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Breaking down 'This Is America,' Childish Gambino's chilling new video


  1. Dead dog.

    Dead dog.Hour ago

    This is fucked up

  2. JoeCnNd

    JoeCnNdHour ago

    The car are symbolized as what Africans get to when they come to America. Toyota Corrolla being usually at the top.

  3. Joseph

    Joseph4 hours ago

    a look at gun violence? way to miss the message entirely. This video is all about how it "feels" to be black in America. Its not about gun violence. It's about black skin. Listen to the words. Look at the imagery. Why is there a jovial group of black people dancing around while dismay and disorder ensues behind them. Why is a chorus of gospel singing black people gunned down in cold blood? Its not about the guns, its about the society. We absorb the black art, but ignore the black plight. And we create expectations of the black man. "Get your money black man" Focusing on the guns is stupid, wrong and political. Listen to the message very obviously being conveyed. Think this video is about guns? Then explain the very end, where he is running for his life. He's running from society, not guns.

  4. Gilda Matias

    Gilda Matias6 hours ago

    Hes a fucken genious

  5. Max Otto

    Max Otto6 hours ago

    Guns take 33,000 lives, (12-16,000 excluding suicide), per year in the USA. However a bare minimum of 500,000 lives in America are saved by guns every year with the numbers being closer to 3,000,000. Guns do more good than evil. They are weapons of intimidation used by the public to keep criminals at bay. They can be used without firing a shot. A criminal will not commit a crime knowing the capabilities of their victim’s gun.

  6. Wee Man

    Wee Man8 hours ago

    People driving drunk and drugged kill a fuck ton more people than firearms. Where is the video on that?

  7. Itz Aritic

    Itz Aritic9 hours ago

    Lol I live in Charleston South Carolina right acroos the street of the church


    SAMBHAV10 hours ago

    That him crow shit is creepy

  9. So Pandaz

    So Pandaz11 hours ago

    When I was a kid the Jim crow stance always scared me it's just creepy

  10. emma macaroni

    emma macaroni12 hours ago

    I ADORE this song

  11. 게이

    게이12 hours ago

    it interpreted multiple ways there no 1 answer, one interpretation could mean the opposite of other

  12. THICC raw sauce

    THICC raw sauce12 hours ago

    The end is like a slave running he even looks like a slave why are you comparing it to a movie

  13. FeFe Kailer

    FeFe Kailer12 hours ago


  14. Ched Dawg

    Ched Dawg12 hours ago

    loom up coon chicken inn and thats the face he makes in the beginning

  15. Andrea Pirlo

    Andrea Pirlo12 hours ago

    1:08 stop that's a creepy look

  16. Edna Thomson

    Edna Thomson14 hours ago

    Nice video, short and shows what it promised.

  17. Sabrina!

    Sabrina!14 hours ago

    You forgot the person with the black head and rides the horse in the background I think it resembles the KKK

  18. E Rock 31

    E Rock 3115 hours ago

    00:48 or maybe how the Twitter crowd gets blinded by the "next crusade" without finishing the last one.

  19. Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers15 hours ago

    Who cares about black men? Why comment on what's best for the black fucking community if you're not black?! And especially if you're a white man! What the fuck kind of retarded subhuman creature are you?! Do you think you're some kind of christlike white cuck? Care about your own people, WHITE PEOPLE, when THEY are the ones facing a crisis and an extermination process all over the world right now. It's easy as fuck to be black in America now. Think about YOUR OWN PEOPLE you FREAK FUCKING SO-CALLED WHITE PEOPLE! THESE KIKES ARE KILLING YOU OFF!! this fucking proliferation of black culture is degrading and degenerating us all! Whites and Hispanics! And they're actually valuable people, unlike niggers. Use your guns while you still have them to kill the jews.

  20. IshiFishin' Stuff

    IshiFishin' Stuff15 hours ago

    Pretty sure this is a protest against the government, and taxes.

  21. Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers15 hours ago

    Lmao, i love these comments!!! Hahahaha i expected bile inducing snobbery! I didn't expect the comments full of the demographic WP is trying to co-opt completely shitting on them, tooling on them, and making a mockery out of their low IQ manipulative shit

  22. Fred Rogers

    Fred Rogers15 hours ago

    Really, really low IQ shit. I was expecting some really annoying and inane intellectual slumming/ politicizing but i didn't expect the antiquated Washington Compost itself, and I didn't even expect it to be THIS low IQ. Leave it to these WP kikes.

  23. IshiFishin' Stuff

    IshiFishin' Stuff15 hours ago

    Why don't you just ask him

  24. aesthetic baddie

    aesthetic baddie16 hours ago

    Jim Crow caricature creeped me tf outtt xD

  25. Lady Tarianna

    Lady Tarianna17 hours ago

    This is an amazing video. Political wise and is extremely true comparing how the world really is and this video, doesn't have much a difference because they're just alike.

