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Bruno Sammartino is honored with a 10-bell salute: Raw, April 23, 2018


  1. Albert Jonathan

    Albert Jonathan11 days ago

    Bruno if you are watching this, All superstars are tributing to you. [In memory of Bruno sammartino, 1935 to 2018]

  2. Kobe Topman

    Kobe Topman28 days ago

    R.I.P Bruno Sammartino (1935-2018) 😢😢

  3. Kobe Topman

    Kobe Topman29 days ago

    You will always be remembered by all of us Mr. Sammartino.

  4. grizzlybowls5423

    grizzlybowls5423Month ago

    RIP....the legend.... brock lesnars supposed to b a real champion and yet he doesnt have the decency to be at the mwmorial of the single greatest champion in surprised that he hasnt been fired yet like WTF

  5. azure rainbow

    azure rainbowMonth ago

    Bruno Sammartino was not only a good wrestler,he was a good color comnemtator on Superstars of Wrestling in the 1980‘s and a good man.

  6. Nicky Borda

    Nicky BordaMonth ago

    You can see on Vinces face that he was truly affected by Brunos passing

  7. Feareziak On YT

    Feareziak On YTMonth ago

    lol, they put on the royal rumble thing. but rip.

  8. Johnny Jen

    Johnny JenMonth ago

    RIP Bruno.

  9. xRex Danse

    xRex DanseMonth ago

    Rest now legend 😏😏😏

  10. Mystic Frog face

    Mystic Frog faceMonth ago

    I just can’t believe he’s gone

  11. Skander Adam Afi

    Skander Adam AfiMonth ago

    May lord have mercy on his soul. And may Bruno Sammartino rest in peace He shall never be forgotten

  12. Pheonix Arrow

    Pheonix ArrowMonth ago


  13. SuperMaximum4

    SuperMaximum4Month ago

    A true legend

  14. Matyk a jeho videa

    Matyk a jeho videaMonth ago


  15. The King

    The KingMonth ago

    My grandfather used to tell me stories about bruno i didn't believe him at first but when i met him he was truly a wonderful man

  16. Polecat324 18

    Polecat324 18Month ago

    What is rockstar spud doing on raw

  17. M F

    M FMonth ago

    RIP bruno one of the best

  18. shigsho

    shigshoMonth ago

    The greatest Champion ever. Thank you for everything.

  19. Vannesa&naomi Vannesa&Naomi

    Vannesa&naomi Vannesa&Naomi2 months ago

    Where dean at

  20. Adrian Simbolon

    Adrian Simbolon2 months ago

    A sad moment for the WWE family.

  21. Johny Ventura

    Johny Ventura2 months ago

    And Braun strowman the 3 guys

  22. James Cisco

    James Cisco2 months ago


  23. big smoke mod di Ste HCW EnKi

    big smoke mod di Ste HCW EnKi2 months ago

    R.I.P italian Brother

  24. GhostHawk38

    GhostHawk382 months ago

    I’m not surprised Roman was standing next to Vince.

  25. Wanna Bee

    Wanna Bee2 months ago


  26. Noah Carlosse

    Noah Carlosse2 months ago

    RIP BRUNO 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😱😱😟

  27. 1978mackdaddy

    1978mackdaddy2 months ago




    R.I.P Bruno u were a true legend

  29. D Perez

    D Perez2 months ago

    Sadly gods can die R.I.P. :(

  30. MaxMiguel 212

    MaxMiguel 2122 months ago

    I am speechless

  31. kirk jason beltran

    kirk jason beltran2 months ago

    I hope they do the same for Vader and end the tribute by playing his entrance theme just like ultimate warrior, dusty rhodes and roddy piper

  32. Transfromers guy Gaming

    Transfromers guy Gaming3 months ago

    Where's John cena?

