BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards


  1. •Chocolate Gacha•

    •Chocolate Gacha•32 minutes ago

    In Breant's mind: These boys are weak, except for Mr uhhh person though he good he cool 😏


    ROSSE- BTS ARMY2 hours ago

    hahaha jin

  3. 김미형

    김미형2 hours ago

    유쾌한방탄의 맏내석진의상쾌함~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. reghid

    reghid3 hours ago


  5. Park Chimmme

    Park Chimmme3 hours ago

    Omg Jin’s laugh tho

  6. Brittney Marie

    Brittney Marie3 hours ago

    2:23 “i’m so happy” *my hearteu*

  7. Aaron Romero Flores

    Aaron Romero Flores3 hours ago

    What BTS and Brent Rivera?!

  8. Cheng Sai Tan

    Cheng Sai Tan3 hours ago

    I think that Brent does not know their names

  9. Brittney Marie

    Brittney Marie3 hours ago

    jin has me dying this whole video

  10. Dappy Puddin

    Dappy Puddin3 hours ago

    The forever Dolphin laugh of Jin 😂

  11. Ri W

    Ri W4 hours ago

    2:18 Tae so cute with his hands 💜👏🏼

  12. Nadia Barnes

    Nadia Barnes5 hours ago

    1 of my favorite videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I ❤❤❤ them so much🤣🤣🤣....

  13. Leah Martinez

    Leah Martinez5 hours ago

    Hey Brent where is LEXI AND BEN

  14. WonderTin

    WonderTin5 hours ago

    Jiminshi. Gold. 😂

  15. BTSfanV95 bangtan

    BTSfanV95 bangtan5 hours ago

    Come to Turkey please please BTS

  16. Callie Sloan

    Callie Sloan7 hours ago

    Nooooo!!!!!! I bet the Stokes twins are SO Jealous!!! Love all of them!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘#BTS #Army

  17. Suga is lit

    Suga is lit7 hours ago

    Dun dun dun JIN

  18. Baby Chorizo

    Baby Chorizo7 hours ago

    All you can hear is our cute Jin laughing the entire video 🤣💞

  19. Hawt JiN

    Hawt JiN7 hours ago

    Jins laugh 🤣😭

  20. Graciela Montano

    Graciela Montano8 hours ago

    Is there anybody surprised that Yoongs won? Didn't think so

  21. The cake bts threw In Spring Day

    The cake bts threw In Spring Day8 hours ago

    Omg he’s touching all over them

  22. Laura Is Temporary

    Laura Is Temporary5 hours ago

    yeah it seemed like he was about to push yoongi off that chair ahhaahha

  23. m0._.m0

    m0._.m08 hours ago

    To everyone who might not this (although i doubt it) they're all over 21 except jk he was 21 at that time

  24. m0._.m0

    m0._.m08 hours ago

    Yes i stan crackheads totally my fault no one put me up to it ps: please no one tell my mom

  25. Senem KUBAŞ

    Senem KUBAŞ8 hours ago

    Jimin is always laughing to jimin shi 😁

  26. MikHope 9405

    MikHope 94059 hours ago

    Jin’s laugh is contagious 😂

  27. Anita Pedraza

    Anita Pedraza10 hours ago

    BTS I 💜💜💜 them so cute

  28. Fancy TOMATOE

    Fancy TOMATOE10 hours ago

    Their should be a name for Tae's embarrassed laugh

  29. fxtima

    fxtima10 hours ago

    1:28 that hug got me on my knees

  30. Bành Thị Đường

    Bành Thị Đường11 hours ago

    That America person be like: Who am I?What did chu hooman just said???What am I hearing??

  31. jinnie hyung

    jinnie hyung11 hours ago

    jk: mY hAnDS CaRRy eM’

