The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death


  1. Boyinaband

    Boyinaband2 months ago

    Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate. ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.

  2. bilingual ppl

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  3. 026 x011

    026 x011Month ago

    Big me

  4. Laila

    Laila2 months ago

    Boyinaband hi Dave

  5. Lilah Shawley

    Lilah Shawley2 months ago

    Boyinaband :/ don't stay in school kids

  6. Martin Torres

    Martin Torres35 minutes ago

    Omg i didn't know i needed to watch this video

  7. SpiritWolf DarkMoon

    SpiritWolf DarkMoonHour ago

    *raises hand*

  8. WildJayAppears

    WildJayAppearsHour ago

    Is it possible to be burned out from life itself?

  9. MemeyPlayz Gacha

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  10. Another Movie Studio

    Another Movie Studio2 hours ago

    Did anybody else notice the lumberjack fire was grey white? 😱

  11. Chloe Hraiky

    Chloe Hraiky2 hours ago

    This is amazing uhm

  12. Nastya Shukhman

    Nastya Shukhman2 hours ago

    I love how passive aggressive she is 😂😂😂😂

  13. Lachlan Dunwoodie

    Lachlan Dunwoodie2 hours ago

    must study....... must study.......... igcse 2morrow........ other igcse next week.......... another week to another 5 internal exams........... faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Super Metal Sonic

    Super Metal Sonic3 hours ago

    Who else is watching this for the first time after watching the music video on it?

  15. Coconut Kidz

    Coconut Kidz3 hours ago

    Don’t think I didn’t notice the title change.

  16. DestroyingNoobler

    DestroyingNoobler4 hours ago

    3:24 look at ari so cute

  17. Lil' Disappointment

    Lil' Disappointment4 hours ago

    anxiety,burnouts,and depression can suck a goose

  18. chibi PaNda

    chibi PaNda4 hours ago

    4:49 GingaNinga refrence!!

  19. Bayar Bekhbat

    Bayar Bekhbat4 hours ago

    Idk why but all the good ideas come in while im trying to sleep so i have to plug a lamp undermy bed and draw or take notes

  20. RBV15

    RBV154 hours ago

    4:45 IceCreamSandwitch!!!!

  21. iFire DV3

    iFire DV35 hours ago

    I ran 6.1 miles on Sunday

  22. Ash Paws

    Ash Paws5 hours ago

    4:48 thats GingaNinjaOwo

  23. Mask333 LOL

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  24. KawaiiKittenlovers Aka:Anija Robinson

    KawaiiKittenlovers Aka:Anija Robinson6 hours ago

    Me when I’m trying to sleep and my mom asks:where is my purse? 1:43 IS ME WHEN IM ASLEEP

  25. Prisim YT

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  26. Xboxalypse84 YT

    Xboxalypse84 YT6 hours ago

    It’s weird but at 7:50 aka end card start reverse ten seconds from that it’s weird but funny

  27. PixelBubbleGum *moved*

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  28. Tyler Burns

    Tyler Burns7 hours ago

    *Raises Hand*

  29. Infinity Wolf Gaming YT

    Infinity Wolf Gaming YT7 hours ago

    The sad thing is, I used to and still work hard without getting praised. It's just the perfect amount too, and so that makes me want to work harder because I just want to be noticed. . . Y_Y Anyways, once I worked so hard that I legitimately had a freaking migraine. Send halp plaze. It also doesn't help due to the fact that I have : Depression, Anxiety, Paranoia, ADHD, OCD, Insomnia, Very very VERY Low Self Esteem, and most of all, well, actually everything sucks. ;-; Don't feel bad for me, I already have enough to deal with. :T Anyways LOVE THE VIDEOS JAIDEN ;.D

  30. Meowsers The robot

    Meowsers The robot7 hours ago

    I get stressed out because of school and my mom working I hate both of those I’ve been so emotional and embarrassed about it

  31. John Vazquez

    John Vazquez7 hours ago

    I’m de

  32. Audrey Zhou

    Audrey Zhou7 hours ago

    3:23 aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!Ari

  33. Luxxias

    Luxxias7 hours ago

    im the exact opposite, i have no motivation

  34. Luxxias

    Luxxias7 hours ago

    funny enough it’s somewhat understandable why someone would take xans while not sleeping for a week

  35. Shadow Lordd 22

    Shadow Lordd 228 hours ago

    Hi my name is (insert name here) I’m gray

  36. DahMewMixer

    DahMewMixer8 hours ago

    Working Harder when you can be Working HARDEST!! Working HARDEST when you could be...

