Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan


  1. Frankistein Lolo

    Frankistein Lolo4 hours ago

    He is so lucky

  2. Ekonomen

    Ekonomen5 hours ago

    That's not meat, its tripe

  3. lhcedwin

    lhcedwin5 hours ago

    Man, this is killing my diet. But I can't help but to keep on watching

  4. Haoo Darling

    Haoo Darling5 hours ago

    I'm hungry... 😢😢

  5. Zias' Cup

    Zias' Cup5 hours ago

    You should do this in all countries

  6. peanuts

    peanuts5 hours ago

    he has such a big appetite woow.

  7. ThEpicSoul

    ThEpicSoul5 hours ago

    you look like Jackie Chan, I already like you.

  8. Zygardious Zygarde

    Zygardious Zygarde6 hours ago


  9. stargatefansg1

    stargatefansg16 hours ago

    How big is your stomach?!? All I've had is tea so far today and I'm super full just watching you eat so much heehee! XD

  10. HeapOfBones

    HeapOfBones6 hours ago

    I will forever find crustless bread weird.

  11. SireJuanDelaCruz27

    SireJuanDelaCruz276 hours ago

    I have this bad habit of watching food videos whenever i can't sleep. It always ends up me being more awake than ever. Great vid!

  12. Suman Dutta

    Suman Dutta7 hours ago

    you're making me hungry....

  13. welwisher

    welwisher7 hours ago

    You can’t take meat in a ramen home?

  14. Abed's World

    Abed's World8 hours ago

    how much can you eat?:D

  15. Butchoy Feliciano

    Butchoy Feliciano8 hours ago

    why am i even watching this at 11pm hahaha im so hungry now hahahah.

  16. Aleyah Malone

    Aleyah Malone8 hours ago

    I want some now ☹️. He probably didn't eat it all.

  17. Himawari Sunny

    Himawari Sunny8 hours ago

    one day i wanna go to japan,also for food. thats why im living for😋

  18. Tarun Chandrasekaran

    Tarun Chandrasekaran8 hours ago

    Channel: Strictly Dumpling But.. 40% about dumplings 60% about other foods.. NOT HATING, LOVE THIS CHANNEL. JUST SAYING..

  19. Some guy named Eli

    Some guy named Eli8 hours ago


  20. Shutup

    Shutup9 hours ago

    I'm sorry but that beef really didnt look good to me haha

  21. XxGirntacos

    XxGirntacos9 hours ago

    I bet you he can't go one video without hot oil. Lmao.

  22. XxGirntacos

    XxGirntacos9 hours ago

    I want this 7-11 in Georgia, becuase there's literally no 7-11s in Georgia

  23. Matteen Aminpour

    Matteen Aminpour10 hours ago

    Bro, Mike, I am sorry but nooooo. Who the heck told you that Lawson is supposed to be better than 7/11? You heard wrong my friend, everyone I know will say 7 is better (I live in Japan). 7/11 has better onigiri seaweed and just better ingredients in all. Plus 7/11 is the only one to sell Tsuta and Ippudo ramen. You can't find those at other conbini.

  24. Hunter Bruderr

    Hunter Bruderr10 hours ago

    The ugliest guy I've ever seen lol

  25. benJ432

    benJ43210 hours ago

    if feeling full just watching you eat this all, how did you actualy do it?

  26. benJ432

    benJ43210 hours ago

    im trying to work out if all conviniece store food th UK is utter trash or if you are over playing how good that food really is

  27. ORPHN Music

    ORPHN Music10 hours ago

    the lawsons egg sandwiches looks like the ones i got at pret-a-manger in london or like the ones you get in austrian convenience stores butI always wanted to try a yakisoba sandwich! They just look so darn delicious!


    ICHIE SEBASTIAN10 hours ago

    The bento beef box looks so amazing- now i feel sad I didn’t try them when I was in Japan.


    ICHIE SEBASTIAN10 hours ago

    I can’t believe you ate all that up!!

  30. SecretBeach Palawan

    SecretBeach Palawan11 hours ago

    7 ejeven is not good store but lawson is cool

  31. Sri Lankan Flyer

    Sri Lankan Flyer11 hours ago

    My mouth is watering so much 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  32. Na Na Po

    Na Na Po11 hours ago

    He look like Jackie chan but younger

  33. Shi Palabrica

    Shi Palabrica12 hours ago

    *subscribes* because I like how happy you eat and that you look like Jackie Chan too 😁😁😁

  34. Chris Chris

    Chris Chris13 hours ago

    What are those noodles called ??

