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  1. Mghc7 - Drum covers

    Mghc7 - Drum covers3 days ago

    I’ve seen after school specials better than this... it was agonizing and so incredible bad.. make sure you watch my drum covers there better i assure you.. and you won’t have to waste a lot if time with this crap

  2. The Ghost of Winterfell

    The Ghost of Winterfell4 days ago

    Who's here after learning that Bumblebee made Bayformers no longer cannon? Thank you Travis Knight. For erasing those awful movies from existence!

  3. Dan200 Tf

    Dan200 Tf5 days ago

    Its official people Bumblebee is a reboot!!!!

  4. Renimus Prime

    Renimus Prime6 days ago

    This movie was so much better than the Michael Bay films.

  5. Leonardo Soto

    Leonardo Soto7 days ago

    Honestly, the music was too much for me.

  6. Ryland Matias

    Ryland Matias8 days ago

    This movie was just so amazing I love it

  7. joaquin diaz

    joaquin diaz8 days ago

    Man I show this to my nephew max and he stared to love bumblebee and the rest I will never forget the moment he love the transformers

  8. Allen Han

    Allen Han8 days ago

    Bernie Mac's voice in the beginning from Transformers 1. RIP Bernie. Glad they used your voice for this trailer, since you were the first person to introduce Bumble Bee.

  9. Gabriel

    Gabriel11 days ago

    This one has to be the dumbest of all Transformers movies.

  10. Ega Petals

    Ega Petals13 days ago

    1:51 when u thought it was starscream but its atcually not

  11. Funkaholic Matey

    Funkaholic Matey16 days ago

    Remember That L Travis gave us by saying it's Blitzwing

  12. Edgardo

    Edgardo16 days ago

    IMHO it was crap! Worst Transformers movie ever.

  13. Andrew Palma

    Andrew Palma16 days ago

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  14. Clowdeen Club

    Clowdeen Club17 days ago

    I saw the movie

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  17. EinfachVeo _

    EinfachVeo _17 days ago

    Who else searched for robo bitech and the this came? Not kidding it is like that

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  19. Jordan Hardy

    Jordan Hardy18 days ago

    I’m here just for the Bernie Mac voiceover, R.I.P😢

  20. Lol 123

    Lol 12318 days ago

    this looks more like herbie 2

  21. yromart hew!!

    yromart hew!!18 days ago

    Bumblebee: we apologize for the previous 5 transformers film

  22. Michael Phan

    Michael Phan19 days ago

    Where's Chris Pratt. Where's Katie Holmes. Where's Chris Evans. Where's Scarlett Johansson. Where's Tom Cruise. Where's Anna Kendrick. Where's Jeremy Renner. Where's Brittany Snow. Where's Keanu Reeves. Where's Ryan Reynolds. Where's Simon Pegg. Where's Anna Camp. Where's Ben Affleck. Where's Grant Gustin. Where's Ezra Miller. Where's Henry Cavill.

  23. Carlinhos Eduardo

    Carlinhos Eduardo19 days ago

    Nossa eu acho o bambobi muito pequeno menor o uguinho e Zezinho dos Transformers 2

  24. Jeepers Scoob

    Jeepers Scoob19 days ago

    No high saturation of blue and orange, no telephoto, no parallax effect, no military good/government bad, no overly dynamic shots, and last but not least no product placement.... Man, the lack of Bay was truly felt in this movie. For the better of course.

  25. Back Gambit

    Back Gambit19 days ago

    Have you thought about doing a Star Trek: Deep space nine movie for the big screen or and early history of the transformers in the beginning like with a quote to sans pre-sequel How the transformers were traded beginning of the auto bots and Deceptive cons for a pre-sequel movie maybe something animated

  26. TigerPaw

    TigerPaw19 days ago

    Ok , i will watch it now

  27. Akbar Sha

    Akbar Sha20 days ago

    Is there is transformers 7

  28. RaulForLife

    RaulForLife21 day ago

    2:13 no just no

  29. Markib Lee

    Markib Lee22 days ago

    No no nononono

  30. iMovie Daily

    iMovie Daily23 days ago

    hi guys

  31. dabbingfidgetspinnermemes

    dabbingfidgetspinnermemes23 days ago

    lol most third party trailers have optimus as the thumbnail

  32. Batuhan Türev Uzun

    Batuhan Türev Uzun23 days ago

    this movie is just for childs. other transformers were not.