  37. Scadelapers

    Scadelapers8 hours ago

    did you rename this

  38. Jodie Smith

    Jodie Smith8 hours ago

    What if I'm perfect... but I'm a subscriber that bought all ur merch....😲 if u don't trust me I mind as well unsubscribe ,not be a new patron and not ever consider being a follower......😧😧😧😧

  39. Bayonjazzin idk

    Bayonjazzin idk9 hours ago

    PFFFFFFFT, those homework guys ha, in fourth grade i had 2 reports 24 pages of homework and 4 test to study all due tomorrow! Ha....... *i left that school after 2 years, that actually happened, that night. that night is one i wanted to die in*

  40. Meme Lover

    Meme Lover9 hours ago

    I was eating chocolate while eating this

  41. Minecraftgamer897

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  42. gerardo mondragon

    gerardo mondragon9 hours ago

  43. [TB&TA] Dont_interupt_ boi

    [TB&TA] Dont_interupt_ boi9 hours ago

    0:00 🙋🏻‍♂️

  44. A Red Pig On The Internet

    A Red Pig On The Internet9 hours ago

    Oi im taking a break from work to watch this video

  45. A Red Pig On The Internet

    A Red Pig On The Internet9 hours ago

    Well you're wrong... I actually did I was getting out of our golden caravan (Note - not real gold) and slammed the door on my thumbnail. It was black and blue and completely fell off. It took so long for it to grow back...

  46. Kevin A

    Kevin A9 hours ago

    A Red Pig On The Internet I doubt it

  47. GD Panik

    GD Panik9 hours ago

    but enduring the pain is awesome

  48. GD Panik

    GD Panik9 hours ago

    0:00-0:12 me

  49. marsiie

    marsiie10 hours ago

    yep thats me right now

  50. N Barton

    N Barton10 hours ago

    My friend stayed up till 5:00 am doing homework and had to go to school at 7:45 for 3 days and passed out the next day

  51. hi hi

    hi hi10 hours ago

    * raises hand * YES ME TO

  52. Kit Cat200

    Kit Cat20010 hours ago

    Is it just me, or does anybody else want to know what it feels like to be dead??? Coz I do.

  53. paul neafie

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  54. Tymon Tymon

    Tymon Tymon11 hours ago

    okay(whaching this whily over working myself..............

  55. Feenix The Fennec Fox

    Feenix The Fennec Fox11 hours ago

    Wait, is she in college or not?

  56. Mason Vlogs-Roleplay

    Mason Vlogs-Roleplay11 hours ago

    Me: What if your at scho... Friend: NO ONE ASKED YOU Me: ...

  57. Jared Armbruster

    Jared Armbruster11 hours ago

    I can think of two situations where I overworked myself, one good and one bad. The first was when I worked for a company where I tested cell phones all day, which was probably my favorite job to date. I was testing a mix of a phones from various manufactures and OS'. Brands included Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Apple,etc. OS' included Windows Phone, Android, and of course iOS. My boss had just recently taught me how to test multiple phones at once, which helped my speed a lot. I also had a tray full SIM Cards of all carriers and sizes. At one point was working so fast, I accidentally knocked the tray of SIM Cards on the floor, and they literally spilled everywhere. So I had to get down on the floor and pick up every SIM Card, so I skipped my break to clean up the mess. By the end the SIM Cards were more organized than before, which was nice. The second was the horrible job known as Pripak. I was working 12+ hours a night, making boxes, and occasionally stacking skids, which at least somewhat of a break from the repetition and monotony. It was one those " work until we're done" jobs, which are by far the most annoying if woorking in a warehouse. It felt like I was barely getting enough sleep, yet at the same time, not having enough time for video games, which drove me fucking insane. I kept leaving early because I was such constant pain every night. Eventually the boss lady told me that if I left early again, I would be fired. I clearly explained to her that I wasn't getting enough sleep, and because I had no time for myself, I felt like I was going insane. That same day I finally quit the job, and was glad to get away from production at Pripak. Trust me when I say that 12+ hour shifts are not worth it. Nines and tens aren't that bad, but twelves are absolutely grueling.

  58. Jade the Asshole

    Jade the Asshole11 hours ago

    *raises hand*

  59. Granny Nesquick

    Granny Nesquick11 hours ago

    0:00 to 0:12 ✋✋✋✋✋

  60. Ruby Annas

    Ruby Annas11 hours ago

    Me me me me me me ME!

  61. Florian Bernaczek

    Florian Bernaczek11 hours ago

    Fuck no am not taking personal breaks until I play in a professional soccer team.

