Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan


  1. aatsista

    aatsista2 hours ago

    Naruto 2! Lol

  2. Jared Tan

    Jared Tan3 hours ago

    dong fen

  3. Javier Del Rosario

    Javier Del Rosario3 hours ago

    Im hangry

  4. Mr.PoopyButthole

    Mr.PoopyButthole4 hours ago

    I wish the U.S was more like Japan. They are much more cleaner and have super strict food laws, so you know even a gas station sandwich will be good.

  5. joseph miller

    joseph miller4 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice the video edited to his fingers on the 711 egg sandwitch to make it look deeper

  6. Vanguard Lycan

    Vanguard Lycan4 hours ago

    Local man eats entire 7/11

  7. James James

    James James4 hours ago



    MAS BEASTY5 hours ago

    Did u feed the girl?

  9. Angel Espinoza

    Angel Espinoza7 hours ago

    His fingers are crusty and he is cringe go eat ur dog man

  10. Angel Espinoza

    Angel Espinoza7 hours ago

    This channel is bad

  11. Ronnie Orsano

    Ronnie Orsano8 hours ago

    Damn, now I'm starving... Thanks, dude!

  12. Zoe Z

    Zoe Z9 hours ago

    i really want to know if mike finished ALL the food?

  13. improperusername

    improperusername16 hours ago

    I am really curious if you ever come across something that you find just nasty or inedible. Seems like you like everything in all of your videos!

  14. Giselle le boursier le boursier

    Giselle le boursier le boursier22 hours ago

    I hate seven eleven indonesia and america:( i want to go to korea taiwan or japan god

  15. Juliana Pangilinan

    Juliana Pangilinan23 hours ago

    This actually made my day

  16. Lisa Kurnianingsih

    Lisa Kurnianingsih23 hours ago

    I'm subscribing bcs u look like jackiechan thus u look like my dad and the food is superb

  17. AMBot Senpai

    AMBot Senpai23 hours ago

    Those bentos looks better than the packed lunches in the 7Elevens here in the Philippines.

  18. CuriosityFTW

    CuriosityFTWDay ago

    The 7/11s are awesome but... There are so many carbs everywhere Q_Q

  19. CuriosityFTW

    CuriosityFTWDay ago

    10:14 She be like "Dafuk with all that food???"

  20. Droll Cuber

    Droll CuberDay ago

    everything in hot oil...

  21. momo

    momoDay ago

    8:17 surely you mean konjac/shirataki noodles? they're not exactly 0 calories but they're very very few calories

  22. Monica Jamal

    Monica JamalDay ago

    I just found u here in MReporter and already I’m obsessed with ur videos I love it and I watch it at night and get all hungry Q_Q I love it 🥰

  23. Nicole Abraamyan

    Nicole AbraamyanDay ago

    Meanwhile in America the 7 eleven foods are such low quality and not very good tasting (in my opinion)

  24. aldyshinwa

    aldyshinwaDay ago

    Meanwhile in my town, convenient store serve shitty food...really jealous at those japan store

  25. Lunita Tarot

    Lunita TarotDay ago

    You eat like goku! 😂 niceee they all look so good

  26. Francisco Moran

    Francisco MoranDay ago

    It's a shame how biased Mike is about the flavors

  27. Y u mad Boy

    Y u mad BoyDay ago

    I feel like I’m full watching him eat Lol😂😂

  28. Olivia Artzteen

    Olivia ArtzteenDay ago

    I am D R O O L I N G

  29. BOB 1

    BOB 1Day ago

    How can you even eat that much?

  30. Jake Goldstein

    Jake GoldsteinDay ago

    I want to see Gordon Ramsey and this dude evaluate the same food.

  31. Sam Miller

    Sam MillerDay ago

    Why do i enjoy watching this person eat so much..?