  26. Nya&Talia 78

    Nya&Talia 7817 hours ago

    when he was running down the the dark hallway the lyrics that he sing is: you are just a black man in this world your just a bar code

  27. Hortense Schmelting

    Hortense Schmelting17 hours ago

    That was actually a very stupid way to handle a gun. Never wrap a loaded gun in a piece of fabric that can wrap around the trigger. Great way to get an accidental misfire. And at the risk of pointing out the obvious, the amount of "violence" in the background is minimal. It's 99% people running around without doing any violence at all. It's more like TV violence and mob panic than it is about actual violence. In fact, Gambino's gun shots are the only actual scenes of violence I could see.

  28. A Goat

    A Goat17 hours ago

    "Notice how much care is given to the gun, not the victim" Or it could be a black man killed another black man but it's okay so long as the black community covers for the murderer... It's sort of telling how you didn't notice this was a video about black on black crime. It just shows how blind you are to the biggest cause of black deaths and so eager to blame a tool for the actions of a man. Just as Gambino points out in the music video, you're distracted by the same old song and dance.

  29. bio kid and stop motion

    bio kid and stop motion17 hours ago

    racist white people should go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. natedogbfd

    natedogbfd18 hours ago

    it sucks such, its dishonest leftist propaganda and you know it.

  31. Tyler Hite

    Tyler Hite18 hours ago

    Look at those dislikes.

  32. HughTuberGaming

    HughTuberGaming18 hours ago

    Maybe, or he is just messed up.

  33. Ch Ma

    Ch Ma5 hours ago


  34. Random Person

    Random Person7 hours ago

    Ksenija Lapina no one cares, norton.exe.

  35. Ksenija Lapina

    Ksenija Lapina13 hours ago

    🔴🔴🔴 *ḤỒŢ ŤÓK̀ḖNS* ► [ ] 🔴🔴🔴 *ḢÒṬ ṮÔКẼNS* ► [ ] 🔴🔴🔴 *ḪÔṮ ŤÓḰẼNS* ► [ ] *Çrẙр̣tốĀds* is ă trậnsрàrệnt ȁnd sĕçurę̣ sốlutiǒn build ốn tóp ơf blơckçháin tȯ shỗrtȩn thḝ vаluě-ċhȧin ậnd Âds-çhãin bẹtwệěn brаnd ãnd ćönsumẻrs. *Мörе infơ* :

  36. PatriotAct

    PatriotAct21 hour ago

    So, its an anti gun song, in which he sings about needing a gun to protect himself...

  37. Keepyourpride

    Keepyourpride22 hours ago

    No one notice the suicide at 0:33?

  38. Faylum1

    Faylum1Day ago

    Someone should do a video spanning 800 years of rape, murder, genocide, torture, enslavement and cruelty on the Irish, that way we can blame the descendents of people no longer alive for the atrocities suffered by nobody who was alive from back then. Then what we should do is claim it a holocaust and when ever Ireland does anything disgusting or questionable like invading another country and murdering them for land mass, we can just scream MUH HOLOCAUST. History of every nation on earth is brutal and horrific. But you learn to move on. Get the fuck over yourselves. You live in an overly privileged society. You want a better life go fucking earn it. Generation of fucking beggers.

  39. Deadchannel

    DeadchannelDay ago

    "look how much care is given to the gun." Yeah sure, all I saw were co-conspirators to help aid in concealing crime evidence. that was my honest first impression.

  40. Six slugs, six points of view

    Six slugs, six points of viewDay ago

    I assumed the cars were a reference to Detroit, it seemingly like a good analogy for the state of America.

  41. Eric Southerland

    Eric SoutherlandDay ago

    I can admire this video if in fact it's meant to highlight the rampant black on black homicide that plagues our country; considering the #1 killer of black people is other black people.

  42. Alexander Hopf

    Alexander HopfDay ago

    Pizza gate.

  43. MAX 47 50

    MAX 47 50Day ago

    0:37 0:47 sounds like 21 SAVAGE

  44. GirlNoir

    GirlNoirDay ago

    This video seriously stinks. Glover is just grabbing his money and getting rich in America, something he couldn't do in Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia etc.

  45. Cop drop Unbox

    Cop drop UnboxDay ago

    “Get your black man”

  46. rileydawg2013

    rileydawg2013Day ago

    Lmao everyone thinks this music video is so profound and creative, in reality it’s just another lame attempt to paint white as ‘evil’

  47. good health

    good healthDay ago

    This song has meaning unlike other hip hop songs rap about bitches drugs weed gangs im not fan of hip hop

  48. Offroad Entertainment

    Offroad EntertainmentDay ago

    Lmao shut the fuck up. You always focus on the white school shootings what about the 1000s of kids and teens killed each year in black communities nation wide. The only time they get coverage is when a white man kills black.

  49. That Guy

    That GuyDay ago

    People kill people, not guns

  50. Michael Brown

    Michael BrownDay ago

    I regret the profile now

  51. Paul Peters

    Paul PetersDay ago

    I find black on black shootings are due to gang conflict. White on white shootings are more about existential issues. I’ve never seen or heard of a black shooter shooting up a school just to kill people. Black kids normally have specific targets while white kids just want high body counts.

