British Stars on Which American Accent Is Hardest to Do | Vanity Fair


  1. Ifane Saro

    Ifane Saro42 minutes ago

    Dame judy dench laughing us everything ❤😍😍

  2. Benjamin Eckman

    Benjamin Eckman7 hours ago

    MacAvoy is Irish you fucks. Would be less mad if you at least didn’t have him on the thumbnail lol

  3. KvnDWr

    KvnDWr11 hours ago

    That moment you realize that actor you always thought was American was actually a Brit.

  4. ProffesionalZombie12

    ProffesionalZombie122 days ago

    Jeremy Irons is so dapper but he will always sound intimidating because him will always be my childhood villain of Scar.

  5. Randall Flagg

    Randall Flagg2 days ago

    Gottw love the white on white tuxs

  6. Niza Swift

    Niza Swift3 days ago

    What's the worst British accent done by an American? I don't get it.

  7. Steve Neill

    Steve Neill3 days ago

    Terence Stamp: the only one with enough class to say that Diana was the best Royal.

  8. Zoomscoping

    Zoomscoping4 days ago

    SARCASM couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. Ed Boi

    Ed Boi4 days ago

    Im murican an i can not evan spell.

  10. Michelle Gersic

    Michelle Gersic4 days ago

    I LOVED that!

  11. ryan f

    ryan f4 days ago

    They actually mentioned really good points for what Americans need to catch up on lol

  12. Miss Ann

    Miss Ann4 days ago

    Can I know who is 0:23?

  13. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman5 days ago

    I love British people. Their accents just sound awesome

  14. andy smith

    andy smith5 days ago

    Meghan Markle, all the other royals are losers

  15. Tony Romo

    Tony Romo5 days ago

    American accents are the greatest because America is the greatest country in the world

  16. Novak Saljic

    Novak Saljic2 days ago

    Well, American accent is a mix of accents like Spanish, English, Dutch and all white American ancestors (Europeans)

  17. Lord Megatron

    Lord Megatron5 days ago

    Who is the guy at 2:20??

  18. Zoe Mahone

    Zoe Mahone5 days ago

    aw when he said I really loved Diana, there was such a sense of melancholy in his tone and the way he smirked at the end. touching.

  19. Abhi the sav

    Abhi the sav5 days ago

    2:35 whats her name ? I need it for my school project.

  20. Amy N

    Amy N6 days ago

    "its the Queen and no one comes close" aww❤❤

  21. Ethan Jimenez

    Ethan Jimenez6 days ago

    Jeremy irons with that smooth suave voice

  22. Laura Jelica

    Laura Jelica6 days ago

    Does anyone know who 1:43 is?

  23. Ughhh

    Ughhh7 days ago

    your telling me 0:46 is british wtf

  24. Dre Bowe

    Dre Bowe7 days ago

    Shouts out the dude at 1:10

  25. Nicholas Haynes

    Nicholas Haynes7 days ago

    Who is the actress at 2:09?

  26. Shania A.

    Shania A.8 days ago

    Oh Britain...America's older most sophisticated sister. 😂 We're the rebellious little brother who grew up to be the weird drunk but patriotic uncle. 😎😘

  27. nick longstaffe

    nick longstaffe8 days ago

    Mid western generic radio voice

  28. rainyroyale

    rainyroyale8 days ago

    "I'll be damned if I stand here and slag off another actor. Cheers." Love him!

  29. karma x.x

    karma x.x8 days ago

    we love you all

  30. Alison Yanders

    Alison Yanders9 days ago

    speak bad about the royels, lose ur career

  31. Ahmad Wazir Aiman

    Ahmad Wazir Aiman9 days ago

    Anyone know who's the last guy at the end of the video making comments about the queen?

  32. Rachael Daley

    Rachael Daley9 days ago

    I need more videos

  33. Siren Roseline

    Siren Roseline10 days ago

    Whose in part 0:27?