  32. Marleni Morales

    Marleni Morales11 hours ago

    RM:Im So Serious Then Later A Min He Laughs

  33. i like unicorns and bts

    i like unicorns and bts11 hours ago

    I swear Brent looked so confused he just wanted to get things done and leave lol

  34. Tarun Pandit

    Tarun Pandit12 hours ago

    Wow Brent really didn’t pull through for the army omg

  35. Sameeksha Dhek

    Sameeksha Dhek12 hours ago


  36. Rajita Rhapahela

    Rajita Rhapahela12 hours ago

    Brent Rivera knows what it means to be the 8th wheel 😂 😂 😂

  37. Anushka Music

    Anushka Music12 hours ago

    Jin's laugh 😂😂 .. Omg

  38. Suga with my Tae

    Suga with my Tae13 hours ago

    1:40 Namjin confirmed 🥵

  39. Subina Ghalan

    Subina Ghalan14 hours ago

    I watched this videos many times and Jin laugh sounds though😂

  40. Ms. Sunflower

    Ms. Sunflower15 hours ago

    1:22 When Jimin have an idea to make Tae laugh and Jungkook is ready with his plan😂😂

  41. Lexi React Gacha videos

    Lexi React Gacha videos15 hours ago

    RM is so cute

  42. Melody Berco

    Melody Berco17 hours ago

    Jin it's very happy but suga is very serious

  43. cutiesexylovely bts

    cutiesexylovely bts19 hours ago


  44. Arpita Biswas

    Arpita Biswas19 hours ago

    Kookies smile ... Ohh myy gawd

  45. mac by fania

    mac by fania20 hours ago

    I love how RM said “I’m so happy”

  46. alzlnh b.

    alzlnh b.20 hours ago

    Probably my favorite thing on the internet 🤣🤣🤣

  47. love army

    love army22 hours ago

    In tumbnail, no taehyung in there😭

  48. Alhad and Nupur Mahagaonkar

    Alhad and Nupur Mahagaonkar22 hours ago

    RM: I’m very serious *next minute* Bursts out laughing 😂😂

  49. Russian EXO's fan

    Russian EXO's fan23 hours ago

    Im smile with them

  50. fionne chong

    fionne chongDay ago

    omggg jin say tzuyu to jk 😂

  51. Vanessa Ng

    Vanessa NgDay ago

    Did they REALLY have to clean the windows while they filmed?

  52. LadyAltaria

    LadyAltariaDay ago

    Jin’s laughter is sweeter then all the worlds music

  53. I want some suga kookies with my tae

    I want some suga kookies with my taeDay ago

    Joni’s smile made me go uwu

  54. Choi Sophie

    Choi SophieDay ago

    i swear brent looks so done with them

  55. ray wood

    ray woodDay ago

    *Watches a little more than a year later* Suga: "I'm going to die..." 0:45 Me: SHOOK

  56. Hafsa Asad

    Hafsa AsadDay ago

    what does jungkook say to make tae laugh?

  57. Hafsa Asad

    Hafsa Asad22 hours ago

    @Annie Zeigler oh ok, thanks!

  58. Annie Zeigler

    Annie ZeiglerDay ago

    Idk but is about that v forgot the lyrics of mic drop

  59. LPS December

    LPS DecemberDay ago

    Jin’s legendary laugh

  60. Gacha Life Story Pro

    Gacha Life Story ProDay ago

    1:26 best part, I died 🤣🤣 love you funny kookie 🐰💗

  61. Yara Tola

    Yara TolaDay ago

    I could only hear Jin’s laugh in this video 😂

  62. Grape Mon

    Grape MonDay ago

    *windshield wiper laugh intensifies by shaggy*

  63. Jayla Nguyen

    Jayla NguyenDay ago

    2019 anyone

  64. Park Sarang

    Park Sarang35 minutes ago

    of course lol

  65. Cows Moo

    Cows MooDay ago

    2:20 Tae tae's clapping 😂😂

  66. Cocafizz

    CocafizzDay ago

    I swear to god Jin's laugh can cure an kind of illness :')

  67. Humble

    HumbleDay ago

    I really love suga and suga wins!

  68. English speaakuuu

    English speaakuuuDay ago

    i was only laughing at jinnie lolll also i was thinking about taetaes "wuts ur fevrit shrack" im weird

  69. Onyx Cat 131

    Onyx Cat 131Day ago

    Namjoon’s “I’m so happy” at the end lol


    ARMY WORLDDay ago

    Never challenge Suga play TRY NOT TO SMILE/LAUGH if you dont want to lose.

