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Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go


  1. Frankie Hdez

    Frankie Hdez8 hours ago

    Good job at making music. I enjoy this song a lot. Good rythm and beat !

  2. AMV Reality

    AMV Reality3 days ago

    still my favorite band

  3. Damien 666158

    Damien 66615810 days ago

    This and crawling is the two best songs on this album,hope next record they go back to their signature style

  4. Ján Magáth

    Ján Magáth10 days ago

    Im in love with this !

  5. Dimitra Xasomeri

    Dimitra Xasomeri10 days ago

    eiiiii gus im your fun in greece i hop see you soon smach your songs never stop the songs we love you matt i love you ❤❤❤❤💕❤💕💕❤

  6. David J Scalf

    David J Scalf11 days ago

    Better than any other band out there

  7. Joshua Rust

    Joshua Rust11 days ago

    I seriously don't get the hate. The new album is the shit. Bullet has never released anything that hasn't gotten me jamming to it.

  8. DevenRocks

    DevenRocks12 days ago

    "bastard hybrid of Linkin Park-style radio rock" Couldn't agree more. This sucks.

  9. Edvard Mkrtytchan

    Edvard Mkrtytchan12 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  10. Foxxic Vlogz

    Foxxic Vlogz12 days ago

    I love this song more than I love my life.

  11. Marika Guerra Japan, Nerd & Collectibles

    Marika Guerra Japan, Nerd & Collectibles13 days ago

    Somewhere I belong on background. LOL.

  12. Gary-Ann Crooks

    Gary-Ann Crooks16 days ago


  13. José Augusto dos Santos

    José Augusto dos Santos20 days ago


  14. Klayton V

    Klayton V23 days ago

    0,5 Zardonic Remix uwu

  15. meghna lama

    meghna lama24 days ago

    Feels so good 🤟

  16. brandon Wallace

    brandon Wallace25 days ago

    Best song I've heard

  17. SuthernSaint

    SuthernSaint25 days ago

    BFMV is the greatest metal band in the world and always will be

  18. Justin Richards

    Justin Richards25 days ago

    BFMV !!!!!!🎸🎸

  19. Matthew Bennett

    Matthew Bennett28 days ago


  20. The Raging Reject

    The Raging Reject29 days ago

    They just don't impress me anymore. I enjoyed the first 4 albums. But Venom felt boring and so does this. They don't really sound different than other similar bands now. Feels like a throw away track more than single. Missed BFMV and was hoping to have my mind changed. ..... No

  21. Infinity Percival

    Infinity Percival8 days ago

    How exactly was Venom boring to you?

  22. Michael Marsden

    Michael MarsdenMonth ago

    Anybody else hurd the intro sounds like another song but can't think of the song in question?

  23. Breeanws Izquierdo Pujol

    Breeanws Izquierdo PujolMonth ago

    Adoro la música rock

  24. David Strydom

    David StrydomMonth ago

    Not a bad song, director should get kicked in the face in slo mo to make the video more appropriate.... nuff said!

  25. Tormintor 53

    Tormintor 53Month ago

    One of the best song of the band

  26. Mandi Burdine

    Mandi BurdineMonth ago

    Play at 2x speed funny af

  27. Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse RodriguezMonth ago

    This song would sound awesome with the trailer of an action movie



    No wicked guitar solos, no harsh vocals, and a pretty dull/generic/repetitive lyrics, looks like BFMV is letting go of their classic metal sound. Not saying that I dislike this one, though.

  29. Nana Tsuki

    Nana TsukiMonth ago

    Matt is handsome 😍😍😍

  30. NetLoves OrangeJuice

    NetLoves OrangeJuiceMonth ago

    I like this song

  31. gomitogomez1

    gomitogomez1Month ago

    Came here for heavy metalcore, I went back to The Posion and SAF.

  32. Jimmy Puckett

    Jimmy PuckettMonth ago

    Gaaahhhh THIS FUCKING DRUM PRODUCTION!!! I so wanna smash the face in of the sleazebag who held an iron grip on the Imagine Dragons-esque direction of this album

  33. kittykatrock101

    kittykatrock101Month ago

    After listening to them for many years I can still say that I’m absolutely in love with them. From the first to this you guys are amazing and eventually I will see you in concert. Keep being amazing guys!!❤️❤️

  34. wowfreak10

    wowfreak10Month ago

    This song is absolutely boss when they play it live

  35. Dmnion Rulez

    Dmnion RulezMonth ago

    They still got it

  36. King Dedede

    King DededeMonth ago

    The beginning when the piano melody pops up reminds me of another song...

