BulgariaSat-1 Launch Webcast



    PTSOIII5 months ago

    49:50 Some spider looking thing is crawling on the rocket :O



    BULGARIA STRONG 🇧🇬 🇧🇬 🇧🇬

  3. tesla guy

    tesla guy7 months ago

    Why did the rocket accelerate so fast, and if anyone answers, why did it not accelerate faster on CRS-12?

  4. StarkosGuy

    StarkosGuy8 months ago

    soundtrack name at 36:30?

  5. Arjun Satarkar

    Arjun Satarkar10 months ago

    19:04 look how flat the world looks. Do you see that curvature? No it's an illusion! #FlatEarthLogic

  6. Victorbrine Cassini

    Victorbrine CassiniYear ago

    Comments are filled with Flat Earthers and Bulgarian nationalists

  7. Denzel Prenell

    Denzel PrenellYear ago

    did anybody else see it glitch around the 4:17 mark

  8. Denzel Prenell

    Denzel PrenellYear ago

    did anybody else see it glitch around the 4:17 mark

  9. Denzel Prenell

    Denzel PrenellYear ago

    did anybody else see it glitch around the 4:17 mark

  10. Denzel Prenell

    Denzel PrenellYear ago

    did anybody else see it glitch around the 4:17 mark

  11. Raptorman0909

    Raptorman0909Year ago

    Looks like the first stage had a hard landing and one of the legs is partially collapsed. Also looked like the grid fins got pretty cooked.

  12. leo Sar

    leo SarYear ago

    what about the 2° stage after deploy?

  13. Martin Shivachev

    Martin ShivachevYear ago

    Very proud of SpaceX i hope it will succeed in all it's missions WOW :)

  14. jvolstad

    jvolstadYear ago

    A Bulgarian satellite? What's that.

  15. Brian Seeley

    Brian SeeleyYear ago

    15:29 T-1: 00 (Startup)

  16. locusmocus

    locusmocusYear ago

    flat earth confirmed

  17. Георги Пехливанов

    Георги ПехливановYear ago

    БРАВО :)

  18. JTSharkAttack

    JTSharkAttackYear ago

    I watched it in person and it was awesome

  19. PlasmaYT

    PlasmaYTYear ago

    Even companies need intros..

  20. Svetoslav Markov

    Svetoslav MarkovYear ago


  21. Joel McKinney

    Joel McKinneyYear ago


  22. Moses working

    Moses workingYear ago

    flat earther here hoping to see something amazing. fist thing, can this thing make it to any planet? or is just orbiting the earth?

  23. BananaTime101

    BananaTime101Year ago

    Depends how much the payload weighs and what planet.

  24. Smokin4CHRIST

    Smokin4CHRISTYear ago

    On left hand screen as base travels back, from 20:00min to 22:00min section, occasionally small white shit drifts underneath, is that other space objects/craft or debri shit just floating in dirty space? Re-landing cool and accurate and Bulgaria stat I am impressed

  25. B Unis

    B Unis4 months ago

    Those are just flakes of liquid oxygen coming off of the Falcon 9 First Stage

  26. John Hendriks

    John HendriksYear ago

    lmao this is fake asf the Earth is flat idiots.

  27. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    John Hendriks fuck off

  28. 习远平

    习远平Year ago

    fuck you americans!!! this shit will explode!!!this will destroy you all explosion in the sky!!!fuck you americans!!!操你们妈美国人,社会主义万岁!!马列主义万岁!!中华民族杀光全世界!!!!

  29. Rigknot

    RigknotYear ago

    Isn't there any footage to upload from onboard cameras? I want to see an uninterrupted video, especially to see how severe the landing was.

  30. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    There... is, but SpaceX isn't likely to release it. It was really sketchy, sorta dancing on one leg for a few seconds.

