The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death


  1. Joshua Flinn

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  2. Madison Rose

    Madison RoseHour ago

    Not me! HAH Yet again I'm not in college or that stuff soooo MEH

  3. kawaii gacha Smith

    kawaii gacha Smith2 hours ago

    Jaiden: raise your hand if you've ever sacrificed physical mental and/or emotional health to over work yourself into an extremely depressive state of mind that takes days to recover from in hopes to be happy with the results knowing it's probably not going to be worth it in the end! Everyone: *raises hand* Jaiden: R.I.P

  4. Norma Perez

    Norma Perez3 hours ago

    Have you seen the tear drop it says r.i.p in 0:17

  5. Brain Of Confusion

    Brain Of Confusion11 hours ago

    6:12 *THEN DO IT, YA DUMMY!*

  6. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi12 hours ago

    I think the most ironic part about this is the fact how I’m working on an assignment I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into as I’m watching this video

  7. deezbiskits

    deezbiskits12 hours ago

    did you overwork today yes.... what did it take? *everything*

  8. Licht-Productions

    Licht-Productions15 hours ago

    Me:( Slowly raises hand whilst tones of papers appear out of nowhere and school yeets more on out of nowhere ) Also Me: STOP NO DON’T OVERWORK YOURSELF!!! DUMB DUMB!!!

  9. SpiritedGacha YT

    SpiritedGacha YT19 hours ago

    Definition of a child Free will? Nope! Money? Rarely to NOPE! Say in things? What's that? Forced to do what your parents want? Yup!

  10. toxic Mac

    toxic Mac21 hour ago

    AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cccccooooooofffffeeeeee🍵

  11. Jay Cabrillos

    Jay Cabrillos22 hours ago

    if u ate chocolate everytime will your puke turns brown (because of the chocolate hehe)

  12. Lynnzee

    LynnzeeDay ago

    When she was figuring out how long ago she dropped out with math, I thought that was actually a 5 but it was backwards 2:02

  13. Fortnite noob Rogregez

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  14. Garen Dillon

    Garen DillonDay ago

    I have the opposite problem, but not as bad. It takes alot to get into somthing .

  15. Boom Boy18

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  16. Ifairycat Starymoon

    Ifairycat StarymoonDay ago

    But for doing artwork I am not burned out because of it just because I do smaller steps on the project.

  17. Ifairycat Starymoon

    Ifairycat StarymoonDay ago

    Yeah after thinking about it, I raised my hand for the question did you ever overwork yourselves

  18. GamingPapyrus Grasso

    GamingPapyrus GrassoDay ago

    This video explains me and Honework. Thanks Jayden! :D

  19. Changling Spy

    Changling SpyDay ago

    Random guy: wait I thought you were a farmer. Chocolate eating lumber-farmer: no one asked you........... *creepily goes into the bushes while saying :* shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. lockspurt domader

    lockspurt domaderDay ago

    You eat three bannas. Each day? Off

  21. Dude decent

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  22. Dude decent

    Dude decentDay ago

    I did 7 pages out of 10 when I had 3 other partners and they still did nothing so I had to finish it in 1 hour.

  23. Dogz Gaming

    Dogz GamingDay ago

    NO! I’ve already risked my life 4 times! (Also idc.) :)

  24. Spider - Sam Noir

    Spider - Sam NoirDay ago

    Okay maybe in the future this will happen, I'm still yough. Hopefully not

  25. Spider - Sam Noir

    Spider - Sam NoirDay ago

    0:12 *Doesn't raise hand*

  26. LoboDeSombra 861

    LoboDeSombra 8612 days ago

    I literally just pulled an all-nighter last night, scrambling to finish my science final. .......... I’m sorry Jaiden!!

  27. Elizabeth Lazar

    Elizabeth Lazar2 days ago

    This advice is awesome, especially for college students

  28. Silvith Tello

    Silvith Tello2 days ago

    Watching this video while overworking myself That's great ((I love your content))

  29. Rosa- chan

    Rosa- chan2 days ago

    I don't know how to do self care

  30. Orang Asing

    Orang Asing2 days ago

    6:17 when you running out of Ink In Splatoon online multiplayer but the time Is running out be like....

