Not hawkeye , too easy

  67. bowhunternathan

    bowhunternathanDay ago

    I live in Louisiana

  68. Paul Linn

    Paul LinnDay ago

    Flerkin eats Thanos

  69. erika samano

    erika samanoDay ago

    goose the movie

  70. Tony Dundon

    Tony DundonDay ago

    Orr when the flurken cat scratches him it might have put a portal in his eye

  71. Naman Shah

    Naman ShahDay ago

    When Carol crashed at the blockbuster and the coordinates for C-53 popped up, I recall seeing something that said Terran which I think is derived from the latin word "terra" meaning Earth.

  72. Lavi Legos

    Lavi LegosDay ago

    Skrulls versus the fantastic four. And I don’t want Marvel to flerk it up like Sony

  73. audrey page

    audrey pageDay ago

    stan is the boss of the team

  74. madhatterscrafts 123

    madhatterscrafts 123Day ago

    Your mind is amazing lol the amount of time you got it spot on is kinda scary in a good way lol

  75. ash davis

    ash davisDay ago

    I just want saw it!!!!



    I’d love to be apart of a NewRockStars meeting where they brain storm and figure all this stuff out!!

  77. UnknownRNGS

    UnknownRNGSDay ago

    veers is stupid you say? *general Veers will remember that*

  78. Josiah Godfrey

    Josiah GodfreyDay ago

    Hmm..... What else are you watching Erik?

  79. Kiflin

    KiflinDay ago

    would be fun with starlord met carol

  80. The Alchemist

    The AlchemistDay ago

    BLACK WIDOW ,, i thought was a sckrol

  81. Daniel Evan Hughes

    Daniel Evan HughesDay ago

    Goose and Nick fury spinoff

  82. Batzi

    BatziDay ago


  83. Kris Brown

    Kris BrownDay ago

    The sexjet joke is one of the many reasons I love Erik Voss...

  84. Neko Rivera

    Neko RiveraDay ago

    Colsen is a kree...

  85. Star Petal Arts

    Star Petal ArtsDay ago

    What if Kang the Conqueror has a problem with Thanos and the Avengers just get caught in his cross-hairs?

  86. Donghyun Nam

    Donghyun NamDay ago

    We do know what he writes at the end, it was written in the movie!! 25:52

  87. D M

    D MDay ago

    This movie was shit 5/10

  88. Ramon Diosdado

    Ramon DiosdadoDay ago

    Did anybody else notice Deadpools Stan Lee Cameo in the opening credits?

  89. Pedro L. Tush

    Pedro L. TushDay ago


  90. Samuel Williams

    Samuel WilliamsDay ago

    Re Fury's left eye- this explains why he uses it for the retina scanner in Winter Soldier.

  91. Michael Daly

    Michael DalyDay ago

    Best Movie Ever

  92. Kronaz邪児

    Kronaz邪児Day ago

    Guns don't have clips.

  93. caden mighty

    caden mightyDay ago

    Wait bruce banner skrull

  94. Troy Gilley

    Troy Gilley2 days ago

    The zebra lounge is actually a strip club... 😂😂😂

  95. Jeff Flanary

    Jeff Flanary2 days ago

    I think it would be cool for there to be a movie where captain marvel is replaced with a scrall,but a super scrall but then Nick fury donsent know super scalls exist

  96. Jayson Gilmore

    Jayson Gilmore2 days ago

    We know that it was the word avengers that fury typed because we saw that same pamphlet introduced to tony stark called the avengers initiative

  97. the diamond warrior

    the diamond warrior2 days ago

    I love this movie

  98. Mikalton

    Mikalton2 days ago

    Black panther meme "what are those" made me question the intelligence of life

  99. ZiggZagg

    ZiggZagg2 days ago

    secret invasion definitely.

  100. Daniel Adeyinka

    Daniel Adeyinka2 days ago

    26:27 flerken cracked me up!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