Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes


  1. angelXDee

    angelXDee7 hours ago

    she is super cute! tell me where can i follow her! 😍😍😍

  2. Heathe r

    Heathe r8 hours ago

    If I was Maggie in both competitions I would be like I’m only here to eat It it’s mine don’t touch it.

  3. Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes8 hours ago

    I wouldve totally gone for the coke cans for my prom cakes

  4. Marie Ndiaye

    Marie NdiayeDay ago

    Alixxx from tasty si hereee

  5. Nikhileshwar Kumar

    Nikhileshwar KumarDay ago

    Coke cake is winner for me😊

  6. bacteriaondasidewalk lol

    bacteriaondasidewalk lolDay ago

    This one is nice compared to the other one.

  7. LeafGames_005

    LeafGames_005Day ago

    mage didnt win. again....

  8. toxicjoker 666

    toxicjoker 666Day ago

    I liked Maggie's one better :/

  9. V Soo

    V SooDay ago


  10. Diana Alberts

    Diana AlbertsDay ago

    Maggie is a cinnamon roll

  11. Glen rees

    Glen reesDay ago

    Ok the dude in this episode is 100% nicer and 89.99999999999% less cocky than the other girl who had “her own bakery” and won a trophy

  12. Gacha Wrold

    Gacha WroldDay ago


  13. Wow Lol

    Wow LolDay ago


  14. Karla Salcido

    Karla SalcidoDay ago

    I want Maggie's Instagram, can someone tell me? Please

  15. If you don't like salmon sashimi I will be very sad

    If you don't like salmon sashimi I will be very sad2 days ago

    I missed Ray from Get Crafty Crafty uwu but now he’s here uwu

  16. naked potato

    naked potato2 days ago

    Ray was much more nicer than bree,yeeeet but we aint here about that and ye i still pick maggie:p cause i love her creative mind and i also want to be an artist when i grow up too

  17. Subha Banerjee

    Subha Banerjee2 days ago

    They were both friendly . I loved it.😃

  18. Bella Gamer50

    Bella Gamer502 days ago


  19. Ellie Morrow

    Ellie Morrow4 days ago

    2:23 thought he was using his phone to make the icing even

  20. Dwyer_ Life

    Dwyer_ Life5 days ago

    Someone in here was on I draw you cook

  21. Lexi

    Lexi5 days ago

    Make a season with episodes if this more vids like this

  22. Arty says hi

    Arty says hi6 days ago

    Ray looks so familiar .....

  23. zara Crystel

    zara Crystel6 days ago

    Good this cake Decor is not bragging like the last one phew

  24. Ayat Tea

    Ayat Tea7 days ago

    97% Talking about Ray being Nicer 10% On what should be Next 1%About the actual cakes

  25. RainbowASMR

    RainbowASMR16 hours ago

    This math makes no sense lol

  26. Slime Is Fun!

    Slime Is Fun!7 days ago

    Ray’s one is way better, I’m sorry.. HOW DID PPL choose MAGGIE? Srsly. I’m sorry, but just stating my opinion..

  27. Shahzad Qureshi

    Shahzad Qureshi7 days ago

    Ray seems way much nicer than the cake decorator in the last video.😏

  28. saumya upadhyay

    saumya upadhyay8 days ago

    At 5:56 the girl was from the channel tasty

  29. Nagalakshmi A

    Nagalakshmi A2 days ago


  30. Riel Xabrina

    Riel Xabrina8 days ago




    Wow! This cake decorator was A lot more Polite than the cake decorator on the other video....He even said “no matter what Happens we’ll still be Friends..

  32. Frisbee 'n' Cookies

    Frisbee 'n' Cookies9 days ago

    My prom cake was weed brownies, I had the best mates ever! I do like the cake decorator in this one, he's such a pleasant character.

  33. Yusra Suleiman

    Yusra Suleiman9 days ago

    "i bit of more than i can chew and i think i did chew "

  34. Csilla Bozóki

    Csilla Bozóki10 days ago

    How i can find maggie's social medias?