  37. rikid fr

    rikid frMonth ago


  38. william williams

    william williamsMonth ago

    They gripe how BFMV sounds the same. Like really if you don't like it that much go listen to their older stuff. They most likely prefer this style

  39. Barbara Pyles

    Barbara PylesMonth ago

    I have concluded that the best rockers are and always will be from anywhere in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. العُـنقود

    العُـنقودMonth ago

    يوماً ما ، ويوماً عصير ، هكذا هي الحياة ᴗ̈.

  41. LivingHell _Helly

    LivingHell _HellyMonth ago

    cheer up! ignore those negative comments. I love b4mv and i will forever do. I really want to go to ur concert and i am underage so i was crying as hell T^T.

  42. Satanism

    SatanismMonth ago

    BFMV is life.

  43. Tom Riddle

    Tom RiddleMonth ago

    This song is absolutely sick!!!

  44. Grim

    GrimMonth ago

    The beginning and breaks sound a lot like Linkin Park.

  45. Gavin Marauder

    Gavin MarauderMonth ago

    I was driving down the road when this came on my metal station and it is the best song to drive at night with especially with the intro I wish more bands had intros like that

  46. Alucard

    AlucardMonth ago

    Damn this used to be my favorite band back in the day, wtf happened to them?? Not saying this is bad but they've always had that unique blend of thrash, melodeath, and metalcore, but now they just sound like Linkin park,

  47. Bundren Scrandad

    Bundren Scrandad2 months ago

    This shit goes hard as hell

  48. Oppo 2424

    Oppo 24242 months ago

    you suka musik tongkrongin youtube chanel ya

  49. Mr.Jack

    Mr.Jack2 months ago

    BFMV before > True Metalcore Gods BFMV now > Japan rock band 🤷‍♂️

  50. dante slayer

    dante slayer2 months ago

    Perfect song to my ex If she wanna be a ho then she can go be a ho somewhere else I ain't got time for games amd ho's

  51. Eve ill Anderson

    Eve ill Anderson2 months ago

    widow's war, dyer's mark, widowmaker's mask, obsidian lace, invenom vaccination **flops around like**

  52. Eve ill Anderson

    Eve ill Anderson2 months ago

    it's the band name, dw im thinking **sends Glow and Gibi to attaboy some hineys and play with make-up**

  53. Brody Low

    Brody Low2 months ago

    I LOVE GRAVITY! Can you guys please come back to Vancouver soon lol

  54. Koen Van Eden

    Koen Van Eden2 months ago

    This is how I'm feeling

  55. noam zharkovith

    noam zharkovith2 months ago

    Keep gping that way... Best one you ever made.....I'm so glad to say that i enjoy listening bfmv for the first time

  56. Mark Hardy

    Mark Hardy2 months ago

    Kick ass. This is what I love about BFMV. They are heavy, melodic, and catchy. They should keep this up. Cause there last song NOT DEAD YET was good, but when I heard it, I thought skillet, not BFMV. Keep this up guys. This is why we love you.

  57. hickman man

    hickman man2 months ago

    1:06 cr7 is that u?

  58. ivana123 ivana

    ivana123 ivana2 months ago

    awesome i love itttt

  59. DJ KIBS

    DJ KIBS2 months ago


  60. Atheos Hernandez

    Atheos Hernandez2 months ago

    they didn't grown up, they just ascend on a next level

  61. Atheos Hernandez

    Atheos Hernandez2 months ago

    they didn't grown up, they just ascend on a next level

  62. jaychen.metal

    jaychen.metal2 months ago

    Yuck. Same groove as typical mainstream pop

  63. Madison

    Madison2 months ago

    I feel this man.

  64. Josh Netzer

    Josh Netzer2 months ago

    BFMV I'm never letting you letting you go

  65. Ben Hostetter

    Ben Hostetter2 months ago

    I'm really not a fan of Bullet going soft, at all, but this song is actually pretty good. Much better than Piece of Me, Not Dead Yet, etc. This is just as good as Venom's title track.

  66. Жека Климов

    Жека Климов2 months ago

    Мурашки по коже..

  67. Ali mus tofa

    Ali mus tofa2 months ago

    I like this is song.favorit

  68. Werlang Cardoso

    Werlang Cardoso2 months ago

    Its not like before"...bla bla..stop and listen or choose another band,they not will change the style by haters or supposed fans.