  34. sam sharp

    sam sharp10 days ago


  35. 12 year old me was not good at picking usernames

    12 year old me was not good at picking usernames11 days ago

    "I loved Diana" awe

  36. spriha shashi

    spriha shashi11 days ago

    One direction had to come up!🤣

  37. tansenss

    tansenss12 days ago

    Who is the actor who appears after Owen Shaw at around 00:40 seconds?

  38. whoops im a popsicle

    whoops im a popsicle12 days ago


  39. Ishani Majumdar

    Ishani Majumdar12 days ago

    Wtf...just one of them referred to Princess Diana ..I expected more

  40. oolongT

    oolongT12 days ago

    *YORKSHIRER PUDDINGSHIRE* like if u know what i mean😂😂

  41. Ash H

    Ash H12 days ago

    Can we have an Aussie version of this please!

  42. Tikyfu

    Tikyfu12 days ago

    Why is Emily Blunt walk through Hollywood with her human pet on a leash?

  43. Ray Franco

    Ray Franco13 days ago

    The King of the North lol

  44. Zombie

    Zombie13 days ago

    The Bostonian accent is actually really hard.

  45. George

    George13 days ago

    1 welsh 2 scots and the rest posh southerners?

  46. Bia S.

    Bia S.13 days ago

    Britishmen are so gorgeous! 😛

  47. Bia S.

    Bia S.13 days ago

    I love british people! 💙

  48. K Fergus

    K Fergus13 days ago

    Bless Finnick 😍

  49. Freek E

    Freek E13 days ago

    Why are they all dressed so fancy?

  50. CastelDawn

    CastelDawn13 days ago

    well, it is hard indeed to sound that dumb

  51. KayJay-tho Samuel

    KayJay-tho Samuel14 days ago

    Yorkshire pudding?????

  52. Yareni Zacarias

    Yareni Zacarias14 days ago

    Sam 😍😍😍

  53. The Saviour Reigns

    The Saviour Reigns14 days ago

    Some of these actors and actresses on here I didnt even know were british

  54. Molebogeng-Modimo Sebate

    Molebogeng-Modimo Sebate14 days ago

    1:51 my love. my love. my love

  55. Heidy Quinones

    Heidy Quinones14 days ago

    Was that Joseph morgan?

  56. Meme Star

    Meme Star14 days ago

    They’re all so beautiful

  57. S I

    S I14 days ago

    Dame Judy laughing! 😂 she is hilarious.

  58. DiRoRhys

    DiRoRhys14 days ago

    Well Harry is the absolute party lad

  59. PH4T JOKER

    PH4T JOKER14 days ago

    And your accent is really easy to do .

  60. JE5677

    JE567714 days ago

    No one said William. Very sad he so hated by everyone.

  61. Space Dead

    Space Dead15 days ago

    I never knew captain winters was British. He did a good job!

  62. Luchingador

    Luchingador15 days ago

    everyone is incredibly well dressed

  63. Laylla's Locker

    Laylla's Locker15 days ago

    Diana and her kids. They grew up to be wonderful.

  64. Unicorn Normy

    Unicorn Normy15 days ago

    Omg it's my husband Tom Hiddleston ilysm my boi

  65. Christian Justin

    Christian Justin15 days ago

    My family eats Yorkshire pudding every thanksgiving shits gross

  66. Christian Justin

    Christian Justin15 days ago

    In florida we jus speak ebonics id like to see y'all try

  67. Taylor T

    Taylor T15 days ago

    Jamie Dornan is Irish not British right?

  68. omgsockss

    omgsockss16 days ago

    Freddie Highmore has the worst american accent in the universe.

  69. DEgoBC

    DEgoBC16 days ago

    “British actors” *James McAvoy as thumbnail* hMmMmM

  70. Frida Terrazas

    Frida Terrazas16 days ago

    who is it at 0:12?

