Bumblebee (2018) - Official Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley5 hours ago

    Looks beautiful.

  2. Josué Vásquez

    Josué Vásquez6 hours ago


  3. Nicholas David

    Nicholas David6 hours ago

    1:48 I’m convinced hoorah for actual G1-ish designs

  4. Logan Morales

    Logan Morales11 hours ago

    Like if that other transformer was Starscream

  5. Marcos DS77

    Marcos DS7712 hours ago


  6. Gadgets Now

    Gadgets Now17 hours ago

    1. #Michael Bay is not directing this. You can see the difference....#Explosions. 2. 1:47 #John Cena appears.

  7. Andrea Grace

    Andrea Grace19 hours ago

    Bumblebee with E.T. as his inner self.

  8. Sanjai V

    Sanjai VDay ago

    make a movie with optimus prime please

  9. hmyzovrah2

    hmyzovrah2Day ago

    tak tohle vypada luxusne, jako nej transformeri. snad to nezklame jako 4 a 5.

  10. KidWithGoPro

    KidWithGoProDay ago


  11. Adimus Prime

    Adimus PrimeDay ago

    It sent chills done my spine🔥

  12. Adimus Prime

    Adimus PrimeDay ago


  13. Cryo Phobica

    Cryo PhobicaDay ago

    Don't ruin this for us Bumblebee The Movie (2018)

  14. Antron Dunn

    Antron DunnDay ago

    Also one more question Mr bay why is bumblebee in his g1 car form?

  15. Konnor Jackson

    Konnor JacksonDay ago

    Alright I love Bumblebee he's my all time favorite I really love the First movie Reference.

  16. MrEpic01

    MrEpic01Day ago

    Does anyone know who the person is in the shadows at the start of the trailer?

  17. Gulliver Troy

    Gulliver TroyDay ago

    Dat ass (: ' )

  18. Akhdaan Jatmika

    Akhdaan Jatmika2 days ago

    1:47 i cant see anything

  19. Хатабычь

    Хатабычь2 days ago

    HIS NAME IS 1:46

  20. Papermate19

    Papermate192 days ago

    So what happening with the other transformers storyline? Their just going to scrap it and start all over?

  21. Ilham Rabbani Rabbani

    Ilham Rabbani Rabbani2 hours ago

    well this movie is kinda like a prologue of the main story, which at this time it was only Bumblebee as the first Autobots who landed on earth

  22. Adimus Prime

    Adimus PrimeDay ago

    Their going to continue but for now make spinoffs

  23. DeepCupsChan119

    DeepCupsChan1192 days ago

    Bumblebee 1987 to next transformers 2007

  24. Matheus Gazotto

    Matheus Gazotto2 days ago


  25. Adimus Prime

    Adimus PrimeDay ago

    It wont suck it will be the biggest hit of Christmas


    XIITE EVENTS2 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-BZ2KqoaoHKg.html CHECK OUT MY SICK track i Made for this film. I love bumblebeeeeee

  27. Imani Thomas

    Imani Thomas2 days ago

    Omg, he is so ADORABLE!!!

  28. ASDF Anderson

    ASDF Anderson2 days ago

    what is this? a transformers movie that might be good?

  29. Adimus Prime

    Adimus PrimeDay ago

    Oh yes✌ Surely

  30. nathan taylor

    nathan taylor2 days ago

    So are we just gonna forget about the ww2 timeline where he was a complete badass? Did he get pimp slapped by hitlertron back into infancy????

  31. The MightyTyrant

    The MightyTyrant2 days ago

    Finally . . . . a Transformers movie that ACTUALLY looks good lol.

  32. Antron Dunn

    Antron Dunn2 days ago

    Mr bay I watched all of your transformers movies and they were AWSOME

  33. Ninjas gaming

    Ninjas gaming2 days ago

    what is the name of the girl of the movie

  34. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.2 days ago

    Charlie Watson

  35. STEPHEN Dream team

    STEPHEN Dream team2 days ago

    It seems that the directors are trying something new. With less battles, but more relationship. I have faith in this one, definitely will give it a shot.

  36. angel fong

    angel fong2 days ago

    I show you the Leader of the Autobots.

