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Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go


  1. akeisha bruner

    akeisha bruner2 days ago

    This song is currently my anthem after dealing with my ex!

  2. Papa Joe

    Papa Joe5 days ago

    This band is great in every album and live dvd

  3. Oli Murray

    Oli Murray7 days ago

    I think you can tell from the albums ... Oli Sykes's divorce was worse than Matt Tuck's.

  4. Oli Murray

    Oli Murray7 days ago

    One of the best bands I have ever seen live.

  5. Mursalin Hredoy

    Mursalin Hredoy10 days ago

    Video cast?

  6. mrsDvapes

    mrsDvapes10 days ago

    rather it's a divorce marriage a person can love you one minute then hate you kinda like what I'm going though this song I blast it slot because of it Matt has helped me get though things I never thought I could we got slot in common Matt we're a year a part🤗 give the guys break even if the album is all about the divorce

  7. Nick DeFranco

    Nick DeFranco10 days ago

    Best chorus of any song I think ever

  8. override83

    override8311 days ago

    Heard this song on Sirius XM Octane channel awhile back. Other than Scream, Aim, Fire and Tears Don't Fall, I haven't heard much of these guys. After hearing this, I had to check'em out. Wow, I did myself a disservice. These guys make some really kick ass tunes.

  9. Wolf Ov Siberia

    Wolf Ov Siberia14 days ago

    This song goes out to my ex, every lyric in this song explains how I feel about her and the funny thing is we used to listen to this song together alot

  10. Kevin Diaz

    Kevin Diaz15 days ago

    I love it!

  11. neringa murmur

    neringa murmur16 days ago

    Just love this song. 1993, who too?

  12. Farhad Khodayari

    Farhad Khodayari19 days ago

    Come on This song is amazing

  13. Danny Desira

    Danny Desira20 days ago

    Wow, the lyrics to this song really hit home. What a wonderful track. Thanks guys!

  14. Antonio Dominguez

    Antonio Dominguez21 day ago

    Bring back the old bfmv!

  15. Antonio Dominguez

    Antonio Dominguez21 day ago

    Mainstream bs

  16. bren kiv

    bren kiv22 days ago

    I prevail cover. Would be fire. Jus sayin.

  17. Screamo Daniel

    Screamo Daniel22 days ago

    The same Pop SHIT AGAIN ?!?! Fuck you BFMV, you promised us the old 2006 sound. You ruined even what was left from those years memories

  18. Tina Tiller

    Tina Tiller26 days ago

    This is exactly how I feel about my husband.... And I fuckin love him so much and he just acts like I'm nothing to him I'm this cold hearted bitch and I'm not

  19. Salwan Loay

    Salwan Loay27 days ago

    "In spite of the pain, we cling to the memory" I guess that's a message to us after hearing the album lmao


    DEAD KING27 days ago


  21. Kevin Leyenda

    Kevin LeyendaMonth ago

    BFMV !!!

  22. Florian Obłuski

    Florian ObłuskiMonth ago

    I love this... when j m sad j listen this

  23. Ronit Narayan

    Ronit NarayanMonth ago

    This song with this long intro should be their new opening song for all their shows. I think it'll be damn cool

  24. Josue Vazquez

    Josue VazquezMonth ago

    Good song 👍

  25. PostCard From1952

    PostCard From1952Month ago

    i love this.

  26. Abhameet Panigrahi

    Abhameet PanigrahiMonth ago

    This song had slight linkin Park vibes lol 😂😂😂

  27. Sywiles

    SywilesMonth ago

    i think its inspirate from somwhere i belong

  28. Rosetta Stoned

    Rosetta StonedMonth ago

    This isn't metal.. get triggered

  29. Apocalys

    ApocalysMonth ago

    Once upon a time, this band was heavy... now it's electrocore

  30. Apocalys

    ApocalysMonth ago

    @Max That's the reality man, it's so pity, because it was my favourite band and now I just see some metalheads whos trying to make pop songs.. it doesn't make any sense

  31. Max

    MaxMonth ago

    please be a little more open mind, thanks

  32. Дмитрий Карепанов

    Дмитрий КарепановMonth ago

    Был всегда ярым фаном их творчества, но потом они начали какую то пургу исполнять, запопсились ребята пиздец как!!!

