1. Ryland Adams

    Ryland AdamsYear ago

    Hope you like today's video!! what should we name the pink G??? Also dog name ideas would be much appreciated, our husky is still nameless :((

  2. Star Green

    Star Green3 months ago


  3. Gaby Guerra

    Gaby Guerra3 months ago

    Luna!!!!!! (The husky)

  4. Sam

    Sam5 months ago

    Ryland Adams I know this is super late 😂 but Irina would’ve been cute. I believe it’s a Swedish name.

  5. Gone》

    Gone》5 months ago

    Ryland Adams you should call her honey she loves her bee, she looks like honey, honey sponsored you before and it's such a cute name for het

  6. Ayesha shakeel

    Ayesha shakeel7 months ago

    You could name her Hélène or Macy.

  7. Evangeline Jacobson

    Evangeline Jacobson4 hours ago

    Why is that tiny car so lit tho

  8. Peter Fink

    Peter Fink21 hour ago

    No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade… but am I the only one who does not find Morgan funny at all? Like not even a chuckle... once... ever

  9. alexisosady meow

    alexisosady meow23 hours ago

    HONEY is a good name

  10. H4mommy76

    H4mommy76Day ago


  11. MissCyber

    MissCyberDay ago

    I actually thought those fake cars were real XD

  12. Worrystone AJ

    Worrystone AJ2 days ago

    Shane & Rylands dog is richer than me....

  13. zaza elashvili

    zaza elashvili2 days ago

    is it just me or is that ML63 AMG not the G wagon?

  14. Leah Burns

    Leah Burns3 days ago

    Ryland carrying Uno into the car was so cute😊

  15. Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen Smith3 days ago

    "Its because im emotionally scarred" XD

  16. Daemonium_Lupus

    Daemonium_Lupus5 days ago

    I once panicked and told the Jehovah witness "Sorry I'm gay." and shut the door.

  17. Rebecca Mead

    Rebecca Mead6 days ago

    Why is Uno so underrated

  18. Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion7 days ago

    Dry shampoo 🧴 is absolutely 💩💩💩💩

  19. hg gf

    hg gf10 days ago

    You should name your new dog drama

  20. katelynn smith

    katelynn smith12 days ago

    16:48 literally cannot breathe

  21. katelynn smith

    katelynn smith12 days ago

    ok but now i want a mini g wagon

  22. Taylor R

    Taylor R14 days ago

    I love this video so much! Makes me miss toys r us haha

  23. Rhea Brown

    Rhea Brown15 days ago

    rip toysRus

  24. hi im beth

    hi im beth16 days ago

    *gasp* "don't hit the range rover.." my god i love morgan

  25. Kate_Yt 23

    Kate_Yt 2316 days ago

    Ur diss track makes me sad cus I feel u actually meant it ;( Shane is so cute and adorable and sweet ;-;

  26. LeAnna Johnson

    LeAnna Johnson17 days ago

    Who is watching after they are engaged?!?!?(8:50)


    ALL IS WELL18 days ago

    17:12 😁😁😁😁 very good shane you hit dogs face badly

  28. taylfio

    taylfio19 days ago

    Omg i loved this video.... Shane you had me in stitches lol

  29. Em Blenn

    Em Blenn20 days ago

    I think Shane and Ryland forget their dogs aren’t gay lol 😂

  30. Bentley Try 2nd Acc

    Bentley Try 2nd Acc20 days ago

    Just add a crown and some tea and you should be fine

  31. unijams aj

    unijams aj21 day ago

    Name her Lizzie

  32. Ayhlesia Im

    Ayhlesia Im21 day ago

    Why did they spend so much for Rylands G wagon when he could get a toy one 🤣😂😂🤪

  33. Susan Milliken

    Susan Milliken22 days ago

    Dear future husband You mean mee True true

  34. TriStar Davis

    TriStar Davis23 days ago

    My moms French bulldog is named Boujee lmao follow him on insta @boujee.boy

  35. Jillian Chan

    Jillian Chan24 days ago

    Name your new dog cherry or berry or roxanne or sophie

  36. I don't need help

    I don't need help26 days ago

    Ryland: Dear future husband Morgan: Here's a few things you need to know if Shane: You mean me?! **slightly glares** Ryland:....Yeah! **year later they are married**

  37. K

    K16 days ago

    I don't need help *engaged

  38. Jenna Froome

    Jenna Froome26 days ago

    “We’ve done very naughty things in there.” “Yeah, that’s where we’re having out first baby.” Kill me now!

