Burnout & Overworking Yourself


  1. Boyinaband

    Boyinaband13 days ago

    Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate. ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.

  2. bilingual ppl

    bilingual ppl13 days ago

    500th something

  3. Laila

    Laila13 days ago

    Boyinaband hi Dave

  4. Lilah Shawley

    Lilah Shawley13 days ago

    Boyinaband :/ don't stay in school kids

  5. 초보자막러열일해랏!

    초보자막러열일해랏!13 days ago

    I'm 497th

  6. Liu Liu

    Liu Liu13 days ago

    eat my pANT

  7. Unlexia

    UnlexiaHour ago

    Mom : HEY, NO NO, BAD. Me : *Holding chocolate* Mom : NOT ON THE FLIPPIN CARPET

  8. Colby Cooper

    Colby CooperHour ago

    First, awesome video like usual. Second of all, I JUST FOUND OUT YOU WERE IN ASDF MOVIE

  9. HnTv

    HnTvHour ago

    cool animation

  10. HnTv

    HnTvHour ago

    wait who was the first person to do a end card

  11. HnTv

    HnTvHour ago

    can i ask a question how long did it take to animate this in real life

  12. HnTv

    HnTvHour ago

    so wait what about if you have an deadline and you really need to work really hard on it like what do you do then you can't just stop and chill when you have a deadline which it close.

  13. Frank Hester

    Frank HesterHour ago

    Hey Jaden I'm animating because of you😊😊😊😊😊

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  21. Pierre Saul Aragones

    Pierre Saul Aragones2 hours ago

    Welcome to LA, Jaiden! We’ve got your back! Just reach out to us :)

  22. Beacon Fire

    Beacon Fire2 hours ago

    I have a eating disorder but,mine is worst than you

  23. Snoopy Supreme

    Snoopy Supreme2 hours ago

    Xanax is a drug you know jaiden

  24. MoonLightEmma xD

    MoonLightEmma xD2 hours ago

    YAY :D thanks for putting me out my misery jaiden :)

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  27. Happy Doggo

    Happy Doggo3 hours ago

    kyuuu~ jaiden is da best!!! ❤ so much luv for u and your frens!

  28. Armando Saturnino

    Armando Saturnino3 hours ago

    Hey take a break from MReporter and go do the stuff like go somewhere or idk just have fun

  29. Anthony Brain

    Anthony Brain3 hours ago

    when im doing homework i want a break cus im dead but im not allowed

  30. Dino Dog 2000

    Dino Dog 20004 hours ago

    Hi Jaiden

  31. Joxs Myu Tryxs

    Joxs Myu Tryxs4 hours ago

    H-hi,I'm really like videos !😊

  32. nala's world

    nala's world4 hours ago

    3:52 thats my now insult

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  34. Castro6967

    Castro69675 hours ago

    Jaiden Marx Animations

  35. azuolas azuolas

    azuolas azuolas5 hours ago

    Can you do more gba gaming pls?

  36. James Kindrick

    James Kindrick5 hours ago

    You gonna eat that waffle you threw at the door? It looked good. I want it. If I'm not working, then I'm being lazy. So I just accepted that I'm a lazy nobody that will never amount to anything ever.

  37. Blank TeamBlank

    Blank TeamBlank5 hours ago

    *its empty...*

  38. WhimsyHeath

    WhimsyHeath6 hours ago

    My problem is I don't do enough work, then due dates happen, and then I overwork, and feel like die

  39. Đức Lê

    Đức Lê6 hours ago

    4:48 she looks familiar

  40. Chriss Christov

    Chriss Christov6 hours ago

    Good girl ❤

  41. Ivan Play

    Ivan Play6 hours ago

    ГДЕ ВИДЕО!!??

