BURGER KiNG Fights back (this is not an ad)


  1. Edward Mcilwaine

    Edward McilwaineDay ago

    *Takes Off 5 jackets. * 5 Pants *2 pairs of gloves *2 beanies -"It's a little bit chilly out there" -Casey Neistat 2019.

  2. Shreyansh Fofandi

    Shreyansh FofandiDay ago

    You should have named the video It was a Prank (bro)... you know... for old times sake

  3. Andrea Ram

    Andrea Ram3 days ago

    That's awesome!!!

  4. Brian Craig

    Brian Craig4 days ago

    Great donations to incredible organizations.

  5. Irish Anthony

    Irish Anthony5 days ago


  6. Brendan Xanthos

    Brendan Xanthos5 days ago


  7. Snowy

    Snowy6 days ago

    Thumbs Up Casey and Burger King

  8. Felina Sutterfield

    Felina Sutterfield9 days ago

    God I really want some Burger King

  9. Hunter Cooke

    Hunter Cooke9 days ago

    Casey acts all surprised when brands make a bid deal like this but doesn't he know how much influence he has?

  10. Charlos Garcia

    Charlos Garcia9 days ago

    I love Burger King when I’m hungry

  11. v1antbo

    v1antbo9 days ago

    good on BK

  12. Martane

    Martane9 days ago

    A little bit chilly outside. *A little bit chilly outside.*

  13. Valerie Vasquez

    Valerie Vasquez14 days ago

    I got my gift card in the mail! Thanks Casey for the hook up!

  14. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller14 days ago

    Burger King = $6.5 bn company Donates $50,000 That is a tiny amount relatively.

  15. ShishKebab

    ShishKebab12 days ago

    Andrew Miller well, they’re donating and that’s a fair amount

  16. Escher Nadeau

    Escher Nadeau14 days ago

    Guys woooosh

  17. Mike Lunc.

    Mike Lunc.15 days ago

    Burger king marketing still on top

  18. elocutionTv - English Vocabulary and Pronunciation

    elocutionTv - English Vocabulary and Pronunciation15 days ago

    you cannot tell me... that no one wants BK right now, after watching.....

  19. Your local broke gamer :/

    Your local broke gamer :/16 days ago

    KFC left the chat....

  20. Joshua Selley

    Joshua Selley16 days ago

    Burger King employee: "here's your change" Later Casey: "I HAVE NEVER TAKEN ANY MONEY FROM BURGER KING wait…"

  21. Gamer X

    Gamer X9 days ago

    Joshua Selley i like your comment

  22. Flex-Solo

    Flex-Solo17 days ago

    *wendys has left the chat*

  23. Joris

    Joris17 days ago

    Literally got a burger king ad on this video

  24. yesca jasta

    yesca jasta17 days ago

    not a thing that bk giving a bunch of money to some training thing won't fix . make sure Jessy Jackson gets his cut ! get over it stop with the thin skin act !

  25. Nathan the aviation man

    Nathan the aviation man17 days ago

    Was that Peter Griffin

  26. The LEGO brothers

    The LEGO brothers18 days ago

    Popeyes have left the chat

  27. Damnom

    Damnom19 days ago

    What prank

  28. Omega Man

    Omega Man19 days ago

    Neistat looks like a dog. His plastic surgeon uses a shovel.

  29. Yanna Bijlmakers

    Yanna Bijlmakers20 days ago

    No joke after this video i got an ad from Burger King LMAO.

  30. Yoris Yunanda

    Yoris Yunanda21 day ago

    I know you're not promoting or gaining anything from them, but I want a Burger King now

  31. Philipe Pinheiro

    Philipe Pinheiro22 days ago

    OMG Casey, these last videos are like, sooooooo long. you couldve said all that in like 2min

  32. moose boy

    moose boy23 days ago

    You have 11 million followers, your exposure is worth million$ to them.

  33. ale

    ale23 days ago

    *Takes Off 5 jackets. * 5 Pants *2 pairs of gloves *2 beanies -"It's a little bit chilly out there" -Casey Neistat 2019.

  34. SpyWhoShgz

    SpyWhoShgz23 days ago

    I had no idea any of this happened.

  35. Matt C

    Matt C23 days ago

    You didnt take money from burger king , but did you take whoppers?

  36. Play Thing

    Play Thing23 days ago

    'It's a joke' uh, more like a serious commentary with jokes inbetween. I feel more like you're using the term loosely as something to fall back on, and since Burger King actually acknowledged the video you double down on what positively influences them, very biased.

  37. Dayton Jensen

    Dayton Jensen24 days ago

    Is this a paid advertisement

  38. angel garnica

    angel garnica26 days ago

    R/wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh

  39. metaldude

    metaldude28 days ago

    someone needs to make a media outlet that calls out other media outlets for making misleading/false articles lol

  40. Chris Spencer

    Chris Spencer28 days ago

    Oh the shame, I love whopper burgers, I hate standing in line at burger king and eating it.

