BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions


  1. Tatiyana Noble

    Tatiyana Noble2 hours ago

    At 1:17 it sounds like he said "HOW CUTE"

  2. Sugar cookie Wolf

    Sugar cookie Wolf2 hours ago


  3. jolly- nerd-peach

    jolly- nerd-peach2 hours ago

    I was dying of laughter the whole time

  4. Rosa Elena Hervacio Arteaga

    Rosa Elena Hervacio Arteaga3 hours ago

    Bts tengan sus propias mascotas

  5. anna song

    anna song3 hours ago

    I don't think the translator is jungkok. I think it’s j-hope or jimin

  6. Ur cool aunt

    Ur cool aunt3 hours ago

    "Bts with the pps" 18+ bts stans: 👀👀

  7. Nightcore Arrow

    Nightcore Arrow4 hours ago

    RM: "Okay, tell something that you love about yourself." "I like puppy." - Yoongi 2018

  8. Azul marely M.V

    Azul marely M.V6 hours ago

    puppy: I'm kissing JIMIN Me: I'd like to be that damn puppy you're lucky to have.XD

  9. Sreya Islam

    Sreya Islam9 hours ago

    I realized the fact that the black puppy has more chance of getting a kiss from Jimin than me and other millions of fans

  10. sunlight_ beam

    sunlight_ beam10 hours ago

    RM literally is so intelligent! He can translate from English to Korean like a literal translator O.O (And even better than a translator). His accent is absolutely perfect 👌

  11. BTS Entertainment

    BTS Entertainment10 hours ago

    Everyone: *Talks* Suga: Sits in corner and pets puppies

  12. GucciChim Shook

    GucciChim Shook10 hours ago

    i liek pup-pees too

  13. Kaushal Singh

    Kaushal Singh11 hours ago

    RM really looks good in this hair color

  14. BTS Love

    BTS Love12 hours ago

    3:30 owwww 🤣😍😍😍😍

  15. e.e

    e.e13 hours ago

    Am i jealous about dog?!

  16. Emily May

    Emily May13 hours ago

    2:01 Namjoon. IQ = 148. Apologises to a puppy after it steps off his knee. ALSO Namjoon. IQ still = 148. "Pup-pees"

  17. music crazzy

    music crazzy14 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that namjoon twitched

  18. Bành Thị Đường

    Bành Thị Đường14 hours ago

    I Like PupP-PeES Jimin: *DONT CHU DARE* Me:Are u sure Suga: *(AcTuaLlY Jimin)*

  19. Bành Thị Đường

    Bành Thị Đường14 hours ago

    PupP-Pees Me:DogG-Pees?? Everyone:WoWwWwWWWW,KoOOOooooOoL TH:HoW adORaBle *THIS COMMENT KRASH*

  20. Wolfychu Fan

    Wolfychu Fan14 hours ago

    The puppy Jimin has looks like mine

  21. O mundo da Army e Blink loka :3

    O mundo da Army e Blink loka :314 hours ago

    0:00 a 0:04 the Tae reaction and the best

  22. iixBtsxii

    iixBtsxii15 hours ago

    Puppy: starts peeing Everybody else: WOWW. WOWWWWW. COOOOLL. Omg theyre such crackheads I love it😂😂

  23. Cristina Ibañez

    Cristina Ibañez15 hours ago

    I like you guys

  24. Bianca Rodriguez

    Bianca Rodriguez15 hours ago

    Cual prefieren gato😺 o perro 🐶

  25. Suga Unicorn

    Suga Unicorn16 hours ago

    Namjoon: PUP-PEES LIKE WEE But they become dogs. D- Dance the night away O- Oppa G-Great ! S- So What Now what in mind when dogs/PUP-PEES think about when a human shows kpop to a dog Puppy: PUP-PEES so we PEE a lot cause we’re PUP-PEES ?? GREAT NAMJOON !! Dogs: D- Dance the night away is my fav song O- my oppa is worldwide handsome Jin G- Bboom Bboom is a GREAT song ! S- SO WHAT - BTS SONG SO WHAT - BLACKPINK ROSE Sings: SO WHAT SO WHAT ?? Me: well then... *gone to China for the last couple weeks*

  26. Taekook Loves

    Taekook Loves16 hours ago

    The thumbnail tho...


