1. Michael Humpherys

    Michael Humpherys12 hours ago

    I hardly consider a HUMMER a exotic. big old piles of crap. You can get so much more with a whole lot less.

  2. Gavin Owens

    Gavin Owens13 hours ago

    Flex enough

  3. Roland Garcia

    Roland Garcia15 hours ago

    Military Grade is not necessarily a good thing. Our HMMWV's are definitely not worth $200,000. More like 5k. You definitely have a civilian variant that's been adapted for street use. So called military grade have trouble reaching 55 MPH

  4. generation X

    generation X19 hours ago

    Fake it til you make it.

  5. Justin Collins

    Justin Collins21 hour ago

    I just found your channel and can’t stop watching love the content.

  6. Up dig up Dig up

    Up dig up Dig upDay ago

    Now drag race them both

  7. Eflida Baluyot

    Eflida BaluyotDay ago

    1:30 too early Alex?

  8. Sherri Chamberlain

    Sherri ChamberlainDay ago


  9. J.Sargent91

    J.Sargent91Day ago

    Only hummer I would buy

  10. Michael Bartels

    Michael BartelsDay ago

    Being in the military.... that hummer is anything but “military grade” not to mention a civilian model 🤷🏼‍♂️...... what even is “military grade” that’s not even a thing and if it was “military grade” would be considered anything that’s a piece of shit. You don’t want a “military grade” Humvee what you have is a billion times better then “military grade” just sayin.... 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Lingenfelter Zee Ohh Six

    Lingenfelter Zee Ohh SixDay ago

    Please please please please don't tell me you paid $200;000 for a modified H1 MILITARY spec!!!????? Hoping it's a civilian model Alpha Edition, You can get AN ACTUAL "ALPHA-Package" H1 luxury civilian model for around $60-80k that wasn't beat up in Iraq and has allll the sound dampening , a ton of luxury equipment , Alpha package comes FACTORY stock wtb the Duramax Diesel AND Allison Transmisison from GM, ALSO is the ONLY H1 that comes from the Factory stock with SELECTABLE FRONT AND REAR LOCKING DIFFERENTIALS. NOW ,...i will say; I just saw that it has ARB air lockers front and rear which are reliable , a new Alllison and Duramax swapped In ,new im assuming, so capability wise it'll be the same as an Alpha, but what I'm saying is if it's a old military spec and they put interior in and did all the rest ,..those can be bought for $10,000 from surplus auctions ,all the other stuff and you'd be looking roughy 60-$70k built that's why I say if that's the case and u paid $200k you got effed. Actually, if uou paid ANYTHING OVER EVEN $100k. You got hosed . Obviously it's not an Alpha because it wouldn't have had the motor and trains swapped or ARB's but there's the civilian luxuriate model a step down from the Alpha ; and the IF YOU put the Duramax /Allison I. And airlockers etc etc , that would be a good build and probably worth $60-75k. Just hoping nothing spent over that for your sake becaue dealers everywhere are getting these surplus H1's beat to shit, painting them doing some cheap crap to them and they're into them $20k and selling for a lot more when they have none of the features. Looks like yours has all the interior pieces and the standard steering wheel not the military wheel so u appear to have a civil A with all the goods swapped,.if that's the case it's bad ass!!!! That weight, wheel base/width, the duramax and Allison and when you lock the diffs. They are seriously unstopanrble . Don't ever lock the front diff on dry road or on the highway!! Really dangerous! When turning off road unlock it and lock it again. If needed. I take back alotnof what I said lol you got the right one!!! A new conversion , new Allison new duramax and new airlockers you'll have hellla reliability with the entire truck so I apologize . (As long as it's a civilian model) 👌 I'm obsessed with H1 Wagons , in your spec in freaking so jealous!

  12. Vinny DiGregorio

    Vinny DiGregorioDay ago

    One thing I noticed beyond any reasonable doubt as a casual viewer is that Choy is NOT a morning person!!

  13. matthew clark

    matthew clarkDay ago

    $200,000 on a 20 year old hummer 😂 they seen you coming from a mile away..🤣

  14. w s l

    w s lDay ago

    the hummer is nice but you glosed right over that copper orange shelby cobra if its real not a replica that was a cherry ride even that teal pickup you didnt keep the camera still enough to tell what it was but that thing was mint

  15. Team Ally Racing

    Team Ally RacingDay ago

    are u compensating for something

  16. Hmmm Yes

    Hmmm YesDay ago

    The Shrewdest of negotiators

  17. Hmmm Yes

    Hmmm YesDay ago

    This is going to turn from DDE to DDM (Daily Driven Monsters)

  18. Brendan Quinlan

    Brendan QuinlanDay ago

    Why does everyone say military grade. Military grade sucks. They take the cheapest contract 😂.

