1. Bia G Daflon

    Bia G Daflon12 hours ago

    they're just so funny together, wish had more videos like "asking for a friend"

  2. João Paulo

    João Paulo2 days ago

    Shannon is soo thirsty ohh boi

  3. Kiana habibzade

    Kiana habibzade2 days ago

    I can't treat her like a normal friend! And at the same time i can't handle to don't talk with her... Can somebody help me???

  4. astro jean

    astro jean3 days ago

    and still here wishing they'd get back together 😔

  5. srcstc gngr

    srcstc gngr6 days ago

    1:43 lol

  6. Carmem Andrade

    Carmem Andrade8 days ago

    Lindas 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Xinnouvat Phichit

    Xinnouvat Phichit11 days ago

    That is not possible when she asked for 20k USD after she offered me her virginity

  8. Almira Mira

    Almira Mira12 days ago


  9. Marivic Cado

    Marivic Cado12 days ago

    i miss u guys..

  10. Christa Machelle

    Christa Machelle16 days ago

    I wish they were back together......

  11. Mileydis Alvares

    Mileydis Alvares18 days ago


  12. Angela Wu

    Angela Wu20 days ago

    when shannon was talking about how she gets into relationship if she feels they'll get married and brigns up cammie up as an example:(

  13. Linneth Cordova

    Linneth Cordova28 days ago

    Does shannon's shirt say rascal? As in Rascal Flatts??

  14. Pia Donatz

    Pia Donatz29 days ago

    The ending: f*cking end it, us at the end of out relationship! 😂😂😍

  15. Camilla Sonne

    Camilla Sonne29 days ago

    i miss Shannon and Cammie together :(

  16. Frankie Lawton

    Frankie LawtonMonth ago

    no reason to go is no reason to stay!

  17. Ikomang Hariwisnawan

    Ikomang HariwisnawanMonth ago

    I want u be together again because u and shannon still love each other..believe me..don't lie to Ur heart.

  18. Emily Lange

    Emily LangeMonth ago

    It's so cool they can be friends still! Love that

  19. Nancy Toner

    Nancy TonerMonth ago

    August 2018 and I am still not over them 😭 MReporter's OTP forever

  20. Mariel Cordova

    Mariel CordovaMonth ago

    6:16 Damn the synchronization

  21. caedyn berg

    caedyn bergMonth ago

    I miss their humor together, they are both funny people but when together its 10x funnier... and they still look at each other so cute and seem happy together. but obviously we don't actually know shit

  22. Dan Fletcher

    Dan FletcherMonth ago

    I like ur videos sorry about u & Shannon I like ur videos with Shannon

  23. Irene La más patetica

    Irene La más pateticaMonth ago

    No entiendo una mierda, ponerlo en español si us playa O MEJOR: EN CATALAN

  24. Juliee.

    Juliee.Month ago

    French sub-tittle please 🙏🏼

  25. leafsfan18

    leafsfan18Month ago

    shannon is such a classic beauty and cammie is such a modern beauty

  26. Sally Añonuevo

    Sally AñonuevoMonth ago

    There's still inLove with eachother..

  27. Andy Raman

    Andy RamanMonth ago

    New subscriber

  28. Cecii V. Rojas

    Cecii V. RojasMonth ago

    Algo me dice que ustedes volverán en algún momento de la vida... Éxitos para las dos! ;)

  29. whatever whatever

    whatever whateverMonth ago

    What did shannon say at 0:06 ??

  30. Yvis Yanez

    Yvis YanezMonth ago

    CAMMIE. what it meant to be yours will always come back to you. Always love.

  31. Dawn P.

    Dawn P.Month ago


  32. John Estranger

    John EstrangerMonth ago

    Well I am just gonna believe that this is true, and you really can still get along with each other... I mean then this is just so awesome, isnt't it? I mean you were together, you were lovers, and now you can stil be friends... maybe not close or even "best" friends, but... you don't seem to hate each other. And if that ain't awesome then I don't know what is. And there is another thing that went through my mind during the whole video and that is why I will just write it down: I think you are both two really strong women.

  33. Alanis Castellanos

    Alanis Castellanos2 months ago

    Naaaah, still think you should get back together, miss you 😞

  34. mary rose aguilar

    mary rose aguilar2 months ago

    i hepo you still friends..

  35. tiredz

    tiredz2 months ago

    10:55 ohmygod. that's the cutest shit™

  36. Bryan Fuller

    Bryan Fuller2 months ago

    I just wish I could get an answer from you girls about what is going on?