  37. Walt Kowalski

    Walt Kowalski2 days ago

    the trailer does not look pathetic it can succeed I keep my fingers crossed for that yes, I think EBay should do Doom movie

  38. big fan

    big fan3 days ago

    bee at 2:05 has jeep front on it so it has transformed to a jeep is this a reference to transformers 5 where bee fights nazis in flashback with hot rod where bee arrives as a jeep and transformers and fight

  39. Danny Cornelissen

    Danny Cornelissen3 days ago

    she tried to rickroll bumblebee and then almost got a tape to the face. Thats what you get when you rickroll bumblebee

  40. 민상원영이 사랑해

    민상원영이 사랑해3 days ago

    john cena in this movie

  41. Antron Dunn

    Antron Dunn3 days ago

    Where are the other Autobots

  42. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime2 days ago

    In Cybertron✌

  43. Alvin Hatza Soesedyono

    Alvin Hatza Soesedyono3 days ago

    I think i'm gonna watch this, i can't wait, also i wanna see the last Transformers movie where Unicron is.

  44. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime2 days ago

    +louis webtser not rlly✌

  45. louis webtser

    louis webtser3 days ago

    Sadly they cancelled it

  46. Alvin Hatza Soesedyono

    Alvin Hatza Soesedyono3 days ago

    This looks Metawesome (Nailed It).

  47. Vegito Blue

    Vegito Blue3 days ago


  48. Faze_legend 68

    Faze_legend 683 days ago

    First transformer movie to touch the hearts

  49. trap god

    trap god3 days ago

    This seems like the movie to make me cry

  50. Galaxy Kitten

    Galaxy Kitten3 days ago

    No way G1 starscream is there

  51. Galaxy Kitten

    Galaxy Kitten2 days ago

    louis webtser yeah your right thanks for letting me know

  52. louis webtser

    louis webtser3 days ago

    Sadly it’s Blitzwing with G1 Starscream color scheme

  53. MrBurgundy76

    MrBurgundy764 days ago

    Dude omfg. Now this looks like a transformers movie. Touching relationship between the humans and autobots, old cars, awe-inspiring action sequences. And of course no one is talking about it. I predict it’ll be a flop but the first truly good movie in the franchise and real transformers fans will love it.

  54. BellaEstrella7

    BellaEstrella74 days ago

    Hailee Steinfeld!! 💖💖

  55. Tired Pony

    Tired Pony4 days ago

    You the paramount u are pulling the plug of transformers 7 rise of unicorn

  56. Jac2Mac

    Jac2Mac4 days ago

    It makes me very sad that Bumblebee is a VW Beetle in this movie rather than a Camaro. I want Bumblebee to be a Camaro just like in the Michael Bay Transformers movies and I want more time with the generic humans rather than the autobots.

  57. pilkers2

    pilkers24 days ago

    That girl is gonna die

  58. PS4PROGamingVideos

    PS4PROGamingVideos4 days ago

    How desperate is Hollywood getting now for material. Hilarious

  59. Lucas Mostaza 223 YT

    Lucas Mostaza 223 YT4 days ago

    Por que bumblebbe sera la ultima del movie verse

  60. Mahalia B

    Mahalia B5 days ago

    I literally spent the while time freaking out about how adorable Bee is omg!!!! So cute!!! 🐝

  61. Parina Karki

    Parina Karki5 days ago

    Lots of love Cena 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  62. spongebob gaming

    spongebob gaming5 days ago

    Where optimus prime

  63. Garrett Laver

    Garrett Laver5 days ago

    So Bumblebee was originally product placement for Volkswagen bugs? Nice

  64. Shana Music

    Shana Music5 days ago

    She didn't say this is why ur here she said is this

  65. CheshireKat666 Z

    CheshireKat666 Z5 days ago

    It gave me FEELS!!!!

  66. Hicham Dadi

    Hicham Dadi5 days ago

    noice movie

  67. Ladygodiva1228 r

    Ladygodiva1228 r5 days ago

    Its about time they showed the real bumblebee. Anyone who watched Transformers in the early 80's knew dam well that he wasn't a Camaro.

  68. Martin Georgiev

    Martin Georgiev6 days ago

    Sting like 🐝

  69. Tamil Reactors

    Tamil Reactors6 days ago

    Hit like if u think 2.0 is better...,🌌 mreporter.net/v/video-sJoVMUipnyQ.html

  70. Jonathan Melendez

    Jonathan Melendez6 days ago

    BumbleBee is a part of Transformers movies that are NOT directed by Michael Bay

  71. Omar AlTahan

    Omar AlTahan6 days ago

    Guys , is this a reboot , or just a prequel in Michael Bay's Transformers ? If this is a reboot for new Transformers movies, then which one is suitable for doing Megatron's voice , Frank Welker , or Fred Tatascoire ( from War for Cybertron , Fall of Cybertron , and Rise of the Dark Spark ) ?