  19. EODtheSEABEE

    EODtheSEABEEDay ago

    "military grade"

  20. Youtube Moderator

    Youtube ModeratorDay ago

    Lol, them 3 or 4 guys all looks like they just finished butt fucking eachother. typical BC-ians

  21. Shao Kahn

    Shao KahnDay ago

    i think you need more random video links in your description, having to scroll for 15 seconds to get past it all isn't enough.

  22. preston geese

    preston geese2 days ago

    it kinda pontless

  23. Evan Gantley

    Evan Gantley2 days ago

    I like the idea of having two of these, wrapped the same color, get your mother to drive in the middle, pull up to Tesco, confuse everyone when your Mam gets out and goes in for the shopping

  24. Kal Willis

    Kal Willis2 days ago

    Now cut a hole in the top of them and put a 50 cal gun turret and go hunting 😂

  25. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson2 days ago

    Wait wait wait wait idk why but hummer for life.

  26. Sano

    Sano2 days ago

    You should buy a Marauder :D

  27. William Falcon

    William Falcon2 days ago

    You don't get the demon because your A little fagit JAP!

  28. big country

    big country2 days ago

    Pointless?? It has good handling for that kind of power and to the wheels what about a 200,000 dollar hummer that's the question dont hate them but way over rated for the price

  29. Jin Cho

    Jin Cho2 days ago


  30. brian k

    brian k2 days ago

    the title tells us what u bought.

  31. Mike Maes

    Mike Maes2 days ago

    Is the one guys nose bent like that from putting it up the anus

  32. BryantAKARed

    BryantAKARed2 days ago

    Not trying to promote myself but yall need an offroad boy judging by yalls last video with the winch and etc.

  33. Mike Yurchison

    Mike Yurchison2 days ago

    I always laugh when people make a big deal about these things. I've driven so many of them all over the place. The regular soft ones and the up-armors. The US, Germany, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and I'm probably forgetting more. But I mean they just turned into a completely normal everyday car, to where they are about as big a deal as the beige 2005 Impala you passed today on the way to work. Ive driven them on any terrain you can think of, through anything you can think of, any kind of weather, I've been shot at, I've ran over an IED, any, you get the point. And it's just funny how people on the outside of the Army like them so much and make such a big deal about them. Yeah, ours aren't nice and shiny, hell, we don't even consider them as an automobile really. More like a tractor or an ATV or something that we use for work. But they are the same thing for the most part with some differences but. Anyway, the things are junk. They might hold up to you beating the crap out of them on the weekends, but so does your neighbors Silverado. But they don't take much more than that. They break all the damn time. I just don't see why anybody would ever want to drive one of they don't have to lol

  34. Petr Urválek

    Petr Urválek2 days ago

    Wide alloy rims make a pussy car from H1. Al least they are black, not alloy polished. :-)))) Beadlocks, that’s the proper stuff!

  35. scott17818

    scott178182 days ago

    duramax swap? why get a throw away diesel engine... should have put a cummins with mechanical fuel pump.. they never break down due to electrical faults... and can be tuned to make LOTs of POWER... you guys are idiots and know nothing about the actual mechanics of any of these cars...

  36. Cameron Martin

    Cameron Martin2 days ago

    Buy a mini truck

  37. TheAlltrackThat DidnotDie

    TheAlltrackThat DidnotDie2 days ago

    Military grade. LMAO 😂

  38. Smaran Awesome tech

    Smaran Awesome tech3 days ago

    Go Choi my man

  39. michael david

    michael david3 days ago

    Congrats on the new hummer

  40. Norman Patterson

    Norman Patterson3 days ago

    I wonder do they make a upgraded convertible top kit for hummer H1 like this one

  41. Viktor Doberstau

    Viktor Doberstau3 days ago

    Sadly the spyker got the ugly steering wheel... I remember there was a wheel that matches the emblem

  42. fjcruise

    fjcruise3 days ago

    These are regular H1s. The military hummers wre Humvees without cushioned seats and etc..

  43. Jay Rogers

    Jay Rogers3 days ago

    Military grade means piece of shit by the way.