  37. Lilia Gonzalez

    Lilia Gonzalez2 months ago

    Hola ,no se ingles ,porfis con subtitulos en español,se ven hermosas

  38. Sam Starr

    Sam Starr2 months ago

    ive never seen them smile and laugh so much other than when they’re together

  39. Razzledazzlethem- Katrina James

    Razzledazzlethem- Katrina James2 months ago

    Fab Advice Ladies.... 😀

  40. Raw Oyster

    Raw Oyster2 months ago

    Shannon is so gorgeous

  41. Katie Greer

    Katie Greer2 months ago

    Cammie will u please give Shannon another chance I miss u guys together

  42. Nataliya Sattarova

    Nataliya Sattarova2 months ago

    i wish i could stay so civil with my ex.good job, girls!

  43. Lea

    Lea2 months ago

    You can tell shannon is not.into it and cant wait for this video to be over.

  44. Sunflower *

    Sunflower *2 months ago

    I didn't realise how much I missed shacam (little "s" nowadays obvi lol).

  45. Gilmar Betancourt

    Gilmar Betancourt2 months ago

    You guys should collab more. You have excellent chemistry together 👍

  46. Mariana Caceres Klein

    Mariana Caceres Klein2 months ago

    Because they do not come back ... we really miss them😢❤❤❤❤

  47. Airen Tejano

    Airen Tejano2 months ago

    You guys are moved on but the fans are not.

  48. Mia Hutner

    Mia Hutner2 months ago

    “Do you miss each other” *sips beer

  49. Joy K

    Joy K2 months ago

    In the end it sounded like Cammie said "Channon's Shannel 😂" I love this video. It made me laugh a lot

  50. phil's glabella

    phil's glabella2 months ago

    is that an epiphone g-400 in the background

  51. Dellisha Stokes

    Dellisha Stokes3 months ago

    Hope y’all get back together one day

  52. Quiteria Denise

    Quiteria Denise3 months ago

    Oi boa noite meninas amo vcs

  53. Youmna Arabica

    Youmna Arabica3 months ago

    this video is supposed to be deep, and emotional and I'm just staring at Cammie's highlight what is wrong with me

  54. Jaz Ocamur

    Jaz Ocamur3 months ago

    Still crying

  55. Savannah Solis

    Savannah Solis3 months ago

    Every word is so true

  56. She's The One

    She's The One3 months ago

    Mm so I thought this was gonna be really funny like the truth or drink but now I'm crying cuz my ex left me☹️😅✌️

  57. Liezl Amper

    Liezl Amper3 months ago


  58. Fercha Lechuga

    Fercha Lechuga3 months ago

    Activate subtitles in Spanish plis , 🇲🇽

  59. Cathrine Kim

    Cathrine Kim3 months ago

    your two are hot. I want both of you.

  60. Annette Hernandez

    Annette Hernandez3 months ago

    Funny how Kara looks so much like Shannon!!

  61. Lea

    Lea2 months ago

    Annette Hernandez and how "cammie honestly doesnt see it" is even funnier!

  62. Fresco Sala

    Fresco Sala3 months ago

    So not true. If they wouldnt know you've dated they'd think you have a chance just by the way how good u look together and gaze u give sometimes. There still is a residue of that connection esp on shannons video. Not to mention the awkward guesting on live. But you two do you.

  63. Marissa Bxok

    Marissa Bxok3 months ago

    You said Tegan & Sara... brb have to go listen now.

  64. olacrush ¿¿

    olacrush ¿¿3 months ago

    Hi cammie 😘

  65. That's Frantastic

    That's Frantastic3 months ago

    i can't believe it's been two years already

  66. Mariela Hache Canahuate

    Mariela Hache Canahuate3 months ago

    still faces

  67. Anthony English

    Anthony English3 months ago

    Is it just me more does Cammie seem more happy with Shannon then with her current girlfriend?

  68. mDup

    mDup4 hours ago

    ΟΡΘΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΌΣ ΕΛΕΓΧΟΣ monster no lol


    ΟΡΘΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΌΣ ΕΛΕΓΧΟΣ monster13 hours ago

    Anthony English wait is she with Amy now?

  70. Puty0urlipstick0n

    Puty0urlipstick0n3 months ago

  71. laura godoy

    laura godoy4 months ago

    Please, the next time write de subtitles in Spanish

  72. Susana Fajardo

    Susana Fajardo4 months ago

    I was late for their relationship and I saw the videos this year hahaha. So I asked if they were still producing if I want some product is available ?.or it ended up as your relationship x_x hahaha.. I read some comments about this ripple efect. . I apologize if my question is out of place...