  33. Dan200 Tf

    Dan200 Tf5 days ago

    +Batuhan Türev Uzun says the one who like thier own damn comment 😂😂, Micheal bay transformer movies sucked thats just an objective fact this film however has way better storytelling and has better plot in terms of exploring 2 biengs whoved lost things that affected most in thier lives, and shows how end up healing each other. You probably won't understand since your just one of thise people that just stuffs popcorn down your throats while watching uneccesary explosiona and cringey dialogue

  34. Batuhan Türev Uzun

    Batuhan Türev Uzun5 days ago

    +Dan200 Tf the transformers directed by michael bay sucked too. there is nothing mature about this last movie others were better. they even put john cena.

  35. Dan200 Tf

    Dan200 Tf5 days ago

    Lol so I guess good storytelling, great plot, heart heavy scenes makes this the kidiest transformers film while the other 5 had jokes only 2 year olds will find funny, unecessory plot details and a whole lot of continuity errors makes the other 5 films more mature? Lol wow

  36. Bryan

    Bryan24 days ago

    Just because this movie was good(which I actually enjoyed almost as the same way with Spider-Man) doesn’t mean we can’t forget about the last five movies

  37. Najstefaniji

    Najstefaniji24 days ago

    maybe you guys should consider making a movie for an audience with more than 100IQ per person ? this movie has very shitty plot and extremelly bad sense of humor. for an average fat american that does not think too much, is that your audience ?

  38. Adam Smak

    Adam Smak24 days ago

    Super film

  39. Vibin Vibin

    Vibin Vibin24 days ago


  40. Eudin Goyo

    Eudin Goyo25 days ago

    Ok ok... all good but, I want the epic music name, any can share me please.

  41. Stefon Karras

    Stefon Karras25 days ago

    I've just watched this movie. For once AGAIN we see robbots being supporters in their own movie instead of being the main characters. Another family movie for children. The "DC" of the transformers... so sad... There is no hope... We will never see a serious transformers movie... EVER....pfff....

  42. Stefon Karras

    Stefon Karras25 days ago

    Its more than meets the eye 😎

  43. Da Movie Fanboy

    Da Movie Fanboy25 days ago

    Stefon Karras it's just a movie god dammit

  44. Da Movie Fanboy

    Da Movie Fanboy25 days ago

    Stefon Karras do they all have to be serious? Kids are fans of Transformers also

  45. Da Movie Fanboy

    Da Movie Fanboy25 days ago

    Stefon Karras Bumblebee is the main character

  46. A. V.

    A. V.25 days ago

    So let me get this straight, There is a alien planet where the whole aliens are some metal creatures. Till now it's not the greatest idea of the world,but the Cosmos is pretty big. And now THE best part. All those creatures look like american trucks, cars and planes? Haaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 REALLY,ARE YOU SERIOUS?❕❕ You people,you have serious issues with your egocentrism. What else...maybe the core of that alien planet looks like the head of donald duc...oops,i mean trump 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  47. SpeckleSpider

    SpeckleSpider25 days ago

    You're an idiot. . .

  48. Da Movie Fanboy

    Da Movie Fanboy25 days ago

    A. V. Are you on drugs

  49. Anita

    Anita25 days ago

    what was the ending to this song when the trailer shows out bumblebee

  50. Kenedy Wangham

    Kenedy Wangham25 days ago

    Movie was good. But something was seriously very dumb. Director was drunk may be. I don't know other audience have even noticed it or not. Bumblebee was already a car at his planet cybertron and had wheels before coming to earth. So cybertron is a planet either inspired by earth or creator of autobots are human beings.

  51. Hải bùi

    Hải bùi25 days ago

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  52. Wolf Girl

    Wolf Girl25 days ago

    I already watched this and i loved it! The trailer is also very good! Congratulations💘💘 God help you!

