BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards


  1. Miya_ Summer

    Miya_ SummerHour ago

    Boşuna Sugaya Swag Suga demiyoruz :P

  2. Crazy Tacos14

    Crazy Tacos14Hour ago

    Why is the host rushing things so much?

  3. Csillám Póni

    Csillám Póni4 hours ago

    Jimin so very cute

  4. Alexandra Macias

    Alexandra Macias4 hours ago


  5. Csillám Póni

    Csillám Póni4 hours ago

    Do you really met the BTS?!???!!! You very lucky!!!!!!!

  6. Grace Milano

    Grace Milano9 hours ago

    "Me trying not to smile" Jin: *windshield laughter* Me: Burst out of laughter like there's no tomorrow 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Elena Elena

    Elena Elena9 hours ago


  8. Soumya srf

    Soumya srf10 hours ago

    All the cuties together... ;)

  9. suvu L

    suvu L10 hours ago

    Can't tell me that jikook didn't wanna hug at 1:57

  10. Blue Cake

    Blue Cake11 hours ago

    Jin Laugh So Hard Lol

  11. Justin Seguell

    Justin Seguell11 hours ago

    *Jins Laugh: Wait.. Whos whiping windows?*


    EVEANGELINE SAGE11 hours ago

    "im a very serious"

  13. Jeon Fayetriz reign

    Jeon Fayetriz reign12 hours ago

    Omg...jin's laugh

  14. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastava12 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw it 7 times to see each one's reaction separately and their laughing part???

  15. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastava12 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw it 7 times to see each one's reaction separately and their laughing part???

  16. Random Stuff With Dani

    Random Stuff With Dani12 hours ago

    I bet Brent doesn’t even know what a Namjoon is Btw I can’t make fun of Jin’s windshield laugh because I sound the same

  17. Crissi Diamond

    Crissi Diamond14 hours ago

    "Im very serious" RM, laughs 2 seconds later

  18. Bella Herron

    Bella Herron15 hours ago

    Does brent even know their names? Haha

  19. Dalia Fabian

    Dalia Fabian15 hours ago

    Lol brent doesnt know what there saying

  20. Barbara Vazquez

    Barbara Vazquez16 hours ago

    Wen i am sick like now i screma of love for bts

  21. Rivers Peggie

    Rivers Peggie17 hours ago

    All I can hear is jin' s laughter BTS ARMY ALWAYS LOVE BTS!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  22. Alicia Soliz

    Alicia Soliz18 hours ago

    Omooooo Me encantannnn

  23. Amal El moustakim

    Amal El moustakim19 hours ago

    So lucky!

  24. B - Velvet

    B - Velvet19 hours ago

    "I'm very serious" 2 seconds later NVM

  25. Lisa Gomez

    Lisa Gomez20 hours ago

    1:48 I thought jungkook said double chin😂

  26. WatashiWa MochiDesu

    WatashiWa MochiDesu22 hours ago

    I‘m lowkey just focusing on vkook

  27. BTS Lover

    BTS LoverDay ago


  28. Give me a suga kookie With tae

    Give me a suga kookie With taeDay ago

    2:11 "ba dun CHEEEEH

  29. Jam Jam Plays

    Jam Jam PlaysDay ago


  30. ita Aceves

    ita AcevesDay ago

    Yoongi is that one friend who finds nothing funny

  31. Shireen ismail

    Shireen ismailDay ago

    A minute silence for Jins laugh

  32. alissa brown

    alissa brownDay ago

    Omg just Jins laugh by itself makes you laugh/smile😂

  33. Ashley2Dollars

    Ashley2DollarsDay ago

    All jungkook has to do is say jimins name to make him smile 😊 #jikook

  34. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastavaDay ago

    I've seen in the comments that jungkook said to jimin jimin-ssi but I can't understand when he said... Please tell me the timing when he says it

  35. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastava12 hours ago

    Namu thanks... I thought the minute jimin sat down he couldn't control his laugh and laughed by himself... Now when I focused than I understood why he laughed

  36. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastava12 hours ago

    Namu thanks... I thought the minute jimin sat down he couldn't control his laugh and laughed by himself... Now when I focused than I understood why he laughed