  62. •mael •

    •mael •12 hours ago

    Talking about burnout, I had one experience with it, and it was horrible. So I didn’t signed a paper for school in maths ( it was the list of school supplies ) and so the teacher gave me a punishment : to copy *two* times the rules of the school. *two* times. my school is very religious and strict, and the list of rules were *FIVE PAGES LONG*. So I started Saturday, I was thinking "I am gonna finish 5 pages today, so tomorrow i’ll finish!" I did the half of one page this day. Sunday, I started at 1pm, and I was locked in my bedroom until the evening. I didn’t even finish the 5 pages, I was so tired and mad and i was feeling guilty about this. The monday after this sunday, my teacher wasn’t here. Tuesday neither. He was absent, until Thursday. But I had no time to do my punishment, i wasn’t having any hours free to do my homework at school, and i had homework to do. I said to him that I didn’t finish, so he gave me one hour of detention. I had to finish the ten pages in only 48 hours. I was so tired during this weekend. I couldn’t stop crying. My wrist was burning, I didn’t ate, I almost pissed on myself, my life was a mess, I wasn’t even drinking! Hopefully I was done Sunday at 8pm. When I gave him my 8 double copies of writing, he didn’t even thanked me! He just throwed it away on his desk. I’m pretty sure these papers are in his trash now.

  63. BoBeR

    BoBeR12 hours ago

    You are so freaking... AHHH I love you so much!

  64. robot snake20

    robot snake2012 hours ago

    Odd I am doing an all nighter to study and do homework

  65. ella hartmann

    ella hartmann12 hours ago

    Hey at around 4:45 there’s a frame where the layers overlap

  66. josh bennett

    josh bennett12 hours ago

    i have never over worked myself because I'm lazy or maybe it's just that i have but do not think i did over work myself but i do not think so

  67. Kevin A

    Kevin A9 hours ago

    josh bennett it’s ok because Jaiden never did either

  68. Terry Gardner

    Terry Gardner12 hours ago

    I'm Jesus

  69. pedro

    pedro13 hours ago

    After hearing the remix is impossible to not feel like music

  70. Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado

    Andrés Eduardo Clavasquin Regalado13 hours ago

    Well it is also bad to don't do a shit... I need to be a better studient... 🙁 Oh I feel that too... Not being happy with a final result feels... Soo... Depressing...

  71. Lps starburst Sky

    Lps starburst Sky13 hours ago


  72. AquaMarine

    AquaMarine13 hours ago

    im that one kid who lives off of red bull and energizer drinks ._.

  73. WaterBoyz

    WaterBoyz14 hours ago

    idk what to do with my life i juat watch youtube and play games any ideas?

  74. WaterBoyz

    WaterBoyz54 minutes ago

    +Kevin A ok thanks

  75. Kevin A

    Kevin A9 hours ago

    WaterBoyz do something other than that

  76. Polyhectic GD

    Polyhectic GD15 hours ago

    Looks like Boyinaband and Kai, JackSucksAtLife'ss video editor! 5:11

  77. Üks Kaks Puuks

    Üks Kaks Puuks16 hours ago

    0:57 me evryday in school

  78. Magyar GabeN

    Magyar GabeN16 hours ago

    "You can't just keep swinging your axe at trees" Of course, duh, you will turn into a Werebeaver...

  79. dolphiintears

    dolphiintears16 hours ago

    where are all my world most sleep deprived singaporeans at ? :D

  80. Kevin A

    Kevin A9 hours ago

    dolphiintears not here

  81. Feltzer342

    Feltzer34217 hours ago

    Well... apart from either a devil or being a perfect entity in a human body to not ever get burnt out, you could also be a machine or completely void of human emotion.

  82. Meme The Fox

    Meme The Fox18 hours ago

    "Its important to not die" - Jaiden Animations -2018

  83. Meme The Fox

    Meme The Fox18 hours ago

    *Raises hand* ...... Me......

