1. FoolisHeartxx

    FoolisHeartxx6 days ago

    it's so crazy... when I was still dating my ex, we would watch Shannon and Cammie all the time. When they broke up, I felt like the reason for their break up would be the same for me and my girlfriend. It was just a feeling... But you can't escape from this. My ex and I study in the same university, in the same classes, we have the same group of friends, we were basically living together. I really thought we could make it work but you can't just lose who you are in a relationship and make it work. It's not possible. It's so crazy because 2 years before my gf and I broke up I already knew how we would break up. I just didn't wanna face it. It's so much better now, even though it's hard having to be around her from time to time, we get along fine, we can still make each other laugh and we learnt to respect our boundaries and not force a friendship that isn't there yet.

  2. Bi Tea

    Bi Tea16 days ago

    life is unfair that's why they brok up they're so perfect together

  3. Sabina Skies

    Sabina Skies20 days ago

    It’s amazing how comfortable they are around each other. Now that’s how adults should roll.

  4. Sophia Venieri

    Sophia Venieri20 days ago

    get back together already ❤️

  5. no por

    no por21 day ago

    Cammie no para d hablar

  6. Zoé Harris

    Zoé Harris25 days ago

    Was that Kara at the beginning? The one who took Shan's drink and said "Oh, it's on"?

  7. Katie blah

    Katie blah10 days ago

    Zoé Harris no that’s Shannon’s friend Jess

  8. Lori B

    Lori B29 days ago

    So glad I found this! Been 3 months since I broken up with my gf of 3 1/2 year. You guys talked about a lot of things that I have been going through my mind or that I went through with her. BIG HELP!! Thank you :)

  9. Michela Sanino

    Michela SaninoMonth ago

    cammie so similar to miley cyrus

  10. Susana Fajardo

    Susana FajardoMonth ago

    Ustedes dan vida. Su química al menos en los vídeos nunca se fue. Saludos !

  11. Anna Mary

    Anna MaryMonth ago

    You remind me of Brandi Cyrus

  12. Marilyn Slavin

    Marilyn SlavinMonth ago

    I miss your online conversations and humour.

  13. Liv Brooks

    Liv BrooksMonth ago

    Honestly as an answer to the “how to know when to call it off” sign number one would be that you asked that question in the first place. Ya know?

  14. stephanie paque

    stephanie paque2 months ago

    i get where theyre coming from, but thats how it usually is in marriages. they werent married, but they were always together, they shouldve just given each other some space instead of being so clingy out of love. at least theyre happy now though

  15. Valeria BG

    Valeria BG2 months ago

    Regresen alv

  16. Katherine Llivisaca

    Katherine Llivisaca2 months ago

    Hola soy de Ecuador xfa pon subtitulo 🤧

  17. daniel poliak

    daniel poliak2 months ago

    It could be so cool if you would do an annual video, not about you’r relationship just a simple collab . A video near April something like that , I’m sure everybody will wanna see it

  18. Madd.Hatterrr_

    Madd.Hatterrr_2 months ago

    “when i was in the third grade i thought that i was gay and i was” lmaooo mood

  19. Tayler rains

    Tayler rains2 months ago


  20. camzjergui

    camzjergui2 months ago

    "I mean i miss my MOM"😂

  21. camzjergui

    camzjergui2 months ago

    "I feel like what we were saying when we were saying like whatever, in our bReAk Up videO, link in the bio" "*gasps* f*ck you" 😂😂😂 1:44

  22. Ma.vilma Ignacio

    Ma.vilma Ignacio2 months ago


  23. valanaba13

    valanaba132 months ago

    this only made sense when i actually have an ex

  24. seankayn

    seankayn2 months ago

    I’m new. Both beautiful. Both seem sweet. Left lady (blonde) a lot more into the right lady?

  25. Sherry Chopra

    Sherry Chopra3 months ago

    Who shot the video ? The third voice was of which person ?

  26. Alissa Purplebunnies

    Alissa Purplebunnies3 months ago

    I definitely miss the life I had when I was with my ex girlfriend. But I do not at all miss having her as my significant other? I am so, so grateful for my boyfriend.

  27. Porkeeh Pig

    Porkeeh Pig3 months ago

    this was fun

  28. Gabriela Winstead

    Gabriela Winstead3 months ago

    Do you realize that if two ex lovers can remain friends (after the breakup), it’s either because they are still in love or they never were.

