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Brazil v Costa Rica - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 25


  1. HavenXiTx

    HavenXiTxDay ago

    The commentator tho...

  2. sofi y sus amigos

    sofi y sus amigos2 days ago

    que perra keylor navas en ese partido

  3. Salman Mehboob

    Salman Mehboob3 days ago

    kindly name of the commentator? anyone?

  4. Chris Mark

    Chris Mark3 days ago

    Neymar rainbow was just fantastic 😇❤️

  5. Enzo Guabello

    Enzo Guabello3 days ago


  6. Maria Ivonete Silveira Laurindo

    Maria Ivonete Silveira Laurindo3 days ago

    Kkkkkkkk pênalti

  7. Faris Ali

    Faris Ali3 days ago

    Neymar doesn't get past his old habits; cheating in the box, humiliating defenders for no reason whatsoever, and scoring desint goals.

  8. Ishmam Hasan Chowdhury

    Ishmam Hasan Chowdhury3 days ago

    1:28 😂

  9. Sharmila K j

    Sharmila K j3 days ago

    Great Brazil

  10. Victor Silva

    Victor Silva4 days ago

    Iludiu legal



    lo goal del brazil

  12. ŔàýŔàý 473

    ŔàýŔàý 4735 days ago

    01:28 lol

  13. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan5 days ago

    What a diver Neymar is.

  14. Kyle Walker

    Kyle Walker5 days ago

    Neymar should’ve deserved the pen

  15. Veljo VJO

    Veljo VJO6 days ago

    1:34 OMGGGGGGGG Neymar

  16. An Nguyễn

    An Nguyễn7 days ago


  17. Trip Demon

    Trip Demon7 days ago

    *That manager tho* 😂😂😂

  18. Master Guy

    Master Guy9 days ago

    Fuck You bitches

  19. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin10 days ago

    congratulations brasil from neptune!

  20. Mário Jorge

    Mário Jorge10 days ago

    BRA 2 X 0 COS

  21. Moises Angel

    Moises Angel10 days ago


  22. Partha Pratim Kalita

    Partha Pratim Kalita10 days ago

    germany is my favourite football team

  23. Jay D

    Jay D13 days ago


  24. Vi Nho

    Vi Nho13 days ago

    Não e a toa que Neymar é o melhor do mundo

  25. Ina Porras

    Ina Porras15 days ago

    I was crying at the end of that I'm Costa Rican

  26. Steffan Jones

    Steffan Jones15 days ago

    Belgium never should've won against Brazil

  27. Enderpower 64

    Enderpower 6415 days ago

    Who else feels bad for navas cause he has shitty teamates

  28. Hobo Jeff

    Hobo Jeff16 days ago


  29. Farhan Shahriar Ifti

    Farhan Shahriar Ifti16 days ago


  30. kim lulu sav.

    kim lulu sav.16 days ago


  31. PunkrockerCPPS a

    PunkrockerCPPS a17 days ago


  32. kalu yt

    kalu yt17 days ago

    Cothinio king

  33. naveed ahmed

    naveed ahmed17 days ago

    Can somebody kindly tell what is the name of commentator in this video?

  34. Pedro Luis

    Pedro Luis17 days ago

    Les dieron una lección ticos pendejos!

  35. ROBLOX Arda277

    ROBLOX Arda27717 days ago

    Ayee neymar

  36. Manolo Villatore

    Manolo Villatore17 days ago

    Fomos eliminados :-(

  37. محمد صلاح

    محمد صلاح17 days ago


  38. F3yZINHO Patatyy

    F3yZINHO Patatyy17 days ago

    Aqui É Brasil

  39. tony roach

    tony roach18 days ago

    stop crying like a little girl Neymar you just beat costa rica you did not win the world cup or get to the final. LMAO

  40. tony roach

    tony roach18 days ago

    Brazillian football domination are the things of the pass.

  41. kevin Zerbini

    kevin Zerbini20 days ago


  42. minh quan ngo

    minh quan ngo20 days ago

    Late goal for Brazil beat Costa Rica by 2-0

  43. Karkjian Léa

    Karkjian Léa21 day ago

    Gala Brazil

  44. mehedi hassan

    mehedi hassan22 days ago


  45. MD Rahul Rana

    MD Rahul Rana22 days ago

    my boss

  46. Shemika__ 123

    Shemika__ 12322 days ago

    Two goals in the final 6 minutes Impressive. But......what Brazil need in the next World Cup 2022 is Malcom the brazillian footballer who plays for Barça he's Brazillian magic maybe one of the best underrated footballers in today's generation.

  47. maryam ijaz

    maryam ijaz22 days ago


  48. Anto Suwarto

    Anto Suwarto23 days ago

    Neymar keren

  49. Pichai Chai

    Pichai Chai23 days ago

    🇧🇷Brazil 🇨🇷Costa Rica

  50. Emiliano

    Emiliano23 days ago

    Neymar challeng

  51. Gabriel Henrique

    Gabriel Henrique23 days ago

    Sdds :'(

  52. Imtiaj Hossain

    Imtiaj Hossain23 days ago


  53. Meh Jabin

    Meh Jabin24 days ago

    Neymar is craying.... 😭😭😭

  54. lamia loulou

    lamia loulou25 days ago

    I Love sweden

  55. Paramita Sarkar

    Paramita Sarkar25 days ago

    Neymar and Coutinho missed many easy chances but at last they only scored the match winning goals.The Skill of Neymar was super.