  42. Ivan Play

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  43. Bryan Neblett

    Bryan Neblett6 hours ago

    I'm pulling an allnighter

  44. Waffle CRAZY

    Waffle CRAZY6 hours ago

    But i DO like chocolate 🍫

  45. MechaSpaceGodzilla

    MechaSpaceGodzilla6 hours ago

    *raises hand*

  46. dynasticplayz

    dynasticplayz7 hours ago

    Hi Mr Tibbles

  47. Andreia Pais

    Andreia Pais7 hours ago

    Wow that was amazing and really funny! You just won another subscriber and you'll be someone I'll look up to :D

  48. JonnoTheJP Fan

    JonnoTheJP Fan7 hours ago

    *One time my mommy bought corn dogs for my family and she gave us all two but I wanted three and she said no so I stole one of my brothers corn dogs and I slapped it on the floor and eateded it in the corner of my couch ha dab*

  49. NerdyPinkLeopard Animates

    NerdyPinkLeopard Animates7 hours ago

    I got sick both semesters for finals because of stress

  50. mats og gamer vennene

    mats og gamer vennene8 hours ago

    hehe jaiden you think that is a bad routine i wake up at 5 am and fall asleep 00.30 but i do not burn my self out

  51. Tionna_H 🌹💐

    Tionna_H 🌹💐8 hours ago

    overworking is fun! end me

  52. Animal Games

    Animal Games8 hours ago

    Jaiden I saw you as an animation on a ad 4 better than tinder(don’t ask why I saw that plz) and it was just your character and your art style pulling up your shirt to show your you know......Idk maybe someone stole your character for a xes meetup thing I would search and get it off of there.

  53. ben roblox

    ben roblox8 hours ago

    My random thoughts pt 3

  54. Prince MC

    Prince MC9 hours ago

    I subbed. k.


    CUVYLEE9 hours ago

    GASP!!!!! GINJANINJAOWO!!!!!! 4:47

  56. Ultra Cow

    Ultra Cow9 hours ago

    7:21 I am a lumberjack. *w i L L Y o U C u T T h A t OuT*

  57. Melodias ROJAS

    Melodias ROJAS9 hours ago

    this hapened to me the first year of amatear box *sorry my inglish*

  58. Hyun 3399

    Hyun 33999 hours ago

    Raise my both hand and leg

  59. ddable

    ddable9 hours ago

    2:11 That Amnesia reference.

  60. Beatrice Brewer

    Beatrice Brewer9 hours ago

    I am only in year 6 and i already am staying late for science homework

  61. Yuuga Aoyama

    Yuuga Aoyama10 hours ago

    I didn't sleep all summer. FIGHT ME

  62. Salty Pretzel

    Salty Pretzel10 hours ago

    5:32 was that a holes reference

  63. GameDev 1224

    GameDev 122410 hours ago

    Jaiden sometimes reminds me of Mable from Gravity Falls.

  64. Waffle Devery

    Waffle Devery10 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden, I discovered your channel not too long ago, I've binged watched all of your videos. you're amazing!

  65. Angel._. Animated

    Angel._. Animated10 hours ago

    I AM getting a bird like you and it’s name is going to be jacy

  66. Reel Neel

    Reel Neel10 hours ago

    Don't Search her up in p@#/hub

  67. IceZZZ

    IceZZZ10 hours ago

    THIS WAS SO great

  68. Lps sweet summer aj Banana

    Lps sweet summer aj Banana10 hours ago

    Oml we only live an 1 away *inhale* eeeh know one cares I’m a random comment

  69. Intergalactic Human Empire

    Intergalactic Human Empire10 hours ago

    0:11 Me, but it was totally worth it in the end

  70. Daniella Henneh

    Daniella Henneh11 hours ago

    When the vitamin gummies kick in 0:

  71. Mantrell McRath

    Mantrell McRath11 hours ago

    Ginja lol

  72. Geli Saturn

    Geli Saturn11 hours ago

    i just overworked myself..........................yesterday

  73. *You must pay 49.99 to get the username*

    *You must pay 49.99 to get the username*11 hours ago

    Its funny when you're almost exactly like me

  74. Zokar Eldrin

    Zokar Eldrin11 hours ago

    I relate very much, especially because I am currently overworked. Also her videos are amazing and her animation keeps getting better.

  75. Lil’ Mew

    Lil’ Mew12 hours ago

    *Raises Hand.*

  76. Jacob Flythe

    Jacob Flythe12 hours ago

    Just the kind of vid I needed. I'm still learning how to deal with both work and school as dealing with the two is very new to me. Thank you Jaiden (=

  77. Gabriela Ramos

    Gabriela Ramos12 hours ago

    I do not do the same thing every day 😺

  78. Zilcee's Universe

    Zilcee's Universe12 hours ago

    *but I like school.*

  79. Kate Shippe

    Kate Shippe12 hours ago

    I do not like it co

  80. syihannn__

    syihannn__12 hours ago

    *Jaiden.. I LOVE YOU*

  81. the squirrel den

    the squirrel den13 hours ago


  82. alexis kang

    alexis kang13 hours ago

    somehow relatable exept im still in school ....... at least i dont suffer it to much

  83. LindenAnimation

    LindenAnimation13 hours ago

    Jaiden: So say you like chocolate... Person: I do like chocola- Jaiden: NO ONE ASKED YOU. *i never knew Jaiden had a dark side*

  84. Samah Suliman

    Samah Suliman13 hours ago

    Can you do a video of sibling stories? Like did you guys get along or argued a lot growing up?

