British Stars on Which American Accent Is Hardest to Do | Vanity Fair


  1. Cidi Huia

    Cidi Huia7 hours ago

    love that dumbledore chose henry v

  2. Maya Zed

    Maya Zed21 hour ago

    Who is the man at 0:12 seconds?

  3. Natasha Pereira

    Natasha Pereira21 hour ago

    Will Ferrell

  4. Alicia Strong

    Alicia StrongDay ago

    I love the Brit’s I feel like I was British in past life that’s how much I love them 😍

  5. mianjuzhu

    mianjuzhuDay ago

    I love British actors!

  6. Chris Corona

    Chris Corona2 days ago


  7. Solina Choi

    Solina Choi5 days ago

    1:46 saying marmait with dignity

  8. Abraar Mohammed

    Abraar Mohammed5 days ago

    Fresh looks royal blood brilliant accent uh I just wet myself

  9. RememberEddieYork

    RememberEddieYork6 days ago

    As far as Americans doing bad British accents goes, I guess none of them have seen that Robin Hood movie that Kevin Costner did in the early 1990s.

  10. Jennifer C

    Jennifer C6 days ago

    The Queen and Kate Middleton💖

  11. Hypnotic Poison

    Hypnotic Poison6 days ago

    You mean you were graced with Tom freaking Hiddleston's presence and the only thing you got him to say was "The Queen"? Are you serious?

  12. LokiLover 3000

    LokiLover 30009 days ago

    TOM HIDDLESTON!!! He is like the most british of all

  13. Hayk Simonyan

    Hayk Simonyan9 days ago

    0:53 Gilderoy Lockhart😆😆

  14. SeñorBoogie

    SeñorBoogie10 days ago

    I want British friends ☹️.

  15. purpleclam1

    purpleclam110 days ago

    The thumbnail is beautiful.

  16. South Paw

    South Paw10 days ago

    Lmfao where's 21 SaVaGe 💀💀

  17. Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia Gonzalez11 days ago

    😳😵😍😍😍😍😍All of my favorite actors

  18. Yossarian67

    Yossarian6711 days ago

    Don't feel bad, Britain, very few Americans can mimic other regional American accents. Boston... Pittsburgh... Baltimore... New Orleans; all have very distinctive accents that are difficult to duplicate. Throw in the Great Lakes region, East Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Minnesota, Southeast Michigan, South Carolina, Chicago's South Side, the Bronx, South Louisiana, Northern Maine...

  19. Abbi G

    Abbi G12 days ago

    I’m moving to Britain

  20. Taylor Jones

    Taylor Jones14 days ago

    James mcavoy is not British he is Scottish I did not watch the video so I will just say bad thumb nail

  21. Sophia Killian

    Sophia Killian14 days ago

    I cam for Tom

  22. yixnorb

    yixnorb15 days ago

    I do love your Queen. I wish our president had such qualities.

  23. Philip Lam

    Philip Lam16 days ago

    The guy ftom 24 is british? Just found out

  24. Breaking Ankles

    Breaking Ankles16 days ago

    Gasp Harry Potter?

  25. Nature Freak

    Nature Freak17 days ago

    Wheres Emilia Clarke??

  26. rich denk

    rich denk17 days ago

    offensive? lol

  27. fr e sh avoca do

    fr e sh avoca do17 days ago

    matthew goode considering one direction as a part of british monarchy is what i live for

  28. Leo King

    Leo King17 days ago

    I'm surprised Matthew Goode didn't say Margaret was his favourite!

  29. President NotSure

    President NotSure18 days ago

    Kiera Knightley wants to be royalty so bad

  30. MIV 12

    MIV 1218 days ago

    James scottish accent is the best thing ever

  31. miles

    miles18 days ago

    0:12 COOK?