  52. Michial Green II

    Michial Green IIDay ago

    They focused on narrative over symbolism. They barely scratched the surface. They didn't focus on the duality of the character having a sort of schizophrenic appreciation for beauty and death. They didn't at all attempt to reckon with the color red signaling impending doom for something beautiful or peaceful. They don't at all reckon with the fact that most music and clothing themes are more African than american. They don't reckon with the pursuit of money and justification for the atrocity in the lyrics. They don't reckon with the fact that the cloth for the gun after it's use is red as well. The imagery speaks more to song and dance as distraction from ever present danger. in the garage the pillars had red markings and someone fell from the upper area on to a car. A death signaled by red in the upper areas on the pillars but this time the main character played by Childish Gambino wasn't a participant or perpetrator. The path he was running in the end was lit and darkness was behind him. A multiracial group chased him so I don't think he's running from something racial. But attempting desperately to escape the madness of the world he was in. If you pay attention to the color red you can stay alive if you're willing to destroy. The song and dance is a distraction. Its a wonderfully honest portrayal of how someone lives their life in a dangerous world. Beauty is constantly interrupted and violence cleaned away amidst song and dance. If you are an American Black man in a large city this is what life is like. But trying to leave is daunting as you have to shoot to stay alive and have to make money. There's also always someone trying to keep you there, keep you trapped.

  53. John Donne

    John DonneDay ago

    Washington Post Don't Forget All those Violence is happening (1)Chicago (2)Detroit (3 Washington DC (4) St Louis (5) New Orleans, That is the Real America under Liberalism Mayors...

  54. Jerome Wilshank

    Jerome WilshankDay ago

    Black on black violence is high key a lot worse than all of terrible crap making the news nowadays.

  55. Bentley

    BentleyDay ago

    Pray for the victims of the Texas shooting🙏😢

  56. Brian H

    Brian HDay ago

    absolutely awful song. if you like this song you should kill yourself. someone please make real music again. it's laughable that this is reviewed by the washington post. what a joke

  57. Rica Walden

    Rica WaldenDay ago


  58. Abetzi Romero

    Abetzi RomeroDay ago

    I have one thing to say.. anyone who is a Social Justice warrior , ANTIFA , Modern day Feminists , Very Very Very Far Left Liberals you GUYS ARE LOSERS !!!!!

  59. Sydney 1410

    Sydney 1410Day ago

    -You may have missed- Have thought was freaking creepy*

  60. ReallyBadFriendlyChannel C

    ReallyBadFriendlyChannel CDay ago

    nobody cares

  61. El Jeff

    El JeffDay ago

    This man is a genius!!!!!!!

  62. VFR Explorer

    VFR ExplorerDay ago

    13 days after the music video came out, a school shooting took place in Santa Fe, TX. As you're reading this, America keeps dancing. SMH.


    TRXSH GXNGDay ago

    Maybe this shows how America really is and how us people ignore other things because I have watched Kidnapping pranks and most people laugh but just imagine its a really a child abduction and you just see people laughing and the riots resemble of the violence protesters do and how they cause really big violence in cities

  64. ToothAzure

    ToothAzureDay ago

    Too deep for me

  65. Sunflower X

    Sunflower XDay ago

    *Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us and Black or White are the original This Is America*

  66. Dread Csgo

    Dread CsgoDay ago

    Common myth blacks tell each other

  67. Jewels Tanuki

    Jewels TanukiDay ago

    He’s also doing a cakewalk, a specific dance which was a way the black community would poke fun at the way the English settlers danced

  68. P ES

    P ESDay ago

    The song is weak and the video is tedious, while the comment section is both preachy and smug. This is American culture in the new millennium? How the mighty have fallen...

  69. Lars Sommer

    Lars SommerDay ago

    For those of you that don't know, this is about our countries rampant obesity-related-illness death rate.

  70. Barry B. Benson

    Barry B. BensonDay ago

    There was also a suicide in the background with the rioting, if you didn't notice.

  71. Yeah_Buddy_5856

    Yeah_Buddy_5856Day ago

    Another hidden meaning: it’s NOT just white on black crime, it’s Black on black crime as well. (referring to the beginning when Gambino shot another black man)

  72. Random Guy

    Random GuyDay ago

    Important symbols you forgot: The brown and white chickens facing away each other at 0:56 to represent the racial divide When Childish Gambino said "This a celly (ha), that’s a tool (yeah)” on March 18th, 2018 in Sacramento California, Stephon Clark was observed to have picked up a “toolbar” and break a window to a residence. He ran into his grandmothers backyard and was then shot 20 times after an officer yelled “gun, gun, gun.” His grandmother said that she saw him with an iPhone (CELLY) at the time the shots were fired. TOOL is slang for gun The kids are shown recording the events but remain silence as represented by the material covering their mouths at 0:52 And also the 17 seconds of silence for the 17 lives lost in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day