British Stars on Which American Accent Is Hardest to Do | Vanity Fair


  1. Νικόλαος Καρανάσιος

    Νικόλαος Καρανάσιος8 hours ago

    All American accents are HORRIBLE..... Some more some less easy accents...British speak English!!!

  2. Lorraine Scott

    Lorraine Scott9 hours ago

    Is the old lady julie andrews?

  3. Claudia Rodriguez

    Claudia Rodriguez12 hours ago

    I thought they'd say New York would be easiest for them since both don't pronounce their "r"s much. 🙆

  4. Tony Sun

    Tony Sun20 hours ago

    Captain winters has spoken, god save the queen!

  5. Benny Priedkalns

    Benny Priedkalns21 hour ago

    I really loved this video more than I can say.

  6. Amber

    AmberDay ago

    Curious that just one say Diana lol , i love them so muchhhhhhh

  7. :o

    :oDay ago

    I love this video

  8. Audi Fristya

    Audi FristyaDay ago


  9. Jhan Lourd

    Jhan LourdDay ago

    This is super cute!

  10. ninn Jam

    ninn JamDay ago

    I really love history movie bcs of British accents ... really satisfy my imagination

  11. Katy Maclaine

    Katy Maclaine2 days ago

    Nice to hear their real accents!

  12. R4MPAG3Gaming 077

    R4MPAG3Gaming 0772 days ago

    Name @1:44? Anyone? Love the way she said Rose Dinners

  13. Sir B Kyle

    Sir B Kyle2 days ago

    James McAvoy is Scottish not British

  14. GodsOwnAngel100

    GodsOwnAngel1002 days ago

    Why wasn't Cumberbatch on this one?

  15. checkmate

    checkmate2 days ago

    Actress at 0:37? Can't seem to remember her name.

  16. Pez

    Pez3 days ago

    *There is a New York accent? What IS New York accent?*


    GAMINGWITH N83 days ago

    I have nothing against the British but they said stuff about us now it our turn they think the us is garbage and think their better then everything and everybody that’s my opinion.

  18. buckkyy barnes

    buckkyy barnes3 days ago

    0:11 loml

  19. x rooomiex

    x rooomiex3 days ago

    That was magnificent 💜

  20. Frank DoushBag

    Frank DoushBag3 days ago

    no one comes close? HOW ABOUT LADY DIANA U STUPID FUCKS.. NOBODY CAN TOP HER.. dafuk is wrong with these disgusting sub humans

  21. h

    h3 days ago

    This might be the loveliest video on the internet

  22. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson3 days ago

    0:31 wtf is goin on here?

  23. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson3 days ago

    0:13 you could just cut and paste that clip into any movie.

  24. Andreas Behringer

    Andreas Behringer3 days ago

    Jeremy Irons is a proper spanner isn't he? Every time I see him interviewed I realise this a little bit more.


    GOODTAGO4 days ago

    Close but no ...Emperor Akihito for the royal win.

  26. Aoibhín Kelly

    Aoibhín Kelly4 days ago

    I thought Jamie dornan was irish

  27. Mildred Escoto

    Mildred Escoto4 days ago

    Who is the guy in 0:29 his voice and accent is just so ugh😍😍😭

  28. Antonio Lansang

    Antonio Lansang4 days ago

    I'm American and I can't do any American accents if my life depended on it.

  29. aesthetic wdw

    aesthetic wdw4 days ago

    they’re all so beautiful i feel attacked

  30. Evelyn Williamson

    Evelyn Williamson4 days ago

    Little christain grey being a happy little cheery kind lad

  31. Lauren B

    Lauren B4 days ago

    Lord...James is so handsome it hurts 😍

  32. Audrey Angle

    Audrey Angle5 days ago

    That’s it, I’m moving to Great Britain.

  33. Jonathan Fox

    Jonathan FoxDay ago


  34. Urian Kai

    Urian Kai5 days ago

    Most of these actors cannot do an American accent. Too British.

  35. congcong lu

    congcong lu5 days ago

    Baby George

  36. Meetalo

    Meetalo5 days ago

    00:38 legend but i absolutely adore every single person in this video.