  32. Lincoln7Echo

    Lincoln7Echo18 days ago


  33. Antonio Vera

    Antonio Vera18 days ago

    One Direction, nice

  34. king chris

    king chris19 days ago

    21 savage pulled off the gangster one pretty well.

  35. Kolby Artigue

    Kolby Artigue19 days ago

    I was not expecting to hear anything about Louisiana and especially not Lafayette. WE’RE ON THE MAP BOIZ

  36. Oil Buds

    Oil Buds19 days ago

    Where is 21 savage

  37. Nesrine C.

    Nesrine C.20 days ago

    I dont care but James Mcavoys got the best answers😂

  38. Christina

    Christina20 days ago

    literally the most iconic British actors in the industry

  39. S K

    S K20 days ago


  40. Tommy Booton

    Tommy Booton21 day ago

    Wait James McAvoy isn’t British

  41. Zak New

    Zak New22 days ago

    Americans do need to catch up with swearing, if I swear in front of one it’s like u shot their mother

  42. Jonathon Kluth

    Jonathon Kluth22 days ago

    Ah yes putting a Scottish guy on the thumbnail

  43. Ruveni Yabakivou

    Ruveni Yabakivou22 days ago

    Isn't these the most classy and beautiful lot of people

  44. sean reddin

    sean reddin22 days ago

    Jamie Doran is Irish not English

  45. Tyler Wiggins

    Tyler Wiggins22 days ago

    “I’m so glad we don’t have to elect someone” uhhh okay buddy...

  46. ckying29

    ckying2922 days ago

    McAvoy is a Scot

  47. Aqki Espiritu

    Aqki Espiritu22 days ago

    Sophie turner😍

  48. Trash Panda

    Trash Panda22 days ago

    James McAvoy is a british? Whaaaat?!

  49. Banjo Billy

    Banjo Billy23 days ago

    As an American, we do not want Marmite, thank you

  50. Gary French

    Gary French23 days ago

    Mr Bean is easy for Americans

  51. Sangye Mututsang

    Sangye Mututsang23 days ago

    Nobody likes Prince William...

  52. Leandro Ceretti

    Leandro Ceretti23 days ago

    Loki, Quinn really?

  53. Andreas Whyatt Andresen

    Andreas Whyatt Andresen23 days ago

    1:20 when you open pornhub for the fourth time today

  54. Reisohh

    Reisohh23 days ago

    Yorkshire pudding is 🔥🔥🔥

  55. AyeAye Kane

    AyeAye Kane23 days ago

    why are they all dressed fancy

  56. iM___Ruthless CaLi209

    iM___Ruthless CaLi20923 days ago

    I still cant wrap my head around that the brits still do the whole king queen prince thing, like thats been around since before jesus.

  57. Justin Brown

    Justin Brown24 days ago

    Try Memphis accent

  58. Cailin Dorothy

    Cailin Dorothy24 days ago

    I'm just gonna say it: Saoirse isn't British. She's Irish.

  59. the_ bluebanit

    the_ bluebanit24 days ago

    Isnt james mcaovy scottish

  60. TR_Gaming

    TR_Gaming24 days ago

    Did my mans really just say he was happy they don’t have to elect someone, wow. That’s why America is the best country to ever exist.

  61. Elderon BTS

    Elderon BTS24 days ago

    not as hard as the strayan accent tho

  62. Emmet 2018

    Emmet 201824 days ago

    1:10 👌😂

  63. Grey Eagle

    Grey Eagle25 days ago


  64. McLizcot

    McLizcot25 days ago

    The catching up with swearing is so accurate because we spaniards, have the same contrast with latin american countries lol

  65. ThatPixelGuy

    ThatPixelGuy25 days ago

    Obviously New Jersey

  66. LazyRock

    LazyRock25 days ago

    2:27 That look was so sad :(

  67. Siclian Savage

    Siclian Savage26 days ago

    My answer to who's your favorite Royal, I would say Gordan Fuckin Ramsay. even though he's Scottish lol

  68. Synergy

    Synergy26 days ago

    I lowkey hate british actors, just because there's so many of them and it's annoying af

  69. Mike Stocks

    Mike Stocks26 days ago

    It must be nice to be rich and ignorant.

