Can You Trick iPhone X Face ID? Face ID Review


  1. KingTurtle551

    KingTurtle5517 hours ago

    fedexguy: “heres ur iphone” everythingapplepro: “yeah thanks, wanna go inside my home and try to trick face id?” fedexguy: “yeah sure”

  2. Dedi _Twins

    Dedi _Twins18 hours ago

    Me and my twin sister did this and it let me in her phone

  3. Playz Coolz

    Playz CoolzDay ago

    When dark it looks like the phone is floating LOL SD !D XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Harris McLean

    Harris McLeanDay ago

    I had a XR and my sister would always put my password in when she wanted me phone but one day my phone started unlocking to her

  5. Mr. Fisher

    Mr. Fisher2 days ago

    3:08 Fed x guy is on Netflix lol😂👍👌🏽

  6. Jerome Shelton

    Jerome Shelton2 days ago

    This is really smart I can’t even unlock my iPhone X in the dark unless there’s some light or I’m looking at it

  7. Max TwT

    Max TwT2 days ago

    That guy looks like sean from nigahiga

  8. Next Tech Computing

    Next Tech Computing2 days ago

    Now with my face unlocked... EAP 2018 (2019 now)

  9. Krešo Zelić

    Krešo Zelić3 days ago

    Samsung is better then apple

  10. Missy Cabic

    Missy Cabic3 days ago

    The most difficult thing to hack to get into a phone is the six digit pin. Hackers have gotten through Face ID and fingerprint scanners, but the sheer number of combinations to try to guess a six digit code, is EXTREMELY improbable. The FBI couldn’t do it a few years back, when all that was in the news. The safest way to keep your phone private, is the six digit pin, people.

  11. SAILEX Keith

    SAILEX Keith3 days ago

    Try force opening your eye with someone's hand while you're sleeping

  12. Kabir Sharma

    Kabir Sharma3 days ago

    3:00 fedex guy is watching netflix😂

  13. David Almanza

    David Almanza4 days ago

    Btw you can have two faces like with Touch ID you get 5 fingers the same with Face ID except you only get two faces.

  14. Landen Teves

    Landen Teves4 days ago

    So they iPhone can have a second face now but I never put my face on my dads device and it works :/ I must look like hij

  15. The unkown meme

    The unkown meme5 days ago

    How to hack Face ID: look at YOUR phone and it will unlock!

  16. Benjamin Kim

    Benjamin Kim5 days ago

    If you cover up your nose then it doesn’t work. Try it. I have.

  17. Rhett Pitarro

    Rhett Pitarro5 days ago

    My sister doesn’t even look like me and she gets into my iPhone XR easily. It’s only set up to my face and she can get into my phone. But I can’t get into hers....

  18. Mylana Wijayanti

    Mylana Wijayanti3 days ago

    Wait did you just put on the face ID but not the passcode??🤣🤣🤣

  19. Odin Asgard

    Odin Asgard4 days ago

    Rhett Pitarro She knows the passcode, you booboo

  20. Albie Chambers

    Albie Chambers5 days ago

    Can you do a apple giveaway please xxx

  21. Landen Teves

    Landen Teves4 days ago

    BRUH THIS IS A 2 year old video

  22. Funny with Lucas

    Funny with Lucas8 days ago

    You can also have two faces to unlock by first setting up Face ID then when finished go do a alternative Face ID and set the other face.

  23. Aniket Goyal

    Aniket Goyal9 days ago

    No one: EverythingApplePro: *causally chilling with my fedex guy*

  24. CCLORD05 !

    CCLORD05 !9 days ago

    And me still thinking about something called a passcode.

  25. 2wheelphoto

    2wheelphoto10 days ago

    It doesn’t use cameras, it uses laser depth sensors

  26. sp0rka

    sp0rka11 days ago

    *now with my face unlocked* dont give apple any ideas

  27. Mr. Ninja

    Mr. Ninja13 days ago

    4:40 Wow so when I’m blowing someone off I can still use Face ID on my phone!!! 😃

  28. The Un-Known Musician

    The Un-Known Musician15 days ago

    What about identical twins?

  29. Jake Page

    Jake Page16 days ago

    I did my Face ID normally but it said my face was unstructured

  30. Kasper Thomsen

    Kasper Thomsen11 days ago


  31. STRN 10561

    STRN 1056116 days ago

    Are you able to do it if you wear one contact in your eye so it changes colors?