  35. yamadago

    yamadago11 hours ago

    and zero calorie one is Shira-taki or Ito-Kon nyaku. it's a made from devil's tougue potato.

  36. yamadago

    yamadago11 hours ago

    First one is Tsuta(蔦),second one is Naki-Ryu(鳴龍). You can search with these words "~ instant noodles". :D

  37. william rekab

    william rekab13 hours ago

    U r da best utuber ever

  38. Yuuri

    Yuuri13 hours ago


  39. Lobo Garcia

    Lobo Garcia14 hours ago

    It can’t taste that good it’s microwaved wtf

  40. Mdm Koo

    Mdm Koo14 hours ago

    So... are you full yet? XD Okay, your vids are so awesome!

  41. Mdm Koo

    Mdm Koo14 hours ago

    OMG did you get the coffee jelly?! Those custard puddings are nice but my fav is the coffee jelly!!! Are you still there?! Go get it!!

  42. Jörgen Ljungberg

    Jörgen Ljungberg15 hours ago

    How much can he eat??

  43. Kawaii Blueberry muffin

    Kawaii Blueberry muffin15 hours ago

    It’s so healthy! I wish they had stuff like that here in America.

  44. Shorty2Die4

    Shorty2Die415 hours ago

    I just watched a dude eat for 28 mins. And im mad there isnt more of it.

  45. dustin almadrones

    dustin almadrones15 hours ago

    He’s Jackie chan

  46. Black Guy KSI

    Black Guy KSI15 hours ago

    My dad works at 7 eleven

  47. Jimmy Ning

    Jimmy Ning16 hours ago

    Bloody love that tea

  48. Javeria Jav

    Javeria Jav16 hours ago

    I thought fruit sandwiches was my thing and I love it. Now I know Japanese actually do that.

  49. timothy chang

    timothy chang16 hours ago


  50. hai phong vo

    hai phong vo16 hours ago

    I think in Japan, Family Mart is better

  51. Lara Elkady

    Lara Elkady17 hours ago

    careful children, thats a lot of sodium!

  52. Ariane Govea

    Ariane Govea17 hours ago

    I gotta admit I'm kinda crushing on him😍✌

  53. kantamneni vidyadhar

    kantamneni vidyadhar17 hours ago

    I think he eats everything. And says yummy

  54. JohnMichael23inSD

    JohnMichael23inSD17 hours ago

    I wish our 7-11's in the states had food like that. I feel like eating at our 7-11's is more of a dare than anything else!

  55. CTPH_ 17

    CTPH_ 1717 hours ago

    If it was only like this in America

  56. Christian Navarro

    Christian Navarro17 hours ago

    All this time I though I was watching Jackie chan . Great video I would love to visit

  57. Johnnie Gilchrist

    Johnnie Gilchrist17 hours ago

    Need to cut down on plastic Mr Chen...

  58. Sho Takahashi

    Sho Takahashi17 hours ago

    this guy eats like he just smoked weed for the first time..

  59. Janjan Domingo

    Janjan Domingo17 hours ago

    Nice eye brow by the way .

  60. Shannon Boozer

    Shannon Boozer17 hours ago

    What I’m most surprised about is how cheap stuff is. Snacks like that would be like 3-4 bucks a piece and all of that looks so high quality. That’s a ton of food for $39.

  61. Protohumans

    Protohumans18 hours ago

    just becasue it has flavor enhancers doenst mean its good imho.

  62. Lara Elkady

    Lara Elkady19 hours ago

    I wanna go to Japaaaaaan

  63. Scales

    Scales19 hours ago

    Lol man you can really back it in

  64. Shannon Christerson

    Shannon Christerson19 hours ago

    711 in Hawaii is so similar! We have a mix of Japanese/Hawaiian/American foods.

  65. zeke saxman

    zeke saxman19 hours ago

    The only man you can send to 7-11 and basically make an ad haha

  66. Clara Carden

    Clara Carden19 hours ago

    Uk doesn’t have 7 11

  67. Eric Chu

    Eric Chu19 hours ago

    For best chicken, go to Family Mart and get their Family Chicken. Juicy, tender, and delicious!

  68. TheActualLiz

    TheActualLiz19 hours ago

    Can we get those soup options at our 7-11s PLEASE!

