Bumblebee (2018) - Official Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures


  1. Valon Ariga

    Valon Ariga14 hours ago

    omg bee not appreciating getting rick roll'd is one of the best things I've ever seen XD

  2. lanze :v

    lanze :v21 hour ago

    So guys we did it... We reached a good transformers movie LOL.

  3. yusof ishak

    yusof ishak2 days ago

    I love Bumblebee!!!!

  4. Figgy 5662

    Figgy 56623 days ago

    I heard John cana was in the movie i just couldnt see him

  5. GC Nations

    GC Nations3 days ago

    Mi bebé HAILEE es la protagonista 😢😢😢 Estoy tan feliz y emocionado LIKE si hablas español

  6. Amanda Mendes

    Amanda Mendes3 days ago

    I hope he no kill this one too.

  7. mariah shlita

    mariah shlita3 days ago

    Charlie: who are you? Bumblebee: *gets scared* Charlie: do you speak? Bumblebee: *shocks head no* Charlie: I won't hurt you Charlie: what's your name?

  8. Texas

    Texas4 days ago

    Looks good, but why is he a punch buggy

  9. Như Tuyết

    Như Tuyết4 days ago

    Hailee steinfeld

  10. Singh production

    Singh production4 days ago

    His name is john cenaaaaa

  11. vanshika

    vanshika4 days ago

    Just love hailee so much 💖💖💖

  12. GhostQpid

    GhostQpid4 days ago

    Poor Bee just got Rick Rolled😂

  13. OneFluffyBoi GetALife

    OneFluffyBoi GetALife5 days ago

    In soviet russia you dont pick the car.... the car pick you.

  14. OneFluffyBoi GetALife

    OneFluffyBoi GetALife5 days ago


  15. Sierra Clopton

    Sierra Clopton5 days ago

    Im so excited😍

  16. I am just Plexi

    I am just Plexi5 days ago

    Starring Bumblebee as Herbie

  17. Athao Thao

    Athao Thao5 days ago

    nice christmas bumblebeee movie

  18. dogekingepic9000 Al-boushama

    dogekingepic9000 Al-boushama5 days ago

    I know its bee but he looks so weird in that form did he take that form

  19. Paulo Pereira

    Paulo Pereira6 days ago

    This is a reboot, right?

  20. Annisa Putri Kurniyawan Icha

    Annisa Putri Kurniyawan Icha6 days ago


  21. Augustus warlocked

    Augustus warlocked6 days ago

    Bumblebee look like a dog.

  22. Drange technics

    Drange technics6 days ago

    I get this was bumble bee being a scout and sent to earth and a attempt of trying to take the mantle of prime . But why bumble bee. Should be magnus or Ironhide or even starscream. Like the og toons.

  23. allycat545

    allycat5457 days ago

    OMG Bee is so cute!! This version of bee is probably the CUTEST! Everytime I watch this trailer I just have a big smile on my face! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. John Ames

    John Ames7 days ago

    0:51 Just a typical girl, checking under the car...

  25. Rachacha

    Rachacha8 days ago

    Thai (narrative) version is awkward

  26. Achmad Farhan Fajar Sidik

    Achmad Farhan Fajar Sidik8 days ago

    i think its like a hearby hehe

  27. chalie Hernandez

    chalie Hernandez8 days ago

    John cena. Finally in psycho series

  28. chalie Hernandez

    chalie Hernandez8 days ago

    I saw first hand, thing we are

  29. chalie Hernandez

    chalie Hernandez8 days ago

    John cena. Take down Bumblebee I agree

  30. Astro

    Astro9 days ago

    Bobby Bolivia

  31. imjustakid 2

    imjustakid 29 days ago

    Michael bay your fired

  32. Tigerguy 101

    Tigerguy 1019 days ago

    Best part is Uncle Bobby B echoing in the background

  33. Vic O

    Vic O10 days ago


  34. she rejected my flowers

    she rejected my flowers10 days ago

    1:47 what the fuck a flying military uniform?

  35. Chinamax Maxchina

    Chinamax Maxchina10 days ago

    SERIOUSLY? American audiences are just being dumb? watching this kind of movie - when is enough is enough ? only for retarded kids can watch . because is so predictable and nothing new to offer . - THIS SHOULD GOES DIRECTLY TO DVD or NETFLIX

  36. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime6 days ago

    +Chinamax Maxchina I dont care what you say but this film will be good and I mean that

  37. Chinamax Maxchina

    Chinamax Maxchina6 days ago

    ​+Adimus Prime "Repetitive" - what makes you dumb! Too fake ! all just visual effect with lame storyline .

  38. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime7 days ago

    Then What should Americans and the People watch? Your dumb comment?

  39. Mephistin

    Mephistin10 days ago

    Mystical bond between man and a fucking bank...