  29. October Love

    October Love3 months ago

    She looks like a young Demi Moore

  30. Alisa Mich

    Alisa Mich3 months ago

    not having anything to talk about after work because you already know what you did, shows you two are very surface level people... i’m probably 5 years younger then you and me and my boyfriend can’t stop talking from the moment we are together, hell he hardly sleeps during the week cause sometimes we talk till 2am, hobbies are distractions from the world around you, hate to say it, like watch wormwood or something, focus your priorities, focus on humanity not your human, selfishness and ego is our biggest hurdle to get over

  31. Alisa Mich

    Alisa Mich3 months ago

    Katie blah also, not knowing how to spend time alone, “together” is very much a personal issue, if your actually beyond obsessed with your partner and bordering addiction, that might actually be a personality disorder

  32. Katie blah

    Katie blah3 months ago

    They worked together from that the same situation with you and your boyfriend? Idk if you were around when shacam was still together but they’re not being dramatic when they say they spent literally every single moment together. That’s not healthy

  33. Пирожок Пирожков

    Пирожок Пирожков3 months ago

    Русские субтитры!!! Урааааа

  34. Ri Rah

    Ri Rah3 months ago

    'DO you miss eachother?' Cammie: Takes a sip*** 🤣🤣

  35. Lil Calderon

    Lil Calderon3 months ago

    you look like a mix of hilary duff and miley cyrus

  36. Ipshita T

    Ipshita T4 months ago

    11:12 Shannon is _so_ funny. Love love love her!

  37. lisa theeretria

    lisa theeretria4 months ago

    the ending part thooooo

  38. Kelly Noble

    Kelly Noble4 months ago


  39. That One Chick

    That One Chick4 months ago

    please do another collab

  40. Myx Paudac

    Myx Paudac4 months ago

    ilike your vedeo its really great keep it up...

  41. Myx Paudac

    Myx Paudac4 months ago

    I hate word breakup😊😊😊

  42. Ipshita T

    Ipshita T4 months ago

    9:49 would've been a good clickbait 😭

  43. Kara  Brianne

    Kara Brianne4 months ago

    I love this video!!! I miss u guys together but love how mature u two are :-)

  44. Alexandra Cohen

    Alexandra Cohen4 months ago

    She is so hot lol. I commend you two for being friends and such good ones it seems. I could never with any of mine lol been in too bad of relationships/break-ups for a friendship.

  45. JennFlProfile Updated

    JennFlProfile Updated4 months ago


  46. Alondra Casillas

    Alondra Casillas4 months ago

    Ya regresen!! Les pago 😏💔 son tan lindas juntas!!!

  47. clauwi _

    clauwi _4 months ago

    dodajcie polskie napisy proszę

  48. Mummy and Brooke

    Mummy and Brooke5 months ago

    This acc made me sad i miss your videos together

  49. Fifth Jauregui

    Fifth Jauregui5 months ago

    This was so helpful & relatable to my situation. Thank you so much, I needed this !

  50. Keitumetse Kgaabi

    Keitumetse Kgaabi5 months ago

    Just get married already, you both are good together.


    ALYSIA GWEN5 months ago

    I hope u guys get back together

  52. Rain Billie

    Rain Billie5 months ago

    Just started watching this channel and already OBSESSED!! Love your vids so so much! ❤️😍Also your super pretty!

  53. First Name

    First Name6 months ago

    i miss them together

  54. Bia G Daflon

    Bia G Daflon6 months ago

    they're just so funny together, wish had more videos like "asking for a friend"

  55. João Paulo

    João Paulo6 months ago

    Shannon is soo thirsty ohh boi

  56. Kiana habibzade

    Kiana habibzade6 months ago

    I can't treat her like a normal friend! And at the same time i can't handle to don't talk with her... Can somebody help me???

  57. astro jean

    astro jean6 months ago

    and still here wishing they'd get back together 😔

  58. srcstc gngr

    srcstc gngr6 months ago

    1:43 lol

  59. Carmem Andrade

    Carmem Andrade6 months ago

    Lindas 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  60. Xinnouvat Phichit

    Xinnouvat Phichit6 months ago

    That is not possible when she asked for 20k USD after she offered me her virginity

  61. Almira Mira

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  62. Marivic Cado

    Marivic Cado6 months ago

    i miss u guys..

  63. Christa Machelle

    Christa Machelle6 months ago

    I wish they were back together......

  64. Mileydis Alvares

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  65. Angela Wu

    Angela Wu6 months ago

    when shannon was talking about how she gets into relationship if she feels they'll get married and brigns up cammie up as an example:(


    PIA DONATZ7 months ago

    The ending: f*cking end it, us at the end of out relationship! 😂😂😍

  67. Camilla Sonne

    Camilla Sonne7 months ago

    i miss Shannon and Cammie together :(

  68. Frankie Lawton

    Frankie Lawton7 months ago

    no reason to go is no reason to stay!

