Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan


  1. caely_ things

    caely_ things5 hours ago

    No offence I hate your Chinese accent lol

  2. Sun Heqiao

    Sun Heqiao5 hours ago

    Should be a soyabean pudding.

  3. Jack Jiang

    Jack Jiang6 hours ago

    Why do I kill myself watching these vids at night..... so hungry after watching Great vid!

  4. NachoBandito

    NachoBandito7 hours ago

    24:15 lady galadriel blessed the noodles with her gaze

  5. Denzel Persad

    Denzel Persad8 hours ago

    I love all your videos

  6. Chilly 32168

    Chilly 321689 hours ago

    No wonder your name is Strictly Dumplings you eat so many dumplings and stuff lol

  7. rhuezo504

    rhuezo5049 hours ago

    I'm here for the terrible puns they're eggxcellent

  8. Intro Spectre

    Intro Spectre10 hours ago

    The confidence you can have in Japan to eat packaged eggs, bento, sushi or even meat is amazing, where in IN America you have a 1 in ten chance of shitting yourself that or the following night.

  9. Laura Marie

    Laura Marie10 hours ago


  10. Saul Vasquez

    Saul Vasquez10 hours ago

    Love this video! Only thing is that you can’t tell if he likes the item or not the majority of his reactions. It’s the same reaction and same face for everything lol.

  11. Anton K

    Anton K10 hours ago

    I am so addicted to watching videos of people eating food in Japan! Only 10 days until I get to try all this food for myself!

  12. Rice Bunny

    Rice Bunny15 hours ago

    I have no idea how much times I watch this video

  13. Refaw

    Refaw20 hours ago

    how can you eat that much food in one day....?

  14. Septembers Oblivion

    Septembers Oblivion20 hours ago

    that moment when you think you're the only one who thinks he looks like Jackie Chan, but then you read the comment section... Dang, he really looks like Jackie!!! Jackie with a black hole for a stomach, because that was three meals squeezed in one... kudos, man.

  15. Ashutosh Joshi

    Ashutosh Joshi22 hours ago

    What is it with japanese people and squids 😂😂😂

  16. AV GEAR

    AV GEARDay ago

    Please go to SEIZERIA in Japan (Osaka I don't know that is there in Tokyo or other places) that's the no 1 place quality and taste wise in all of Osaka

  17. Jxlie Stxyhxppy

    Jxlie StxyhxppyDay ago

    i got full watching him eat

  18. Isaki Tahashi

    Isaki TahashiDay ago

    I am so jealous of all that good looking food and also jealous at how much you can eat! It sucks being pregnant and not being able to eat much :(

  19. Games Kaylan

    Games KaylanDay ago

    Vlw o Jackie Chan 😂😂

  20. iNom onGuam

    iNom onGuamDay ago

    I'm screaming this all looks so good I dream of food adventures like this but I'm cursed with food allergies so it would probably be a bad time

  21. Sharpshooter12345

    Sharpshooter12345Day ago

    Young Jackie Chan

  22. caca yang

    caca yangDay ago

    we got kwik trip..our version of 7/11

  23. abass kassim

    abass kassimDay ago

    I just bought that sushi from japan Now your girls trying to kick it JACKIE CHAN. - post malone

  24. 石臼えりか

    石臼えりかDay ago

    Some of those products are also available in supermarkets and you can get them cheaper than convenience stores.

  25. kidstaysdope only

    kidstaysdope onlyDay ago

    Accidentally clicked. Watched it to the end.

  26. kushal kumar

    kushal kumarDay ago

    How does this 7/11 store work? Buy there and eat there?

  27. Necrobadger

    NecrobadgerDay ago

    Ok, can someone PLEASE explain something to me? WTF is with red bean paste being in desserts? It has almost no flavor, and isn't even VAGUELY sweet. How on earth is it even close to a dessert?

  28. Steven Hall

    Steven HallDay ago

    That might be a cat bun

  29. Mr Loons

    Mr LoonsDay ago

    Is this guy a competitive eater. Goddaaaaaaanm

  30. momofmakai

    momofmakaiDay ago

    Omg! Marry me, Mike!

  31. Ose Aburime

    Ose AburimeDay ago

    sponsored by 7-eleven

  32. Narcissistjin Yayayayayaya

    Narcissistjin YayayayayayaDay ago

    “Haha, sure” idk why but I found it so cute when he sed that

  33. Me Myself and I

    Me Myself and IDay ago

    what are the 0 calories noodles called?????????????

