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Brazil v Switzerland - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 9


  1. Salah Benzid

    Salah Benzid15 hours ago

    بربكم ياتوانسة اقفو مع الشباب لماعنوش سند لماعندوش عمل واكلتو لبطالة مكاتبو فارغة اما يسرق اما يخطف اما يحرق اما ينتحر بربكم فيقو بشابابنااطروه واذا امكن علموهم صنعة تفيدهم ومايحس الجمرة كان ل.......(ولد بلادك )تبقو على خير*

  2. franxxd lol

    franxxd lol19 hours ago

    Brazil tied with Switzerland 1 to 1? I thought it would be a 4 to 1 in favor of Brazil, but I do not know why Brazil could not, apparently Yann Sommer showed off to the Brazilians

  3. Suga Is A Cutey Pie Love Suga Forever

    Suga Is A Cutey Pie Love Suga ForeverDay ago

    Brazil 1 vs 1 switzerland

  4. SUPER GOSC123

    SUPER GOSC1235 days ago


  5. SUPER GOSC123

    SUPER GOSC1235 days ago


  6. Văn Nguyện Nguyễn

    Văn Nguyện Nguyễn9 days ago

    hoa Are you

  7. Aditi Nair

    Aditi Nair11 days ago

    The commentary was so boring I fell asleep halfway

  8. Petethegamer YT

    Petethegamer YT12 days ago

    The swiss had to much chocolate that made them hyper that’s why the drawed

  9. KING DURBAR Opening Soon किङ्ग दरवार चाँडै खुल्दैछ

    KING DURBAR Opening Soon किङ्ग दरवार चाँडै खुल्दैछ14 days ago

    Brazil fan like here 🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👇

  10. Aleksandar Stefanovic

    Aleksandar Stefanovic15 days ago

    Why i don't see albanian comments?

  11. nenette serafica

    nenette serafica16 days ago

    GROUP E 🇧🇷 Brazil 🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇨🇷 Costa Rica 🇷🇸 Serbia

  12. David Puchalt

    David Puchalt17 days ago

    Brasil jogo bem so qui a Suiza feis gol no escanteio


    AGNIVO DEY17 days ago

    Coutinho is Brazil's best player and not neymar

  14. Samuel Blox

    Samuel Blox18 days ago

    jogo mais roubado da copa

  15. Trinidad García

    Trinidad García20 days ago

    Yo le boy al Brasil

  16. Trinidad García

    Trinidad García20 days ago

    Fue bueno el gol de coptpuño

  17. Diego Mendes Garcia

    Diego Mendes Garcia23 days ago

    Brazil was better all the match

  18. garciaeric1000

    garciaeric100024 days ago

    Without coutinho Brazil would of been eliminated right away

  19. Marcelina Kwose

    Marcelina Kwose24 days ago

    name of commentator?

  20. Mega Bandida Deixa o like

    Mega Bandida Deixa o like25 days ago

    Suíça chata e ladrão

  21. Emanuela Dias

    Emanuela Dias26 days ago

    Ele falou "viva Brasil" 0:45 ou? Kjkkkk


    MOHA YONIS29 days ago

    I lake the goal of countiho


    MOHA YONIS29 days ago


  24. BroaderPro

    BroaderProMonth ago

    Golazo de Couthiño, nada más que decir

  25. aneesa. Mohammed.

    aneesa. Mohammed.Month ago

    Brazil tied with Switzerland 1-1



    Congrats Brazil from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬❤️

  27. PlayLand Games

    PlayLand GamesMonth ago


  28. Nathalie

    NathalieMonth ago

    I know you've probably read loads of comments like this but i've just posted my very first youtube video and I would be super happy if you guys checked it out!!!!

  29. pooja sherchan

    pooja sherchanMonth ago

    Who wants. Brasil. To. Win. The. World Cup. 2022 please. Like. Here please 🙏🏻👈🏻

  30. Osker

    OskerMonth ago

    Fuck Brazil!