  39. Melissa Parnell

    Melissa Parnell27 days ago

    8:43 omg he literally predicted the future 💍💕

  40. Kate_Yt 23

    Kate_Yt 2316 days ago

    Melissa Parnell yas <3

  41. Nora xxx

    Nora xxx28 days ago

    *Ryland and Morgan comparing outfits* Morgan: The only difference is that my outfit is a lot cheaper and a lot bigger...

  42. PaperP Planes

    PaperP Planes28 days ago

    8:44 OMG- And now they're engaged!

  43. Orb dicey

    Orb dicey29 days ago

    And I think the name should be Sparks

  44. Orb dicey

    Orb dicey29 days ago

    I think ryland is more gay in this video😂😂

  45. Olivia T

    Olivia T29 days ago

    Whos here after Shane and Ryland got engaged and neither of them are posting so binge watching their videos??? Only me???

  46. Emilio Salado

    Emilio Salado29 days ago

    Amazing sis

  47. Harriet Ellen Newell

    Harriet Ellen NewellMonth ago

    You sound like Sheldon it’s actually scary ❤️❤️

  48. xxambergacha

    xxambergachaMonth ago

    THE DOGS NAME NEEDS TO BE DUOS LIKE UNO AND DUOS (idk if thats how you say it but...)

  49. Just_ Fate

    Just_ FateMonth ago

    rip toys r us



    "All I could think about was food " literally my life

  51. Its me Ava

    Its me AvaMonth ago

    Ryland: we have to name the dog Shane: Bitch 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Its me Ava

    Its me AvaMonth ago

    Should i twerk up here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Galaxy Chloe

    Galaxy ChloeMonth ago

    i always went to that Toys R Us before it closed cuz it was near my old house and near my fav restaurant.

  54. Marsha the Marshan

    Marsha the MarshanMonth ago

    8:43, 8:48, and 8:50 THEY CAN TELL THE FUTUREEEE

  55. mia moore

    mia mooreMonth ago

    "dear future husband" *"wait you mean me?"* its happened guys!!

  56. Tilly HG

    Tilly HGMonth ago

    “Ugh, I have to go outside and assemble my dogs G-wagon” 😂😅🤣

  57. Jeffy Lover

    Jeffy LoverMonth ago

    Honey 🍯

  58. Sackyy 999

    Sackyy 999Month ago

    Your Intros are scarier than Drews

  59. Astrid Savblom

    Astrid SavblomMonth ago


  60. Jessenia Figueroa

    Jessenia FigueroaMonth ago

    What happened to drew?

  61. Sebtube

    SebtubeMonth ago

    That wasn’t even a G-Wagon that was a ML63

  62. Mediocrity 07

    Mediocrity 07Month ago

    I thought the knife was his finger

  63. Conspiracy Theory

    Conspiracy TheoryMonth ago

    What was the song called that u played during the building

  64. Violet McGuire

    Violet McGuireMonth ago

    Alfredo the hedgehogs Girlfriend you didn’t glow up. He made it while they were doing diss tracks

  65. Braydin Smith

    Braydin SmithMonth ago

    GMC stands for gay man cruising

  66. Vivienne Butel

    Vivienne ButelMonth ago

    Are you trying to be sexy.🙅

  67. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos HernandezMonth ago

    How ryland dances

  68. Olivia Bennett

    Olivia BennettMonth ago


  69. Lippie Mrs

    Lippie MrsMonth ago

    Name her Gucci Waggin' or Benz(o) (y)???

  70. Pari Cocolin

    Pari CocolinMonth ago

    Ryland driving the G Wagon is so funny

  71. Ana Cotzojay

    Ana CotzojayMonth ago

    There husky is nameless while i am wigless

  72. Skyler Sullivan

    Skyler SullivanMonth ago

    Why didn't they name the second dog dos?

  73. EnglishFate

    EnglishFateMonth ago

    The seats don't let down in the gwagon?