  34. TheDumpPanekake

    TheDumpPanekakeDay ago

    I wanna live with you god dammn

  35. MotoJunkie400

    MotoJunkie400Day ago

    2:07 Egg... 🥚

  36. jacob wilson

    jacob wilsonDay ago

    just came across this video and I have to say sir that you have a new subscriber.

  37. Priya Sharma

    Priya SharmaDay ago

    U eat alot😁

  38. NuLL

    NuLLDay ago

    that dipped sandwich is where I draw the line .. ... .... ..... Someone get me a plane ticket

  39. Bethany Maryon

    Bethany MaryonDay ago

    Why have i never seen an ice cup before???!!! I need this in my life!!!

  40. Abella

    AbellaDay ago

    I watched a man eat a bunch of food for almost 30mins. 10/10 really wholesome.

  41. rolfyyy

    rolfyyy2 days ago

    jackie chan? xD

  42. Life Stealer

    Life Stealer2 days ago

    I can only eat 2 buns and you ate all of that! You must have a big appetite

  43. Furuichi Dono

    Furuichi Dono2 days ago

    Bro you must destroy your toilet... lol.

  44. deathechete

    deathechete2 days ago

    Why so I watch these I feel like a starving African child

  45. Apache Beard

    Apache Beard2 days ago

    Go to the alleyway next to Lawson next

  46. Iwana Davina

    Iwana Davina2 days ago

    I must say, if you looking for fried chicken in Japan convinience store, so far Family Mart reach the top for its famous juicy Famichiki. Should try that next time you r in Tokyo!

  47. Monkeydoodle66

    Monkeydoodle662 days ago

    Ahhh man, you got the chicken nuggs. They okay, but the one you want is the fried chicken thats like the size of your palm. Piece of leg meat with skin in there and so juicy and rich . Also the Bigu American Dogu ( giant corndog)

  48. kenny playz gamez

    kenny playz gamez2 days ago

    I was hoping for alot more sandwiches because japanese sandwiches really have no rules applied to them just food in between 2 peices of bread u can put anything u want like katsu, egg, strawbarries, tempura, noodles, etc. if u can put it between 2 peices of bread without falling out then its a sandwich

  49. TheDalmah

    TheDalmah2 days ago

    How big is your stomach dude? You legit just ate $40 worth of food in a single sitting

  50. julian destroyer

    julian destroyer2 days ago

    Forgets to eat the yogurt

  51. Yassin Mokbel

    Yassin Mokbel2 days ago

    I stopped a nigahiga vid for u And it was worth it

  52. Ray Wells

    Ray Wells2 days ago

    Bouncy white bread with no crust looks pretty good... Mike was in an awesome mood on this one. LOL

  53. Tristian Lefebvre

    Tristian Lefebvre2 days ago

    And in Canada and the United States the food is junk with near to no nutrients.

  54. Shadowwulf665

    Shadowwulf6652 days ago

    When I watch u i think of kung fu panda

  55. 유줄리

    유줄리2 days ago

    "what in the world is.... sure." IF THIS AIN'T ME

  56. the invisible me

    the invisible me2 days ago

    I feel like I want to see a marathon of Jackie Chan's movies

  57. natsu dragneel

    natsu dragneel2 days ago

    Just earned a sub this is my first video of yours too you're good

  58. jjcs1381

    jjcs13812 days ago

    Dude, everything is better in Japan. Love the food.

  59. Prothom Playz

    Prothom Playz2 days ago

    *I Don't Know What That White Stuff Is* I Wonder What *Cums* In My Mind After That🐸

  60. Gun Slinger

    Gun Slinger2 days ago

    the Asian hot pocket haha

  61. am

    am2 days ago

    FTFD - Fried Tofu Flotation Devise

  62. Alondra Zaragoza

    Alondra Zaragoza2 days ago

    i can’t even finish two pork buns or one small pack of ramen. all by itself.

  63. lil.Chano

    lil.Chano2 days ago

    I wish I could eat whatever I wanted XD instead I've gotta watch what I'll eat or I'll be passed out somewhere from an allergic reaction

  64. Daniel Yii

    Daniel Yii2 days ago

    If I ever came across him I would have thought he was Jackie chan

  65. Glenn Lim

    Glenn Lim2 days ago

    I prefer the Taiwan 7-eleven video and I should not watch this video after skipping dinner

  66. YumiZombi

    YumiZombi2 days ago

    I watch this when I’m eating noodles.

