BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards


  1. yep army

    yep army33 minutes ago

    1:33 that slap tho

  2. KpopLover Yoongipark

    KpopLover YoongiparkHour ago

    The only thing to keep me happy​ is their smiles... >3

  3. Katrina Tang

    Katrina TangHour ago

    jins laugh also makes me cringe

  4. jjang !

    jjang !Hour ago

    Why so receh?😂

  5. Honor Alonso

    Honor AlonsoHour ago

    Their skin is so perfect! They are so beauitful!

  6. Honor Alonso

    Honor AlonsoHour ago

    I want to meet them so badly!!!!;(

  7. Monike Lovings

    Monike LovingsHour ago

    They are on tommorow FINNALY YASSS I'm feeling 😍😍😍😘😍😍😘😎😎😎😂😁😁😁😆😆 right now bc they at the RDMAs at 8:00

  8. Mochi Lover

    Mochi LoverHour ago

    I like how the host feels out of place and awkward but that's probably bc he doesn't understand the jokes.For example at 1:24 when it was Tae's turn Jimin knew this one time where they were having a concert in Japan (Mic drop has been released in three languages English,Korean,and Japanese) Tae kinda got his lines mixed up so he said "My hands carry em *mumbling cuz he didn't know his lines* Therefore only Bts knew what the joke meant :) Idk I'm a huge fan I'm so sorry I created this rant XD

  9. Chimmy Z

    Chimmy ZHour ago

    Jin’s laughter OML😂😂😂

  10. Zeynep Cengiz

    Zeynep Cengiz3 hours ago

    1:26 What did he say?

  11. Zeynep Cengiz

    Zeynep Cengiz3 hours ago

    so many JiKook moments oh God, help

  12. Lovely Purple

    Lovely Purple3 hours ago

    Jin's laugh makes me like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. Kaylen Noyola

    Kaylen Noyola3 hours ago

    Jin's laugh got me SOO HARD 😁😂😁

  14. Larissa Chong

    Larissa Chong3 hours ago

    Jin is laughing so badly 😂

  15. edisonno1

    edisonno13 hours ago


  16. jeongins braces

    jeongins braces4 hours ago

    Suga da best

  17. Nadya Shoumi

    Nadya Shoumi4 hours ago


  18. Cami The Cold One

    Cami The Cold One5 hours ago

    Brent: He's not a smiler (Talks about Yoongi) Me: ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

  19. lili lala

    lili lala5 hours ago

    Jimin look so cute with that hair style awwwww

  20. Ciara Son

    Ciara Son5 hours ago


  21. Bernadeth Bernardo

    Bernadeth Bernardo5 hours ago

    RM: He's an ice (Suga) 😂😂😂

  22. Bitmoji Girl

    Bitmoji Girl6 hours ago

    He needs to stop touching them

  23. Lhove Ally Calapini

    Lhove Ally Calapini6 hours ago

    RM laughs when Seokjin laughs. My ship is sailing

  24. bts loves blackpink world

    bts loves blackpink world6 hours ago

    That host is so hansome than BTS

  25. QueenCinnella X

    QueenCinnella X6 hours ago

    You know that when Jin starts laughing, he ain't gonna stop for a while. XD

  26. ajhay atijera

    ajhay atijera7 hours ago

    brent rivera is a viner

  27. Aigoo Jungkookie

    Aigoo Jungkookie9 hours ago

    anyone who can explain there jokes will be greatly appreciated. please help .

  28. Sophia San Diego

    Sophia San Diego9 hours ago

    Im a bit fan of Brent Rivera.

  29. Eli Simarmata

    Eli Simarmata10 hours ago

    Wow sugaaaa👍👍😘😘😘

  30. Suga's Sugar

    Suga's Sugar12 hours ago

    RIP they literally kicked suga off the stool like WAW XDDDD 😂😂

  31. Jasmine & Carlye

    Jasmine & Carlye12 hours ago

    When Jin laughs he looks uncomfortable I DIED AND STARTED SNORTING LIKE A PIG

  32. painting the mirrors

    painting the mirrors12 hours ago

    My greatest wish is to hear Jin laugh irl *🤞✨*

  33. Rochelle Walker

    Rochelle Walker13 hours ago

    bts:*acts funny* suga:-_- bts:*acts funner* suga:-_-

  34. paranie

    paranie13 hours ago

    "jimin-ssi" *loses immediately*

  35. miesasa ishak

    miesasa ishak13 hours ago

    I like Brent's voice.

