Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes


  1. Amara Joachim

    Amara JoachimHour ago

    i like this one more than the last one!!!

  2. PomPomPurinLover 4 life

    PomPomPurinLover 4 life2 hours ago

    Yus the last judge is from buzzfeed unsolved and he is hilarious.

  3. Maura_The_Mango

    Maura_The_Mango3 hours ago

    Ray was so much more polite than Bree to Maggie, and even gave her tips. I liked this video a lot more.

  4. Nikitha D

    Nikitha D8 hours ago

    comparing with Bree ray is very good at working also the helping also

  5. abigail pink

    abigail pink9 hours ago

    At 2:22 I thought he was smoothing with his phone

  6. I’m Random

    I’m Random12 hours ago

    Can the man bake me a cake for my b-day?

  7. Farheen Vlogs

    Farheen Vlogs14 hours ago

    what's prom

  8. Krystal Ferrer

    Krystal Ferrer16 hours ago

    Is there any other videos maggie is in? She is so adorable! ^-^

  9. Fallen Nebula

    Fallen Nebula19 hours ago

    The sexual tension between these two at the end is insane.

  10. Mariana2007 Lopezhoyos

    Mariana2007 LopezhoyosDay ago

    I love Maggie

  11. Mango TangoInMallorca

    Mango TangoInMallorcaDay ago

    4:19 that’s so me😂

  12. 1nkyparchment

    1nkyparchmentDay ago

    Maggie broke the rule of baking, no eating while you bake, lmao.

  13. Dark Mei

    Dark MeiDay ago

    "No matter what happens..." Me: yeaaaaaasssss...??? "We'll still be friends." Me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  14. Meghan

    MeghanDay ago

    More videos of Maggie please

  15. Romualdo Cue Jr.

    Romualdo Cue Jr.Day ago

    Seeing them making mini cakes really looks fun. I hope there's a challenge to ARCHITECTS to do this stuffs. it'll be great!

  16. Romualdo Cue Jr.

    Romualdo Cue Jr.Day ago

    Seeing them making mini cakes really looks fun. I hope there's a challenge to ARCHITECTS to do this stuffs. it'll be great!

  17. Romualdo Cue Jr.

    Romualdo Cue Jr.Day ago

    Seeing them making mini cakes really looks fun. I hope there's a challenge to ARCHITECTS to do this stuffs. it'll be great!

  18. grace goody

    grace goodyDay ago

    I love maggie and her coke cans

  19. Ashely Diaz

    Ashely DiazDay ago

    I would have ate the cake

  20. Kim Su-Hann

    Kim Su-HannDay ago

    This is unfair, we already know that the cake decorator will win,because duh he's a "C.A.K.E D.E.C.O.R.A.T.O.R" 😑 But I'm still glad that Maggie is such a good friend.... She has a pure heart... Uwu!!~😍💜 I like how she wanted to have more friends~💕

  21. Demmie Belle Caluya

    Demmie Belle CaluyaDay ago

    Of course the cake decorator will win.

  22. Tongchai Lor

    Tongchai Lor2 days ago

    I like both I like how Ray put the Moon on it and I like how Maggie decorate it as a coke can

  23. VanillaIcee :3

    VanillaIcee :32 days ago

    I have no idea why but she sounds a lot like Gidget from secret life of pets ;-;

  24. Natalia Derylo

    Natalia Derylo2 days ago

    Honestly I loved both of the cakes, but the coke can was my favorite

  25. Rare Mono

    Rare Mono2 days ago

    I think the coke cans should of won because the other ones lowkey looked like wedding cakes but still supahh dupahh cool.

  26. Naturally Beautiful

    Naturally Beautiful2 days ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coke cans

  27. Calico Bunny

    Calico Bunny2 days ago

    Maggie is so cute oh my gosh. I just want to give her a hug.

  28. HanHan TheGreat

    HanHan TheGreat2 days ago

    I forgot this was a buzz feed video until Shane showed up

  29. Joselyn

    Joselyn3 days ago

    Does maggie have any social media lol?

