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Brooding (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda


  1. Randeepa Vidanapathirana

    Randeepa Vidanapathirana2 days ago

    Is this a song? Come on mike. Add some lyrics to this

  2. Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva4 days ago

    Pra que fazer isso ?

  3. F1JunGT

    F1JunGT9 days ago

    This music helps remove s#it from my head. I love it. It also sounds like a true LP instrumental especially when listening to it just after Drawbar

  4. Станислав Стецкий

    Станислав Стецкий11 days ago

    Как же не хватает честара

  5. BaseGamer HD

    BaseGamer HD17 days ago

    i understand this somehow very clear ...

  6. Jacob Lunn

    Jacob Lunn18 days ago

    Dear Mike, I haven't felt something like this in a while since I saw this video. I re-listened to the Rising Tied and really studied it this time. Damn... top 5 albums of this decade for me. I write lyrics, produce, mix, and I'm trying to figure the game out but it's hard on my own. I live in BC Canada and I don't have a role model to look up to around here man, but you're the closest thing to that at the moment. If you're reading this, I'm beyond grateful. Contact me at

  7. Frejd

    Frejd18 days ago

    This song should be in 'a thousand suns' album. It shows us new feelings in music, that's the nicest part of voice

  8. Ebag Drof

    Ebag Drof20 days ago

    After listening to every Linkin Park demo and song, I hear this and realize how much of an impact Mike Shinoda has in LP. This sounds like an LP demo, and I’m so goddamn glad we still have him.

  9. DeathCupGirl

    DeathCupGirl22 days ago

    Pls do more song like this...with feelings... It's absolutely perfect.

  10. Sammie Saxon

    Sammie Saxon26 days ago

    I can’t swim either man.

  11. viralkalimantan

    viralkalimantanMonth ago

    Fort Minor audition technique for new member...

  12. Dnax 04

    Dnax 04Month ago

    Intro for a movie more like

  13. Collision Course

    Collision CourseMonth ago


  14. x x a g a z

    x x a g a z2 months ago

    Thanks for this

  15. Muhammad Ichsan

    Muhammad Ichsan2 months ago

    This song makes my emotional deployed. Thanks Mike :)

  16. 王春

    王春2 months ago

    👍🏻 before play the music! 来自中国的666

  17. chiffmonkey

    chiffmonkey2 months ago

    The start sounds like Mario Kart grid lights

  18. Rajni Attri

    Rajni Attri2 months ago

    Mike you will rise more New path opened for you .. choose wisely and rock it...your Indian fan

  19. Sergey Vladovich

    Sergey Vladovich2 months ago

    I love it Mike awsome❤️ from Russia with love 🇷🇺 is chester over sea Mike?

  20. Tony Douglas

    Tony Douglas2 months ago

    Made by Ubisoft V:

  21. reactions 4u

    reactions 4u2 months ago

    This track is incredible

  22. Juan Leshuga

    Juan Leshuga2 months ago

    me siento estafado :v

  23. Or Barel

    Or Barel2 months ago


  24. AntacidFish

    AntacidFish2 months ago

    You replace Chester.... not sure how I feel about that... Btw what is this? It doesn’t seem like music 🤔

  25. Shinning Star from the Dark

    Shinning Star from the Dark2 months ago

    Amazing music This is heart touching music

  26. movie Fan acedemy

    movie Fan acedemy2 months ago

    No lyrics?

  27. Persona Of The People

    Persona Of The People2 months ago

    I have never seen a more interesting 'faller' than this guy...damn this music still gives me feels...

  28. CodenameTurtle

    CodenameTurtle2 months ago

    Woww! this video and the song just made me cry my eyes out.

  29. themusikguySPECIAL

    themusikguySPECIAL2 months ago

    Even with instrumental songs Mike can create such great emotions and powerful feelings with his songs. The visual fits perfectly to this track!

  30. David Navarro

    David Navarro3 months ago

    Pretty meaningful video. Kinda represents going through ups and downs in life and then rising when there’s hope.

  31. Agrosheep1

    Agrosheep13 months ago

    It sounds like a demo from around 2011 set between a thousand suns and living things

  32. François M

    François M3 months ago

    Mike can do everything, he could even fly to the moon and back. What a great artist and love the album!

  33. WaitingToFade

    WaitingToFade3 months ago

    It's *fascinating* how much throwing oneself into the water can look like a dance.

  34. spidertothefly

    spidertothefly3 months ago

    Idk why but I listen to this when I feel stressed out

  35. Gene Gu

    Gene Gu3 months ago

    which other artist can hit 500k+ views for just a instrumental interlude. legend!

  36. Steven 88

    Steven 884 months ago

    Mike shinoda why Chester benengton is dead?!!!LINKIN PARK IS MY LIFE BACAUSE THIS IS LIKE MY LIFE!!