  33. Dedé GF

    Dedé GFMonth ago

  34. Krititwa Banerjee

    Krititwa BanerjeeMonth ago

    Such a pussy kinda sound

  35. Dedé GF

    Dedé GFMonth ago

  36. Mokhammad Angga Tirtakusumah

    Mokhammad Angga TirtakusumahMonth ago

    I lost my BMTH, but i still have BFMV

  37. Dedé GF

    Dedé GFMonth ago

  38. Hisyamuddin Azhar

    Hisyamuddin AzharMonth ago

    0:44 the best intro

  39. Jayson

    JaysonMonth ago


  40. Hannadi Habbal

    Hannadi HabbalMonth ago

    Can relate to this song so well right now sadly..:( im happy but I constently feel like im walking on eggshells around my partner half the time I dont even no what im apoligizeing for a weird look/tone of my voice or if I havent done something to his likeing he will hold a crudge entill im lytrally in tears confused and hurt to why hes basically treating me like S***t and giveing me the cold shoulder..I dont no I love him but it really wears me down coz I try to be a nice persone though im not the easyest of people to live with I will attmitt but im trying...hes saying hes not going to carry on...heres hopeing.sorry everyone for my little rant.if you botherd to read

  41. Jagaddewa Vitagi

    Jagaddewa VitagiMonth ago

    This song lyrics reminds me your typical seinen/shonen manga and anime that you've been read and watch.......

  42. Metal Chick

    Metal ChickMonth ago


  43. William White

    William WhiteMonth ago

    WTF This along with his old man beard is pathetic.

  44. Heather Edwards

    Heather EdwardsMonth ago

    You already let me go what is this I confuse you 😂 never hated you still don't you confuse your own intentions

  45. Joseph Anthony

    Joseph AnthonyMonth ago

    Fucking amazing.....yes please

  46. Erkut Soyer

    Erkut SoyerMonth ago

    This should have been the opening track for the album. What a great intro and BAM! the riff!

  47. Irakli Tarashvili

    Irakli TarashviliMonth ago

    I can't really understand why many people dislike this song/album and say it isn't agressive enought and doesn't have screams/solos like in old songs. Don't forget that many old bullet songs like Heart Burst Into Fire, Bittersweet Memmories, Say Goodnight, A Place Where You Belong which are mostly from the Poison era , have same vibes as this song/this album. They are less "calm"then Waking The Demon/Tears Don't Fall and songs like that, but many people still enjoy them. So my point is, there are same "calm" vibes in this album like they were in some of the old songs (and we liked them). So logically speaking, I don't really get why many people dislike new album :(

  48. Pybro Mechromancer

    Pybro Mechromancer2 months ago

    No matter what this is still bullet through and through

  49. yøi yøi køkøn

    yøi yøi køkøn2 months ago

    dude this is my favorite song along with leap of faith from this album. but from all time, the first album and venom are the best albums in my opinion, four words to choke upon is bomb.

  50. Jennifer Young

    Jennifer Young2 months ago

    If you're going to completely change the sound, change the fucking name of the band. Because me expecting Bullet and getting this is BULLSHIT. This isn't Bullet For My Valentine. Fuck this.

  51. Notable Zero

    Notable Zero2 months ago

    Fk yea, been awhile since i did some BFMV

  52. Shane Best

    Shane Best2 months ago

    Hate me so I can be happy

  53. Виктория Усенко

    Виктория Усенко2 months ago

    Клёвая))) Вы Лапочки))👍🤘

  54. The Eclipse

    The Eclipse2 months ago

    Saw them 6 April in Greece (Thessaloniki).. They were so fucking good. I wanna cry knowing that I listened their songs live..

