Bros Tho.


  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistat2 months ago

    appreciate the shirt. 1:55

  2. Radhey P.

    Radhey P.Month ago

    *doing his part*

  3. Renagade__x

    Renagade__x2 months ago

    Was great meeting!!!

  4. *א*

    *א*2 months ago


  5. Chibby Chief

    Chibby Chief11 days ago

    Ride u front in the car, nigggaaaa

  6. blah7694

    blah769421 day ago

    Aw, Graham looks so grown up! :D

  7. Joey Jeffcott

    Joey Jeffcott25 days ago

    Summit or Bust

  8. Rodolfo Pimenta

    Rodolfo Pimenta29 days ago

    bruhvs before hos

  9. Andye SetiaOne

    Andye SetiaOneMonth ago

    2:07 Tittle song name please

  10. claud rapoza

    claud rapozaMonth ago

    dint collab with stradman in utah :/

  11. Faraz Labeeb Personal

    Faraz Labeeb PersonalMonth ago

    I thought this was Elon Musk

  12. MechanicalBotYT

    MechanicalBotYTMonth ago

    That’s the St. Regis.

  13. David Mashiah

    David MashiahMonth ago

    MReporter contributing to Viral Youth Suicides

  14. Zachscohan

    ZachscohanMonth ago


  15. Registrys International

    Registrys InternationalMonth ago

    Bro you slammed that Uber door so aggressively

  16. Ben Phillips

    Ben PhillipsMonth ago

    Where is his red coat from

  17. Mike Dancy

    Mike DancyMonth ago

    I think of all your recent videos, this is probably one of my favourites. I say that as I'm just about to take my kid skiing tomorrow and looking for ideas on how to record it. :)

  18. Carol C.

    Carol C.Month ago

    How come your not doing your MReporter channel anymore?! I miss it! :(

  19. Eric Lonzo

    Eric Lonzo2 months ago

    That's crazy I live caddy corner from that project that Graham is apart of in Cleveland.. And this is my first time hearing of you and your channel. This is crazy now I must subscribe.

  20. Aigerim Bolatova

    Aigerim Bolatova2 months ago

    Graham looks like from orange is the new black.

  21. ZkrY 29

    ZkrY 292 months ago

    3:23 Angèl, victime de la mode, normal

  22. Samuel Mendoza

    Samuel Mendoza2 months ago

    This video reminds me: friendship is important and I have to do sky sometime. By the way, the music tho.

  23. History

    History2 months ago

    bro you should shave

  24. Davey Niño

    Davey Niño2 months ago

    epic content casey!!! chingon!!!

  25. Mays Family

    Mays Family2 months ago

    Love the music and of course the whole video.

  26. maslanov sergey

    maslanov sergey2 months ago


  27. K8 Gibson

    K8 Gibson2 months ago

    Aw UT is my home

  28. lightning 457

    lightning 4572 months ago

    What type of music Casey uses in his vlog?

  29. Ram Aditya

    Ram Aditya2 months ago

    The Shining

  30. Lawrence Palmer

    Lawrence Palmer2 months ago

    anyone know what coat casey is wearing, looks supa warm

  31. Courtney Shaine

    Courtney Shaine2 months ago

    Casey's videos inspire me to become a better person. It's really amazing how influencing a person can become. Be like Casey! Mike - -Who??...

  32. Wyatt Adamson

    Wyatt Adamson2 months ago

    Dude. I can’t believe it. I was in Park City for work probably at the same time you were there! WHAT!

  33. Rafael Pereira Lima

    Rafael Pereira Lima2 months ago


  34. Edward Santos

    Edward Santos2 months ago

    Climb Everest, Casey

  35. Korey Smerk

    Korey Smerk2 months ago

    Ohio City, Cleveland? Who is this dude?

  36. ShanghaiPaddles

    ShanghaiPaddles2 months ago

    Next time you’re in Utah you’ve GOTTA ski Snowbird. I’ve got family that works there and can hook you up

  37. Arthur Hedderly

    Arthur Hedderly2 months ago

    This video makes me miss home. I grew up in Park City. I learned to drive on those roads. I learned to ski on those slopes. I used to sell lift tickets in those windows and hang out on those sidewalks. Thank you for the beautiful shots of home.