  37. Rohan V

    Rohan V4 months ago

    Prior to Chester all videos were named Linkin Park, new videos are named Mike Shinoda, you guys together or separated... love mike nonetheless

  38. Sarge Nobody

    Sarge Nobody4 months ago

    I'm with my soulmate because of you Mike. Are you with yours cuz u deserve to be. Never give up man. Good music for your soul: Wo Fat is a band from texas and crippled black Phoenix is Swedish. Really BADASS jams...Music that lets your mind flow. Also a channel on MReporter called dark journalist for some answers... peace

  39. Нелли В

    Нелли В4 months ago

    Вот так же нас, Майк, бросало и выкидывало... Спасибо, за этот клип. Он описал и твои и наши чувства...

  40. Acyutananda 108

    Acyutananda 1084 months ago

    Impressive visual effects. Makes we wonder how it was done...

  41. Tyler Berry

    Tyler Berry4 months ago

    This looks like a perfume ad

  42. Sarge Nobody

    Sarge Nobody4 months ago

    ....reminds me of her....I'm trying to save her....but I can't.....

  43. Sarge Nobody

    Sarge Nobody4 months ago

    Fucking amazing. It's never too late.

  44. Sarge Nobody

    Sarge Nobody4 months ago

    Never give up. Remember. Love conquers all

  45. tattou tattou

    tattou tattou4 months ago

    And than, he won

  46. Егор Цыба

    Егор Цыба4 months ago


  47. Simply Micha

    Simply Micha4 months ago

    Felt it every single second of it, and yes that’s exactly what you should do once the storm it’s done with you you climb up again

  48. The Foreigner

    The Foreigner4 months ago

    This video reminds me of the time I tried to drown myself in the ocean. Much love Mike, been a fan forever.

  49. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis4 months ago

    From the Ocean of life birth and death please God let me out of this duality of reincarnation and meet God. I hate this place. They wanted a scape goat to bring me down, them you got one.

  50. Ольга Борисовна

    Ольга Борисовна4 months ago

    it's all...about me. Thank you, Mike

  51. Brandon Alvarez

    Brandon Alvarez4 months ago

    Y esa mierda que

  52. ChaZ-E

    ChaZ-E4 months ago

    Drowning and struggling in the intense turmoil of one's emotions.

  53. ChaZ-E

    ChaZ-E4 months ago

    *Struggled and moved ahead* way of Life, thanks Mike.

  54. thushan dinuka

    thushan dinuka4 months ago

    Love u mike😍 ,linkin park band please come back 😢

  55. Frits Wester

    Frits Wester4 months ago

    This song sounds like one of Linkin Parks old demo's named space station.

  56. Arjun A M

    Arjun A M4 months ago

    Get lost in your memories and emotions and recover like you never gave a fuck

  57. Valentina💚

    Valentina💚5 months ago


  58. moi mooha

    moi mooha5 months ago

    thank u na fighting brooding ^^

  59. Bella Bella

    Bella Bella5 months ago

    Must be hard but thank you for your music 🥀

  60. Mark Shaffer

    Mark Shaffer5 months ago

    Through all the pain and turmoil...I am still alive.

  61. Nithyapriya Rajkumar

    Nithyapriya Rajkumar5 months ago

    Drowning in the deep sea of unhappiness of thought and memories

  62. Jorge Matra-cruz

    Jorge Matra-cruz5 months ago

    Amazing ART😐 Speachless

  63. SonowaSister WHEREwithALL

    SonowaSister WHEREwithALL5 months ago

    I’m sharing on Facebook. Just got to!! Great work!

  64. holynova15

    holynova155 months ago

    This is so beautiful. Mike, you’ve made Chester proud.

  65. Abelico Mc

    Abelico Mc5 months ago

    My respetc Mike from Venezuela!

  66. sandeep garg

    sandeep garg5 months ago

    This song was quite scary

  67. Lk Rock

    Lk Rock5 months ago

    love you're gus forever we link with your....

  68. Sharlina Ruth

    Sharlina Ruth5 months ago

    This song sound very sad deep within...

  69. NomadOne33

    NomadOne335 months ago

    This hit me hard. One of my best friends growing up passed away late last year. A couple days ago should have been his 36th birthday. This video shows how I felt in my head when I found out. Thank you for this Mike.

  70. Dilary Chernova-Dimeeva

    Dilary Chernova-Dimeeva5 months ago

    Thank you for this song, full of heart and space!

