1. Lithios Requiem

    Lithios Requiem6 hours ago

    What the hell is the deal with women? Spend a year with someone and claim to love each other then they give you th BS statement I can't love you anymore and need to break up so I can discover myself.

  2. Jodi

    Jodi8 hours ago

  3. Gracie Duarte

    Gracie Duarte8 hours ago

    Relationship brings out the sad in us, all the bad things... our partner is like our own mirror. What it bothers about our parnert is the thing we need to work on ourselves. Being with some one is like discovering ourselves and learn to be happy always. Hoping you guys the best!

  4. sentina sinaga sinaga

    sentina sinaga sinaga10 hours ago

    Sangat memuakkan melihat tayangan ini.

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  6. K A G I A U D I O

    K A G I A U D I ODay ago

    did you guys see Shannon looking at Cammie's lips at the start

  7. cherie clicks

    cherie clicksDay ago

    Too good to be true

  8. Michelle Deng

    Michelle DengDay ago

    i needed this :')

  9. jan marielle lipura

    jan marielle lipuraDay ago

    Shannon looks awkward .-.

  10. Evi Aguirre

    Evi AguirreDay ago

    Deberían traducirlo al español :c

  11. Law dog 55

    Law dog 55Day ago

    Cammy you have grown so much. No judgement but Shannon not as much. You are beautiful .

  12. Phoebe Cianchette

    Phoebe CianchetteDay ago

    What is with Cammie and Stella Artois

  13. Luuu silvera

    Luuu silveraDay ago

    Hey pongas subtitulos en español por favor jajaja

  14. Phoebe Cianchette

    Phoebe CianchetteDay ago

    Feel like they were working out some shit here

  15. Aaliyah_o

    Aaliyah_oDay ago

    Cammies smile is too cute

  16. Carley Woods

    Carley WoodsDay ago

    We miss shannon and cammie

  17. Andrea Hurst

    Andrea HurstDay ago

    Okay so I'm in a situation I'm dating a boy and I thought I loved him at first but came to realize I'm gay but we have already built a life together and my stupid ass made him fall so in love with me so I feel like I can't end it not only for that reason the other reason is that I'm so scared to come out, I'm scared my family is gonna hate me I'm scared he's gonna hate me, I'm scared I'm never gonna find a girl because I've tried before and it's hard as hell and most of all I'm terrified of being alone, I just have a lot of issues going on if anything I said made sense, I'm just very depressed and have no idea what to do!!!

  18. Katie Fritchman

    Katie FritchmanDay ago

    First off, ex gf goals. Secondly, it’s my birthday, and if you reply, Miss Scott, I will personally send you an Insta video of me serenading you an original rap about you 😂 I’ll also faint

  19. Liron Yogev

    Liron YogevDay ago

    Gosh I'm so sad.. If anything got clear in this video, is the fact these two are through(!).. I miss them soooo muchhhh.. But I guess ShaCam is over for good../:

  20. Jonny Neuman

    Jonny NeumanDay ago

    I love the idea of you too licking...

  21. Juli Ane

    Juli AneDay ago

    Im a little sad anyway...

  22. May

    MayDay ago

    guess who’s about to go on a shacam marathon??

  23. May

    MayDay ago

    i’m legit crying akdjsk i missed u two

  24. Leannuh Renee

    Leannuh ReneeDay ago

    The lesbian youtubers are driving me crazy with their reunions

  25. world movie network ワールドムービー

    world movie network ワールドムービーDay ago

    Good! 70,000,000.00 USD!

  26. Treshia & Donna

    Treshia & Donna2 days ago

    notice me from Philippines💜

  27. Treshia & Donna

    Treshia & Donna2 days ago

    so cute together miss these gays😭😭😭😭🌈🌈🌈✨🔥

  28. Treshia & Donna

    Treshia & Donna2 days ago

    my fave couple but super sad because they broke up😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Dennis Tierney

    Dennis Tierney2 days ago

    They’ve definitely shoved large items up each other’s corn holes 💩

  30. sheneey zahren

    sheneey zahren2 days ago

    goodvibes 😍

  31. J Rams

    J Rams2 days ago


  32. benly dayo

    benly dayo2 days ago

    I need moreeeee collabbbbbbbs plsssssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏

  33. david white

    david white2 days ago

    what a waste 2 hotties but there muffin munchers NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  34. msdogooder

    msdogooder2 days ago

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  35. Alex & Verena

    Alex & Verena2 days ago

    Shannon‘s channel or... Channon

  36. DW Jackson

    DW Jackson2 days ago

    Which one of you two is transgender?