  55. Fresh Peppers

    Fresh Peppers2 months ago

    My brother was playing this song in his room so I stopped everything I was doing and listened.

  56. CJ Steyn

    CJ Steyn2 months ago

    Jesus christ 5 mill views

  57. Vinn Regi

    Vinn Regi2 months ago

    Saw BFMV live yesterday. I got to say, this song is amazing live! :D It brings great energy, it sounds heavier and it makes the crowd sing along! Very catchy too!

  58. Brother Dave

    Brother Dave2 months ago


  59. David J Scalf

    David J Scalf2 months ago

    Best band I've ever listened to

  60. Samer Salman

    Samer Salman2 months ago

    Just heard this song. FUCK one the best songs ive heard for years! You nailed it gyus! Anyone agries with me?

  61. Matko Pogačić

    Matko Pogačić2 months ago

    Can't wait to see you tonight live! It will be matal to the fucking core! For the first time ever in my city/country! I grew up with your music and it followed me throughout my life! Tnx for that guys... \m/

  62. Thabet Youness

    Thabet Youness2 months ago

    Seeing em live at the end of april !cant wait ♡♡ #bfmv2019

  63. Kropek Dwukropek

    Kropek Dwukropek2 months ago

    I luv 💞

  64. Fose09

    Fose092 months ago

    I honestly thought he was saying "Bitch you wanna hate me, then you wanna love me"

  65. one sring guitarist

    one sring guitarist2 months ago

    This song is addictive more than a chocolate!!! #fucktherestbulletisthebest!!

  66. ヤコブYAKOBU

    ヤコブYAKOBU2 months ago

    I like the vibes of this album, but ill always like the old bfmv 100 times more than this

  67. Patricia Aleksandrowicz

    Patricia Aleksandrowicz2 months ago

    Si esto fuera una canción de Linkin Park sería un gran tema pero estamos hablando de BFMV

  68. Ugnius Kondrotas

    Ugnius Kondrotas2 months ago

    Ean-all music in the world sounds like something what we'r listening not the first time

  69. Cheese Crums

    Cheese Crums2 months ago

    All bands evolve. This I think was a good move....but in the end people always want a band to sound like one thing. And like other bands....they may never go back to that sound. If your really a fan of bfmv then you will like all their music even as it evolves

  70. William Cantrell

    William Cantrell2 months ago

    Neat Song

  71. John Stover

    John Stover3 months ago

    Sounds like a mix of Linkin Park and Static X. RIP WAYNE STATIC. RIP CHESTER BENNINGTON.

  72. Кредо Мести

    Кредо Мести3 months ago


  73. Thibou Vandaele

    Thibou Vandaele3 months ago

    Dont wonna hear it i aint got a pancake 😅 lmao

  74. Ryan Wheatley

    Ryan Wheatley3 months ago

    Bullert for my valentine is still hevey metal mix with rock slow dowe then goes hevey my point of views my friends I love it

  75. Wolfy_Wags_Tail

    Wolfy_Wags_Tail3 months ago

    My favorite song from the entire album, just ruthless and full of an inner anger. I love it.

  76. Sara Novak

    Sara Novak3 months ago

    They still got it I love bfmv 🖤❤️🖤❤️

  77. Mordecai

    Mordecai3 months ago

    Like si veniste por Necko LOL

  78. Izaak The ELITE!

    Izaak The ELITE!3 months ago

    I came back to this album and it's not that bad. At the start I didn't like it but it's grown on me. Fever is the best album though.