  31. GamerBoy_YT Bigirindavie

    GamerBoy_YT BigirindavieMonth ago

    why is Marcelo the captain???

  32. Blackyy

    BlackyyMonth ago

    Neymar the best

  33. Iovutime

    IovutimeMonth ago

    why so many dislikes?

  34. Liam Gagnon

    Liam GagnonMonth ago


  35. Camisa 06

    Camisa 06Month ago


  36. Pranav Sundararajan

    Pranav SundararajanMonth ago

    I could have made a stir-fry with the noodles on Neymar's head...

  37. Wahid koraishi

    Wahid koraishiMonth ago

    Brazilië en België en Spanje en Nederland en Italië en Frankrijk is goed

  38. utsav khanal

    utsav khanalMonth ago

    Simple brazil is way beter than 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  39. Rachel Suchanoff

    Rachel SuchanoffMonth ago

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo You are boring

  40. Nahom Have's fun!!

    Nahom Have's fun!!Month ago

    If you love soccer Hit the like button until 10k and that will Make soccer the next future sport.⚽️⚽️

  41. Olegario Perez

    Olegario PerezMonth ago

    Like si fue el mejor gol del Partido

  42. Myrian Noe Echeverria Are

    Myrian Noe Echeverria AreMonth ago

    Brazil 1 - 1 Switzerland

  43. JFT23 channel

    JFT23 channelMonth ago

    Brazil is best

  44. hamtic 9

    hamtic 9Month ago


  45. Seyha Love

    Seyha LoveMonth ago

    I love macelo



    Brazil forever !!!!!!!!

  47. Sonali Laha

    Sonali LahaMonth ago

    Brazil I love you

  48. Zilanda Martins

    Zilanda MartinsMonth ago

    Coutinho mito

  49. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiMonth ago

    Brazil vs Switzerland 1- 1 World Cup 2018

  50. Alex Stephen

    Alex StephenMonth ago

    Sick Goal By Coutinho

  51. Fabian Lopez

    Fabian Lopez2 months ago


  52. Marko Krcula

    Marko Krcula2 months ago

    Why no penalties

  53. eight bbosh

    eight bbosh2 months ago


  54. Mo. Salah

    Mo. Salah2 months ago

    0:33 WHAT IS HE saying

  55. Mo. Salah

    Mo. Salah2 months ago

    0:43 really

  56. Fawad Zafar

    Fawad Zafar2 months ago


  57. Aashrika Dangal

    Aashrika Dangal2 months ago

    Somewhere deep in my heart Brazil!... I love you all🇧🇷🇧🇷 the entire tesm😘

  58. Gabriel sensva

    Gabriel sensva2 months ago

    YO CREO BRA 2 - 0 SUI BRA 1 - 0 SUI 32' BRA 2 - 0 SUI 68'

  59. sport real clube de lucas

    sport real clube de lucas2 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa H O M E M

  60. Waidi Afolabi

    Waidi Afolabi2 months ago

    Remember back in 1900s we brazilians were unbeatable but now mmmmm

  61. Victor Silva

    Victor Silva2 months ago

    0:44 "viva brasil" kkkkkkk boa

  62. Auricelia Nogueira

    Auricelia Nogueira2 months ago


  63. Kh Upload Channel offical

    Kh Upload Channel offical2 months ago

    I love brazil

  64. Abdul Wasay Shaikh

    Abdul Wasay Shaikh2 months ago

    Why didn't Coutinho win Puskas for this goal😕😕, this goal was better than Salah

  65. idhall - have fun with me

    idhall - have fun with me2 months ago


  66. Miqueias Pontes

    Miqueias Pontes2 months ago

    Aguarde o Brasil na Copa de 2022, Rumo ao Hexa! Wait for Brazil in the cup of 2022, heading to the hexa!

