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Breaking down 'This Is America,' Childish Gambino's chilling new video


  1. Agusta Sister

    Agusta Sister22 days ago

    Boils down to maoa gene...

  2. Viki Demos

    Viki DemosMonth ago

    Oscar Contender not Grammy...small potatoes for a history lesson, again!

  3. seek knowledge procure wisdom

    seek knowledge procure wisdomMonth ago

    You didnt even scratch the surface at all. Grade F for effort,Grade F journalism, grade F for revealing. Overall grade F Shame on wp for its incompetance and laziness. Clear agenda to sweep away all this hidden wisdom from your minds.

  4. Elma ღ

    Elma ღMonth ago

    The first time I watched this I was so focused on the dancing. The second time I watched it I started crying because I realised that I was so focused on the entertainment and not focused on people dying. He really did that.

  5. cool science boy

    cool science boyMonth ago

    I hate america dont got sleepin now

  6. christopher corvino

    christopher corvinoMonth ago

    so leave slick?

  7. Josh Matacotta

    Josh Matacotta2 months ago

    You missed the suicide.

  8. Wander Bear

    Wander Bear3 months ago

    You missed a ton of symbolism in the lyrics and the other characters running around. Nice try though.

  9. seek knowledge procure wisdom

    seek knowledge procure wisdom3 months ago


  10. Roger Suavecito

    Roger Suavecito3 months ago

    Hip hop is the modern minstrel show if you observe many rappers such as Blac youngsta and many others ..

  11. javier josefides

    javier josefides3 months ago


  12. MykeZeAnimator / / MZA

    MykeZeAnimator / / MZA3 months ago

    I was pretty terrified at the Jim Crow and ending

  13. Moises Segovia

    Moises Segovia3 months ago

    Black people are not oppressed

  14. marisotoserna

    marisotoserna3 months ago

    Better more thorough that the times interpretation imo

  15. Quidditch Attention Seeker

    Quidditch Attention Seeker3 months ago

    Would you rather eat a hot fudge sundae Or get eaten by a shark.

  16. Gojira

    Gojira3 months ago

    black people are violent

  17. Bryan

    Bryan3 months ago

    This was a generic breakdown.. but ok 👌🏽

  18. Percy Carry

    Percy Carry3 months ago

    Really?....Gun violence in America? How about racist gun violence against Black peoples in America!!!!😡

  19. Providence Poklay

    Providence Poklay3 months ago

    Those racist drawings are actually creepy

  20. oldmanwitherspoon

    oldmanwitherspoon3 months ago

    i wish the music industry would start rewarding talent again.

  21. XxFlower QueenxX

    XxFlower QueenxX3 months ago

    Okay then...

  22. tangyglover honkai

    tangyglover honkai3 months ago

    Guys music video don't show any different then the other and the beginning in the show is the guy was using his other arm do you guys not realize that because he use his other arm he supposed to do what the picture has shown us from the start and what they running away from is not a flying demon ok guys it's just a video it shows nothing!

  23. Игнат Рудько

    Игнат Рудько4 months ago

    Что это

  24. Neki Tamo Balkanac

    Neki Tamo Balkanac4 months ago

    Childish Gambino was chased because he smoked weed. The message is that the police won't take care of bigger problems, like riots, suicides, gun violence, etc. They'd arrest black people that did illegal things rather than white.

  25. Tarek Freire

    Tarek Freire4 months ago

    Guys, Brazil has 200 million people and 60 thousand homicide, also, here is very hard for people to have a gun USA has 350 million people and less than 13 thousand homicides, also, América have amost 50% of the guns in hand of civillians.

  26. Raymond Patrick

    Raymond Patrick5 months ago

    Hes a loser

  27. Rhys Tuala

    Rhys Tuala5 months ago

    That thumbnail creepy af! 😖😂

  28. Starboy selby

    Starboy selby5 months ago

    Your wrong about the last part

  29. TheKeilanm

    TheKeilanm5 months ago

    mfw african americans are subjected to an insane likelihood of violence committed by their own race

  30. Inferno

    Inferno6 months ago

    You forgot the pants

  31. Honey Tumblr

    Honey Tumblr6 months ago

    *No this is Patrick*

  32. Dogs everywhere -Venchi cocoa and others!

    Dogs everywhere -Venchi cocoa and others!6 months ago

    Get out is a rly good movie

  33. Phat Peet

    Phat Peet6 months ago

    Simple... Label it as a *MEME*

  34. Boyd Gilbreath

    Boyd Gilbreath6 months ago

    Hello and Welcome, President Pence. Does it need breaking down? I'm in shock every time I watch it. Only God is good.

