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Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go


  1. Amnesios

    Amnesios6 hours ago

    This album gets better each time I listen to it. I know it is different than the others but it's still really good. I too wish for a second "the poison" but I appreciate every song that bullet makes.

  2. Nick Fuller

    Nick Fuller21 hour ago

    When No Way Out dropped I really thought they were improving their sound and getting even more badass....Needless to say its been all downhill from there.

  3. Jose Quinteros

    Jose QuinterosDay ago

    Where is the guitar solo?

  4. Eduardo Cano

    Eduardo CanoDay ago

    Similar to never to late of three days of grace

  5. sumit panwar

    sumit panwarDay ago

    turned into pop rock

  6. Ryan LP

    Ryan LP2 days ago

    Pop metal

  7. Burak YÜCESAN

    Burak YÜCESAN2 days ago

    this is not bfmv

  8. TheDarkDraGoN2009

    TheDarkDraGoN20093 days ago

    1:07 Cristiano Ronaldo 🙂

  9. Chase Woodward

    Chase Woodward3 days ago

    I think this is the best song you’ve ever written.

  10. Sharon Pattison

    Sharon Pattison5 days ago

    Bullet has always and will always be amazing. Anyone who disagrees can just stfu.

  11. James Noone

    James Noone5 days ago Check out these new guys!

  12. DamagedRose6

    DamagedRose65 days ago


  13. William Shapiro

    William Shapiro6 days ago

    God Damnit. I've had "Coldest heart I've ever known" floating in my head the past few days.

  14. One Of Da Kind

    One Of Da Kind6 days ago

    Well, they sounds different. I miss their old guitar solo and poetic lyrics. I don't mind they no longer screaming. But, at least dont throw their original sounds. I don't said that I hate it. It's just feel different when I listening to it.

  15. Jacob the First and last knight

    Jacob the First and last knight6 days ago

    this is my mosty dislike BFMV song and video that they have mad so far.


    ANAK RANTAU6 days ago

    Sounds like nu metal things,, 😂

  17. Diesel On Radio

    Diesel On Radio6 days ago

    I think I recognize that old man from the 'Enter Sandman' video.

  18. วรยุทธ พูลสมบัติ

    วรยุทธ พูลสมบัติ7 days ago


  19. Tomáš Sobocký

    Tomáš Sobocký7 days ago

    He tried to look like Lars Ulrich? :D

  20. Gokcen İrgin

    Gokcen İrgin7 days ago


  21. Muhammad Iqbal

    Muhammad Iqbal7 days ago

    Well, they're basically being Jeff Killed John once again! hehe Not that i hate it, but they are less 'poisoning' my mind now. :P Not like the old times.

  22. Luisa Clet

    Luisa Clet8 days ago

    ni manging ong i mengi ngud😂i lab nis manging mand lol

  23. memo castrejon

    memo castrejon9 days ago


  24. Eva Boo

    Eva Boo9 days ago


  25. VirtualVictory™

    VirtualVictory™9 days ago

    such a "meh" record 5/10. the problem isn't that they changed their sound. the problem is that the new sound isn't any good. if youre going to change. change for the better. example. Papa Roach. they changed their sound and started to add electronic elements. but it still sounds great.

  26. Infinity Percival

    Infinity Percival4 days ago

    Care to explain to me how exactly Bullet's new sound is boring compared to Papa Roach's?

  27. VirtualVictory™

    VirtualVictory™9 days ago

    youtube needs a "meh" button for stuff like this.

  28. Μιχάλης Αρ.

    Μιχάλης Αρ.9 days ago

    I love this rage!

  29. Wimas Victim

    Wimas Victim10 days ago

    1:08 james rodrigues

  30. Eduarda Souza

    Eduarda Souza11 days ago

    Coisa linda❤

  31. Jonh Rex

    Jonh Rex11 days ago

    fuck !! Thi is AMAZING !!!!! RUSSIA LOVE YOU -)))

  32. George Zaikov

    George Zaikov12 days ago

    Placebo - Runnin up that Hill

  33. Ulass Gunes

    Ulass Gunes12 days ago

    Song is very rock

  34. Bari Shillong

    Bari Shillong14 days ago

    Why did it end so fast..

