Bumblebee (2018) - Official Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. vishal kanojia

    vishal kanojia3 hours ago

    I cant wait for full trailor..

  2. Mine Forcers

    Mine Forcers3 hours ago

    Classic Bumblebee

  3. Nathan Banks

    Nathan Banks4 hours ago

    Something I'd really like to see is perhaps a credits scene of Bee scanning and changing into his 1976 Camaro form from the original film, then driving away. And though I'm not sure how they'd integrate it, a Sam Witwicky cameo would also be a really welcome touch.

  4. Fanly River Maluwu

    Fanly River Maluwu5 hours ago

    Hailey stanfield ?

  5. Jesse Hernandez

    Jesse Hernandez5 hours ago

    goddammit you just ruined bumblebee with this shit

  6. Jorge Muñoz

    Jorge Muñoz8 hours ago

    I'm loving this cause they're bringing back the old-school design for bumblebee and starscream!

  7. mursal khan

    mursal khan8 hours ago

    so sad that it is not trending anymore

  8. Ash Katchum

    Ash Katchum8 hours ago

    1:58 let's crush these punks

  9. dinatumbila

    dinatumbila9 hours ago

    hailee 😍

  10. Alfonso Aguirre

    Alfonso Aguirre9 hours ago

    at last !!! finally... bumblebee G1. the original transformer from the cartoons. thanks travis knigth.... also i saw starscream G1..... i'm excited. at last a movie with G1 characters

  11. hoàng hương

    hoàng hương9 hours ago

    the shape of water

  12. Ryan Park

    Ryan Park10 hours ago

    I don’t think this looks that great and interesting tbh. I just want it to be like it was in transformers 1-3

  13. red son

    red son10 hours ago

    OMG you did it bumblebee you destroy marvel fanboy thank God👍

  14. The Latiator

    The Latiator11 hours ago

    Starscream and Bumblebee have and always been my faveS-

  15. TyeMaiShuPLEASE

    TyeMaiShuPLEASE11 hours ago

    Wait maybe this is how he learnt to speak through the radio

  16. uwais qarani

    uwais qarani11 hours ago

    Big Hero much?

  17. Christian Lee

    Christian Lee12 hours ago

    I love this

  18. Ry Cox

    Ry Cox12 hours ago

    I hate it when people call out transformers for having a bad script or plot holes, like who tf is going to a transformers movie for the plot, it’s giant robot aliens kicking the shit out of each other.

  19. Duck4Ducks Brandoneisa

    Duck4Ducks Brandoneisa12 hours ago

    Why do I feel like this is a kids movie?

  20. Erik C

    Erik C12 hours ago

    Because Transformers is a KIDS cartoon and toy from the 80s, dude.

  21. James Porter

    James Porter12 hours ago

    because of John Cena

  22. Dr Danger

    Dr Danger12 hours ago

    alright, so i looked up this movie. apparently michael bay is still a producer in this movie. please mike, for the love of god, let Travis knight do his thing,

  23. alexandro sandoval

    alexandro sandoval14 hours ago

    What year is the VW?

  24. Joshua Louis

    Joshua Louis14 hours ago

    This is definitely gonna be one of the best transformers movies ever, Adorable and innocent auto bot who befriends a harmless girl, Awesome Looking decepacon(Starscream confirmed), JOHN CENA!, and I have a feeling it's both a prequel and a reboot

  25. TheBoss wolf

    TheBoss wolf15 hours ago


  26. Kusanagikaiser999

    Kusanagikaiser99915 hours ago

    Man I cant believe I'm hype again for a Transformers movie, pleaseeee be GOOD.

  27. Quoise

    Quoise16 hours ago

    A man was washing cars with two playful, scantily clad girls. He was frustrated with spraying the water and shouted something that the girls took offense to but it wasnt directed towards them. What did he shout? Stupid hose!

  28. Drixenol86

    Drixenol8616 hours ago

    Did we need this? Did anyone say “I think Bumblebee should have his own movie.”?

  29. Freddy Teddy Studio

    Freddy Teddy Studio12 hours ago


  30. Erik C

    Erik C14 hours ago


  31. Shakebanz

    Shakebanz16 hours ago

    I wonder if other autobots are going to be in the movie

  32. CinemaWizardBoy

    CinemaWizardBoy16 hours ago

    Anyone who thinks that we'll be getting anything different than the other craptastic blockbuster CGI fest bullshit like the rest of these is in denial. It will probably feature the same old Michael Bay trademarks but won't get nearly complained about as much because it's not Michael Bay.

  33. Erik C

    Erik C14 hours ago

    Just you wait.

  34. Adam Yuliat

    Adam Yuliat17 hours ago

    what this a sequel from transformer : the last knight?

  35. Riley Channel

    Riley Channel12 hours ago

    This is the prequel to all the movie

  36. Petre Pik

    Petre Pik18 hours ago

    Let's go Cena!

