BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions


  1. ceylin altınsoy12

    ceylin altınsoy1213 minutes ago

    Öf yavru köpekler bile şanslı

  2. Moon Jinnie

    Moon JinnieHour ago

    2:46 i love how they shouted "JHOPEEE"

  3. Moon Jinnie

    Moon JinnieHour ago

    2:30 RED! RED?

  4. Moon Jinnie

    Moon JinnieHour ago

    I watch this everyday.

  5. Moon Jinnie

    Moon JinnieHour ago

    1.18 does he know that he is cuter??😭😭

  6. 선바의발가락

    선바의발가락Hour ago

    I envy the puppies! I want to be born as a cute puppy in my next life. ❤ 강아지들이 너무 부럽네요 ㅠㅠ 다음생엔 강아지로 태어나고 싶어용 ㅠㅠ ❤

  7. miss bella

    miss bellaHour ago

    Pupees hahah

  8. Majo F.

    Majo F.3 hours ago

    I love my life :v

  9. Isabella Benitez

    Isabella Benitez4 hours ago

    Who else feels jealous of the puppies >u

  10. Spirits Jamaa

    Spirits Jamaa4 hours ago

    What do you love about yourself? *my handsome face*

  11. Nadia Fiera

    Nadia Fiera4 hours ago


  12. 못생겼어요그대

    못생겼어요그대4 hours ago

    개보다 못한 인생...

  13. TaeTaeFan_BTS 123

    TaeTaeFan_BTS 1235 hours ago

    I couldn’t help but die of laughter when Hoseok yelled at the puppies to not fight

  14. w o w

    w o w5 hours ago

    1:01 i like puppy

  15. Trang Thuy

    Trang Thuy6 hours ago

    나는 뚱뚱한 개를 잃어버린 느낌이 들었다. : ((

  16. Starlight Glimmer

    Starlight Glimmer7 hours ago

    Taehyung’s face when he sees the puppies the cutest thing :((

  17. Candelita Ibaldi

    Candelita Ibaldi7 hours ago

    3:32 :v descansa en paz perrito

  18. Cooldragon09

    Cooldragon097 hours ago

    I wish I was that puppy cuddling Suga 😍

  19. BlueDawgBlack666

    BlueDawgBlack6667 hours ago

    1:06 Jin: My handsome face Everyone else (sweatdrops): You've said that too many times it's not even funny anymore... 😂

  20. WittyKitty 0432

    WittyKitty 04327 hours ago

    Taehyung is Soo *Precious*

  21. FuzzyLil Wuffy13

    FuzzyLil Wuffy1310 hours ago

    AUGH It sounds like rap monster’s rapping when he’s reading he questions 😍😍😩😩😫😍

  22. kim taehyung v wife

    kim taehyung v wife10 hours ago

    2:58-3:18 that puppy couldn't decide just like me 😂🤗

  23. 빅스나라세

    빅스나라세11 hours ago

    What a wonderful mix BTS with Puppies I love it

  24. Alfredo Gonzalez

    Alfredo Gonzalez11 hours ago

    I showed my mom bts sings and this vid she like wow they are handsome and that they look cool and i told her rm knows english and she like wow he is.the only one im like yeah

  25. Shawntyimmapartytilldasundown  -

    Shawntyimmapartytilldasundown -11 hours ago

    (Speaking in a foreign language)

  26. M Zz

    M Zz13 hours ago

    1:02 “ᶦ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵖᵘᵖᵖᶦᵉ” WHY IS HE SO CUTE

  27. DoraWantsToExploraYT :D

    DoraWantsToExploraYT :D13 hours ago

    1:09 J-Hope, ThAt EnGlIsH tHo.. 😱 I’m... JuNgShOoK :’)

  28. Emmanuel Suarez (es1356)

    Emmanuel Suarez (es1356)14 hours ago

    Do astro

  29. Hana Palani

    Hana Palani15 hours ago

    Puppies playing with puppies 😂💜💜

  30. Heidi kiefer

    Heidi kiefer15 hours ago

    Tae is cheating on yeontan...