  73. Stephanie Hughes

    Stephanie Hughes4 months ago


  74. 이수우

    이수우4 months ago

    I felt some relieved mind after watching this video. Sometimes it's cozy to watch ex couples who look like everlasting friends.

  75. Helen Costa

    Helen Costa4 months ago

    Alguém traduz pra espanhol pf

  76. Infinite Vibes

    Infinite Vibes4 months ago

    I remember being heartbroken when you guys broke up, especially because I broke up w my gf of 3.5 yrs also around the same month. And now seeing them like this now, I love this 👍🏼

  77. Uranus M

    Uranus M4 months ago

    Yok abi exten sevgili fln olmaz zaten videoyu da izleyemiyorum ingiliççem yok 😔

  78. mihaela marin

    mihaela marin4 months ago

    esti minunata Cammie si ai toata viata la dispozitie asa ca distreazate ...noi care te urmarim pe yutube te iubim si ati multumim ...tino tot asa

  79. Nour Chehab

    Nour Chehab4 months ago

    first time i've realised how much cammie looks like mila kunis

  80. Mariela Vanessa Caro Rojas

    Mariela Vanessa Caro Rojas4 months ago

    necesito el video con subtitulos 🙈 hablan muy rápido no entiendo nada 😢

  81. Madelyn Grace

    Madelyn Grace4 months ago

    I know you all have moved on from each other but I can’t be the only one who still feels like they have chemistry you can just feel it

  82. newmusic

    newmusic4 months ago

    Who was that in the start???

  83. Jennifer Barazon

    Jennifer Barazon4 months ago


  84. Jennifer Barazon

    Jennifer Barazon4 months ago

    Have watched both your collabs after the break up more than a thousand times after the moment it went out 😂

  85. Courtney Martinez

    Courtney Martinez4 months ago

    I don’t know if it’s just me... but, Shannon really tries not to make eye contact w/ Cammie. Like, a 3 second rule is definitely happening here.. this video happened wayyy too soon. 😕

  86. Samantha Birosh

    Samantha Birosh4 months ago

    Suuuchh a helpful video!!

  87. mihaela marin

    mihaela marin4 months ago

    nu mai sunteti ampreuna ..da

  88. Melina Chazathanasi

    Melina Chazathanasi4 months ago

    Hahaha that's the best title for this video!!!

  89. Luiza Tarzan

    Luiza Tarzan4 months ago

    You are in te foreground.. yes or nu✌✌mihaela ROMANIA

  90. Doctora Corazón

    Doctora Corazón4 months ago

    Ustedes fueron como la primera parejas que seguí en MReporter 😅😚me alegra verlas compartir así

  91. Nikita Michael

    Nikita Michael4 months ago

    call it off is a tegan and sara song!!!

  92. lmaoyami

    lmaoyami4 months ago

    I’m genuinely happy for them doing their own things in their own lives but like...ugh🙁

  93. koolmusiclover56

    koolmusiclover564 months ago

    Like I’m honestly just so confuse they r saying they needed to break up to discover themselves and they didn’t like how they had to do everything together but when u get close u start doing things together so if they both get super close to their current girlfriends r they going to break up with them too cuz they need to discover themselves??? Obviously idk the whole thing so whatever lol ALSO LOOK AT THEM EVERYTHING IS STILL THERE just waiting for them to get back together

  94. Elena Singer

    Elena Singer4 months ago

    You and Shannon are hilarious 😊❤️

  95. Ana Paula Neves

    Ana Paula Neves4 months ago

    Não tem legenda em português 😢🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  96. Ba Na

    Ba Na4 months ago

    I'm not a lesbian but i'm sure cammie she still in love with her ex shannon!!!

  97. Dania Abusalem

    Dania Abusalem4 months ago

    i don't know why i felt bad during this video☹️

  98. lala lalala

    lala lalala4 months ago


  99. huda alaa

    huda alaa4 months ago

    Just imagine if Cammie and Joey Graceffa were straight and dated and had kids

  100. Megan

    Megan4 months ago

    I missed Shannon on your channel you guys should do another drinking video eventually sometime in the future

  101. Vyh Santos

    Vyh Santos4 months ago

    Queria legendas em português

  102. Samantha Birnie

    Samantha Birnie4 months ago

    Lmfao 9:45 is my favourite part of this whole video, I literally died.😂 Love you guys❤️