  67. ペン ペン

    ペン ペン2 days ago

    I’m Japanese. I don’t know English but you look so delicious! I’m glad to see you! Please come in Japan again😆💓

  68. Berta Señorita

    Berta Señorita3 days ago

    26:53 "uugghhh the fresh peaches in the world" that wraps it all up... 😂🤣

  69. Ying Liu

    Ying Liu3 days ago

    Japanese instant ramen is the best!!! But they are not allowed to be imported to a lot of countries because they contain real meat😢.

  70. JaeAnn Calma

    JaeAnn Calma3 days ago

    Okay so whos Japanese and wants to adopt my son and I???? We’ll only bring 2 suitcases, we don’t take up much space, I’m fluent in 2 languages. Know a bit of korean. Know a bit of Japanese as well. I can cook, but who’d need that when we can go to the 7/11 and have a whole meal am I right? Lmao seriously someone take us in

  71. Yeboi Ligman

    Yeboi Ligman3 days ago

    Lmao that looks like a grocery store

  72. Justa Bunneh

    Justa Bunneh3 days ago

    -cries in America- I'm craving all of this food so bad.

  73. Range Ryder

    Range Ryder3 days ago

    l a w s o n that's whats up at 3am

  74. Angela Losole

    Angela Losole3 days ago

    Where in the world is he putting all this food? I am full just watching him. Lol

  75. World Free

    World Free3 days ago


  76. Celeste Rubin

    Celeste Rubin3 days ago

    America officially sucks

  77. Cash 15 Money

    Cash 15 Money3 days ago

    so does he eat all of the food or just like most or some of it ? (I guess he could save some things)

  78. Oh ew

    Oh ew3 days ago

    HAHA omg this is literally what my friend and i did for 3 days straight in ueno because we were to nervous to go out to restaurant

  79. Ciele Glass

    Ciele Glass3 days ago

    "Egg the broth of your dreams".....oh my gosh I can't wait to go to Japan for so many reasons, but now I don't feel as intimidated as far as eating good food on a budget!

  80. JJ Garvey Rodriguez

    JJ Garvey Rodriguez3 days ago


  81. Diana

    Diana3 days ago

    I love this video. Especially the part when you are outside. Lol

  82. Diana

    Diana3 days ago

    Damn Mike where do you keep it all? I'm impressed.

  83. Luni Bom Bom

    Luni Bom Bom3 days ago

    Awesome video. I am so hungry now. Can’t wait till lunch time!

  84. incredible il

    incredible il3 days ago

    I know it is 7 11 but damm that is cheap

  85. Yuki Christopher Suter

    Yuki Christopher Suter3 days ago

    Also 7-eleven sells more types of Coolish(es) therefore wins for me :P

  86. Yuki Christopher Suter

    Yuki Christopher Suter3 days ago

    Just to Clarify, the title is wrong. It's not 7-Eleven. Its 7&i holdings which is the japanese branch of the 7-Eleven "Family" which is why you can only find this stuff in japanese 7-Elevens.


    fᎬᎥᏆᎪᏁ ᏢᎾᏒᏆᎾᏒ3 days ago


  88. Random Rocky

    Random Rocky3 days ago

    wish America's seven eleven was this great....

  89. Titus Tucker

    Titus Tucker3 days ago

    I love his videos, bad thing though is they always makes me hungry as heck even though I may have already eaten !

  90. Rinzler West

    Rinzler West3 days ago

    You would eat anything and say its good lmao...but good enough for you its good enough for me

  91. P-ROC

    P-ROC3 days ago

    I’m in the navy stationed in Yokosuka, Japan 🇯🇵 and he’s not exaggerating theres like 3 seven elevens outside base and it’s the best place for a quick meal and the chicken avocado sandwich is bomb.!!! Lawsons good too but I prefer seven eleven

  92. Aly Qui

    Aly Qui3 days ago

    Nice, how disappointing the 7-Eleven near our house is.

  93. Regan Moss

    Regan Moss3 days ago

    "Oh what in the world is-...sure"

  94. Potoro

    Potoro3 days ago

    I wanna eat for my job xD

  95. privet 300

    privet 3003 days ago

    i think there is a portal in his stomach

  96. Coffee

    Coffee3 days ago

    18:13 no context. . .

  97. Adeeb

    Adeeb4 days ago

    You surely shared the food... right?

  98. PinkAlien

    PinkAlien4 days ago

    Another capitalist shill hoodwinking the internet plebs into thinking this is what life is about...

  99. Instagram Creator “Pats.Pokemon”

    Instagram Creator “Pats.Pokemon”4 days ago

    People in the states just shoot up and rob 7-Elevens but here you are in Japan 7-Eleven nicer than most restaurants

  100. leah liu

    leah liu4 days ago

    Nobody cares about FamilyMart.