  69. Ross Trevino

    Ross Trevino2 months ago

    Any negative comments I’d like to hear your single if not shit the f#*k up this artist has been putting out hits since day one I’m honored to know them put your self in their shoes real talk

  70. Justin Taylor

    Justin Taylor2 months ago

    Astonishing bfmv I love this song i can’t stop jamming out to it. This is gonna be one of your top hits I would almost bet on it.

  71. Jessica Myslinski

    Jessica Myslinski2 months ago

    awesome song love it I Love you Bullet For My Valentine forever and ever

  72. Matthew Gerard

    Matthew Gerard2 months ago

    I saw bfmv live 2015 with slipknot bullet seemed more energized n outgoing then slipknot just throwing it out there😉

  73. LIL GOKU

    LIL GOKU2 months ago


  74. Tracey Fountain

    Tracey Fountain2 months ago

    I love pretty much all their stuff.

  75. Tracey Fountain

    Tracey Fountain2 months ago

    I wish they would come closer to Branson

  76. Plus-sized Mamas & Family

    Plus-sized Mamas & Family2 months ago

    I just wanted more my selfishness made things difficult &ik that now, but i also know that i'd rather have you in my life as a friend, because i can't Live with you or without you in my life you made me who i am today as weird as that sounds i have learned so much from you. & i'll take it with me when i go.

  77. Darman Dmiksf

    Darman Dmiksf2 months ago

    bagus album graviti good laac buat bfmv

  78. Isaac spohn

    Isaac spohn2 months ago

    When did Chad Smith become their drummer?

  79. דורי מטלייב

    דורי מטלייב2 months ago

    All those wannabie fans...people change,so does music,still amazing band,first u can hate it,but then ull love it,hit the repeat ull see:) Or we can just letting u go pathetic fans:)

  80. Jayson Bechayda

    Jayson Bechayda2 months ago

    The heir of heavy metal is gone too.

  81. Easy Earn

    Easy Earn2 months ago


  82. trexation

    trexation2 months ago

    This song was tailor made for screaming parts... damn

  83. Rigel

    Rigel3 months ago

    awesome, love it

  84. deazy777

    deazy7773 months ago

    Песня пиздатая, клип ниочем...

  85. Batool Nofal

    Batool Nofal3 months ago


  86. Vick Motionless

    Vick Motionless3 months ago

    Algum brasileiro de bom gosto ?

  87. Ashton James

    Ashton James3 months ago

    This was one of the best songs I've heard you guys sing live I wish I could go back to the concert

  88. self-aware420 xxx

    self-aware420 xxx3 months ago

    Is this the original singer ?

  89. Infinity Percival

    Infinity Percival2 months ago

    He's always been there since day 1. lol

  90. NoobyKing

    NoobyKing3 months ago

    what? Bullet For My Valentine is back? i'm hype!

  91. Ty Miner

    Ty Miner3 months ago

    Fantastic song this and over it They have complex rhythms compared to most other rock today I love it

  92. Vyom Raina

    Vyom Raina3 months ago

    Please scream more because you are unique please reply me

  93. villa. alfredo

    villa. alfredo3 months ago

    Who going today.?

  94. Jessica Myslinski

    Jessica Myslinski3 months ago

    awesome song I Love you Bullet For My Valentine

  95. Alice in Payne

    Alice in Payne3 months ago

    Bullet for my Linkin Park

  96. Denisse Martínez Amador

    Denisse Martínez Amador3 months ago

    Valió la pena esperar este álbum😍👌

  97. Jesse Himmelfjord

    Jesse Himmelfjord3 months ago

    Gravity is high on my 2018 list...great work BFMV...😊😊😊...

  98. Christopher Hill

    Christopher Hill3 months ago

    great stuff

  99. ReptileKeeper

    ReptileKeeper3 months ago

    this is a BIG improvement from them i stopped listening when temper temper hit as it just totally let them down but from listening to more recent stuff i'm enjoying the turn this band has taken. Been a fan for about 10 years now glad to have new material to listen to.

  100. Mike Molloy

    Mike Molloy3 months ago

    Wtf happened to you guys lol....

  101. Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Rodrigo Rodriguez3 months ago

    Que buen video

  102. Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Rodrigo Rodriguez3 months ago

    No soy gay

  103. Google User

    Google User3 months ago

    This is an awesome song to run too!!