Can You Trick iPhone X Face ID? Face ID Review


  1. Blue_Wolf490

    Blue_Wolf49011 hours ago

    Its bc 1 of the main rhings it needs 2 see 2 reconise u is ur eyes

  2. E. K.

    E. K.2 days ago

    Try this with the new series iPhones

  3. Hopewazhere2102005

    Hopewazhere21020052 days ago

    The Fedex guy kinda uncomfortable in the beginning

  4. Tina Gilchrist

    Tina Gilchrist4 days ago

    I want a iPhone se from you every thing apple pro

  5. Watermelon Paradise

    Watermelon Paradise9 days ago

    FedEx guy looks like he’s his brother

  6. Desene Alexia

    Desene Alexia11 days ago

    If you wear swimminglasses and it won’t open the phone

  7. Olivia Galvin

    Olivia Galvin12 days ago

    Would Face ID work with a profile pic from social media ?

  8. Anmol Teach

    Anmol Teach12 days ago

    What is fadex

  9. YellowishPurple

    YellowishPurple12 days ago

    My dad’s doesnt work with his raybans on...

  10. Amina Bentahaikt

    Amina Bentahaikt14 days ago

    I rlly want an iphone X 😒 but i am fuckig brokee

  11. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear14 days ago

    I fooled it so my brother has a iPhone X and try to do it it worked

  12. Game T

    Game T14 days ago

    And this is why also having a finger print sensor as a quick backup is better #android

  13. vlogs with cameron

    vlogs with cameron16 days ago

    Did u guys notice the flashy ping lights on the phone wen using the glasses

  14. Goof_E_ 16

    Goof_E_ 1617 days ago

    Does it see color?????

  15. Jaylise HighTower

    Jaylise HighTower18 days ago

    6:46 what up with the audio?

  16. Robert Andrei

    Robert Andrei18 days ago

    I have an iPhone x and my father is almost like me,and the phone opened

  17. M B

    M B20 days ago

    That's a lot to unlock the phone. What a step backwards for UI.

  18. Renzoh’s Club

    Renzoh’s Club22 days ago

    95% of comments are about the FedEx guy 5% of comments are about something else lol 😂

  19. Ian Borthwick

    Ian Borthwick23 days ago

    Hey I think this is a no but if you get a note nine can you get me the galaxy skin fortnite? If not I under stand

  20. Foxy

    Foxy23 days ago

    Look in the dark room part the camera lights up it uses UV light to see in the dark

  21. mariam fadel

    mariam fadel24 days ago

    Face the paper on the mirror and then at the iPhone x on it because the mirror has no death

  22. gaming with siri 90B

    gaming with siri 90B23 days ago

    mariam fadel Hey bro if you sub to me I will sub to you

  23. Raining Burgers

    Raining Burgers25 days ago

    it not working on ipad beacuse ipad is flat and got no patterns

  24. gaming with siri 90B

    gaming with siri 90B23 days ago

    Raining Burgers Hey bro if you sub to me I will sub to you

  25. isaac_b212

    isaac_b212Month ago

    You should have tried it with a mirrored reflection of you or FedEx guy

  26. gaming with siri 90B

    gaming with siri 90B23 days ago

    isaac_b212 Hey bro if you sub to me I will sub to you

  27. Bishal Khadka

    Bishal KhadkaMonth ago

    you dont pay 1000$ + if it unlock with paper photo or 2d photo apple alwayz justyfy its product and price

  28. gaming with siri 90B

    gaming with siri 90B23 days ago

    Bishal Khadka Hey bro if you sub to me I will sub to you

  29. Cree Mee

    Cree MeeMonth ago

    Why are there so many gay people in the comment

  30. levy k

    levy kMonth ago

    Does it work on 3d colored prints?

  31. gaming with siri 90B

    gaming with siri 90B23 days ago

    levy k Hey bro if you sub to me I will sub to you

  32. HQEOS HD

    HQEOS HDMonth ago

    Well on android u can and two fingerprints tho

  33. Ethan Hojman

    Ethan HojmanMonth ago

    You can’t do it with the Face ID but there is always a password.