  67. thaer frag

    thaer frag2 months ago


  68. six quort

    six quort2 months ago

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  69. irena nikolovska

    irena nikolovska2 months ago


  70. irena nikolovska

    irena nikolovska2 months ago


  71. Hossein Kariminia

    Hossein Kariminia2 months ago

    I hate this commentator No emotion Just plain speaking

  72. Racerton 4566

    Racerton 45663 months ago


  73. Thy Anh

    Thy Anh3 months ago

    What is Neymar's hairstyle name? 😆😆

  74. L Naef

    L Naef3 months ago

    Love switzerland 😘💪

  75. Vincentius Tri Adi Kurniawan

    Vincentius Tri Adi Kurniawan3 months ago

    Who is the commentator?

  76. Marcia Coni

    Marcia Coni3 months ago

    Neymar é pica pau

  77. garciaeric1000

    garciaeric10003 months ago

    Coutinho and firminho best Brazil player

  78. Piotr Gago

    Piotr Gago3 months ago

    8 iPhone

  79. Mohammad Morshed Imtiaz

    Mohammad Morshed Imtiaz3 months ago


  80. Mohammad Morshed Imtiaz

    Mohammad Morshed Imtiaz3 months ago

    📺 TV

  81. nenette serafica

    nenette serafica3 months ago

    🇧🇷 VS 🇨🇭 brazil vs Switzerland The 🥅 goalkeeper! 👊✊😃

  82. Sara Duarte

    Sara Duarte3 months ago

    O narrador pronunciando os nomes dos jogadores brasileiros é tão engraçado kkkk

  83. Heitor Nunes Soares

    Heitor Nunes Soares3 months ago

    todos foram golacos

  84. Rima Petrus

    Rima Petrus3 months ago

    Neymar sucks and crying Like a Big Baby

  85. Rani

    Rani3 months ago

    nice video

  86. Futebol Total Grandes Jogos

    Futebol Total Grandes Jogos3 months ago

    It's best to watch the full game.

  87. eight Hot

    eight Hot3 months ago


  88. Pedro Brito

    Pedro Brito3 months ago

    jessr aAq

  89. Gabriel Marin

    Gabriel Marin3 months ago

    0:27 👏👏👏👏👏 brazil

  90. Safi Safari

    Safi Safari3 months ago

    Brazil was good enough but not lucky enough to win his Worldcup trophy number 6 but I think nobody will pass Brazil in Qatar because by than the young Super talents will be ready to play ,of course Neymar has to be there,unfurtunatley Marcelo will be retired. Couthino and Gabriel Jesus will have another chance to perform better....Neymar has to stop

  91. v҉l҉a҉d҉ .҉

    v҉l҉a҉d҉ .҉3 months ago

    Safi Safari brazil are always favourite but havent won since 2002

  92. Moneymobbrecs Moneymobbn

    Moneymobbrecs Moneymobbn3 months ago

    youngbo the pain album

  93. Isaac Maciel

    Isaac Maciel3 months ago


  94. oum jannat

    oum jannat3 months ago


  95. Wayne Hope

    Wayne Hope3 months ago

    Neymar hairstyle lol 😁

  96. Mohammad Siddique

    Mohammad Siddique3 months ago


  97. Fer.Jr77280

    Fer.Jr772803 months ago

    I see the europeans arent scared of Brazil anymore Because of that 7-1 😂

  98. Brijesh P C

    Brijesh P C3 months ago

    Action hero Neymar lost his diving🤡🤡🤡

  99. rajib khan

    rajib khan3 months ago

    I min love..barazill

  100. seven Kitty

    seven Kitty3 months ago


  101. abdul haque haq

    abdul haque haq3 months ago

    i love BEAZZIL

  102. Kamran Javed

    Kamran Javed3 months ago

    I love france


    DEMONÍACO PODEROSO4 months ago

    Brazil forever im brazilian 💛💚

  104. Vincentius Tri Adi Kurniawan

    Vincentius Tri Adi Kurniawan4 months ago

    Who is the commentator?