  37. Miguel Rocha

    Miguel Rocha5 days ago

    This makes me so happy for some reason

  38. Amelia Q.

    Amelia Q.6 days ago

    😍 I heard a Scottish accent 😍

  39. solatiumz

    solatiumz6 days ago

    00:12 - who dat?

  40. Aroj

    Aroj3 days ago


  41. solatiumz

    solatiumz5 days ago

    Thank you, I found the vanity article afterwards, he looks a lot different than when he was in Skins lol.

  42. Sofia Mtz

    Sofia Mtz5 days ago

    im pretty sure thats Jack O’Connell

  43. Shiffon

    Shiffon6 days ago

    0:19 what she say lol ????

  44. joually

    joually6 days ago

    So much british sexyness in one video !! God that accent is to die for 😍❤

  45. Evan Font

    Evan Font6 days ago

    With the slyest yet most serious of expressions, Detective McNulty glares into the camera and almost whispers, "...archery." 10/10

  46. Nasyitah Ali

    Nasyitah Ali6 days ago

    What's Blue Peter?

  47. ilma sovia

    ilma sovia6 days ago

    My ears just got blessed...

  48. Elizabeth Sum

    Elizabeth Sum6 days ago

    matthew goode's eyes are like, stunning

  49. Snow Rose

    Snow Rose6 days ago

    I recognize most of these people but I can’t name any of them lmao

  50. Katherine S

    Katherine S7 days ago

    David Oleyowo does the BEST at so many american accents

  51. Deji Soboyejo

    Deji Soboyejo7 days ago

    I like the British accent is pleasing to the ear

  52. Canan Halıcı

    Canan Halıcı7 days ago

    Where's Benedict Cumberbatch i love his accent so much ❤

  53. Back When Army Of Two First Came Out

    Back When Army Of Two First Came Out7 days ago

    Southern accent is the easiest to do.

  54. bmx7596

    bmx75967 days ago

    The southern accents are very different. People do the typical Northern Texas accents, but even Louisiana sounds much different and its right next door, then you have about 10 other variations that only have bits and pieces of the others. Most people have no idea how diverse the US is. Most just think about New York or Cowboys, but we have so many in between.

  55. Nadila Amanda Zuliani

    Nadila Amanda Zuliani7 days ago

    British accent is so elegant

  56. Jethro Jacinto

    Jethro Jacinto7 days ago

    Geez these are all my favorite actors! Why are the British so freaking good at acting? Sheesh!

  57. stopsurmonflex

    stopsurmonflex7 days ago

    Never seen so many stars I love in one video. These brits are a gift.

  58. Anna Neprawskey

    Anna Neprawskey7 days ago

    emily blunt is officially obsessed with marmite at this point lol


    JINGSHU LI7 days ago


  60. ¤T'CHALLA¤

    ¤T'CHALLA¤7 days ago

    British actors are the best.....not underestimating american and australian.... but they are's in their blood.

  61. Janet Ogunani

    Janet Ogunani8 days ago

    I didn’t know a lot of these people were British wtf they do such a good job at sounding american

  62. Blah

    Blah8 days ago

    I find the ones that picked southern accents ironic.

  63. xeamus

    xeamus8 days ago

    you guys should be called FAGOTRY FAIR. LOL. homos

  64. Australian Master

    Australian Master8 days ago

    In the title it says "British accents" but Jamie Dornan is irish! Am I wrong?

  65. Elderly Slayer

    Elderly Slayer5 days ago

    Apparently largely He grew up in northern Ireland

  66. stephanie gem1

    stephanie gem18 days ago

    0:18 do we really sound that annoying :(


    FORST NEM LASNEM8 days ago

    2:08 I forgot this guy's name. He looks like the angrypicnic guy

  68. Jonathan G

    Jonathan G8 days ago

    Nice one Vanity Fair, you'd think there were only white actors in Britain. Yes i saw Gugu.

  69. Jasmin Rose

    Jasmin Rose8 days ago

    What's his name 1:17?

  70. Hideyori Nakano

    Hideyori Nakano9 days ago

    Terence Stamp was somehow sad about Diana still, poor Terence.