  85. Someone A person

    Someone A person13 hours ago

    -rasis hand-

  86. Anissa Ferguson

    Anissa Ferguson13 hours ago

    I’ve been there

  87. Billy bansi

    Billy bansi13 hours ago

    I was I could hit the like button twice

  88. Williom Gonzo

    Williom Gonzo13 hours ago

    You were in MReporter’s react

  89. Jon walker

    Jon walker13 hours ago

    I am a paramedic, on average I work 80-112 hours a week. A week. And that is not anything abnormal for those of us that work on an ambulance. Getting to sleep about 3-4 hours a night get old but you get used to it. Plus you deal with the stress of the job. You become very burned out lol. It only takes a short amount of time before you never want to be on an ambulance again. And that sucks considering most of us get into this field to help people but by end of the first year you hate those same people because they are keeping you from getting some very needed rest.

  90. Rainbow Snowflake

    Rainbow Snowflake13 hours ago

    I shouldn't be laughing this loud this late when everyone in my house is sleeping but HERE I AM

  91. Nightbeast567

    Nightbeast56713 hours ago

    You should know when you do the MReporter challenge videos your face is revealed

  92. Agent Wolf

    Agent Wolf13 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden how can I control myself during an anxiety attack

  93. ninja pug

    ninja pug13 hours ago

    How come the past three videos have been so sad and serious I mean it's not bad but it is

  94. besides

    besides13 hours ago



    ROBOT ARTS13 hours ago

    How many fps, are ur animations?

  96. No One

    No One13 hours ago

    *No one asked you* Me: I didn’t ask for anyone.

  97. Garrett Byrd

    Garrett Byrd13 hours ago

    I want everyone to tell me what’s better fortnite or pubg I like fortnite but who knows maybe you can change my mind

  98. kaleiya.brielle

    kaleiya.brielle14 hours ago

    I feel like die - description

  99. ROWEN a boat

    ROWEN a boat14 hours ago

    i like how daves mustache was part red

  100. Abigail chang

    Abigail chang14 hours ago

    Jaiden: If any of my animators pulled an all-nighter, there fired. *Jaiden goes to animators* Jaiden: Hey! Did anyone pull an all-nighter! *Everyone raises hand* 0:16 RIP

  101. Alex Lupo

    Alex Lupo14 hours ago

    Now that I think about it ari (jaidens parakeet) and jock (jontrons parakeet) should have a death battle.

  102. RLS0812

    RLS081214 hours ago

    Must be nice being WEALTHY enough to actually pay for real professional mental health treatment !

  103. Mr. Tardis

    Mr. Tardis14 hours ago

    Dear Jadian Animations I have been watching your videos for a while now, and I find them funny and amusing, but I was wondering, if not too much trouble, talk about the future. What you think your future will be, the channel's future will be. And what do you think about A.I? It is an honor if you are reading this, and thank you for your time. A Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer P.S. I raised my hand.

  104. Xedrik Pagdanganan

    Xedrik Pagdanganan14 hours ago

    Currently in architecture school. Yeah...

  105. Anh Minh

    Anh Minh14 hours ago

    7:17 OMG that picture of Bob Ross is SAVAGE

  106. Janelly Sevilla

    Janelly Sevilla14 hours ago

    I will raised my hand and who throws a pokeball a lengendary could be in ther

  107. The Bella Hayden

    The Bella Hayden15 hours ago

    I'm perfect and the devil

  108. MeliRDub Animates

    MeliRDub Animates15 hours ago

    Well what if you only think about overworking but never do it? Is it lazy or overworking yourslef? So much confusion--

  109. Random Ducky

    Random Ducky15 hours ago

    Just like my dad says, if you work at kristycream (probably spelled wrong) you’ll get tired of donuts

  110. William Kelly

    William Kelly15 hours ago

    spice everything up with apples