BURGER KiNG Fights back (this is not an ad)



    ANTHRAXX MUSIC15 hours ago

    And Burger King the only mainstream fast food place with spicy nuggets


    ANTHRAXX MUSIC15 hours ago

    Everything else they have is ass tho😂

  3. Z O

    Z O15 hours ago

    Best intro ever.

  4. Nugz Phuck

    Nugz PhuckDay ago

    You are piece of shit!

  5. Vladislav R

    Vladislav RDay ago

    I started to watch this vid on a treadmill 8n a gym, i laughed like crazy

  6. Oyster Cracker

    Oyster CrackerDay ago

    Your pink outfit reminded me of Mac running through the city in the Mike Tyson's Punch Out Nintendo video game.

  7. 2PURDY

    2PURDYDay ago

    Casey wanted the charity donation from Burger King so that he could have a decent sized tax write off at the end of the year! We know your real plan in all of this Casey!

  8. Marvi Marv

    Marvi Marv2 days ago

    Who else clicked on the Burger King link to see if it's still good to get free food from Burger King?...lol

  9. Unknown Battlegrounds

    Unknown Battlegrounds4 days ago

    What a beard! 🧔 🧔

  10. Jorge Vlogs

    Jorge Vlogs6 days ago

    Love hoW Casey never has ads

  11. Zachary Crespin

    Zachary Crespin6 days ago

    did anyone notice the "i" "BURGER KiNG Fights back (this is not an ad)"

  12. dariusdareme

    dariusdareme4 days ago

    lol, no. Nice catch, Sherlock.

  13. Draconic Nebula

    Draconic Nebula7 days ago

    *insert wroetoshaw riding on surfboard giff

  14. Brandon DeRyke

    Brandon DeRyke9 days ago

    Funny I checked the date before I watched it then after He mentioned 5knfree Whoopers I lost it zooming down to the details and well ya. Who else DIDN'T get the Whooper? c:

  15. EpyonRoyal

    EpyonRoyal9 days ago

  16. Alex Pasko

    Alex Pasko10 days ago

    I got one of those gift cards, anyone else?

  17. Eyal Oged

    Eyal Oged11 days ago

    :/ wat de fuk So this is a whole video about burger king thanking him for the unintentional advertising he caused?

  18. Lara Luis

    Lara Luis19 days ago

    Your stunt paid out, you forced a company to pay you more money because "you were ofended and exploited" that is lame. Your previous video does not qualifies as a joke. Better don't publish at all, get lost, and turn on the bloody camera when you have something meaningful to say.


    DREAMING CODER22 days ago

    Hey casey pls help me to reach 1k subs as a subscriber and a regular viewer i ask u

  20. Yeah Train

    Yeah Train23 days ago


  21. Greg Deeth

    Greg Deeth27 days ago

    All those jackets and crap, you remind me of the little kid on "A Christmas Story" who couldn't put his arms down. Side thought, what are you going to do when it gets cold out??? Cheers 🇨🇦

  22. Watchmen 144k

    Watchmen 144k27 days ago

    REPENT!! A Huge Tsunami will Hit the New York City, East Coast very soon!!! It's a dream/vision revelation from the LORD God Almighty. REPENT! And ask the Lord Jesus Christ to save you today!! Do Not DELAY!!

  23. soy milk

    soy milk28 days ago

    creator Casey neistat doubles back after coming under fire for his scathing response to the burger king incident

  24. Francisco Fonseca

    Francisco Fonseca28 days ago


  25. Bart Mal

    Bart Mal29 days ago

    2 x 25 K for some is a lot but for Burger King ??? 50 K really So poor

  26. Atrexter

    Atrexter29 days ago


  27. KickStartTV

    KickStartTVMonth ago

    0:00 I can’t stop watching your intro! 😂

  28. Nic Carpenter

    Nic CarpenterMonth ago

    Does anybody know what watch he is wearing in this video? Me likey, me likey a lot!

  29. Uthu Santuhan

    Uthu SantuhanMonth ago

    But...Burger King made a huge profit out of u guys....or maybe I understood this wrong.

  30. Davalito

    DavalitoMonth ago

    I don't know about you guys but I've loved Burger King from the start!

  31. The Tech Princess

    The Tech PrincessMonth ago

    BK has best bkfast

  32. walking around watch reviews

    walking around watch reviewsMonth ago

    that's awesome! love the end result! i have a new channel and review watches and some other stuff too ... but would freak out if i had this sort of "press"!!! very cool! nice work on this one!!

  33. Smalex1991

    Smalex1991Month ago

    I know it’s been a while.. but you think they still got some of those free whopper meals available? 😅

  34. Julie Ann

    Julie AnnMonth ago

    DON’T BUY BUGER KING! The soybeans that they use for feeding their cows, come from farms that cut down acres and acres of trees in this rain forest in Brazil. I also believe that KFC and McDonald’s do this to. I read an article on it in school. Their doing this right under consumers noises, I hate companies like that.

  35. ahvlog

    ahvlogMonth ago

    just caught the godfather reference

  36. Scott McLinden

    Scott McLindenMonth ago

    Sunglasses off please

  37. KiilaZiila

    KiilaZiilaMonth ago

    Man i feel like a whopper now

  38. Roman Province of Palestine

    Roman Province of PalestineMonth ago

    Good job. I’m having Burger King today. 👍🏻👍🏻

  39. Airpods Suck

    Airpods SuckMonth ago

    Ya know , Burger King hitting better than McDonald’s these days 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  40. CptReloads

    CptReloadsMonth ago

    Late comment: You got that sully Erna 👀 going on 😉👍 Oh and BK is a Canadian Based Corporation that bought out burger chef .


    MAFF BUCKLEYMonth ago

    Media sucks

  42. Pauldjreadman

    PauldjreadmanMonth ago

    Them sites prove all they want is views. Ugh!

  43. Kaligotla prabha

    Kaligotla prabhaMonth ago

    My Bro-That’s not Casey Neistat Casey Taking a megaphone- IT WAS A JOOOOKE Also bro-Yep that’s Casey

  44. Abhishek Sinha

    Abhishek SinhaMonth ago

    U are oldddd

  45. The Bob Loblaw Show !

    The Bob Loblaw Show !Month ago

    Something nice.👍👍

  46. 1 BIGGUN

    1 BIGGUNMonth ago

    Hahaha BK should make you their CMO on....the side😁😎

  47. Breaking Chris

    Breaking ChrisMonth ago

    In any event

  48. Ranferi Antonio

    Ranferi AntonioMonth ago

    lol that intro tho

  49. adam romer

    adam romerMonth ago

    LMAO!!! I love BK!

  50. Daniel Steier

    Daniel SteierMonth ago

    That one i in small between all the caps in the title

  51. EarthAscending

    EarthAscendingMonth ago

    Lol 25 k u fuking kiding right they make bilions a day

  52. Banana Joe

    Banana JoeMonth ago

    PewDiePie: Mainstream Media are bunch of dumb asses and dont actually report anything useful Main stream media: *acts like bunch of dumb asses and dont actually report anything useful* Everyone: :O