  31. jose jesus amayz

    jose jesus amayzYear ago

    las rejillas para direccionar el descenso se encienden no sabia eso, pensé que debían venir de mas altura para ello

  32. mumina

    muminaYear ago


  33. AdidasBoy711

    AdidasBoy711Year ago

    Lift off is at 16:40

  34. Царъ Самуилъ

    Царъ СамуилъYear ago

    This is a historic moment for Bulgaria and for the entire Balkan region! It is also a historic moment for the future space travel.

  35. j4s2v1

    j4s2v1Year ago


  36. Chris G

    Chris GYear ago

    @SpaceX: You should have a drone hanging out on the drone-ship that deploy's whenever the first stage enters the atmosphere to record video of the landing so that the shock and vibration from the thrusters don't affect the video feed. This could be streamed to your User Interface easily.

  37. Anthony Richardson

    Anthony RichardsonYear ago

    Make Bulgaria great again!

  38. Yasir1247

    Yasir1247Year ago

    Anyone else notice this guy say "Yes I still love you." twice in the video? One was at 22:22 and the other at 26:00

  39. Hans Landa

    Hans LandaYear ago

    "Of Course I Still Love You" is the name of their droneship in the Atlantic Ocean

  40. BroOlympus

    BroOlympusYear ago

    The flat earthers hate SpaceX next thing you know it they're saying Elon Musk is a guy who was brainwashed by the goverment

  41. Kleist

    KleistYear ago

    The background music is sick! Love it.

  42. Viola Bey

    Viola BeyYear ago

    I remember watching it live at the Kennedy space station... it was awesome and beautiful

  43. Dark Horse Woodworking

    Dark Horse WoodworkingYear ago

    Followed by a Leslie Nielsen love seen.... 16:27

  44. Jay Cee

    Jay CeeYear ago

    really? no footage of it landing? all they had to do was put a gopro there....?

  45. Kody Walker

    Kody WalkerYear ago

    19:15 the earth is a bowl? also really enjoy how the video has to change for the landing.

  46. TheHachebe

    TheHachebeYear ago

    25:55 weird

  47. Vouge Gaming

    Vouge GamingYear ago

    Incredible engineering and innovation. Space X are taking huge steps for man and astronomical steps for mankind. I'm so excited and grateful to Elon Musk and his whole team at Space X for having this vision and bringing the future forward. I can't believe I may live to see humans become an interplanetary species! The first babies born on another planet will be actual aliens that are an intelligent life form, it's things like this that make me proud to be a human being! Blows my mind and gives me butterflies when I see technology exceeding expectations.

  48. Oink ards

    Oink ardsYear ago

    Like the first plane we are bettering the technology to perfection until we we switch to a better alternative to Rocket Fuel and others. Like the air plane, we switched from using propellers to Jet Engines.

  49. Prateek Joshi

    Prateek JoshiYear ago

    How do they recover the rocket from the drone ship out in the pacific?

  50. shimyns

    shimynsYear ago

    mount a camera on a second boat

  51. MrAnderson234

    MrAnderson234Year ago

    21:28 is that a UFO or something ejecting off the rocket? It looks like it even turns

  52. Kaydn Burns

    Kaydn BurnsYear ago

    at 26:05 you can see a particle or debree fly over the screen and suddenly change directions... seems odd. im not a conspiracy theorist butt odd. im guessing as it hit the hot gasses or temps from the nozzel it caused it to fly upwards but idk

  53. Andy Smith

    Andy SmithYear ago

    great cgi guys wow 💩💩💩💩

  54. Vox dei Vox Populi

    Vox dei Vox PopuliYear ago

    Who the f**k is disliking this? Is that you bastards?

  55. sukathodos

    sukathodosYear ago

    22:36 Of Course I Still Love You has acquisition of Single

  56. Khan Kaisar Tervel of Bulgaria the savior of Europe

    Khan Kaisar Tervel of Bulgaria the savior of EuropeYear ago

    Гордост! :)

  57. Yao Cool

    Yao CoolYear ago

    SpaceX is absolutely one of the best companies/organizations.