  34. gaming with siri 90B

    gaming with siri 90B23 days ago

    Ethan Hojman Hey bro if you sub to me I will sub to you

  35. The Ozark

    The OzarkMonth ago

    Try A 3d Printer

  36. Seth's sneaker show

    Seth's sneaker showMonth ago

    The red phone might

  37. SweDog_05

    SweDog_05Month ago

    For my dad the snowboarding goggles works

  38. Hunter Ruschli

    Hunter RuschliMonth ago

    That fedex guy looks like he wants to kill you

  39. Andrew Zandi

    Andrew ZandiMonth ago

    The iPhone X was released on my birthday!

  40. Juan Dominguez

    Juan DominguezMonth ago

    Did everybody realize that The phone made pink Color

  41. SpencEpix

    SpencEpixMonth ago

    Can you have more than one face saved to an iPhone X?

  42. Lazyvideogamer 2

    Lazyvideogamer 2Month ago

    If you’re those kids with messed up faces Face ID will work

  43. angel parra

    angel parraMonth ago

    You should try doing this at the wax museum!!

  44. APPLE GUY!!!

    APPLE GUY!!!Month ago

    I want a iPhone x

  45. Joshua

    JoshuaMonth ago

    FedEx guy my package is still not here 😂😂



    my mom and my twin can use the face id 😂 it works lol

  47. zack

    zackMonth ago

    thats your brother -_-

  48. Ahmed Khalid

    Ahmed KhalidMonth ago

    A fish 🐟 printed the paper

  49. Cooper Brown

    Cooper BrownMonth ago

    when he tries it pitch black 7:35 look at the camera . why’s it blinking

  50. Karan Rajput

    Karan RajputMonth ago

    Apple is amazing

  51. Comic Style

    Comic StyleMonth ago

    You didn't try a miror

  52. Pe iust

    Pe iustMonth ago

    why it is a fail he doesn't work with paper

  53. Megatron ababio HD

    Megatron ababio HDMonth ago


  54. Aldo :D

    Aldo :D2 months ago

    Plot Twist: the fedex guy steals the iPhone and runs away

  55. Apple Sheep

    Apple Sheep2 months ago

    That’s the bro king not a fedex driver

  56. Cool Kid Comics

    Cool Kid Comics2 months ago

    The fedex boi is his friend who works at fedex

  57. reviewer that doesn't even review

    reviewer that doesn't even review2 months ago

    Oh hi FedEx guy

  58. Rajveer राणा

    Rajveer राणा2 months ago

    क्या आप मुझें यह iphone X उपहार स्वरूप देंगें भाई जी??,,,,

  59. Kayden Snow

    Kayden Snow2 months ago

    U can turn off pay attention mode so ur eyes can be shut to open the phone

  60. ComputerBoi !

    ComputerBoi !2 months ago

    try tricking face id with a mirror. stand in front of the mirror then point the phone at the mirror.

  61. Cristen Nagel

    Cristen Nagel2 months ago

    If you actually wanna learn something and have a good laugh watch UNBOX THERAPY...not this crap

  62. Andrew Stringer

    Andrew Stringer2 months ago

    get a 3d printer and try

  63. wings on fire

    wings on fire2 months ago

    Twins can fool it

  64. Porky jr

    Porky jr2 months ago

    don’t worry about your girlfriend unlock your phone because Face ID DON’T work when you close your eyes

  65. Phantom096

    Phantom0962 months ago

    Best iPhone ever made! I am starting to think Apple is not joking about that. Love my iPhone X.

  66. Jameboy Lourds

    Jameboy Lourds2 months ago

    what about swollen eyes due to fighting(for those who make a living thru fighting n occasionally have swollen eyes) n yeah I'm waiting for the iphone 11 plus n i don't want to have problems unlocking the phone after some fights🤔

  67. Aidan Standing

    Aidan Standing2 months ago

    the face recognition on the Iphone X is DEFINATLY better than the face recognition on my android phone (on my phone the lighting conditions have to be just right for it to work

  68. Vlogging bros 1212

    Vlogging bros 12122 months ago

    Love you and I just got a iPod 6th generation

  69. M C

    M C2 months ago

    The iphone X face id is completely joke.