  84. vava EXE

    vava EXE18 hours ago

    I think u saved me from that. Thank U

  85. theas editz

    theas editz18 hours ago

    My dad should watch this

  86. Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim

    Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim19 hours ago

    you need sunscreeeeeeeen sunscreeeeeeeeeen Like if u get the reference

  87. moggles s

    moggles s20 hours ago

    Me 0:00

  88. Cayleen Bonneville

    Cayleen Bonneville20 hours ago


  89. PurplePlayz :3

    PurplePlayz :320 hours ago

    Me 🤚

  90. Keira Fraser

    Keira Fraser21 hour ago

    I literally stopped what I was doing to raise my hand smh

  91. Tod-dah Happy gaming

    Tod-dah Happy gaming21 hour ago

    Yes I Have Homework probs

  92. クラウンドワンƬΉΣ ᄃЯӨЩПΣD ӨПΣ

    クラウンドワンƬΉΣ ᄃЯӨЩПΣD ӨПΣ21 hour ago

    Look at me!I HAVE EYE BAGS FROM ANIMATING N STUDYING im exactly at And im exactly at1:41-1:49 And i have the exact timetable as you Jaiden if im not working or studying I snap at everyone and always want to finish everything like other could-finish a meme in two hours and finish a amv in one week.. And im still a piece of shit who still cant recover... heeeeeeeelppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri(i accidentalky said ari xD)

  93. milu k

    milu k21 hour ago

    Ok now all I need to do to finish all my work is do the exact opposite of this .w.

  94. christian devis

    christian devis21 hour ago

    i have depersonalization O.O

  95. vernon kacey gala

    vernon kacey gala22 hours ago

    Is it normal to really like waffles like REALLY LIKE WAFFLES

  96. jeff the killer

    jeff the killer22 hours ago

    Hey no no bad Not on the carpet 😂😂😂😂😂

  97. jeff the killer

    jeff the killer22 hours ago

    OK that's funny

  98. tg f

    tg f22 hours ago

    1 like=brings 1 Jaiden to the world

  99. Sam Galaxy

    Sam Galaxy22 hours ago

    I don't think I should be pulling all-nighters at my age.

  100. GamingWithCoffeeDog

    GamingWithCoffeeDog22 hours ago

    **Me at intro** Me: **raises hand**

  101. Evia Shuel Maris L. Vazquez

    Evia Shuel Maris L. Vazquez23 hours ago

    Well Madam,I am a hundred percent burned out!

  102. ThatAlex

    ThatAlexDay ago

    Everyone be talkinh about working too hard and i cant even motivate myself to get out of bed

  103. Amber Deffner

    Amber DeffnerDay ago

    Ok I'm just gonna say this cuz no one pays attention to me anyway but I love ur vids and I sound like everyone else lol bye

  104. The growlingbull

    The growlingbullDay ago

    2:05 nice minecraft and amnesia the dark decent reference

  105. Jade A.

    Jade A.Day ago

    what if i take longer breaks than work & i procrastinate it in the end ?

  106. Phoenix&Dragon

    Phoenix&DragonDay ago

    Ok im the same exept its like ,mainly drawing and sleeping although give me a bag of chips or any amount of Nutella i will unconsciously eat it until its gone then ill be like "where'd it go i was about to eat Tht"

  107. Krogan Popy

    Krogan PopyDay ago


  108. Bluebunny2018 Bunny2018

    Bluebunny2018 Bunny2018Day ago

    Iv burted my self

  109. Strandburger

    StrandburgerDay ago

    4:49 Holy shit that's me. Last school year, I took drawing as an elective course and I was really into it and improving myself in the class, and trying to bring out like my inner potential in drawing or something and create some masterpieces. Long story short, over time, I began to overwork and stress myself about Drawing class and the projects and assignments that needed to be done. I was a perfectionist and I worked too hard to try to get to that perfection and at the end it wasnt really perfect anyway and the end result was overall not worth all the work I put into it. This course slowly made my life more and more miserable because of the stress and overwork; I started staying up till midnight to work on drawing assignments, and that's what got me into my shitty sleep schedule of an average of about six to five hours of sleep, and it's been five months since that school year has been over and I have escaped that course, and I'm still trapped in the schedule from what Drawing did to me. In the end, I'm glad I did good in the course, but with all that work and time I put into it? And having my health suffer because of it? It had basically killed me, and now I'm not gonna do any drawing for a long time. That school year was not pleasant.

  110. crazy lazy bros

    crazy lazy brosDay ago

    Also I can pull an all-nighter easily have trained myself

  111. Kevin A

    Kevin A9 hours ago

    crazy lazy bros why

  112. crazy lazy bros

    crazy lazy brosDay ago

    Imposible for me to not get overworked I have ADHD I get hyper focused yaa Red Bull monster Mountain Dew kickstart I spent the whole day barely eating just working on a bike

  113. Sky Won't Give Up

    Sky Won't Give UpDay ago

    Jaiden: I moved to L.A!!! I always thought I would live in Arizona Me (lives in az): now ill never get the chance to randomly run into her at the supermarket!