    AVAKIN LOVE16 hours ago

    oh my bantans puppy mot

  28. Kirra Tanaka

    Kirra Tanaka17 hours ago

    The puppies are as cute as them!!!!!!!!

  29. 아미

    아미17 hours ago

    태형 오라버니는 파랑이 잘어울렸는뎅

  30. Mamta Dhyani

    Mamta Dhyani17 hours ago

    Bangtan 💜💜💜


    ASHLEY LIM YI-XUAN 2T17 hours ago

    Jimin the puppy magnet

  32. All K-pop

    All K-pop19 hours ago


  33. Krisyana tv

    Krisyana tv19 hours ago

    0:05 i wish i was that puppy..

  34. Isa_kun wølf

    Isa_kun wølf20 hours ago

    AAAWWW BTS THEY ARE TENERONS PUPPIES!!❤❤❤Look have fun like happy children

  35. Alexandra Ceballos

    Alexandra Ceballos20 hours ago

    I can’t get over the fact that namjoon translating is really really good

  36. Loleta Sy

    Loleta Sy21 hour ago

    احبببب تاييي

  37. Vrutika Desai

    Vrutika Desai22 hours ago

    3:32 Look at V😂😂❤❤

  38. TheBipus

    TheBipus22 hours ago

    I now understand why a HERD of my friends like them

  39. kayleen my

    kayleen my23 hours ago

    it's been a year since this video has been made wtf

  40. galxy c:

    galxy c:Day ago

    “Passion.” *P u p p y*

  41. Marjorie Trundle

    Marjorie TrundleDay ago

    When tae said CUTEEEEEE in korean i felt that ❤️💛

  42. Sya

    SyaDay ago

    I think I rewatched this for hundred times already bahahaha

  43. J-Hopes dreads that scared the dragonfly

    J-Hopes dreads that scared the dragonflyDay ago


  44. I Hate You

    I Hate YouDay ago

    Pls don’t hate me when I say that I can’t tell them apart

  45. Casey Dee

    Casey DeeDay ago

    I come back everyday for my daily dose...this is medicine...this cures everything...nothing else matters but this...I'll be back tomorrow.

  46. jane rodriguez

    jane rodriguezDay ago

    2:42 look at Tae's happy face

  47. Gold_Wolf Sews

    Gold_Wolf SewsDay ago

    "I like puppy"

  48. XxGachaAkiraxxplaz XxGachaAkiraplazxx

    XxGachaAkiraxxplaz XxGachaAkiraplazxxDay ago

    Jkook do you luv kittens or pup ed

  49. pat goba

    pat gobaDay ago


  50. Edits_de _FamososXD

    Edits_de _FamososXDDay ago

    I like it: I like puppy of suga

  51. dentiss reeema

    dentiss reeemaDay ago

    Dogs lucky😹😭😭💔

  52. StrawberrySarai Albert

    StrawberrySarai AlbertDay ago

    0:20 jhope lol 🤣😂

  53. Holls The Dreamer

    Holls The DreamerDay ago

    Jin literally didn't touch any of the puppies at any point in this whole video

  54. Crusty Amy

    Crusty AmyDay ago

    Lol jhope

  55. Sparkelina uwu

    Sparkelina uwuDay ago

    Jimin is an animal fairy, I'm convinced

  56. Amarie Zyanne

    Amarie ZyanneDay ago

    I literally came for this 1:17 💜 my heart boom boom

  57. Aylyn. Army.

    Aylyn. Army.Day ago

    Like si viste mas a los perritos que a los chicos :3

  58. Ab Rod

    Ab RodDay ago

    Buzz feed shows bts and puppies Me: I forgive u

  59. Ab Rod

    Ab RodDay ago


  60. Galaxy Mew

    Galaxy MewDay ago


  61. ilsan tae

    ilsan taeDay ago

    i know that i’m not the only one who misses taehyung’s mullet I WANT TAEHYUNG’S MULLET BACK!