  30. Maximo Aguilera Fantuci

    Maximo Aguilera Fantuci3 days ago

    If you watched the last video she lost by one point the same thing happened here

  31. Ray

    Ray3 days ago

    I won

  32. Christina Ginther

    Christina Ginther3 days ago

    Brush the flour off you fodent before you put it on the cake

  33. Swimming_banana77 56

    Swimming_banana77 563 days ago

    This one is better than the last one. This guy is nice while the girl in the last video that win ( Cake decorator vs artist ) is soo rude.

  34. aeshetic rat

    aeshetic rat3 days ago

    I think I found Maggie's art page

  35. Rose Heartly

    Rose Heartly3 days ago

    Ray is so sweet to her omg 😢😢😍😘

  36. Seamus Phelan

    Seamus Phelan3 days ago

    “Dirrty and naked”. Maggie 2018

  37. julian diego hernandez

    julian diego hernandez3 days ago

    I love maggie

  38. Corgi Studios

    Corgi Studios4 days ago


  39. Patrycja Stanaszek

    Patrycja Stanaszek4 days ago


  40. Sienna Skoros

    Sienna Skoros4 days ago

    I need more videos of Maggie decorating cake it so funny and I just want her to win once of twice

  41. Piggies4life _guniea pigs_

    Piggies4life _guniea pigs_4 days ago

    I'd make a tiny bouquet and put it on top

  42. ItzCrystal MSP

    ItzCrystal MSP4 days ago

    I prefer this video because Ray was actually helpful to Maggie

  43. The King Of Dora

    The King Of Dora4 days ago

    In her head she’s like imma come to your house and take that trophy 🏆.

  44. InGame Handy

    InGame Handy4 days ago

    She is very cute.....

  45. Fliss floss Bob Ross

    Fliss floss Bob Ross4 days ago


  46. Two Awesome Sisters

    Two Awesome Sisters4 days ago

    Why does Maddie always lose😤

  47. It’sMoiBoi LOL

    It’sMoiBoi LOL4 days ago

    Dirty and Naked... This shows how dirty minded I am...

  48. _Youngie nguyen_

    _Youngie nguyen_4 days ago

    Love Maggieeee

  49. Neevashnie Hurdeyal

    Neevashnie Hurdeyal4 days ago

    Is he from get crafty crafty

  50. Mel !

    Mel !4 days ago

    They’re both really clever

  51. Mel !

    Mel !4 days ago

    * does anybody else ship it? * No, just me....weeeellll this is awkward

  52. I like Alpaca

    I like Alpaca4 days ago


  53. Cog Solider

    Cog Solider5 days ago

    Why are they not wearing gloves

  54. Kelly Tran

    Kelly Tran5 days ago

    Good job!!! I guess

  55. Claudia Nava

    Claudia Nava5 days ago

    What is her full name? I want to find her on instagram

  56. Lilac Smith

    Lilac Smith5 days ago

    Do they get to keep their cakes?

  57. BTS Mochi Chimmy JIMIN Army

    BTS Mochi Chimmy JIMIN Army5 days ago

    Maggie Yey!! I Luv Her Shes My Fav❤️❤️ The Challenge That Theme Is 16 ya She said "I'm Not Here To Win, I'm Here To Make Friends" ❤️❤️❤️ And The Boy Give Some Advice To Maggie He Was Kind😂

  58. Lov3 Ra3

    Lov3 Ra35 days ago

    They both did really well and Ray was such a nice guy! I love them both but Maggie is so cute he idea was great and unique! Rays was super cute too though!

  59. Sarah's World

    Sarah's World5 days ago

    I vote the coke can

  60. Shep

    Shep5 days ago

    Her cakes looks like coke cans

  61. best wishes pop

    best wishes pop6 days ago

    maggies so cute (◔౪◔)

  62. The Girl Who Lived

    The Girl Who Lived6 days ago

    they should do cake decorator vs artist: pancake art. that way it's food related but its also more about art and drawing rather than baking tehniques so its fair for both

  63. beeny mander

    beeny mander6 days ago

    The prom cakes look like coke cans😂

  64. Tsunamidestroyer Kuudere

    Tsunamidestroyer Kuudere6 days ago

    I don't wanna go prom... Direct social interaction is hard...