  40. Captain Fury

    Captain Fury10 days ago

    Please no Michael Bay this time

  41. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime7 days ago

    Its not MB

  42. Alexandre Santos

    Alexandre Santos11 days ago

    bumblebee meu fusquinha turbinado

  43. TitanPlay's 17

    TitanPlay's 1711 days ago

    I Love Bumblebee

  44. debkamal mullick

    debkamal mullick12 days ago

    I know everyone will disagree but I being a transformers (2007) fan must say that the cgi was more realistic and less shiny and less cartoonish 11 years ago. What michael bay created was a visual masterpiece no matter how much it sucked as a movie. No amount of reboots and shiny new everything can change the fact that its a movie about giant alien robots that turn into vehicles and can fire explosives.

  45. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime11 days ago

    +debkamal mullick yup well said. I love the Bayverse no matter what, cause I grew up with them

  46. debkamal mullick

    debkamal mullick11 days ago

    +Adimus Prime exactly. The bay movies have such an emotional connect with us now. I dont care if they have shitty plots and shitty acting and dialogues. Michael Bay lost all the production studios trust when he made the disastrous Last Knight 😟

  47. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime11 days ago

    💪💪👍👍👌Great Statement BTW Im a true Transformers fan. I like all: Bayformers, Knightformers, G1 Bots and I dont want this to be a reboot because a reboot has never been good.

  48. -ScarlettPrime-

    -ScarlettPrime-12 days ago

    When girl cuddles bumblebee me: aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww

  49. Semi 20

    Semi 2012 days ago

    It’s look like Zentrix only the 90s know what I mean

  50. Hugo 67

    Hugo 6713 days ago


  51. ` McSkillet

    ` McSkillet15 days ago

    İ love the voice of the man in the beginning

  52. Lyle's Sports Channel

    Lyle's Sports Channel15 days ago

    since the barricade toy is out i think he will be in bumblebee that would be cool then they can fight again

  53. Super

    Super15 days ago

    Wait...Wasn't Bumblebee a Camaro not a Volkswagon Beetle?

  54. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime11 days ago

    And is based in the 80s

  55. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime11 days ago

    In the 80s he was a Volkswagen, this is a prequel but refurbished

  56. Sia

    Sia16 days ago

    If Optimus Prime doesn't make a cameo, I ain't watching this.

  57. Metal Man

    Metal Man16 days ago

    Watch them

  58. Metal Man

    Metal Man16 days ago

    On Cybertron actually

  59. Metal Man

    Metal Man16 days ago


  60. Sia

    Sia16 days ago

    +Metal Man wtff is he there

  61. Metal Man

    Metal Man16 days ago

    Did you not see the other trailers??

  62. Steve Mano

    Steve Mano16 days ago

    Never liked Michael Bay, hope this will hold up better.

  63. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime11 days ago

    And yes this will be better

  64. Adimus Prime

    Adimus Prime11 days ago

    Im a true Transformers fan. I like all: Bayformers, Knightformers, G1 Bots and I dont want this to be a reboot because a reboot has never been good.

  65. Al Gordo

    Al Gordo16 days ago

    🎶🎵Kiss Bay goodbye and his explosive spotlight. Goodbye sweet Michael, hello Travis Knight.🎵🎶

  66. SanAnMan 1

    SanAnMan 116 days ago

    Dear Paramonunt Pictures movies should have everybody covered with 4K 3D and Anaglyph 3D support. These way everybody covered from rich to poor.

  67. Kevin Tran

    Kevin Tran17 days ago

    What will happened about Rotten Tomatoes in the movie theaters and if everyone watch BumbleBee Movie on December like or not like.

  68. Kingof Minecraft

    Kingof Minecraft17 days ago

    Make friday the 13th and i want it in 2019 or i will realease my own budget movie and you will probably jealous bye.comment if you're making a schedule

  69. Aprillia Priscillia

    Aprillia Priscillia17 days ago

    Can't wait to watch it 😍

  70. mnichv10

    mnichv1017 days ago

    This is a fucking joke... Only this time with Cena. This is the EXACT ripoff of the first Transformers movie (which, by the way, was terrible). mreporter.net/v/video-dxQxgAfNzyE.html

  71. Martynas Kraujalis

    Martynas Kraujalis18 days ago

    awwwww. I cried :D

  72. Roby Mof

    Roby Mof18 days ago


  73. ArabianKnight7771

    ArabianKnight777118 days ago

    Never Gonna Give You Up Song ...Exactly what needs to be done

  74. Alibey Bal

    Alibey Bal19 days ago

    I'm only watching for robots...

  75. Astrologist

    Astrologist19 days ago

    This actually looks good. Huh...

  76. Aurora Wilson

    Aurora Wilson20 days ago

    iTs jOhN cEnaAaA *theme song*

  77. TGFLuigi'sGamingChannel

    TGFLuigi'sGamingChannel20 days ago

    It looks weird without everything blowing up. Things Will Never Be The Same

  78. Panda Dreams

    Panda Dreams20 days ago

    He's back😎

  79. SolidstateScouter

    SolidstateScouter21 day ago

    Bee has always been one of the least interesting cybertronians to me, so I'm getting a bit sick of him being the main character in all the "new" Transformers content since the first Bay movie. Say what you want about Optimus, but at least he was never as boring as Bee and he usually looks pretty nice too. I will probably give this a shot though, since even just the trailer looks better than anything in Bayformers.