  70. Aselya Kanatbek kyzy

    Aselya Kanatbek kyzy26 days ago

    adore british accent

  71. RobFrank22

    RobFrank2227 days ago

    Crazy to think that some countries still have a monarchy. 😯

  72. Lolaczyk

    Lolaczyk27 days ago

    I love being British

  73. CL N

    CL N27 days ago

    1:46 you mean vegemite???

  74. Joel Lingg

    Joel Lingg27 days ago

    I thought James McAvoy was Scottish?

  75. Severed_J Edwards

    Severed_J Edwards28 days ago

    I kind of want to move to England now lol. Do you think they'll accept one of their convicts back?

  76. taketaku

    taketaku28 days ago

    Matthew Goode !!!! He's soooo gentle and has a sense of humor❤❤❤

  77. DarthMorl

    DarthMorl28 days ago

    Just realised the jogger behind Richard Madden at 01:39 😂.

  78. Amigors

    Amigors29 days ago

    No minnesotan accents?

  79. Sylvia Solis

    Sylvia Solis29 days ago

    Who's that actress at 1:06?

  80. TubaGonzalez

    TubaGonzalez29 days ago

    As a proud American who loves his country, this video makes me want to take a trip across the pond. Nothing but the utmost respect for every single one of these actors. They've all done great things in and out of film. 🇱🇷 🇬🇧

  81. Ohioisonfire

    OhioisonfireMonth ago

    I find British people and culture vulgar

  82. West Side

    West SideMonth ago

    USA >UK

  83. Roosevelt Brentwood

    Roosevelt BrentwoodMonth ago

    im be damed if im going to slag off another actor- not site who that was but hes great

  84. Kylie Lesmeister

    Kylie LesmeisterMonth ago

    I love british people.

  85. Hungry Lion Politics

    Hungry Lion PoliticsMonth ago

    They're all bitter they lost the war. #remember1776

  86. 〘 Scooby Doo 〙

    〘 Scooby Doo 〙Month ago

    0:11 Such a Daddy

  87. 〘 Scooby Doo 〙

    〘 Scooby Doo 〙Month ago

    Ahh James Cook

  88. Caleb Lim

    Caleb LimMonth ago

    “Sarcasm” “Irony” “Pessimism” Sensing a theme here...

  89. Sunday Addams

    Sunday AddamsMonth ago

    James is scottish.

  90. Sunday Addams

    Sunday AddamsMonth ago

    James is scottish.

  91. bananaboy1100

    bananaboy1100Month ago

    Yeah I don't think we need to catch up on swearing, have you been to America?

  92. Dale Whyte

    Dale WhyteMonth ago

    1:46 is she taking a man on a walk or something?

  93. Жамиля Бердыкулова

    Жамиля БердыкуловаMonth ago

    The British talking about their love to the royal family... What can be more classic?

  94. MyPartnasAndMe

    MyPartnasAndMeMonth ago

    Viewing this picture show was a bloody good time

  95. aeronelise

    aeroneliseMonth ago

    James McAvoy is SCOTTISH

  96. Lisa Muasau

    Lisa MuasauMonth ago

    i Love this!!!!

  97. Freshsoulzz

    FreshsoulzzMonth ago

    Perhaps one of the most British videos I’ve ever seen

  98. timi udvarhelyi

    timi udvarhelyiMonth ago

    one of the best interviews of all time

  99. Rhonda Watts

    Rhonda WattsMonth ago

    LOL at the guy who said Henry VIII is his favorite royal.

  100. CrazyDreamx33

    CrazyDreamx33Month ago

    James Mcavoy is so cute at 1:42

  101. benblexbenblex

    benblexbenblexMonth ago