  44. june juy

    june juy3 days ago

    Well let me have your 1st one

  45. ALEX

    ALEX3 days ago

    They were giving away H1 Hummers for the price of fully loaded cavalier back in the u can't even touch them now

  46. Jonathan Schuler

    Jonathan Schuler3 days ago

    Lol only the Hummer has glow plugs..

  47. craftermain

    craftermain3 days ago

    Literally the worst fucking car to own

  48. Wolfy C.

    Wolfy C.3 days ago

    Cmon guys! you got it all now almost! I know you guys see that 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS 383 Stroker, I know I do everytime I see that shop, It needs to see some burnouts and car-meets guys! don't let it collect dust and be forgotten!

  49. Chris Rivera

    Chris Rivera3 days ago

    Sounds and loos like a regular humvee to me I drive the all the time they’re stupid and always break down 😂😂😂

  50. WÀBZ

    WÀBZ3 days ago

    That asian kid is so annoying and it shows

  51. xXWeltchXx

    xXWeltchXx3 days ago

    Wen they say h1 is a tank they meant it especially with the Cummins swap

  52. Jack Mossman

    Jack Mossman3 days ago

    asian dude is a twat.. stop trying to be a hardass..

  53. Taddeyboyd76

    Taddeyboyd763 days ago

    Its not a humer it's a humvee

  54. Imhere4real Mccabe

    Imhere4real Mccabe3 days ago

    Your going to pay an extra $100.000 for the gas for the hummers

  55. Sheriff 305

    Sheriff 3053 days ago

    The h1 is not military grade That would be the humvee

  56. Dill n Pickle

    Dill n Pickle4 days ago

    Gotta love entitled rich kids who are now grown up and making their own money

  57. Debraval Reyes

    Debraval Reyes4 days ago

    :15 60 seconds is also how long it takes to get to 60 mph in a hummer

  58. Hacker 666_991 Games

    Hacker 666_991 Games4 days ago

    My friend had a hummer but he sold it because gas costed to much

  59. Nathan Carolan

    Nathan Carolan4 days ago

    you need to contact American Humvee for better ride springs! that way it won't ride like a tank and it'll be a more comfurtable ride

  60. Unchartedplayer15

    Unchartedplayer154 days ago

    You should invite chrisfix to drive it!

  61. Vex82

    Vex824 days ago

    Ill bet in pink slip that my lada niva would go where this things cant folow

  62. megapet777

    megapet7774 days ago

    Wow I want a hummer o.o

  63. Max .T

    Max .T4 days ago

    I really like the positive vibes from Steve keep him around

  64. Brandon Cafe

    Brandon Cafe4 days ago

    1:55 don't drive over bumblebee

  65. sofarsogood 1

    sofarsogood 14 days ago

    Choi u little noodle with no feelings

  66. NIX

    NIX4 days ago

    they could never buy my car! "NO AMOUNT OF MONEY WILL CONVINCE ME TO SELL MY EM1" and i live in Toronto Canada

  67. Meat Motorsports

    Meat Motorsports4 days ago

    you can get a military hummer in the usa for under 40k usd hell ive come across them for 5k every now and then

  68. Meat Motorsports

    Meat Motorsports4 days ago these are real military grade

  69. Hayden Koehn

    Hayden Koehn4 days ago

    Put a Cummins in it

  70. lowce

    lowce4 days ago

    such a pointless 70k car

  71. lowce

    lowce4 days ago

    why just why

  72. R. Dillon

    R. Dillon4 days ago

    Curious, what makes you say “$200k military upgrades”? I was in the military and both of these are furthest from “mil spec” since they allowed woman in combat MOS.......No offense ladies.....just saying.

  73. Mr.Unknown Cali-Life

    Mr.Unknown Cali-Life4 days ago

    I wish I had money to buy one, it’s my dream to take to pismo and stuff

  74. Minion Moto

    Minion Moto4 days ago

    put in a 6.7 powerstroke engine in that dang thing.


    METHODICSMILE4 days ago

    As a marine with a license to drive HMMWV's, this is defenitly better than military grade, your better off making it sound better than saying military grade mate.

  76. This Is Merica

    This Is Merica4 days ago

    Hes got a good ass point woth the demon. Never been in one, but if its anything like a hellcat, its absolutely the most sketchy thing on any turns.

  77. Quinten Dewit

    Quinten Dewit4 days ago

    # when you have enough money

  78. Geja Perez

    Geja Perez4 days ago

    can you plz dilever it to me plz

  79. zach stathakos

    zach stathakos4 days ago

    Co-Pilot's full name is Ted, Ted Bunny.