  36. BTS Fan

    BTS Fan14 hours ago

    love Jins laugh its so cute💙💚💙💗💜❤💙💗💜❤💜❤😘😘❤

  37. ItsJustLala

    ItsJustLala14 hours ago

    Jin’s laugh lolol 😂

  38. Dalet Zain Pedraza Rodriguez

    Dalet Zain Pedraza Rodriguez15 hours ago


  39. Christian the ruller of the multi-verse

    Christian the ruller of the multi-verse15 hours ago

    2:23 rm:"its goin happen"

  40. Katrina Tang

    Katrina Tang15 hours ago

    jins laugh lol

  41. A.R.M.Y_Tae EXO-L_Bacon

    A.R.M.Y_Tae EXO-L_Bacon15 hours ago

    Wiping windows for days

  42. Putri Alifah

    Putri Alifah16 hours ago

    Jimin it's so funny💕

  43. dud dum jinnn rapmonsters wife

    dud dum jinnn rapmonsters wife16 hours ago

    i just love the joke dud dum jinnn

  44. dud dum jinnn rapmonsters wife

    dud dum jinnn rapmonsters wife16 hours ago

    i love bts sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh especially rap monster=RM

  45. Jadelynn Nguyen

    Jadelynn Nguyen19 hours ago

    rlly jungkook made tae laugh. also me

  46. Clean Subliminals

    Clean Subliminals19 hours ago

    1:28 J to the I to K to the O to the O to the K!! #JikookIsReal

  47. deeqa MM

    deeqa MM20 hours ago

    Can you tell me wat they are saying

  48. Karen Hambanou

    Karen Hambanou20 hours ago

    even my sister who is currently sleeping not far from me can hear jin's laugh in her sleep 😂😂😂

  49. Park Shin hye

    Park Shin hye20 hours ago

    Namjoon: "i am very serious i won't smile" *1 second later* Namjoon: HAHHAHAHA He laughed 😏

  50. Dance Trance

    Dance Trance21 hour ago

    Hey ARMY! 💪 Can you check out my freestyle to Jhope's Baseline? It would mean alot! 🙏💕

  51. Mia Park

    Mia Park21 hour ago

    its funny how Brent doesn't even try to pronounce their names ;)

  52. Sheetal Sampath

    Sheetal Sampath22 hours ago

    No offense but Brent didn’t even know their names,,,,,,

  53. Queen Lightning

    Queen Lightning23 hours ago

    Brent looks confused 😂😂

  54. Apeera Once

    Apeera OnceDay ago

    What Jins just says to Jungkook??

  55. ilona aukselytė

    ilona aukselytėDay ago

    What jk said to V when he laugh

  56. тнє dσll

    тнє dσllDay ago

    Momma Jin laughed, and Papa Nam couldn't help but laugh

  57. Aerin Song

    Aerin SongDay ago

    I think Brent was fake laughing, he looks like he doesn’t understand a thing 😂

  58. Kikima_Gamer

    Kikima_GamerDay ago


  59. Kxtherine Powell

    Kxtherine PowellDay ago

    Min yoongi i am speachless, well i never 😂😂😂

  60. Mia Zhao

    Mia ZhaoDay ago

    RM - im very serious *starts laughing right away

  61. moonlight gguk

    moonlight ggukDay ago

    jungkook : *breathes* jimin : *bursts into laughter and then falls off the chair*