  69. Lunatic101killer Jr

    Lunatic101killer Jr20 hours ago

    Asmr of the day

  70. Gynwaith

    Gynwaith20 hours ago

    Omg can we please get 7-11s like this in America

  71. Andrew Gurney

    Andrew Gurney20 hours ago

    This guy is going to have a very short life span eating that sh1t

  72. Bárbara R

    Bárbara R20 hours ago

    eating the only 3 different instant noodles I can find here (Chile) and knowing they only taste good if you re starving, its so incredibly hard for me to think those you are eating taste great XD I would love to try them dammmmmm Also that spongey and creamy tubular thing looks amazinnnng

  73. Max F.

    Max F.20 hours ago

    Wtf you bought egg salad in a plastic package? UNREFRIGERATED?

  74. Garrett Thompson

    Garrett Thompson21 hour ago

    When I moved to Hawaii from the mainland i FREAKED out because my housemate would buy sushi from 7-11 DO NOT BUY 7-11 SUSHI ON THE MAINLAND! YOU WILL GET FOOD POISONING!

  75. johnny guzman

    johnny guzman21 hour ago

    I hate myself for watching this at night I’m starving 😂😩

  76. Gtr YT

    Gtr YT21 hour ago

    Holy crap these things are cheap!

  77. Dok Park

    Dok Park21 hour ago

    Where in Japan? I never saw that in japan at711

  78. soschadao

    soschadao21 hour ago

    The pouch is called takarabukuro it means treasure bag

  79. Disgruntled Panda

    Disgruntled Panda21 hour ago

    Mike: *eats delicious looking ramen* Me:*food envy intensifies*

  80. ChenYu

    ChenYu21 hour ago

    I like the fatty beef rice..

  81. Rafael Muniz

    Rafael Muniz21 hour ago

    Why cant we have one of those stores here in the states? Food looks amazing

  82. Bigger-D K

    Bigger-D K21 hour ago

    That’s it!! I’m going to jerk off some juice!

  83. Fatin Sarafina

    Fatin Sarafina21 hour ago

    Watching you eating makes me so happy

  84. Ballistic Universe

    Ballistic Universe21 hour ago

    I'm in Lord Beerus mode watching this 😋

  85. Mindy Vong

    Mindy Vong22 hours ago

    I went to seven eleven today lol

  86. Shanne15

    Shanne1522 hours ago

    What is the name of the ramen bowl you got? The one that you mentioned has the michelin star?

  87. Pablo Zamora

    Pablo Zamora22 hours ago

    don't watch while hungry

  88. Namajaff

    Namajaff22 hours ago

    wow you sure eat ALOT

  89. Laura Calado

    Laura Calado23 hours ago

    i love that he likes everything he tries haha

  90. ricecakejohnson

    ricecakejohnsonDay ago

    How in the world do you eat that much in one meal? Did that take time to develop to where your tummy can eat so much? I m not even lying, what you had for Brunch was about 3-4 day worth of food for me.

  91. Rules of Law

    Rules of LawDay ago

    I am so full after watching this video , it's astonishing and amazing of what is the size of his stomach

  92. Kikwi

    KikwiDay ago

    I love this channel so much

  93. Connor Wise

    Connor WiseDay ago

    I love how mostly all Japanese and even Asian foods can go together and the flavor is still amazing throughout it all. America has it all wrong...

  94. Will Burton

    Will BurtonDay ago

    wtf you're gonna pop

  95. Smoosh Goo

    Smoosh GooDay ago

    The noodles are what i dream i could buy at a american convenience store or at a grocery store.

  96. Very Illegal

    Very IllegalDay ago

    Beef and beef products from a country not known to be infected with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) generally are enterable. However, like all other food items the meat must be unopened and commercially labeled indicating the country of origin and meat type.

  97. Dezzy D's Dojo

    Dezzy D's DojoDay ago

    Yo, when I was in Japan 7-11 literally saved my life. Lawson was right across the street from my local 7, in one year I can count on one hand I went into Lawson. They also didn't carry my たまご蒸しパン. (Look it up) If you haven't had it, and are in Japan thank me later! Less than 100 yen.

  98. Hyper Kill27

    Hyper Kill27Day ago

    I honestly love these 7eleven videos they are so awesome makes me want to check them out.

  99. DaniEnri23

    DaniEnri23Day ago

    How Tf does he eat so much?!?!

  100. Dex San

    Dex SanDay ago

    When i finaly get to tokyo. i'll get stuffed for sure.

  101. punkfish495

    punkfish495Day ago

    that stir fry sandwich is nothing new we put everything in bread haha

  102. rotarynerd

    rotarynerdDay ago

    That pink bun had spicy roe, cheese and potatoe!

  103. phresh

    phreshDay ago

    I love lawson’s food