  56. Najla Saits

    Najla Saits25 days ago

    Muy bueno

  57. Valdoy2866™

    Valdoy2866™26 days ago

    Neymar should've got a yellow card for his outrageous simulation

  58. anji lala

    anji lala26 days ago

    who comentator name??

  59. anji lala

    anji lala26 days ago

    john helm

  60. vegetto games

    vegetto games26 days ago

    Neymar Jr

  61. Vinodh Kumar

    Vinodh Kumar26 days ago

    What a waste of talent dear Brazil !

  62. Xinia Sánchez

    Xinia Sánchez27 days ago

    Jajaja y perdieron contra Bélgica.

  63. Arjun p

    Arjun p27 days ago

    Who is the commentator??? Anyone reply

  64. Z M

    Z M28 days ago

    How could they lose to Belgium?

  65. Meh Jabin

    Meh Jabin29 days ago

    Brazil is always best 😊😊😊

  66. Jihan Khan

    Jihan Khan29 days ago

    Congratulations To Brazil.. They have been the best but though the unlucky match against Belgium... But we will always support Brazil.. Lots of love from Bangladesh 🇧🇷🇧🇩

  67. B O Y

    B O YMonth ago

    Damn neymar nice rainbow

  68. Sang Pengelana

    Sang PengelanaMonth ago

    Brazil won the match, Neymar won for Oscar 👏👏

  69. prothig Jiménez

    prothig JiménezMonth ago

    Adoro, costa Rica odio brasil

  70. Skyzsh

    SkyzshMonth ago

    prothig Jiménez the match was 3 weeks ago and u still mad lmfao

  71. prothig Jiménez

    prothig JiménezMonth ago

    Costa Rica costa rica Brasil booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  72. prothig Jiménez

    prothig JiménezMonth ago

    Gracias Brasil yo soy tico odio barasil

  73. AceRay 24

    AceRay 24Month ago

    *1.28* he starts to roll like Neymar

  74. Tio Goku

    Tio GokuMonth ago

    *tipo,do nada Brasil fez dois gols*

  75. Sonu Di Gregorio

    Sonu Di GregorioMonth ago

    Good match 😍😘😘❤

  76. Jean-francois Duval

    Jean-francois DuvalMonth ago

    Neymar is a great actor !

  77. HD Games

    HD GamesMonth ago

    Subscribe 1

  78. Andre_YT 123 El Prosito

    Andre_YT 123 El PrositoMonth ago

    se cayo el entrenador de brazil

  79. Rhadachy Wakiyama

    Rhadachy WakiyamaMonth ago

    Brazil forever 🇧🇷

  80. Jesús Fernández Navarro

    Jesús Fernández NavarroMonth ago

    Puto embustero neymar meda asco

  81. natidja shams

    natidja shamsMonth ago

    Vive en brezil

  82. 조무강

    조무강Month ago

    But.. croatia at final

  83. Sabin sagar Thapa

    Sabin sagar ThapaMonth ago


  84. Irving Salazar

    Irving SalazarMonth ago

    Neymar no asusta a nadie, no es como Romario , Ronaldo,Rivaldo,o Bebeto, esos si daban miedo pero Neymar lo que da es Risa.

  85. Areeba Awais

    Areeba AwaisMonth ago

    Neymar trick was amazing

  86. oyun dunyasi

    oyun dunyasiMonth ago

    1.28 haha haha haha😂

  87. YOGA 45

    YOGA 45Month ago


  88. Analuiza Borges

    Analuiza BorgesMonth ago

    Caraioo porra o Brasil saiuuuuu pq tou chorando porra

  89. Analuiza Borges

    Analuiza BorgesMonth ago

    Continuo triste pq o Brasil saiu😢😢

  90. LORENNA Lins

    LORENNA LinsMonth ago

    Vai Brasil tu ganha em todos times beijo da sua maior fãn

  91. Pedro Borges

    Pedro BorgesMonth ago

    A Costa Rica não seu muita difficuldade pro brasil, não tem atacantes bons

  92. Filipe Abreu

    Filipe AbreuMonth ago


  93. 123# Champion

    123# ChampionMonth ago

    Penalti no Tite

  94. Sadad Gaming Tube

    Sadad Gaming TubeMonth ago

    Ooooo 1st time cro almost did it but lost

  95. Noob _TV

    Noob _TVMonth ago

    Brazil lose ...

  96. jwkookaa match

    jwkookaa matchMonth ago

    sdds Brasil na copa k

  97. Ail Tenen

    Ail TenenMonth ago


  98. Sandesh Regmi

    Sandesh RegmiMonth ago

    Love this match and this time

  99. Rafah Campos

    Rafah CamposMonth ago

    Como a gente queria o hexa😭

  100. Moto  Gp

    Moto GpMonth ago

    Brasil won the First Cup so next is Serbia

  101. Águia Velha

    Águia VelhaMonth ago

    Choro falso....

  102. beto burdam

    beto burdamMonth ago

    nemar harus ko bisa 5 tahun kemudian