  37. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastava12 hours ago

    Namu thanks

  38. Namu

    NamuDay ago

    smita shrivastava 1:47

  39. Mhai Reyes

    Mhai ReyesDay ago


  40. Ranjitha Narasimhan

    Ranjitha NarasimhanDay ago

    Suga survived Jin's leJINdary laugh 🤣🤣Omg now that's what I call self control lol 😄🤣

  41. Lyka Cardenas

    Lyka CardenasDay ago

    Why V looking at jungkookkkkkkkk ? 😭😂

  42. Seo-yeon Kim

    Seo-yeon KimDay ago

    Jim's laugh is killing me

  43. NaykookshipperAF :3

    NaykookshipperAF :3Day ago


  44. Alyanna Marie Gonzales

    Alyanna Marie GonzalesDay ago

    Jin's laugh is one of the reason why I am smiling to this video😆

  45. bel f

    bel fDay ago

    I love namjon Height

  46. Eli_ Walker

    Eli_ WalkerDay ago

    My jimin

  47. Chong Kai Zhe

    Chong Kai ZheDay ago

    Omg i am a fan of both brent and bts but most of bts tho.i am an army

  48. Suga Cookies

    Suga CookiesDay ago

    It’s so cute, they laugh so much..I love it so much😊😂

  49. Beataeyong

    BeataeyongDay ago

    1:25 *laughs only if it's Jungkook*

  50. Chim Chim

    Chim ChimDay ago

    Jimin-ssi 😂

  51. Money Biziz

    Money BizizDay ago


  52. Money Biziz

    Money BizizDay ago


  53. Taylor Talbott-Clark

    Taylor Talbott-ClarkDay ago

    This just shows how many inside jokes they have with each other 😂😂😂

  54. Chloé Mao

    Chloé MaoDay ago

    Suga are very cute but strange

  55. Hime- Sama

    Hime- SamaDay ago

    if I was in this situation I would probably not laugh or be like jimin and laugh even before anyone tried making me laugh. it depends on my mood.

  56. Mafe Andrea Dela Cerna

    Mafe Andrea Dela CernaDay ago


  57. Queen Bunny

    Queen BunnyDay ago

    Aww I really loved the moment of teakook 😍 tea tea was so cute when he laughed 😚❤❤hehe

  58. maya

    mayaDay ago

    Jin's laugh is killing me xD

  59. BTS' Fan

    BTS' FanDay ago

    They need to translate what Yoongi and the others are saying.... it's not fair for the rest of us who don't understand what they are saying.

  60. Namu

    NamuDay ago

    BTS' Fan they were mostly singing lines from their songs and saying their names like “jimin-ssi” and “jiNNN”

  61. Emilee’s World

    Emilee’s WorldDay ago

    Jin is dying just kidding Btw Jimin is my husband so who’s your bias?

  62. sdfsd sds

    sdfsd sdsDay ago


  63. K-Pop• Mochi•

    K-Pop• Mochi•2 days ago

    They all look so handsome ughhh

  64. JJ Siana

    JJ Siana2 days ago


  65. MochaGalaxyy

    MochaGalaxyy2 days ago

    It was annoying me how he didn’t say their names but I understand he doesn’t know the name to the face lol