  72. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    Its a prequel but Yes its a soft reboot and will reinvigorate the franchise

  73. Tyler Daise

    Tyler Daise6 days ago

    Which one should i see? Bumblebee or Alita Battle Angel since they both come out on the same day?

  74. Tyler Daise

    Tyler Daise3 days ago

    +TymersRealm Im seeing one of them on the first day which is better from looking at the trailer?

  75. TymersRealm

    TymersRealm3 days ago

    Both! As to which one you see first that day...? I'd see Bee first.

  76. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    +Tyler Daise Yes it will show because its a similiar type of a movie

  77. Tyler Daise

    Tyler Daise5 days ago

    +Adimus Prime ok as long they show the Avengers 4 trailer and Captain Marvel trailer

  78. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    Bumblebee surely, Its gonna be great because Travis Knight will direct it and it will have a much warmer tone than other transformer films. And this is sure to please fans of G1. So I highly suggest Bumblebee👍

  79. Lester Mcpherson

    Lester Mcpherson6 days ago

    sucked. lets be honest. it sucked. not because of a female lead or any of that nonsense.....but because what's with all the hugging and caressing of a ROBOT? You know, I have to wonder - are they ever going to make a movie for transformers fans - you know, the guys and gals that grew up in the 80s and early 90s? Remember Megatron and the gravely voice, pew pew laser gun sounds and the quips back and forth while fighting - oh wait looks like i've just described the massively successful Marvel movie series in general :-) I have 3 kids and they could care less about transformers.....I just don't get who their target audience is with this movie? This movie is like an avengers movie, that is focused on a soup kitchen in new york where the avengers SOMETIMES go for food - and you only see them for like 15 min total in the whole film - and rather than see Iron Man with the suit, you get Tony Stark in a red winter coat and thats it.

  80. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    +Lester Mcpherson Nope this is better than that sh*t

  81. Lester Mcpherson

    Lester Mcpherson5 days ago

    This is star wars all over again.

  82. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    And go watch it December 21st. I 100% guarentee u will actually love it! Its not just Caring for robots it will also show CYBERTRON, Optimus, Barricade, Blitzwing, Shatter and Dropkick in a G1 style. 👌👍

  83. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    Its not Michael Bay if you didnt know

  84. João Vitor

    João Vitor6 days ago

    Mano tô loko pra ver esse filme principalmente agora q o John Cena vai participar também

  85. Micah McElhaney

    Micah McElhaney6 days ago

    Who’s here after the MGK diss

  86. Unknown User

    Unknown User6 days ago

    This will flop

  87. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime2 days ago

    +Walt Kowalski Yes Agreed✌👍

  88. Walt Kowalski

    Walt Kowalski2 days ago

    Adimus Prime he think nothing he is just a random account from yt

  89. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    +Unknown User Yes but DCEU just lost Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, in return, fans wont go for Aquaman because they know DCEU is already dead. Alita wont be a problem. So now what do u think?

  90. Unknown User

    Unknown User5 days ago

    Tooo many blockbuster at the 21 December

  91. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime5 days ago

    How?? Its not Michael Bay plus it focuses only in Bumblebee and wont have a complex plot meaning it will develop Bumblebee and will have a much warmer tone than other transformer films. Its director: Travis Knight. So it wont flop.

  92. Red Nightmare XL

    Red Nightmare XL6 days ago

    I'm happy people loves Bumblebee from Transformers 1-5 it's amazing since he loved her before sam

  93. B Zoom

    B Zoom6 days ago

    Yeah, 80's are back.

  94. agrawal 121

    agrawal 1216 days ago

    John cena😍

  95. Sven Kruzen

    Sven Kruzen6 days ago

    Such a cute bee

  96. billy cake

    billy cake7 days ago

    John Cena the bad [heel]guy in the movie what the hell I thought I would never see it

  97. Kami Malzahn

    Kami Malzahn7 days ago

    First thing: I am itching to see this movie and Bumblebee is sooooooooooo freaking adorable!!! 🤗 Second thing: COME ON PARAMOUNT!!! When are you going to release the second trailer????!!!! 😡

  98. Remy Wilson

    Remy Wilson7 days ago

    looks like trash

  99. dreamknightfalcon

    dreamknightfalcon7 days ago

    I hope this turns out to be good!

  100. J S

    J S7 days ago

    I love the dedication to bernie mac rip classic TF family

  101. Potato Cat

    Potato Cat7 days ago

    *This feels kinda like Chappie*

  102. filiciaous

    filiciaous7 days ago

    I want bee to be bad ass, he better be.