  41. Thulas Travel Adventures

    Thulas Travel Adventures28 days ago

    Thanks Casey i got my gift card😊

  42. Bonita Tucker

    Bonita Tucker29 days ago

    Thank you. I received my Burger King gift card last week.

  43. Caleb Hartig

    Caleb HartigMonth ago

    Haha! I just got my gift card from BK today! Guess its time to grab a whopper

  44. PorkChopYT

    PorkChopYTMonth ago

    I like McDonald’s go to McDonald’s

  45. Anthony Yershov

    Anthony YershovMonth ago

    lol clearly not a joke

  46. blackl1steddrums

    blackl1steddrumsMonth ago

    So at the end of the day THIS ALL ENDED UP BEING AN AD




  48. KenMakesVideos ZL

    KenMakesVideos ZLMonth ago

    I wonder how the flute kid felt when he saw casey use his audio

  49. Lucas Runte'

    Lucas Runte'Month ago

    I just got a 5 dollar gift card from burger king

  50. Osakattack

    OsakattackMonth ago

    He said he didn't expect the donation, but he totally did. The make a wish foundation is also very suspect.

  51. Amsiekins

    AmsiekinsMonth ago

    LOLLL People are always trolling for gossip.

  52. Brando McJesus

    Brando McJesusMonth ago

    Lol I just got my gift card, thanks bk and Casey neistat

  53. Tommy Robinson V2

    Tommy Robinson V2Month ago

    I laughed at the way you did the first burger king video, but no way man, no way am I buying that it was all a joke and now burger king have given $50,000 and lots of free burgers to your viewers and they also don't want to publicize this....and you want us to believe that it was alllllll a joke? I'm not buying it Casey

  54. I am Noah Vlogs

    I am Noah VlogsMonth ago


  55. Amos Divine

    Amos DivineMonth ago

    Lowkey thought he was gonna say 25 million dollars

  56. D Roj

    D RojMonth ago

    Got my card today! Thank you both Casey and BK :)

  57. Ramon Solorio

    Ramon SolorioMonth ago

    THANKS FOR LUNCH!! Casey Neistat and Burger King!

  58. giannitelli roberto

    giannitelli robertoMonth ago

    this is an awesome story. It's nice to see this kind of attitude from such a huge company

  59. LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer

    LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographerMonth ago

    you see what is happening here ? that is awesome, this is how BIG youtubers should act how? with donations and charities. this is for some youtubers down LA(D.D.E) who burn tires all day thousands of thousands of dollars wasted. So Casey you are definitely more sensitive and human as far as the vulnerable categories is concerned

  60. RenStarFilm

    RenStarFilmMonth ago

    Wow, thats GREAT BURGER KING thank you, and Thank you Casey.

  61. Damajfamily daddy and mommy and joshua

    Damajfamily daddy and mommy and joshuaMonth ago

    I DIDNT get one??? Whaaat seriously ....😥😥😥😍 Love that they gave to the "Boys & Girls Club of America" My son went there growing up when i was a single mom, full time student and worked full time!! Best years of my life too really , love that the boys and girls club was such a great influence on my son!! Ty Casey for being such a positive influence on well....Everyone!!

  62. Jacob Romero

    Jacob RomeroMonth ago

    Picallo < not auto correcting rather explain then spell check but picallo skills over 9000

  63. Mayra Gamez

    Mayra GamezMonth ago

    Thanks Burger King and Casey!! Got my card today!

  64. Mandie Alanzo

    Mandie AlanzoMonth ago

    Oh my god. Just got my gift card! I was so confused! Just a blank Burger King envelope with a Burger King card in it! No note. Then I remembered!

  65. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel RiveraMonth ago

    Mandie Alanzo the same happened to me, my wife was really confused

  66. Yakira Lane

    Yakira LaneMonth ago

    I just got the card

  67. Skoih

    SkoihMonth ago

    Wonder if there were any “Influencer drops the bomb on news media sites!” articles.

  68. guesswho'sme

    guesswho'smeMonth ago

    Mass media mass media, always twisting our words for dramas and some dirty money

  69. Carlos EDC

    Carlos EDCMonth ago

    I want some BurgerKing Now lol

  70. L&J's Adventures

    L&J's AdventuresMonth ago

    Thank you, sir. Just received my giftcard.

  71. Aaron George

    Aaron GeorgeMonth ago

    Slowly eating burger king's burger.........

  72. Bill Chennault

    Bill ChennaultMonth ago

    Got my BK free Whopper coupon from BK today in the mail. WOW... Thank you to all the old people in this world that do not believe in social media as "real" for businesses. YOU make the ad dollars cheaper for entrepreneurs.

  73. Zac McGee

    Zac McGeeMonth ago

    I literally just got the Burger King gift card

  74. The fartmasterfl3x

    The fartmasterfl3xMonth ago

    Zac McGee lucky

  75. bob the builder

    bob the builderMonth ago

    that intro song killed my ears

  76. Kruse Ranly

    Kruse RanlyMonth ago

    Just got back from spring break and saw a letter from BK and completely forgot that they sent out gift cards. Nice little surprise after a day of travel delays.