  65. Nathan Delatorre

    Nathan Delatorre6 days ago

    Inside she wants to kill him😂😂

  66. Rainbow Potato

    Rainbow Potato6 days ago

    "Please don't put that into the video" **Puts into video**

  67. Neal Sabo

    Neal Sabo7 days ago

    Do more of this please 🍰

  68. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu7 days ago

    Coke? Coooooooke? COOOOOOOOOOOOKE

  69. Katie Mullen

    Katie Mullen7 days ago

    Insagrammy lol

  70. annie roberts

    annie roberts7 days ago

    I love Maggie

  71. Catherine Collins

    Catherine Collins7 days ago

    Maggie wins in my books

  72. hayosh the only one

    hayosh the only one7 days ago

    Like rays won for the prom queen!!!💐🦄

  73. Gacha Girl

    Gacha Girl7 days ago

    I love how all her art they showed was cute but depressing it makes you have mixed feelings about it which makes me feel good don’t ask me why :3

  74. Maggie Sounds

    Maggie Sounds7 days ago

    My name is maggie

  75. Yangkookie ARMY

    Yangkookie ARMY8 days ago

    I liked Ray’s attitude I’m this video way better than Bree that was in the other video. He was so positive and nice and even gave Maggie some tips and whatnot. I like a positive atmosphere!

  76. Just Keep Smiling

    Just Keep Smiling8 days ago

    😂😂😂 she's like me when I cook : she sneaks a taste of EVERYTHING !

  77. thick lauryn

    thick lauryn8 days ago

    Tbh Maggie definitely won

  78. Clara The Fox Demon

    Clara The Fox Demon8 days ago

    "No matter what happens, we'll still be friends" me: Sike nah person: aww ;-; me: Sike again I'll still be your friend

  79. melliesa robles

    melliesa robles8 days ago

    congrats to both of the artists

  80. Mischievous Dani 111

    Mischievous Dani 1118 days ago

    cake makes me feel sick 🤢

  81. Dakota Romonovich

    Dakota Romonovich8 days ago

    this is my opinion, but, i feel like maggie should of won

  82. Hannah ._. McGuire

    Hannah ._. McGuire8 days ago

    I ship them😂😍💞💞💞

  83. Daphne Gianna

    Daphne Gianna8 days ago


  84. Karin Honma

    Karin Honma8 days ago

    Me shipp

  85. tea blend

    tea blend8 days ago

    I like ray’s.

  86. Ally Girl

    Ally Girl9 days ago

    I'm called Maggie xox

  87. Jade Diamond

    Jade Diamond9 days ago

    Maggie naver wins!!!why?!?!

  88. Arty Girl 88

    Arty Girl 889 days ago

    So...... cupcakes?...

  89. gabi's vlog life!

    gabi's vlog life!9 days ago

    Them drawing captions are disgusting

  90. 구민영cinnamonbreeze

    구민영cinnamonbreeze9 days ago

    this guy was much better than the last one...

  91. Grace Minarik

    Grace Minarik9 days ago

    Maggie should have won

  92. DebbieGamerz Plays

    DebbieGamerz Plays9 days ago

    Somehow if this was a person who does baking and an artist like ihascupquake would be impossible to compete with

  93. jung Shook_

    jung Shook_9 days ago

    Why does Maggie always loose

  94. Mewpanda

    Mewpanda9 days ago

    Maggie is always here! They should compete about art

  95. Nadine Pitao

    Nadine Pitao9 days ago

    I can taste the mini cakes in the screen

  96. Prasen Ranjan

    Prasen Ranjan9 days ago

    Maggie is so cute

  97. Angela Gotladera

    Angela Gotladera9 days ago

    I hope Maggie gets her own show in Buzzfeed. I like her personality. 👍👍

  98. Chapai Chapai

    Chapai Chapai9 days ago

    I really love maggie and the creativity and originality she incorporates in her cakes. Plus she is soo sweet 💗💖

  99. Beth Renwick

    Beth Renwick10 days ago

    I like maggies the best it’s cute

  100. Annonomous Person

    Annonomous Person10 days ago

    Maggie’s art is so cute!!!

  101. Dezaray Peña

    Dezaray Peña10 days ago

    What a coincidence my nickname is Ray :3