  32. shivangi jetley

    shivangi jetleyDay ago

    I was surprised when He said he'd eat it as his brunch I'd be eating the same in a whole day as 3 meals And some probably would be saved for next days breakfast

  33. Naruto Stromster

    Naruto StromsterDay ago

    I wish American 711 had that much ramen 🤤🤤🤤

  34. Abbas Mrzk

    Abbas MrzkDay ago

    Kok Judulnya Bahasa Indonesia sih, W kira di orang Indonesia. Kayanya bukan ya

  35. nathan herr

    nathan herrDay ago

    LOL those people in the background looking at him

  36. AM T

    AM TDay ago

    By the way, i think it is not healthy to put plastic in a microwave oven.

  37. AM T

    AM TDay ago

    Wow.. how much you can eat in one go? I can eat just that noodles soup., that's it. May be you are working hard than I'm :D

  38. Leo地獄の番人

    Leo地獄の番人2 days ago

    BTW the salad chicken stuff is really only for diet... People eat that by itself

  39. Jungkook’s Wife

    Jungkook’s Wife2 days ago

    I’m hungry.😭😭😂😑👌🏻

  40. Danielle Waboose

    Danielle Waboose2 days ago

    Omg I'm just so hungry now!

  41. KanaTenshi

    KanaTenshi2 days ago

    This makes me want to go back to Japan :'D We need convenience stores like this here

  42. Aman Ali

    Aman Ali2 days ago

    Damn all the food is cheap af

  43. Raves Tutorials

    Raves Tutorials2 days ago

    I wish I could try these foods but their freakin expensive online

  44. Commander EJ

    Commander EJ2 days ago

    Why does 7/11 in Japan look like a retail food market

  45. Lyric C.

    Lyric C.2 days ago

    I thought he was Jackie Chan

  46. Gino Lorenzo

    Gino Lorenzo2 days ago

    I didn't know Ryan's Toy Review did food

  47. RoachDogg JR

    RoachDogg JR2 days ago

    13:40 .. yes indeed, I am a boat! Thanks for finally noticing the boat community. Much appreciated.

  48. Lol Lel

    Lol Lel2 days ago

    “Why u bully me” 🤤

  49. Miss Strawberry

    Miss Strawberry2 days ago

    JD approves 👍

  50. Justin Nguyen

    Justin Nguyen2 days ago

    Imagine what they would feel if they came to America and checked out OUR 7-11

  51. NNA Sanoodeh

    NNA Sanoodeh2 days ago

    Is it hard to chew the food??

  52. ragdollcoty

    ragdollcoty2 days ago

    Whenever I return to the US from Taiwan, S Korea, or Japan: I always have a suitcase full of bread and instant noodles. Never had anything stopped due to meat products in the noodles. From Taiwan, I even bring home pork jerky. If the jerky is prepackaged from 711, then they don't stop it. But, if the jerky is not completely sealed, then I've had it stopped.

  53. wicked geekvape

    wicked geekvape2 days ago

    Do you have two stomach?

  54. Jeff Potter

    Jeff Potter2 days ago

    Just got back from Japan. 7-11 was the best fast food ever. It’s open 24/7 so till I got use to the time difference it was my spot

  55. Jesse

    Jesse2 days ago

    My mouth was watering the entire video I wanna visit Japan so bad

  56. sean hiler

    sean hiler3 days ago

    I love and hate you!!!!! Your videos are grate but you make me very hungry. Good job mike!

  57. dotcomnsense

    dotcomnsense3 days ago

    Lawson! It originated in Ohio, of all places, and that's where I know it from. It was just a basic convenience store in Ohio and had no where near the type of food that it does in Japan. I remember the chip dip being the highlight of Lawson's. So cool to see that it made it to Japan and has really done well.

  58. dEsPaCito DePrEsSo

    dEsPaCito DePrEsSo3 days ago

    So who is recording? Like is he asking an individual stranger to record a part?

  59. Raven Nightshade

    Raven Nightshade3 days ago

    Im Canadian and totally need these looks and sounds good

  60. Elizabeth Bush

    Elizabeth Bush3 days ago

    That beef and rice dish he ate inspired me to make something similar for dinner the other night😊 it came out pretty good for something i just threw together ^^ a bit too salty but good!

  61. Trey Lanham

    Trey Lanham3 days ago

    I could watch this man enjoy food all day

  62. Kalyn C.

    Kalyn C.3 days ago

    Wow that dan dan noodles looks so good!