  37. 赵静伊

    赵静伊2 days ago


  38. Aboutbigfoot11

    Aboutbigfoot112 days ago

    Hu gaaaaay

  39. J Lyse

    J Lyse2 days ago

    i love how u girls are opposites. One is mysterious and serious the other one is super open and smiley. great contrast

  40. K Lopez

    K Lopez2 days ago

    love that you two look genuinely happy and are actually laughing abt the break-up now. so like see exes can be friends!

  41. JPARK

    JPARK2 days ago

    thank you thank you thank you thank you. ya'll seem so much happier in your own lives and way more confident now

  42. Brother Yisra'el

    Brother Yisra'el3 days ago

    Repent for the kingdom of heaven as at hand. No homosexuals will enter into the kingdom, please repent.

  43. Reachforthestars

    Reachforthestars3 days ago

    my ex and I started as best friends for years then we fell for one another and dated for 3 years. Shit happened and we broke up but between us civilization DIED. Honestly I'd like to be at least acquaintances with each other because in the first place we were best friends.. Anyways 2 years since our break up and we act like we hate each other and I literally have no idea why we act like that..

  44. Karla Michelle

    Karla Michelle3 days ago

    I'm sorry but Shannon's jawline is just everything

  45. I. Wynn

    I. Wynn3 days ago

    What college did you two go to? You both are so pretty and amazing!

  46. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith3 days ago

    Awsome video

  47. Brittany Gaddis

    Brittany Gaddis3 days ago

    This is such a healthy and wholesome video. Been with you two from the beginning and am so happy to see you both growing and living your best lives!

  48. Pat Walshe

    Pat Walshe3 days ago


  49. Alex Ruble

    Alex Ruble3 days ago

    This video made me smile, even if you guys get annoyed of all the tags still, hahahahaha

  50. Jessie Randall

    Jessie Randall3 days ago

    There's something so nice about seeing you two do a video together again. I would love a series of these vids. You're both strong communicators and you have great on-screen chemistry.

  51. larissa

    larissa3 days ago

    que vontade de morrer

  52. Helen Costa

    Helen Costa3 days ago

    Alguém traduz pra espanhol

  53. It'z Moskowitz

    It'z Moskowitz3 days ago

    Loved this video!! I just made a video about going to Dinah Shore with you ex :D I'd love some feedback on it guys :)

  54. Brittany Evans

    Brittany Evans3 days ago

    WOOHOO ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Murphy Blitz

    Murphy Blitz3 days ago

    I still don’t understand how you guys broke up.. sure Cammie said she didn’t have a hobby, didn’t have a friend, and how her life was revolved around Shannon. But you guys couldve made space or time away to hang out with friends or family separately or have “me” time. I get it’s not healthy to be with your partner 24/7. But I couldn’t imagine wasting over 3 years on building memories and a relationship to just break up to “identify” yourselves separately. :/

  56. Sheilla Mae Tabamo

    Sheilla Mae Tabamo3 days ago

    "My ex gives me a make over" hahaha.. us at the end of our relationship.. 💩 shit!! Hahaha

  57. Sheilla Mae Tabamo

    Sheilla Mae Tabamo3 days ago

    Iloveyou iloveyou so so much guix... i miss to see you both in a video.. i miss wen shannon saying... hai im "shannon and this is my very beautiful girlfriend cammie".. i may not hear it again yet,.. but does that not mean that ill stop loving you.. i loveyou guix.. lovelots from philippines... sheilla here

  58. jho lopez

    jho lopez4 days ago

    Still dey have a chemstry😊😊

  59. Brooke Fraser

    Brooke Fraser4 days ago

    No chance in hell would I remain friends with an ex. Kudos to those that can.

  60. Tuan Vu

    Tuan Vu4 days ago

    Cody ko wya

  61. Val Deschênes

    Val Deschênes4 days ago

    There’s actually also a song by Tegan and Sara called Call it Off xD

  62. Leslie Valverde Miranda

    Leslie Valverde Miranda4 days ago

    Quiero los subtítulos 😭😭

  63. Dank Lambsta

    Dank Lambsta4 days ago

    Wait It’s two girls

  64. Josh Rimer

    Josh Rimer4 days ago

    I'm weirded out............