  35. 2a

    2a6 months ago

    Fight the darkness ! ;)

  36. Idiot Savant

    Idiot Savant6 months ago

    Glover is a fool and a terrible actor.

  37. Anthony F Vlogs/Rants

    Anthony F Vlogs/Rants7 months ago

    The fact that washington post is trying to break the video and the whole thing is wrong is hilarious..but that is America. You voted the Donald in. Horde 50% of the worlds guns lol

  38. Cyrus A. Emmanuel

    Cyrus A. Emmanuel7 months ago

    I am starting to like this guy.

  39. tattoo123

    tattoo1237 months ago

    the black man is americas puppet. from tap dancing to, well...tap dancing. time to grow up and think above materials that will remain here on eath after you pass away

  40. Nyah Boo

    Nyah Boo7 months ago

    That pic was creepy 😶


    RIZWIN RIZ7 months ago

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  42. Hazel Eyes

    Hazel Eyes7 months ago


  43. vittorio drago

    vittorio drago7 months ago

    Pico pal k lee

  44. Hyper Hybrid

    Hyper Hybrid7 months ago

    Hocho Pun Natchtrup. Dance and sing like headless chickens, sport and running around like donkeys to keep a nation entertained. But where is the social welfare and education program for the black and ethnics living the USA dream. The free world has tried and failed so what is the next phase, catch 22 free healthcare to criminals, pimps, muggers, druggies.


    MRSOMEBDY7 months ago

    0:58 ppl never note that the only car that's different is the car he's dancing on, it's a Toyota, not a American car.

  46. new meme

    new meme7 months ago

    Not exactly

  47. A l e x a n d e r

    A l e x a n d e r7 months ago

    It's also statement about the ruling elite and the polity turning black entertainers into "Uncle Toms". GB is playing the part of the Uncle Tom and telling us what is really going on. The kids follow and and dance like him mindlessly and blindly not even noticing the carnage going on around them. But of course because they're just kids who are easily distracted. GB then advises the kids above to use their cell phones to record anything that might be of importance and then warns the dancing school kids to watch out for people like him (Uncle Toms). When he mimes pointing the gun, the kids immediately run away. He then takes a moment for pause (17 seconds to commemorate the 17 students killed in Florida) and lights up a joint. He jumps onto the old red car (red symbolism and confederate symbolism is rife throughout) and throws his joint as if to say "smoke break is over and now back to work" (back to the dancing!). But this time the kids aren't following his dance anymore though there is an attractive lady (SZA) who is still very interested and enamored with Gambino. But Gambino is just a "big dawg" in a kennel in someones backyard, and that someone aint happy about Gambino warning the kids!

  48. Lag Swag

    Lag Swag7 months ago

    you see what you wanna see, cool video imo

  49. sammy wright

    sammy wright7 months ago

    It is just a celebration of disregard for laws, and a civil society.

  50. Shitpost Sam

    Shitpost Sam7 months ago

    black boy with big big huge pe pe mine soo small cuz i Asian

  51. Joy Credo

    Joy Credo8 months ago

    I did have goosebumps when I heard that song for the first time, even right now I had it.

  52. Chosen Destiny

    Chosen Destiny8 months ago

    I feel like the part regarding the kids was suppose to represent how care-free there lives are suppose to be at this stage in there lives but they are in the midst of chaos and commotion like all the school shootings that's been going on. Also I feel there's a subliminal message about poor education for blacks and how America tries to categories us all therefore places us in uniforms is symbolic for giving us all the same stereotype due to some of our behaviors. Due to the stereotype that's been placed on all of us for quite some time now it has caused fear in those who have authority and power. They've been abusing there power for too long. And each time they give an assumption that leads to the catastrophe that leaves someone dead. Final thought: stop judging us by our appearance, attire, but by our attitude and actions. 🙏🏾 Amen

  53. AMERICA1

    AMERICA18 months ago

    Truth about America...

