BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards


  1. Mikaela TSANG

    Mikaela TSANG22 minutes ago

    Omigawd their laughs 💜 poor Brent doesn’t understand anything.

  2. Scarlet Heart

    Scarlet Heart23 minutes ago

    Notice how Yoongi smiles when the member smiles😊😊

  3. تمرحنا ابوغزله

    تمرحنا ابوغزله36 minutes ago

    انا بحب bts روعه

  4. Bubble Tea

    Bubble Tea51 minute ago


  5. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki59 minutes ago

    what do you mean jwiminssi?



    Your so luky brent

  7. JiKook B T S

    JiKook B T S3 hours ago

    All I can hear was Jin's laugh😂😂😂😂

  8. Garima sohal

    Garima sohal3 hours ago

    can anyone tell me what make jungkook laugh

  9. Trisna Gemarita

    Trisna Gemarita3 hours ago

    Suga is the winner

  10. shaa deep

    shaa deep6 hours ago

    Suga will be suga🤣 I love this man dude❤️

  11. Danesha Nura

    Danesha Nura7 hours ago

    "Can't stop looking at jungkook and v😙😙😘😘😙"

  12. Jani Depaz

    Jani Depaz8 hours ago

    When I saw this I was like literally crying of laughter with them idk why but everytime they cry or laugh or get emotional I do too

  13. Agusalonzo 15

    Agusalonzo 1511 hours ago

    La risa de Jin en este video me da años de vida

  14. dianne carolina colina gutierrez

    dianne carolina colina gutierrez14 hours ago

    Y la risa de jin a fondo 😂😂😂




  16. ambar ovalle

    ambar ovalle16 hours ago

    jin nnnnnnnnnnn

  17. Elicynderspyro

    Elicynderspyro17 hours ago

    Jin's laugh can cure any illness

  18. Alex_Avery

    Alex_Avery18 hours ago

    Kinda feel like Brent has an attitude with them..

  19. R’s Outlet

    R’s Outlet18 hours ago

    1:47 bae ♥️

  20. Park Vmin

    Park Vmin19 hours ago

    Idk why but their laugh is contagious....I'm wheezing

  21. Kalden Lama

    Kalden Lama20 hours ago

    What are Jungkook saying and v lol?????

  22. Kalden Lama

    Kalden Lama20 hours ago

    I know already that Suga will be winner because he always takes seriously 😂😂

  23. Nicole

    Nicole21 hour ago

    Suga *Warm inside,* *but cold and stone outside* 💕💕💕

  24. min joon

    min joon22 hours ago

    Jin’s laugh was all over the place 😂😂

  25. Sabiya Alam

    Sabiya Alam23 hours ago

    Please don't let him interview then again 😑

  26. Kpop shipper

    Kpop shipper23 hours ago

    0:23 , V's hand at Jungkook's ear and the way he look's at Kookie 😊 #Vkook moment 💜

  27. Bao Bei

    Bao BeiDay ago

    I love Jungkook 💓

  28. keerthi challagalla

    keerthi challagallaDay ago

    Brent Rivera my favorite MReporterr and BTS my life just saw them together!!!

  29. Nini Nini

    Nini NiniDay ago

    Naah how cute they are😂😂😍i can't stop loughting😂😂😂

  30. الله كبير

    الله كبيرDay ago

    bts Love you

  31. ShinyDiamondPH Venturina

    ShinyDiamondPH VenturinaDay ago

    Brent is here and BTS

  32. Subodh Sarkar

    Subodh SarkarDay ago

    They look so cute while there are laughing..

  33. Ngọc Lan Hà

    Ngọc Lan HàDay ago


  34. Ngọc Lan Hà

    Ngọc Lan HàDay ago


  35. Ngọc Lan Hà

    Ngọc Lan HàDay ago

    I can believe that Brent got to meet my BTS

  36. Ngọc Lan Hà

    Ngọc Lan HàDay ago

    I cant not i can

  37. IwantyoutoBERN- BTS BABE

    IwantyoutoBERN- BTS BABEDay ago

    Jin obviously enjoyed this game the most.... All I can hear is his windshield laugh 😂😂😂

  38. Morgana Carvalho

    Morgana CarvalhoDay ago

    Alguém do Brasil ???