  66. encityy

    encityy2 days ago

    all i hear is jin’s laugh

  67. Loissy Marley

    Loissy Marley2 days ago

    Jin’s laugh ❤️❤️❤️😂

  68. Shaylee Sarmiento

    Shaylee Sarmiento2 days ago


  69. Christy Almadin

    Christy Almadin2 days ago

    So cute my baby taehyung

  70. Desirae Angel

    Desirae Angel2 days ago

    0:29 Jin 😆😆😆😆

  71. Marie Chantal Zhang

    Marie Chantal Zhang2 days ago

    jins laugh I'm choking


    JHOPEEE STANSS2 days ago


  73. Hope McGregor

    Hope McGregor2 days ago

    RM:Im very serious Jin:Hmmm Rm starts laughing

  74. Sidra Is An ARMY

    Sidra Is An ARMY2 days ago

    I'm so jealous of Brent

  75. Sabrina Hernandez

    Sabrina Hernandez2 days ago

    His so luck

  76. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastava2 days ago

    Can anyone tell me who was the first guy with blue stripes

  77. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastavaDay ago

    I suppose the 4th one is V... Please tell am I right or not

  78. smita shrivastava

    smita shrivastavaDay ago

    Phanka Updy thanks

  79. Phanka Updy

    Phanka Updy2 days ago


  80. Lulu Dorsaz

    Lulu Dorsaz2 days ago


  81. Miau Wow

    Miau Wow2 days ago

    What are they saying? I'm just laughing when they laugh 😅

  82. KawaiiCupcake _08

    KawaiiCupcake _082 days ago

    Brent I sooooooo wanna be u rn

  83. Veronuca Rosales

    Veronuca Rosales2 days ago

    Tbh i knew Suga wasn’t gonna laugh, but V for sure was going to bc he makes ppl laugh all the t8me 😂

  84. jimin has squishy cheeks

    jimin has squishy cheeks2 days ago

    I like how Brent doesn’t understand a thing, but laughs anyways.

  85. Tyrelle Frazier

    Tyrelle Frazier3 days ago

    Wait what did Jungkook say to Taehyung to make him laugh, i'm stuck, like what is the meaning for what he said😁

  86. Su OrtCast

    Su OrtCast3 days ago

    This video make me smile a lot 💓 Thanks radio disney for all the support that you always give to BTS 🙈

  87. Ya Shakra

    Ya Shakra3 days ago

    Does anyone know what namjoon says at 0:40 to make jin laugh? Lol

  88. lisa’s tea

    lisa’s tea3 days ago

    jin’s laugh oh my god

  89. taejin is my life

    taejin is my life3 days ago


  90. Taima Belheni

    Taima Belheni3 days ago

    OMG I just heard JIN's laugh. I couldn't hear anything else.

  91. Monster Facee

    Monster Facee3 days ago

    ,,im very serious"-Kim Namjoon

  92. Maria Maxine Bacod

    Maria Maxine Bacod3 days ago

    I don't need to understand everything they are talking about, as long as I hear Jin's laugh, it's considered funny 😂

  93. CAW CAW

    CAW CAW3 days ago

    *My HaNds CArrY eM’*

  94. lucy fairy

    lucy fairy3 days ago

    What ki d of jokes were those....?? and JINs..laugh though....and what song did jk sung that made v laugh??

  95. Σαββινα Λελου

    Σαββινα Λελου3 days ago

    I like jins laugh☺

  96. Lalisa Manoban

    Lalisa Manoban3 days ago

    JIN'S LAUGH!!!

  97. crazymus10

    crazymus103 days ago

    Yassss Brent and bts my fav

  98. The Lord

    The Lord3 days ago

    1:03 *He’s a Ice*

  99. Kpop Lover

    Kpop Lover3 days ago

    Everyone we finally found out what jungkook can't do😂

  100. Saroj Chandresh

    Saroj Chandresh3 days ago

    Love u BTS

  101. AC the cat

    AC the cat3 days ago

    Duh duh...JIIINNNNNN

  102. Minor.Chord

    Minor.Chord3 days ago

    HAHA Jimin cracking up just by Jungkook saying Jimin-ssi makes my day complete!!

  103. bwiya kim

    bwiya kim3 days ago

    Obviously suga will won, like, you know hahahaha he can handle his smile and when he's so done 😂

  104. loli lilo

    loli lilo3 days ago

    Jin's laugh: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaahaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  105. Kooky

    Kooky4 days ago


  106. Ate Morteza

    Ate Morteza4 days ago

    jiiin 😂🤣🤣🤣

  107. I Love BTS

    I Love BTS4 days ago

    Jimin 😂

  108. Rosë Boii :3

    Rosë Boii :34 days ago

    Jin laugh makes my day :) Suga makes me laugh because of that face 😂 J-hope laugh is so cute and funny 😍 RM stop lying that you never laugh of jokes, ur too cute 💛 Jimin smile is so cute, my cute little mochi 😩😗 Tae is so precious, he is such a cute baby 💜😙 Baby Jungkook is so cute of that laugh, my baby bunny 🐰💕 BTS IS THE BEST *KPOP IDOL* 😍