  53. Avril

    Avril26 days ago

    It was heart warming. I cried i loved it. I want more

  54. BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company

    BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company26 days ago

    Miss you bumblefoot

  55. cocomoonlight

    cocomoonlight26 days ago

    This is what a real transformer movie should be, without Shia screaming oh my god every 2 seconds, without explosions and without megan fox. The movie was really cool I recommend it.

  56. Zeke HD

    Zeke HD26 days ago

    This movie was epic

  57. Humanely Here

    Humanely Here27 days ago

    Co-produced by Steven Spielberg.

  58. Humanely Here

    Humanely Here27 days ago

    It's perfectly understandable why he'd be scared of her. She's a cockroach.

  59. wolfa the alpha

    wolfa the alpha27 days ago

    Waste of time

  60. Lord Debrick

    Lord Debrick27 days ago

    Well I just watched it and 1) stop creating characters (Shatter - Who?) 2) Stop changing characters ie Blitzwing who was the triple changer not Dropkick who by the way is an inspection and 3) Drop Bay from the production team the bloke is useless! If your going to make a G1 film make it G1! Oh and finally Bumblebee is a Beetle not a shitty Camero! Or don't fecking bother!

  61. Carmen Lucia

    Carmen Lucia28 days ago


  62. majstor svix vremena

    majstor svix vremena29 days ago

    Good story

  63. Carmen Lucia

    Carmen Lucia28 days ago


  64. First Last

    First LastMonth ago

    I knew this movie was trash...

  65. smechereste112

    smechereste112Month ago

    sooo Bee comes to Earth in 1987 ? and in Transformers The Last Knight Bee took part in WW2 ....seems like everyone missed that ?

  66. Jacob’s Movie Corner

    Jacob’s Movie CornerMonth ago

    Taken from the Regency Theaters movie of The Nelvana Polar Bear Movie (2018). Release Date: November 16, 2018




  68. 0pTicaL823

    0pTicaL823Month ago

    First off, fuck Michael Bay and his deformed adaptation of Transformers. This is a true Transformers movie.

  69. Scorpion 1

    Scorpion 1Month ago


  70. Nikola Ristov

    Nikola RistovMonth ago

    Fake story

  71. Aimilios Pappas

    Aimilios PappasMonth ago


  72. Ciobanu George

    Ciobanu GeorgeMonth ago

    Nice movie...if you`re 14 years old.

  73. Gavnochido

    GavnochidoMonth ago

    Steven Spielberg nailed it.

  74. Junjun Etang

    Junjun EtangMonth ago

    So niss

  75. Junjun Etang

    Junjun EtangMonth ago

    Yes really nice

  76. Joan Asingua

    Joan AsinguaMonth ago

    what did bumblebee dead

  77. elvis roose

    elvis rooseMonth ago

    meh booring movie

  78. Tona3000

    Tona3000Month ago

    Must watch movie! I loved it so much I have seen it countless times now!

  79. Amar Fawwas

    Amar FawwasMonth ago


  80. SoftPancake

    SoftPancakeMonth ago

    Today i saw the movie and i must say i loved it. It was more clean and most importantly the robots were getting a lot of screen time which was amazing because that was the thing i missed in Michael Bay’s movies so much. But also there were things i kind of missed in this movie. For example Megatron. From what i know he was portrayed as the main decepticon (villain) in the series and hate me all you can i think he was portrayed well in Michael Bay’s movies. Also Starscream... If those 2 characters were in the movies instead of the 2 decepticons who i didn’t even know it would’ve been perfect and i wouldn’t complain, otherwise as i said this movie was awesome and this is just my opinion overall :)

  81. IKONIK X

    IKONIK XMonth ago

    The only trailer this movie ever needed.

  82. TFM

    TFMMonth ago

    hope there is no multicultural crap propaganda in this one

  83. pinoi78

    pinoi78Month ago

    I had my concerns but OMG this was much better than Bay’s five attempts. Thank you Travis Knight.

  84. mrumar jbd

    mrumar jbdMonth ago

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  85. christakara27

    christakara27Month ago

    The reasons to love this movie, the 80s songs and not directed by Michael bay.. . My only reason to hate it, john cena, he can't act at all..

  86. Mr. Mister

    Mr. Mister29 days ago

    christakara27 on the bright side at least john actually loves transformers so we have people on board who at least care for the brand rather than the money.