  80. Mathew Ausburn

    Mathew Ausburn4 days ago

    Learn to climb with the hummers

  81. zoe frazier

    zoe frazier4 days ago

    Where do y'all buy them from because I thought they don't make them any more

  82. Keon R.

    Keon R.4 days ago

    They bought them used.

  83. Illuminati aqi

    Illuminati aqi5 days ago

    Take of those glasses

  84. Keagen Bond

    Keagen Bond5 days ago

    Hummmmm hum bros😂

  85. Mellojellocube

    Mellojellocube5 days ago

    He talking shit bout mah demon lol

  86. Mister Bean

    Mister Bean5 days ago

    I smell drugs, this guy has millions of cars not made for the area and roads

  87. kiran gurung

    kiran gurung5 days ago


  88. Double tap Productions

    Double tap Productions5 days ago

    Can they really afford this all from the DDE brand?

  89. Harry Rulez

    Harry Rulez4 days ago

    No for sure..

  90. OfficiallyDurel

    OfficiallyDurel5 days ago

    H1 are like 2 jeep wrangler combined together

  91. Keon R.

    Keon R.4 days ago

    No. Jeeps are more capable off road and on the trails. Hummers are too wide and are made more for cheap durability. They are harder to work on and are too heavy.

  92. jkaeklolber

    jkaeklolber5 days ago

    Hey I made it on the vid haha.. next time in kelowna I'm going to stop by and check out that raptor

  93. zaddr

    zaddr5 days ago

    new jake paul :/

  94. st1300

    st13005 days ago

    These are the oldest 8th graders I've ever seen.

  95. Eym Me

    Eym Me5 days ago

    So there was Bumblebee hiding all along in 1:45 didnt the Decepticons catch him yet 😂😂😂

  96. IronMan164

    IronMan1645 days ago

    That hummer looks like military hummer Lol 🤔😉👌

  97. Raul Morales

    Raul Morales5 days ago

    killing it with the vlogs guys! can't wait to buy my first supercar and hopefully meet you up one day and just shred those tires haha

  98. JC-130

    JC-1305 days ago

    What does military grade mean?

  99. Petr Urválek

    Petr Urválek2 days ago

    Better do’n’t ask. Short haircut?:-))))

  100. Grim Reaper713

    Grim Reaper7135 days ago

    Yall are beast with it much love from Houston Texax

  101. someone someone

    someone someone5 days ago

    For someone that is supposed to know cars he should know there is no military hummer. Military hummers are humvees not hummers. Hummers are downgraded to put the luxury in them humvees are all business.

  102. william anderson

    william anderson17 hours ago

    +someone someone if you paid attention ....they were calling the mil spec versions..Humvees too....and referencing mil version as Humvees...again no one in the military calls them anything but "trucks" no uses the proper nomenclature. Not even motor-t personnel

  103. william anderson

    william anderson17 hours ago

    +someone someone ... my name isnt on anon... 10 years 2 months and 2 days in USMC as an 03 Infantryman... Retired medically as a combat your attempt to one up is weeeeaaakk...public info man... 2006-2016. Look me up

  104. someone someone

    someone someone2 days ago

    +william anderson If you were really in the service you would know the difference between the hummers in the vids and a military version. These are not military grade like it says. I almost bought a real military version not these car dealership hummers.

  105. someone someone

    someone someone2 days ago

    +william anderson The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or Humvee, was created as a light, multipurpose, off-road vehicle that would supersede the venerable jeep and other light trucks. Its first acronym, HMMWV, was unpronounceable, so the name Humvee was adopted by the U.S. Army.

  106. william anderson

    william anderson3 days ago

    theres no such thing as "humm-vees" in the US Military. they are HMMWV .... to anyone in the military...we just call them trucks....Highly Mobile Muti Wheeled Vehicle is the correct nomenclature....signed... a USMC vet !! Errraaahhh

  107. Tom Abramoff

    Tom Abramoff5 days ago

    this is so cringe

  108. Mateusz Wardak

    Mateusz Wardak5 days ago

    M6 !!! take M6 !!!!! !!!!

  109. Mike Andrew

    Mike Andrew5 days ago

    Whats the music?

  110. Travis Randolph

    Travis Randolph6 days ago

    I LOVE y’all buying these Hummers!!!!! Straight up gold! 😎🤙🏽