  35. tacotoria pizza

    tacotoria pizza10 days ago

    Now now , can I have the cake now

  36. Kerrvin Leongson Reyes

    Kerrvin Leongson Reyes10 days ago

    They are cuteeeeeee

  37. tiffany wheeler

    tiffany wheeler11 days ago


  38. tiffany wheeler

    tiffany wheeler11 days ago


  39. tiffany wheeler

    tiffany wheeler11 days ago


  40. Olivia Rodgers

    Olivia Rodgers11 days ago

    If someone gave me a pop can cake for prom I would LITERALLY marry them

  41. amra salihi

    amra salihi12 days ago

    5:51 isn't that this girl from " i draw you cook"?

  42. Zoe Lloyd

    Zoe Lloyd12 days ago

    How she said fondant killed me

  43. Huyu Binch

    Huyu Binch13 days ago

    But to be honest, I’d like the coca cola.

  44. Huyu Binch

    Huyu Binch13 days ago

    He’s the friendliest competitor of this cute artist

  45. Mylène Hagnauer

    Mylène Hagnauer13 days ago

    I hate when they say like oh i like this and it’s cute and all but then they choose the other person like really 😒🙄

  46. Georgia The person

    Georgia The person15 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Maggie should have one, it stuck to the theme and it had fondant

  47. Ken Trinh

    Ken Trinh15 days ago

    4:20 Alert

  48. Meherin Bashar

    Meherin Bashar15 days ago

    Maggie always loose😑

  49. Tommy The Turtle Arts

    Tommy The Turtle Arts17 days ago

    This episode is so much better than the other one

  50. annie zamora

    annie zamora18 days ago

    You should do cake decorators try art

  51. Leilani Ybarra

    Leilani Ybarra19 days ago

    Anyone know Maggie’s Instagram or where we could find more of her art? Lol

  52. Aviah Is alive

    Aviah Is alive21 day ago

    Please do more of this I love watching the cake artist vs. artist

  53. Connie Wan

    Connie Wan21 day ago

    Her: congratulations! *hugs Me: congrats! *eats both cakes and steals trophy. Proceeds to run away

  54. Ella French

    Ella French23 days ago

    The one judge is Alex from I Draw You Cook

  55. Jordy Yambao

    Jordy Yambao23 days ago

    2:15 what do you mean, fondant tastes great!

  56. Cordelia Hadson

    Cordelia Hadson26 days ago

    Did you know they throw it in the bin after

  57. Irene Destiny

    Irene Destiny27 days ago

    Okay I know this video is about the cakes and I love Maggie and Ray but like SHANE

  58. Matthew Sanders

    Matthew Sanders27 days ago

    Isn’t a mini cake just a cupcake?

  59. Drawing, lego, slime with Rhea!

    Drawing, lego, slime with Rhea!29 days ago

    No matter what happens, we will still be friends! Aww so sweet




  61. DailyArmyTea

    DailyArmyTeaMonth ago

    *Sends a Email to Buzzfeed* Email: Dear BuzzFeed, Make the next Cake Decorator vs Artist video a Drawing one , *Cus the Artist deserves more Props for the Creativity they have I swear-* anyways, Thank you for reading From DailyArmyTea

  62. Nouraine Shah

    Nouraine ShahMonth ago

    coke cans r not that big girll

  63. Sweet Cheeks

    Sweet CheeksMonth ago


  64. Antonio Madrid

    Antonio MadridMonth ago

    Are alix's eyes a natural blue?

  65. Exo Love Shoted Me

    Exo Love Shoted MeMonth ago

    Ray is nicer than the other cake decorator

  66. lps rainbowcollie

    lps rainbowcollieMonth ago

    Why doesn't maggie win she tried so hard to make cakes on every video

  67. Janelle Dimattia

    Janelle DimattiaMonth ago


  68. Duh it's Sarah

    Duh it's SarahMonth ago

    Maggie sounds like cat valentine

  69. ゾイ・イ・イチローpandie sama

    ゾイ・イ・イチローpandie samaMonth ago


  70. Madelyn Shaffer

    Madelyn ShafferMonth ago

    I think I would be Maggie if I was in the contests

  71. summer vibe diys

    summer vibe diysMonth ago

    Ray is so many changes nicer then Bree , Bree was so mean and rude to Maggie

  72. Maggie Beaird

    Maggie BeairdMonth ago

    This is a lost comment... Hi

  73. Sia Stoker

    Sia StokerMonth ago

    I honestly liked Maggie’s better....