  79. Menina Triste

    Menina Triste3 months ago

    I love you bullet for my valentine ♡

  80. Sanjeet Gaonkar

    Sanjeet Gaonkar3 months ago

    Hearing Jamie growl at the end makes this song more lovable

  81. sukkahousuja sensei Kosola

    sukkahousuja sensei Kosola3 months ago

    This song is awesome

  82. Sayuri Fukuda

    Sayuri Fukuda3 months ago

    Es la primera vez que los escucho, gracias a Spotify descubrí esta canción & es demasiado buena.

  83. Zena Ti'c

    Zena Ti'c3 months ago

    Amazing clip ! Amazing song !

  84. P. Dilla

    P. Dilla3 months ago

    My favorite song off this album!

  85. Madsniperx

    Madsniperx3 months ago

    i dont think its more the negative side because bullet has done so much for us through music and made all of our teen and adult years they truly are amazing but i just think its because its the first album they dont hear solo's in some people just are thirsty to hear solo's honestly i prefer heavy breakdowns amazing solo's but bullet is bullet and they will be amazing no matter what they do

  86. Jociele Lopez

    Jociele Lopez3 months ago


  87. Sara Novak

    Sara Novak3 months ago

    I really don’t understand all the dislikes this shit is fucking awesome

  88. Alegria Tracey

    Alegria Tracey3 months ago

    Wow he must of had a great vocal coach

  89. Alegria Tracey

    Alegria Tracey3 months ago

    Interesting, do you know if that's holistic?.

  90. nevergiveupX

    nevergiveupX3 months ago

    Yes, it's called Pitch Correction.

  91. bobeyejoe

    bobeyejoe3 months ago

    I’m just letting you go I don’t wanna hear it I ain’t good at banking??

  92. Benedek István

    Benedek István4 months ago

    Who's here after Valentine's day?

  93. Nikol Johanides

    Nikol Johanides4 months ago

    Song Is best I love they

  94. sera manggara

    sera manggara4 months ago

    I love it

  95. Novtrenka888

    Novtrenka8884 months ago

    This track is pretty damn good, i like this style! Even tho its not as technical as alot of theire old stuff its still works wonder

  96. Allyn Swindell

    Allyn Swindell4 months ago

    People say bullet has changed but i say listen to every song from every album and youll see your wrong this is bullet for my valentine there heavy and melodic hense the name of the band

  97. Nanda_ Ajinugroho

    Nanda_ Ajinugroho4 months ago

    All abaout story of bfmv awesome metalcore band in the Word 😘😘😘

  98. Ka Águila

    Ka Águila4 months ago


  99. StoffanLPs

    StoffanLPs4 months ago

    As we say in Germany: Gänsehaut! :O

  100. Punnie R.Z.P

    Punnie R.Z.P4 months ago

    👍😻 Luv ur song.♥🎵 (Meaning 2)

  101. mrs guitar girl

    mrs guitar girl4 months ago

    I love Bullet for my Valentine they are one of my fav bands EVER

  102. Eva Karpiak

    Eva Karpiak4 months ago

    God is packing heat. He's got a bullet in His hand and it has your name on it. 7 / 1+1+1+1 / 57

  103. littlesten

    littlesten4 months ago

    I would be lying if i didn't say i miss Jason James. Love the album though Keep up the work.

  104. Yuliya Nurgalieva

    Yuliya Nurgalieva4 months ago

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  105. djjazzyjeff123

    djjazzyjeff1234 months ago

    The first 44 seconds of this video sucked because the band wasn't playing 🤘🤘🤘

  106. Safwan Zolnaidi

    Safwan Zolnaidi4 months ago

    This sounds like tears don't fall but without screaming and guitar solo

  107. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor25 days ago

    this sounds nothing like tears don't fall

  108. white toaster5594

    white toaster55944 months ago

    I started listening to BFMV in late 2018 and this is one of my favorites next to venom you want a battle heres a war and raising hell

  109. BroDude ManGuy

    BroDude ManGuy4 months ago

    Matt: i hope you’re ok. these lyrics speak of great pain. i love your music. this album is amazing and has helped me ALOT. Thank you.