  62. moonlight gguk

    moonlight ggukDay ago

    this whole video was of jin laughing

  63. Eshika Reddy

    Eshika ReddyDay ago

    tis video is so blessed

  64. Taetae Alien

    Taetae AlienDay ago

    I love jin's laugh 😂 ❤️❤️

  65. JustVenenzia

    JustVenenziaDay ago

    I can tell Brent was done with Jin’s laugh 💀

  66. potato

    potatoDay ago

    Jin, i love your laugh so much xD

  67. Smalltowngirl 1234567890

    Smalltowngirl 1234567890Day ago

    Suga’s and rm’s height difference will be the death of me😂

  68. Polly Everton

    Polly EvertonDay ago

    Did Jin just say Tzuyu? whaaaaaaaaaaaa

  69. Sophie Gamer

    Sophie GamerDay ago

    Jungkook:Jiminshii Jimin: *dies of laughter*

  70. Clement Nubertus

    Clement NubertusDay ago

    Jin's laugh was actually the joke. I can only laugh by hear his laugh alone 😂

  71. Kryll,Jolie and Romel Matta,Valdes and Bunda

    Kryll,Jolie and Romel Matta,Valdes and BundaDay ago

    i like the way jin laughs😂😂😂😂 OMG!!!!

  72. Rhian Arciaga

    Rhian ArciagaDay ago

    Jin said tzuyu and joongkook laugh

  73. Saii Chenkual

    Saii ChenkualDay ago

    What did Jin say to jungkook

  74. Jacksons Mixtape

    Jacksons MixtapeDay ago

    If i was them i would probably just sit there and laugh non stop xD

  75. Laquita Wright

    Laquita WrightDay ago

    *mY hAnds cArrY eM*

  76. anniza123 Nisa321

    anniza123 Nisa321Day ago

    jin fun

  77. SallyGamerTV Gaming

    SallyGamerTV GamingDay ago

    I didn’t laugh to

  78. SallyGamerTV Gaming

    SallyGamerTV GamingDay ago

    I mean I didn’t smile

  79. SallyGamerTV Gaming

    SallyGamerTV GamingDay ago

    I did smile

  80. bangtannie min

    bangtannie minDay ago

    i cant understand why they r laughing but they sure r as giddy as schoolboys yolo

  81. XxgirlygxX _

    XxgirlygxX _Day ago

    Where can we vote for bts. 😍😍😍

  82. Alyssa Alcoriza

    Alyssa AlcorizaDay ago

    Suga is a legend! :p

  83. Kaya Rossman

    Kaya RossmanDay ago

    .....jimin ssiii😂😂😂

  84. Manasandkook Talkers

    Manasandkook TalkersDay ago

    Jungkook’s got all the skills

  85. Only for Jungkook

    Only for JungkookDay ago


  86. Luna

    LunaDay ago

    rm: ''he's a ice"

  87. FanniBC :v

    FanniBC :vDay ago

    Me encanto we, es súper tierno

  88. 김Daniellè

    김DaniellèDay ago

    The softest babies

  89. Jannika Playz

    Jannika PlayzDay ago

    Suga the non-Smiler

  90. Flip note Studios

    Flip note StudiosDay ago

    Are they gonna be on the Disney music awards

  91. Flip note Studios

    Flip note StudiosDay ago

    Ahhh my my favorite MReporter with my favorite band

  92. Gayatri ARMY!!!

    Gayatri ARMY!!!Day ago

    Jin’s laugh. I literally can’t 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Zeriah Andrea

    Zeriah AndreaDay ago

    Jins windowwasher Laugh through the whole video

  94. Hafsa Saleemi

    Hafsa SaleemiDay ago

    I'll just be the millionth person to mention how I adore Jin's laugh. To be honest I'm not surprised Yoongi won - he got his giggles out beforehand. Namjoon saying, "I'm very serious," and laughing two seconds later (not surprised here either - he's the one who always loses it whenever one of the members does something cute or funny in an interview). "Jimin-ssi." Enough said.

  95. Kayli Avila

    Kayli AvilaDay ago

    I just realized that when jungkook said "my hands carry'em" he was singing a sentence from his part in mic drop😂😂😂😂

  96. eunha _A.R.M.Y

    eunha _A.R.M.YDay ago

    BTS is really all I need

  97. Nancy Fahim

    Nancy FahimDay ago

    Plz repeat it another time with BTS AND LOVE U ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  98. Natalie Alvaro

    Natalie AlvaroDay ago

    jin really did not try to hold himself back

  99. elvis ferrer

    elvis ferrerDay ago

    Jin's laugh omg--

  100. Thuy Tran

    Thuy TranDay ago

    At 0:36 Jungkook was grabbing his butt!😂