  35. Gamez and more Gamez

    Gamez and more Gamez14 days ago

    This isnt the bfmv I remember.

  36. Ankur Khurana

    Ankur Khurana14 days ago

    somewhere i belong (linkin park)

  37. Wer Du

    Wer Du14 days ago

    Öffentlich kommentieren...

  38. Richie Ackerson

    Richie Ackerson15 days ago

    They got me hooked with Poison, compared to that stuff,this is garbage. Time to let this band go

  39. Ruby Ortiz

    Ruby Ortiz15 days ago

    Love this song

  40. jeremy lauzon

    jeremy lauzon16 days ago

    Best song of the album

  41. Navid Khan

    Navid Khan16 days ago

    Kill me pls

  42. Tyler Gherardi

    Tyler Gherardi17 days ago

    Such a good song. Bullet have really stood the test of time and done really well

  43. Brian Oficial

    Brian Oficial17 days ago

    Lyric ! !

  44. Martin L

    Martin L17 days ago

    Producers killed the soud of the band In this album! Live the new songs sound so much better than this!

  45. Daniel Gomes

    Daniel Gomes17 days ago

    Love this song 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤘🏼💀

  46. Sandro M.

    Sandro M.18 days ago

    se olvidaron de los solos... vamos perdiendo...

  47. xxGOKUxx

    xxGOKUxx18 days ago

    I approve

  48. AndiiGnz

    AndiiGnz18 days ago

    Sounds kinda like a Lost Prophets song

  49. Obscure Creepypastas - Historias de Terror

    Obscure Creepypastas - Historias de Terror19 days ago


  50. Alpollo-00-

    Alpollo-00-19 days ago

    sounds like somewhere i belong from linkin park lol...i am the only one?

  51. Infinity Percival

    Infinity Percival14 days ago

    Eh, kind of.

  52. Mightaswell Hax

    Mightaswell Hax19 days ago

    Thanks for peeking in on this side of the mirror guys


    EL PICASSO21 day ago

    Holy shit! You guys are fucking ridiculously awesome as all hell! AND you're coming to St LOUIS! Well... shit I guess I better buy them damn tickets and get off my ass! So excited to see you guys!

  54. War Ghost squad

    War Ghost squad21 day ago

    Been here since day one of bullet

  55. Sarah Van veerdegem

    Sarah Van veerdegem22 days ago

    It's so nice

  56. Elina Gabsschon

    Elina Gabsschon22 days ago

    Please listen to Placebo's cover of "Running up that hill". The first notes are the exact same :D (still, I like this one)

  57. Adam Ward

    Adam Ward23 days ago

    I remember when this band were decent. What is happening to metal bands with promise?

  58. Pelaaja1337

    Pelaaja133723 days ago

    This is my favorite song from Bullet.

  59. Jacob Watson

    Jacob Watson24 days ago

    this song isn't good yo

  60. Jay Tyler

    Jay Tyler24 days ago

    Great song. A bit over produced though.

  61. EpicUndead

    EpicUndead24 days ago

    My favorite song on the album! Glad there's a video for it.

  62. 北陸

    北陸25 days ago

    One of the best song I know^^

  63. H Esteban Torres

    H Esteban Torres25 days ago

    Gay metal.

  64. Rodrigo Bautista

    Rodrigo Bautista25 days ago

    Bullet For My Linkin Park ❤?

  65. Nathaniel Cooley

    Nathaniel Cooley25 days ago

    Letting you go over Over It, both are good songs but the energy in this song remind me of the old Bullet.

  66. Kyle Conway

    Kyle Conway25 days ago

    Good song

  67. Richard Boddy

    Richard Boddy25 days ago

    Who's listening in 2018?!?!

  68. Emilia Emm

    Emilia Emm25 days ago

  69. Zack Bell

    Zack Bell26 days ago

    Bullet for my valentine never fails :)

  70. Terry Profitt

    Terry Profitt26 days ago


  71. Rolando Balladares

    Rolando Balladares26 days ago

    Bring me the linkin valentine.

  72. Leo Fucenecco

    Leo Fucenecco26 days ago

    Can they do "The Poison Part 2"? We like the new album but it lacks the original touch of the band.