  54. Alex

    Alex8 months ago

    It’s been 2 months, finally watched this and it’s not even the same pose as the Jim Crow character

  55. Gotthatgoin4me

    Gotthatgoin4me8 months ago

    the "nations" gun violence epidemic??????? NO, the issue is black criminality and their culture of violence. More idiotic propaganda from the liberal left shit rag wash post.

  56. Maple_Hobbit

    Maple_Hobbit8 months ago

    Yes, because the solution is to blame the nation and not the communities. Certain people in America have to take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming the rest of the world, and those people know who they are.

  57. Lauren Pinkie Pie

    Lauren Pinkie Pie8 months ago

    I think the scene with the teens is about the younger generation taking after him too

  58. john hudson

    john hudson8 months ago

    Wake up time black America.

  59. Exposing The Fake News

    Exposing The Fake News8 months ago

    Liberals hate America you guys are done for as a political party this video is why.

  60. s k

    s k8 months ago

    People dont notice the backround sounds which include Migos and they try to point out how it affects their fans singing about getting money by selling drugs, usage of drugs, gun violence and so on..


    LUIGI MILANI8 months ago


  62. Verbos Z

    Verbos Z8 months ago

    Shid. This is a masterpiece.

  63. Blood_Duckie1323

    Blood_Duckie13238 months ago

    0:28 bro i live in charelston and i didnt get that much respect childish gambino

  64. Tbt_XRiggs.

    Tbt_XRiggs.8 months ago

    At the end he has woken from the Corruption and is then chased by police. Idk i might just be rambling or being dumb.

  65. Leticia Tejada-Espino

    Leticia Tejada-Espino8 months ago

    The Definition Of The Dancing Is That Music And Entertainment Distracts You From What ACTUALLY Going On I Bet It Discracted Y'all Too.

  66. SlvrBakSlpz

    SlvrBakSlpz8 months ago

    All about the vid. Lyrically, he's not saying anything that can't be easily interpreted.

  67. ✯RedStar✯ Graal

    ✯RedStar✯ Graal8 months ago

    so deep

  68. Manuel Velazquez

    Manuel Velazquez8 months ago

    This is still a terrible song!! Hip Hop is dead

  69. Vivian Briones

    Vivian Briones8 months ago

    Your crazy

  70. ttv.bl4ck -lion

    ttv.bl4ck -lion8 months ago

    You missed something near the end of the song there is a person wearing a black hoodie with black pants, that means its a sign of apocalypse. Note, he also was riding a white horse.

  71. Bingis Boy

    Bingis Boy8 months ago

    The video isnt chilling you fucking swine.

  72. Jack Burnsbaby

    Jack Burnsbaby8 months ago

    The big story turns out he ripped the song off.... it’s not even his art....too funny

  73. stooby d

    stooby d8 months ago

    The video is about black culture and how things need to change.

  74. roninpainbringer

    roninpainbringer8 months ago

    they made this guy into lando... now why you think solo FLOPPED????

  75. Carolyn Faith

    Carolyn Faith8 months ago

    if you think about he is the smartest person in music history atm

  76. Destructive - Gaming

    Destructive - Gaming9 months ago

    What about the 17 seconds in the end of the song? Isn’t that supposed to represent the 17 kids that died in a school shooting?

  77. Fred Munoz

    Fred Munoz9 months ago

    The choir is also a reference to the prosperity doctrine prevalent in America. They're singing about getting your money.

  78. Thanks Giving Turkey

    Thanks Giving Turkey9 months ago

    0:28 Unsatisfying

  79. ShaunieBNaturalista

    ShaunieBNaturalista9 months ago

    Video was so powerful, I needed a tutorial.

  80. SkornTheSnake

    SkornTheSnake9 months ago

    Would it be a stretch to say that the Jim Crow stance is symbolism for when white people in the past portrayed African Americans to be a dangerous violent unintelligent race; and that maybe he's pointing out how some black people nowadays are living up to this caricature making blacks as a whole look bad?