  80. Joseph Christian Tuzon

    Joseph Christian Tuzon21 day ago

    when a tiny human says I WONT HURT you to an alien giant robot in a garage.... tssskkk

  81. Zomba

    Zomba22 days ago

    looks shit

  82. Nishtha Sood

    Nishtha Sood22 days ago

    Travis knight one transformer movie vs all Micheal bay movies. Travis knight's one transformer movie wins.

  83. stefanie meraz

    stefanie meraz23 days ago

    i get it why dropped his thing because the touch from the girl felt smooooooooth am i right😏


    JOHN CENA EL SABROCENA :v23 days ago

    1:47 ahi sali yo JOHN CENA ME faCENA por que saldre con bumbleble :v

  85. Yazan Darwish

    Yazan Darwish24 days ago

    Wtf did just happy to transformers franchise ?!!!!!

  86. thicha jiyajantana

    thicha jiyajantana24 days ago

    -*- หนังสงครามแบบสุดตีนกูกลายเป็นหนังครอบครัวไปซะแล้ว หงุมหงิมน่ารักหยั๊งแมวเชื่องๆเลย บับบี้ของหนู ++

  87. Orange Joe

    Orange Joe25 days ago

    The hype

  88. Coyote Man

    Coyote Man25 days ago

    Please let this series BEE a reboot

  89. jack lovera

    jack lovera20 days ago

    Coyote Man yos it is

  90. Dead

    Dead26 days ago


  91. Opossum lady

    Opossum lady26 days ago

    This is real right?

  92. Nathan Wilkinson

    Nathan Wilkinson26 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that what is being said at the start is actually what "uncle Bobby B" says in the scene where Sam buys his first car(bumblebee)

  93. Michael Lyra

    Michael Lyra26 days ago

    Bumblebees yes my favorite character and optimus is in the movie but just a hologram I'm going to see the movie it comes out on December 21 they a deceptions are in the movie their are 3 blistering shatter and dropouts my cousin loves bumblebee

  94. Thaer Gamer

    Thaer Gamer27 days ago

    can bumblebee change his skin ?

  95. T Meows

    T Meows28 days ago

    ok so i need help from transformers fans... i saw this trailer and im wanting to get into this fandom so i can see this movie when it comes out. where do i start? what do i need to know before i see this movie?

  96. stephanie encino

    stephanie encino29 days ago

    Bumble Bee has always had my heart and when I saw him go into that corner scared from her it literally made me want to reach into that screen and tell him the same thing she said!😭😭 I can’t wait to watch this honestly! I hope this one turns out fucking amazing cuz BB deserves a good story telling movie man.

  97. Mark Pogi

    Mark Pogi29 days ago

    This is what I've been waiting for

  98. Danny Mtz

    Danny MtzMonth ago

    1940 Bee is a bad ass taking down nazi scum 1980 Gets scared of a 18 YO white chick 2007 Fights barricade in first encounter Nigga tf

  99. jack lovera

    jack loveraMonth ago

    It’s now reboot ni🅱️🅱️a

  100. Myles Griffin

    Myles GriffinMonth ago

    Yes and do thundercats or captain planet

  101. XXgamerlegoXX

    XXgamerlegoXXMonth ago

    Did I just get rickrolled in 2018?

  102. Arthur Hastings

    Arthur HastingsMonth ago

    This is the iron giant

  103. Jhong Zhun

    Jhong ZhunMonth ago

    Why Is bumblebee so small in size

  104. Bob Diersing

    Bob DiersingMonth ago

    Baby Timmy call your BROKER ASAP LOLOLOLOLO

  105. Smokin LoudB

    Smokin LoudBMonth ago

    Rip Bernie Mac💪

  106. Xin Fa

    Xin FaMonth ago

    Why does he need to be a jeep

  107. zayn 26

    zayn 26Month ago

    Everytime bee get hurt, like i'm gonna cry alot😢and can't stop😏

  108. Masoud Mansori

    Masoud MansoriMonth ago

    Without Shia what is the point really? This is like watching Fast and furious without Paul Walker.

  109. Hadenfanboy

    HadenfanboyMonth ago

    And the second trailer with more G1!

  110. Kristy :3

    Kristy :3Month ago


  111. Farhan Chowdhury

    Farhan ChowdhuryMonth ago

    I can't see John cena😂😂😂

  112. Nate Collins

    Nate CollinsMonth ago

    *Not a Michael Bay Film* , YES !!!

  113. Golden W.T.Y

    Golden W.T.YMonth ago

    John Cenaaaaaaaaaaaa

  114. Hrvoje Rajić

    Hrvoje RajićMonth ago

    Lemme tell you something son, driver don’t pick a car, car picks a driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine. - Bobby Boliva rip man

  115. Adam Ross

    Adam RossMonth ago

    I hope Ironhide or Ratchet make an appearance in this movie...