  71. -_spartazomb_-

    -_spartazomb_-5 months ago

    I love how even tho linkin Park is over that Mike is still making music, we love you Mike and rest in peace chester😭❤❤

  72. The Everyday Otaku

    The Everyday Otaku5 months ago

    The opening shot, really really takes me back to the Minutes to Midnight album cover. Hell the silhouette alone reminds me of Chester's. I don't know if that was the possible intention but both the song and the video really speak to me.

  73. Marik Valentine

    Marik Valentine5 months ago

    The instrumental is really deep and the clip on top of it is really captivating, thanks for your art

  74. Danielo Moreno

    Danielo Moreno5 months ago

    0:37 that sound that destroys the soul

  75. Dibba

    Dibba5 months ago

    you must not ever have heard of Bangladesh 😊 im from you mike ❤

  76. Connie Thomas

    Connie Thomas5 months ago

    I still grief over LPs tragic event. Thank you Mike, for continuing your career, your voice and lyrics are beautiful and your spirit is strong. ILYSM❤

  77. Ben Wright

    Ben Wright5 months ago

    Fine art at its best. #magneticfeet

  78. pearl shinoda

    pearl shinoda5 months ago


  79. Elia Davis

    Elia Davis5 months ago

    This amazingly mesmerizing and Beautiful! Its hypnotic to me. 💓

  80. Rafaelia Rmk

    Rafaelia Rmk5 months ago


  81. Hamoo Ahmed

    Hamoo Ahmed5 months ago


    VANESSA MASSARO6 months ago

    hi Mike with this song I get the chills on my back is really touching deep in my heart

  83. Mahnoor R

    Mahnoor R6 months ago

    Love this 💜

  84. tarakad narayanswami gopal

    tarakad narayanswami gopal6 months ago

    man :(

  85. YesLordMegatron

    YesLordMegatron6 months ago

    Where is the 10 hour version of this?

  86. Marlyn Ramos

    Marlyn Ramos6 months ago

    Shinoda ♡♥♡♥♡♥¤♥

  87. Ramona Elfinger

    Ramona Elfinger6 months ago

    There might be a ton of interpretations of this masterpiece, but here's mine: When I go to the sea, I love to sit down and think about how the waves keep going to crush against the shore, no matter what. They've been there long before human, and will be there long after. You can't stop them from going, as well as you can't stop the world from turning. And if you try stop the waves you will have to face them smashing into your face. And they will turn your world upside down, tossing you around whenever you try to fight them. So you have to learn how to ride them right, even though your eyes are burning from the salt. You have to learn how to swim, to float, how not to drown... This is a form of grief. Even our lives are like waves: Coming from an unknown place they happen to be. They go up and down, have a peak full of energy until they crush on the beaches. This is why our tears are salty. The crushing waves of beloved ones hit our hearts and then fall from our eyes. ❤ Kudos to you, Mike. ❤ ILY so much #youmakechesterproud #youmakelpfamilyproud

  88. Diego Benitez

    Diego Benitez6 months ago

    Me encanta el concepto visual y la musica esta genial 💪

  89. Buried Ice

    Buried Ice6 months ago

    A prayer for those who have lost someone to suicide

  90. Guiismael

    Guiismael6 months ago

    Sounds like a Life Is Strange theme song from 0:00 to 0:56

  91. Dewii Rakhmawatii

    Dewii Rakhmawatii6 months ago

    My tears just dropped

  92. Adrianne Grover

    Adrianne Grover6 months ago

    This video is so beautiful. The music and imagery are like poetry. I hold my breath the whole time I'm watching it. The music makes me feel 20 different emotions in a couple of minutes. Really incredible.

  93. Diego Lucavei

    Diego Lucavei6 months ago


  94. Nikolas Paiva

    Nikolas Paiva6 months ago

    La fotografia es muy buena de este video

  95. music for people music for people

    music for people music for people6 months ago

    Shinoda very in depression((((

  96. Martyn Harvey - Vikingbarberharv9

    Martyn Harvey - Vikingbarberharv96 months ago

    I really love your creativity and team! It’s exactly what I would think. But I struggle to understand brooding. When I think is when I see kids I get broody! But mike thank you so much for your talent! This stuff makes me so happy and emotional at the same time too!

  97. vastus drift

    vastus drift6 months ago

    i always hate music videos but this is exceptional work.

  98. Ryley Alexander

    Ryley Alexander6 months ago

    Thank you mike, you inspired me to become a rapper, if it wasnt for your lyrical genius i wouldnt be where i am today

  99. Thor Nunduson

    Thor Nunduson6 months ago


  100. Nirban Dhar

    Nirban Dhar6 months ago

    I don't know why, and it might be inappropriate, but it always makes me laugh when the beat quickens and the dude is constantly falling because he can't keep up.

  101. Harshit Negi

    Harshit Negi6 months ago

    LOVE from INDIA