  33. Seven blade

    Seven blade3 months ago

    Now there going to do it with Vader

  34. Magister_Fatum 06

    Magister_Fatum 063 months ago

    Bruno is the G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time)

  35. No Video YouTuber

    No Video YouTuber3 months ago


  36. Mario dx 980

    Mario dx 9803 months ago


  37. YourPinoyGamer Hanz /YPGH/

    YourPinoyGamer Hanz /YPGH/3 months ago

    Rip 2nd WWE champion Bruno

  38. Corey Platt

    Corey Platt3 months ago

    RIP Bruno Samaritno

  39. Noah Heath

    Noah Heath3 months ago

    Bruno is not JUST a true legend, he is THE true legend

  40. Nexi_fan Number 1

    Nexi_fan Number 13 months ago

    Weres Cena and Nikky

  41. Sami Zayn Is Life

    Sami Zayn Is Life3 months ago

    Where's the miztourage

  42. Events Soccer

    Events Soccer3 months ago

    The saddest thing is when mr.mcmahon dies 😞

  43. Krystian Praski

    Krystian Praski3 months ago

    thanks bruno

  44. Fervantcube 1234

    Fervantcube 12343 months ago

    Again where is brock lesnar and R.I.P my friend

  45. Unnamed - Official

    Unnamed - Official3 months ago

    God even braun looks sad as hell R.I.P Bruno Sammartino 1935-2018

  46. gaming with sam

    gaming with sam3 months ago

    rip to the great legend and wwe hall of famer bruno sammmartino

  47. Dieland 206 Hunt

    Dieland 206 Hunt3 months ago

    Rest n peace Bruno one of the greatest superstars ever ☹️

  48. GardullaTheHutt

    GardullaTheHutt3 months ago

    In the words of the undertaker Rest in Peace 🙏🙏

  49. Owen Reilly

    Owen Reilly3 months ago

    R.I.P Bruno sammartino 1935-2018

  50. Janie Doe

    Janie Doe3 months ago

    I Honestly Don't Know Why They Should've Done This When Mr. Fuji kicked the bucket, or Superfly jimmy Snuka, or even Paul Bearer, or even that Tragedy of that Texas High School Shooting, Or that Baptist Church Shooting, Or Even The Aurora Movie Theater Shooting, What's up with that?.

  51. aviva corcovado

    aviva corcovado4 months ago

    I thought Braun strowman cared only for one person: himself

  52. Joshua Moore

    Joshua Moore4 months ago

    A legend amongst legends.

  53. Henry Leng

    Henry Leng4 months ago

    R.I.P Bruno.👍🏻😿😪🤧😨😥😭😢😇😇

  54. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson4 months ago

    RIP bro you will be missed

  55. Michael Bartosh

    Michael Bartosh4 months ago

    Rip Bruno sammartino. a true legend in pro wrestling. one of the greatest ever!!!!!!!!

  56. BBZ Gamer

    BBZ Gamer4 months ago


  57. Minecraft all kill zombies versus Minecraft

    Minecraft all kill zombies versus Minecraft4 months ago

    R.i.p 😫😫😫😢

  58. Jr Lopez

    Jr Lopez4 months ago

    Sorry to say this but can help it seeing Vince next to his golden boys Bobby Lashley and Roman reigns 😂 R.I.P. Samartino 🙏

  59. Anas Mohamed

    Anas Mohamed4 months ago

    Thank you Bruno. Your the reason why I watch WWE thank you R.I.P

  60. RAF ZN

    RAF ZN4 months ago

    Vince always stand with His boy. ( who)??

  61. Rom Rag

    Rom Rag4 months ago


  62. Justin McCulley

    Justin McCulley4 months ago

    RIP 🙏

  63. Xiomara D

    Xiomara D4 months ago

    My brother misses Bruno Sammartino the wrestler

  64. Alejandro Sanchez

    Alejandro Sanchez4 months ago

    I know this isn’t the time but notice the front row. All of those people are the ones vince likes. Sasha banks, Alexa bliss, Braun Strowman, roman obviously, bobby lashley, Seth Rollins, and surprisingly Finn Balor. Actually not surprised. He’s one of the top merch sellers and he’s the top 5 most loved guys in wwe.