    SIDABUTAR RAJA7 days ago

    How about Michele Bay Say about this movie if his doesn't to intervene bumblebee project .?

  104. Sharkzilla3000

    Sharkzilla30007 days ago

    0:44 Was that his DICK?!?!

  105. Janelle Muriel

    Janelle Muriel7 days ago

    Bee 💕😭😘😍

  106. Functional contractions

    Functional contractions8 days ago


  107. D SAL

    D SAL8 days ago

    I'm I the only one who realizes the part at 0:16-0:36 is what the guy said to Sam in tf1

  108. kamenrider fan10x

    kamenrider fan10x8 days ago

    for those of you who say StarScream has never looked that way well believe it or not thats StarScreams orignal look

  109. louis webtser

    louis webtser3 days ago

    It’s Blitzwing.....

  110. kamenrider fan10x

    kamenrider fan10x3 days ago

    and the movie sucks now

  111. Sam Bloom

    Sam Bloom4 days ago

    +kamenrider fan10x Travis knight said it himself

  112. kamenrider fan10x

    kamenrider fan10x4 days ago

    It's StarScream...

  113. Victor H

    Victor H9 days ago

    Stay out Michael Bay. Go make Armageddon 2 or something.


    MAJOR LEAGUE GAMER 079 days ago

    There should new design for bumblebee that was old car right He should look what he was in transformers 5:The last knight

  115. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    MAJOR LEAGUE GAMER 07 no. No. No. No. I like the Volkswagon Beetle more for Bee.

  116. OneSlowCL9

    OneSlowCL99 days ago

    I'd only watch this for Hailee Steinfeld.

  117. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    OneSlowCL9 I'd only watch this for Transformers.

  118. WeatherupStormStudios

    WeatherupStormStudios9 days ago

    I Hope theirs a Sequel to this movie cause i love the G.1. Transformers better than Bays version

  119. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    WeatherupStormStudios there could be a sequel to this.

  120. Pat 242

    Pat 2429 days ago

    Thank fuck Michael bay has nothing to do with this movie.

  121. Ann Mary

    Ann Mary9 days ago

    Is it just me. . . or does it have resembles whith the movie; "Herbie Fully Loaded" ?

  122. Dark

    Dark9 days ago

    I can feel this is gonna be a good movie, cant wait! :D

  123. Bowen Orcutt

    Bowen Orcutt9 days ago

    It's kinda depressing that even with a movie that actually looks promising they still managed to f### it up to some degree. They're probably never gonna live that Blitz-scream thing down, but on the bright side it gives us enough riffing material to last a couple decades AT LEAST.


    DISTRESS9 days ago

    I can’t friction wait

  125. OctaLoc

    OctaLoc10 days ago

    I just Need To know , Why Transformers Become a knight , In The first movie , Autobot Coming Whitout a Knight Things right? I was think michael bay , Lost his Brain , and Change The Legend.

  126. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    OctaLoc Bay isn't doing this.

  127. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    OctaLoc? What?

  128. Shadowofdakness Infurnus

    Shadowofdakness Infurnus10 days ago

    1:36 music though it makes you feel calm and relax yet the feeling the main character will die yet in this case it wouldn't but dam I have the feels

  129. dunamais1

    dunamais110 days ago

    I'm gonna miss bay R.I.P. transformers the franchise is dead after this

  130. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    dunamais1 well, this is a soft reboot most likely which this movie opens up ideas for a brand new series.

  131. Yohan Vazquez

    Yohan Vazquez10 days ago

    Yo in the beginning is that the car dealer that sells bee to Sam in the first movie?

  132. Ratch Etsnug

    Ratch Etsnug10 days ago


  133. Sam Bloom

    Sam Bloom5 days ago


  134. Jared Manuel

    Jared Manuel10 days ago

    Haha cool john cena is coming here haha

  135. Estevan Garcia

    Estevan Garcia10 days ago

    If I make a Transformers movie I’d make it like this.

  136. Andri Aloys

    Andri Aloys10 days ago

    I hate jhon cena

  137. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    Andri Aloys wait? Hes in the movie?

  138. Shams Shakib

    Shams Shakib11 days ago

    Hi paramount I've seen many movies of you.But where's g I Joe part 3 the cobra isn't dead.The chapter isn't over yet.

  139. Goten Son

    Goten Son11 days ago

    Just waiting for trailer 2

  140. Kai Chen

    Kai Chen8 days ago

    Goten Son same!