  37. Dr HERP

    Dr HERP18 hours ago

    Film sebelum transformer

  38. Dr HERP

    Dr HERP18 hours ago


  39. ltshep

    ltshep18 hours ago

    So... I'm definitely not going to watch this film in theaters, and probably not until I can see it without directly paying any money for it because of the steaming piles the previous movies have proven to be, but I actually really like the VW design they came up with. He's so round and friendly looking. lol

  40. ketrino

    ketrino18 hours ago

    is that Screamy? hope so

  41. zarbon

    zarbon19 hours ago

    "Man and machine" basicly this girl is a tranny

  42. zarbon

    zarbon11 hours ago

    Erik C dam bruh enough already, you made your point what do you want now

  43. Erik C

    Erik C14 hours ago

    zarbon That wasn’t a good one either...Keep trying, buddy! :))

  44. zarbon

    zarbon14 hours ago

    Erik C keep talking

  45. Erik C

    Erik C14 hours ago

    You posted a comment on a public video. I have every right to reply lol Work on your jokes, kid.

  46. zarbon

    zarbon14 hours ago

    Erik C it doesn't matter wat you think im not your friend so why are you talkin to me

  47. Maximus 2447

    Maximus 244719 hours ago

    Also yes John Cena is gonna be in this movie just look at the cast don't be dum

  48. Maximus 2447

    Maximus 244719 hours ago

    If your not a huge fan marks niece past

  49. Maximus 2447

    Maximus 244719 hours ago

    I agree it's only about the relationship between robots and human

  50. Stangle

    Stangle19 hours ago

    Maximus 2447 Your dum. This movie is trash

  51. Maximus 2447

    Maximus 244720 hours ago

    Can Some one tell me why they hate the other transformers Also can't wait to see that new starscream

  52. S.R

    S.R2 hours ago

    Maximus 2447 You see those are only for the massive fans that actually like those movies. If you went out in the street and found say 100 people who've seen the transformer movies and asked them to name a transformer after showing them a pic of one, most wouldn't be able to.

  53. Maximus 2447

    Maximus 24472 hours ago

    No bumblebee and optimus prime aren't the only memorable characters there's Iron hide ,rachect (if I spelled his name wrong correct me),Megatron,starscream,and many others I can say but don't feel like

  54. S.R

    S.R3 hours ago

    Maximus 2447 Fine whatever, but you haven't said anything about my other points

  55. Maximus 2447

    Maximus 24477 hours ago

    Those two brothers how was it portrayed racist I don't it was funny because it reminds me of me and my brother

  56. S.R

    S.R14 hours ago

    Maximus 2447 And no idk what that is

  57. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.20 hours ago

    You ok lan? I need subscribers Send nudes

  58. VedmaK

    VedmaK20 hours ago


  59. Stangle

    Stangle19 hours ago

    VedmaK This Movie is TRASH

  60. Anton Ramsoogoon

    Anton Ramsoogoon20 hours ago

    Well I can see bumble bee got a girlfriend lol

  61. Kaiden the Lombax

    Kaiden the Lombax20 hours ago

    Okay if there wont be john cena in a a bigass robot wrestling with bumblebee then i will.... oh yeah thats right iam nobody

  62. Kaiden the Lombax

    Kaiden the Lombax21 hour ago

    God damnit where was this when i was a kid

  63. Lucinta Cinta

    Lucinta Cinta21 hour ago

    ini apa sudah keluar videonya ???? tolong bantu kasih keterangan....

  64. sinta jojo

    sinta jojo21 hour ago

    jadi penasaran ni pengen lihat langsung video nya

  65. Betty Betty

    Betty Betty21 hour ago

    ia ini apakah sudah mulai flim nya ????

  66. Susi Susanti

    Susi Susanti21 hour ago

    ia apakah sudah keluar movienya ini ????

  67. RalphIsInTheWay

    RalphIsInTheWay21 hour ago

    Looks like that is a 1970 beetle! Thats awesome!

  68. Făltic rider

    Făltic rider21 hour ago


  69. GreyFoxEcho 5

    GreyFoxEcho 522 hours ago

    Goosebumps every time

  70. Rishab melhotra

    Rishab melhotra22 hours ago

    Transformers film is nothing with out OPTIMUS PRIME..😔

  71. Slayer

    Slayer22 hours ago


  72. Loarde PRO

    Loarde PRO23 hours ago

    Allright, all the REAL transformer fans where you at??

  73. Anthonio Nesbitt

    Anthonio Nesbitt23 hours ago

    Weres Optimus?

  74. This guy right here

    This guy right here23 hours ago

    Made me cry seeing the trailer last night 😊

  75. GuitarrAssassin

    GuitarrAssassin23 hours ago

    Did I seriously just get rick roll'd by a fucking transformers movie?