  38. sime Roberts

    sime Roberts2 months ago

    Casey!Your red coat is awesome!What make is it and where you get it?

  39. Track_ Trevor

    Track_ Trevor2 months ago

    Wait no come back to Utah just come to SLC

  40. Davelement

    Davelement2 months ago

    A chill weekend like that is for the privileged

  41. KMW Rider

    KMW Rider2 months ago

    മലയാളീസ് 👍

  42. michael villacarlos

    michael villacarlos2 months ago

    Casey "kpop" neistat still the best

  43. Jullian Jeremy

    Jullian Jeremy2 months ago

    Thank you, random person who wears a PewDiePie merch, very cool.

  44. I I’m not Westbrook Why NOT

    I I’m not Westbrook Why NOT2 months ago

    You were 1h 4M away from I live Wyoming EN

  45. Jacob

    Jacob2 months ago

    casey neistat did his part

  46. Monimos Katoikos Petrilou

    Monimos Katoikos Petrilou2 months ago

    You should come in Greece! We have amazing mountains here!

  47. Jewel D

    Jewel D2 months ago

    Didn't even know shawn was there until I saw casey in his video. I hope you collab with the spacestation soon, with your filmmaker skills & their energy, it would be epic.

  48. Aquesance Averun

    Aquesance Averun2 months ago

    lol the guy at the ski lift place was wearing a pewdiepie shirt! epic!

  49. Valentin Eckhard

    Valentin Eckhard2 months ago

    4:04 whats the name of this song??????????????? its so good

  50. Eman M

    Eman M2 months ago

    How did you managed to hire a helicopter for those Ariel shots

  51. Spongie Sponge

    Spongie Sponge2 months ago

    Does anyone know the names of the song played at 0:01 and 6:25? Thanks in advance.

  52. Rugged Productions

    Rugged Productions2 months ago

    The intro reminded me of the Shining and the overlook hotel.

  53. D Tubbs

    D Tubbs2 months ago

    Was that a very brief @Shonduras cameo on the showboard @6:17 ?! (does tagging work now that Google+ isn't a thing)

  54. Art Of The Beast

    Art Of The Beast2 months ago

    casey that film you submitted nice, the feelers that hit at presentation!!!!! well done to your editor

  55. Troy Shaw

    Troy Shaw2 months ago

    Did you switch from FCPX to Adobe?

  56. Pratik Bhardwaj

    Pratik Bhardwaj2 months ago

    i dare u to climb Mt.Everest.

  57. Ninty Julius

    Ninty Julius2 months ago

    You SLAM the poor uber’s door 😂

  58. sub2 Pewdiepie

    sub2 Pewdiepie2 months ago

    The kid at 4:35 goes to my school. Lol

  59. Bella Nino

    Bella Nino2 months ago

    Slammed the shit out that uber drivers door...haha

  60. Weekly Sports Highlights

    Weekly Sports Highlights2 months ago

    Yo wtf he stayed at the same hotel I stayed at yo woah that’s actually crazy

  61. MARI

    MARI2 months ago


  62. Mackワタナベ

    Mackワタナベ2 months ago

    Nice piste! Like it. 👍

  63. marcot

    marcot2 months ago

    I did not find the pewdiepie link in the description of the video, it's sad that Casey do not support upcoming youtubers

  64. Will Nicholson

    Will Nicholson2 months ago

    Great video. I was there as well. Wish I would have seen you.

  65. Chinth Madhu

    Chinth Madhu2 months ago

    4 days and CN video hasn’t reached a Mill views .. a trend slowly appearing with all his recent videos. Previously a Mill was the minimum views within 24 hour s

  66. Anis Don Demina

    Anis Don Demina2 months ago

    I was expecting Casey to ride some sort of Boosted-Snowboard!

  67. bYJKEe

    bYJKEe2 months ago

    Go to Russia and climb the tallest mount in Europe, Mt. Elbrus. It would be really coold to see!

  68. BanjoBoJo

    BanjoBoJo2 months ago

    Does anyone know what the song is at the beginning and end? Ive tried to Shazam it but it keeps giving me similar but wrong songs. 😫

  69. GodricIML

    GodricIML2 months ago

    1:55 his a 9 year old !