  31. Joon's Dimple

    Joon's Dimple15 hours ago


  32. Larah:uma loka na vida por k-pop

    Larah:uma loka na vida por k-pop15 hours ago

    3:32 wtf taehyung

  33. Larah:uma loka na vida por k-pop

    Larah:uma loka na vida por k-pop15 hours ago

    2:52 wtf Namjoom

  34. Maria Suga Gacha

    Maria Suga Gacha15 hours ago

    0:05 ese perrito tiene mas suerte que yo :v

  35. Sofia Mg

    Sofia Mg17 hours ago

    Quisiera ser alguno de esos perritos ahresi

  36. Sherlyn Cruzleva

    Sherlyn Cruzleva18 hours ago


  37. anne kirsten

    anne kirsten18 hours ago


  38. starboiraf

    starboiraf19 hours ago

    Omg Jimin loves the black puppy and he do not want to let him go lol😄🐶

  39. rani Mirza

    rani Mirza19 hours ago

    0:53 hahahahaha

  40. rani Mirza

    rani Mirza19 hours ago

    I like my handsome face Akward science

  41. The Gacha Kitten

    The Gacha Kitten20 hours ago

    I like puppy

  42. Dark Mystic

    Dark Mystic21 hour ago

    Hey jimin you nice keep going

  43. Brianna Long

    Brianna Long22 hours ago

    Anybody notice jimin say he likes his everything at 1:00 😭😭

  44. Jade

    Jade23 hours ago


  45. yaas sishtarrr

    yaas sishtarrr23 hours ago

    I want to be the puppy that Jimin is holding so bad.

  46. gogy Osama

    gogy OsamaDay ago

    2:44 V is so CUTE 😍😩❤️

  47. Maylene Rollon

    Maylene RollonDay ago

    Omg this was published on my bday and I fricken didn’t know!

  48. Reecel Kristine Dominguez

    Reecel Kristine DominguezDay ago

    Suga is so cute "I like puppy" 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  49. Jordan Tran

    Jordan TranDay ago

    Jimin and the puppy are cute

  50. i doNt NeED a USeRnaMe

    i doNt NeED a USeRnaMeDay ago

    Turn on subtitles they call jimin "Jimmy "

  51. XxKatsuna and

    XxKatsuna andDay ago

    V XD I love how he says how adorable :3 1:16

  52. Fawnia Aliya

    Fawnia AliyaDay ago

    taehyung is so CUTEEEEEEEE

  53. Dusk

    DuskDay ago

    3:32 how can you not love that.....

  54. Alexis Harrington

    Alexis HarringtonDay ago

    When yoongi said he likes puppy I was like omg my heart I can’t take this damage he is so cute❤️ and omg 1:16 v was so cute omg

  55. Staccato Zurbieb

    Staccato ZurbiebDay ago

    Why only the ugliest one speak english?

  56. Rapline said 땡 to all BTS haters & dat's da tea

    Rapline said 땡 to all BTS haters & dat's da tea18 hours ago

    I mean you're right , I haven't seen you before but I'm sure you're ugly as u said :/

  57. Suga

    SugaDay ago

    Honey please don't call yourself ugly. Don't worry life will get better.💜🙏

  58. simone dcosta

    simone dcostaDay ago

    The puppy peeing 🤣🤣

  59. ᄉ ᄉ

    ᄉ ᄉDay ago


  60. Hiss Lie

    Hiss LieDay ago

    0:42 the most iconic moment 💀💀

  61. jungshook

    jungshookDay ago

    jin is a pure mood

  62. A

    ADay ago

    Namjoon living his best life😍😍😢

  63. GachaMeifwaStudio Editz

    GachaMeifwaStudio EditzDay ago

    The PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE I'm not saying this because my spirit animal is a wolf but I just think puppies are cute

  64. Namjoon And Jimin

    Namjoon And JiminDay ago

    “I like puppy” best thing I have ever heard in my life

  65. Jungkook Cooky

    Jungkook CookyDay ago

    The pupies are really lucky *i'm jealous* 😝😝😝

  66. Kookie Are kool

    Kookie Are koolDay ago

    *yeontan ready to get his rifle*

  67. Gacha Faze_ berry

    Gacha Faze_ berryDay ago


  68. Peachy Bri

    Peachy BriDay ago

    Hobi saying he loves his life made me laugh like it sounds like he’s hesitating and he said it with a straight face 💀❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love him so much