  76. Reza Aditya Utama

    Reza Aditya Utama23 hours ago

    Where wickwiki

  77. Reza Aditya Utama

    Reza Aditya Utama21 hour ago

    Ok thx to your info bro, but i just watching this movie,, see a from indonesia

  78. Erik C

    Erik C22 hours ago

    No. This is about Charlie and Bumblebee. Sam is not in this film.

  79. Reza Aditya Utama

    Reza Aditya Utama22 hours ago

    Really? I think this film about bumble bee and witwiki

  80. Erik C

    Erik C22 hours ago

    Dead. noT born yet.

  81. kaito kid

    kaito kid23 hours ago

    *Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down~~*

  82. Danny War Robots

    Danny War Robots23 hours ago

    Is the girl dua lipa , seems like her

  83. David Lyle

    David LyleDay ago

    Just when you think they finally stopped making Transformer movies.....

  84. Estevan Navarro

    Estevan NavarroDay ago

    Out of all rhe thing's she could've said she said, "whO ArE yOu".

  85. Koen Slinkman

    Koen SlinkmanDay ago

    Why is nobody taking about Star scream?

  86. Shehan Daron

    Shehan DaronDay ago

    Hey guys let's grow our channels together pls sub me And say done I'll sub you back 😉

  87. Jimson Lastimosa

    Jimson LastimosaDay ago

    Now if first gen Optimus Prime has a cameo at the end, woohoo hell yeah. Enough said!

  88. Hercules Baterna

    Hercules BaternaDay ago

    Reminded me of the iron giant

  89. Ben K

    Ben KDay ago


  90. Erik C

    Erik C21 hour ago

    This movie isn't about Spike and Bee. Get over it. :)

  91. Erik C

    Erik C21 hour ago

    lol Why does that matter? Hm?

  92. Ben K

    Ben K21 hour ago

    Erik C "closest" Idiot.

  93. Erik C

    Erik C22 hours ago

    lol Doesn't matter. Bee is still close friends with Carly :))) Many tfs have close relationships with FEMALE characters. I'm sorry if that upsets you :))

  94. Ben K

    Ben K22 hours ago

    Erik C i did not say strong female=mary sue you idiot. Learn to interpret correctly.

  95. Warcrafthan

    WarcrafthanDay ago

    Did they use Bernie Mac's voice for this? At the beginning.

  96. Custom Lioness

    Custom LionessDay ago

    I can't wait for this to come out!!

  97. JaycoProlab

    JaycoProlabDay ago

    It said Man and Machine, not mixed girl and Machine.

  98. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    JaycoProlab Man is HUMAN, idiot.

  99. V | Empire

    V | EmpireDay ago

    Is it just me or someone else heard it too bee say "I can't" unclearly at 1:23

  100. fluffynoses

    fluffynosesDay ago

    wow this might legit actually be good, which is shocking considering all the transformers movies have been utter dogshit

  101. Joby George

    Joby GeorgeDay ago

    finally John cena gets an action movie after the marine.he should also be the invisible man in the universal monster universe you can save cgi money coz nobody can see him

  102. beep boop Beep

    beep boop BeepDay ago

    😂😂😂😂.. true

  103. Nadya Rizkytha

    Nadya RizkythaDay ago

    mi love film ini kaka lajutin lagi

  104. steven merkel

    steven merkelDay ago

    This is going to be another flop



    His new mask looks like a wasp which is pretty cool

  106. SaTaRo channer

    SaTaRo channerDay ago

    1:46 #1John cena?

  107. SteelbeastsCavalry

    SteelbeastsCavalryDay ago

    Gotta be a girl..... sigh. Sorry Paramount, you already ruined this franchise.

  108. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    SteelbeastsCavalry Why the hell is that an issue?? The franchise is RUINED because a female is a lead?? Lol Fuck off.

  109. Wilcoxen Rebecca

    Wilcoxen RebeccaDay ago


  110. Makaveli

    MakaveliDay ago

    They changed the story. Bring Sam back!

  111. Makaveli

    Makaveli7 hours ago

    Erik C lol

  112. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    Makaveli Sam died :)

  113. death by cat

    death by catDay ago

    and there are still those people who claim that the bay films are good... (the first one revived the franchise and was fine but other ones were just "bleh")

  114. Eggroll47 jg

    Eggroll47 jgDay ago

    About time we all get a good transformers movie that's worth seeing and not made by Michael bay, good job paramount

  115. Carter Wahlquist

    Carter WahlquistDay ago

    My favorite transformer is bumblebee!