  39. ann mocha

    ann mochaDay ago

    Jins face when he laughs is like so unpredictable

  40. Just Chillin Out Me Box

    Just Chillin Out Me BoxDay ago

    2:09 Jin is like No, let the master do it... *Doom doom.. JIIN* 😂😂😂

  41. Elsi Magallon

    Elsi MagallonDay ago

    Ni cantaron

  42. RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollars

    RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollarsDay ago

    Lol Brent was feeling so awkward

  43. bts army

    bts armyDay ago

    Jimin shi

  44. _ Peach _

    _ Peach _Day ago


  45. Angelo Botiger

    Angelo BotigerDay ago

    As expected ofcourse SUGA SWAG

  46. Some random name

    Some random nameDay ago

    Ranking: 1. Suga 2. V 3. Jhope 4. RM 5. Jungkook 6. Jimin & Jin Jungkook: 3 seconds (by Jin) Jin: 1 second (by RM) Suga: definitely the winner V: 13 seconds (by Jungkook/Jimin) RM: 3 seconds (by Jin) Jimin: 1 second (by Jungkook) Jhope: 10 seconds (by Jin) What made them laugh? Jungkook: JIIIN Jin: noises Suga: nothing V: my hands carry em RM: donk Jimin: Jimin-ssi Jhope: du du JIIN

  47. CrossyRoadVideos Everyday247

    CrossyRoadVideos Everyday247Day ago


  48. CrossyRoadVideos Everyday247

    CrossyRoadVideos Everyday247Day ago


  49. Kisha PC

    Kisha PCDay ago

    *Jin and RM laugh always makes me happy!* 😆❤️❤️

  50. Aesa Aman

    Aesa AmanDay ago

    Brent rivia is my bias

  51. Duh Its Megan

    Duh Its MeganDay ago

    Best combo !! My fave MReporterr plus my fave band!!! I love Brent and bts! I bet you that Brent won't see this!!

  52. Gogo HD

    Gogo HD2 days ago

    I want to be brent ugh

  53. Janina Bunjaku

    Janina Bunjaku2 days ago

    Lol brent didnt lnow anyones names

  54. Bea Mapani

    Bea Mapani2 days ago

    serious mode suga

  55. Bea Mapani

    Bea Mapani2 days ago

    serious one sugw

  56. Bea Mapani

    Bea Mapani2 days ago

    jins smiling moment

  57. Reydenjanicereymhar Dizonbasbas

    Reydenjanicereymhar Dizonbasbas2 days ago


  58. Sanssé ko

    Sanssé ko2 days ago

    le rire de Jinn il me termine a chaque fois

  59. Tifa Salsabila

    Tifa Salsabila2 days ago


  60. Rino Nov

    Rino Nov2 days ago

    Jungkook expert to make V smile

  61. I'm Roth

    I'm Roth2 days ago

    Brent Rivera is Stokes twin Best friends and they are ARMY😶😭😂😱

  62. Wolfy Productions

    Wolfy Productions2 days ago

    I know Brent Rivera

  63. Karymerita TV

    Karymerita TV2 days ago

    Don't drink ANYTHING hearing Jin's laugh 😂😂

  64. Lan Phan

    Lan Phan2 days ago

    Straight face for 3 secconds then they burst out laughing😂

  65. Alex Ninja wolf

    Alex Ninja wolf2 days ago

    BTS oh my gosh!!!!!