  62. pimpxin

    pimpxinDay ago

    Bts dying their hair different colours for 50 years: Jimin:LETS DYE OUR HAIR BROWN All:YAAHHH

  63. Mariela Sanchez Yacila

    Mariela Sanchez YacilaDay ago

    No entendí casi nd pero el hecho de ver a Bangtan con perritos me dio 1000000 años de vida

  64. karla chio

    karla chioDay ago

    Kutekute Abajo de mi esta una pendeja llamada Wow Wow 😎👇

  65. Just Jazzy2348

    Just Jazzy2348Day ago

    *I lIkE pOpiE*

  66. I love v Cute

    I love v CuteDay ago

    Even those this little puppy have more luckier than me ;’}

  67. Just Mia Doing Gacha

    Just Mia Doing GachaDay ago

    *DoN't FiGhT* - J-hope

  68. army Giron Cruz

    army Giron CruzDay ago

    Ese perro tiene más suerte que yo a besado al jimeno 😭😭❤️

  69. snow _lila ;3

    snow _lila ;32 hours ago

    See :'v

  70. Ebony Desirae

    Ebony DesiraeDay ago

    "English is hard" Me: "Korean is hard"

  71. feature me clumsy #ddm

    feature me clumsy #ddmDay ago

    2:48 v:here is a puppy Jk:please don't

  72. bloody face girl

    bloody face girlDay ago

    3:31 just look at tae

  73. Omar Wilson

    Omar WilsonDay ago

    Kim Taehyung I love fashion Jeon Jungkook my passion Min yoogie puppy He looked so sad

  74. Miyoung Kang

    Miyoung KangDay ago

    1:12 O wooooow pup-pees

  75. Sam Oli

    Sam OliDay ago

    2:49 Taehyung offers the puppy to Jungkook Jungkook doesn’t want it 3:05 Then Taehyung just puts the puppy on Jungkook’s lap

  76. Beat 99

    Beat 99Day ago

    V's face during the introduction🤣

  77. Serenjiminty

    SerenjimintyDay ago

    The thumbnail is everything 💜💜💜💜💜

  78. Namjoon’s NamJuice

    Namjoon’s NamJuiceDay ago

    Umm guys idk but BTS is cuter than the puppies, umm so yeah🙃💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  79. Megus Taelpan

    Megus TaelpanDay ago

    Me: You: Nobody: Anyone: BTS: 0:00

  80. Cailee Martillo

    Cailee MartilloDay ago

    I'm selling replay buttons 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17 1:17


    COTIK LOVEDay ago

    Собачкам повезло)

  82. Garison Jones

    Garison JonesDay ago

    I just came to say k-pop is bull crap 💩

  83. Alma Rodriguez Castaneda

    Alma Rodriguez CastanedaDay ago

    No one: Literly no one: Like actually no one: Jin:My handsome face

  84. Bts Army

    Bts ArmyDay ago

    Yeontan is crying

  85. Dawn Poog

    Dawn PoogDay ago

    I like fashion I my passion my fashion I like my passion I like puppies Jimmy my eyes I like my life

  86. Ria Cel

    Ria CelDay ago

    i love this so much🥰

  87. feRnandHa gremOry

    feRnandHa gremOryDay ago




    Que bellos! ❤️

  89. rainbow cutie rainbow

    rainbow cutie rainbowDay ago

    3:31 ahhhhh

  90. rainbow cutie rainbow

    rainbow cutie rainbowDay ago

    Love how rm is saying it in english and in korean for the rest of the members can understand IS IT JUST ME THAT I LOVE IT

  91. Belle Art and animation

    Belle Art and animation2 days ago

    I'm just having flashbacks of my friend just talking about BTS

  92. Jamaica Masian

    Jamaica Masian2 days ago

    Those puppies are dang luckyyy

  93. LPS December

    LPS December2 days ago

    1:01 thank me later

  94. abi :

    abi :2 days ago

    i just want someone to be as excited to see me as tae is when he sees the puppy pee pad :(

  95. berenisse 93

    berenisse 932 days ago

    Me parece que bts nunca tuvo perros

  96. maurapukiki

    maurapukiki2 days ago

    are we gonna talk about the SOFT AND GENTLENESS that is jimin is in this video and his blissful face the way he holds the puppies i love him so much

  97. Grace Hellen

    Grace Hellen2 days ago

    I love them ☺️

  98. Jade R

    Jade R2 days ago

    Tae's so happy wiping the puppy's pee 🤣 haha so cute

  99. Mochi Park

    Mochi Park2 days ago


  100. Yin

    Yin2 days ago

    NAMJOON APOLOGIZED TO THE PUPPY!!!!! ThIs DuDe DeSeRvEs ThE wOrLd(all of the do)

  101. nour black rose

    nour black rose2 days ago

    the white puppy really fell in love with taehyung so quickly