  81. goat smith

    goat smith9 months ago

    So what is this? Is he saying he is gonna cut his dick off and we all gotta pretend nothing happened?

  82. norberto perez

    norberto perez9 months ago

    Black-Europe web page...

  83. Pinkonion 22

    Pinkonion 229 months ago

    good video

  84. Christopher BB

    Christopher BB9 months ago

    ok gun violence are you sure about that, gun violence is defiantly not that high. with all of the fat people diabetes defiantly kills more and car crashes yeah but guns are the problem.

  85. gacha create

    gacha create9 months ago

    Christopher O BD other than the facts there has been more than 20 school shootings so far

  86. Anthony Ortiz

    Anthony Ortiz9 months ago

    Just know the dance is trying to distract you from thr violence thats happening in the background

  87. •_•

    •_•9 months ago

    The Jim Crow figure is kind of scary

  88. Adam Mcarthur

    Adam Mcarthur9 months ago

    KKK confirmed

  89. creativemind0136 Ayaan

    creativemind0136 Ayaan9 months ago

    First time i saw the music video, didn't really understand the content, or the message of the video. Brilliant video, and a masterpiece.

  90. Motor Boat

    Motor Boat9 months ago

    A black guy kills white people no news coverage a white person kills a black people the whole country is in an uproar

  91. Motor Boat

    Motor Boat9 months ago

    I get a kick out of watching black people piss cry and moan about the way they are being held back in this country. It’s a bunch of crap they are living in some of the easiest times in history and all they have to do is have a few kids and get on welfare in their ways paid over the big bad white people Give me a break

  92. Luke Fahy

    Luke Fahy9 months ago

    Excuse me Washington post but there is a bit of silence in the video (17 seconds) that is meant to symbolise the 17 people who died in a school shooting

  93. Jalen Lewis

    Jalen Lewis9 months ago

    I love your video

  94. kevin collins

    kevin collins9 months ago


  95. Constance Keller

    Constance Keller9 months ago

    Stop recommending this same shitty video to me - it's stupid, it's offensive, it's ugly, it's hate filled, and it's not America it's anti-America. Some loser can dance sorta mediocre and sheep make him a god because he brought guns onboard. Idiots. And can any artist of today NOT RELY ON AUTOTUNE BTW? GOD! NO TALENT. My manicurist could do better and she doesn't even speak English but would be more coherent. This guy is a joke and I hope this ends the borderline harassing level of "recommendations" to me to watch this ugly ass video. Move!!!! If you hate America... GTFO.

  96. Ian Mwila

    Ian Mwila9 months ago

    My name is jeff

  97. /dev/RerunCipher

    /dev/RerunCipher9 months ago

    Also the pants he was wearing was apparently used by Confederate soldiers. I'm not too sure though.

  98. Just Me

    Just Me9 months ago

    Childish Gambino, I didn't know anything about him until I seen this video said, a lot of people that follow that west rapper and look at those African video for dance moves. Then all the things he seen on your utube channel and all the things you tweeted about that happened during 2017 and still going on now. What I gather from this video, is that things are being covered up its all nice on the outside and messed up where it counts on the inside. When the video first started an innocent man got shot from behind but he knew it was going to happen because he had his head covered. He just didn't know when he was going to get shot. Then later in the video when Childish Gambino is dancing on top of a car the man starts to playing his guitar again.

  99. Pogsit Pogapo

    Pogsit Pogapo9 months ago

    *_America created by liberals, fucked up by liberals. Injecting illegal drugs (despise war on drugs), promoting street gang violence where thugs have rights & integrating uncontrolled undocumented illegal immigrants into society. Liberalism is one hell of a CANCER!!_*

  100. ZyGuy

    ZyGuy9 months ago

    0:03 No, not really.

  101. Lourdes

    Lourdes9 months ago

    The end of the video showed him getting beaten by US police. So all of your shitty interpretations of his actions eventually get put down. Don't use this video as a definition of America to promote your Anti-Right belifs. Support the 2nd Amendment.

  102. QUEEN

    QUEEN9 months ago

    i love how this is shows what goes down, and how people look to the disasters way for a quick second , and then pretend like it was nothing