  70. Kulvinder Singh

    Kulvinder Singh2 months ago

    I phone is the worst company

  71. Jordan Brown

    Jordan Brown2 months ago

    On iOS 12, you can set up an alternate appearance. You can actually use a completely different face.

  72. vishwa 3danimator

    vishwa 3danimator2 months ago

    Motherfuckers back 😂😂

  73. NBIL 4190

    NBIL 41902 months ago

    I dont even try to fool it and my brothers face looks very different but sometimes it opens on my face

  74. Jasmeet Singh

    Jasmeet Singh2 months ago

    When you have no friend and you have to ask the FedEx man

  75. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek Kumar2 months ago

    Ate you mother fuker every time every thing aaple pro here

  76. jackson strome

    jackson strome2 months ago

    You really look good in glasses

  77. Amitesh Gosai

    Amitesh Gosai2 months ago

    Go apple!!!!!!!

  78. Alve !

    Alve !2 months ago

    IF it lockd and turne on Siri u can call people

  79. Sharky Jones

    Sharky Jones2 months ago

    disagree. my 5$ reflective lenses work every time with "attention to wake" enabled

  80. Geometry Dash And More

    Geometry Dash And More2 months ago

    I tricked it with my identical twin

  81. Nico C

    Nico C2 months ago


  82. sujal desai

    sujal desai2 months ago


  83. Doggy60856 Add me on roblox doggy60856

    Doggy60856 Add me on roblox doggy608562 months ago

    I take that as a no

  84. Sarthak GUPTA

    Sarthak GUPTA2 months ago

    How about 3D Printing

  85. PleaseDontKillMe

    PleaseDontKillMe3 months ago


  86. Damaris Wickremesekera

    Damaris Wickremesekera3 months ago

    Why didn't you see the comacial it says that you can unlock it with any look

  87. Makayla Robinson

    Makayla Robinson3 months ago

    Your frown is funny

  88. Wlstj2 minecraft and Roblox

    Wlstj2 minecraft and Roblox3 months ago


  89. DankestStorm

    DankestStorm3 months ago

    So if someone punch my face and make a huge bump on it will it still works?

  90. AJ Towey

    AJ Towey3 months ago

    What is everybody’s favorite iPhone?

  91. AJ Towey

    AJ Towey3 months ago

    iPhone 8

  92. somerandomdudescrollingthroughthecomments 87654826

    somerandomdudescrollingthroughthecomments 876548263 months ago

    I am a talk years ha ha sorry yes you know it I like it that I or so to hold at the girl Face ID iPhone X zero so that I can another through it because Russell it was yeah, totally can, cucumber at the December there I’ll follow up with a list her,

  93. Dragon Tamer

    Dragon Tamer3 months ago

    FedEx Guy: Here's your delivery Everything Apple Pro:Can you come help me with a video FedEx Guy:Umm...... Shure

  94. Lakshit Kapoor

    Lakshit Kapoor3 months ago

    Do the same with thing with s9

  95. Photo Sentences

    Photo Sentences3 months ago

    Its with 3D points ahh you damnass soooo dumb!!!

  96. Zachary Polisner

    Zachary Polisner3 months ago

    “I invited my FedEx delivery guy inside”

  97. DEEK1NG 666

    DEEK1NG 6663 months ago

    If you hold the phone upside down it doesn’t work I tried it

  98. Austen Deckard

    Austen Deckard3 months ago

    So that’s why my packages are always late

  99. Jayvee Aurea

    Jayvee Aurea3 months ago

    FedEx delivery guy 📦 😂

  100. cece marie

    cece marie3 months ago

    Can you do shirtless iPhone review?

  101. Itz Lacin

    Itz Lacin3 months ago

    I wonder if face id works on a 3D printed face.I don’t think it will work.

  102. Nafis Hasnat

    Nafis Hasnat3 months ago

    No can can beat you when it's apple

  103. Isabel Flores

    Isabel Flores3 months ago

    Fetty wap likes this



    2018? Anyone?

  105. Pencil Box

    Pencil Box4 months ago

    You only need one preposition

  106. Panda Mario

    Panda Mario4 months ago


  107. Kabishan Vijayarooban

    Kabishan Vijayarooban4 months ago

    You guys are so awesome