  66. Micah Games on YouTube

    Micah Games on YouTube2 days ago

    LOL I love listening to BTS sometimes and my cousin does too she can also speak and read in Korean i can’t just Tagalog in Filipino style and American English

  67. Beauty beast

    Beauty beast2 days ago

    Bts not smile to those members but he smile bcoz of Brent 😅😆

  68. Coco Cola I like it

    Coco Cola I like it2 days ago

    I can’t believe J hope can’t do the orange justice that much when he did so good that song that goes yolo yolo yolo yolo

  69. Luiza Silveira

    Luiza Silveira2 days ago

    A risada do jin me mata😂😂😂😂

  70. Kim Seokjin Army

    Kim Seokjin Army2 days ago


  71. xd NinjaX CGZ

    xd NinjaX CGZ2 days ago

    *This is jeon jungkook and your watch disney channel!*

  72. Katie Docherty

    Katie Docherty2 days ago

    There English is getting better everyday

  73. Shøøketh

    Shøøketh2 days ago

    Jin’s laugh 💕


    KITTY LOVE2 days ago

    omg yes 😂🌸

  75. N.A 17

    N.A 172 days ago

    Jin literally dying at his own joke is the best thing ever

  76. Julie Parker

    Julie Parker2 days ago

    2:11 *GEE* okay I’m done I’m sorry

  77. Julie Parker

    Julie Parker2 days ago

    1:47 *diwashi*

  78. Julie Parker

    Julie Parker2 days ago

    1:39 *oong*

  79. Julie Parker

    Julie Parker2 days ago

    0:39 *Hiduhadu*

  80. elsa- army

    elsa- army2 days ago

    du du jiiin

  81. Lil Homie Isaac

    Lil Homie Isaac2 days ago

    Brent +BTS=Amazing video

  82. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling2 days ago

    Jin can just laugh and make everyone else smile😂

  83. MissNazoka oka

    MissNazoka oka2 days ago

    это не чесно.У чонгукка они его тронула😑😑

  84. Cαρρυccιиø 327

    Cαρρυccιиø 3272 days ago


  85. CelestraSpeedPaint

    CelestraSpeedPaint2 days ago

    Jin needs to calm the gelk down 😂😂😂😂

  86. Jaras Am

    Jaras Am2 days ago

    Jimin even his name .. can make him laugh

  87. Alvina irshad

    Alvina irshad2 days ago

    Cute v

  88. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie2 days ago

    jiminshii cant control his laughter ,,, kookie so cute and jin laughs are my medicine...

  89. John Michael Rodil

    John Michael Rodil3 days ago

    Brent rivera is my fav youtuber with my fav kpop last year but now, not anymore im in blink now

  90. Desiree Lucquiao

    Desiree Lucquiao3 days ago

    Jungkook make V smile☺

  91. Heather _ Hale77

    Heather _ Hale773 days ago

    The fact that Brent doesn't even know what they're saying makes me laugh even more😂😂😂

  92. Julia & J J 's YT 2

    Julia & J J 's YT 23 days ago

    I luv BTS k-pop korean America USA & all

  93. Irelle Pierre

    Irelle Pierre3 days ago

    Jin’s laugh kills me 😂😂😂

  94. Jillian Tauro

    Jillian Tauro3 days ago

    Brent doesn’t know their names

  95. أمجاد العسيري.

    أمجاد العسيري.3 days ago

    ضحكة جين هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه 😭

  96. jhessa legaspi

    jhessa legaspi3 days ago

    jungkook cute funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. Parag Priyansh

    Parag Priyansh3 days ago

    Suga 🙁🙁🙁he is so serious😂😂😂

  98. Melissa Reyes

    Melissa Reyes3 days ago

    Me encanta la risa de Jin se ríe bien gracioso y amo a Bts los amo a todos 😘 se rien bien gracioso todos quién habla español

  99. Rosa Lopez

    Rosa Lopez3 days ago


  100. Max_tax GamePlays

    Max_tax GamePlays3 days ago

    *Jins laugh Is Everything*

  101. pinkii helmo

    pinkii helmo3 days ago

    i love jin's laughhhhhhhhh

  102. PIZZA 4LIFE

    PIZZA 4LIFE3 days ago

    I love how they made me laugh even though i dont know what their saying

  103. Yuri_crafts Pineapples

    Yuri_crafts Pineapples3 days ago

    Suga wins but he doesn’t try to make the others smile