  116. zoel filler last name

    zoel filler last nameDay ago

    good looking movie. wont forgive the rick roll though. not okay

  117. Death Zone

    Death ZoneDay ago

    1:46 the suit is float :o

  118. Tandoori Lad

    Tandoori LadDay ago

    JOHN CENA.. 😄

  119. NERPolitan

    NERPolitanDay ago

    this is gonna flop

  120. Ethan Mendoza

    Ethan MendozaDay ago

    Starscream was the best part of this trailer

  121. Igor180

    Igor180Day ago

    I will watch this movie, but honestly I already don't like the fact of this movie taking place before all the five movies, mostly because it's kinda sad to know that Bee had another human friend before Sam :(, and I hope it is just friendship, don't want these two be a couple, and honestly I also don't like the fact that the main human character is female, it's not a gender thing, it's just that in my opinion the main human character being male is better.

  122. Igor180

    Igor180Day ago

    You're calling shitty the guy who sacrificed his life three times to help the Autobots, and probably was killed by Cemetery Wind when he was probably helping Bee or Optimus escape from them.

  123. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    Igor180 Yea he was, I’m glad he’s prob dead. This movie will be the start of a reboot, so it might as well be a different universe.

  124. Igor180

    Igor180Day ago

    It's not different universe, this movie will take place way before the first one, and Sam was not shitty with Bee.

  125. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    Its honestly a different universe. Sam was pretty shitty to Bee anyways.

  126. killerboss1220 key

    killerboss1220 keyDay ago


  127. Soopur 6

    Soopur 6Day ago

    So is this a reboot / remake?

  128. Uncle Hirohito

    Uncle HirohitoDay ago

    Looks shit

  129. Eduardo Chertif

    Eduardo ChertifDay ago

    Transformers becomes a shit... i’m gona watch TF5 100 times, it is the End of the real TF... you just destroyed my day

  130. Stuart Johnston

    Stuart JohnstonDay ago

    If ironhide return that will be awesome It's not gonna happen

  131. Panos Hlabeas

    Panos HlabeasDay ago

    Why isnt bublebee a camaro?????😟😞😕 id prefer a camaro seriously

  132. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    Panos Hlabeas Um, LITERALLY SINCE THE CREATION OF BUMBLEBEE? You seen the original 1980s cartoon?? :/

  133. Panos Hlabeas

    Panos HlabeasDay ago

    I dont say it sucks. In which transformersmovie bee was a beetle? In the first one he was a '70 camaro

  134. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    Sucks for you. Bee was ORIGINALLY a VW Beetle.

  135. Panos Hlabeas

    Panos HlabeasDay ago

    Why isnt bublebee a camaro?????😟😞😕 id prefer a camaro seriously

  136. euphoric nymph

    euphoric nymphDay ago

    Transformers meet big hero 6

  137. Alex the Memelord

    Alex the MemelordDay ago

    can bumblebee just fucking talk already

  138. Isabel Osório

    Isabel OsórioDay ago


  139. RandomIdiotDoingWhatHeWants

    RandomIdiotDoingWhatHeWantsDay ago

    Seems great

  140. Петро Дейнека

    Петро ДейнекаDay ago

    Where 4K ?

  141. ed mwiti

    ed mwiti2 days ago

    Hollywood bullshit. Give us crap till we can't take it anymore then reboot. Camaro out Vw in. Retain bernie macs voice for euphoria and a female character for sensitivity give us our favourite autobot. then plan on bringing back transformers maybe after BB2. Fuck you hollywood….. SHIT I FORGOT WHERE I PUT MY TICKETS

  142. Erik C

    Erik CDay ago

    ed mwiti lol someone is mad. Bee was always a vw bug :) Female for sensitivity?? Sexist much?

  143. Nadia Nasuha

    Nadia Nasuha2 days ago

    I am here just to ask the song title at 2.14. Anyone?

  144. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe2 days ago

    Why does this look infinitely better than any of the other Transformers movies?

  145. OneEyedGhoulX

    OneEyedGhoulX2 days ago

    Jane Doe Because it's not (thank god) directed by Michael Bay

  146. Tipped Jungle

    Tipped Jungle2 days ago

    another cash grab! woman loves machine machine protects woman blahh blah blah boring!!!

  147. Erik C

    Erik C2 days ago

    Tipped Jungle Sorry to hear that.

  148. Tipped Jungle

    Tipped Jungle2 days ago

    Erik C i have to admit i was excited about the first transformers and enjoyed it they are milking it now, same with starwars n jurassic park, its all ruined for me

  149. Erik C

    Erik C2 days ago

    Tipped Jungle And you’re not? Oh dear...

  150. Tipped Jungle

    Tipped Jungle2 days ago

    Erik C you sucked into this shit are ya.. Oh dear.

  151. Erik C

    Erik C2 days ago

    Tipped Jungle Blah blah blah shut it.

  152. Paladin Headquarters

    Paladin Headquarters2 days ago

    So nostalgic to hear Bobby Bolivia’s voice and lines.