  77. Caleb Schumacher

    Caleb SchumacherMonth ago

    Dude the gift card came in an unmarked envelope with no explanation. Rofl

  78. Explore Everything

    Explore EverythingMonth ago

    Got the card today, it's for $5.00 right? I forgot and it doesn't say

  79. Skye Roy

    Skye RoyMonth ago

    Just got the Burger King gift card in the mail.

  80. Bashar h

    Bashar hMonth ago

    1 month later ITS HERE!!1

  81. Girth Brooks

    Girth BrooksMonth ago

    Haven’t received anything in the mail, wtf??

  82. WhyTFNews

    WhyTFNewsMonth ago

    Mine just came in the mail!!! I’m so surprised

  83. Hastro X

    Hastro XMonth ago

    Got mine thank you Casey and Bk !

  84. XX_MLGAbijotxX420_MusclesFromBrusslesFREEINDIAXOXO

    XX_MLGAbijotxX420_MusclesFromBrusslesFREEINDIAXOXOMonth ago

    just got my card from burger king. very cool!

  85. 678ytrewq

    678ytrewqMonth ago

    А где его бустед борды ? Все, рекламное время прошло можно выкинул ?

  86. TheCaffeinator

    TheCaffeinatorMonth ago

    ok 1 month 7 days later i got a $5 gift card in the mail from burger king?? ty very cool

  87. Valerie Vasquez

    Valerie Vasquez14 days ago


  88. Nathan Michael

    Nathan MichaelMonth ago

    TheCaffeinator Just got mine today! I guess we are all real fans for seeing the video first.

  89. Sean reed 03

    Sean reed 03Month ago

    just got mine now

  90. Andrew Gough

    Andrew GoughMonth ago

    I got mine about 6 days ago

  91. Bill Chennault

    Bill ChennaultMonth ago

    Same here. Received mine.

  92. Alfarezdeq Nassir

    Alfarezdeq NassirMonth ago

    Just got my card in the mail. So thanks Casey!

  93. Laoofi

    LaoofiMonth ago

    Just got mine too today

  94. Nelson073a

    Nelson073aMonth ago

    I just got mine!

  95. venom5809

    venom5809Month ago

    Ha Ha, just got my $5 card in the mail, thanks. Kind of anticlimactic though, just an envelope with my name on it, no letter inside, doesn't even say the dollar amount, no mention of you or your promotion, nothing. Kind of weird.

  96. Jamie

    JamieMonth ago

    My wife and I got our free Whopper meal cards today... thank for the lunch, Casey!!

  97. Pleeji Thoj

    Pleeji ThojMonth ago

    and thanks burger king! 😆

  98. Foodz

    FoodzMonth ago

    I just got my gift certificate lmao. Thanks Casey and Bk!

  99. tennisace

    tennisaceMonth ago

    All corporations donate and must. This doesn't change anything. Just good press for them.

  100. tennisace

    tennisaceMonth ago

    You are the definition of ''extra''.

  101. mr bean 2007

    mr bean 2007Month ago

    He looks like tik tok from spy kids

  102. Philipp Dias

    Philipp DiasMonth ago

    just got my card in the mail😂

  103. Mike Smitty

    Mike SmittyMonth ago

    me too haha totally forgot about i figured i wasnt gonna get it even though i did it right when this vid came out

  104. James Davis

    James DavisMonth ago

    The media loves a fight

  105. Los Angeles Travel Guide & AerialPhotography biz

    Los Angeles Travel Guide & AerialPhotography bizMonth ago

    corporate belloni.. best donation would be to everyone.. . if they would make they food healthier... at least the level of In and Out burger!

  106. Johniel Otero

    Johniel OteroMonth ago

    Who is still trying to get the free whopper?

  107. Southeast Daygo619

    Southeast Daygo619Month ago

    This is dope I went to the boys and girls club when I was younger. Still a pool shark and ping pong king

  108. Jasper Waale

    Jasper WaaleMonth ago

    Still want to order some

  109. Britney DeSouza

    Britney DeSouzaMonth ago

    I’m gonna go buy some Burger King now

  110. Leo Trevino

    Leo TrevinoMonth ago

    But where are those free whoppers though?

  111. Philipp Dias

    Philipp DiasMonth ago

    Leo Trevino just got mine😂

  112. Nisco Racing

    Nisco RacingMonth ago

    The Mafia won again and we lost again.

  113. Ted Cleveland

    Ted ClevelandMonth ago

    I’m a loyal fans of Burger King but they won’t even reply my email , guess we live in a culture where people won’t give you the time of day unless you’re social media stars

  114. Aaronlikesmath

    AaronlikesmathMonth ago

    Casey lied he got money when he bought the whopper(btw I mean change)