  71. Zoe

    Zoe9 days ago

    Bless Terence stamp. I love him.

  72. Positive Echo

    Positive Echo9 days ago

    I like naughty prince Harry too. This was a good video. Everyone was so good natured!

  73. Clint Maximus

    Clint Maximus9 days ago

    Worst British accent by an American... 1:13 and that is why Jeremy Irons is the f***in KING! #legend :)

  74. JLynnEchelon

    JLynnEchelon9 days ago


  75. TubenIt83

    TubenIt839 days ago

    While I recognize many of these people, I don't know who all them are. Name keys would be helpful.

  76. El Pez

    El Pez10 days ago

    Once they started talking about royals I immediately lost respect for all of them.. sorry, cant swallow it

  77. Arun Chandar

    Arun Chandar10 days ago


  78. Curtis Densmore

    Curtis Densmore10 days ago

    No one mentioned Kevin Costner in Robin Hood?

  79. Solid Mike P

    Solid Mike P10 days ago


  80. Jasmine

    Jasmine10 days ago

    Wow! I am surprised no one said William as their favourite royal!

  81. Rose Youngrin

    Rose Youngrin10 days ago

    Lol all the actors and actress here are my favourite😂 what is wrong with me and my love for the brits?

  82. Shian De León

    Shian De León11 days ago

    This video makes me wish I was British lmao 😂💀

  83. MisterHeroman

    MisterHeroman11 days ago

    This guy never heard of Parliment?

  84. Timothy O'Brien

    Timothy O'Brien11 days ago

    I think it's easier to do British and Irish accents. It's easier to put something on. I've erased all regionalisms in my speech patterns, so it's easier for me to hear all of them. Welsh is a bit difficult.

  85. sanfurcopi

    sanfurcopi11 days ago

    the queen spooks me

  86. feeling down

    feeling down11 days ago

    0:12 the only proper person i know out of the lot but no one else does

  87. Sancho

    Sancho11 days ago

    The mcnulty accent

  88. Meadow Perkins

    Meadow Perkins11 days ago

    James is Scottish

  89. IThinkIHereNow

    IThinkIHereNow11 days ago

    We had a war for a reason why do we need to catch up to British culture

  90. IThinkIHereNow

    IThinkIHereNow11 days ago

    Wait what do people think Texans sound like I thought we sound normal

  91. J Beezy

    J Beezy11 days ago

    Hilarious! He’s Scottish!

  92. Seashia Johnson

    Seashia Johnson11 days ago

    There’s more than one? 💀

  93. zard

    zard11 days ago

    They should have asked which American actor did the best British accent.

  94. Vivy Roby

    Vivy Roby12 days ago

    clicked because of the James mcavoy thumbnail

  95. Viet Vu

    Viet Vu12 days ago

    Why Emily Blunt was hanging on a rope?

  96. Patrick Queen

    Patrick Queen12 days ago

    i clicked when i see james mcavoy

  97. Caitlin Bell

    Caitlin Bell12 days ago

    I love Emily Blunt's lil giggle! 😁

  98. Steel Xcaliber

    Steel Xcaliber12 days ago

    I knew Robb Stark was King in the North, but I didn't think it was that far North.

  99. Done Whiskey

    Done Whiskey12 days ago

    +1 The Queen

  100. _outer kid

    _outer kid12 days ago


  101. Mochi Monbebe

    Mochi Monbebe12 days ago

    *What about Benedict Cumberbatch :( ?*

  102. 3LeafClovers

    3LeafClovers13 days ago

    Everything about this video made me want to immediately move to England and become an expat.

  103. TheLadyday1139

    TheLadyday11397 days ago

    check and mate! Me too.

  104. ooozeGonnaSubscribe

    ooozeGonnaSubscribe13 days ago


  105. Maiya Kim

    Maiya Kim13 days ago

    Only Harry and the Queen))) Where are others?

  106. punklejunk

    punklejunk13 days ago

    Who was the man in the car? Corden? At a flash, he looked like Andy Richter (maybe I just need a new phone, haha).