1. Ryland Adams

    Ryland AdamsYear ago

    Hope you like today's video!! what should we name the pink G??? Also dog name ideas would be much appreciated, our husky is still nameless :((

  2. Star Green

    Star Green6 months ago


  3. Gaby Guerra

    Gaby Guerra6 months ago

    Luna!!!!!! (The husky)

  4. Sam

    Sam7 months ago

    Ryland Adams I know this is super late 😂 but Irina would’ve been cute. I believe it’s a Swedish name.

  5. Gone》

    Gone》8 months ago

    Ryland Adams you should call her honey she loves her bee, she looks like honey, honey sponsored you before and it's such a cute name for het

  6. Ayesha shakeel

    Ayesha shakeel10 months ago

    You could name her Hélène or Macy.

  7. Kin Li

    Kin Li10 hours ago

    “The alien is everything.” He PrEdIcTeD aReA 51 rAiD

  8. Smw

    SmwDay ago

    I love how supportive ryland is!! it makes my day!! i love my dads lol

  9. CandyGirl

    CandyGirl3 days ago


  10. CandyGirl

    CandyGirl3 days ago

    16:45 i CANNOT

  11. XxxIvyXx x

    XxxIvyXx x3 days ago

    13:54 NU SHANE

  12. Neelanshi b

    Neelanshi b4 days ago

    Who's here after Daddy G is gone? 😢😂

  13. Hailey Ralls

    Hailey Ralls5 days ago

    I’m late, but did anyone else realize that the place they parked to do the car tour was the ace families old house??? Or is that just me 🤣 I love y’all though😍😍😍

  14. Olivia Phillips

    Olivia Phillips5 days ago

    If u watch one of Shane’s old vids he literally said that he would NEVER get there dog\kid one of the tiny cars lol

  15. Dark Silhouette

    Dark Silhouette8 days ago

    Not even a g wagon tho is a ML63 AMG .... EXPOSED

  16. Leah Bray

    Leah Bray10 days ago

    Name the G Betty and the dog Queen👑👑

  17. Mr. KCB

    Mr. KCB11 days ago

    real G-wagon back seats fold down... did he get a u-haul endorsement? or have another $30 + extra insurance to burn? i'm confused too, shane.

  18. Soccer Life

    Soccer Life17 days ago

    6:46 that dance was everything

  19. Neptune nova

    Neptune nova18 days ago

    dose anyone find it funny that their dogs have a better car then thum

  20. imma gacha tuba

    imma gacha tuba21 day ago


  21. XxCrashxX

    XxCrashxX22 days ago

    You guys already named it Honey but I think you should have named it TEAAA

  22. Claire Miller

    Claire Miller24 days ago

    Shane: watch out, backin up, big ass coming through 😂😂 So relatable 😂😂

  23. Edward Murray

    Edward Murray25 days ago

    That’s not a g wagon

  24. Erinn Kunkle

    Erinn Kunkle25 days ago

    Why are you so ADORABLE??

  25. Team 12

    Team 1226 days ago

    I was waiting for Shane to drive into the pool lol!!

  26. Sofea Richie LGBTQ

    Sofea Richie LGBTQ27 days ago

    Ryland:Hhhhh a trailer behind the G??Me carrying my problems Me: Laugj in pain cuz i felt that through my fucking bones and skull you don't even know

  27. Art by The ocean

    Art by The ocean28 days ago

    Name your dog gg

  28. Marry Popawa

    Marry PopawaMonth ago

    "this is why people hate white people" Profound.

  29. WdwXdolans

    WdwXdolansMonth ago

    11:58 I kept annoyed when the song kept stopping for ryland to talk🤣

  30. Leslie Quino

    Leslie QuinoMonth ago

    Name the new dog honey

  31. Jordan Harrison

    Jordan HarrisonMonth ago

    The ML 63 is a completely different car to a G 63

  32. Shelley Bancroft

    Shelley BancroftMonth ago

    I Love that Ryland uses toothpaste on his zits! I used to do that too and it always worked 😁

  33. XxxKillaXxx !

    XxxKillaXxx !Month ago

    Ryland dropping tracks? 🔥 Daaaang

  34. Braxton Newbold

    Braxton NewboldMonth ago

    911 what is you’re emergency? Their is some wired man on top of a rental truck sticking his butt up in the air please hurry with guns drawn

  35. Kaitlin Wilkens

    Kaitlin WilkensMonth ago

    HA LOL

  36. phoenix feather16

    phoenix feather16Month ago


  37. Max Leong

    Max LeongMonth ago

    woah, i just realise when ryland is assembling the Baby G-wagon; the music is sung/rap by none other than he, himself

  38. itsonlyjohn_

    itsonlyjohn_Month ago

    13:44 Mrs. Puff up here! 😂

  39. Trxshy Stories

    Trxshy StoriesMonth ago


  40. Ashley Benson

    Ashley BensonMonth ago

    I don't know what's doing with me but i can get stop watching you do the dumbest stuff 😂

  41. Israel Ferrer

    Israel FerrerMonth ago

    blur your g - wogon

  42. Saharra Marcelino

    Saharra MarcelinoMonth ago

    Morgan: "So this is an all day event?" Ryland: "Oh no I think we'll do it quick bing bang boom" Cut to the next morning where he says it got too dark and he was tired

  43. Nicky Nelson

    Nicky NelsonMonth ago

    I bet the people at Walmart thought they were buying a car for their daughter.

  44. kay lee black

    kay lee blackMonth ago

    Imagine Jeffrey star in that pink gwagon tho iconic,🤣

  45. JamiLa JamiLa

    JamiLa JamiLaMonth ago


  46. sharna 02

    sharna 02Month ago

    Not sure if they needed a van just for that

  47. Davey Andrew

    Davey AndrewMonth ago

    Literally spent my day off work watching Shane and Ryland videos all day.

  48. vanie08200

    vanie08200Month ago

    Ryland: *cheeto ran away from you-* Also ryland: *MmHHmMh* Me: i- okay

  49. Mckenzy Huey

    Mckenzy HueyMonth ago

    You guys should have put Cheeto in there

  50. Niki C

    Niki CMonth ago

    Ok the toothpaste on your face is iconic!

  51. Winter Perry

    Winter PerryMonth ago

    Omg 5:27 did no one notice that license plate?!?!

  52. Sofia Karim

    Sofia KarimMonth ago

    name the dog twinkle or frosty or snowy idk if u named it in 2019 but ye thxx ( she remined me of a twinkie fsr and i thought TWINKIE !

  53. A6Daddy's Sugar Baby

    A6Daddy's Sugar BabyMonth ago

    Why not put your seats down?????? Dumbass

  54. UrBestFriend

    UrBestFriendMonth ago

    I would literally do ANYTHING to be in the Shane and friends squad tho...

  55. Mauro Meleca

    Mauro MelecaMonth ago

    That little "G-Wagon" isn't even a G-Wagon, it's an Mercedes ML AMG

  56. Kayle Lones

    Kayle LonesMonth ago

    Mood : me driving In my j wagon oh I can feel it breaking user my a**