    *I’vE gOt A pAsSiOn FoR fAsHiOn*

  70. Carter The chinchilla

    Carter The chinchillaDay ago

    “My handsome face” “my life” LOL

  71. Sho3i Jiu

    Sho3i JiuDay ago

    lol J-Hope's ''Englishy'' I'm dying

  72. Madeleine Tanner

    Madeleine TannerDay ago

    How haven’t I seen this before

  73. JEON Kookie Monster

    JEON Kookie MonsterDay ago


  74. mg2al3o

    mg2al3oDay ago

    this video made me an army. Can't believe all it took is to give them puppies and boom! I'm falling over

  75. Eloah Amaral

    Eloah AmaralDay ago

    Taehyung sendo eu na vida real com o cachorro kkkkkkk

  76. Nadejda Radkova

    Nadejda RadkovaDay ago

    So cute

  77. Smart Cookiie

    Smart CookiieDay ago

    Tae: my fashion Jungkook: my passion Suga: I LIEK PUPPY Jimin: mAi EyEeE J hope: I LUV MY.. my life!

  78. ARMY_ JMIN

    ARMY_ JMINDay ago

    Look at taehyung and jimin when the puppies come in. Me: Awww V and JM are so cute Jokes guys I love puppies to and I would have the same reaction aswell 😂😁🤣😍😘😋

  79. IWantAKookie

    IWantAKookieDay ago

    Thanks MReporter the auto generated subtitles really helped (Speaking forgien language) ik I spelt it wrong

  80. Fsya Sya

    Fsya SyaDay ago

    The puppy just shit on front of them😂😂

  81. Ale Yere

    Ale YereDay ago

    cheering the puppy on was the most random and cutest reaction lol. i think it's because taehyung has a puppy so they're used to a puppy peeing everywhere.

  82. LanaStyle 1

    LanaStyle 1Day ago


  83. Scarlett Black

    Scarlett Black2 days ago

    Pup-pees uwu xc

  84. 뿌?

    뿌?2 days ago

    아 우웨어억 영어 울렁증...증말..다 영어뿐이네

  85. AliahJane Santander

    AliahJane Santander2 days ago

    Jimin and the puppy are so cute and adorable❤💖

  86. Chantelle Rodriguez

    Chantelle Rodriguez2 days ago

    I wish i was those puppys ;-;

  87. I love unicorns Rainbow fart

    I love unicorns Rainbow fart2 days ago

    I can’t get over the puppy’s I so jealous that they played with them

  88. czorch. 8083

    czorch. 80832 days ago

    0:01 RMS FACE V’S FACE J-HOPES FACE when bts comes back SUGA’S FACE when i realize i’m a hard stan

  89. Panda Army

    Panda Army2 days ago

    2019? I really wish I were those puppies :,)

  90. Ninja Boy11

    Ninja Boy112 days ago

    cute guys with cute dogs =PERFECT

  91. Crane Origami Studio - Amazing and Simple Origami!

    Crane Origami Studio - Amazing and Simple Origami!2 days ago

    0:00 V is like a happy boi

  92. Kpop Horse

    Kpop Horse2 days ago

    Taekook in the thumbnail ? i see you buzzfeed😂

  93. Jennifer Cortez

    Jennifer Cortez2 days ago

    I love you bet🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

  94. alstroemeriabieber

    alstroemeriabieber2 days ago

    jimin was just deal with the puppy throughout the entire video. my baby

  95. l8flight _onyt

    l8flight _onyt2 days ago

    Why does this have 14 million views 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  96. Rapline said 땡 to all BTS haters & dat's da tea

    Rapline said 땡 to all BTS haters & dat's da tea18 hours ago

    because it's bts

  97. aesenthetics

    aesenthetics2 days ago

    Namjoon : *and jimin?* Jimin: *mY eYE*

  98. Lulu e os toddynho

    Lulu e os toddynho2 days ago


  99. Firedragon _1101

    Firedragon _11012 days ago


  100. Sakazi Wolf

    Sakazi Wolf2 days ago

    All: passion fashion passion fashion Suga: I lIeK pUpI

  101. hello w̶o̶r̶t̶h̶l̶e̶s̶s̶

    hello w̶o̶r̶t̶h̶l̶e̶s̶s̶2 days ago

    0:02 literally V's smile made my heart smile 💘💞💕💓💖💗

  102. Venus Rose

    Venus Rose2 days ago

    did NamJoon just make a dad joke

  103. Drugs4dinner

    Drugs4dinner2 days ago

    3:30 the cutest moment ❤️😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️

  104. Chayenne

    Chayenne2 days ago

    3:32 omggg soo cute😍