  71. Vorleaklyda Pal

    Vorleaklyda PalDay ago

    You look so fun

  72. Fatema Ferdous

    Fatema FerdousDay ago

    RM : I am very serious

  73. Mayda Velasquez

    Mayda Velasquez2 days ago

    Omgoshh!!! Jin's laugh is so funny😂 I love it so much❤😂

  74. Jocelyne Carranza ღ ღ

    Jocelyne Carranza ღ ღ2 days ago

    Is this Just me. But It also made me smile/Laugh. 😂

  75. Stadic_ Raven

    Stadic_ Raven2 days ago

    It took me way to long to get that Jungkook sang "To many my hands Carrie them" from mic drop.

  76. Romana Abdur Razzaque

    Romana Abdur Razzaque2 days ago

    i think they have some inside joke with mic drop lyrics 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Elif Ögün

    Elif Ögün4 hours ago

    Romana Abdur Razzaque well “my hands carry em” is funny cause when they had a concert in japan v mistakenly mixed the different languages/ lyrics

  78. Madyson Blessing

    Madyson Blessing2 days ago

    In conclusion Brent has no idea

  79. hi my name's [ Dan ]

    hi my name's [ Dan ]2 days ago

    If he says alright one more time omd

  80. Marisa Sabori

    Marisa Sabori2 days ago

    I love jin laughing so hard throughout the whole video 😂😂

  81. шернияз нуркенов

    шернияз нуркенов2 days ago

    биас Бренда вроде бы j- hope, да...

  82. _Derp3 y

    _Derp3 y2 days ago

    It’s so cute and funny how Jungkook says Jimin-ssi 😂💜

  83. Aden Charousapha

    Aden Charousapha2 days ago

    Brent’s fake laughing almost 100 percent of the time

  84. Bubbly Bubble

    Bubbly Bubble2 days ago

    Kim Seok Jin's laugh completes my life🤣❤️

  85. Galaxy World

    Galaxy World2 days ago

    My god Jin’s laughs

  86. Chaima Chouchita

    Chaima Chouchita2 days ago

    im here for bts specially ... jin laughter is soooooo cute ghhhh like someone is cleaning the class

  87. Aida Mae

    Aida Mae2 days ago

    JIN'S laughter was the best background music ever. 🤣🤣🤣😍😍

  88. KittyRosePlayz :3

    KittyRosePlayz :32 days ago

    I just can hear is jins *LAUGHBURST*

  89. Suga JJ

    Suga JJ2 days ago

    Suga so SWAG❤🙌 Btw,95% in this video Jin is laugh *lol* - My favorite members is Suga!!!!

  90. Helena Vít

    Helena Vít2 days ago

    The best is "Jin~" xdd

  91. Angler#0211

    Angler#02112 days ago

    Brent looks so confused and helpless

  92. Sevinc Seferova

    Sevinc Seferova2 days ago

    I lovev you Jimi😍😘

  93. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook2 days ago

    Jins laughs are everything

  94. cry baby

    cry baby2 days ago


  95. lcve tae

    lcve tae3 days ago


  96. Gabriella Reynolds

    Gabriella Reynolds3 days ago

    No one: Jin: ᴅᴏɴᴋ

  97. my jngk

    my jngk3 days ago

    So many inside jokes we'll never know

  98. Unicorn Tears

    Unicorn Tears3 days ago

    Jin’s laugh is my new notifications ringtone

  99. Unicorn Tears

    Unicorn Tears2 days ago

    Infires, man! // *STR3AM DNA* what was the public reaction? 😂😂

  100. Infires, man! // *STR3AM DNA*

    Infires, man! // *STR3AM DNA*2 days ago

    Omg I used to have it as Jin's laugh😂 I also used to have it as Jin screaming the high note in that run karaoke episode 😂😂😂

  101. Keith Thomas

    Keith Thomas3 days ago

    Bts come to Savannah and go to prakrs

  102. Jackie Hope

    Jackie Hope3 days ago

    This game is not for jin he is always laughing

  103. Rebecca & Stuff

    Rebecca & Stuff3 days ago

    *Suga:* Doesn't smile *Everyone else:* SJRHRJDNSAHAHAH

  104. Sai Yang

    Sai Yang3 days ago

    They are so cut

  105. Roblox Angel

    Roblox Angel3 days ago

    I swear Brent just fake laughed the whole time. Brent was the only one being awkward

  106. -Unique Bees-

    -Unique Bees-3 days ago

    *leJINDary laughs be like*

  107. Ala’a Abubakar

    Ala’a Abubakar3 days ago

    Brent’s literally like why am I here again 🧐