  74. Nora xxx

    Nora xxxMonth ago

    Shane and Ryland are the most ICONIC couple ever😂

  75. tatortots loft

    tatortots loftMonth ago


  76. Beassent Babiker

    Beassent BabikerMonth ago

    Y does it look like ace fam old HOUSE

  77. Id Ek

    Id EkMonth ago

    i think ryland likes it more than the dogs

  78. Kiera Campbell

    Kiera CampbellMonth ago

    Plezz buy me one Ryland Adams

  79. Jax James

    Jax JamesMonth ago

    When Ryland said the U-haul smelled, he sounded like he was imitating Shane. lol

  80. CrazyCube

    CrazyCubeMonth ago

    2:15 pyrocynical confirmed

  81. Black productions !

    Black productions !Month ago

    Shane: I'm over it too, Ryland: uh no! *hits shane* Shane:Ow! Ryland is abusive to Shane!

  82. Sean The gamer

    Sean The gamerMonth ago

    B. Bbbbb

  83. Sophia Spencer

    Sophia SpencerMonth ago

    Name the dog Rose

  84. G for Grace

    G for GraceMonth ago

    Rip toys r us

  85. cringe kween

    cringe kweenMonth ago

    it’s literally 1 year later and ryland never changed

  86. Izzy Camel

    Izzy CamelMonth ago

    Hi 1 year later here. ALOT has happen This is NOTHIN

  87. Presleigh Makenna

    Presleigh MakennaMonth ago

    Name the husky honey and the G Trish

  88. Kixttens :3

    Kixttens :3Month ago

    "I'm not doing like work" ~Shane

  89. _Explicitx Gold_

    _Explicitx Gold_Month ago

    “You need to get down” Shane dancing is my favorite part

  90. Lil Mãkøzy

    Lil MãkøzyMonth ago


  91. Goodbye Forever

    Goodbye ForeverMonth ago

    Snow is what’s u should name the husky

  92. Icygirl 3x

    Icygirl 3xMonth ago

    Wow y’all need to adopt a newborn baby and keep the baby

  93. Claudia Hadley

    Claudia HadleyMonth ago

    “Say ‘daddy’s having a mental breakdown!’ ” 😂😂

  94. Brandi

    BrandiMonth ago

    Rents a Uhaul meant for a 1 bedroom apartment for a tiny box that only takes up not even a corner Same

  95. Alex Dunning

    Alex DunningMonth ago

    It’s not even a G wagon it’s a Mercedes ML this is kinda a fail 😂😂😂

  96. Kein

    KeinMonth ago

    I thought Morgan said "nigga swipe up" and almost shit my pants

  97. Kein

    Kein12 days ago

    +literally my life 2:18

  98. literally my life

    literally my lifeMonth ago

    When did she say that

  99. Heather A

    Heather AMonth ago

    Omgosh bird sh** is lucky! 🤗

  100. Emm & o

    Emm & oMonth ago

    unos going to kashoot himself

  101. Haylee Johnson

    Haylee JohnsonMonth ago

    "This is why everyone hates white people" tru tho

  102. Haylee Johnson

    Haylee JohnsonMonth ago

    Ryland: Being Ryland and buying his dog a car Shane: Being Shane and getting excited over everything Morgan: Being a constant mood

  103. Gabrielle Romero

    Gabrielle RomeroMonth ago

    Her name should be cupcake

  104. MizFits Paranormal

    MizFits ParanormalMonth ago

    This video is everything 😍

  105. Łyrics N more

    Łyrics N moreMonth ago

    Can you guys make a video where you guys do something for uno because you guys have done things for honey and chetoo but not uno so ya🤣DO SOMETHING FOR UNO LIKE A WHOLE VIDEO

  106. hunting_girl909 REAL

    hunting_girl909 REALMonth ago

    You should call it the dg

  107. DonaldDuck Gacha

    DonaldDuck GachaMonth ago

    i would love to spend a day with ryland soooo much it would be a dream WAIT I CAN BE YOUR MIDDLE CHILD CUZ U HAVE THAT OTHER GIRL AND THAT LITTLE BOY I CAN BE THE MIDDLE CHILD ryland please!!!!

  108. im a potato !

    im a potato !Month ago

    Oof rip toys r us._.

  109. Edits by jasmin

    Edits by jasminMonth ago

    let's talk about "the dog name", how about "due" so it matches "uno" which means 2 in Italian and uno means one

  110. Hope Juscenko

    Hope JuscenkoMonth ago

    It’s crazy: you look and sound like Jojo siwa in your outro