  74. Nor Adam

    Nor AdamMonth ago

    He is soooooo flirting

  75. LiahWølfii 23

    LiahWølfii 23Month ago

    Maggie is such a precious lil bean aaaahhhhh I luv herrrr

  76. Limbo Cat

    Limbo CatMonth ago

    This isn’t fair.

  77. Sad._._. Editzzz

    Sad._._. EditzzzMonth ago

    So it’s no eyes vs big head? That’s racist sorry

  78. stell rene

    stell reneMonth ago

    Make videos

  79. Eden Gianan

    Eden GiananMonth ago

    Uhhhhh I'm getting 😕❓who is the artist 🎨🎭🙋 and who is the cake 🎂🍰🎂 decorator

  80. Kri Cookie kay

    Kri Cookie kayMonth ago

    I actually ship Ray and maggie😂

  81. J-hope's forehead

    J-hope's foreheadMonth ago

    Ray is much nicer than Bree

  82. Yeol

    YeolMonth ago

    Does anyone know where to find Maggie's illustrations? 👀 (pls) Are so cuuuutehh(?)

  83. Rashi Karnik

    Rashi KarnikMonth ago

    5:55 Alixxxxxx!!!

  84. Gacha_ Potato

    Gacha_ PotatoMonth ago

    I made a unicorn cake today and it turned out worse than both but still good

  85. Milton Friedman

    Milton FriedmanMonth ago

    Buzzfeed is failing! 😂🖕🖕LOL!

  86. Un1corn6842 Ariail

    Un1corn6842 AriailMonth ago

    This wasn’t a fair game because cake decorators know how to work with cakes and are artistic already, but the artist just had the creativity aspect. Essentially, the cake decorator had an advantage.

  87. Rahma Tamer Mohamed Ismail Farag Wahba

    Rahma Tamer Mohamed Ismail Farag WahbaMonth ago

    Alix!! How many people love her!

  88. Avni Grover

    Avni GroverMonth ago

    I need maybe like 5 more hours

  89. RJ21 lover

    RJ21 loverMonth ago

    Omg why is she so nice? Like she just wants friends and to win and she gets excited when Ray won ❤️❤️❤️ she deserves to win

  90. Jordy Bordy

    Jordy BordyMonth ago

    Don't you hate edited comments 🙄 Oh.....

  91. Alex Bingham

    Alex BinghamMonth ago


  92. vien le

    vien leMonth ago

    I like Maggie’s cake

  93. BackstageFan

    BackstageFanMonth ago

    This is literally copying kids baking championship lmao 😂

  94. Manayer Alkharji

    Manayer AlkharjiMonth ago

    He said he has 20 piping tips I have over 100 and I’m ten lol

  95. Kate Cullen

    Kate CullenMonth ago

    the coke SO should of won rays cake wasn't prom themed AT ALL

  96. Maggie Chan

    Maggie ChanMonth ago

    I love Maggie, but she never wins

  97. Norin Kelly

    Norin KellyMonth ago

    I like Maggie’s better

  98. Myle Dabom

    Myle DabomMonth ago

    Why did u say fondant like that

  99. Crackmybacklikeaglowstick

    CrackmybacklikeaglowstickMonth ago

    The coke should’ve won

  100. Yusra Fatima

    Yusra FatimaMonth ago

    Hey is that Alex from I draw you cook😕😐😯

  101. Mark Sieving

    Mark SievingMonth ago

    3:48, as soon as that clip came on, did anyone else just start thinking, 'slime?' O.O

  102. Narnia Dici

    Narnia Dici2 months ago

    I wasn't expecting the tall demon

  103. Alcat Smore

    Alcat Smore2 months ago

    They need to do artist vs cake decorator makes a painting