BTS Explains The True Meaning Behind “Boy With Luv”, Friendship With Shawn Mendes And More


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    The best of me .

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    Nice advice Elvis.. 🙂

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    Oh my lord his advice at the end I'm cryingㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    8:37 this part really sent shivers to my spine...bc yknow, what hollywood and fame could do to a person.... and all the bad things people will throw at their way...god I hope the best for my men :((

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    This is finally an interview we’ve all been waiting for. This guy did a great job and was so friendly with them and made it a really positive environment with good energy. He actually talked and engaged with them human to human, and didn’t act like they’re just puppets for him to control. I loved this interview. Great job to the host and radio station!! Also, I’m so super jealous of the girl who was on air when BTS came in 😭😭😭

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    Elvis wtf are you wearing

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    8:40 *Best advice ever* ¨Let me give you one word of advice, stay yourself, Don't let anyone try to trick you into doing something that isn't uniquely you¨ *He knows why he says it*

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    actually the boys understanding whats the conversation, but they might be didnt confident to speak up their english.. except namjoon oppa, thats okay boys, u're doing great

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    One of my favorite interviews ever! 💜

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    Total Respect to Hosts..thank you for inviting my Kings💜BTS💜 this is a Real Big Thing for us as ARMY🤗

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    no one: literally no one: Hobi: "they (ARMY) are the most passionate and loving people, they show amazing love and support, thank you ARMY always"

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    I love the way that J-Hope tried to speak English and showed his love to Army.

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    The message that us Armys really wanted to convey to BTS is told to them by Elvin . I'm so happy , I'm in tears . Thank you , Elvin .

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    They absolutly dont know what day it is

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    2:35 is literally me when watching korean clips without eng sub🤘😂

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    i had this playing in the background and since my name is emily the intro nearly made me pee myself


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    Pls... call us "army our wives" 😖😞😞😞

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    seems like people think bts members aren't as smart as other people they probably often learn a lot of english so mentioning and congratulating them when they understand an english sentences as if they were 5th graders is kinda lame ngl but thats just my opinion lol

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    Im in love w this host now. Thank u 🙏🏻

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    nothing changed. they're still our boys

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    OMG Armies give them flowers, so sweet!!!

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    We love banana milk, and BTS

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    They're songs are really inspirational ❤️ that's one of the reasons I love them they inspire us ❤️❤️

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    2:50 I know J-hope has been practicing English.💜💜💜

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    Something that kinda bothers me about this radio show is that BTS is so popular they don't play there music on the radio. I listen to Z100 every morning hoping maybe to start my day with some BTS music. Maybe one day there will be a K-pop radio station.

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    Hobi's little message got me teary :') he's such a wonderful guy

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    Elvis was so great with them aww what a lovely person

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    One of them best interviews I’ve seen in a while. Thank you so much for having them. 💜

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    jhp has being taking some classes

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    Hobi's English is AWESOME!

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    OMG Hobi saying "probably" is just SOOOO CUTE!!

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    This was such an organic interview. I wish I could've heard more of the others but I also get why it would be hard.. I also wish that interviewers would stop talking about ARMY as a lot of people when we really are just one whole super organism of sort.. we are not an fan army, we are ARMY , Adorable-Representative-MCs-forYoutb ... why does no one know that.. I've even met ARMY that dont even know what we even are other than a general "fan army".. I'm sad ;^;

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    Awww, I appreciate them all! Especially Hobi. We love you BTS!!!!!

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    what a great mention the host gave to bts at the end!!

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    *"Stay the same as you are now and you will continue to fly into outer space"* Thanks for the advice Elvis not to brag but I'm 101% sure that BTS been doing that since day 1😊😉

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    jin actually seems to know a lot of english. at least he understands it really well, he's always the first to laugh when a joke is told in english.

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    I like this interviewer he's kind and he knows how to handle the interview properly without making BTS uncomfortable. It's not scripted and let it go with the flow. You did a great job! And it actually made me laugh about the banana milk hahaha

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    2:54 *Oh gosh, Hobi made me cry again.*

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    I’ve listened to this show since I was young as well and as an army I was so so so excited to listen to one of the most influential bands I’ve ever discovered

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    Thx for having fun with them

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    A few of my family have tickets for their Chicago tour and we are ssoooo excited and can't wait for the 12th of May!!!

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    One of the best interviewer I’ve seen..... I heard many new questions, he was respectful, he cared about their personal opinions, he included more than one member in the conversation, and he cares a lot about their A.R.M.Y. I’m also happy he told bts to stay themselves because too many people have told them to change. They all looked like they were having fun! Thank you for hosting them!! 💜💜💜

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    Hat's off for all you guys, BTS. especially to RM. Such an amazing interview

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    homeless joke is not funny.

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    this interview could have been better if he included the other members to speak. of course theyre not going to say something comprehensive in english, but their cute antics can come out this time. like for example, Jin's "I have handsome face". maybe this isn't the type of interview they do, so thats why the speed was more accommodating to Namjoon.

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    7.4 I was like has you did that's when I got into you guys. Imagine the first words I heard by BTS was Jungkook saying he wants to be my oppa 😂. Sorry Jungkook but Yoongi stole my heart.

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