  70. Scott Taylor

    Scott Taylor2 months ago


  71. Raphael Jaafari

    Raphael Jaafari2 months ago

    Do you have any idea of what the lyrics of the French music are...? 😂😂

  72. Rudy F

    Rudy F2 months ago

    Ha! The lyrics of the french song don’t mean a thing at all !

  73. mynameisbarret

    mynameisbarret2 months ago


  74. Baby Hippo

    Baby Hippo2 months ago

    Hey Casey I stayed at that hotel and me and my dad love to snowboard at park city

  75. preston gervais

    preston gervais2 months ago


  76. Daniel Templeton

    Daniel Templeton2 months ago

    Hey Casey I'd love to guide you and Graham up Nevado del Tolima in Colombia (5250 masl) Hope you have the time, cheers from the andes.

  77. moonlair360

    moonlair3602 months ago

    Why Sub pewdypie?

  78. If you use dark mode im john cena

    If you use dark mode im john cena2 months ago

    Thats why he was growing the beard


    THE ABAIM HD2 months ago

    See you soon. ...thank you very much !))))

  80. Pierre Léger

    Pierre Léger2 months ago

    Affinity is King

  81. Southeast Michigan Bigfoot Research Group

    Southeast Michigan Bigfoot Research Group2 months ago

    Crazy music, liked it though. Awesome video

  82. Louis Bogard

    Louis Bogard2 months ago

    3.35 French music, yeahhh!!

  83. ahmed hisham

    ahmed hisham2 months ago

    i did an OPSIE!

  84. Trade Cube

    Trade Cube2 months ago

    Enjoyed the 368 creatives efforts. A come from behind win for one but everyone wins at 368.

  85. Max_Mgt

    Max_Mgt2 months ago

    I think Casey loves French songs 😁 I am French btw


    NASHIT HASAN2 months ago

    do a colab with Pewdiwpie

  87. Luca Saffer

    Luca Saffer2 months ago

    @casey finally some drone shots again, i missed those soooo much!!!!

  88. Brian Luria

    Brian Luria2 months ago

    Fantastic video Casey. It's ones like this that captivated me so many years ago. Music is great. BTW... Cleveland Rocks!

  89. Mohamed Hamdi

    Mohamed Hamdi2 months ago

    casey bring back the custom glasses

  90. Stjepan Benković

    Stjepan Benković2 months ago

    Excellent choice of music, like always

  91. Inam-ur-Rehman Junejo

    Inam-ur-Rehman Junejo2 months ago

    Did not you meet Shondorus there in Utah?

  92. Julio Escudero

    Julio Escudero2 months ago

    The audio is pretty terrible

  93. Scorpio

    Scorpio2 months ago

    1:55 4:44 Legends SUB2PEWDS

  94. Jeff Horne

    Jeff Horne2 months ago

    This was a like a flashback to the videos from 2 years ago. It was lovely to see - although i assume these sorts of videos are a little too easy for you to make to be interesting enough for you.

  95. Poppy Spinks

    Poppy Spinks2 months ago

    Love the Onskee!! I have one too, they're awesome ⛷️⛷️⛷️⛷️

  96. SparlingAdventures

    SparlingAdventures2 months ago

    Anyone wanna support one another? I'm inching towards 100 subscribers and trying to grow faster but it's so tough!!

  97. Karen S

    Karen S2 months ago

    music sucks way to loud and annoying


    Ali OZHELVACI2 months ago

    What is the point of subscribing to pewdiepie?

  99. G Man

    G Man2 months ago

    why is there a piece of tape covering the brand name of the jacket Casey is wearing?

  100. Phil Carter Films

    Phil Carter Films2 months ago

    i LOVE that you're repping a Oneskee!!!

  101. LiveLinessBeatz

    LiveLinessBeatz2 months ago

    I love music on my channel

  102. Fanny Doucoure

    Fanny Doucoure2 months ago

    I love what you do and the music that you add to your video is always make me wonder if you understand the lyrics of the French songs or is it that you like the tune of it , because I am actually french and sometimes it when I here a song that literally says « i love to go to organic food stores » or some other that talk about « washing machine and clothspin » or so it make me laugh and at the same Time I’m asking why put this music? Anyway It’s not a long time since I know you and your channel but I just love what you do and your contact and even if your Still going to do it even if I didn’t ask but keep going it’s really awesome... Bye

  103. GuelphRacing

    GuelphRacing2 months ago

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a wonderful day :)