  63. sydneyneon

    sydneyneon3 days ago

    This is the best mukbang I've ever watched

  64. ibrahim sher

    ibrahim sher3 days ago

    The way he is opening those buns are making my mouth water..... want 1

  65. Squeak God

    Squeak God3 days ago

    Why is there 711 so big

  66. Lil Freedo

    Lil Freedo3 days ago

    On god that’s Jackie Chan

  67. Moon Jelly

    Moon Jelly3 days ago

    Borderline borderline borderline borderline borderline borderline borderline borderline

  68. Sonata Yanni

    Sonata Yanni3 days ago


  69. Kent & Keith

    Kent & Keith3 days ago

    That dirty blacky finger tho

  70. Ron Com

    Ron Com3 days ago

    American 7-11 needs to step up their game

  71. Negtaha Scych

    Negtaha Scych3 days ago

    Look, I'm not racist, and I'm not trying to hurt any feelings here, but dude really looks like Jackie Chan.

  72. Balloonfiber 881

    Balloonfiber 8813 days ago

    I want to eat noodles

  73. Emma WB

    Emma WB3 days ago

    You make me hungry

  74. Hershey Rabbit

    Hershey Rabbit3 days ago

    25:03 😂😂😂



    Aren't he full yet.?.He eats so many😂

  76. Holly Halim

    Holly Halim3 days ago

    Love japan

  77. Farah Amyra

    Farah Amyra3 days ago

    It's a good video.❤️

  78. 孫永洙

    孫永洙4 days ago

    My favorite pudding!!

  79. Henry Nguyen

    Henry Nguyen4 days ago


  80. Sc9

    Sc94 days ago

    Would prefer both places..

  81. richcast66

    richcast664 days ago

    When you see a melon in Japan, get it. Especially when they come in pairs 😉

  82. debby elfrida

    debby elfrida4 days ago

    oh i missed so much the food

  83. Nicholas O'Connor

    Nicholas O'Connor4 days ago

    I'm only half way through this video and I have no idea how he just ate all that.

  84. FreshlySnipes

    FreshlySnipes4 days ago

    7-Eleven is an American company.... why do we get fucked here in the US with hotdogs and shitty pizza? I want an Ramen isle here

  85. Heronnel Plays

    Heronnel Plays4 days ago


  86. michelle

    michelle4 days ago

    ok now i hate the seven elevens where i live

  87. OxyJIN A cup of TAE SUGArKOOKIEs

    OxyJIN A cup of TAE SUGArKOOKIEs4 days ago


  88. MrHungloww

    MrHungloww4 days ago

    Okay does anybody know a store either in LA County where i can probably buy some of these type of Japanese snacks😒

  89. Peachy loverz

    Peachy loverz4 days ago

    15:28 Is it just me or I hear Power up by Red Velvet

  90. MrHungloww

    MrHungloww4 days ago

    711 in japan looks way better then 711 in USA😒

  91. Nora Akbaoui

    Nora Akbaoui4 days ago

    Imagine having all this in US ... Obesity epidemic is shaking

  92. Farzana Afrose

    Farzana Afrose4 days ago

    Strawberry. Sandwich. Yummy

  93. Jessica Hang

    Jessica Hang4 days ago

    I’m eating an apple right now and looking at this video, I feel sad...(´-`)

  94. Xygard Xygard

    Xygard Xygard4 days ago

    This just one of reasons i want to go to japan

  95. əimannn

    əimannn4 days ago

    This bitchass nigga really like to go to 7 eleven wtf

  96. Telmen Yaruunai

    Telmen Yaruunai4 days ago

    Me too I love ohniggari

  97. RangerDanger

    RangerDanger4 days ago

    I would have stopped already on the first cup of noodles and 1 bun! Gosh this guy can eat!

  98. # Sing

    # Sing4 days ago

    Do Japanese people not like the crust on bread?

  99. moo

    moo4 days ago

    It's makes me mouth watering

  100. Mayuri Hadge

    Mayuri Hadge4 days ago