  87. MaXxX FamiloV

    MaXxX FamiloVMonth ago

    This movie has a very specific vibe. Not just the 80's, the way the robots look, the way the movie is shot and how the camera moves and honestly the overall feel of the movie - I kind of dug it For sure it was a nice change from michael bay's trash

  88. Joby Varghese

    Joby VargheseMonth ago

    Fucking chick flicks these days🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  89. Shondell Deschillie

    Shondell DeschillieMonth ago

    How is he in the 80s when in the last knight he depicted as a solder in the world war II!?

  90. athansky25

    athansky25Month ago

    Bumblebee Movie is so Retro, set in 1987, Bumblebee is very cute, heartwarming and goofy, brings back Nostalgia, playing my fave adolescent songs Dont You Forget About Me by SimpleMinds ...😁

  91. Maria Tanase

    Maria TanaseMonth ago


  92. Kimaya Agatha partll

    Kimaya Agatha partllMonth ago


  93. techno soundwave

    techno soundwaveMonth ago

    This has to be a reboot because story it doesn't make any sense. This is bumblebee first time on earth in 1985 including optimus prime and the other autobots. If you just say they just landed on earth and just come back to cybertron that dosen't make sense. You and hasbro need to make a choice fire lorenzo or keep you crapy bayformers series and keep failing over and over again. All the transformers fans want a reboot staring with Bumblebee then start with the optimus prime movie starting how he escape and have some flash backs of his younger days on cybertron for instance idw comics when he was a cybertronian police officer as orian pax. Please listen to the fans and tell hasbro

  94. shiv raw

    shiv rawMonth ago

    1:57,1:59 Inspired from Iron Man.

  95. Dragon Fish Arowana

    Dragon Fish ArowanaMonth ago

    Yeah let's make Spike a girl. Fuck this movie. Another movie that pushes toxic feminism on male transformers fans. I boycott this shit and if I buy transformers I can always buy third party to give Hasbro the middle finger. They can join Star Wars and their SJW bullshit. I don't see too many women collecting or buying transformers shit..or even soy boys for that matter. I won't be giving this fucks a cent. No nostalgia to be taken advantage of here. lol

  96. Xx_nachoprime69_xX

    Xx_nachoprime69_xXMonth ago

    But the fact that shes a woman never comes up in the movie and makes no relevance on the plot, this isnt star wars she was only chosen because shes a great actress

  97. Alisha Morgan

    Alisha MorganMonth ago

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  98. Conor Cassidy

    Conor CassidyMonth ago

    Another awfully put together transformers movie. Incredible beginning, boring dialogue filled middle and a short predictable ending. Don't see what the hype is about 4/10

  99. aqyanie God Jesus Christ

    aqyanie God Jesus ChristMonth ago


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    aqyanie God Jesus ChristMonth ago

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    aqyanie God Jesus ChristMonth ago


  103. Serpil ğğğ

    Serpil ğğğMonth ago

    Where is dylan obrien

  104. Xx_nachoprime69_xX

    Xx_nachoprime69_xXMonth ago

    He voices bumblebee

  105. Abi Chorry

    Abi ChorryMonth ago

    I can’t stop watching this

  106. surya wijaya

    surya wijayaMonth ago

    I saw Bumblebee Dancing 😊

  107. Jay De Gracia

    Jay De GraciaMonth ago

    Hailee Steinfeld 💛💛💛💛💛

  108. yuriko suzushina

    yuriko suzushinaMonth ago

    Best Transformers movie ever 😍😍😍

  109. NitroVexPlays

    NitroVexPlaysMonth ago








  112. Adrian Posternicenco

    Adrian PosternicencoMonth ago

    Guys one question please : The 6th part have anything in comun with the whole Transformers series or is something new because the 5th part didn't finished somehow ?

  113. Easy Cover

    Easy CoverMonth ago

    where is smokepurpp ?.. " Bumblbee-Bumblbee-Bumblee "

  114. FlamerSmasherMBXCar

    FlamerSmasherMBXCarMonth ago

    I just wanted to come home and fuck myself after watching Hailee/Charlie in Bumblebee.