  32. Universal Doge

    Universal Doge17 days ago

    Did you turn off require attention for FaceID? It might have worked if you turned that off.

  33. Oliver Rufa

    Oliver RufaMonth ago

    I am a identical twin, and me and my twin trick the Face ID

  34. Dorito 65

    Dorito 65Month ago

    Fed ex guy is prolly like uhhhhh

  35. Charles Ward

    Charles WardMonth ago

    “I invited my FedEx delivery guy inside.” - EverythingApplePro 2017

  36. SVU Cars

    SVU Cars2 months ago

    I noticed that when I bite my lips it won’t work

  37. crazy random stuff from Denver

    crazy random stuff from Denver2 months ago

    Whats with the purple lights in the dark

  38. Daphne I

    Daphne I2 months ago

    What if someone kidnaps you, harvests your face skin, and slaps it onto a mannequin? Would Face ID work then? Please test.

  39. InfamousT

    InfamousT2 months ago

    🤔 Intresting.....

  40. Princess Celestia

    Princess Celestia2 months ago

    Well id someone in your family is sleepinng well

  41. Felix Lee

    Felix Lee2 months ago

    I know one of your hair is on your face

  42. Purley Women

    Purley Women2 months ago

    Why ur mail man

  43. Gabby

    Gabby2 months ago

    will it unlock with eyes closed

  44. Edwin Luna

    Edwin Luna2 months ago

    The main thing is the eyes more like eye recognition

  45. kong kevin

    kong kevin2 months ago

    5:01 polarized glasses can’t work but most sunglasses

  46. philips Boss

    philips Boss3 months ago

    the best is always from apple

  47. GachaFox101

    GachaFox1013 months ago


  48. Philoup C

    Philoup C3 months ago

    I wonder if it would work with identical twins !

  49. KFC chicken

    KFC chicken2 months ago

    It does

  50. ganiyu idowu

    ganiyu idowu3 months ago

    But why closing your eyes with your hands 🤚, I think you can just close eyes without your 🤚. It’s will still unlock your phone.

  51. chasing dragon

    chasing dragon3 months ago

    Depending on makes / models using a 360° image with the back round gone . Most still work when projected on to certain material , like mylar smooth on a styrafoam mall dummy or ones with reta recognition, use polarized cellophane cook bags cut two pieces to fit into eye socks make sure it's flush and applys with no bubbles (vacuum pack works fast) on newer models you can use a parascope type set-up diy projector and capture the image before it's displayed each has variables, a little experimenting and a HD 360° camera with a red eye selection can get you past most facial software

  52. chasing dragon

    chasing dragon3 months ago

    Due to my work I cannot recommend how the newest recognition works or how to defeat it.

  53. chasing dragon

    chasing dragon3 months ago

    Sorry for the spelling, just wanted to help people who get locked out ! PS: I'm not responsible for anything that comes from someone reading my post it's for information and use on your own products/systems only! Use at your own risk. Amazon has good prices to make clone styrafoam 360 printed faces ;) to give to friend's

  54. Madhumita Ghorui

    Madhumita Ghorui3 months ago

    you can't do it

  55. Mega

    Mega3 months ago

    One eye must be looking so your sibling won’t unlock it when your sleeping

  56. Kamui The Divine

    Kamui The Divine3 months ago


  57. #GAMINGONLY COMPANY - Pro Gadgets !

    #GAMINGONLY COMPANY - Pro Gadgets !3 months ago

    iPhone XR / XS / XS Max can now set up Two Face ID

  58. Robin George

    Robin George3 months ago

    Actually i think its the infrared camera that picks up the signal from your face for the face id and not merely a image as we think. Infrared signals are those which all hot objects radiates, and we humans are also radiate (because we have 37degC as the body temperature), so honestly a ipad with a video will not have heat signals coming out from them. I believe that's how it works. Also if you see iphone X through another phone camera, you can see a led that blinks (you can noticed that LED that is on at the top bezel in the video when they both tried together, also those blinks as soon as you press the power button to unlock), but is not visible to our naked eye, and that's the infrared LED possibly... So what i believe it does is that, it captures the photons (Infrared photons i.e. light) which is bouncing back from your face after and the receptors on the phone makes the 3D image of what it receives. My suggestion is to try doing a Face id unlock using some hot object near you, like say a cup of coffee, or a tea, just about 35-42 degC and try it. I think it will not unlock. You may try its variations. And the sleeping part, I think you have kept attention aware on, that is probably why it dint unlock with eyes closed.