  65. MrEmperorCJ

    MrEmperorCJ4 months ago

    Rip 😢

  66. Josh S

    Josh S4 months ago

    In reality, the squared circle was Bruno's yard.

  67. shakysyxx

    shakysyxx4 months ago

    Sammy Zayn was going to say something to Bobby Lashley about not taking off his hat but thought not to lol.

  68. Nick Wing

    Nick Wing4 months ago

    He was a legend Bruno Sammartino

  69. A hardy fan

    A hardy fan4 months ago

    Respect to Bruno 💯 But it should have been Dave and Kurt right next to vince Instead vince tells lashely and roman “you two are going to be next to me”

  70. Patrick Little

    Patrick Little4 months ago

    Made me really happy that they did this, he deserves such recognition

  71. comic king

    comic king4 months ago


  72. Robert Osso

    Robert Osso4 months ago

    thank god gor triple h. wanting bruno to come back in the fold and convincing him to be in the hall if fame. if triple h didnt do this and talk to bruno brunos death might not have been aknowkledeg and there would be no tribute. thank you triple h

  73. Heriberto Murillo

    Heriberto Murillo4 months ago

    The crowd cheers as to say we are happy he is gone. Dummies

  74. Finnese Kid-

    Finnese Kid-4 months ago

    Whoever Disliked This You Really Have No Heart

  75. Marleny Barriga

    Marleny Barriga4 months ago

    Rest in peace bruno

  76. Mr.Wolfman

    Mr.Wolfman4 months ago

    I crying for 3 hours

  77. odudi

    odudi4 months ago

    The wwe would not be where they are today if it wasn't for Bruno.

  78. Nguyên Đoàn Vĩnh

    Nguyên Đoàn Vĩnh4 months ago

    Rest in peace Bruno, you will always be the legend inside my heart

  79. Illusion Of Gaia

    Illusion Of Gaia4 months ago

    When Vince dies......

  80. MrSamoaGaming Enjoy!

    MrSamoaGaming Enjoy!4 months ago




    The true superstar legend

  82. Addis F

    Addis F4 months ago

    RIP Bruno

  83. Robie Marzan

    Robie Marzan4 months ago

    RIP Bruno Sammartino

  84. Juwan Hammock

    Juwan Hammock4 months ago

    Bruno a true legend and hero

  85. Francisca Avelar

    Francisca Avelar4 months ago

    Why ten times? Can anyone explain?

  86. Snake5461

    Snake54614 months ago

    I don't see Bray Wyatt.

  87. Dinesh Ameta

    Dinesh Ameta4 months ago

    Yeah i am bruno's biggest fan but he riped😢😢😢😢

  88. Hope Rivera

    Hope Rivera4 months ago

    He died cause of old

  89. Maiskornkönig // jotim123

    Maiskornkönig // jotim1234 months ago


  90. thejman367

    thejman3674 months ago

    I was in the audience that night. Great respect from all of his fans. The silence in the room was awesome to witness as well. I love this line from The Sandlot "Heros get remembered but legends never die." Long Live The Legend of Bruno Sammartino.

  91. AG

    AG4 months ago

    Roman standing by his puppet master

  92. Andrew Flood

    Andrew Flood4 months ago


  93. Alirio Mendez

    Alirio Mendez4 months ago

    R.I.P Bruno Sammartino 😭

  94. Master Raiden Kenshin

    Master Raiden Kenshin4 months ago

    Better than HOGAN and Backlund.

  95. AyeYahVanoss TV

    AyeYahVanoss TV4 months ago


  96. Noobie Boi

    Noobie Boi4 months ago


  97. Gloomy Robot

    Gloomy Robot4 months ago

    *Sniffs* WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 80srocknroller

    80srocknroller4 months ago

    Bruno Is Uno forever

  99. Warren Kennedy

    Warren Kennedy4 months ago

    Rest in peace Bruno🕊

  100. stylus850

    stylus8504 months ago

    Wow. Fans today chanting Bruno’s name. Goes to show you the respect and they know how big this man was. Bruno is the greatest champion ever. RIP Bruno. You did so good here.