  73. Jussara Bokan

    Jussara Bokan26 days ago

    BFMV forever

  74. DarkChocokrispiSJJ3ShipudenSuperPowerRanger 02

    DarkChocokrispiSJJ3ShipudenSuperPowerRanger 0226 days ago

    like Fever? :,v

  75. MastersunTutorials

    MastersunTutorials26 days ago

    I can’t stop listening to this song on Spotify and watching this video here on MReporter this is my favorite song on the album but to be honest this album is bad ass I love this band I have listening to you guys since Tears Don’t Fall.


    YAMCHA EL GUAPO27 days ago

    Verga muy buena cancion xd

  77. Sebastian Valencia

    Sebastian Valencia27 days ago

    Matt tuck es como el vino, entre mas viejo, mas rico.

  78. Antonio C.

    Antonio C.27 days ago

    This has an il niño vibe. I like it.

  79. Tincho 1414

    Tincho 141427 days ago

    the album isnt BAAaaaaD is just i wasnt expecting this from them Maybe from Thousand foot krutch. This isnt metal this is like hard progressive rock

  80. Neal Jenneve

    Neal Jenneve27 days ago

    Don't want to hear it, I ain't got to bake it!

  81. Thiago Augusto

    Thiago Augusto28 days ago

    This is the best album from them ever.

  82. Aleks Rautar

    Aleks Rautar28 days ago

    When fish hates you don't tell me that I'm the only one that hears fish instead of first.

  83. DeadLich Unborn

    DeadLich Unborn29 days ago

    Where's the Brutality?... Guys... come on... seriously... just do what you did in The Poison album... just do it... stop fucking around. This sound and electro sound is selling out... You guys sound like every other band. Bring your signature sound back.

  84. Zebastard Zam

    Zebastard Zam29 days ago

    Did Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics from this song?

  85. SGT.Kidsanon Pathan

    SGT.Kidsanon Pathan29 days ago


  86. mrBASS ic

    mrBASS ic29 days ago

    such a sell out band!

  87. s6if6ll6h

    s6if6ll6hMonth ago

    *Don't wanna hear it* *I got a pancake*

  88. Rael Dantas

    Rael DantasMonth ago


  89. Rahmat Hidayat

    Rahmat HidayatMonth ago

    i love B4MV


    KING ANDEMonth ago

    fucking amazing song

  91. VirtualBoyX

    VirtualBoyXMonth ago

    the return :)

  92. D3ath Raz0r

    D3ath Raz0rMonth ago

    Getting a linkin park vibe

  93. Dead Artist Club Official

    Dead Artist Club OfficialMonth ago

    Love this new Bullet sound!! We grew up listening to The Poison and Scream Aim Fire

  94. Sean S.

    Sean S.Month ago

    I’ve tried really hard to like everything after their 3rd album....gotta say I tried to give them one last try to get me back into their sound but I’ve gotta “let you go” BFMV. RIP You’re dead to me now smh

  95. xSkullBlood

    xSkullBloodMonth ago

    Cya, not gonna miss ya !

  96. OJBABY

    OJBABYMonth ago

    Who ever is screaming in the background shut up and let him sing xD

  97. OJBABY

    OJBABYMonth ago

    Could be better. I still like it but it could be better. I feel like there rushing there songs at this point.

  98. DaXz

    DaXzMonth ago

    Скукотище... еще одни ушли в синтетику и электронщину

  99. Voltfestar Wanniang

    Voltfestar WanniangMonth ago

    I don't understand how could Michael Paget agree to this album.. dude can play some sick solos and riffs.. shame on you

  100. Staniel The Maniel

    Staniel The ManielMonth ago

    call me crazy but i think the old man is actor jonathan pryce

  101. Infinity Percival

    Infinity PercivalMonth ago

    It definitely does look like him.

  102. Kratos God

    Kratos GodMonth ago



    NEKROPORTMonth ago

    So far my favorite song in this album, you know I’ve been listening to it a lot, i was expecting something different in the likeness of what they always bring to the table really heavy riffs and solos but you know iam digging this new direction it’s still really cool and sounds absolutely awesome.