  58. Yao Cool

    Yao CoolYear ago

    I think we need to get the landing footage to work properly every time, the camera could just be farther away in an autonomous drone. Not because we want to but because we could need to see the live footage to fully understand what's going on. I personally do not care for the music, if we could just hear the audio from the spacex office or maybe an Ebook about aerospace engineering that would be excellent.

  59. snarkyguy

    snarkyguyYear ago


  60. Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck Dragon

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck DragonYear ago


  61. Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck Dragon

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck DragonYear ago

    I am not a robot

  62. Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck Dragon

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Luck DragonYear ago

    when will falcons launch from Brownsville Texas and land in the gulf. land has been prepared for over 2 years already. will construction start soon. been cleared by all local governments and most conservationist for the go ahead.

  63. Charlie Schuck

    Charlie SchuckYear ago

    Jee im really glad they specified that they were launching from earth...

  64. Bertha Rios

    Bertha RiosYear ago

    16:19 -- You can all thank me later.

  65. Ricardo Roldán

    Ricardo RoldánYear ago

    excelent..the future for my descendest begin.

  66. Prof. Sherlock

    Prof. SherlockYear ago

    Keep up the good work, Space X!

  67. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey MouseYear ago

    Yeah !

  68. Pintuxo

    PintuxoYear ago

    What a pity that one of the main events, the high-speed reentry and landing, didn't show. Really frustrating for us that waited days and were counting the minutes for this launch. Can't you SpaceX improve in this subject? Why don't you contract a professional team in an helicopter to film the landing? Just an idea. Cheers.

  69. Willie Gillie

    Willie GillieYear ago

    Email when the crush cores are used up what happens? Do those Merlin engines absorb the impact? I wouldn't think they would be reusable after impact

  70. Niksatar 25

    Niksatar 25Year ago

    the video saus bulgaria.... thats why i am here....

  71. I. Bosquez

    I. BosquezYear ago

    Go NASA! Well done Bulgaria! You should be proud. BTW, I love the music paired with this video, very nice. Somehow I feel happy. That's rare for me, lol : )

  72. Victorbrine Cassini

    Victorbrine CassiniYear ago

    Irma Bosquez That's not NASA bruh... that is SpaceX...

  73. Kaleb Hardy

    Kaleb HardyYear ago

    I swear this world is so clueless

  74. Denis Ivanov

    Denis IvanovYear ago

    Wow i am from Bulgaria

  75. AlexGW

    AlexGWYear ago

    All of these Sat launches give a massive boost to investments over the coming years! Keep on going!

  76. Lil Mizi

    Lil MiziYear ago

    this rocket is faster than flash

  77. Eternal entropy

    Eternal entropyYear ago

    The earth is still flat!

  78. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan JohnsonYear ago

    Why would anyone dislike this?

  79. Joyseph Mahdi

    Joyseph MahdiYear ago

    what is the music at around 10 minutes?

  80. Kody Zhager

    Kody ZhagerYear ago

    Rocket hit the water a few mins after launch

  81. zack jamieson

    zack jamiesonYear ago

    One day our grand children will be flying to Mars on rockets from SpaceX and we will tell them that we watched them launching and landing the first few rockets.

  82. You're right and I'm completely wrong

    You're right and I'm completely wrongYear ago

    Humanity is capable of doing this but still usps fails to track my package in their delivery route🤦‍♂️

  83. MindFlowersDotNet

    MindFlowersDotNetYear ago


  84. Jacob Mares

    Jacob MaresYear ago

    How long would it take to cook a steak on those burners🤔

  85. Julian Lucas

    Julian LucasYear ago

    Where all my flat Earthers at?!?