  31. Ahab the Elder Yautja

    Ahab the Elder Yautja2 days ago

    Watching Jaiden animation* *I could be working**

  32. Lionheart Chi

    Lionheart Chi2 days ago

    Average life School Day Wake in 5:30AM Eat breakfast 5:40AM Go to school 6:00A.M 7:00 - 4:00P.M school day 4:30PM home and watching youtube 6:00PM eat dinner 10:00PM sleep No school 8:00 wake up 8:20 eat breakfast play game 1PM lunch 2:20-4:00PMComputer games 6:00PM dinner 7:00PM phone 10:00 fake sleeping 11:00 3:00AM or 5:00 depends :Dont sleep and watch anime or read wattpad I know my schedule is a mess😅

  33. Comet Wolf

    Comet Wolf2 days ago

    Give us a new fucking video

  34. Smøl._. Pøtatø

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  35. N00bTV

    N00bTV3 days ago

    Most people died in Ahm... MOST ANI-CITIZENS died.

  36. Leo Limited Edition

    Leo Limited Edition3 days ago

    DID YOU KNOW that cheese is made of moon rock?

  37. Not Sure

    Not Sure3 days ago

    1:18 confince myself i'm in control and it's not. All that voice makes me sick

  38. Tropical storm Ryan

    Tropical storm Ryan3 days ago

    Is it weird that the only experience i've had with overworking myself is while playing video games?

  39. Mark Lewry

    Mark Lewry3 days ago

    **raises hand**

  40. Lauren Couvillon

    Lauren Couvillon3 days ago

    is it bad that i’m watching this during finals week instead of studying? it keeps me sane, ok?

  41. LaneyIsAFrickinSaint UwU

    LaneyIsAFrickinSaint UwU3 days ago

    4:39 I want my tombstone to say: "I dissapointed Jaidenanimations :("

  42. vigen the gamer

    vigen the gamer3 days ago

    I get a taste of this every time I have homework due, and it's an unreasonable amount of work. Frickin school system. I literally just tossed my pen against the wall put of anger and stress.

  43. Hollywood Dream

    Hollywood Dream3 days ago

    Hey jaiden, I think I have anxiety. It’s not social Anxiety. I’m an actress so I can’t have social Anxiety. But I do have anxiety about my stomach pain because I have emetophobia wich is the fear of throwing up. So I get so worked up if I’m sick. But when I’m scared my stomach hurts. Then I’m even more terrified. I don’t get headaches but it kinda feels like I wanna faint. It is terrible. Do have any advice for me? Please. 😅

  44. sil black Myers

    sil black Myers4 days ago

    Pokemon ball lol

  45. Whattum

    Whattum4 days ago

    *Raises hand aggressively*

  46. MimitehDragon

    MimitehDragon4 days ago

    what sucks is after a couple days of "crunch time" im burnt out for the rest of the week and cant get ahead in next weeks projects.. which results in another crunch time... this is every single week.. until the semester is over.....

  47. Brenden McKay

    Brenden McKay4 days ago

    Yep. I had to make a rap song for Math wich I only had 3 days to make it. Its takes a day to make the beat and a day to makr the lyrics. And I need to have it perfect. My mic also broke. So I had to use my old one. I was up all night for 3 days straight. Now I hate that rap.

  48. Cedric Wohlan

    Cedric Wohlan4 days ago

    The Most of the hands could be from my father

  49. BacterYT

    BacterYT4 days ago

    2:12 omG the bRaIn!

  50. Justin Cobb

    Justin Cobb4 days ago

    Jaiden: if your a cashier Lumberjack: I am a cashier Jaiden: PLEASE STOP!!!

  51. Justin Cobb

    Justin Cobb4 days ago

    I don’t like chocolate because I ate so much of it one night and then got sick the next morning

  52. Herli Nata

    Herli Nata4 days ago

    I have ever ate a hardended plastic(this has nothing to do in the video)

  53. Mike Lui

    Mike Lui4 days ago

    XD She asked somebody about what burnout is They explained back Jaiden says: “K thx ur the best now I’ll go steal that idea and use it in a video and sound super intelligent.” That, up there, is logic for you. *clap*

  54. Virgil Sanders

    Virgil Sanders4 days ago

    **raises hand**

  55. Ender Genesis

    Ender Genesis4 days ago

    Adam,me,you and James will never be in a loop because our lives are so crazy and fun and stuff

  56. Ender Genesis

    Ender Genesis4 days ago

    My favourite character is deku

  57. Ender Genesis

    Ender Genesis4 days ago

    Jaiden do ya watch my hero academia

  58. Thomas Parsons

    Thomas Parsons4 days ago

    Everything you say is a mood. I’d say that being Jaden is a mood, but it’s so relatable that that isn’t descriptive enough. Being Jaden is a complete lifestyle, in a really meta sort of way.

  59. Fury Gamer

    Fury Gamer4 days ago

    That’s opposite for me I hate working

  60. Koala

    Koala4 days ago

    More expresso, less ‘depresso

  61. Eric Hass

    Eric Hass5 days ago

    The best advice i ever learned about work is "When you walk out that door, Leave work there, Don't bring it home" and i think the Japanese did a study that people who left work when they are supposed to and left the work at work are actually more productive. It has helped keep me sane over the years, But if you work from home how can you leave it..... Can science answer this?