  65. morgan glenn

    morgan glenn4 days ago

    Dude this video is trending crazy

  66. Sam Klink

    Sam Klink4 days ago

    #49 on trending i see you

  67. One Love

    One Love4 days ago

    All females take notes...This is a perfect example of two beautiful women, one with eyebrows that look fake and make all women ugly, and one with eyebrows that are natural and complement the beauty. I bet Cammie Scott, within 5 years she will agree with me.

  68. Alex

    Alex4 days ago

    i don’t even care if yall date but pls make more vids ur content is so much better together

  69. Guitarist Sam

    Guitarist Sam4 days ago

    Can i get those guitars on yo back :-(

  70. Gabriela

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  71. Baby Dance

    Baby Dance4 days ago

    great vidgreat vid

  72. heyjade

    heyjade4 days ago

    i miss your collabs... i looove u guys! -a fan since the '15 💞

  73. Ricky Rampage

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  74. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson4 days ago

    I think I’m gonna throw up

  75. YoJon

    YoJon4 days ago

    Lame af

  76. Stellaa W

    Stellaa W5 days ago

    drinking my beer, yes GIRLS!

  77. Shantal Ortiz

    Shantal Ortiz5 days ago

    Watched this about a thousand times

  78. Avery :p

    Avery :p5 days ago

    This. Shit. Is. trending. T-R-E-N-D-I-N-G

  79. The Wolf Pack

    The Wolf Pack5 days ago

    Lesbi much? Edit: or BI

  80. matthew Stunna

    matthew Stunna5 days ago

    Had no idea you were a gay

  81. Jared white

    Jared white5 days ago

    A lesbian couple where both are hot? You never see that.

  82. The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic

    The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic5 days ago

    first Stevie and Ally now this... *my heart cant take this*

  83. 7ou70

    7ou705 days ago

    It is so funny that every question (doubt) of this video could have been solved with words in Portuguese. Like, English does not have a word for "saudade" which is a feeling that is pretty much what Shannon said: you can miss someone and not want to be with them. This is "saudade". You are longing someone, does not mean you want them. When you want them, you feel the empty space they left, this is "sentir falta" which could be translated to "feel the absence" maybe? "Falta" is another feeling. Also, in Brazil we have looots of words for "dating" that specify what type of relationship you have with a person. We are so specific and detailed, I see it now hahahhaha but to be honest, I cant express myself as clearly in English as I can in Portuguese (and that has more to do with the language than with the fact that Portuguese is my first language).

  84. Citizen23

    Citizen235 days ago

    Essentially, the majority of what you deemed "unhealthy" is what occurs within the average marriage.

  85. Keicy Carlisle

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  86. FR3SHtillD3ATH1

    FR3SHtillD3ATH15 days ago

    My brain and weird thoughts 🙄 go away

  87. Gnarsies

    Gnarsies5 days ago

    Must’ve not been a real relationship

  88. Jordan Pendel

    Jordan Pendel5 days ago

    Can you guys react to your break up video next hahaha

  89. AlbyBound

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  90. Ventra_23

    Ventra_235 days ago

    🙄🙄 be real lol it’s awkward cause there’s still something there.

  91. Kanderson

    Kanderson5 days ago

    Ahhhh yeah, you’re on the trending page!

  92. Jas Toraay

    Jas Toraay5 days ago

    Loving you guys, always ☺❤

  93. Pharsyde

    Pharsyde5 days ago

    lolo jones?

  94. amanda nogi

    amanda nogi5 days ago

    shacam so adorable

  95. Kylie Sesto

    Kylie Sesto5 days ago

    Such good advice

  96. Shade Ss

    Shade Ss5 days ago

    Both shut up

  97. Tetrapharmakos '

    Tetrapharmakos '5 days ago

    I hope she’s bi damn, aches my heart to see a gorgeous lesbian lol

  98. Sgdoc7

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    I wonder if this will hit a million views

  99. Oliver_B

    Oliver_B5 days ago

    Give us advice on how to trib? 👍🏼👎🏼

  100. DNTE VSQZ

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    This was stupid