  86. Jacob Dylan

    Jacob DylanYear ago

    Anyone else think he thumbnail looked like rust

  87. Diego Molina

    Diego MolinaYear ago

    it looks fake af

  88. pdiddy828100

    pdiddy828100Year ago

    When you see all that trash in the atmosphere in the left screen speeding by camera 🤦‍♂️

  89. Agua Flashh

    Agua FlashhYear ago

    16:29 is launch time

  90. nairina

    nairinaYear ago

    So many views! That is great because maybe now more people will suppose that in Bulgaria we do have postal services and we do have microwaves. Yes, those were real questions I was asked by two different Americans when I visited US. :)

  91. Vince Guerenski

    Vince Guerenski9 months ago

    nairina that's sad lol

  92. XBOY

    XBOYYear ago

    Seriously people? Now you don't see it it, now you see it? Next we'll see aliens landing just like this.

  93. BlagenLogin

    BlagenLoginYear ago

    25:30 Great camera cut! Definitely showed the success of landing a rocket accurately

  94. BlagenLogin

    BlagenLoginYear ago

    19:45 Look at that flat horizon! #FlatEarth

  95. Dream Sushi

    Dream SushiYear ago

    BlagenLogin actually, how would you explain how planes flying west end up in the east?..

  96. BlagenLogin

    BlagenLoginYear ago

    jesse4o8 Well... if the Earth is flat, a lot of us are being lied to and deceived. I'd like more people to look into the Flat Earth theory.

  97. Dream Sushi

    Dream SushiYear ago

    BlagenLogin ok?

  98. Nostalgic memories

    Nostalgic memoriesYear ago


  99. Lui

    LuiYear ago

    49:49 aliens crawling on the rocket

  100. flipi flips

    flipi flipsYear ago

    make Bulgaria great again

  101. AdiL

    AdiLYear ago

    russians still not believing :D



    I love how Space X has come from nothing to the top of the space game.

  103. IR0N360

    IR0N360Year ago

    Lemme make a prediction... We will NEVER go to Mars. Space X is nothing but a Money making scheme...

  104. Ivan Pozniak

    Ivan PozniakYear ago

    за гадзину арбиту пралятае

  105. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrNYear ago

    NASA an SpaceX are brother companies of a Masonic ORDER OR CULT made to decieve the Masses

  106. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrNYear ago

    TheDeliman ... It's obvious. Freemasonry an fraternal ORDERS control this reality. All freemasonry is a spin off of the OCCULT ... do Ur own research. Albert Pikes book "Morals an Dogma" which MOST an ALL Masons live by states LUCIFER/SATAN is there 1 an ONLY master ... once you go above and Beyond the 33rd degree Ur MASTER an who u pray to is Satanic himself. pg. 848 I believe.

  107. TheDeliman

    TheDelimanYear ago

    Bs the CIA just got leaked again for the third time, there is no way they can keep these secrets if people risk their lives to leak that they just spy on us, you really think hundreds of thousands of scientist are all evil and want to blind us from knowledge?

  108. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrNYear ago

    TheDeliman ... yes of course th@s what it meAns

  109. TheDeliman

    TheDelimanYear ago

    what about blue horizon? and thew Indian space program, and the Russian space program, and the Chinese, we are about to go to WW3 over some oil in the Middle East, you really think all these country put the differences aside for a mass space conspiracy????

  110. Сергей Демин

    Сергей ДеминYear ago

    Хотел бы я связать свою жизнь с космической отраслью, да кто бы взял, не так все просто)очень круто?!

  111. Manny Calavera

    Manny CalaveraYear ago

    "Of course I still love you"?

  112. ILKO Nikolov

    ILKO NikolovYear ago

    name of the drone ship

  113. Александр Чёрный

    Александр ЧёрныйYear ago

    Why you don't use quadrocopters on your barge? I'ts will be funny! :)

  114. joshua koski

    joshua koskiYear ago

    That was incredible to watch! Good job, on a successful launch and landing!

  115. Igor Schmidlapp

    Igor SchmidlappYear ago

    These hosted webcasts are like bad college TV...

  116. Illegal Commenter

    Illegal CommenterYear ago

    Launch at 16:30