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    Jaiden can you subscribe to me please

  63. Pammsa

    Pammsa5 days ago

    What ex-farmer-now-lumberjacks-with-chocolate-as-their-favorite-candy-viewers do you have?

  64. David M

    David M5 days ago

    Great Impersonation of ginganinja😂

  65. eddy maldonado

    eddy maldonado5 days ago

    3:11 to 3:15 reminds me of spongebob when he forgot his name.

  66. ParaEwie

    ParaEwie5 days ago

    I'm probably gonna be in that 46% of Americans

  67. Denise Küster

    Denise Küster5 days ago

    1:56 *moves chair three feet away from the computer* I'm sowwy..

  68. jayjays slime

    jayjays slime5 days ago

    I watch this 12 times when I am burnt out you do not understand how burnt out I am ahh

  69. Xhyle charm Drilon

    Xhyle charm Drilon5 days ago

    *RAISES HAND* "the last school year i didnt stop righting notes till graduation😐😐"

  70. Ara

    Ara5 days ago

    Is it just me or when you start middle school. Life is hell, And you sleep about 3 hours. Atleast i do...

  71. Cdount SSBM

    Cdount SSBM5 days ago

    Jaiden: “ doing the same exact thing is a formula for absolute misery” Me: “ I go school everyday sooo.......”

  72. The J

    The J5 days ago

    I see your problem Jaiden. You're just eating bananas every meal of the day. Taking the therapy illustration seriously.

  73. Gemma Walsh

    Gemma Walsh5 days ago

    Jadain can I just say this is the best video you made so far... In my opinion :D

  74. Bianca Macaraig

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  75. RAGA257

    RAGA2575 days ago

    I pulled an all nighter........ To watch anime

  76. artichoke dan

    artichoke dan5 days ago

    0:56 : yall xanax is an anxiety med that calms you down and makes you sleepy, not something you would take if you havent slept in a week, that would be adderall.

  77. WinterAngle_ Season2.7

    WinterAngle_ Season2.76 days ago

    When Jaiden become my new therapist.

  78. Nanagurl 2020

    Nanagurl 20206 days ago

    I have depression (partly)

  79. Nanagurl 2020

    Nanagurl 20206 days ago

    I never sleep basically ever and I am over worked forever

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  81. The Cloud of Fire

    The Cloud of Fire6 days ago

    Why is this the normal thing is society? ..... we should rebel

  82. Jayla Violet

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    *raises hand*

  83. Mary X.

    Mary X.6 days ago

    No that's stepping on a Lego

  84. Max M.

    Max M.6 days ago

    food burnout is real lol

  85. Sara Rainey

    Sara Rainey6 days ago

    This is so good : )

  86. dejvCZ

    dejvCZ6 days ago

    7:32 keep things balanced as all things should be

  87. Adrian Del Real

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    Me too

  88. Games,Vlogs,and More

    Games,Vlogs,and More6 days ago

    I mean why do you have a gun

  89. Games,Vlogs,and More

    Games,Vlogs,and More6 days ago

    Why do you have a fun

  90. Dylan 2018

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  91. IcY KlaW

    IcY KlaW6 days ago

    I have the opposite, procrastination. And it stresses me the hell out, p L eA s E he L p

  92. Game Boy

    Game Boy6 days ago

    minecrft ! )

  93. itsarandomcartridge

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    so i heard "raise your hand if youve ever sacrifices" and then my video buffered so anyway that happenes

  94. unicorns are cool

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    This whole video lololololololololololol or hahahahaha Oh and when you said dont over work your self SCHOOL! YOU ALWAYS OVER WORK! Unless you dont care 😆

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  96. Ink Sans

    Ink Sans6 days ago

    This is me. The person hidden in a blanket burrito 😂. But i try this and I'm still depressed qwq

  97. Aaron Serna

    Aaron Serna6 days ago

    I sleep till 4 am and I'm like one twelve done with my homework. Probably cause I don't do it at school.

  98. Devonimp

    Devonimp6 days ago

    I have never been able to keep up with the pace of modern life, and my efforts have always inevitably made me a little lazier, a little less able to cope, until now, when I don't even know what effort is or how to find it anymore. I'm trying to start a small business with a friend of mine to start to move past this. Hopefully being able to move at my own pace will help me learn to apply myself again XD

  99. Flavia Logan

    Flavia Logan6 days ago

    0:56 Wow. Poor guy.


    TRASH MUFFIN7 days ago

    I can relate through all of those 12 seconds

  101. BacterYT

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