  71. Lady Haha

    Lady Haha16 days ago

    When Terence said Diana...I cried

  72. Jeph MakeItStop

    Jeph MakeItStop16 days ago

    The guy who played cook in skins, laugh is so good

  73. Ramisa

    Ramisa16 days ago

    isnt jamie dornan scottish

  74. Fuyukai UWU

    Fuyukai UWU16 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston is so adorable

  75. Brenda Hess

    Brenda Hess16 days ago

    Ok the wild wild west guy I can't remember his name I didn't think it was that bad

  76. primadonna1472

    primadonna147217 days ago

    I know you will be looking for this. You're welcome 😂😊😘

  77. cocopunk1486

    cocopunk148617 days ago

    Now I wanna know which Premier League teams they support. I bet Judi Dench likes Man U. I don’t know why I can just see her in a Red Devil’s shirt cheering as Roy Keene snaps someone’s leg

  78. Plain Talk

    Plain Talk17 days ago

    I can’t stand British accents.

  79. Andy Pandy

    Andy Pandy17 days ago

    they're all so fancy T_T

  80. Jun

    Jun17 days ago

    Is 0:10 Zoey Deutch??? looks like it but she's american

  81. Drew Newlin

    Drew Newlin18 days ago

    2:16 Interesting choice.

  82. jack mayhoffer

    jack mayhoffer18 days ago

    ‘Ello Gubnah!

  83. Daniel Vigil

    Daniel Vigil18 days ago

    They should try a true New Mexican accent.

  84. Feleciapink22

    Feleciapink2218 days ago

    Terence Stamp omg 😍😍😍 so glad he was in this. A very underrated actor in my opinion.

  85. ren

    ren18 days ago

    anyone else just realizing the keira nightly has a lazy eye? 1:29. maybe im just crazy

  86. McCall G.

    McCall G.18 days ago

    That is odd being so loyal to a royal...mercy, I’m glad I am ignorant as to that compulsion Hereditary monarchs...mmm, no thanks!

  87. Savannah Opal

    Savannah Opal18 days ago

    Where is Benedict Cucumberbatch, Matt Smith, and all the other top-notch shitz?!?

  88. mayhem Mathew

    mayhem Mathew18 days ago


  89. Gabriella Ross

    Gabriella Ross19 days ago

    it’s bugging me! someone tell me who the guy is @ 0:12

  90. alexis Flowers

    alexis Flowers19 days ago

    This was Incredibly well rounded like wasn't it? like they got EVERYBODY IN ON THIS😂💖✨

  91. Paula

    Paula19 days ago

    Hi Sam Claflin can marry me bye

  92. Alayna Weathers

    Alayna Weathers19 days ago

    Okay I've seen Matthew Goode play multiple roles but in this interview I just fell in love with him. What a gent!!

  93. Nicole Powers

    Nicole Powers19 days ago

    0:18 this cringey...

  94. Reina Mira Nova

    Reina Mira Nova19 days ago

    My dad lived in England when he was younger and loves to make me Yorkshire pudding. 😊😊😊 I agree it's a shame the US hasn't caught on to it yet

  95. caitron neery

    caitron neery19 days ago

    Why is Emily blunt standing on top of the Hollywood hill in a fancy af gown holding a rope

  96. MrBati122

    MrBati12219 days ago

    Why are they all in white tie?

  97. Kaelym Chetty

    Kaelym Chetty19 days ago

    1:15 who is he

  98. Timon Win

    Timon Win20 days ago

    Whos 1:49??

  99. Shahaed Hasan

    Shahaed Hasan20 days ago

    Who's at 1:32?

  100. 1TonCat

    1TonCat20 days ago

    That was fun lol

  101. Arthur Gangnon

    Arthur Gangnon20 days ago

    It's hilarious that the thumbnail is a scottish actor.

  102. omgsockss

    omgsockss16 days ago

    Scotland is part of Great Britain. Scots are British.