  69. Emily Lange

    Emily Lange7 months ago

    It's so cool they can be friends still! Love that

  70. Riley Starbuck Thrace

    Riley Starbuck Thrace7 months ago

    August 2018 and I am still not over them 😭 MReporter's OTP forever

  71. Mariel Cordova

    Mariel Cordova7 months ago

    6:16 Damn the synchronization

  72. caedyn berg

    caedyn berg7 months ago

    I miss their humor together, they are both funny people but when together its 10x funnier... and they still look at each other so cute and seem happy together. but obviously we don't actually know shit

  73. Dan Fletcher

    Dan Fletcher7 months ago

    I like ur videos sorry about u & Shannon I like ur videos with Shannon

  74. Irene La más patetica

    Irene La más patetica7 months ago

    No entiendo una mierda, ponerlo en español si us playa O MEJOR: EN CATALAN

  75. Julie Vignault-Lalot

    Julie Vignault-Lalot7 months ago

    French sub-tittle please 🙏🏼

  76. leafsfan18

    leafsfan187 months ago

    shannon is such a classic beauty and cammie is such a modern beauty

  77. Sally Añonuevo

    Sally Añonuevo7 months ago

    There's still inLove with eachother..

  78. Andy Raman

    Andy Raman7 months ago

    New subscriber

  79. Cecii V. Rojas

    Cecii V. Rojas7 months ago

    Algo me dice que ustedes volverán en algún momento de la vida... Éxitos para las dos! ;)

  80. keren chantal

    keren chantal8 months ago

    CAMMIE. what it meant to be yours will always come back to you. Always love.

  81. Dawn P.

    Dawn P.8 months ago


  82. John Estranger

    John Estranger8 months ago

    Well I am just gonna believe that this is true, and you really can still get along with each other... I mean then this is just so awesome, isnt't it? I mean you were together, you were lovers, and now you can stil be friends... maybe not close or even "best" friends, but... you don't seem to hate each other. And if that ain't awesome then I don't know what is. And there is another thing that went through my mind during the whole video and that is why I will just write it down: I think you are both two really strong women.

  83. Alanis Castellanos

    Alanis Castellanos8 months ago

    Naaaah, still think you should get back together, miss you 😞

  84. mary rose aguilar

    mary rose aguilar8 months ago

    i hepo you still friends..

  85. tiredz

    tiredz8 months ago

    10:55 ohmygod. that's the cutest shit™

  86. Bryan Fuller

    Bryan Fuller8 months ago

    I just wish I could get an answer from you girls about what is going on?

  87. Lilia Gonzalez

    Lilia Gonzalez8 months ago

    Hola ,no se ingles ,porfis con subtitulos en español,se ven hermosas

  88. Sam Starr

    Sam Starr8 months ago

    ive never seen them smile and laugh so much other than when they’re together

  89. RazDazThem

    RazDazThem8 months ago

    Fab Advice Ladies.... 😀

  90. Raw Oyster

    Raw Oyster8 months ago

    Shannon is so gorgeous

  91. Katie Greer

    Katie Greer8 months ago

    Cammie will u please give Shannon another chance I miss u guys together

  92. Nataliya Pochernyai

    Nataliya Pochernyai8 months ago

    i wish i could stay so civil with my ex.good job, girls!

  93. Lea Glasnović

    Lea Glasnović8 months ago

    You can tell shannon is not.into it and cant wait for this video to be over.

  94. Sunflower *

    Sunflower *8 months ago

    I didn't realise how much I missed shacam (little "s" nowadays obvi lol).

  95. Gilmar Betancourt

    Gilmar Betancourt8 months ago

    You guys should collab more. You have excellent chemistry together 👍

  96. Mariana Caceres Klein

    Mariana Caceres Klein8 months ago

    Because they do not come back ... we really miss them😢❤❤❤❤

  97. Guy Boiman

    Guy Boiman8 months ago

  98. Airen Tejano

    Airen Tejano9 months ago

    You guys are moved on but the fans are not.

  99. Mia Hutner

    Mia Hutner9 months ago

    “Do you miss each other” *sips beer

  100. Joy K

    Joy K9 months ago

    In the end it sounded like Cammie said "Channon's Shannel 😂" I love this video. It made me laugh a lot

  101. phil's glabella

    phil's glabella9 months ago

    is that an epiphone g-400 in the background

  102. Dellisha Stokes

    Dellisha Stokes9 months ago

    Hope y’all get back together one day

  103. Quiteria Denise

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    Oi boa noite meninas amo vcs